What this Muslim Congresswoman is doing to import Sharia Law into the U.S. will make your blood boil


Ilhan Omar is Minnesota’s Muslim Congresswoman.

She made national headlines for statements about Israel, including asking “Allah to awaken the people and help them see Israel’s evil doings.”

And how she’s trying to import Sharia Law into the U.S. will make your blood boil.

Ilhan Omar is back in the news for proposing to lift the ban on wearing headwear in Congress so that she can wear her hijab.

And she has full backing from the Democrat Party.

The Hijab is a central tenet of Sharia Law.

Women have been arrested – and worse – in Islamic nations for refusing to wear it.

Huffington Post reports:

The change is part of a scope of new rules that Democrats are planning to implement once they take control of the House next year following their sweep of seats across the country during this month’s midterm elections. The party picked up at least 37 seats, wresting control from the Republicans after eight years.

Omar posted a screenshot of a news article related to the ban on Instagram late Sunday.

She also said it’s not the only ban she would work to lift, but didn’t specify any others.

The Washington Post notes that the proposed rule ― of which Omar is a co-author alongside House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) ― would allow all religious headwear on the House floor.

Democrats claim to support Omar wearing a hijab for “religious liberty.”

But they never cared about headwear when Jewish candidates were elected into public office.

There have been Jewish members of the Democrat Party in the House and Senate for over one hundred years and the Democrat Party never proposed to remove the headwear ban.

Rahm Emanuel wears a yarmulke as an orthodox Jewish person and was a congressman for years and the Democrat Party never discussed changing the rules for him.

He had to take his yarmulke off when he entered Congress.

Many believe the hijab is a symbol of oppression.

But many so-called “progressives,” including leaders of the anti-Trump “Women’s March,” have adopted it as a symbol of the “resistance.”

Do you think Congress should lift the ban on headwear so that Omar can wear her hijab?

Let us know your answer in the comments!


  1. She is engaged in treason against the US. People should read Article 6 Paragraph 2 of the US Constitution. All foreign law is prohibit from use in the US. And Shar’iah law is foreign law. It is the law of the government of Islam. Remember, Islam is not a religion. It is theocracy. And no citizen of Islam has fealty to non-Islam control State. And remember, words like “extremism” and “radical” should never be used in reference to Islam. It obscures that what is being done is normal for Islam citizens due to the laws of Islam.


        • I agree there is already a law again her being elected in the USA…we need to enforce these laws for our own good…or Sharia law will sneak in and that will be the downfall of our country…

          • She is illegal needs thrown out Immediately Islam is against American Law and I Demand it be Enforce and anyone that tries to stop her removal are to be removed as well this is Treason no doubt about it Remove her NOW Trump you better get this muslum out of are Government and any others that say they believe in Islam then start deportion within 72 hrs. this is Against the Law no muslums, Lawyers, atheists, perverted, should ever be aloud in our government no place in states or countries congress senate or legislative

          • this is so true and we won’t even realize it is happening. abide by the law and take your headdress off on when serving the US.

          • We don’t need any stinking muslims in any capacity in our government. We have a law that was put in the laws that says NO MUSLIMS, lets enforce it. Any law that is not enforced is not a law at all.

          • For Joann. She said she cannot uphold the Constitution. That is what she is supposed to swear to, and she said she will not.

        • Ronald Hatt — I would be delighted if we could wipe out the election & reelection of Barack Obama to the White House, whether he was born in Kenya or Hawaii or Chicago. But we can’t do that retroactively, more’s the pity. And the CONSTITUTION (Bill of Rights, First Amendment) guarantees ALL citizens (extended by the 14th Amendment to ALL RESIDENTS) religious freedom. Muslims can follow their own cultural traditions EXCEPT where they DO HARM to someone else (no female circumcision, child marriage, etc — but wearing the hijab doesn’t really affect other people!)

          IF Congresswoman wants to impose Sharia on ANYONE except herself (and then only where it does’t affect anyone else), she will find herself blocked — first by public opinion: ultra-liberal Dems may SAY they want Sharia treated like other laws, but when they find out what that would MEAN — and how much their feminazi cohorts would SCREAM — they’ll change their minds. The second block would be the CONSTITUTION, which does NOT allow religious practices WHICH IMPINGE ON THE FREEDOM OR RIGHTS OF ANOTHER PERSON. So she can practice Sharia at home, but wearing the hijab (which doesn’t affect anyone except herself) would be seen as a bridge TOO FAR by any court in the country (even the Nutty Ninth Circuit).

          As for the issue of when (or if) men were first allowed to wear “religious headgear” (the yarmulke), the first practicing Jew elected to Congress was Judah Benjamin in 1852 (that’s right, EIGHTEEN, not 19). The House leadership at the time CHANGED THE RULE to allow him his headwear, but shortly thereafter Congressman Benjamin (who was anti-slavery, but a Southerner) resigned from the House when the Civil War began.

          I don’t believe the ban on wearing Orthodox Jewish headgear (the yarmulke) was EVER reinstated, although Jewish members didn’t CHOOSE to wear theirs (if indeed they practiced that aspect of Judaism).

          It IS possible that the rule remained in the House Rules of Conduct, but it wasn’t observed until a WOMAN (Bella Abzug, super-liberal feminazi from NY City, who wore hats because she LIKED hats, not for any religious reason) objected to the rule against hats for women (this was 1971, back when women still WORE hats during the day!). It took awhile, but she managed to get that rule dropped sometime in the mid-1970s.

          • In much I agree with your post,But. The wearing of head gear by her is a Muslim law. All women most keep their head covered ” always”. This act is against the constitution because the Muslim belief is that contrary to the law as written in the constitution.

        • Wake up America, the muslims are invading our country.For the stupid people of Minnesota who voted for her.Remember 911 Germany, France and Belgium.And so many other countries they commited acts of terrorism. WHY would they vote for this evil woman.
          Now the world see what Israel has had to put up with.Thank G-D for Israel or they would have taken over our country by now.
          Wake up America before its to late.


      • Ilhan Omar may get her House rule change to allow her to wear the HIJAB, but there is NO way she will EVER get Congress to authorize Sharia law. First, the U.S. Constitution (Bill of Rights, First Amendment) says quite clearly that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” The hijab is a CULTURAL gesture equivalent to a Jewish man’s yarmulke or a Sikh’s turban — or any woman deciding to wear a scarf to disguise a bad hair day. Headwear has never been tested under the First Amendment, but it’s pretty clear to constitutional lawyers that religious-themed hats, scarves, or whatever would NOT withstand Constitutional challenge.

        ALL women’s hats (presumably including the hijab, but there were no Muslims in Congress so nobody tested it) were prohibited on the floor of the House or Senate (that is, in the chambers) as late as the mid-1970s. The rule dates from the days when there were NO women in Congress at all, and since only women wore hats indoors (cultural rule, nothing to do with religion), there had been no need for such a rule. The first barrier to fall was a ban on Jewish men wearing the yarmulke fell in 1853 — yes, EIGHTEEN-fifty-three, not 1953 — when Judah Benjamin of Louisiana was first elected to the House (he resigned when Louisiana joined the Confederate States in 1861). In 1971 a very liberal Democrat feminazi from New York City, Bella Abzug, demanded a change in House rules to allow her to wear a hat in the House chamber — just her idea of fashion, not religion! — and the House doorkeeper told her it wasn’t allowed. Even though women in the British Parliament wore hats (fashion, not religious) in their House chamber, it remained a violation of House of Representative rules until 1978.

        • The only problem I can see with your statement is this: the Democrats believe the Constitution is too restrictive and should be turned into a “living or progressive” document rather than a static basis for our republic. For all the whining about our country being a democracy, people are no longer taught that it isn’t a democracy but is in fact a Constitutional Republic. The only “democratic” practice we exercise is voting, and even that is set up with the Electoral College, to ensure that ALL States have an EQUAL vote in deciding elections, not just the more populated states. Without this places like L.A., NYC,etc… would be deciding the elections, effectively denying the rest of the country their vote. As far as the popular vote, that only proves that the Electoral College is NEEDED.

        • She is not and was never planning on bringing sharia law to us congress. The writer of this article and other idiots are just assuming it; because of their hatred for anyone different then them.
          And; another thing; this is NOT christian america. Christianity is just one of the many religions in America. America was founded by mostly christian leaders and some athiests. They put in the constitution that America has and will always be “Freedom of ALL Religions”
          So; why don’t you racist and bigot so-called christians (who are not of God or Jesus0 stop directing your hate against anyone different then you. It was not because of Islam that the 9/11 attack happened; so stop blaming the Muslims for what some Saudi’s, Bushs’ Cheney’s and other rich leaders did. I’m guessing that the criminal Bushs instigated the whole attack on the twin towers; so they’d have an excuse to meddle their noses in the middle east again. And; of course most of the bombers were Saudi’s because they believe in doing suicide deaths; which will only put them in hell. But; Saudi wants control of the Middle east; but they have to share it with Israel and US and Russia. Don’t you all see how Saudi Arabia does whatever they want now; and trumps will defend them no matter what they do. Right now, Saudi Arabia, Israel, US and Russia have control over the mideast.
          And; you crazy christian (not of God or Jesus) Jesus already returned 2000 years ago; to visit with his friends and apostles. Jesus is not returning again. And; Israel is not of Abraham; they are FAKE JEWS! Wake UP you idiot fake christians; you have been lied to your whole life by filthy rich evangelists. haha

          • You might want to learn Islam’s real history. It is a theocracy, a government with a religious component, and all citizens of Islam are dedicated to taking over the world and forcing people to worship the god Hubal. The word “allah” is a contraction of the Arabic words “al” (the) and “ilah” (god). And you should listen to what Islam’s citizens are actually saying. Then look at what they are doing when enough of them are located in the US and around the world – trying forcing Shar’iah law, the civil law of Islam. on areas they are located in.

            And you should take the time to learn the US’s real history as well.

          • What in the hell did you get those stupid ideas from? You sound like a babbling idiot on drugs. You have truth mixed up with false information. It is obvious that you know little about the Bible or the Qur’an. But the USA must shut do whatever it can to shut out all levels of Islam. It is NOT compatible with the US Constitution. And only Stupid and ignorant Americans are saying that we must accept all theocracies/Islam.

        • The demos are insane to elect this woman for congress. The demos are trying to ruin the USA along with the left snowflakes. God help us.

      • That is what the Democrats want is to destroy our constitution by agreeing to bring in Sharia Law a little at a time and then just do away with the constitution.

        • “Progressives” regularly use the “Two steps forward, one step backwards” routine to advance their agenda. We need to roll back a century of “Progressive” agenda that dates to Woodrow Wilson’s days. And Islam uses a similar routine if needed.

      • If she is pushing that crap on us ! She needs to be removed, this is our country and there is no place for Sharia Law Period, it will only lead to people getting hurt !

      • I agree, I hate the thought of it being here, and then to be elected and wanting to change our laws. I think she should go back to HER COUNTRY, if she wants Sharia, get it there.


      • Again the Democrats is a trash container party. They encompass all the political trash and all non-conforming groups. A few say we must include anything and everyone regardless of their anti American views or being non Christian. The DEMs want open borders, and to get rid of ICE. They support the LGBTQ sinful and disrupted agenda. Now ignorant voters who have very little knowledge of the non-religious the Muslims, want to allow changes of local and state laws. They want to allow this theocracy group say it is ok for a man to beat a women, or to cut off a female’s clitoris or to verbally divorce a wife. Satan lead the Muslims but they call him Allah. In the Qur’an in Surah 5:51, A Muslim can be a friend to a Jew or Christian. Muslim have no place in our government and in the USA.

      • Did u forget that Congress put a 150 yr old tradition of removing head gear for her. She is allowed to wear the rag and soon other un Americans will be allowed to wear anything on their heads in congress.

      • First, the First Amendment says “Congress shall MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF….” That means Muslims CAN practice Sharia law AS INDIVIDUALS IN THEIR PRIVATE LIVES. It CANNOT legally or constitutionally be IMPOSED on anyone. There have been a handful of court cases restricting such other Sharia practices as child marriage, female circumcision, and so forth, which were won by opponents BECAUSE THEY RESTRICTED THE RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS, but NOT because they violated anybody’s religious principles.
        And BTW, violating the LAW is NOT “treason.” It MIGHT be a felony, though in the area of violating cultural norms even THAT is unlikely. But “freedom of religion” MEANS FREEDOM OF RELIGION, which goes both ways. WE can’t violate Muslim law UNLESS it threatens somebody else’s life or liberty (and wearing the hijab really doesn’t meet that standard).

      • The rules of congress need to be upheld. To be a representative in congress one must be a citizen of the united states. No law from other country’s should be allowed to influence united states congress

    • I’m about to email my Congressman. Are you? Article 6 is CLEAR. I’m FED UP with backing down. God Bless America! God Save our NATION!

      • I’m sure your Congressman will tell you this, whether he/she is a Republican or a Democrat. ARTICLE 6 HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY RESTRICTIONS ON RELIGIOUS GARMENTS or, for that matter, anything even remotely related. ARTICLE 6 has to do with FEDERAL DEBT; and the Sixth Amendment assures the right of TRIAL BY JURY. No idea what you had in mind, but the FIRST AMENDMENT guarantees RELIGIOUS FREEDOM to everybody. THAT is the Constitutional provision you need to worry about because it gives Muslims the right to live by their own religious rules AS LONG AS THOSE RULES DO NOT HARM ANOTHER PERSON (example: no female circumcision or child marriage).
        I don’t know where people get the idea there are provisions in the Constitution that JUST DON’T EXIST, but it might be worth a couple hours of your time to actually READ the Constitution. Better yet, Hillsdale College offers an ONLINE COURSE on the Constitution FOR FREE — check out http://www.hillsdale.edu.

        • Why don’t you spew your false rules to The Heritage Foundation. All they teach is the constitution and bill of rights as well as what everything in them means. Congress has not followed the constitution or the rule of law for so long they do not even know what is in it any more. She, ;like Obama, dose not belong in congress or any other political position.

