What this reporter just said about the NFL’s anti-American anthem protests will infuriate you


The anti-American NFL anthem protests are heating up again.

Leftists are pushing harder than ever to disrespect the country.

And what this reporter just said about the NFL’s anti-American anthem protests will infuriate you.

In 2016, quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the NFL anthem protests by first sitting, then kneeling during the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

At the time, only about 20% of Americans supported protesting the national anthem.

After Kaepernick received intense media support and accolades from left-wing organizations and endorsement deals, the number grew to roughly 40%.

In light of the murder of George Floyd and an unrelenting push from the left-wing media, the anthem debate has been revived.

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees said he would never disrespect the flag or the anthem, and he was pilloried for those benign comments.

He was forced to publicly apologize three times – and his wife apologized a fourth time – after being hit with an endless barrage of criticism.

Now sports commentator Rob Parker thinks the national anthem should be banned altogether from the NFL.

Parker said, “First order of business, eliminate the playing of the national anthem before each game . . . [I]t would show the rest of America that the NFL, an iconic part of this country’s history, was embracing change . . . And that, brace yourself, the good-ole boys finally get it.”

Leftists love to use ambiguous words like “change.”

Embracing “change” simply means falling in line on a particular issue.

Parker is no stranger to controversy.

He once referred to quarterback Robert Griffin III as a “cornball brother” who’s “not really downwith the cause.”

Many NFL players have already said they will kneel for the National Anthem during the upcoming season.

This is precisely how the Left operates.

They choose a target and go after it unrelentingly until it caves.

The NFL has essentially bent the knee to the radical Left.

People who are in favor of kneeling use the common refrain that they’re not disrespecting the anthem or the country, they’re simply protesting police brutality.

But Kaepernick’s protest was explicitly anti-American, as are his radical politics.

The NFL is about to embrace radicalism, which will most certainly drive away fans as it did in 2016 and 2017.

Will the NFL cave to the mob and outright ban the national anthem?

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  2. As far as I’m concerned they can cancel not only the season, but the entire league!
    Haven’t watched in 3 years and don’t miss it one iota!

  3. THen they can forget patriotic fans watching their games and advertisers who also support BLM and eat the customers they will lose. These spoiled, rich players and owners don’t mind sucking money out of fans, nor do their advertisers, but with all their commitment to disrespecting our flag and our country, they should be happy to absorb those losses.

  4. AMERICA CAN DO BOTH! … We Can Walk and Chew Gum? … At The Same TIME! … KNEEL For (5) Minutes for POLICE REFORM and BLM. … Then STAND For The NATIONAL ANTHEM.

  5. i don’t care what the players do i don’t watch pro football any more. players like owners have become greedy and don’t care about paying customers.

  6. No they play football in the USA they should have to abide by the rules and stand for the flag. 🇺🇸

  7. The social ists are winning. They are taking over the country from the inside, just like quislings, and a 5th column. It started 2 generations ago with public school indoctrination into leftist ideology, and dogma.

  8. Should always stand for the national anthem. I look forward to it when I go to a sporting event.

  9. i repeat i don’t watch a bunch of over paid jocks run after a ball they are too greedy and egotistocal and love only them selves. same as greedy owners.

  10. F#ck that reporter and f#ck the NFL. I quit watching years ago when this bullsh*t first started. I have served this country for roughly 25 years and I will tell you that kneeling for the anthem, or the flag, is a slap in the face to anyone who has ever served, and especially any who have died for this country. The NFL has lost this life-long fan and will never see me return.

  11. The NFL and their supporters should take a long vacation in Venezuela or North Korea and stay there until they open their eyes and see that they left the greatest nation in the world behind. If such an enlightenment should occur, I expect they would be welcomed back to the land of the free and home of the brave.

  12. I do not watch the NFL any longer because of the bent knee. If the anthem is not sung at the games then I think that a lot of fans will not be fans any longer. It will be like the elite Hollywood group that hates the American Flag, I have not been to a movie house in decades and now the movies I can find are movies that are not anti American to watch. I have better things to spend my money on than to keep these people up.

