What this Marvel actress is teaching her three sons about their own gender will leave you speechless


The radical elements of the LGBT movement are growing, and Hollywood is embracing them.

Now, it’s even putting children in danger.

And what this Marvel actress revealed she is teaching her three sons about their own gender will make your jaw drop.

It’s no secret the LGBT movement is targeting Hollywood, the media, and public schools to grow their influence.

One of their biggest objectives is to indoctrinate children by teaching them their gender is “fluid.”

Now, it’s going mainstream.

Marvel actress, Zoe Saldana, publicly announced she is raising her three young sons to be “gender-neutral.”

Breitbart reports:

Actress Zoe Saldana is raising her three sons — 4-year-old twins Cy and Bowie and 2-year-old Zen — in a “gender-fluid” and “gender-neutral” home, according to Us Weekly.

In an article titled “Zoe Saldana Shares Ways She Keeps Her Home Gender-Neutral for 3 Sons,” the Hollywood A-lister says, “I’m always gonna be honest and that is always the best way to welcome healthy and truthful discourse, especially around parenthood. … [The twins] made a comment two weeks ago like, ‘Boys are stronger than girls,’ because they’re in that stage of comparisons. And you have to take a moment and kind of put together an answer that they will understand.”

Us Weekly quoted Saldana’s description of her parental “goal” as “not [bringing] all this charge that you have as an adult and as a woman into their lives. They’re a blank slate.”

What Zoe Saldana and the rest of Hollywood don’t want people to know is the toll the transgender agenda has on the mental health of children.

Confusing little boys and girls about their gender is dangerous.

There are numerous studies that demonstrate those who identify as transgender report depression and suicidal thoughts in greater numbers than those who don’t.

But the radical LGBT movement doesn’t care about the threat it poses to the mental health of children.

Their only desire is to advance their cause at any cost.

Zoe Saldana may think she is doing her kids a service, but in reality, she could be hurting them.

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  2. These delusional freaks will answer to God for the damage they cause innocent children! “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; *male and female* created he them. Genesis 1:27”

  3. Children raised with no acknowledgment of their gender will be flirting with mental issues at some point. They won’t have a sexual identity or any identity. That is a crime against nature perpetrated by a foolish uneducated parent on their own offspring. Read the Christian Bible on these issues. It’s very clear!

  4. Jesus said woe unto those who harm a child. These freaks should not be allowed anywhere near a child.

  5. This is a form of child abuse! The parents that teach this should lose their children! This is dangerous and can only cause mental illness and a feeling that children dont belong anywhere.

  6. These goofballs in Hollywood and elsewhere are so screwed up they should be removed from decent society

  7. And when these kids hit puberty and their hormones start running amok, watch out. These will be the kids to shoot up a school because they at so [email protected]%ed up, then everybody will be sitting back scratching their heads and wondering what drove them to it?

  8. The worst kind of Child abuse.
    And I suppose it will be Trump’s fault when the kid puts a .38 in his mouth???

  9. As wrong as myself and others find this, these are her children. No one likes others to tell them how to raise theirs : in the end this will be between her and God.

  10. God made a male in likeness of himself and a female as his companion To marry and multiply
    By doing so they compliment each other. “God’ s Plan” who are we to change it

  11. The Roman Empire came to an end when the debauchery of the Roman people reach the same peak as we (USA) now experience in this 21st Century.

  12. Absolutely absurd!! This is definitely going to mess up our next generation of children! Lord, have Mercy!!!

  13. Here is something you will never hear a Doctor say after a baby is born: “Well, we really don’t know if its a boy or a girl; we will have to wait a few years for IT to tell us what IT is! THAT baby is either a male or female!
    Human beings have babies that are like their parents. Check the baby’s “plumbing” it is not hard. They are born naked last time my wife and I brought a child into the world.

  14. Future generations will be angry, confused and mentally deranged about who they are and how they relate to others. The insanity of LGBT was allowed to spread their filth to the young and to those who wanted a cause to follow to the point where they have intregated into schools, military, government and changed our culture into one of hate, confusion and delusion. This is not okay and our spineless government and Obama let it spread like the mental disorder that it is. Now the minority over rules the majority and this has permeated across many areas of our country. This will not end well.

  15. I agree with all of the comments…except the one stating that “these are her children” & she should do what she “feels” best. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If anyone becomes a parent and they decide it is best for the child to be beaten or starved or…whatever, the child would be removed from the parent/s’ custody. Perhaps the same should happen in these cases, too.
    God help us!!

  16. I agree with all of the comments…except the one stating that “these are her children” & she should do what she “feels” best. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If anyone becomes a parent and they decide it is best for the child to be beaten or starved or…whatever, the child would be removed from the parent/s’ custody. Perhaps the same should happen in these cases, too.
    God help us!!

    AND NO! I have NOT “said this before” as the comment general states!!!

  17. I agree with all of the comments…except the one stating that “these are her children” & she should do what she “feels” best. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If anyone becomes a parent and decides it is best for the child to be beaten or starved or…whatever, the child would be removed from the parent/s’ custody. Perhaps the same should happen in these cases, too.
    God help us!!

