What Tim Tebow said about his faith in God will send any Christian into tears


Tim Tebow is one of the most accomplished sports stars in history.

He is also a devout Christian, who isn’t afraid to profess his faith publicly.

And what he just said about his faith in God will send any Christian into tears.

Former NFL quarterback, and current New York Mets minor league baseball player Tim Tebow has faced a lot of scrutiny for his Christian faith by the media.

He was mocked mercilessly over his decision to save himself for marriage, and for his public declaration of his Christian faith on the field.

But while the media was mocking him, many young Christians looked to him as a source of inspiration, especially for his refusal to back down from his values under scrutiny.

In a recent post online, he spoke out more on his faith than he even had previously.

He spoke about the impact that Ravi Zacharias’ ministry has had on his life following news that the great Christian apologist is in his final days following grim news that there are no other treatment options for his advanced stage of cancer.

Zacharias was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in March, and was only just informed by doctors that there is nothing more they can do.

“We have just learned that while the tumor in my dad’s sacrum has been responding to the chemotherapy, the area where the cancer metastasized has actually worsened,” Ravi Zacharias International Ministries CEO Sarah Davis wrote. “His oncologist informed us that this cancer is very rare in its aggression and that no options for further treatment remain. Medically speaking, they have done all they are able.”

Tebow struggled to hold back tears as he spoke about how the ministry helped him.

“I think it’s really important in life to have heroes, and especially in the faith, and one of my heroes of the faith is a man named Ravi Zacharias. He’s not doing very well,” Tebow said.

“So one, I would like to ask you to be praying for him. And two, I know Ravi has inspired me and millions of people around the world, so if he’s someone that has inspired you, I would like for you to please write a sweet caption on this, because I would love to be able to show this to him and his team,” he continued.

Tebow went on to state that he is “so grateful for Ravi and his life and our friendship and everything that he has helped mentor me in,” before asking his followers to share their own stories.

Tebow finished his statement by stating that, “He will definitely be in the hall of faith, and we’re just so grateful for his life, for his impact, for his ministry.”

Do you think America needs more role models like Tim Tebow and Ravi Zacharias?

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  2. Yes we need more peoople who openly proclaim their faith. I admire these 2 immensely and anyone who is willing take the nasty tripe from the non-believers.

  3. If the strength that Tim Tebow has shown the World during the time when he was being persecuted was in any way attributable to Ravi Zacharias, then I would say we should all be praying for THEM BOTH as being worthy of God’s divine help

  4. Yes I believe more Americans should talk about their faith publicly.this country was founded on Christianity.other countries do not give up the practice of there faith just because Americans move there.and people who move here should not expect us too either . But for some unknown reason they do want us to change our values we were raised with We need to stand up for Christianity And be strong about it .WE ARE THE HEART OF AMERICA!!!!!!

  5. Dee Kurowski
    It is more and more difficult to be a professed Christian at this time. The world has rejected the God who has given them so much. For this reason, I applaud Tim Tebow for his faith and courage and will pray for him for continued strength in the face of the negativity aimed at him.

  6. Statement above are truly on point . Faith in God when everything else seems to be failing , is the answer that see us thru . I applaud those statements above !

  7. Both Tim Tebow & Ravi Zacharias are an inspiration to all who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    The true test of faith is not in how many “blessings” you accrue in your walk, but how you stand strong during the times of trials & adversity, “carrying your cross”.
    Praying for them both, in Jesus’ name.

  8. Kudos to Tebow, he has reaffirmed his faith. I am recovering from a stroke that should have killed me but God has a plan for my life and I am doing all I can to acknowledge Him and proclaim His influence in my life. I don’t have the forum Tebow has but will do what I can in my sphere of influence. Jesus Christ died a horrendous death to pay the price for my sins and I can’t do enough to proclaim His sacrifice for me.

  9. I am a Christian and I am not ashamed to profess my Love for my Savior Jesus Christ. I have listened To Eavi often and have always been impressed by his Love and knowledge of the Scripture.i Iapplaude Tim Tebow for standing for his faith I wish I could say I was like Tim but unfortunately I was a lukewarm Christian until a few years ago I now proudly profess my Faith and if God Can change me He can change anyone all I can say is Thank You Jesus. My prayers go out to the Ravi and his family God Bless.

  10. Ravi Zacharias I can only imagine the smile on our Lord hearing your words and feeling the love you have for Him. You are blessed! And, you are a blessing!
    You are in my prayers , let His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” God bless you my brother in Christ.

  11. I am Roman Catholic and I admire Tim Tebow’s public acknowlegement of his strong faith in an era of history where atheism and anti-religious values like abortion and same sex marriage are rampant in our society. He has restored my faith in humanity more than anyone else recently.