    • TUFF, they live in the United States and none of the DEPLORABLE LAWS
      are not allowed there. If they want to live here they need to follow the

      • Ron P — Obviously, if she just got elected to Congress, she DOES live in (AND is a citizen of) the USA. You’re right that Sharia (Muslim) law is NOT enforceable in this country IF IT CONFLICTS WITH AMERICAN LAW, but that doesn’t include the choice of headgear (which is NOT covered by federal law!).

        I agree with you entirely that Sharia laws are “deplorable,” but we’re protected by the Constitution (First Amendment: “Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”) AND by a whole bunch of federal laws.

        IF Ms. Omar wants to impose Sharia on the REST of us, that’s a different story: The Constitution won’t let her do it, even if a bunch of her left-wing colleagues in Congress share her desire (they WON’T, when they find out what Sharia actually ALLOWS: female circumcision, child marriage, and a whole bunch of other things the feminazis WON’T like).

        All in all, there is, let me promise you, ZERO chance that the courts — even the ‘Nutty Ninth’ Circuit, never mind SCOTUS — will try to overturn the religious freedom provision of the First Amendment. They may try to exempt practices they want to allow (abortion, limits on free religious speech), but even those are unlikely to survive in the new Supreme Court. And Sharia Law? Not gonna happen HERE.

        • If she was brought here as a refugee thanks to Obama how the hell can she be an American citizen let alone be elected to Congress that goes to show how many more Muslims are in her district open your eyes people be where of what’s going on the downfall of America is on its way

          • Joann,
            Thats exactly what they are triying to do.The Minnesota people are either stupid or her community who elected her are extremist muslims already in our community.Get her out as soon as possible .Israel is the only democratic country in the middle east and grants freedom to Christians and muslims alike. Israel has contributed to medicine tecnology agriculture and many many other things.What did they contribute only terrorist attacks.With all their oil money only the dictators
            Live the good life while their people suffer.They blame Israel, while their own people keep them poor and stupid.

          • Obama had a known 22 Muslims working in his employment at government jobs during his 8 yrs. as president! Valarie Jarad was his top advisor!

      • It is false oath since she is a citizen of Islam. Remember, under the laws of Islam lies and deception are normal and acceptable to advance Islam take over of countries and societies.

        • DRLJR — Unfortunately for your analysis, Islam is a RELIGION, not a NATIONALITY. NOBODY is a “citizen of Islam,” and Muslims are guaranteed the SAME religious freedom in the United States as Christians, Jews, Hindus, Holy Rollers, or even Atheists. Where Muslim law conflicts with U.S. law, the U.S. law prevails, but “to advance Islam” doesn’t qualify.

          I’m sure your Congressman will tell you this, whether he/she is a Republican or a Democrat. ARTICLE 6 HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY RESTRICTIONS ON RELIGIOUS GARMENTS or, for that matter, anything even remotely related. ARTICLE 6 has to do with FEDERAL DEBT; and the Sixth Amendment assures the right of TRIAL BY JURY. No idea what you had in mind, but the FIRST AMENDMENT guarantees RELIGIOUS FREEDOM to everybody. THAT is the Constitutional provision you need to worry about because it gives Muslims the right to live by their own religious rules AS LONG AS THOSE RULES DO NOT HARM ANOTHER PERSON (example: no female circumcision or child marriage).

          I don’t know where people get the idea there are provisions in the Constitution that JUST DON’T EXIST, but it might be worth a couple hours of your time to actually READ the Constitution. Better yet, Hillsdale College offers an ONLINE COURSE on the Constitution FOR FREE — check out http://www.hillsdale.edu.

          • Islam is not a religion, it is a theocracy, a government with a religious component. Take the time to learn Islam history and what is does. The religious component involves the worship of the god Hubal who is the moon god and chief god of a pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses. Citizens of Islam have fealty to Islam alone. And for a citizen of Islam to renounce Islam is treason and punished by death.

      • Muzzies will lie to anyone and demand that we comply with their laws. As for me I will never submit to any laws, except for the laws of our great nation. “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

        • SOME Muslims have “demanded” (that’s a little strong, but they have TRIED to impose their way of thinking) that we accept THEIR law, but when the issue gets to court they have NEVER won (not even on the 9th Circuit!). They have the right to practice their own religion AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT CONFLICT WITH U.S. LAW (no female circumcision, child marriage, etc.) Wearing the hijab — which “conflicts” with the rights ONLY of the person WEARING it — doesn’t affect ANYBODY ELSE’S RIGHTS, so it’s permitted.

      • Seems America is being changed to please other countries. She is not above the law. I am so tired of this country bowing to ever nutcase that shows up. She wants to wear her scarf then go back to where its allowed. Doubt she would be elected in any of those countries. Time to stand up America……we are being taken over more and more and no one seems to care!!

        • Janice T. Lowe — Just because ONE (of 2) Muslim women who have been elected to the House of Representatives wants to wear the hijab 1) DOESN’T VIOLATE ANYONE ELSE’S RIGHTS (she’s NOT saying YOU have to wear the hijab) and 2) is based on a House rule going back to the days when there WERE no women in Congress, at all, but ALL women WORE HATS indoors during the day.

          Is giving up the right (which nobody exercises anymore, anyway) as a woman to wear a hat (or scarf, which is all the hijab IS) indoors REALLY a “right” we can’t surrender? Until the early 1960s, ALL well-dressed women wore hats indoors during the day — take a look at pics of Jackie Kennedy, who almost always wore hats and even gave the fashion industry the “shape” of the “pillbox”.

          Originally, since in the early 19th century men didn’t wear hats indoors, either, NO headgear was allowed in the Senate or House chamber. An Orthodox Jew named Judah Benjamin, who was elected to the House in 1852, got the rule changed for men so that HE could wear his yarmulke; but then came the Civil War, and being from Louisiana, Mr. Benjamin gave up his seat (even though he was anti-slavery). The rule wasn’t changed for women until the 1970s, but only because NOBODY ASKED before then!

          Do you REALLY want to take us back to the early 20th century? (Are you willing to give up YOUR right to vote or own property, too — part of the same tradition!)

          • RightWriter: Don’t be naive. This is how a slide down a slippery slope gets started, chip away little by little.

          • Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration
            The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and
            nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress
            regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular,
            found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow
            the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out
            Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law has been ignored by Obama’s regime White House and many Globalist politicians.
            Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Quran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam,
            which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Quran is their life’s
            guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the politically correct crowd would say that
            Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because
            the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited….

          • The claim that Islam is a religion is a lie. Islam is a theocracy – a government with a religious component.

      • Sharia is a body of RELIGIOUS law, not CIVIL law. She could take the oath of office TO THE CONSTITUTION even if she was an ATHEIST (there have been a few); Article VI, Clause 3 of the Constitution says that NO federal official can be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office or a federal government job. Other side of the coin: NOBODY can be BANNED from serving as a federal or state official on the basis of his/her religion. That includes Muslims, Wicca, atheists, or any other breed of cat. If their consciences won’t allow them to “SWEAR” to uphold the Constitution, they can “AFFIRM” the same oath, which apparently goes over OK with the “nonconformists” among us.
        There HAVE been Muslims elected to Congress before now, but they were men, so the head-covering issue didn’t arise. Ms. Omar is the first Muslim WOMAN, and thus the first for whom the hijab was an issue. She can wear her own headgear, but NOT force anyone ELSE to do the same. End of story.

      • She does her swearing in on the Koran and she’s allowed to get away with that. America is gone believe it or not America is no longer America too many foreign immigrants and Muslims and this caravan of illegal aliens will. taken over this country. We already let all the queers into the U.S. Central America does not give the quiz and you’re right that’s why they came to the US

    • DRLJR this her/ his should be shipped back where it was hatched we only have one set of laws in this country if they do not like it leave

    • Why is not the Governement enforcing Federal Law?. According to the 1952 McCARRn Walters Act (rEVISED &REAFFIRMED IN 1965, ) Islam is NOT ALLOWED in the United States. Since she is an immigrant it’s not even legal that she be here, much less in Congress

      • The McCarran-Walters Act had NOTHING to do with banning Muslims from the United STates. That would have been UNCONSTITUTIONAL, because the First Amendment says VERY clearly “Congress shall MAKE NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” In other words, Congress CAN’T pass legislation to keep Muslims (or anybody else, on the basis of their religion or lack thereof) out of the country or regulating their PRACTICE of THEIR OWN religion once they get here. The exception is if (or where) THEIR freedom to practice their own religion interferes with SOMEONE ELSE’S religious freedom. (That’s where we get into fights over issues like Chik-Fil-A.)
        The McCarran-Walter Act DID reinforce LIMITS on the NUMBER of immigrants who could be accepted in the U.S. in any single year that had been first set in 1924 legislation. That law was amended (substantially rewritten) in 1965 by the Hart-Celler Act, which ELIMINATED the numeric quotas by nationality and instead established a policy based on reuniting immigrant families and attracting skilled labor to the United States.
        You could say (as many do, including me) that Hart-Celler — sponsored by DEMOCRATS in both Senate (Hart) and House (Celler) with almost NO input from Republicans — was the beginning of our DISASTROUS immigration non-policy. But there has NEVER been a legislative ban on Muslim immigration, and if one was enacted the Supreme Court would kill it within the YEAR.

        The right of any citizen meeting the age & residency standards cited in Article One to serve in the Congress or Senate if affirmed by Article VI, Clause 3, which bars ANY religious test for holding public office.
        So, like it or not, the government IS enforcing federal law.

    • Obama tried but failed so, this Skunk is going to try harder than Obama did. She has the Demonazis waiting in the wings for her to make Sharia Law available in America and World Wide.

      • That MAY be her intention, but she isn’t gonna succeed. There’s the little matter of the Constitution of the United States, never mind both House and Senate, that would get in the way.

        First, The First Amendment PROHIBITS Congress from making ANY law “respecting an establishment off religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” That means that although we MIGHT (see below) allow Muslims to practice Sharia IN PRIVATE, Congress (& by extension in the 14th Amendment, the States) CANNOT REQUIRE anyone to practice Sharia publicly OR IF IT CONFLICTS WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. In other words, if an INDIVIDUAL woman wants to wear the hijab, that’s really nobody else’s business; but child marriage, female circumcision, or denial of ANY rights enjoyed by men to women is a BIG no-no.

        Another part of the Constitution (Article VI, Clause 3) prohibits denial of the right to hold elective or appointive office by ANY citizen who qualifies by age & other characteristics. In other words, a Muslim who is a citizen (even if naturalized) MAY be elected to ANY office if he meets the age/residence qualifications; a Muslim BORN HERE who met age & residency qualifications COULD even be elected President.

        This was all written, of course, long before Muslim immigration became an issue, much less a problem. If you want to start petitions to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION to change it, I’d probably join you, but UNLESS the Constitution is AMENDED, what she’s doing is legal AND constitutional.

        BTW, I have VERY little to say about Obama that’s positive, but he NEVER tried to pass (or even introduce) a Constitutional amendment that would have changed EITHER of those rules.

    • Give them (her) that inch and they will take a foot, then you would have Theocracy in play and they would continue till you were in the middle East. Leave it to the Left, they need the votes to keep in power, not thinking that they will pay fiddler, later. Now we will find out if we have the Stones to put up with this Crap. She was, or will be sworn in to uphold the RULES and LAWS of this REPUBLIC. (NOT A DEMOCRACY) or wherever she may have originated..leave it to the Leftists to make this a stupid issue and Pigglosi will concur, being who she is a ……e!

      • She will take the same oath as every other member of Congress (or for that matter, every federal employee except the President, who has his own): “I, (name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will SUPPORT AND DEFEND the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully uphold the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.” (“So help me God” MAY be added, but is not required).

        Several Muslim MEN have served in Congress in the past (and do at present), but Ilhan Omar is the first Muslim WOMAN. Another Muslim woman, Rashida Tliab of Michigan, was also elected in 2018. Apparently she doesn’t wear the hijab, so she’s not becoming famous even before she takes her seat.

        • In Islam there are several terms that need to be known. One of them is TAQIYYA, a term that in Islam allows a Muslim to lie to a KAFFAR (that is a non Muslim) if it benefits Islam. If You do not understand see http://www.politicalislam.com
          Too many people make their views known when they know little if anything about the Koran, Hadith, or the Sura.

          • And one needs to learn that Islam is NOT a religion. It is a theocracy, a government with a religious component, and it has been waging non-stop war since Mohammad’s lies about the god Hubal were rejected by just about everyone.

    • Your are very right in what you say! But the Democrat Party has embraced Islam and turned against Christians in the USA. They only want to change the USA into a Muslim Country, and Idiots like Maxine Waters says its OK to establish Sharia Law. I wonder why Europe spent a Hundred Years running the Muslims back to Mecca. The Christian Soldiers had to run these Murderers back and out of Europe for their misdeeds. Winston Churchill warned his Country about Islam and so did Thomas Jefferson of the United States, when he meet them. The United Nations has instructed it’s members to take in Millions of these so called Refugees into Western Countries when they could have went to Kuwait and other Muslim Countries. The UN wants only to complete Allah’s Master Plan called the Hadith which instructs Muslims to go West and establish Sharia Law. It tells the Muslims not to work and bleed the Governments of the Infidel, to befriend infidels then kill them. Obama allowed Islamic Refugees into our Country (lying to us they are a peaceful Religion) he allows the Refugee Islamic Men to break the Laws of the United States by allowing them to bring up to 4 wives with into the US by allowing (polygamy) and paying each of the Wives Welfare, giving all Medicaid, Housing and education special Scholarships!!!!! But Obama was quick to call someone Islamophobic. These People hate you, they do not assimilate, they are quick to demand rights, special school lunches, special Prayer rooms to be built for them, Universities have to shuttle buss them to Mosque. Our Government has banned Christians from these things, Obama banned Christmas for it may offend a Muslim, even Churches in some areas can not sing Onward Christian Soldiers. If Refugees want to come to the USA I think they should have to sign a Assimilation Contract to our Laws and culture, and dress as we do or not come at all! Call me Islamophobic, this Country was built on Christian values, I remember when we had School Prayers and a Bible Teacher. But Democrats are forcing all States to conform to Obama’s Common Core Program, which teaches our children its OK to change ones sex, and children have to learn the 5 Pillars of Islam so future generations will not be Islamophobic they go as far to tell the children its better to be a Muslim than a Christian?? Holy Quran is OK in our schools but not the Holy Bible??? Democrats and their Liberal Values are now taught in our schools, and your evil if you are Conservative? Sad but true!!!!