    AND NO! I have NOT “said this before” as the comment general states!!!

  18. Couch or Sofa Casting, I believe, is and has been a part of the problem. The sexual favors required of newcomers are not and were not always based on birth gender. Couch Casting was well known as a method for entry level acting positions.

    HollyWeird gets that well deserved AKA designation because of the many LGBTQs in the entertainment industry. The article states Saldana may think she is doing her kids a service, but in reality, she could be hurting them.”

    Actions such as hers, that she wants published, may be to gain favor in the industry and help her career.

  19. And who will pay the price, the mother? of course not. She may pay the bill at to what the price is in money, but that is very small even if it is thousands of dollars. The real price will be the facts of what real life and what it is about will be paid by the victims, her sons and those who will have to come forward and deal with the utter confusion of what comes from trying to live through the tangled webb they will face some time in life and it may just be utter hatred of their mother

  20. satan will rule for a time and it is all falling into place. This can only be satan’s work. He has islam, the dem party, and atheists in his army. It will only get worse. But then Jesus will come and put an end to all the filth and insanity.

  21. Her children need to be taken away from her & raised in a “normal” environment.
    She is damaging these boys mentally .

  22. Sickness of the actors, mentally ill, why would a real parent create confusion and mental illness in their own children mind the kids need to be removed!

  23. If she actually intends not to recognize the boys’ gender, and not teach them how to behave appropriately as they grow up male, then the children should be removed from the home by Chid Protective Services.

  24. Lord thank you that I have never given a dime to morons like this. These “people” make me sick.

  25. Sorry folks, but if something dangles between the legs, yep! It’s a boy! If a slit and nothing dangles? Hey! You got a beautiful girl! It is what it is! No question about it. Parents need to be loving and proud of the son or daughter they have and raise it accordingly. When the child is grown and decides he/she wants to switch that is up to them. Parents, raise the beautiful child as it was born! Don’t screw up their heads – time enough for that when they are grown up.

  26. Geri, I agree with you! These children may grow up to abuse drugs and even contemplate suicide when they hit the teenage years. This is akin to child abuse and this mother is making a big mistake.

  27. Isn’t this the tail wagging the dog. From what I understand the LGBT movement are only 3% of the population. From the coverage they get in the media it would seem that they are the majority and not an insignificant pain in the ass minority.

  28. I agree, this LGBT movement harms children who have idiots for parents. On the brighter side though,
    at least the kids won’t be reproducing and in time will die off.

  29. If this is the type of people hired by the movie, I will not give my money to see the trash. The authorities should be looking at the damage that the crazy “mother” is doing to the small poor kids. The kids should be removed from the mother until she rehabilitated and learns the difference between males and females.

  30. The American Pediatric Association names encouraging transgenderism in children as “child abuse.” “God made them male & female” for a reason. Children need to be able to define who & what they are to be able to understand their God-given roles into adulthood & parenthood.
    This is emasculation of boys & men. Combined with the sharp decline in sperm levels in men in the West, Progressives will be the first to effect their own extinction.

  31. I really don’t think that she’s hurting her children, I think she’s RUINING THEM!!! She should be prosecuted for CHILD ABUSE, CHILD ENDANGERMENT and anything else they can think of. She’s not doing this for her children, she’s doing it for her own selfaggrandizement! “Look at me, I’m so cool I”m WOOOKE! yay me!”

  32. I have read the BIBLE and nowhere can i find that if something dangles between the legs, yep! It’s a boy! If a slit and nothing dangles? Hey! You got a beautiful girl!
    and it does not say that a female cannot have a dangle only if a man is damaged in the stones he becomes a non person just as a woman is not a person but chattel

  33. Islam agrees with you LGPT non persons deserve only death throw them off a roof or stone them to death
    what if a majority of people were not christian would it be OK if they voted to kill all Christians would that be within their right
    Is turn about fair play how about freedom of religion you go to your church I go to mine you believe in a book about an invisible man in the sky that wants to burn every one that does not love him
    mine says if you want to be different OK I love you anyway

  34. Disgusting. Is there a father around? Is he a man or a wuss? I think that Child Protective Services should take her kids from her because she is nuts. With all these crazy women screwing up these poor kids, we will have a society in 20 years of do nothing idiots who cannot function as human beings. This is worse then hell for these poor children.

  35. what gender does she identify with? seems she knows she is a female but wants to screw up her kids mentaly.

  36. Barbara didn’t say she was even referring to the Bible. More than likely what she sees is what she sees she being female and men being male not some made up definition of male and female of homosexuals who want and like males not females. LGBT is not going to give anything to females unless they are LGBT lesbians. You also have to put the context of any writing in the times it was written. DNA of today says a male is still a male whether or not he can produce children and a woman in Jesus’ time was a female human not chattel as chattel is animals. Jesus gave women equality to men more so than the world he was born into as many early churches were led by women.

  37. Considering how badly radical religionists e.g. many denominations of Christians and Muslims have screwed up their kids (often literally), I don’t see anyone else who could do worse.

