What this medical organization said about “toxic masculinity” is frightening


The American Psychological Association (APA) has long been known for its left of center ideology.

But since President Trump took office, it seems the folks in charge over there now are suffering from shrinking intellect and enlarged liberal bias.

What else could possibly explain the dangerous report the organization just released?

The American Psychological Association’s (APA) just released new guidelines on traditional masculinity.

The organization’s report comes to the conclusion that traditional masculinity — which we suppose includes things like defending your loved ones and holding doors for women — is “toxic” and “on the whole harmful.”

Fox News reports:

“It notes that research shows “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions causes damage that echoes both inwardly and outwardly.”

The 36-page document goes on to coin “masculinity ideology,” which stems from traditional masculinity, and claims that it harms boys and men.

“Traditional masculinity ideology has been shown to limit males’ psychological development, constrain their behavior, result in gender role strain and gender role conflict and negatively influence mental health and physical health,” the report warns.

That masculinity in the APA’s view makes men more violent and yet somehow simultaneously “constrain their behavior” is beyond our understanding.

Unfortunately, it’s also dangerous to insinuate that anyone with enough testosterone to be considered male, is toxic.

The APA report has unsurprisingly drawn sharp criticism from the public and also within field of psychology.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a noted clinical psychologist, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and internationally best-selling author lashed out at the group claiming to represent his profession, tweeting:

Do you believe in “toxic masculinity” or is this part of a “war on men?”

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Absolutely !! I saw the full bloom of insanity open when they declared homosexuality to be “normal”. If it were normal, most people would be homosexuals, and would have high rates of alcoholism, illicit drug use, and much higher than suicides presently are, and there is a definite correlation being homosexual behavior and self-destructive behaviors. I can’t find any dictionary that describes “normal” as other than; what the large majority of people do. That was when I said to myself: “When you find the citation to be APA, you must read the whole subject in that tome, and all current and recent past issues related magazines and publications to see what the wording is, how it has fluctuated according any author’s usage, and then determine if the definitions meet, word by word, what the Oxford Dictionary of American English describes, right down to the oldest usage of the word. They are master’s of semantics, and one must be very wary of anything they say. Their goal is not only to mislead people in psychological theory and discussion, but to push people into accepting and accommodating behaviors that are dysphoric, dystonic, dysmorphic, and dysfunctional; and to redefine the language in toto so that the young people will, being undereducated compared to the 1960’s and before. accept the APA as the fountain of all psychological and societal knowledge unquestionally. They are after all, the experts, are they not? If you are having mental or emotional health issues, you would do vey well indeed to find a psychotherapist who is not an APA member.

  3. This report on “toxic masculinity” is totally ignorant and asinine! It is bad enough that boys are being raised to be sissies instead of men. I, as a woman, want a man, in all sense of the word, not some feminine sissy !!!

  4. The APA declared homosexuality to be “normal” when they found THEY were no able to “fix” it. I guess if man can’t fix his problems it’s okay to declare it “normal”. God is the only “great physician” I know that “fixes” our sin!

  5. It’s baked into the DNA of the human being and why we survived as a species. Males hunt to be providers. They also provide a physical barrier of safety to the tribe. Women have children and nurture them in a protected environment. Alpha males and alpha females provide order to the hierarchy of the tribe. Every tribe also needs a scapegoat or a jester. Not dissimilar to a medieval royal system or most mammalian social systems like a wolf pack. You can try…but you can’t ever take the T out of testosterone.

  6. There are so much as a one hundred possibilities for the Democratic nomination that by the end of Super Tuesday 2020, we may have drop outs as fast as baseball roster cuts can keep up with.

  7. I worked for the APA as one of my career beginning jobs after getting my BA in psych in the 1950s. Even then , they were a bunch of old men making up theories and trying to prove them. I believe what they are doing now is trying to get more and more people to become patients by driving us all crazy.

  8. This is not only a “war on men’, it is one of the many elements of the Culture War. The Left in America seeks to impose its morally corrupt and warped ideological agenda on the people. I don’t believe most Americans are as gullible as these radicals think.

  9. Omg these people are nuts.
    Give me a big ..lusty man..any day.
    A John Wayne type man. As long as
    There are women out there who feel
    This way..we will always have masculine

  10. Furthermore…SOME of us females actually LIKE it that way! Lose our man, we lose our protection..am a widow and can say this is so, even if we do not literally live in caves and have our men hunt rather large animals for sustenance..! Even if it is psychological, the loss is real… Late husband was more often sick than not, thus not the main provider-but nevertheless was our PROTECTOR from outside forces, for sure! The overall INNATE construct is the same. Ask any wife who has lost their spouse..or, for that matter, husband who has lost his wife. He feels the loss differently, for what he has lost, but the differences, just as keen, are palpable. Just saying..

  11. SO right, Sharon Krotts…first we must deal with the reality that it is a sin, then get help from G-d first, other people who are willing and able to help as we can, for any struggle, whether homosexuality or any other departure from what G-d, in His infinite wisdom, wants for us…He did NOT make anyone that way, but it certainly can be a difficult road, nearly an impossible one without G-d. This is what I see in how it affects people, anyway…

  12. Seems like they missed class the day the Scientific Method was taught in grade school. No wonder psych has such a bad reputation as a “science”.

  13. I have a problem with saying that there is a god that fixes “sin”. First off there is no god or anything like that. Secondly there is no god that is a medical doctor either. And third, no one can “fix” sin. There may be wrong doing, but that isn’t sin and it is silly to call it that. Sharon’s comment is entirely without merit.

  14. I had a very direct contact with these” Idiot Psychologists “, I had a mentally ill wife after over 30 years of sane,, she became ill, I could not get help from these “Idiots”, their first question to her : Are you going to hurt yourself,, then , Are you going to hurt someone else . If she answered too both as no, they could not hold her at all!! They prescribed medication to control her mental state, which is proven , MOST WILL NOT TAKE, because they don’t feel they are mentally ill !! After six years of this illness, she committed suicide!!!!! These are Quakes, who I think need other Quakes !!

  15. Just another step in the globalist plan to get everyone that they don’t kill off onto psychotropic drugs, for ultimate CONTROL.
    See the movie THX1138.


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