    • I do not support changing this law to allow muslim’s, their sharia laws and customs in our AMERICA. Any one who supports them I have no use for and when I vote it will not be for dumb ass dumbocrats.

    • Absolutely NO! to sharia law in the United States of America. We have a constitution, we are a nation of laws. We do not need islamic “law” introduced into our culture.

    • If the House members are changing the law on head gear to accommodate a Muslim, then the Republican House members should wear MAGA or Trump 2020 hats during their sessions!

    • ..she was sworen into her position on the ‘ coran’ , NOT THE BIBLE.. !! THIS IS A CHRISTIAN FOUNDED COUNTRY.. !! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR CONGRESS..!!! .. DID SHE TAKE THE OATH TO UP HOLD OUR CONSTITUTION..!??? .. THIS OUR LAW..!!!

    • I totally agree. Someone better take a look on how she became elected. Who were her backers.
      Seeing on the Koran is not acceptable. They have to swear allegiance to our Country and mus be done on the BIBLE.
      Treasonous and illegal.

    • Thank you for your insight. At first I thought “Let them wear their headgear.” But then I began to realize the head coverings were just the tip of the iceberg!! When they begin to put their laws above our constitution we’re in real trouble! I’m reminded of Hitler, how it started out as just a youth movement!! It didn’t go well for the world!!

  2. And if she became a US citizen by naturalization her oath is meaningless since she has not renounced her Islam citizenship. And therefore she can not be considered a US citizen.

    • Democrats in Minnesota elected her to Congress what’s that tell you? Wait til you see what happens down the road it’s not gonna be nice? She will be sworn in with their hand on the Koran just like the other Muslims did

      • This is why people need to learn what Islam really is – a theocracy, that has been waging war for 1400 years. And that people who “practice” Islam are actually citizens of a State engaged in an invasion. No Islam citizen has fealty to the US or the US Constitution, which means any claim to US citizenship has to be considered a lie.

        • When they go as far as to target high position seats in are states and, government the writting is on the wall. You got to be pretty damn stoopid not to see it or, just don’t give a damn !

        • DRLJR —
          Wrong! Citizenship is a NATIONAL issue and has nothing to do with religion (at least not in the USA, where the Constitution REQUIRES us to IGNORE religious affiliation for both natural-born and naturalized citizens (except in very specific, limited circumstances, like eligibility for the Presidency and Vice Presidency — ONLY).
          ISLAM IS A RELIGION. IT DOES NOT INVOLVE OR REQUIRE CITIZENSHIP IN ANY PARTICULAR NATION. There have been Muslims in America since before the Revolutionary War, though their numbers were small.
          There are natural-born American citizens who are Muslims because their families practice that faith, in many cases have done so for 1400 YEARS or so. Others CONVERTED to Islam (this got to be very popular among American athletes and show biz celebrities). Others are immigrants from one or another of the approximately 50 Muslim-majority population countries in the world, or even from countries with Muslim MINORITIES. But their RELIGION and their CITIZENSHIP are separate issues (as they are for ALL of us in the USA!)

          As for their “fealty” (love the word!) to the USA, that’s pretty much an individual issue, not one of nationality OR religion. I WOULD note that recent FOREIGN AGENTS (aka: SPIES) caught in the U.S. have NOT been Muslims; in fact, anything BUT. (One, FBI superspy Robert Hanssen, was a DEVOUT — and I do mean DEVOUT — Catholic!) I don’t believe, though I haven’t checked this, that a Muslim-American has EVER been accused, never mind convicted, of espionage ot treason against the United States.
          BTW, I’m not a Muslim; I don’t think much of Islam; but I think we’re working ourselves up into a LATHER about Muslim foreign agents because ONE woman wants to wear the hijab on the floor of the House of Representatives. I mean, REALLY! She’s a liberal Democrat, and a Muslim, but neither of those facts makes her a traitor or a criminal. Let’s go after the people we KNOW are working against our interests!

          • Islam is NOT a religion. It is a THEOCRACY, that is a government with a religious component. Mohammad modeled the government he created after the original government the Hebrews had in the Old Testament before they insisted on a monarchy. Islam citizens and rulers pretend Islam is only a religion since people are more likely to miss what the objectives of Islam are – total take over by any means possible and the forced worship of Hubal. Shar’iah law is the CIVIL and religious law of Islam – a government. It has laws that cover civil behavior and religious behavior. That is the nature of a theocracy and the laws of a theocracy. A theocracy’s laws cover things related to both civilian and religious issues and items. Islam pretends to be only a religion to hide what it is – a government dedicated to forcing itself and the worship of its god on every society and country in the world. Every Mosque is a outpost of the government of Islam dedicated to invasion. Every person who is part of Islam is a citizen of Islam – a hostile government.

            The use of Shar’iah law is prohibited by Article 6 Paragraph 2 of the US Constitution. Only laws passed under the authority of US Constitution are allowed. Shar’iah law; like French, British, Roman, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Brazilian, Cuban, Japanese, Kenyan, Nigerian, Japanese, etc. law; is prohibited from being used in the United States and its possession. And just like Shar’iah law is prohibited in the US so are the laws specified in the book of Leviticus, which is both civil and religious law. There are significant differences between different types of governments.

            Under the laws of Islam if one of its citizens rejects Islam and the worship of Hubal that person is considered a traitor and is to be killed. Islam is one of the most depraved government to have ever been created. Take to the time to learn what the laws of Islam allow its citizens to do to non-citizens. Look past the curtain to what actually is. A citizen of Islam has fealty to Islam only. And fealty is at the root of citizenship. You can not have fealty to Islam and to another country, especially one not under the control of Islam. They are incompatible since Islam requires overthrowing the government of non-Islam controlled countries, and forcing Islam’s laws (Shar’iah law) and the worship of Hubal on the people of the country.

            The worship of the god of the Islam theocracy, Hubal the moon god, is protected by Amendment 1 of the US Constitution. However, Shar’iah law, or the laws of Islam, is not. Hubal is the chief god of a pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses. Hubal is also known historically as Baal. Mohammad tried to convince Jews and Christians that Hubal and Jehovah were the same god, and Christ was just a prophet being given the wrong credit or honor, since people were abandoning the worship of Hubal for Judaism and Christianity. Mohammad also worked to get rid of the worship of the other gods and goddesses – even thought he allowed for a while the worship of Hubal’s 3 daughter goddesses.

            The word “allah” is not a name. It is a contraction of the Arabic words “al”, which when translated means “the”, and the word “ilah”, which means “god”. The word “allah” was used to refer to Hubal as the chief god of the Arab Pantheon of gods and goddesses. Just as the word “god” is used in by Christians, Jews, and other to refer to Jehovah and Jehovah/Christ in general. Every place a person reads the word “allah” they should read it as “the god”.

            The copies of the Qur’an in existence today only date back to the 1000/1100 period. Those in control of Islam destroyed all of the older copies. Like Hebrew does not have the diacritic, or vowel, symbols, the Arabic of the 600s when the Qur’an was actually created does not have the diacritic, or vowel, symbols either. The Qur’an is also order longest to short, believed to be for the purpose of deception. When one reads the Qur’an in the order written one finds that Mohammad started out being peaceful while trying to deceive people that Hubal and Jehovah were one in the same. When his lies were rejected by basically everyone, since they knew the facts, he switched to violence and the promotion of depravity. This is clear when one reads the Qur’an and learns the real history.

            The ISBN of Qur’an that is in both English and Arabic is 978-0-913321-01-0. Learn Islam’s actual history – all of its 1400 years of history, and what Islam actually is – a government with a religious component – waging a war of occupation and deception by any means possible.

      • JoAnn — congratulations for finally putting the blame where it belongs — ON THE MINNESOTA VOTERS !!!! There was either a 18 wheeler full of voter fraud or the Minnesota voters are the most ignorant, stupid and uninformed voters in America. There certainly should have been an investigation into that election.

      • This all goes back to the passive invasion the Muslims are attempting. They don’t care how long it takes. Their goal is world domination and Sharia Law everywhere. I live in Minnesota and Little Mogabishu is just a small nation trying to take over the state. You have enough of them and they elect their own people. The Dems are responsible for the bloodshed that will soon follow this wretched path we are on!

        • Rapsallion: I read that the Muslims newest plan to take over the US includes having as many kids as possible so they can over-run our population.

          If I had a bunch of Muslim neighbors I think I’d be tempted to dig a pit and hold a pig roast outside every weekend. Get a big enough pig and it can take 12-18 hours or longer to roast…..

          • Linda — Well, maybe AMERICAN women should start having more kids again! With an average of LESS THAN TWO per family, ANY minority group can catch up and pass us without breaking a sweat.

          • You are exactly right. Look at Europe and the mess they are in. They have a bigger problem than we do, because they are asleep and totally unaware of the demons they unleashed on their countries with the open borders sanctioned by Merkel and others. America is only a few years behind The UK, Europe and Scandinavia. Birthrates in all those countries are well below replacement level and the Muslims have 6,7 or more kids. Those who don’t get it are what Stalin would call “Useful idiots”. When the Muslims reach critical mass, the first ones they will turn on will be the loony leftists.

    • Leave it to the Left they will be kissing her lower back area to concur with her… The thing about immigration or naturalization from foreigners, is that they not only want to move here or be here, they want the country they want to drag the country they left, here with them. With that nitwit Pigglosi, she will kneel for her and that will be what we expect from some one demented and still voted into power.

    • Bruce David —
      Well, her district has one of the largest Muslim populations of any district in the USA. THAT is because Muslims felt they got better job opportunities in Michigan and Minnesota than they did elsewhere, going back to the early 20th century. So the large Muslim population voted for a Muslim woman for Congress — really NO STRANGER than a district with, say, a large Irish or Polish population voting for members of THEIR ethnic groups. It’s just the FIRST time it happened to result in the election not just of a Muslim, but a Muslim WOMAN, about whose headgear we could have hysterics for days, or weeks or maybe longer! (Another Muslim woman got elected in Michigan, but she apparently doesn’t wear the hijab, so nobody cares.)

    • With the technology now a lot of strange things have happened people getting elected that you would never dream. Some people you would think would get elected but did not and people you thought would not get elected but did strange things!!!

    • Tommie Walker — Her Congressional district has a large Muslim population, and they voted for “one of their own,” just as Irish-American or Polish-American or Italian-American districts have, for GENERATIONS, favored candidates from THEIR ethnic groups. We’re making a huge fuss because ONE woman (of TWO Muslim women elected this year) wants to wear the hijab. Another Muslim woman was elected in Michigan (also by a large Muslim bloc in her district), but she DOESN’T wear the hijab, so there’s been NO fuss.
      Are we REALLY all TERRIFIED by a woman’s SCARF?

      • What about the Muslims that were teaching our school children sharia law, without the
        parents knowing about it. All it takes is once & they will take over little by little, Obama
        let them all come in our country , he is nobody now —-so out they should go. How
        could they be a US Citizen, do they have legal proof to be able to run for office!!!
        Or were they given citizenship by Obama?? He has million dollar homes all over. where did he get all that money???

        He ruined our country along with his Dumocrats, they should all be put out of our country, they were all brought in for their votes & for us to take care of them. In the meantime what about all those who are legally waiting to become citizens?????

      • You’re an idiot. It isn’t the head scarf, stupid. You’re bvery articulate so I know you know the difference and the problem. Stop being obtuse!!!

  3. Ok, let’s start every session with a Christian prayer, or a Jewish prayer. This is just the beginning folks. Get her out and shut them down.

    • James Chamberlain — WE ALREADY DO THAT! Both the Senate and House have chaplains, and while they do occasionally offer non-denominational prayers, most of their daily offerings are Christian or Jewish in emphasis.
      There have been 3 or 4 MALE Muslims elected to Congress before now, and TWO women won this year. We only noticed ONE because only SHE wants to wear the hijab and ran into a VERY old rule (written back when women ALL wore hats indoors in daytime and the House leaders wanted to keep ladies with big flowered bonnets from blocking other people’s views) forbidding hats. (A similar rule for men was scrapped back just before the Civil War when the first Jewish member of the House wanted to wear his yarmulke. The first protest from a woman member came in 1971, but wasn’t a formal request to permit hats, so it took until 1978 before ladies’ hats were permitted.

      • RightWriter: Regarding women wearing hats in the House from blocking others views have you seen the hats Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) wears in the House even when she sits in on a committee meeting? She must have 49 good-sized hats all the same except different colored, sequined cowboy hats. These hats sit on her hair, not her head and she looks like a d*mn fool! I bet no one has ever challenged her about her choice of head-gear stupid though they might be (the hats are stupid not a challenger). I’ve often wondered if she’s also wearing matching sequined cowboy boots…….

    • HRS — Oh, come on! She’s an American citizen (by naturalization, but after arrival here as a refugee from an actual civil war in Somalia). She was elected to represent a district with a large Muslim population. WHAT PATH is she going down that’s “going to cause her a lot of problems”? I don’t like her politics, but it looks to me like she’s a successful first-generation immigrant — the kind we shouold be APPLAUDING, not criticizing (at least not until she DOES something worthy of criticism. Wearing a SCARF on her head doesn’t really qualify!

      • Problem is some of the things she is saying are very distrubing. Weating the Hadib is a sign of their support of ISLAM. Her allegiance is to the Quaran and Islam

        • If she was naturalized and did not renounce her Islam citizenship her oath of allegiance to the US is false and meaningless. Remember, Islam is not a religion. It is a theocracy or a government with a religious component. You can not be a citizen of Islam and have fealty to the US or any non-Islam controlled State or society.