  38. You are SOOOO right, Lee Sullivan! What about the babies these demons are murdering?, men marrying men, women, visa versa, now even parents asking their kid, what they wanna be, boy or girl, teachers teaching on sexuality of different sexes, men becoming women, and women/ men… DISGUSTING PIECES OF VERMIN, WHO WILL BURN IN HELL! If God ( which I doubt will do that ), doesn’t come back soon to judge this pile of garbage called ‘ earth ‘, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!

  39. Oh brother. What a stupio!!! There is a difference between a girl and a boy and anyone that thinks differant is completely NUTS. Even animals abnd plants know the difference!!!

  40. Hey Leftists, I’m here to help you out with the Science!
    Remember how you Leftists always claim that Conservatives are unscientific?
    Scientifically Listing All the Known Genders
    (1.) xx chromosome
    (2.) xy chromosome

    That’s all I got, you will need to SCIENTIFICALLY PROVE the existence of the remaining 61 assorted pronouns and genders! Then you must scientifically define those characteristics!
    Please name them all. And explain how they all incorporate the same two genitalia.

    A MALE can never become a “girl”!
    Just because you dress like a “girl” have breasts like a “girl” because of drugs and/or surgery, have a simulated ‘vagina” because of surgery, He will never have any of the internal female organs that would make HIM a true GIRL!
    The exact same goes for FEMALES who believe they are, or want to be Males!

    Many children change their minds later, but if a “Loving” Parent has had them physically or chemically “castrated”, it’s much too late! Enabling stupidity is stupid… and cruel!
    Show neither OVERT “Support” or “Condemnation”, let the kid work it out for themselves!
    BTW: There is no such thing as Transsexual, or gender dysphoric only people with mental problems!

    When you come right down to it the so-called “Sex Reassignment Surgery” is nothing but Cosmetic Surgery! Just self-neutered people, who become neither male nor female… or anything else!
    No matter how or what you try: surgical sex organ mutilation, drugs, change your name, hairstyle, and clothing, or whatever, you just can’t reverse engineer those xx and xy chromosomes into something else. The internal organs are not replaced, they are removed or altered into some ersatz NON-FUNCTIONING component! Only the APPEARANCE of the outer organs is what is changed! You are now gender-nullified, neither male nor female. Self-castrated! Your ‘sexual experience’ in your newly chosen preferred “gender” will be far distant from the pleasures of what is considered as ‘normal and natural’. God Himself gave those chromosomes to you at the moment of your conception.

    In a sexual species, there are two sexes, MALE and FEMALE.
    99.93% of all humans have either the XX or XY sex chromosomes, the remaining 0.07% are mutations. Or less than 14.3 out of one million people!
    Being one sex and thinking you’re the other is a psychological disorder.
    Mandating a widespread enabling of a psychological disorder is sociopathy.

    Leftists think that injecting cattle with growth hormones is evil, but injecting kids with hormones to “change their gender” is just fine! Once again proving Leftism is a mental disease!

  41. The lgbt movement is bound and determined to eliminate girl’s/women’s sports in American schools!!!
    The male students who are allowed to “claim” female as their “gender” without making any changes to their bodies and beat the real females due to their stronger/faster male bodies will soon crowd real female athletes out of their chosen sports because of their gender based physical superiority.

  42. I try very hard to understand different points of view that are other than my own. But there is so much going on in this world I simply can’t understand or condone. For example: Why is it so important to be gender fluid, I mean what is the purpose of raising a child without an identifiable gender? What do these parents hope to gain by this? How do they think this kind of rearing is helpful to their child? And, why are there people like transgenders? They are not gay, are they? So what are they thinking? I mean what does being transgender really mean. I fail to understand the purpose of all this gender questioning. If you are born male then you are a male if you are born female then you are a female, all the changing of this and that doesn’t make any sense to me. And I am glad my parents didn’t try to change me, I am happy being a female, I don’t now, never did, nor ever will have a desire to be a male. I can’t imagine questioning my gender. I loved being able to give birth, and have a sexual relationship with my husband who also is more than satisfied being his birth gender and frankly so am I. Tee Hee. I think it’s such a waste of human exchange to try to change one’s gender or change the structure of humanity. Since the dawn of time, it’s been, man and woman, there’s nothing in-between. There’s no he shes or him hers. You are either a him or a her, a girl or a boy. So why is it so dang important now to change everything? What do these people want to accomplish? Would someone please explain this stuff to me. thank you.

  43. It’s called indoctrination. Get them while they’re young so that the minority will become the majority. So sad. Stop supporting these folks. Don’t buy their music, don’t pay to see their movies and don’t purchase the products they endorse. Mess with their money and popularity and they’ll shut up.
    Why is Alec Baldwin still working? He called Trump supporters ‘smelly wal mart shoppers’ yet he’s still on tv and making movies. Don’t they sell their movies in wal mart? I go to wal mart periodically and there are an eclectic array of wonderful Americans who should be appreciated and respected and among the shoppers various political parties are represented. What a hateful thing for him to opine. There’s power in the dollar, unfortunately. So let’s make it work for us.


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