What this up-and-coming Democrat 2020 candidate said about Christianity during Holy Week is jaw-dropping


Pete Buttigieg is becoming the newest darling of progressives.

He’s gaining momentum by running as a homosexual mayor.

But what he said about Christianity and Christians in America is truly jaw dropping.

Buttigieg has quickly become the darling of the media.

He’s trailing only Sanders and Biden according to some polls, and is among the leading pack in others.

Buttigieg is openly gay and Episcopalian.

And he’s trying to make sure Christianity does not belong to the “right wing.”

In an interview with the liberal social media organization “Now This News,” Buttigieg said he believes Scripture leads “us in a very progressive direction.”

He’s trying to rebrand Christianity in his image and putting a leftist spin on Jesus’ message.

“I don’t think religion belongs to one political party. When I go to church, the scripture I hear has to do with protecting the poor, and spending time with the prisoner, and healing the sick, and caring for the stranger which to me is another word for immigrant. It has a very clear set of moral and policy implications none of which are things I would associate with the right wing.”

The left has fallen in love with Buttigieg because they feel he can break through to non-traditional groups that maybe they can capture this election cycle.

And they can put a checkmark on what they’re looking for:

He’s gay, Christian, a veteran, and, as some say, the second coming of Obama.

Tucker Carlson couldn’t help but point out the media’s desire to “consume [Buttigieg] like a hearty stew” because of their weird fascination with the gay mayor from Indiana.

He also pointed out Beto O’Rourke must feel cheated on because it was he who was the media darling not too long ago who was their Obama reincarnate.

The fact of the matter is Christians are more than capable of realizing which party more accurately reflects their viewpoint in the world of politics.

We know what Scripture tells us, and it isn’t to be a radical left-leaning progressive.

Do you think Mayor Pete Buttigieg would defeat Donald Trump in a 2020 election? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. He must read a very different Bible. Mine is very clear that God says homosexuality is an abomination before God. And He is far from progressive.

  3. Sorry to say he is from my state. I would never vote for this idiot, who lied about VP Pence when Mike Pence was Governor of our state. He will not carry his own state. We are a very conservative state, stand your ground state and never will we be a Santuary State.

  4. Heaven has walls and a strict immigration policy!!! God is open to all, but conservative in those who follow him behavior and attitudes. He says to love all, help those you can and BEWARE to the snakes in the grass. He gave strenght and might to defend themselves to His people/followers. He is not wishy washy about what is wrong in His sight!! So Mr. Buttoning is not going to gain points with God for his beliefs!!

  5. m sure theirs dirt on him, Oh wait thats collusion or obstruction, thats illegal, well maybe illegal on the conservative side.

  6. Buttigieg is a manipulator taught by a Marxist. He will distort anything to show what an upstanding moderate politician he is without saying cross word. The weak minded followers of the leftist democrat party will see him as a liberal hero.

  7. What happened to South Bend? This is how they want to be represented? I guess Chicago is their political model.

  8. Christ says very clearly a house divided can not stand , You can not Put a righteous holy God in with a counterfeit and that is what the Homosexual community is . Righteousness an only exist through Christ in whom there was no sin. Therefore the abomination of sexual immorality can not exist in God’s righteousness. So one can not claim to be a Christian when they refuse to repent of their abomination . As long as they stand against God they can not expect his blessing in their life. When the Speak against the teaching of Christ they are not standing against Christian or Jew , but against God and his righteousness and judgment .

  9. No, I don’t think Mayor Pete is going to win over Trump. Trump is a traditionalist. He loves America as it was founded and he doesn’t buy into made-up Progressivism. Mayor Pete is also confused about what charity means. It means the individual citizens helping one another from the heart, not government welfare programs.

  10. The FAGGOT Mayor is “lying down with a man” … the scripture describes “marriage” is “between a man and a woman” … the word of Christ…This Faggot is attacking Vice President Pence for those religious values as he clearly ignores Muslims throwing his FAGGOT ilk off of buildings and Buttigieg seems to give them a PASS as he panders for ignorant anti-Christians votes…in my humble 80-year-old Christian convictions Buttigieg is a religious hypocrite, a moron without a soul who believes in abortion…all 59 million of them!…my Orthodox Christian church and the Catholic church would have excommunicated him long ago…STOP PISSING ON MY LEG AND CONVINCING ME YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN PETE!