      • If she was naturalized and did not renounce her Islam citizenship her oath of allegiance to the US is false and meaningless. Remember, Islam is not a religion. It is a theocracy or a government with a religious component. You can not be a citizen of Islam and have fealty to the US or any non-Islam controlled State or society. (copied to correct location)

  4. Only the Democrats could be stupid enough to allow this muslim woman to get elected and then kiss her rear end and to hell with the rest of legal Americans. We should never allow even a single more muslim to elected office, and in fact send all of them back to the rat holes they crawled out of. Oh what Democrats will do to get votes, and to hell with America.

    • Sam Lasley – you’d have to get a Constitutional amendment passed, because as of now it is a violation of the Constitution to prohibit someone from holding office because of his/her religion (or citizenship pre-nationalization as Americans). If they’re citizens (even naturalized) and meet the age/length of residence qualifications, they can run and be elected.
      Ms. Omar emigrated with her parents as REFUGEES from a WAR ZONE in Somalia. She got interested in politics as a teenager when she accompanied her grandfather to local council meetings and acted as his interpreter, because he hadn’t learned English.
      I don’t agree with Ms. Omar’s politics, but she sounds like JUST the kind of new citizen we should be WELCOMING, not trying to “send back to their rat-holes.” I can’t get too upset about her hijab — for gosh sakes, it’s a SCARF twisted around her head! Maybe if we Republicans did a little MORE to get votes from people like her, we’d have an easier time WINNING ELECTIONS.

      • As are mine, particularly if they exceed some unwritten rule of number of words. I don’t use profanity, at a lest the most profane, so I think there is editorialism at work here, especially when a lengthy, accurate point is being made.

        • If you speak out against those who are races, you are the races subject to being block out. People like us just speak the truth and, express are feelings. In the process we expose the foul acts of the sinful, that is against THEIR RULES speak in their favor or shut up !

          • Until somebody cites irrefutable evidence and resources, I WILL say what I think. What I think about Islam is from the Qu’ran itself, which is always the best tool for dismantling it, even if in only some small way, one person as a time. In the Corps your best course was to keep that hole in your face shut. Well, Uncle Sam doesn’t run my life any more. I do. I think you may be correct, although some of the things I read here make me question the correctness of my thoughts on the censoring of items here. Because I don’t know what those who hold diametrically opposite views from mine have to say, and I don’t see them or know of them and don’t know whether or not they have written and not been published makes it a very murky area indeed. I do see many Useful Idiots, so that is a leading factor that is unsettling to me. I do thank you for your kind words – in this struggle to educate people about the truths of Islam, I know toes will get stepped on. I am grateful for your thoughtfulness. thanks. Respectfully DHConner

          • Voices make changes, siliants make none, thing just go on being as they are. Don’t be afraid to speak, your words can bring out words of other who feel the same together you will be heard !

  5. See what is going on now by putting a Muslim into our congress now she wants to have Shariah Law Courts in America. All of you people that voted for this Trash are very stupid. How did this Muslim get put into congress anyway? I will bet that there was Voter fraud here that is why she is now in Congress? Hay the Democrats did voter fraud in Florida so what makes you think it never happened in any of the other States.

    • Well, if she wants Sharia courts in the USA, she’s going to be seriously disappointed. The Constitution won’t allow OFFICIAL Sharia courts any more than it allows official Catholic courts of Jewish courts or any other kind of court run by a religious denomination. Such courts CAN be created to deal EXCLUSIVELY WITH RELIGIOUS ISSUES OF THAT FAITH, but they have NO official status.

      BTW, we’ve had two Muslim members of Congress before now — they just happened to be MEN. (One left the House this year to run for state office in Minnesota.) This year two WOMEN were elected — Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Omar got all the attention because only she raised the issue of wearing the hijab. That makes THREE Muslim members out of 435 — I don’t think we have to worry about Congress being overwhelmed by Islam anytime in the next century or two.

      She got into Congress by running and winning in a district that leaned strongly to the Dems and also has a large Muslim minority population — exactly the way MOST people get to Congress. It’s not likely there was significant voter fraud, because the Muslim population in her district was large enough to assure her victory without cheating. (The Dems didn’t waste money on buying voters in districts where they didn’t need to!)
      I agree voter fraud has happened outside of Florida, and not just this year, but we really have to try to pinpoint where it’s HAPPENING, not districts that are SO safe for the Dems that fraud is unnecessary. But I can ASSURE you that NOBODY thinks it was limited to Florida — looks like they got away with stealing a Senate seat in Arizona and a whole BUNCH of House seats in Southern California, among other examples!

  6. Why should we be surprised???? This is why she ran for office and her people voted her in. It should be no secret that the aim is for the US to eventually have Sharia Law instead of our constitution. I think we should wake up.

  7. You live in the United State you need to follow US laws and rules !! I believe there is what is called separation of state and church in the American laws so why are we talking about allowing another’s country and religion any special allowances ? The Jewish faith was banned from wearing their head gear in governmental institutions so why allow Muslims??

    • JAK —
      First, “Separation of Church and State” is NOT an official doctrine of the USA. It’s NOT in the Constitution OR the Declaration of Independence — the only place it ever appeared (before poorly educated 20th and 21st century Americans started MISUSING IT) was IN A PERSONAL LETTER from Thomas Jefferson to a Congregational minister who was worried about where the Constitution left “nonconformist” denominations like his. And Jefferson was in PARIS when he wrote the letter, having PLAYED NO ROLE AT ALL IN THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. So, the phrase is meaningless.

      Second, even the concept of “separation” does NOT prohibit ANYONE, male or female, from wearing religious garments or headgear. It has to do with designating some particular faith (it would have been Methodist, Episcopalian, or Presbyterian in those days) as THE OFFICIAL FAITH of the United States or of one or more states (as the Church of England was in Great Britain or the Lutheran church was in most of Protestant Europe). No official faith, no “separation” needed!

      The AMERICAN law — the Constitution — says “Congress SHALL MAKE NO LAW reflecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” In other words, NO STATE RELIGION, and people can use ANY RELIGION THEY LIKE, even non-Christian faiths or NON-faiths (atheism). So while Americans “have to follow US laws and rules” AFFECTING GOVERNMENT, that DOES NOT apply to RELIGIOUS issues because THERE’S NOBODY MAKING RULES FOR THE WHOLE SOCIETY — just rules for the individual faiths.

      Further, it’s not a matter of giving anyone “special allowances”. And incidentally, Jewish members of Congress HAVE NOT BEEN PROHIBITED from wearing a yarmulke (IF they wish to do so; not all do) since 1853 — that’s EIGHTEEN HUNDRED, not 19-hundred! — when the first Jewish member of Congress asked for AND WAS GRANTED the right to wear a yarmulke in the House. (An anti-slavery Southerner, he resigned from Congress a few years later when the Civil War broke out, but it had nothing to do with his headgear). While I can’t swear to the rules in EVERY “governmental institution,” I don’t believe yarmulkes are banned ANYWHERE because it WOULD raise the same Constitutional question as for a Congressman. So there WERE NO “SPECIAL ALLOWANCES” on hat-wearing or scarf-wearing for Ms. Omar. They will probably fix the rule book to allow for “religious headgear” for both genders (or more, if necessary) — The guy in the Librarian’s office to whom I posed the question (I DO do some research on this stuff, not just blow off my memory banks) thought it had happened long ago. But hardly anyone WEARS hats nowadays, except for religious reasons.

      The first female member of Congress, Jeannette Rankin of Montana, wasn’t a hat-wearer, and no women (there weren’t many) raised the issue until 1971, when radical leftist Bella Abzug of New York City protested (rather vocally) an order from the House Doorkeeper that she not wear a hat othe floor (it had no religious significance: Bella just liked HATS!) It took a few years but the House finally reversed its position on ladies’ hats in 1978.

  8. Hell no!Doing this would be just the first step in the loosing of our country . Thus country was founded on Christian principles, not Islamic shiria laws. WE as Americans have he freedom to choose what religion,if any, we want. The head covering she wears in private, should not be allowed on the senate floor. If the law wasn’t changed for any other person who wears a head covering for their religion , then why should the laws be changed just to satisfy her. I say leave the law in place!

    • Jonsthan Bostain — First, she’s been elected to the HOUSE, not the SENATE. Second, as Americans we DO have the right to choose what religion to follow, or to follow none at all. Nobody is taking that right away. Third, the “law” is a RULE OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES; it HAS changed several times as 1) Jewish Americans started getting elected to Congress, around the time of the Civil War; 2) fashions for women’s hats changed (as recently as, say, 1950, women ALWAYS wore hats for business or “formal daytime” social events. Only in the House of Representatives was that rule of fashion ignored — until the 1970s, when one particularly noisy woman member (Bella Abzug of NY) insisted on her right to wear hats in the House — not for any religious reason (Bella was an atheist anyway), but because, damnit, Bella LIKED HATS (big flowery ones, not scarves wrapped around her head like the hijab).

      It would be extremely difficult, even impossible, to force through the changes in the Constitution and a whole bucketful of laws to promote Sharia law in the U.S., and the Supreme Court would kick out ANY such moves by a 9-0 decision within an HOUR of being handed the case(s). So I really would NOT worry about one Muslim woman’s desire to follow HER PERSONAL CULTURAL CHOICE (it really isn’t religious, since at least half of all Muslims don’t follow the same choice). In short, Ms. Oman’s desire to wear the hijab is TOTALLY UNIMPORTANT and not worth ANY of us spending five minutes more thinking about it. Think of it as her covering up a bad hair day (every day) and STOP WORRYING ABOUT HER!

      . There ARE aspects of Sharia that could be harmful, if not to the American Republic then at least to SOME Americans, mostly of Arab descent, who DON’T want Sharia law. THEIR right NOT to be harassed by Muslims who favor Sharia should be protected, because otherwise they might very well end up DEAD. But let’s worry about the really GHASTLY aspects of Sharia — female circumcision, child marriage, polygamy, etc. — that COULD have REAL victims — and stop obsessing over ONE WOMAN’S CHOICE OF HEADGEAR.

      • Rightwriter …One little crack in the dike leads to another little crack in the dike. Michigan and Minnesota are both infused with extreme muslims. They have their own “no go zones” Have a Google view of Dearborn and their treatment, in America, of whites and non-muslims. More cracks in the dikes.

  9. This is EXACTLY President Obama’s plan. Over Populate America with Islamic People and take over the VOTE. And low and behold? Here we are. This is EXACTLY why ALL IMMIGRATION needs to be stopped and/or Completely Monitored. Michigan, Minnesota now have densely Populated Muslim States. WHILE We are watching the Southern Boarder??? Maybe, we need to watch the NORTHERN BOARDER…..Because CANADA …. Has already been Over Populated and over taken by the Muslim Folks. AMERICA is right on track through the Once Great Democratic Party…. Now, made Over into be the NEW MUSLIM PARTY. America is in trouble. These people mean business. Any American that VOTES DEMOCRATIC means they are VOTING MUSLIM. This is a HOLY WAR People. GOD vs. ALLAH.

    • Christina —
      Well, at the rate of expansion of America’s Muslim population, it’ll take about THREE HUNDRED YEARS to build up enough Muslim-American VOTERS to “take over the vote.” (Of course, it’d take even longer for the Muslim onslaught if Americans started having more than 1.6 children per couple! We’re becoming the FIRST race in human history to MAKE OURSELVES EXTINCT!)

      There are only two or three Congressional districts (a reasonably good comparative measure, as they have to have approximately equal populations) that have even significant MINORITIES of Muslims — two in Michigan and one in Minnesota. I THINK one of those in Michigan may actually be erased in the reapportionment following the 2020 Census. In short, there IS NOT a tremendous influx of Muslims into the northern Midwest. If you’re IN or near one of those population centers, it might FEEL like a huge influx (there’s a neighborhood like that near mine, in Virginia!, when I go thru it I feel like I’m in Cairo or Baghdad!), but in real terms, it’s NOT. We have MUCH greater reason to be concerned about the situation on the SOUTHERN border!

      Don’t mistake me: I’m all for cleaning up the illegal immigration problem on the Northern border too. Also the East and West coasts! But it’s been hard enough getting Congress to pay attention to the Mexican border,, and I think we’re better off tackling one problem at a time. Also, the influx from Mexico and Central America CAN’T be cut off as easily as the influx to the upper Midwest.

      • This is a fine example of HEY Ya ALL …. LOOK OVER HERE??? The Southern Boarder. While the real influx of Muslim’s are coming in through the NORTHERN BOARDER! We need to watch our backs on both boarders Thank You Very Much! Because isn’t DEARBORN, MICHIGAN the Capital of Islam? Or am I missing Something here? Google that one folks. Yes, we are in the mist of a HOLY WAR or TAKEOVER through Over-population and using our voting system against CHRISTIANS. “TWO” MUSLIM WOMEN have been VOTED into CONGRESS! Michigan and Minnesota. There is more than a handful of Muslims to create this feat. ALL DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS/Anti-American/ Anti-Christian…. That only leaves Republicans/Christians to save America from the eventual takeover of the Muslim Community and implement Sharia Law. Please America OPEN YOUR EYES. American’s better Vote Republican before you loose your beloved Country.

    • Citizen 1 Absolutely. Canada is beginning to realize their error in welcoming the muzzies. They are patient and have excellent memories. Their resentment for Christians is in their blood. It goes all the way back to the Crusades. They may take centuries, and many children, but they will get their justice, if we allow it. Barry brought them in by plane, under cover of night, by the thousands. One man, many wives, and children. He gave them unknown thousands to live here. How soon we forget. Has everyone forgotten that he had Brennan as his CIA director. A muslim. He had them inserted in our Homeland Security. They are like fire ants!

