What this university is forcing Christians to do will make you furious


Universities have become increasingly hostile to Christians.

They want Christians to support their radical agenda or shut up.

And what one university is forcing Christians to do will have you seeing red.

The University of Colorado is being sued after forcing a Christian group, Ratio Christi, to allow radical atheists and other “non-Christians” to lead their Bible studies.

Christian Headlines writes:

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is being sued after demanding that a Christian organization permit “atheists or other non-Christians to lead their Bible studies” in order to be recognized on campus.

While the school officials declined to comment on the situation, the Alliance Defending Freedom stated that: “The university refused to grant Ratio Christi registered status because it only allows those who share and personally hold beliefs consistent with the group’s mission to serve as its leaders.”

“As a Christian apologetics organization, Ratio Christi seeks to defend the Christian faith and explain how the Bible applies to various current cultural, ethical, and political issues. Any student can attend its events. Any student of any faith can become a member of Ratio Christi, as long as he supports the group’s purpose. But Ratio Christi requires that those who lead the Christian organization must share its religious beliefs. As a result, the university has denied it registered status, limiting its access to funding, meeting and event space, and administrative support,” said the legal team.

The lawsuit disputes the school’s belief that it can refuse registered status to groups if they choose leaders that agree with the group’s religious outlooks.

Additionally, it notes other biased actions by the school against the Christian group, including that “non-religious groups are allowed to select members who support their purposes. And the university allows fraternities that admit only men and sororities that admit only women to continue as registered student organizations, in contradiction to the university’s policy against ‘discriminating based on sex.’”

This is a direct assault on the Christian students’ First Amendment rights.

As the lawsuit points out, any particular group is allowed to select leaders that agree with the group’s beliefs at large.

Any math, history, or politics group would be allowed to select their leaders based on their merit.

But to deny Christians the same right is to persecute them because they are Christian.

Unfortunately, this is an epidemic on campuses across the country.

As Culture Watch News reported, a student senator at UC Berkeley was harassed for simply sharing her Christian beliefs.

Christians all across the country are under attack because of their faith.

And radical leftists won’t stop until Christians are eradicated from Academia entirely.

Do you think the Christians should be allowed to pick their group leaders? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. You don’t force satin helpers on to GOD people by making them, in control of any christian programs, to get rid of christian religion, these satanist people on the school board are surely going to burn in HELL!

  3. The university, indoctrination central. Is it surprising that radical leftist professors and administrators will do anything in their power to undermine religious liberty, especially for the Christine faith.

  4. You can’t have non-christians lead the Bible study as they wouldn’t know what they are talking about! It should be led by Christians only.

  5. Sounds like our academia need some lessons in democracy. Right after they receive lessons on arm and hand signals

    You young squirts probably don’t know what that means

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  7. You’ll likely find there are Muslim groups behind the scenes also advocating for the censure of Christians and of course Jews, or demand inclusion so as to proselytize agsinst them in their meetings. Where are the organizations on campuses that bring all the disparate groups together to try to bring civil discourse and comparisons of shared values and common goals. If it wasn’t for the evil principality of trnured professor demagogues and idealouges who revel in manipulating and stirring up chaos and anarchy to get their power jones, the nations universities could truly be places of universal understanding and shared values.

  8. If the group is so confident in their faith why not open debate up to those who denounce their beliefs, why do I make such bold comments?, well because I see ads posted online about how to strike an Aheist silent in 15 seconds.

  9. I have little in the way of religion, but, have never felt the need to denigrate those that do.
    I confess to a certain amount if admiration for Christians and Christianity, for the way they have handled the continuous beating and hammering they have incurred ,with no serious attempts at retribution.
    However, it is coming, that is the nature of people after a certain period of time they will become angry and seek retribution.
    I have no idea what form that may take, just that is is certain to come.
    Were UI a person of importance in the religious community.,, I would be advocating for the ER’s in the 43% of hospitals founded and funded by religions, to be closed and refuse service to anyone not of that faith.
    I would close all of the free clinics funded by religions and I would close all of the food banks they operate and I would deny entry to any of the colleges and universities founded and funded by religions
    to anyone not of the faith..
    Perhaps after several years after several million of the liberals , their queer and bent gender and atheistic familiars had dies in the streets from lack of medical care and starvation, then ask, have you learned any manners yet?