  13. BLM doesn’t give a damn about black lives. 100s of blacks are killed in Chicago every year and BLM is nowhere to be found. The rioters and protesters only come out when a white cop kills a black man. BLM uses blacks as pawns to push their social ist agenda. Anybody that supports BLM is a useful idiot, too stupid to know they are being played. Malcolm X warned black people about white liberals back in the 60s. He said the white liberal is not the friend of the black man. All of these black homicides occur in democrat controlled cities, often with black mayors, and black chief of police.

  14. Super Bowl champs or not if the Chiefs kneel I am done for good this time. There will be a very large jersey burning.

  15. Da comrade. Make everything American disappear and replace it with everything Soviet. The goal of becoming the Soviet Union West is at hand.

  16. I really can’t believe that this is actually being talked about!! The snowflake liberals will not stop!! I respect our flag and our country. Guaranteed most of these liberal trash bags have no job, no education and live in mommy and daddy’s basement with their participation trophies and sixth place ribbons on the wall. MAGA!!!

  17. As one can see by the previous posters that pretty much they are not going to be in attendance at the stadium or on the tube. I’m one of those also. Steve S said it best for all of us. Attendance at the stadium is revenue and that is going to go waaayy down NFL. No parking revenue, no concessions, lower attendance period. You make make it on television revenue alone. All those fat salaries will take a hit and rightly so they should. For a change, Patriot’s should take a stand and stay away from all these kneeling athletes need to see we mean business.

  18. They kneel, I quit watching. I don’t bow to anyone but God Almighty. Drew Brees says he’s a Christian. He might want to re-read the story of the Three Hebrew Children (Daniel 3). Don’t bow to their idols!

  19. Eliminate the Anthem, the Flag and the NFL altogether!! We don’t care anymore and we used to be big Fans of our team but now we can’t support them any longer since they act like America is systemically Racist! Nothing could be further from the Truth but the care nothing about the Truth and they only see skin color!

  20. as far as I’m concerned, every “pro” football player deserves their testicles cut off and shot in the head

  21. We stopped Watching the National Felon League 3 or 4 years ago. They are nothing but over paid whiners who think they can get away with murder. I hope Kapernick is homeless and flat broke! He had everything going for him and he can thank himself for giving that all up. I agree with whoever said the athletes should move to North Korea!

  22. if it’s so bad for you in the country than why don’t you just do everyone a favor and leave!

  23. Lets show all those cowards that we will stand up to them and PROTEST the NFL & any other group that caves.

  24. And don’t forget….football sucks, now, ANYWAY…it’s not like we’re giving up some prize…they took the hitting out….made it a woman’s game….so either way, I won’t miss it.

  25. If they can’t stand for the flag or anthem then I can just stop from watching the nfl again I just started watching them last year after the first time this came up and now will leave for good and that includes the buying any of there crap

  26. No anthem, no NFL. No support for unAmerican organizations who disrespect the Flag, and the lives sacrificed. Stand for the Flag, kneel for God, vote Trump.

  27. And why should we do both? zi won’t kneel 5 seconds for BLM-because they only protest when money can be made. Won’t watch any sport promoting this nonsense. Hope they ALL GO BROKE.

  28. DO BOTH-don’t call 911 or the police for your or your family’s protection. That way you can kneel and truly back the BLM at games-otherwise you’re being a hypocrite. And I speak as the mother of a police officer who puts himself out there to protect dingheads like YOU.

  29. Taking a knee instead of standing for the anthem is anything BUT anti-American. Indeed, it’s patriotic as it protests anti-American policies and attitudes of racism and bigotry.
    Anyone who suggests that it’s anti-American clearly doesn’t understand the systemic bigotry in this country. If they haven’t read the entire anthem and don’t know its history, they are ignorant of the racist context against which the NFL team members were protesting and the associated system of bigotry.
    In support of changing systemic racism, ALL Americans should take a knee during the anthem.