      • Never forget the Crusades were a defensive actions for what Mohammad setup for the government he created to do. Islam destroyed North Africa and invaded Europe in the 700s. It took the Spanish until the mid 1500s to undo the occupation by Islam fully. Do not buy into the lie that Crusades were an offensive or attack by Christian nations. Islam has been waging a non-stop war since Mohammad created Islam. He did not like the fact that the worship of the god Hubal was disappearing in favor of Judaism and Christianity. This is a 1400 year old war. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a government.

        The word “allah” is a contraction of the Arabic words “al” (the) and “ilah” (god). It is not a name.

  10. All Muslims should be sent back from where they came from, with few exceptions. Muslims are not here to enjoy our Christian love and acceptance. They are here to force their Muslim sharia law on Christian Jewish Americans. Muslims have no business being in Christian America, we have absolutely noting in common, and their terrorist beliefs should never have been forced on the American people. Send them back where they came from, because we cannot allow America to follow suit with Europe and Australia. Send them back from where they came from, and send the liberal left and democrats back with them!

    • Well, she IS an American citizen. She has shown NO indications of anti-American prejudices or terrorist sympathies. She came here EXACTLY as we tell immigrants they SHOULD come: legally, as refugees or after the lengthy procedure; she learned English and got an education. In short, she’s done everything we ASK of immigrants. Now, I don’t like her politics, but there are plenty of native-born Americans about whom I can say that, too.
      In any case, she’s not likely to be going anywhere no matter HOW hard YOU push. She’s gotten elected to Congress. Seems to me WE would be better advised to try to find common ground on SOME issues, so that maybe our new DIVIDED Congress could actually achieve something worthwhile.
      Also, isn’t what she has IN her head about America more important than what kind of scarf she wears ON her head?

      • The only common ground you will find with Islam is that Islam demands a 2% yearly tithe to help the poor, blind, and other unfortunates, Beyond that, don’t hold your breath. You’ll pass out before you find “common grounds”. The only realistic grounds are the battlegrounds. Remember 911? The 264 Marines in Beirut? Yeah, that’s the only other grounds you’ll find. Don’t be a “Useful Idiot” !! Educate yourself. Read the Qu’ran from end to end -3 or 4 times. Then you’ll realize what the entire world is up against, and what Islam really is. It ain;t cotton candy, my friend. You can take that to the bank.

          • Thank you for your kind words. My words would be seen by a mullah as treasonous to slam and worthy of the death penalty. Fortunately, there are still people you who can think, based knowledge of Islam, and react sanely.

          • One Way or another, we will get are country back the way it should and is meant to be. We do the right thing testing the true purpose of are states and government, if it cannot recover from its’ corruption and serve its’ proper purpose. Then we will be forced by alrights to fix things owerself, at that point we won’t be wrong !

  11. With the exception of headwear due to illness, the ban on any other headwear in Congress should remain! No one should be allowed to wear any head covering in Congress, very disrespectful!

    • Norma Thompson —
      You do raise a good point about head coverings due to illness. But I think you’re being very unfair — unreasonable — to Americans who wear headwear connected with their religious faith. In fact, it’d be DISRESPECTFUL to PROHIBIT that kind of head coverings, because if you disrespect a person’s faith (by telling the Orthodox Jewish man he can’t wear a yarmulke — which, btw, can hardly be SEEN on the back of his head! or, yes, a Muslim woman wearing the hijab — aren’t you by extension disrespecting THEM? Oh, and what are you going to do about Jewish WOMEN, the more conservative of whom often wear head coverings in public as a matter of culture and modesty?
      But I’m wondering: when did wearing a headscarf become “disrespectful”? I’m old enough to remember when a woman NEVER WENT OUT THE DOOR OF HER HOUSE WITHOUT A HAT AND GLOVES. Was JACKIE KENNEDY “DISRESPECTFUL” (take a look at ANY collection of photos of that former First Lady — the fashion industry practically INVENTED the “pillbox” hat to please HER!) — WHO WAS SHE “DISRESPECTING”? Take a look at not-so-long-ago photos of Princess Diana, or for that matter the current crop of royal wives: WHO ARE THEY “DISRESPECTING”? And how long will that “disrespect” continue? Just because hats are not in style right now, what on EARTH makes you think some designer won’t reintroduce them again next year? Very few things are more CERTAIN to change QUICKLY than FASHION! Turn around and what is “disrespectful” today may be an absolutely essential element of style next month.

      Of course, I know you’re thinking of the “veiled” women and maybe men with headdresses that we have (quite reasonably) come to think of as our enemy. But it’s often misleading, or just plain ignorant, to look at ALL the Muslims through one lens. There are ENORMOUS differences between the Egyptians and the Syrians, and even more from, say, Pakistanis or Filipinos (or more: there are 50 nations in that part of the world).

      It’s easy to think of Muslims, especially those who dress strangely, as “different”? Some families have been in the USA for longer than it has BEEN the USA; others who came more recently but still have lived here a long time. Many came as legitimate refugees, because the Middle East and North Africa have been torn apart for generations. If we treat all of them like the enemy, aren’t WE the ones who are being “disrespectful”?

      • Islam pronounces all non-believers as enemies. That includes people like you who want to make nice with them. You can’t. Your mere existence as non-Muslim is an affront punishable by death if the mullah says so, The Qu’ran authorizes it. Buy one and read it for your self. Wise up!!

  12. The rule is against men wearing hats in Congress. This Congresswoman wearing a hijab inside should be perfectly fine, just as everyone’s religious symbols should be honored. It has NOTHING to do with Sharia law.

    • It is actually against anyone, male or female wearing hats on the Congressional floor, when in session. Bella Abzug (D-NY) and more recently, Frederica Wilson (D-FL) tried fighting the rule that dates back to 1800’s. In Wilson’s case, I think her bright colored, bedazzled, cowboy hats may be a distraction. She does, however, wear them in the halls of Congress.

    • Eric– Wow, CONGRATULATIONS! You are the FIRST poster I’ve seen on this site today who actually knew what he was talking about and made sense! The rule against hats WAS applied to women, too, but it originally was intended to keep men from wearing their tall, “stovepipe” hats on the floor (in an era when the average male was 5’5″ or 5’6″, nobody could SEE around those enormous hats!).
      You’re absolutely right about this not having to do with Sharia law. Just as Jewish male members of Congress have been allowed to wear their yarmulkes since roughly 1855. It wasn’t until 1971 that one of the (very few) women members asked if they could wear hats (women back then wore them everywhere, during daytime), the Administration Committee decided NOT to allow it — perhaps an early effort, if misguided, to hold men and women to the same standard.
      Since there WERE no Muslim women in Congress (still aren’t, but there WILL be in January) and the few women who WERE there didn’t raise the issue, the women didn’t have to work it out with the Admin. Committee — until now! 🙂

  13. It is BS like this scum muslim being elected to OUR congress that will push us to Civil WarII. She will start with something stupid like headwear but it will escalate to some serious matters in the very near future and what’s worse is that the demoTRASH will promote her anti-American BS. I really do believe the media has fallen to enemy #2 in this country — enemy #1 is the demoSCUM party.

    • Gerry — It’s HER Congress, TOO. She’s an American citizen of eligible age and she won the election in her district. It is not only pointless, but RUDE and self-defeating, to assume that every Muslim is evil: a good many ARE ON OUR SIDE and HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS. Ms. Oman came to the US as a young child in a refugee family, seeking safety from the chaos that was going on in Somalia. She has NOT shown any antipathy toward Americans and, indeed, has been acting rather more reasonably than most of her party. I DON’T LIKE HER POLITICS AT ALL, and I have very little respect for her religion, but if we don’t figure out ways to work WITH people on the other side, sometime, we will NEVER get ANYTHING done and Donald Trump will be a ONE-TERM PRESIDENT.

      Besides, for heaven’s sake, it’s a SCARF WRAPPED AROUND HER HEAD! It’s not explosive or poisonous! Do you get equally exercised about yarmulkes? Turbans? I won’t even ASK about women in full chador. Isn’t it more important that we find openings for decent relationships than that we find new ways to sneer at each other?

      • The problem is; she has not even began to serve in Congress yet & is ALREADY trying to Get A LAW CHANGED to ACCOMIDATE HER!! She is suppose to ASSIMILATE to OUR LAWS NOT TRY TO CHANGE THEM!

  14. Not “NO” but “H3LL NO”!!! We are a nation of immigrants and different faith’s, however our Constitution clearly states that we enjoy “Freedom of Religion” and that the Government shall not make religious law or declarations.

    Shariah Law necessitates that the Government is a Theocracy in which religious Leaders dictate laws, BINDING LAWS and have full control over the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Government (if they exist in part or in full).

    • And Islam is a theocracy – a government with a religious component. You can not be a citizen of Islam and be loyal to the US or a non-Islam controlled State. And unless a citizen of Islam renounces Islam any claims to be a loyal citizen of non-Islam controlled State is a lie. This is why people who renounce Islam are to be killed. It is considered treason since Islam does not allow its citizens to renounce Islam.

      • DRLJR — Your analysis is correct, EXCEPT that there are many Muslims — even trains of Islamic thought — that are not NEARLY as strict as what you describe. There ARE Muslims who are Americans POLITICALLY LOYAL TO THE UNITED STATES, even if their religious beliefs remain…shall we say frozen in 14th century aspic? Like most other faiths, there’s a spectrum, or continuum, of belief — and depth of belief — among “believers”, and while you’re right about the degree to which absolute obedience is required of Muslims, you’re missing a LOT of Muslims who either follow a less demanding path or just don’t give a d*mn what the mullahs say. (Many, if not most, Christian denominations have the same problem: some believers try harder than others to achieve saintliness.) Anyway, not all Muslims are aiming for “firdaws” (that’s the highest level of paradise according to the Q’ran).

    • Daryl Tabor — The Constitution doesn’t say a word about “freedom of religion,” though it DOES say Congress “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
      You’re right that Sharia law is incompatible with our tradition of freedom of religion, but SO WHAT? We’re NOT going to ADOPT Sharia, and nobody on Earth is going to force it down out throats! Just because one woman wins an election to the House and starts talking big is meaningless. IF she got Congress (the House ) to adopt her plan for Sharia law, the Senate would take FIVE MINUTES to toss it in the trash, and IF somehow it got past the Senate, the prospect of attracting majorities of THIRTY-FIVE STATE LEGISLATURES to such an insane idea is something LESS than ABSOLUTE ZERO. There’s NO WAY on EARTH that a Constitutional amendment — or several amendments, because it’d probably have to be done piecemeal — could pass. EVER.

  15. How the dimple-headed morons in Minnesota could elect a Muslim into ANY public office is incomprehensible. Their ONLY alligence is to Islam and NO OTHER COUNTRY. They are allowed and encouraged to lie to anyone who is not Islamic. The end game is the overthrow of every other government or country. The means are actually very well known be anyone with a working brain. It ISN”T a secret except to those too stupid to read or having no historical education. This isn’t just local tradition or custom. It isn’t Republican or Democrat, right or left. It is the universal plan of ISLAM to take over the world. Start small…keep immigrating until they have a voting base…..complaing, fight, never assimulate, claim religious offense, move into a small controllable space then expand. Don’t allow local police to enter their area, expand, get into politics, claim further religious offense, become a force then take physical action to take power. It is always the same if the COUNTRY IS STUPID or run by DEMOCRATS.. Never let them change any of OUR LAWS! NEVER NEVER NEVER. They are working long term to take over. NEVER NEVER NEVER

    • Thomas Leonowsky: Large swaths of MN are up to their eyeballs in Muslims. Same with places in Michigan. BTW, the “new” plan of the Muslims to take over our country is to see how many kids they can spit out. And, of course, let our government give them extra dollars for each new little Muslim. You can thank the long eight-year reign of the Muslim-in-Chief in the WH.

    • Thomas Leonowski — The folks in Minnesota’s 5th District elected a Muslim to Congress because there are a lot of Muslims in that district, and they clearly massed to elect another member of their faith (she replaces a Muslim man who quit the House to run for state office — he won).
      While I accept your description of Islam’s domination of adherents’ lives as a general principle, I think you’d find it more like other religions in that not ALL adherents do exactly as required by their faith. Many do some, and a few do almost NOTHING to qualify as devout.
      I recognize that elements of Islam DO have a long-term plan to “take over the world,” but they may find that easier to PLAN for than to ACHIEVE. As it happens, I have considerable historical education (double masters’ in European and Middle Eastern history) I know the “plot” is there, but I also know that it’s not the goal of ALL Muslims, and that there are a good many Muslims who understand the need to cooperate — at least in part — with other faiths. Perhaps more important,
      the “plot” you describe to spread across the world resembles nothing so closely as Josef Stalin’s plan to do the same back in the 1930s and 1940s. You will notice it didn’t work.
      I concede that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work if perpetrated by a more clever enemy at a different time and under different circumstances. BUT…Americans are slow to rouse to a warlike tempo, but once roused do pretty well against whatever enemy may present himself. I think we could do it again if necessary. (I love your “if the country is stupid or run by Democrats” line! Our task is to avoid “stupid” and make sure WE win enough elections that the country WON’T be run by Democrats for a good long time!) 🙂

  16. It has everything to do with Sharia Law. She, isn’t in office to protect your American rights, and laws, she is there to pave the way for her Muslim brothers and sisters, and yes, you guessed it, Sharia Law, she is trying to change the existing laws that are in place, first their traditional wear, then their forced views and laws on others who disagree with their Muslim views, wake up America, this isn’t rocket science, Muslim law and American laws cannot coexist ever, period!

    • Agreed, Theocracy is their way of government and that will not mix with our laws. You are American or you are Muslim that follows the Koran and that means you will follow the book.. Read or google, Brigitte Gabrial, she will set one straight on the Muslims, they have a price on her head for her stand on the Koran. She will tell you where that infamous obie was taking the country.

