What this school is teaching 8-year-olds in “Sex Ed” class will make you see red


LGBT activists are preying on our youth.

They’re indoctrinating a generation with their radical “infinite gender” propaganda.

And this school just crossed the line pushing this crazy propaganda on its students.

In England, the Brighton and Hove City Council has recently agreed to start peddling to students that trans-boys “can have periods” too.

The move comes after the council has agreed to be more “inclusive of all genders, cultures, faiths, and sexual orientations.”

The students may be sold this madness as young as 8-years-old.

The Telegraph writes:

School children will be taught that “all genders” can have periods in new sex education lessons, in a victory for transgender rights campaigners.

The advice to teachers was approved by Brighton & Hove City Council as they try to tackle stigma around menstruation.

The new advice follows a council report which said: “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods”, adding that “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders”.

Bins used for menstruation products will be provided in all toilets for children, according to the report.

It also calls for transgender students and pupils to be provided with additional support from a school nurse if needed.

The report recommends that “language and learning about periods is inclusive of all genders, cultures, faiths and sexual orientations. For example; ‘girls and women and others who have periods'”.

Brighton & Hove City Council said in a statement: “By encouraging effective education on menstruation and puberty, we hope to reduce stigma and ensure no child or young person feels shame in asking for period products inside or outside of school if they need them.

This lays bare how deranged the radical Left has become.

They tell barefaced lies, like the idea that there are more than two genders, to support their “progressive” fantasies.

They’ve even gone so far as to manipulate parents of pre-teens to pump their children full of puberty blockers for fear of not catering to their child’s “feelings.”

All at the expense of a proper education for young children.

But the studies show that this “trans” activism doesn’t help. The attempted suicide rate of transgenders is about 40% — higher than slaves in America in the 1700s and Jewish people during the Holocaust.

This isn’t unique to schools overseas, however.

As we recently reported, a Virginia high school teacher was fired for so-called “misgendering” a student by refusing to refer to their “preferred” pronouns.

This is inherently the problem with government schools.

The radical leftists from Washington, D.C. to local school boards want to force their agenda on our youth simply because they can.

Do you think the “progressive” agenda should be kicked out of schools? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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