  30. HCB: ‘Systemic racism’ is just the latest liberal Bogeyman, a fairy tale designed to keep minorities agitated and afraid…and, of course, to get them out to vote. Liberals understand that their voters are too dumb and apathetic to vote for any other reasons than raw emotion, so they do everything they can to SUPPLY that emotion. No, adults understand that reality is about making the best of what IS. NOT about whining and complaining and making excuses. You work hard, you have a positive attitude, and you stand behind the results. THAT is the adult way. You liberals filth have created this environment, KNOWING the damage you’re doing to our country in your quest to win elections. You should all be shot as traitors.

  31. They all say it’s not about the flag…They are so wrong…straight out of the horses mouth!!!! The jerk himself said this the very first time he knelled.
    “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick said, via NFL.com. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

    …………..ALL LIVES MATTER…………..

  33. HCB-you have your opinion-the Flag is not about racism-it is about respecting the lives of ALL servicemen who have protected this country-many with their lives and that includes all races-White, Black, Hispanic, Asian – name your race. And thru many wars from the Revolutionary War on. It’s NOT ONLY ABOUT BLACK IT IS ABOUT ALL-INCLUSIVE.

  34. I haven’t watched an NFL game, even a super bowl, since Kaepernick and his highly paid cronies started disrespecting the country that made their success possible. Every subsequent action taken by the NFL reinforces my decision.

  35. There are other ways to complain about ur hatred toward cops.but not standing for the american flag is a true sigh that u dont respect what it stands for.if u did u would know better .ignorance is not an excuse..there is no other excuse than u just dont respect america or the men and women who died for u to have a voice.. u can leave this country and dont let the door hit u in the axx on the way out..

  36. Is kneeling for the anthem more unpatriotic than supporting the Confederacy? When I last checked, kneeling is only placing a knee on the ground when the anthem is performed! Is not tantamount to URINATING on the flag or DEFACING and VANDALIZING the flag! The Confederacy actually rebelled against the USA and its flag and Union Soldiers! If you condemn kneeling but support anything to do with the Confederacy (other than historical sites and museums), then your being inconsistent, intellectually dishonest and hypocritical!

  37. If the NFL caves, it will show the liberals they are in control which is what they want. Their demands will only increase and expect the same result.

  38. I don’t watch the NFL. I wish people would quit watching. If the players are going to kneel, then it would be better not to play the anthem at all. Then we wouldn’t give these overpaid idiots a showcase for their protest. They can’t get attention if it isn’t played. Why disgrace our anthem by playing it at these stupid events anymore? There is nothing patriotic about NFL football games.

  39. What exactly are we doing to oppress anyone? We are all the same, we can work, worship, marry as we want. Attend school, get a job. No one is holding anyone you back, it’s you. From the demands I’ve heard from the protesters they want free education and housing, free medical care and amnesty for illegals. What’s that about? Millions of us work hard and sacrifice for these things. What entitles anyone to have it handed to them?

  40. Shan, great reply, I love our National Anthem, But maybe it should Not be played anymore at these kneeling Disgraceful events (nfl, nascar, etc), which many, including myself, have stopped watching.

  41. Eliot-the American Flag is not ALL about the confederacy-It is about all of the People who have sacrificed for THIS COUNTRY-THE USA. You and so many others tunnel vision that point. My family moved hedre in 1848. We nhave never owned slaves or had anything to do with slavery. Why am I those who had nothing to do with slavery being blamed. I don’t take the blame for Hitler either-since I’m part German-My family wasn’t part of the Halocaust either. You just want to lay blame on the past you didn’t experience in any way the same as I didn’t expedrience the past. You just want want something or someone to blame either for your not being happy in life, succeeding in attaining your dreams. Keep using blame because it will get you nowhere in life -well maybe unless you’re a politician.

  42. The National Anthem is, in fact, inclusive. It brings people together. If the NFL chooses to go another direction, that’s fine with me. I have plenty to keep me busy on Sunday afternoons and other times games are staged.