  12. God Bless Rev Zachariah and his family, and thank you Mr Tebow for your courage and faithfulness. We certainly need more like the 2 of you!

  13. Tebow and Zacharias are the Right kind of role models! Don’t look to Hollywood or Athletes because they are not real and not selfless!! The thoughts and prayers go out to Ravi! May God give him more years to inspire lost souls!!!

  14. Yes. Tim has showed us the way. We need a whole lot more to be as faithful as Tim in our daily lives. God Bless All.

  15. Ravi was so inspiring for me during a tremendous stressful time. His word of encouragement lifted me up and gave me a reason to continue serving my Lord, when i thought He had forsaken me. I will forever have Ravi in my life, through his gospil filled preaching. My prayer for him is an intersession prayer for God to touch him and bring healing for Ravi to be with us a little longer, that he can use the healing , not to glorify himself, but that throu the healing Ravi may bear witness that with God, all things are possible. Amen

  16. I was healed from terminal cancer as was my mother and several others in my church. Sadly, we all live in a region so decimated by cancer, it is called “cancer alley.” The same Christ Jesus–The Healer we pray will touch Ravi with His miracle touch and we ask that He sends His Word to heal Ravi.

    Let it be done, Lord, let it be done!

  17. I admire Tim Tebow for his love of our Lord and not being afraid to stand up for what he believes in.I know as I have had three Major operations in the last 5 years and had it not been for my belief in my Lord and my God I nay not have been here today.

  18. As Christians we have one thing in common. This world is not our home, we are just passing through to eventually dwell in the mansion the Lord has prepared for us. It is so wonderful when men like Ravi and Tim share their faith and find God’s comfort when their service time here is complete.

  19. MARVIN-You called Mr. TIM TEBOW average,,,,,an average athlete could not win Heisman trophy, play in the nfl, etc

  20. Hurray for Tim

    In these times we need to remember our debt we owe our God. I know some may not believe in Him. Maybe they are right. But that seems like the wrong side of a bad bet. It was Paschal and his wager. It is better to bet there is a God and pray t him and hopefully find Heaven than to bet there is no God and live that way and then find out God does exist when we get to the Final Judgment.

    Sorry for pushing God. But we sure should consider Him at this time. But I do not think the corona is any punishment from God. It does work that way. Anyway, say a prayer. It cannot hurt. Think of Tebow and thank God for sending such a member for our human family.

  21. Thank you, Mr. Tebow for your faith. I was thankful that I got to see you play baseball in Columbia, South Carolina. I really liked the way you interacted with the fans and your teammates. I have also been blessed to have seen you play college ball and Florida and was able to read your inspirational speech that is immortalized on a statue. More of you I look forward to.

  22. I love Ravi Zacharias and Tim Tebow. Both are blessed by God and are God’s ambassadors. I love how Ravi can so eloquently explain biblical concepts and common misconceptions people have about God and His motives. Ravi, God loves you and we love you! We will continue praying for you and I know God will be with you! Tim, I loved your John 3:16 game, God is awesome!

  23. I do not know what I would have done without my God and my church family when my husband died. I was 55 working part time and not eligible for retirements at that age. I was married to the best guy and a true Christian. To have an actual church family that you have worshipped with for decades is a comfort you cannot replace. I still talk to Him during the day, thank Him all day when I find something or something goes right. I ask Him what to do when I have a problem. comforting to have a God you can talk to.
    If you are a Christian, you know that if you ask your forgiveness He will give it to you and you only have to ask once…not every day… IF you believe HE forgives.

  24. I don’t think we need more role models. We need more practitioners. Tebow should be more than a role model in giving clear demonstration how his Faith has pulled him through and made him successful. It shouldn’t be enough even to sit back and praise God but to ask Him how we can relieve Him of His burdens.

  25. Tim Tebow is a hero to many🙏🏼 An incredible human, spared to spread Gods word….. thank you…..

  26. Tim is the most wonderful pro athlete I have ever seen. Nothing stops him from professing his faith. We are behind you 100% Tim. Keep up the good work.

  27. Mr. Tim Tebow: grateful for your relentless faith in God; the authentic foundation of a life truly lived. Thank you for your continued Discipleship. In God We Trust — America the free and the greatest.

  28. I was saved by the preaching of Billy Graham and Ravi Z. like him never waivers, but preaches the same important message. I read a book called “50 people all Christians should know” and story after story people
    lived under horrendous conditions, but they were faithful, always did the right thing, and God was able to use them in very powerful ways. I put Ravi and Tim in the same category. We are spiritual beings only living on earth for a short while, so we must also be faithful, always doing the right thing, and God can use us too in powerful ways.


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