  10. Very well said, they do not appreciate those who feed, shelter, and heal them. They deliberately bit the hand that feeds them so, take the hand away!!!!

  11. Because ” I ” to , can I go and lead a meeting of this college’s governing board ? I have a right to , because I am against their agenda !

  12. I agree, if they r receiving gov funding cut it off now. I don’t want my tax dollars going to any schoo that supports these kings of activities, is this not considered racism at its worst

  13. as A Christian I am glad that I do not send money to educate any children to such a hate college. Some day they will wake up and have to face our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They then will have waited too long to be saved and live forever in heaven.

  14. The Bible has so much literature, history, wisdom, law and truths beyond the intelligence of many. It takes patience, an open mind, and intellect to grasp the concepts presented in the Bible. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit, of the Trinity of God, Father, Son, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, to give one insight into the understanding of the scriptures. The Bible gives basic social guides and has helped many to succeed in life, even to become wealthy. Historical facts and artifacts support scriptures, if one has any interest in archeology. The evil have made every attempt to destroy the Jews, Christians and whatever trail of natural history left in several countries. Hitler met with the Muslims to learn the barbaric ways to destroy them, also. Having studied the Bible and its history, while majoring in Science, I found they can compliment each other. God is science and above science. It is the story of the transparent egg, as it is warmed in the pan, to change to a white solid. That is the mystery of the spirit world. Angels will appear, when they hover to remain in the earth’s atmosphere, as witnessed by many. Learn about them. The spiritual world is a dimension beyond human grasp, unless one has experienced it. I’m only speaking of a relationship with the Trinity in prayer, not in mysticism or witchcraft. People haven’t learned yet, that the devil destroys in wickedness, leaving you in the pits. But God in His love and mercy restores, encourages and gives hope. Many people are afraid of God and the Bible, because it changes lives. Atheists are those who are ignorant. America became successful, because American patriots prayed seeking help from Jehovah God. The Bible was the main text taught in many homes. They founded a great nation, not atheists. God enlightened great artists and scientists, so research the facts in old books. They’ve altered so much history today, the truth is hard to find.

  15. My first question is: How do they expect, say an atheist to teach the Bible? What would they teach-that it is a book of myths? Would any atheist in their right mind want to do so? Really does not surprise me that so-called “higher education” in either CA or CO would do this-both are bastions of the progressive/liberal/anti-G-d mindset….but even in rational thought, it is contradictory, mind-bogglingly counter intuitive to have someone lead who is in opposition to the mission of the group. What other group would put up with that? Would an environmentalist group be led by someone who thought such concerns were nonsense? I think not.

  16. I do think your Christian group should be led by Christians and registered.
    I am surprised by the assumption that this is a matter of hatred towards Christians and even more surprised by the hatred shown in the above remarks. Surely this is a matter of sitting down and talking about it? Also I am disturbed by the feeling against Muslims in at least one of the comments. Islam is also, like Christianity and like Judaism, an Abrahamic religion and should be respected as such, if not agreed with. We need more understanding and less hate here, I believe.

  17. If the university can do this ,the city county and state can do the same with churches. That is to tell the church they have to allow an atheists to lead the services or loose their tax exempt status ! Once again we are a captive audience and the atheists run the show. We have elected them into our government because we don’t know who they really are!

  18. I two agree that Muslims / Islams and others are like us in belief, I have no problem with them. As far a siting down and trying to communicate ( work thing out ) with satanist, doesn’t work. They will smile in your face while looking to deceive you every way they can, oil and water don’t mix!