  43. No sports leagues you are missing the point. I think Americans get it perfectly. No standing for our flag and anthem and now remove those from sporting events. You are just showing that you don’t care about America and it’s people of all races. Not to mention those who have fought and died for all of us to have freedom. You will be getting a inventory bill from me for the money have spent on sports over the last 50 years. Seeing how All American don’t matter anymore I do expect you to reimburse me and in return I will send you my collections. I am learning that you all are saying my white woman life doesn’t matter. I never once made such a ruckus over my white life. Not to mention unlike all of you I am not privileged either. So you do what you have to do to get your sponsor money and I will do what I have to do to get my reimbursement from you. Good luck with your fan base and ticket sales. Your sponsors are going to be in the same boat as you. I don’t support anyone like all of you and democrats Who choose everything else over America and Americans of all races. Kaepernick and others are the true racist for playing race card. Please leave my country if hate it that much. China will take you all. Pissed off past fan. You don’t deserve my money or attention ever again.

  44. Eliot: Removal of statues should be a decision that is made rationally…by calm, clear-thinking, rational ADULTS….certainly NOT to appease these traitorous animals. People keep caving to these cretins, and the reason absolutely eludes me. We have armed police for a reason. They should be protecting US, the civilized people, and not standing around watching while these animals tear down our society. But of course, they know that they’ll be hung out to dry by their cowardly bosses, so most cops choose to abdicate their duty. Order must be restored…by any means necessary. These protesters should have been gunned down the SECOND they raised their hand to throw a brick or start a fire. But it’s still not too late.

  45. Kaepernick is a jerk. He did all this because his career sucked. He picked a cause that had nothing to do with his predicament. Now the whole country is bent out of shape and nobody gives a dang anymore if a bunch of millionaires lose their jobs because they were too ignorant to stand for our anthem and flag. They are going to have a different mindset when they get zero money for kneeling instead of being gridiron heroes!

  46. Sharon: Thank you for your comment. The older I get, the more I believe the old way is the best. Make the best of what is, and do the best you can. Society simply CANNOT grind to a halt the instant somebody has a complaint. It reminds me of being in school….if you’re sick, sure, see if the teacher will excuse you…but class cannot stop because you have a hangnail, or your seat is uncomfortable, or you’re bored….nothing would ever get done that way. We have a lot of citizens today who just need to grow up.

  47. BAN the NFL, KEEP THE FLAG! Quite TV and sports brats teams over 20 years a go and no worse for the wear.
    Never did care about over paid, over cuddled, players. Refuse to watch or support them for anything. Refuse to buy their stuff to give them free ads. Have more important things to spend my time on. If they disappeared I would not miss them.

  48. First of all ,,, Brees has NO balls for caving in for something that he believed in . 2nd ,,, the NFL got away from the sport and it’s gone to politics , myself and many people I know , said ADIOS to the NFL last year . With the help of Goodell , the NFL WILL eventually fade away !!!!

  49. Dont cancel the anthem……….cancel the NFL. I haven’t watched it since Kaperdunce came back on the scene and these greedy stupid athletes can all go broke and be forced to really work for a iiving. That would also put a lot of these idiot sports talking heads to the breadlines. ESPN will be out of business soon.

  50. This is down right un American kneeling in the first place is for our military when they Lose a brother no civilian has a right to use that they abused that second our flag don’t bring it into your protest that red stripe foremost is for blood shed fighting for this country to give you the freedoms you have today your disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves you want to kneel do it afterwards if it’s so damn important I hope that all you football fans stick together and put this country above all because so many have fought bled and died for you and are still fighting all our sons and daughters of this country that you will never know who have fought for you bled for you and died for you who might not cone home who might come home broken but they fought for you this great country it’s un American and it’s disrespectful to those men and woman Americans need to stick together on this one it’s not an option please do the right thing if we don’t stick together it will be a disgrace un American And a sin please stand for our flag and if football falls it’s them for disgracing this country and for those who fought for it and still fighting for it I could care less great sport horrible players and League shame on you


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