  11. He is right: “It has a very clear set of moral and policy implications”. He should read scripture and find out what those “moral policies” really are, especially concerning homosexuality.

  12. Christianity teaches that helping those in need, whatever that need may be, is a requirement of individuals, not of the government. It teaches that one must use his own money, not that of others, to help those in need. This candidate is distorting the meaning of Christianity to support his liberal and political agenda. Christianity teaches that one must condemn that which is sinful and improper, while this candidate preaches that we should redefine that which is sinful and improper in order to support, even celebrate, that which is sinful and improper

  13. bj: of course he reads a “different bible”, he is gay with Jewish ethnicity. He is NOT on your side.

  14. I don’t doubt that those things he says he hears in church are exactly what he hears. There are “churches” who are more concerned with scratching itching ears than preaching truth. The problem with this progressive philosophy is that it keeps trying to foist on government policy what is intended for individual Christians. Certainly we are to feed the hungry, tend the sick, be kind and hospitable to the strangers in our midst, and be kind and considerate to everyone we meet. (That includes liberals, democrats, Muslims, and illegal aliens.) But that is NOT what the government exists for. Our government has a very different mandate, and Jesus never addressed what He thought governments should do or how they should behave. In fact, he taught individuals to obey the Roman government and pay their taxes even though it was extremely cruel and bleeding the people dry. A government–any government–should be in the business of protecting its people and making their life better so they can succeed, um, in Jefferson’s words, promote “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY OVER WHICH IT HAS POWER.

  15. On this special Easter Day, when we consider the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection, this Sinner Buttigieg has to have the headlines?? I am sure 98% of Christians see thru his phony ‘Christian’ ‘progressive’ values, whether you are Republican or Democrat. As bad as AOC, maybe worse. In my 75 years of learning, teaching and praying, the pain in my soul is the worst, seeing the Leftist-controlled Media ruining the Founding Values of our forefathers, and the strength of our Country, who so many millions have died in its defense!! God Bless the USA!

  16. South Bend is dominated by Notre Dame Univ. They only allow pro-abortion speakers on campus and are no longer the Catholic bastion they once were.

  17. This two-bit “Tin Horn” has the audacity to spin the scriptures to define and justify his corrupt world view. He is another of Satan’s helpers who stands with all the other Dem Candidates in promoting an evil agenda that will destroy our country.

  18. I agree with Howard Alexander. “If he is “gay” a homo he can’t be a Christian. God gave us choices whether we will follow His word or Satan’s. He is wrong to blame God for his unholy choices.

  19. Democrats are pushing for ABORTION: I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t say murder babies. Jesus states in Mark 10:14 Let the children come to HIM; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Mark 10:15: Truly I say to you “whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like child will not enter in it at all.

  20. This generation X’er is a fly in the pan. But no matter what he says about the Christian faith, there is one significant factor that most have not even considered, how will a young, gay, small town mayor be received on the world stage. Keep in mind there are some leaders whose nations defy and consider homosexuality a sin punishable with imprisonment, even death. Can you imagine President Buttigieg and his husband being welcomed in Middle Eastern countries?

  21. i agree. he said the scriptures have a very clear moral and policy implications, none of which are the ones he practices. which means he’s not truly a christian, but a pretend christian. the two are not the same. but others who are also pretend christians who only pick and chose what parts of the bible they want and don’t want, will think he’s ok. he’s deliberately misleading people. true christians won’t vote for him.

  22. If you don’t love God’s word, you don’t love God. If you don’t love God, you don’t love Jesus. So the question is, how can you be a Christian (follower of Christ) if you don’t believe God’s word, and are disobedient. God doesn’t want anything to do with you if you are willfully sinning. You need to repent. That means to change your mind, and turn from your sin. Then, and only then, can you rightfully be called a Christian. So, don’t you dare call yourself a Christian! Clean up your own life before you go around telling people how they ought to live.

  23. No, Buttugieg will not beat Trump in 2020. If the Democrats did vote him in, and he did win, then they would deserve what would happen to this country. But the other half of the country will be dragged down with them, unfortunately.