  19. Universities are there for encouragement for students future after hard work and graduation. What ever religious beliefs, should not be subjected to anything that make students uncomfortable.

  20. It is time to throw out the people who run our colleges and schools. Our money is so being mis-used and wasted.

  21. Islam is not similar to Christianity, if you study the Koran. They worship Allah and swear allegiance only to Allah. They believe that Jesus is a prophet, where Christians believe, what the Bible says that Jesus is the Son of God. Their beliefs are rigid and threaten you if you speak against Allah. They are taught to kill the Infidel, which is the unbeliever. It is a political religion with Sharia law, which is strict against women. They can have several wives and beat them. Family members have been killed, if they leave Islam. Muslims do not want unbelievers or infidels around their mosques or festivals. A young girl was arrested near Dearborn, Michigan for taking pictures outside the festival. A town in Michigan has become dominated by Islam. They require the “call to Allah,” which is sound Obama enjoyed hearing, when he studied the Koran as child, while living in Indonesia. His dad was a Muslim. If you read one of his books, he said, “if the political winds should change or (shift), he would stand with the Muslims.” They dominate about 50 countries now and they are trying to get a foothold in America. I can’t understand, why Americans don’t get what is really going on around them. Muslims are pushing in on the governments of France, Great Britain, and destroying Israel, yet Americans don’t seem to understand, how these countries are slowly changing.. If we can coincide in peace, without them changing our laws and traditions, that would be fine. Please study ancient history.

  22. You know I am 86 year’s old and have heard about this secret carb almost all my life. It is for sure legend. Do you really believe someone could hide this for that many years. If you do I have ocean front property in Az. Just let me know we can do some trading.

  23. Guess that I will have to verify that none of my Colorado tax money finds it’s way to the University of Colorado.

  24. how can a non “Christian” lead a Bible study group? that’s not possible!
    you have to have a knowledge & understanding of the Bible to be able to lead a Bible study!
    you have to be able to help people that want to know Almighty God & JESUS!
    an atheist can’t lead a Bible study! that’s just plum crazy! Help us JESUS!
    do all people in Colorado believe in all craziness that keeps coming out of their state? Help them JESUS!

  25. My thought exactly they never even opened a bible so how are they going to lead a group. These schools are getting out of hand. Would the school shut down a Muslim group for not allowing a Christian to lead the group. That is not going to happen.

  26. University of Colorado, okay let me get that name on the list of Colleges that when found on a resume cause that resume too immediately by thrown into the trash

  27. I say demand that Muslim students help butcher hogs and those who buy the LIBERAL IGNORANCE of transgenderism be made to use the bathroom of the gender their DNA says they are. So the black students don’t fill left out make them host a party for the KKK.

  28. The left along with some right wing people twist the Bible around to suit what they want to believe. Atheists, devil worshipers should not have to be accepted into Christian groups. It is for Christians.

  29. President Trump needs to sign an executive order alowing all Christians groups to be free to practice there religion and end this liberal hate of Christians to stop once and for all. This is America we are Christians. Make it a law stop bullying christains.

  30. So true. I agree with Ray. How would they answer questions truthfully according to God’s Word? People would end up not attending because of the lack of true & knowledgeable leadership! You do not put a student in charge of the University along with the same salary. Or lead a class in place of an educated professor?
    These tactics are just ways to get rid of Christianity. More and more, the movement is against True Christianity…& Jesus Christ.
    But that will never happen-Jesus will not go away. He is God and His Word stands forever.

    It is written: “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God endures forever.”
    Isaiah 40:8
    He will restore justice.
    Really, whose rights & freedoms are really being taken here?