      • Steveur — Well, “Obie” is GONE, constitutionally unable to serve again, and his wife couldn’t get elected to the city council,, much less the White House. So we don’t have to WORRY about Sharia and our system “mixing” — THERE WILL BE NO NEED.
        It’s also noteworthy that despite the best efforts of radical Muslims, MANY Muslims in this country ARE NOT RADICALS and are perfectly happy to work on building a society in which the Constitution governs, and they use whatever parts of Sharia they like IN THEIR PRIVATE LIVES but NOT in the public sphere. Granted, this has never been accomplished between Muslim and Christian cultures. bit IF ENOUGH PEOPLE WANT IT there is at least a good chance it CAN be worked out.
        But that’s for the distant future. What WE have to do NOW is GUARD OUR CONSTITUTION against assault, not by the radicals but by the STUPID MODERATES on both sides, and DO BETTER at ELECTING our own kind of people.

    • Olando — OK, I’ll grant that American law and Sharia cannot coexist. But the POINT that I and others have been making is that we won’t NEED to coexist with Sharia, because it will be unceremoniously DUMPED by the Supreme Court no matter who tries to implement it or when. We have huge left-right battles (at least they LOOK huge) among Americans who don’t think the same way, but they’re tempests in teapots when compared with the battle between our Constitutional Republic (NOT Democracy: that MIGHT fall to Sharia-like thinking, but the REPUBLIC won’t) and Muslim “thought.” If the THREE (out of 435) Members of Congress who MIGHT want Sharia imposed here actually do raise the issue in the House, they’ll be swatted down so fast and so firmly that it’ll be 20 years before they can even get UP. Even if their plan was considered in the 9th Circuit courts, which are where President Trump’s policies are repeatedly killed by the very liberal, mostly Obama-appointed judges, the 9th Circuit judges would discover their inner constitutionalist and kill ANY Sharia law plans for the USA. And if by some miracle (their version) they manage to get their plan for a Sharia state heard ANYWHERE, and it managed to work its way to the Supreme Court, the “NO” vote(s) would be NINE-NOTHING.
      Even if — and this is a long-range possibility (like 2 centuries) only — the Muslim “takeover” by population increase was SUCCESSFUL, the Constitution stands as a VERY strong bulwark against ANY kind of insanity. The Constitution CANNOT be dumped, and can be amended only with VERY strong SUPER-MAJORITIES that can’t occur in this country, probably EVER, certainly not for 500 years or more.
      So we (American constitutionalists) don’t HAVE to coexist with Sharia — and we never will.

    • Orlando. They also want to change our affiliations with Israel. That and sharia law are their primary cause, not improving America. I deeply resent the muslims because my family, as have many, many thousands of others, fought in the Revolutionary War, and every subsequent battle since, to free this country, and keep it free. Remember the Marine Corp anthem “the halls of Montezuma, and the Shores of Tripoli”. This has been going on for generations. Up and down the Barberry Coast and now in the very halls of Congress. God help us.

    • JC — That’s pretty much what I’ve been saying, that there is Muslim “trash” and then there are Muslims who DO assimilate into our society and become decent Americans. But WHAT gives you the impression that Ilhan Omar — the woman who wants to wear the hijab in Congress — is “Muslim trash”? Just because she wants to wear the hijab, which she has probably been wearing daily since she was 12 years old and to which she is accustomed? Why is SHE “Muslim Trash,” much less “the bottom of the trash bag”? Because she wants to wear a scarf around her head? Seems like a petty mild infraction of ANYONE’S rules.
      We SAY we believe in religious freedom, and when the issue at hand is Chick-fil-A, we’re OK. But when it’s a choice to wear the hijab — which AFFECTS NOBODY except the person wearing it — somehow THAT’s more than you can stand for? Sorry, but that seems illogical (at best).

      • Rightwriter – You are beginning to scare me. Your logic is beyond excellent, but what is in your heart? Are you even a citizen? I am done!

    • Well, Bob Hunt, the U.S. CONSTITUTION says you can’t DO that. Article VI Clause 3 says clearly that “no federal officeholder or employee can be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office…”. Although the text refers only to protection of the office-holder from discrimination, it ALSO protects the MINORITY RELIGION. The Constitution won’t let us discriminate against Muslims any more than it will allow discrimination against Catholic or Jews.
      Change the Constitution? Good luck! It’s almost an impossible task unless there is virtually universal support for the change being made. Besides, EITHER WE’RE CONSTITUTIONALISTS OR WE’RE NOT. Since President Trump took office we have FOUGHT AND WON BATTLES to confirm TWO new Supreme Court justices (Gorsuch and Kavanaugh) mainly BECAUSE they share the Constitutionalist position. But now YOU say you DON’T share that position? Have you thought this through, or is it just something that popped into your head, unbidden?

    For those of you unfamiliar with Sharia Law, or the law of Islam, here are a few key points regarding women:
    1. A woman or girl who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
    2. Testimonies of 4 male witnesses are required to prove rape of a female (Quran 24:13).
    3. A woman or girl who alleges rape without producing 4 male witnesses is guilty of adultery.
    4. A woman or girl found guilty of adultery is punishable by death (see “Islamophobia“).
    5. A male convicted of rape can have his conviction dismissed by marrying his victim.
    6. Muslim men have sexual rights to any woman/girl not wearing the Hijab (see Taharrush).
    7. A woman can have 1 husband, who can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.
    8. A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
    9. Girls’ clitoris should be cut (Muhammad‘s words, Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
    10. A man can beat his wife for insubordination (see Quran 4:34 and Religion of Peace).
    11. A man can unilaterally divorce his wife; a wife needs her husband’s consent to divorce.
    12. A divorced wife loses custody of all children over 6 years of age or when they exceed it.
    13. A woman’s testimony in court, allowed in property cases, carries ½ the weight of a man’s.
    14. A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits (see Mathematics in Quran).
    15. A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).
    16. A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.

    • They are a poor excuse for a man, male shovenes pigs. The woman should wait until the men all go to sleep, and remove their johnsons. There would be no more of that women abuse crap over there, they would realize they all have to sleep sometime!

  18. The quickest way to shut this broad down is to write the Proposed Law in such a way that if there is an exception for one religion it will apply t ALL Religions including the Jewish Faith and as a muzzie she will pitch a bitch about that but first it has to mke it out of Committee and to become a law or Dress Code Change the Senate has to vote also

  19. She and all the so called “Progressives” should be strung up by their heels and gutted like a fish and let the fowl of the air feed on their corpses. Just one more example of what the Demacraps will tolerate to gain and maintain power , to the detriment of the United States of America and her citizens. They have been rigging elections and buying votes with “welfare benefits” since the FDR administration.

  20. It’s NOT Shari’ah law.
    The SHARI’AH (the way) is the embodiment of ISLAMIC law.
    Don’t be afraid to say it: ISLAMIC law.
    Which includes EVERY aspect of a Muslim’s life (toilet etiquette, sexual relations, dress codes, praying, fasting, eating, barbaric punishments, wife beating, etc.) Everything!
    Every Muslim, everywhere, believes in and supports ISLAMIC law (SHARI’AH) to some degree, for to reject it completely is to reject Islam.
    Where there are Muslims, there is Shari’ah.
    Got Muslims in your town? You have the SHARI’AH (ISLAMIC law) in your town.

    • Will the House dining room or cafeteria or whatever they have, be required to remove all pork products? I read somewhere that some prisons have had to remove all pork products from their kitchens. So many Muslim converts insisted. No only will they not eat it evidently no one else can either.

      • Linda in MA — Ms. Oman IS NOT GOING TO BE THE FIRST MUSLIM IN CONGRESS — only the FIRST WOMAN MUSLIM (first of two, but the other apparently doesn’t wear the hijab, so SHE doesn’t get any attention from the media)!
        And beside the very few Muslims in Congress, the cafeteria and dining room (there are both) have accommodated food allergies, the dietary laws of Orthodox Jews, and I don’t REMEMBER how many other rules for different people.
        Both the cafeteria (mostly staff eat there; the food is nothing special) and several restaurants settled the “pork on menu” issue LONG ago; since it also applied to Orthodox Jews and various others. IT IS NOT THAT COMPLICATED, and NOBODY is DENIED the right to eat pork because it’s proscribed for someone else.

        You can order from a MENU, just like in a normal restaurant or company cafeteria. NOBODY is REQUIRED to order ANY particular dish. Don’t want pork (because of religious laws or you just don’t LIKE pork? Order CHICKEN. Or beef. Or the “veggie platter.” It hasn’t been a problem for ANYONE, and there’s no reason to think it will be now.

        It’s true that some PRIVATE employers have had a problem with Muslim employees complaining about pork on the men &c. The issue for private companies is that someone CAN, and very likely WILL, SUE if they feel THEIR rules aren’t being attended. GOVERNMENT eateries — simple cafeterias of fancy dining rooms — don’t have that problem because, it’s RIGHT THERE IN THE FIRST AMENDMENT: “GOVERNMENT SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF…” As long as Muslims (or other people with weird eating restrictions) are offered SOMETHING they can eat, they CANNOT ask that OTHER people’s food choices be limited. And these aren’t KIDS, age 5: NO PEANUT ALLERGIES!

  21. If that law pass, then they will continue to pass more Muslim laws, and it will be applied to American women. There laws are barbaric, and should not be allowed in America.

    • Kenneth Bottomleyt — I don’t follow you. Is it “barbaric” that Ms. Oman wears the hijab? That she WANTS to wear an accessory she’s worn all her life? Or is the hijab — just a SCARF wrapped around her head — itself that’s “barbaric”? Were Jackie Kennedy’s headscarves “barbaric”? Princess Diana’s? The hats worn by today’s royal brides? WHAT CONSTITUTES “BARBARIC” IN THE HEADWEAR DEPARTMENT, and should we maybe warn Macy’s (they’ve only been open since 1858, maybe nobody’s TOLD them that headscarves for women are “barbaric”!).

      It wasn’t some mean old supervisor who FORCED her to ask for permission to wear the hijab — IT WAS HER CHOICE. Why on Earth does it BOTHER you so much? Would you be just as exercised if she weren’t a Muslim — maybe, say, a Catholic wearing a mantilla to Mass? Or whatever!

      Let’s concentrate on efforts to ensure that laws to allow Muslims (male OR female) to follow their own cultural codes are ENFORCED ONLY FOR MUSLIMS, and NOT IMPOSED on someone ELSE who might not WANT them! In other words, NO CHILDHOOD MARRIAGE, NO FEMALE CIRCUMCISION, but the hijab is OK if the woman WANTS to wear it! Is THAT really TOO complicated?

      • No religion in this country can enforce it’s rules on anybody. A person may or may not accept the strictures of their faith, but is a free will choice. That’s how many see it, I think. The most evil thing is that much of Islam is based not on Islam itself but texts of writers who made pronouncements as mullahs and caliphs in the early years after the death of Mohamed. This is where removal of the clitoris and other sexual organs became “authorized”, although in reality they are barbaric and inhuman practices that existed long before Mohamed was born, and have become ingrained the Islamic culture no matter where it is practiced, EVEN here in America !!! The correct sentence for that is life in prison with a real live pig for an roomie for any Muslim so convicted.

      • You misunderstand me it’s not what’s wrapped around her head, that doesn’t bother me , it’s what in her head. This is america, be american or go home. Don’t try to convert this into a branch of your country !!!!

  22. Fake news will love this Muslim woman, they will revere her, CNN and MSNBC will praise her every move.. when those two praise someone, watch out. You know that they are extreme and exalt the terrorists and any of the Clowns in the Caravan. They will protect her like they protect the terrorists that destroy our troops.

    • Steveur – no question that CNN and MSNBC love to cover news that embarrasses mainstream Americans. Which is is PRECISELY why the “hijab hoorah” will last TWO MORE DAYS (the second being the day the House Administration Committee says hijabs & similar headgear are OK, but NOT full chador, because nobody could know if it was really the person it was supposed to be!). Then then we’ll NEVER hear about it again. There’s NO NEWS in it, even FAKE news. Once Ms. Oman has been told, “Yes, you can wear the hijab” — and that’s coming soon, probably on Jan. 3 when Congress reconvenes — everyone will forget about it and maybe cover some actual NEWS. (Ms. Oman and her hijab are NOT news, even FAKE news.

  23. She knew the rules when she ran, if she cannot accept them, then she should remover herself from the house. PERIOD! And when she takes the oath she should say GOD not allah and on the Bible not the quran.

    • Cyn: Don’t hold your breath on that. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim. You can bet your last dollar all the House will kiss her butt. No one in this country has the nerve to criticize any Muslim; they are afraid of the backlash.


      • Linda in MA — I have NO problem criticizing Muslims WHERE THEY MERIT CRITICISM: on the basis of their BELIEFS, prejudices against women, insistence on war as the first and best means of solving problems, etc. I DO NOT criticize them for a woman’s VOLUNTARY choice of a head scarf, any more than I would criticize anyone else’s choice of headgear. Surely THAT IS A PERSONAL DECISION, even if motivated by religion (NOT all Muslim women wear the hijab; some wear no covering at all, others choose various scarf styles, and the REAL nutjobs go all the way to full chador (the black or sometimes beige muumuu that covers the ENTIRE body, including the FACE, leaving only the EYES exposed) (THAT, incidentally, HAS been banned by the USG, because a woman COMPLETELY covered by a chador CANNOT BE IDENTIFIED by a passport or other photo ID.)

        Anyway, I’m NOT afraid of taking on Muslims but I will reserve my fire for ISSUES WORTH CONSIDERING — which a woman’s choice of headgearIS NOT.

    • Cyn — First, she probably DIDN’T know this rule: she read the rule book, learned about the big stuff, but could EASILY have overlooked this really INSIGNIFICANT item. Friends of mine have gone thru their full first terms in Congress without ever reading the WHOLE rulebook!