  24. exactly God says it is a sin that makes him throw up and it should make us throw up. God is a just God and must judge sin and the sinner! If you are a homosexual ask God to forgive you and stop this filthy act and ask God to save you! God being a just God does not take sin lightly JUST LOOK AROUND AND SEE GODS JUDGEMENT ON AMERICA> IF HE (AND HE DID) destroyed sodom and gomorrah he WILL destroy America if we do not stop the sins of homosexuality and abortion just to start. WE NEED TO REPENT AND SHUN HOMSEXUALITY AND ABORTION AND GO BY WHAT THUS SAITH THE LORD!!!!!!

  25. Doesn’t surprise me that those viewpoints are coming from an Episcopalian. By and large, they represent the Christian Left, which is nothing more than a twisted, knock off version of Christianity. Plus, Buttigieg forgot one other important element of the Faith that is mentioned in the Word: repentance.

    Overall, Jesus would be an independent, not left-wing. He would oppose abortion and prayer bashing after tragic events. And He wouldn’t condemn conservatives the way Christian liberals have.

  26. Mr. Buttlick, you said that you have read the Bible and it says nothing against your life style…. you surely did NOT open to the book of Romans…. please read that one before you make decisions for OUR LORD AND GOD!
    thanx….. rich


  27. Have you ever seen an honest democrap? I have not. I bet if they were to look into the finances more closely of all these newbies we would see more of them heading for jail rather than the white house.

  28. Life is indeed very difficult today but I suppose it aways has been. My wife (a woman and I am a man) have honosexual aquaintances whom we meet occasionally and we feel sorry for them that they are not normal in the biological and mental sense as men and women are, but we would never support violence against them or the denial of an otherwise normal existence. It is enough that my wife and I (34 years now) thank God that we are normal and enjoy the existance that the bodies and minds had in store for us since birth. How do we treat homosexuals or gays as they now prefer (do you know why “gay”? Good As You). Some in History have been geniuses such as Oscar Wilde, but with our gay friends there is always, as I perceive, a barrier where they seem to object that my wife and I are together and genuinely show openly but not boastfully, a close loving relatonship. I prefered the days when gays were secretive about their relationships although of course depending on the jobs they were open to blackmail or worse. They were not overtly flamboysant to the World and this for those who ae like that, causes the emnity of most normal folks. Having worked in the U S A for just over two and a half years when the British bought 170 McSDooelDouglas Phantom fighter bombers (I was a licensed Service Engineer emplyed by rolls Royce to debrief the test pilots and advise the work needed to correct any faults on the new RR engines fitted, and being born in the UK in 1938 I can just rememBeRWW2 and will always be grateful for coming in to mke sure e continued with English as our lingua franca, not German although I have several German friends as well now. To finish my brief life summary I spent 13 years in uniform in the Royal Air Force as well and I love the coments made by the Americans when they were told this, “Thank you for your service”. Just got to love you guys. I nearly became an American citizen after being offered two good jobs while there by my first wife who eft me after 22years did not want to stay (I wanted to). Sorry to youdemocrats but the first time I watched the current POTUS on TV here in Spain where we ae retired (I am 81 now), I remarked immediately to my wife ·”There is the next PrESident of the U S A”. I have been cotrrect in many predictions and I a sure he will win again in 2020. God Bless you all from a limey. And the name Limey is a compliment and I found that 90% of Americans did not know how we got that name. Ask me and I will let you know, and also where the name “Yankee” came from. All good news. Brian, web- site http://www.spainvia.com. God bless you all.

  29. If the majority of America voted this or any homosexual in, we would then qualify for destruction. Why? Because America is a covenant nation, which covenant is that as long as the people of this land worship Jesus Christ, this land will be protected against all other nations. Archaeologists are leaning of ancient America’s past civilizations where 3 distinct civilizations of the past peopled America where the populations were as great as they are today and each were wiped out due to turning away from God and towards sin ending in genocide. These different people’s were known as the jaredites, mulekites and the lamenites/nephites. Artifacts number in the tens of thousands and range from 600 bc to 700 ad. Each of these civilizations started out as righetous, covenant people’s who were promised a land of inheritance by God or a “promised land”, which land IS America. These nations kept records of their people and their dealings with God as well as dealing the corruption that took place from secret combinations of murder, slavery and all evil practices. This history was recorded so that we in these last days would not repeat the same mistakes made by these other people who inherited this land. The lead archaeologists is Wayne May (that I can gather) All the findings and artifacts beind discovered and uncovered are proving the historical accounts and records detailed in the book of mormon. See the physical evidence for yourself. Read the historical writings that support the artifacts and then follow an admonition given in the record… ask God if it is true with a “sincere heart”. Meaning, when you get the answer from God, you will follow through with action, for your answer will not come by way of men, but by God, for your prayer is between you and God, and you will know with certainty that God answered you, and thus, you will have received direct revelation and will not be able to deny it.