  31. I know that I have been out of the loop for a while, but just what is it that the left hates about Christians so much? You’d think that someone would bring up the totally biased fact that they would never do that to any Muslim Religious Group, Business, or Club. So, if they aren’t going to enforce their damn rules across the board, then they can eat the lawsuit that any honest lawyer would do for free. If they win then they could get paid.
    Freedom of Religion is a Constitutional Right that States or Universities do not have the power to usurp. They are just trying anything to see if it will stick or if the Conservative Christians will cave to their demands. Those Christians should contact any Human Rights Groups and demand that they step in. They won’t of course, but I think that would leave them open to lose their 501 c3 Status or break up their fake organization all together.
    Where are the Constitutional Republicans? It’s like it is open season now, on all Christians, Republicans and Conservatives, even Baron Trump. since this Impeachment Farce. The Potus can still speak his mind. He must not be really impeached by the House yet if they are with holding the “articles” of Impeachment from the Senate. So, Trump should be able to be just as lethal as he wants to be/
    Those people will just keep on pushing to see how much they can get away with. They can only to as far as you let them. Get a Go Fund me and fight back. Tell them they have crossed the line and are trying to intimidate and terrorize the Christian Church. Religious Parties must be free from harassment and free to worship in their own way and to their business that involves their Religion as they see fit. Stand up for yourselves dammit! Grow some nads. Speak loudly and carry a big stick. You are allowed to defend yourself against expected attacks. But, stand up anyway. A few bruises will go a long way in the lawsuit you bring against them.
    I would call the Imam of Peace, Imam Tawhidi, and ask his advice. Ask him if any LGBT groups or University has ever tried to force this type of thing on any Muslim Religious Organization or Business? Tawhidi is a moderate man. An honest man and a conservative that leans a little libertarian. He is an Islam Reformist, at leas that is his stated mission. I think that you would see the LGBT groups and the Universities STFU if there is a Muslim in your group and working on your side/

  32. I was speaking about a specific Imam who is working toward reformation of Islam and their Ancient Barbaric Shariah Law connected Religion, that has not been amended for centuries, unlike the Christian Religion. He is a true moderate. There is Ayaan Hirsi Ali Somali ex-Muslim who has been calling for the same thing in hundreds of speaking events and on dozens of video interviews.

  33. Kenneth,
    I agree. They can only poke that bear just so many times before all “hell” breaks lose. However, their passivity for so long is what has emboldened these asshats to continue to push and harass to see just how far they can get.
    Trumps talks about his massive Military Machine and how many nukes we have and jets and ships etc, precisely for the same reason, so we won’t have to use them. Stand up to them. Call those professors and LGBT leaders out and let them know if they do not cease and desist in their UN-Constitutional Harassment, Fines will be imposed, Law Suits filed, and if I were a researcher I would start looking for the dirt that there usually is on people like that. All Leftists have a lot of dirt on them that others are blackmailing them with. The best defense is a good offense. Expose them for who they are and leak it anonymously to the press. If they know it is from us, they wouldn’t touch it. Do a video. Get others to re-upload it every time it is pulled from Youtube. Use Memes instead of words, less easy for the AI algorithm to catch on to the content.

  34. I know enough about the Muslim Islamic Faith in the Quran and Haddith, Shariah Law to realize, as it is and they are, their ideology is totally incompatible with our Western Way of life. They will never assimilate, and they are waiting until they out populate the country, as the White Christian Birth rates are near zero or actually in the negative. Once they reach or get near amajority, they start making more demands and electing their people into Government Offices, (it’s been happening already for some time now) They cover the country with their Mosques and have their Shariah Courts, covertly undermining the Constitution. They actively recruit people into their religion, and into Jihad against their own people. They practice taqqiya, which is permissible in their Religion as long as it is in furthering their eventual take over of the country. Resistance is met with bombings, and other types of attacks just like in the UK, Sweden, France, Germany, and so on. Poland is one place where they won’t put up with any of their BS, so is Russia. Also, China. They won’t go to China because so many Muslims or Yeugers (sp?)(I know the word I’m just not sure how to spell it), have gone missing, thrown in slave labor camps, probably harvested for their organs. And, they sure as hell can’t practice their Religion there. Neither can Christians or any other Religion.
    Too bad Trump is not the dictator the Left says he is, so he could just stop their little plans in their tracks.