      Second, SHE CANNOT BE REQUIRED TO USE A BIBLE FOR HER OATH OF OFFICE. (Actually, because of hte size of the House, new members are sworn in as a GROUP, not individually (they get a chance to pose for a photo AFTER the actual ceremony). But the FIRST AMENDMENT (remember that pesky old Constitution? We LOVE to quote it when it proves our point but get very antsy when it backs up someone else!) Anyway, the First Amendment says “CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF.” Surely telling a Member of Congress that she/he HAS to be sworn in on the Scripture of a FAITH THAT HIS NOT HER/HIS OWN would be ‘prohibiting the free exercise” of religion! It’s also in the Constitution that NOBODY can be denied the right to serve in Congress (if the y meet other qualifications like age ) BECAUSE OF HIS/HER RELIGION (that’s not an exact quote, but it’ll do). Again, if you prohibited a Mu slim from taking his/her seat in Congress (and remember, THREE have ALREADY served there!) you’d be doing so on the basis of religion!

      Just out of curiosity: would you impose the SAME requirements (using a Bible & not their own Scripture, saying “God” instead of some alternative) on JEWISH members? MORMONS? On the three Hindus now serving in Congress — coincidentally the same number as Muslims? What about, oh, maybe Atheists?

  24. The democrats demand removal of the Ten Commandments from government buildings they denounce everything Christian but they want to support this. Two sided, two faced democrats. tell us one thing and everything to destroy our country they support. Time to clean house America. Recall everyone who supports this taking place.

    • Keith Gray — I fought long and hard against banning the Bible or Ten Commandments from public monuments, etc. But HOW does wearing a HEADSCARF compare with having access (or not) to the BIBLE or Commandments????? We’re talking about a woman’s FASHION CHOICE, and the fact that it’s motivated by her faith should mean NOTHING to the rest of us!
      Are you old enough to have a mental picture of Jackie Kennedy in your head? SHE WORE HATS almost all the time! Would you BAN those? What about Princess Diana’s hats? Or the current crop of royal wives? Women in THIS country wore hats EVERY DAY, during the daylight hours, for EYARS — the fashion chanleed in the early 1960s (might have had something to do with Jackie’s hat, but I doubt it). Were all THOSE good American women — maybe your mother or grandmother — doing something insupportable? What if the fashion changed AGAIN and hats became popular?

      Let’s’ save our fire for REAL offenses by Muslims against things that should (and DO) MATTER to us — WAR. Women’s rights. Forbidding child marriage. Energy. Etc. But do we REALLY CARE — or have REASON to care — if some dame wato wear a headdress style she’s been wearing all her life? WHY DOES IT MATTER WHAT SHE PUTS ON HER HEAD? (As for changing the House rule, there was once a rule REQUIRING men (no women back then) to wear those tall, “stove-pipe” hats (like portraits of Lincoln or others from 1860s-70s. REQUIRED. And they meant it: some members were sent home because they were “improperly dressed.” Then hats went out of style andE RULE WAS CHANGED. Also in mid 19th century, they changed rule to allow for JEWISH men to wear their yarmulkes (those little flat skullcaps you often can’t even SEE on the back of a man’s head). There WAS a debate about allowing women to wear hats around 1971, but the woman member who pushed it was very unpopular and her cause went nowhere. But SHE wore decorative HATS, not scarves . On the other hand, why on earth should it MATTER?

    • Paul Otterson — SHE IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN (which means she is an AMERICAN), and she is IN the office BECAUSE SHE WON AN ELECTION TO SERVE THERE. There is another Muslim woman who was elected this year, too, but she doesn’t wear the hijab, ,so she didn’t have to request a rules change, and nobody noticed that she was THERE. And THREE MALE MUSLIMS have previously served. They represent districts with large Muslim populations, and they get elected JUST THE WAY EVERY OTHER MEMBER DOES (whether Christian or Jewish or Atheist).

      The CONSTITUTION (Article VI) says SPECIFICALLY that “…members shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation to SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION, but NO RELIGIOUS TEST SHALL EVER BE REQUIRED AS A QUALIFICATION TO ANY OFFICE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.” There have been all varieties of Christian, Jews, and the occasional Deist or Atheist, and along with the three Muslims (2 women, one other man) to be sworn in in January there are three HINDUS. They’re all perfectly LEGAL.
      I’m a conservative and I’ve worked hard on the cause for 60+ years. But I’m finding it hard to understand HOW we can ALL fight like wounded tigers for good Supreme Court justices SO THEY CAN ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION and then turn around and say, “OH, BUT THAT PART OF THE CONSTITUTION SHOULDN’T BE THERE BECAUSE WE DON’T LIKE MUSLIMS!” Are we CONSTITUTIONALISTS or are we just PHONIES like the libDems?

      There have been Muslims in this country since before it BECAME a country. Most of them have been devoted citizens and hard-working men and women. You didn’t even KNOW there were three others in Congress RIGHT NOW (and HAVE been for almost a decade!), or you wouldn’t have gotten so explosive to learn about ONE who happens to be (a) female and (b) a wearer of the hijab. WHY? It’s a SCARF wrapped around her head, for heaven’s sake, nothing more!

      Do you have the same reaction to men wearing yarmulkes (the easiest to think of is former VP nominee Joe Lieberman)?

  25. We need to get rid of this pisslamic terrorist. She got in with voter fraud and that needs to be investigated. We are sick and tired of our votes being stolen so the dem terrorists can fill congress with more of the same.

    • Love America — I guess you love America only when she does everything YOUR WAY!
      The three Muslims now serving in Congress (and the fourth, who retired this year to run for state office — and won) are LESS likely than most other members to have won by fraud. The Muslim members represent districts with LARGE MUSLIM POPULATIONS, who turned out in large numbers to vote for one of their own. THAT, in case you don’t love American HISTORY, is EXACTLY how the Irish, Italians, Polish, Greeks, Jews, and every other sort of American got there the first few times they (or someone else of their ethnicity) had to run, too.

      I don’t know where you live and you may be right that your vote was stolen, BUT IT ALMOST CERTAINLY WAS NOT BY A MUSLIM CANDIDATE. They have yet to set up the local political machines that make it POSSIBLE to steal elections — to do that, you and your friends have to have been INVOLVED in American politics for awhile. It takes TIME to learn how to steal elections.

      BTW, probably 90% of the Muslims in America are NOT terrorists and DO NOT SUPPORT terrorism. Most, you wouldn’t know if you met on the street. I’ll BET you know a few! Most of the women DO NOT wear the hijab, although the percentage who DO is growing (hmmm…strange that terrorists wold WANT to SHOW THEMSELVES OFF AS TERRORISTS that way! You’d think they’d want to HIDE, not self-identify as potentially dangerous Muslims! Or…just perhaps…MOST MUSLIMS ARE NOT DANGEROUS!)

      ijab, although the percentage of those who do is increasing (slowly).

      And just one other thing: on the assumption YOU are RIGHT and all the Muslims are potential terrorists, WHAT GOOD WOULD IT DO TO LET THE “DEM TERRORISTS FILL CONGRESS WITH MORE OF THE SAME”? Wouldn’t that just be MORE TERRORISTS? What’s the good in THAT? Maybe we should make a little effort to show THEM the good side of Americans and perhaps make a

      • It is manifest that you have NOT read the Qu’ran. Your statement proceeds from the principle that the best facts are produced by strong opinions that are constructed from powerful emotions. Islam advocates, authorizes, and demands that any action or inaction, no matter how malign or benign, that advances the world domination by Islam and to become the ONLY religion is acceptable and laudable. The most faithful of Muslims are the jihadi who wage war wherever, however, and whenever they can. We call it terrorism when they took down the World Trade Center . They call it an act of advancing the Islamic domination and worthy of martyrdom, which all Muslim attain when they die in the cause, no matter how evil the act, of Islam. My hope for you is that you buy a copy of the Qu’ran, maybe the annotated one that is about $40 at Barnes and Noble or less on Amazon, and educate yourself. In the meantime, stifle yourself. Your ignorance is showing.

      • “BTW, probably 90% of the Muslims in America are NOT terrorists and DO NOT SUPPORT terrorism.”
        allah will very well introduce you to the other 10%. you fool.

    • Maybe not fraud, if a close look at countries with muslims it will show they stay together in their own ghettos, overpopulate and then by numbers vote in their muslim counterparts to finally become a majority and institute their Islamic sharia law and circumvent a countries legal laws to fully Islamize their new country, and it is THEIR new country because they have made it like the one they fled from in a quest to islamize the world.
      The Crusaders knew what they were and Ben Franklin knew what they were and every muslim on the face of planet earth should either be banished to their own country or eliminated.
      (If a person is of a religion other than the government religion of islam and converts to the government religion of islam what will happen to you in the hereafter? Ever considered this?)

  26. Rahman Emmanuel an Orthodox Jew, I wonder what the Orthodox Jewish Synagogue thinks about that illegal alien “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” and Rahm twinkle toes flaming faggot 69ing each other and butt plugging each other a queer jew and a queer muslim.

  27. I do not think she should have ben eligible to even run for the office. If she is Muslim, there are rules with her own Muslim identity that would dictate what she can and cannot do, say or act upon. How did she ever get permission to run for office if she is following the Sharia Law? I think we either have an imposter or an invader into our Congress.

  28. Oh Hell No
    She knew the laws and regulations going in . If she can’t live by these laws and regs then shut up and get the hell out of MY COUNTRY YOU MUSLIM TRASH. Your not someone special your just another densedumbe ignorant inbred POS dumbocrat that needs to go far far far away.If they vote it in then next time I go to visit there I am waearing MY MAGA hat for religious reasons. And I will claim it as your law breaking that has allowed me to.

  29. All of this hoopla about a hat??!! What concerns me is what is holding up that hat. Did she not say (according to this article) that everyone should pray to allah that we embrace Sharia law? What I have to say to this misguided woman is; “I bow to no other than the one and only true living God.”

  30. Jackie Kennedy or Princes Diane DID NOT work on the Floor of Congress so that comparison is like Apples to Oranges it does not fly this broad belongs to a Heathen Faith that would Cut yer head off as look at ya I say keep the 181 year old rule and to hell with her she knew going in that she could not wear the rag on her head these desert rats do not assimilate into our Values they believe we should accept their Values and way of life I refuse to pray 5 times a day to some FALSE Prophet I will Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ the one True God

  31. Since it is up to the man in charge of a woman as to whether or not she has to wear the head piece, she is demanding that Congress back her up to appease her husband. In Islam even where Sharia Law is not in effect it depends on who is in charge of the country as to whether a woman has to wear a head piece or not. In Saudi Arabia the guy and Iman running the country decide what a woman can do or cannot do and the husband due to fear of punishment by the gov’t will obey by making sure she obeys the law. In a place like Oman the head piece is left to the man and the Iman of the mosque the man attends. Mohammad was asked by the Arab tribes to bring fighting for generations to an end by bringing the tribes together. He dictated a system of gov’t that could be easily spread by a unifying force like Mohammad’s military and bring the tribes together using a serious controlling aspect like a religion that demands to have to beg their god for accepting a person or be kept under foot or killed. Christians believe God gives grace to those who love God and sin no more and people are given freewill to accept God or not. One is force believing, oae is your choice to make. Arab tribes are united by Islam and Mohammad. Each state lives under Islam law using a fake religion to help enforce the laws of Islam by controlling women and children to keep the men in step. Islam also has a sick sexual slavery of women and both male and female children component due to the fact Mohammad was a sex fiend married to a bunch of women including a child and sexually abusing slaves. Indoctrination of females beginning as a child is the only reason why these women follow Islam because it cannot be because they are just stupid. I mean they must know that their Mohammad teaches and said that Islam will conquer the world through the uterus of the women to bear male children. If that is not slavery I do not know what is.

  32. What next ? She must be offended at the name of St. Paul, Minnesota, St. Louis, San Francisco, San Diego etc.
    Well this be the next movement to erase our Judeo Christian country.

    • Islam and its citizens work hard to destroy real history. Look at what the Taliban, a Islam force, started doing to the old Buddhist statues and carvings. Then also look at what Israel has to do when construction is done in Israel. They have to check for artifacts being thrown away and destroyed that undermine Islam claims of history. But Islam citizens are not only ones doing this. “Progressives”, or the “Left”, are working hard to do it as well. And that includes distorting what the real history is.

  33. This IS the USA-!!! One has Freedom of Religion, however, attire needs to conform with USA dress codes in government buildings. I don’t believe in all types of head gear, there should be no covered faces and I don’t agree with wearing hajibs in public daily. There is a time and place for everything. Relgious attire unless one is clergy is meant to wear during services only. This is the USA. Conform or don’t come here.

    • Islam with it’s sharia law is not a religion, it is a form of government.
      I will go so far as to say islam as defined in the koran, is a form of government,
      a terrorist government!

  34. Each congressional body, whether the house or senate, set their own rules like the wearing of headgear. It is not a law and never has been. If the members want to change the rule they may do so and it appears the democrats control the house. They want to do anything that attacks or is offensive to Christians or republicans. They will change the rule in the house!

  35. Subject: Fwd: Muslim Qur’an Teachings

    See what the Radical Islamic Terrorist are teaching in the Islamic Mosques, then they are sent to become Radicalized and come back to kill Americans, Jews, Christians and non-Islamic folks. This tells the story and this is not a religion, instead it is a Cult and taking over the world. Americans need to close all of the Mosques and deport all of the Muslims that practice the Sharia Law, get them out of America Every American should stop the Muslims as they will continue to try and take over the world. Do not let these Muslims enter into our USA governments, Congress, or any other governmental job. Islam is a Cult, see below what they think and live by with Sharia Laws. Allah is not Jesus Christ, the son of God. Muslims pray to Allah.

    A devote Muslim is a Terrorist in Waiting

    From the Qur’an:
    65:4 You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.
    4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30 You can enslave for sex and work.
    4:34 You can beat women.
    24:4 You will need 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove rape
    9:111 You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven
    2:217, 4:89 You will kill anyone who leaves Islam
    8:12, 47:4 You will behead non-Muslims
    9:5 You will kill and be killed for Al’llah (verse of the sword)
    8:12, 8:60 You will terrorize non-Muslims
    9:29 Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay Jizya tax
    chapter 8 (booty/spoils of war) Steal from non-Muslims
    8:12, 47:4 Crucify and amputate non-Muslims
    3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, 2:225 Lie to strengthen Islam (Taqiyya deception)
    9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain.
    Islam = Terrorism?

