What’s being handed out at this university is Sandra Fluke’s dream but you’ll be outraged


Radical social experiments on American kids in the public education system are nothing new.

From transgender bathrooms to Planned Parenthood-approved sex ed, American schools have become a playground for Leftists trying to indoctrinate our kids with their radical vision for America.

But what one of America’s oldest universities is doing to program young college women will bring your lunch up.

Young women at the College of William and Mary, the nation’s second oldest university, are now being given the so-called “emergency contraception” drug known as “Plan B.”

The program was originally intended to provide the drug to victims of sexual assault who showed up at the school’s Student Health Center and reported it.

But feminists objected to having to report an alleged sexual assault and see a doctor in order to get the so-called “morning after pill.”

So now, getting the powerful, and many argue dangerous, drug only requires printing a coupon from a website.

Williamsburg Yorktown Daily reports:

No awkward or triggering discussions with doctors about the assault, no appointments, no questions asked.

“This was something concrete we could do to reduce this barrier,” said Liz Cascone, director of The Haven.

Students who have been sexually assaulted can now visit the Haven’s website and download and print a “coupon” for emergency contraception. The student then takes the coupon to the Student Health Center pharmacy, where they are able to get the product for free.

All full-time students are able to access health care through the Student Health Center.

The Student Health Center typically charges $20 for Plan B for students, but has always waived that fee for those who have been assaulted. Cascone said the only way the center was able to waive the fee was by having a student tell them their circumstance.

Name-brand Plan B sold at regular drug stores such as CVS usually costs between $45 and $50, and does not require a consultant with a medical provider.

The new coupon system simply cuts out the trip to see the medical provider, and helps expedite the process to get the emergency contraception.

“The only way students could get it is if they saw a doctor or nurse and said ‘I have been sexually assaulted,’” Cascone said.

The Left has long smeared virtually all male college students as perpetrators of sexual assault if not outright rapists.

And with the Left going all out against so-called “toxic masculinity” since latching onto the #MeToo movement, the smears have only gotten worse.

But if the so-called “rape culture” is truly as prevalent on college campuses as the Left says it is, then allowing assaults to go unreported is a huge disservice.

Sexual abusers and rapists should be in jail.

The College of William and Mary’s plan to give college girls so-called “emergency contraception” free of charge, no questions asked is likely to result in real rapists and abusers continuing to roam campus and reveals the Left’s true agenda.

Leftists across the country want 24/7 taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.

And a huge part of that is pushing so-called “emergency contraception” – like Plan B and “medication abortion” pills – into the hands of young women.

In California last year, S.B. 320, which would have forced public universities to hand out abortifacient drug RU-486 to students, no questions asked.

The legislation passed the California House and Senate but was so extreme that even Democrat Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown vetoed it.

Of course, it’s been re-introduced this year in California and similar legislation has been introduced in Maryland.

We want to know what do you think.

Should colleges be providing abortifacient drugs and “emergency contraception” pills?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. How many of those women are really being raped or are just afraid their parents will find out they got themselves pregnant. What happened to common sense? Why do so many women want to murder their babies now a days. They have no morals of values anymore. All they want to do is whore around and not pay the consequenses. If you in college Here’s a thought STUDY. Pay attention in class. Graduate.

    • Because of one obnoxious woman, we kicked God out of the classroom. Since that time there has been an accelerated rate of moral decay in this country. It is evident in the courts, in media, in schools, and in many homes. Put God back, accept His moral values, follow His plan for living, and the decay will diminish.

      • I agree. If God is not in the equation, it’s no wonder things like this happens. SODOM AND Gomorrah should be a lesson for all of us the wickedness that pops up when God is not t allowed on campus

      • David Rumbaugh- you do know that God wasn’t kicked out of the classrooms don’t you? Kids can pray all they want in school but since these days there are so many different religions they can all silently say their own prayers. Despite his age God is not deaf. Do you really think one woman was powerful enough to rule the entire country? How freakin dumb are you?

    • RG- another low IQ trumper. Stop wasting your time posting your illiterate comments and take some remedial
      courses in English. Take your own advise- graduate you dope.

  2. Why is the American taxpayer on the hook for everyone else’s bad choices and behaviors? It’s high time for people to start being held accountable for their decisions! It’s not the governments responsibility to take care of people. It’s able bodied people’s responsibility to take care of and provide for themselves.

  3. Let them go to Pharmacy and pay for it, taxpayers should not. Taxpayers did not decide to have sex, the student did. Stlii a bad idea not to see a doctor.

  4. William and Mary was a Christian college. How far they have fallen in this country because a new Comi Pope and it is the educational system failures: LIBERALISM!!!

    • Not liberalism, but LEFTISM. The leftists want to destroy this nation. Krushchev said they would destroy us from within. Take away all cabinet posts except the five authorized by the Constitution, and get big government out of our lives.

  5. This is liberalism at its worst. Should this country continue on this path it will be the end of education as we know. I first saw the left trying to indoctrinate students in 1984; now they don’t try to disguise it they tell students that don’t go along they will not pass their class.

  6. Funny how things can change. We went from empowering women in the 60’s and 70’s meant they could do what they want so there was ‘ free love ‘ and everyone felt free to do it with everyone at the drop of a hat to now when if a guy kisses a girl on the cheek or less there are rape and sexual assault charges. I truly think both were / are extreme and some pragmatic moderation adjustments are more than in order.

  7. Sad that William & Mary have fallen to such depths of deprivation. It used to be a decent school but no longer. They are giving the rapist a ‘ Red Light’ to commit more assaults with impunity. The Liberals are screwing up our world and our country. The decent folks need to stand up and tell these half-wits to stick it.

  8. Here is another case for the colleges to raise tuition and get bigger amounts from the government that support them and raise our taxes that we have to pay. why do we have to pay for stupidity. They have things called condoms that the so called young men can buy also. Oh sorry we have to pay for them also. I give up on our leaders approving these things.

  9. there is nothing wrong with this college doing this, a woman should never have a white male, which i am one to be able to dictate what she can or cannot do with her body!!

    • Michael, I am a woman & your comment is pure ignorance. No one is dictating what she can do with her body. If she wants to be “open” fine – but it is not anyone else’s responsibility to pay for her decisions. As for abortion itself – that is pure “murder” & I feel no one has the right commit murder. Unfortunately, too many women & men are so immature that that they refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
      That leads to murdering babies in the womb & believing that it is everyone else’s responsibility to get them out of jams become normal. A sad state of affairs.

  10. Flook should be ashamed of herself. She preached in the election she should be given birth control at tax payers expense. Flook could not control her urges? Could not spend $3.79 with tax included to get her rocks off. Now we Americans get to foot her bill? NEW LAW! If we Tax Payers have to foot the in discriminant’s bill! We should have the right to vote yes/no to them having sex! My tax dollars deserves a vote!

    Yes call her Flook because I do not respect a slut!

  11. Why don’t the girls just get birth control pills if they don’t want to report an assault, that way they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant even if is not an assault, which I’m sure most of them aren’t.


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