What this Priest just said during mass chilled Christians to the core


Christianity is under constant assault from the secular Left.

But the incursion of radical leftist ideology within the church is of equal concern.

Now what this Priest just said during mass chilled Christians to the core.

Many have argued that leftism, particularly antiracism, are akin to secular religions.

But the problem is much worse than that.

These corrosive leftist elements have seeped into organized Christian doctrine.

Father Kenneth Boller, a priest at St. Xavier Catholic Church in New York City, proved that with one unnerving sermon.

The concept of “white privilege” flies in the face of all men being equal in the eyes of God.

During Father Boller’s exhortation, he called for an end to racial prejudice, but that’s the exact opposite of the antiracism movement.

Ibram X. Kendi, author of the disturbingly populer How To Be an Antiracist, argues that discrimination in order to achieve equity is necessary to build an “antiracist” society.

That means people must actively be judged by their race, which will somehow create an “antiracist” society.

This is truly warped and absurd.

It’s a complete reversal of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech, which has become more of an impediment to the far-left than a rallying cry.

It’s no surprise that Father Boller is part of the Jesuit order, which is known for its infusion of progressiveness.

Pope Francis, a Jesuit, is a devotee of liberation theology, which is essentially a marriage of Catholicism and socialism.

Protestant churches, too, have had to deal with fractures in denominations due to adherence to antithetical leftist ideals.

The word of God is being obscured by political messaging, which is the height of hubris.