    • The phrase “Radical Islamic Terrorist”, and similar phrases, should never be used in reference to Islam. It helps Islam citizens mask that when they engage in terrorism, murder, rape, theft, and other things most people and societies consider abnormal and wrong, Islam and its laws consider the behavior normal. Under the laws of Islam the victim is responsible for what happens to them.

  36. I agree that anybody who practices Sharia Law should be deported. Similarly, anybody who practices White Supremacy should be deported.

  37. No Sharia Law in America and No headgear worn in Congress. We are a Christian country not Muslim and no change is needed. If you are going to change the headgear rule does that mean the Republicans can wear their red Make America Great Again hats in congress. If not why not??

  38. I hope the dummies who elected these Muslims are happy that they helped ruin our once great Country! When enough of them are elected then sharia law will be the law of the land and America as we’ve known it will be no more! You ultra liberals might think its funny now but when you elect enough of them it wont be funny anymore! All you have to do is read up on what’s happening in England right now and if there is still an ounce of common sense or love for America left in you you’ll see the mistake you’ve made!

  39. Why is there a Muslim in our government? Since they believe in complete domination over every human and every breath taken, the arrogance speaks to the unrealistic self appointed grand
    Superior being, with out the brainwashing people into captivity and poverty, they would resist, so
    the only way they can capture enough votes is by cheating, importing illegal votes, and brainwashing legal citizens voters AKA dumbing down students with lies about the real world, not educated to be self sufficient adults with the ability to get a job that would support them, so they have no choice but
    to live off the scraps of the rich greedy inhumans that run their government using Muslim sickness, of sheria law, that doesn’t mix well with civilized educated American society because we don’t believe in beheading our criminals, stoning women for being looked at by the weak little men with no self control, and the belief it’s their Right to rape women and even little boys and girls, because there roll models are as juvenile about their little pee pee’s as if the just discovered what the think makes them a man! How sad, because rational women don’t see small little men as anything more than tall little boys with “Somall Man Syndrome” who have to use deadly force on weaker people to prove their manly superiority. I see the weakness of the Muslim wannabe oblama who had to lie
    about his greatness and toot his own horn and threaten those who sees him for the small minded loser he turned out to be.

  40. How did this Muslim woman get voted into our American Congress is no dought probably the same way Barack Obama got put into Congress and then the White House? By Treasonous Traitors within our Government that are against Christianity and God, that want the New World Order and the one world Religion to be Islam. Very Bad For the safety of every Christian and Jew in America and our sovereignty.

  41. Give an inch
    They will take a Mile.
    No WAY.
    This is Nonsense, The United States
    Was the Melting Pot of the World,
    Assimilate. She should have known the Rules before she Ran for office.
    Acccess For the Handicap made sense
    This makes No Sense.
    Change the Rules For Me , What BS…
    Next Female Military Personal will want to ware one in Uniform !!!!
    The Rules are the Rules …Sorry

    • Remember, Islam requires its citizens to invade other countries and societies and impose its laws on them by any means possible. An Islam citizens is allowed to lie to accomplish the goals. No one who is a citizen of Islam has fealty to a society or State not under the control of Islam. And consider, renouncing Islam is a death sentence for a former Islam citizen.

  42. “Ilhan Omar is Minnesota’s Muslim Congresswoman.” she is in violation of her Oath of office, and, sharia law is
    un-Constitutionalas it is a form of government in conflict with Americas Bill of Rights and Constitution & Laws..
    Congress MUST exercise it’s authority to vote that she not be seated as she is a subversive and very likely a terrorist directed individual.

  43. Our Nation needs to be briefed on the book that is the life of muhammad. It tells us that this will happen and exactly this way. This is how he took over the countries in his life time and how they tried to take over the world earlier.

  44. you people need top read the quoran, it specifically states allah is satan.
    men are allowed to beat women, rape 1yr olds, also marry them, rape women, children
    also read the shari law, and if you dont read both your some stupid people.
    only good muslim is a dead muslim, it is not a religion, its a satanic worshiping b.s.

    want to piss a muslim off??? hold your right hand up the your forefinger in the air.
    they wipe their ass with that finger, so read it.

    • Where in the Qur’an does it state Hubal is Satan? The god of the theocracy of Islam is Hubal the moon god, who is also known as Baal. Don’t give credit to Satan for things which people chose to do on their own. The word “allah” means “the god”. It is not a name but a contraction of the Arabic words “al” (the) and “ilah” (god), and was usually used to refer to Hubal.

  45. If the MOO-SLAM battle axe insists on wrapping her head in a bag, deport her to one of the MOO-SLAM countries where she has no rights. Her big mouth will guarantee a short existence. Garbage in garbage out.

  46. This woman has some guts by talking about violence against the Jewish people and by trying to change the rules to acomodate her to be able to ware her symbol of hate and violence inside the congress floor, not only have we allowed a muslim into our goverment but are we also going to allow this woman to just come and start pushing their radical beleives down our throats, its getting to be very obvious that if the american people dont start reacting, and soon,, we are in serious danger of losing this country to outsiders.

  47. Get rid of her by any means possible. The IDIOT Democrats are supporting her which should be TREASON in itself. We know the agenda of this SHARIA LAW spouting MUSLIM by her own mouth. As freedom loving AMERICANS we are going to have to insist that ALL of our politicians support a free AMERICA & keep all anti-Americans are kept out of America. If they be impeached & removed immediately!!!!

  48. I believe the US is a Christian nation. If one wishes to be a Muslim and to practice that religion, (and I respect that), the congresswoman should live in a MUSLIM nation. Go HOME, where you are comfortable, vs trying to convert OUR country, which IS a Christian nation.

  49. Ilhan Omar needs to be deported. She is a vile, disgusting heathen. She should not be in this country
    much less holding a office. We do not need the likes of this obscene creature in our country. We need to throw out the trash

    • Until we deal with the fact that Islam is NOT a religion but is a theocracy, a government with a religious component, and that its citizens are invaders working to take over countries and impose the government of Islam on the country, A citizen of Islam only has fealty to Islam and not oath of fealty to a non-Islam controlled country is meaningless to a citizen of Islam. Amendment 1 does not apply to Islam.

      If a person wants to worship Hubal, the god, or allah, of Islam that is protected by Amendment 1. Remember, the word “allah” is a contraction of the Arabic words “al” (the) and “ilah” (god). Hubal is associated with the moon and is the chief god of a pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses. And Hubal the moon god is also historically known as Baal. The word “allah” was and is used to refer to Hubal, similarly as a Christians refers to Jehovah/Christ as “God”.

      • First sentence was supposed to be:

        Until we deal with the fact that Islam is NOT a religion but is a theocracy, a government with a religious component, and that its citizens are invaders working to take over countries and impose the government of Islam on the country, we can not fix the problems.

  50. It seems all the bad guys are making laws to make the NEW WORLD ORDER easier to implement. Jerry brown making “ballot harvesting” legal in California. I never even heard about it until after the elections. We need to change that one. The Dems could remain in office for eternity. Of course that’s why they passed that law. California becoming a Sanctuary City is another one. That way, they can overload California’s population. Then they can take control of this ‘out-of-control’ state. We will be under the thumb of BIG government, then WORLD government. So, watch out people. It’s one small change at a time. Before you know it, you’re at the bottom of the food chain. Ask people from ruined nations like Venezuela. They are begging us not to allow the government to take our guns away. Keep a close eye on the Muslims. Nothing good can come of them being here, let alone, running our country.

  51. they always talk about being united, and if they lift the rule about head covering they should all have to wear something, THEY NEED TO ALL LEARN WHAT THE OATH OF OFFICE SAYS AND MEANS, the important part of protecting America from it’s enemy both foreign and domestic, and she is a domestic enemy to America.

  52. The new definition of Separation of Church and State! Eliminate our basic Christian beliefs and put Islam in it place. MN, MI I am beginning to wonder if you even think about who you vote for? But I know one thing for certain, you will surly reap from harvesting your two new elected representatives. It is just too bad the rest of the country is having to be punished by your stupidity. What makes this worse for me is, I was born and raised in Michigan.

  53. Islam and their Shariah Law must never happen because The United States of America has the only laws that will ever exist and that is the American Justice system and the Supreme Court. Muslim so-called congresswoman needs to get kicked out of the United States and sent to the Middle East if she wants Shariah Law so bad. This is not an Islamic Nation but a Judao/Christian Nation.

    • And always remember that Islam is not a religion. It is a theocracy – a government with the religious component. The religious component is the worship of the god Hubal. Hubal is the chief god of a pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses, and historically known as Baal. The word “allah” means “the god”. And Shar’iah law is foreign law and its use is prohibited in the US by the US Constitution.

  54. The fact that that big mouth *itch was elected by the scabs in minnesota tells all we need to know about them. Geez, they elected al franken. Enough said. That skanky *itch is our enemy and has sneaked her way into OUR GOVERNMENT. Of course she chose minnesota she probably got a good laugh at how easy it was, saying … that’s one. She better not be allowed to wear her stupid looking hat, democraps are nothing but America’s enemies, and we are destined to be their victims. We on dead last on their list of who matters in our country, and why any traitor would vote for them they also are our enemies, they’re extremely old and unaware of how they’ve changed or… they’re severely retarded. This piece of garbage better be ignored 100%!

  55. Sharia law….not in this country! As you can see by all the comments, it is not welcomed in the USA. We do not need Muslims running our country. We are a Christian nation.

  56. This is what the United States government gets for allowing Muslims to enter the United States. Our government knew what the Muslims were like. If you know your history, I’m pretty sure you can remember The Holy Crusades that took place in 1095 AD. The following excerpt is from History: “In November 1095, at the Council of Clermont in southern France, the Pope called on Western Christians to take up arms to aid the Byzantines and recapture the Holy Land from Muslim control. This marked the beginning of the Crusades.” The Muslims have NEVER forgotten this, and they have vowed to pay back Christians for what happened to them, back then. Now that the United States government has become so liberal (Democrats are VERY liberal), ANY and ALL peoples who have immigrated to the US, which includes Muslims, will one day take over OUR country. We are NOT the United States of America anymore; we are becoming the United States of Islam, and with Islam, comes Sharia Law, and with Sharia Law, there is NO MORE of the United States Constitution!! One day there will be MORE Muslims in Congress, not just one, two, or three, like there is now, and they will change our United States Constitution into Sharia Law. We cannot get out of this mess we are in, because the US has become TOO entrenched in liberalism. The only way out is Conservatism.

    • And remember Islam invaded Europe through Spain and Charles Martel drove then out back into Spain in the 700s. It took the Spain until the 1490/1500 to get free of the Islam invaders. When Mohammad created the theocracy of Islam in the late 600s he first tried to get people to believe his lies about his god Hubal. When that failed he switched to violence. He murdered those, especially the Jews/Hebrews because they rejected his lies. Then the government of Islam invaded and destroyed North Africa and has been attacking other countries as well. People need to learn the history from the time Islam was created.

  57. No! They definitely should not change any rules for Muslims. They are incompatible with US laws and culture. Like everywhere else they have migrated to, they slowly take over. It all starts with one small change, then another and another. We already have many in power in the US. If we don’t block their political successes now, in the future, women may be stoned for being raped. Little girls will have to be mutilated by FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). They are trying to push Sharia right now. There is no FREEDOM OF SPEECH, Religion, or the RIGHT TO BE HAPPY, or any other freedom we Americans have. So, again I say NO! That rule should be changed back. Muslims are not special people, even though they are treated as such in the US.

    • Nobody or the Democrats are trying to initiate sharia law. Wow you idiots will believe anything anybody tells you.

  58. They come here for a better life and when they get here they want to start pushing their crap they were trying to escape. Democrats are such racists and I will be one too. We need to get rid of all these ragheaded goat humpers and send them back to where they came from.

  59. Demoncrats should be ashamed of themselves. SHAME, SHAME ON YOU.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TALK ABOUT TREASON, DO THEY THINK AMERICANS WILL VOTE FOR THEM AFTER THIS. I DON’T THINK SO.
    If we wanted that kind of law, we would just move to their country. NO. NO they are trying to take over ours,

  60. Every time I think Omar has gone too far, she outdoes herself. “Some people did something”??? Get her the **** out of Congress. Then get her and ALLMuslims that do not renounce their country got the United States. THEY DONT BELONG HERE.

  61. dont any one no whats going on the oil companies are giving the muslisms money to buy all the business in the usa like gas stations food fast food chains hotels gun stores an taking the guns bullets out so we cant buy any guns bullets to denfined our selfs with in 2 years American will not be able to have guns they will take your gun so you cant fight back weak up you dum American people cant you see whats happing to America are dont you care they will put us under muslism law with in 5 years if we dont unight an stop them now be for its to late America is in bad trouble muslisms are in the white house in our government news chancing our laws we need to kick omar out of the usa she should never been voted in office oboma is there leader he was put in office so the muslisms could take America over that was there plan a long time ago ant you see whats going on you know we are the dums people on the face this earth we take care of other countrys an feel sorry for them before we take care of our own people first just like the 2 nd world war we felt sorry for the japans when we droped the atom bomb on them to stop the war an for got about all the people that died at pearl harbor because of the japans had a plan they new they could not beat us at war they new that we would win an we wood build up them so they would take all our business over there an bring there people to the usa it was a plan just like what the muslisms are doing to take over America so weak up people you are in bad trouble dont you care about your kids whats going to happen to them I feel sorry for you you dum ass American that cant see any farth then you nose so let the dam muslism take our country I am not going down with out a fight so you dum ass muslism you will have a fight on your hands iam trying to weak up the people so please join me in trying to stop them be fore its to late if you care about our kids help me please we need to kick them out of our country now an get ihan omar she got a plan cant you see it please help me defend America now an the democats are going with them too tramps trying to do someing about it but with out our help they will win trust me !!!!!!


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