  35. Herbert, stop the fear mongering. Learn your rights, stand up the asshats, and demand those rights not be violated, but carry a large Flagpole (like Antifa) when you do it. There are a great many things you CAN do, and if you don’t know who “they” really are by now, you haven’t been paying attention.
    And, you are only as captive as your fear causes you to be. No, they obviously don’t run the show, but they are trying like hell to give that impression. They are bluffing and Trump is playing his 5D Chess again. He is giving them more rope to do more stupid things while he and others are working on things behind the scenes. There is always a plan B and C and all the while Trump continues to get things done for this country. He works 16 hours a day, doesn’t take a salary, gets 1,000’s of death threat a day, so does his entire family, he has had 5 physical attempts on his life that have been thwarted by his own private Secret Service. His personal food taster got poisoned just the other day, but they don’t broadcast that stuff for obvious reasons. He has a Military Alliance behind him and there are leaders from 144 countries who are backing him because they want to see an end to the Deep State and the Corruption and the disgusting Pedophiles who have been running this planet taken to Gitmo and hung. There is a website called ResignationAnon.com Where you can see all the people who have resigned in this country from Government Jobs, Big Corporations, Military, The FBI and CIA, and many have been fired. The creators of Google have both stepped down. If you use a browser like Start Page, and look up Pedophile arrests since 2016 or something similar like Sex Trafficking Networks taken down, you may see just how many have actually been been arrested, where and when. I haven’t looked because I follow many great video channels of people who are absolutely excellent researchers. Cory’s Digs is one, Edge of Wonder, Jordan Sather, McAllisterTV, SGT Report, DeceptionBytes, AndWeKnow, Tiffany Fitzhenry, Lori Colley, Amazing Polly is just mind blowingly good at what she can find where others cannot. David Wilcock and Corey Good, Michael Salla, all have close ties to the insiders within the Alliance I just mentioned that is behind Trump, who in fact are the ones who asked him to run for President way back in 2015, because they wanted him to help them as they had a plan to take back our country from those who intended to destroy it and us. You will never read or hear about any of that on the Fake News. There is a site called Pacer.gov where you will see that there are over 140,000 sealed indictments for people in all 50 states and countries around the world. Each one of those indictments can have up to 39 co-defendants attached to it. The corruption and infiltration by the Marxist, Zionist, Cabal, Deep State, call them what you will as they go by many names, has taken several decades to become so deeply embedded and it can’t be taken down overnight. Certain things have been planned and orchestrated to happen at a right time if possible, so that more is accomplished than if he just rushed in and started arresting, as the DOJ isn’t cooperating, and you need evidence so undeniable that the sheeple won’t fall apart or try to rush the Whitehouse after his blood. They need to be fully aware of the Dems the Media and the Leftist Marxist Professors in these Universities massive evil overtly corrupt they are, so it won’t be any surprise when they are arrested. I too get angry and impatient with the Lying, Stupid, Corrupt, seemingly above the Law Democrats, but, every so often, I hear things, like in the Video I provided for everyone above, that renews my hope and gives me a little more faith that, though slowly, we are steadily progressing toward the ultimately goal.

    Okay, I have spent far too much time on this board and I need to get to work. Do your own research. Find out what I suggested as it is a great morale booster. Watch a Trump Rally. There is nothing like the great feeling you get when you watch a Trump Campaign Rally. Get active and call your legislators and demand that they stop these Career Politician Democrats. Badger them, call them, write them, email them, write petitions, get very vocal and visible just like the SJW Cry bullies, but do it with facts in hand and a plan. I have done enough rambling now and my butt is starting to hurt, so I will give you a break from my ranting and book writing. You probably haven’t bothered to read what I’ve written because I have been so long winded. Oh well, it’s there if you want to. I tried and now I’ll stop.

  36. muslims should not be allowed in this country period. If you think they should, then you should go live in a muslim country for a while and then think twice about it


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