  30. I too caught that as Homosexuality was indeed pronounced an abomination in the Old Testament. While I believe that one doesn’t choose to be gay (the Hollywood clowns excluded) one can not ignore this FACT when speaking about Scripture. Yes, it is true that Jesus spoke about helping the poor, etc. I don’t believe HE would have left innocent newborn babies who had the audacity to survive abortion, to die just because they are INCONVENIENT. Certainly GOD made his intentions known when he said “I knew and loved you while I knitted you in the womb”. That does NOT sound like Buttigieg or any other Abortion supporter who puts Convenience and Choice ahead of LIFE itself. I’m afraid that Buttigieg is one of those “Ala Cart”/selective folks when talking about Scripture and “What would Jesus Do”? Lastly, re: immigrants, while it’s true that Jesus loved and supported them as he did ALL Life, I don’t recall him ever preaching that laws or security measures (like taxes, which He never spoke against) was wrong. Until and unless Buttigieg can be LESS selective and MORE honest about what Scripture and Jesus said, his pontificating sounds hollow.

  31. Buttigieg is a Democrat gay Idiot and will say anything that thinks will get him votes

  32. If he wins it will be from the Democrats. It sure won’t be from Christians or anyone that believes in God.The Bible says one man and one woman to marry.

  33. It does not surprise me that he is gay or not a Christian, As he is the second Cumming of Obama. The first cumming that was A oh C didn’t turn ot very well either. Over the past few years Bill C and a lot of other politicians have been cumming into they’re own while in office. Just look at the taxpayer funded sexual harrasment fund, But Damn the Border wall or Social Security or even Medicare. They have they’re hands full right now

  34. Just wait till a Black, quadriplegic, woman, carpet munching, muslim, anti-Semite, Fascist, Marxist Venezuelan comes along! The MSM and DNC will toss Buttgig out like a used condom.

  35. PeteButt can kiss the election Goodbye. He does not have a chance against our beloved President Trump.

  36. Seeking enlightenment; What is “gay” about the abomination rightly described as homosexuality?

  37. Being a Christian is being Christ-like, and one thing Jesus made clear in his time on earth, was that he was not here to change the Old-Testament! God, said homosexuality is an abomination, and no homosexual can be a Christian! In order for this fraud, running for President to be a Christian, he would have to change, conform back to a straight man, like he was when he was born!
    Irregardless of what lie they tell everyone, men are not born gay! Neither are women, they are possessed by satan! I feel sorry for people who think they are a gay-Christian, if they honestly do, because on Judgement-Day, they’ll be heading down, no pun intended!

  38. My bible reads the same in the Old Testament and the New Testament. I do not hate those people, I feel sorry for them. You can not twist the Lords words to fit your own desires.

  39. The Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament, in trheir own language, speak quite clear on the issue of homoasexuality. Any English Bible which says otherwise is clearly false. I go by the specific languages of the Bible as they apprear in Hebrew and Greek. Nowhwere do those virsions of the Bible ever state anything approachiing what this dimwit offers.

  40. Not only America but the whole world. I believe that we are living in the end of the end times and that this old world isn’t gonna last much longer. People need to get right with the Lord or else they’ll be going where it’s hotter than the hottest place on earth.

  41. Lets not beat about the bush
    How can you mr mayor talk about Christianity if you openly admit you are gay.
    You perform sick despicable sexual acts with your sick dispicable partner and you want to enforce this on the USA publuc as the president
    you disgust me and the Chistians in this country

  42. Let me thonk about this he is a democrap was obama not a homo and michael sorry michelle a tranny.
    was somone not killed for saying that
    majes you wonder
    what a bunch of sick people


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