What this Hollywood star just did to a beloved Christmas song will make you sick


Feminists don’t know where to draw the line.

They think everything is sexist and misogynistic.

But what this Hollywood star did to a beloved Christmas song is too far.

Miley Cyrus appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show and gave a feminist rendition of “Santa Baby.”

She proclaimed she can “buy her own damn stuff,” and asked Santa for “equal pay.”

She even goes so far as to ask Santa to ensure she won’t have her a** grabbed at work.

This is coming from the pop star that made “twerking” famous.

The Daily Wire writes:

In an appearance on Jimmy Fallon this week, singer Miley Cyrus gave the classic “Santa Baby” a feminist makeover by transforming it into an empowerment anthem about an independent woman who has already bought everything for herself and instead asks Santa for equal pay and #MeToo assurances. The song begins:

“Santa, baby, I hear you’ve got some presents For me, Miley I’ve been an awfully good girl, Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa, baby, I don’t fancy any fancy jewelry, not me I’ve got something else in mind, Santa baby, and I don’t need your presents tonight.

Don’t want diamonds, cash or stocks nothing that comes in a box no more fluff, I’ve had enough and I can buy my own damn stuff.

Santa baby, I’ve got a baller car of my own. No loans. And I bought it myself. Santa baby, with zero help from Elf on the Shelf.”

The song concludes with Miley demanding equal pay and that creepy men “put away their chimneys” on Christmas.

“Listen Santa to what I say A girl’s best friend is equal pay. Stop interrupting me when I talk. And don’t text me pictures of your–

Santa baby, I’d love to know my a** won’t get grabbed. At work. By some ignorant jerk. Tell the dirtbags, to put away their chimneys tonight.

Sorry, Santa. Just put away your chimney tonight!”

You can watch the bit here:

Feminists like Miley Cyrus just live in their own fantasies.

Even though their claims of unequal pay and institutional sexism have been debunked, they continue to mouth the same tired cliché rhetoric.

And the worst part about this is that Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly your model citizen.

In 2009, she was pole dancing like a stripper on a teen’s choice awards show. In 2013, she was essentially dry humping Robin Thicke on stage for a music awards show.

She is a prime example of the hypocrisy that comes from feminist circles.

They demand everyone listen and obey their cultural marxist demands to create a “progressive” society.

But they in turn act like hooligans and disgrace themselves.

Do you think feminism has gone too far? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Anyone that thing’s she has it have been lost in space to long. If she born in my family she would be on her own.

  3. She obviously lost it when she was doing her TV show. I wonder how often she might have been sexual abused since her behavior since seems to indicate it.

  4. Will you leftists leave us alone? If you want to do that polically correct nonsense then be my guest but leave the normal world alone. You have no right to shove your obnoxious ideas on everyone else. You can’t deal wit h the real world so go back to your cribs and wait for mommy to change your diaper, hand you your pacifier and get your bottle ready. When you'[re ready to grow up let the adult world know.

  5. I hardly think that Santa Baby is a “beloved Xmas song”!! Get off your “fake” expressions of surprise!! This is a solution looking for a problem.

  6. I thought all Miley ever wanted was to get her ass grabbed and by any gender. She is as perverted as anyone I have ever seen.

  7. She does raise a point about equal pay. A woman gets paid .77 cents for every dollar a man gets paid for doing the same job. That is a proven fact, whether you want to hear it, or not. Also, women do get sexually harassed in the work place. Let’s not forget that Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly lost their jobs because of it. So has Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and Les Munves, to name a few. Is her behavior appropriate all the time, no. That still doesn’t excuse a guy for sexually harassing or assaulting a woman, either. The guy needs to keep his hands to himself.

  8. Who cares what MC, JC or any other big mouth liberal has to say about anything? MS sure isn’t anyone I would want my daughter to follow after since she is no role model for any normal girl. COME ON PEOPLE she has done some really horrible things so who cares what she has to say??

  9. Miley Cyrus is a small little girl that just happened to be able to sing a little and it has gone to her hear.
    She has become a low life and flaunts herself everywhere she goes. I don’t know what she has that she is so proud of . She is a low mouth small minded moron

  10. Not just the demented hoe Cyrus but almost all of Hollywood makes me sick because they are godless hedonists. There are a few, very few, that actually know about the real world and have their feet planted firmly on the ground. Like most of them the democrats are off in space and truly despise this country and those of us that inhabit the greatest country in the world.

  11. Some people are just plain disgusting – period – and Miley Cyrus, along with most of Hollywood, fit into that description. They’re lower than the sewer rat. Sadly, her dad Billy Ray, said he was proud of her even after she displayed this vulgar sick side. The devil sure has played a trick on all of them. The end will not play well for them.

  12. Big must be really proud of her. Next she will be putting aoldiers down, the very ones Billy Ray sang about when he sang “Some Gave All

  13. On stage she has encouraged people to reach up and touch her privates, and displays every suggestive sexual emotion/actions that she can and then comes on Kimmel and says she’s against any song that in her deranged/crazy mind may be suggestive??? OMG! What a hypocrite. She and Milano both are insults to the female gender. Both needs intensive therapy!

  14. I wish they would leave the songs alone. They have been around for years and no one ever had bad things to say about them. I think these people should get a life. I also believe they have an inferiority complex.

  15. Well, Miley wanted to leave her squeaky clean Hannah Montana persona behind. I’d say she has succeeded. Traded in Hanna Montana for, what is probably the “real’ Miley; TRAILER TRASH!

  16. The pay difference was proved to be a lie back in the 1990s. When a person pay is determined it is based upon the job and years of experience. The claim that women are paid less is comparing age not years of experience. When years of experience are used in the comparison women are paid the rate. When women did not leave the work force to have children it was found the women tended to make $1.01 for each $1.00 the man made. As Benjamin Disraeli pointed out:

    There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

  17. you sound like a fantazing ass grabber who gets off on miley” the prostitute who gives her body to men and women” just to get attention for her name plastered all over. she doesn’t sing she howls like a female cat in season for a mate.!!!!!!

  18. Her behavior is why I suspect she is victim of sexual abuse. Her behavior is the type of behavior people who have been sexual abused often engage in.

  19. She definitely is a sick young woman. I agree that her dad agrees with everything she does. He is probably just like her and thinks anything she does is cute!

  20. That is what I wrote a few paragraphs back!! I’ll bet most of you don’t even know when it came out and who sang it!!! Challenge here – who knows the answers???

  21. I don’t think about them at all. When I see an a-wipe like her, I put her on the page with the NFL, with a little luck she and the NFL will be bankrupt about the sametime

  22. The best version is the original by Ertha Kitt, 1953 or so/ Madonna also charted with it a few years back but there’s no comparison

  23. I agree shes not a star in my eyes just a piece of garbage.She should sing that to Jimmy Kimmel he made his money grabbin azz and puttin his hand down his pants and degrading women like he still trys to degrade the The Trump ladies i hope he pizzes the President off enough to pull his azz off tv This bag can take a classic song and destroy it because its sexist how much more sexist can you get Like Kimmel Fallon and the rest of those so called late night host and theres shes sitting with one These idiots made a living exploiting women Maybe shes just jealious shes not as talented as people like Ertha Kitt Like to see Nicki minaj wipe the floor up with her i buy tickets to see that.

  24. No the problem is this young nasty dumb azz with her buck teeth flaunts her body goes on stage half naked trys to bully other stars can disrespect a classic singer whos song the older generation happens to like, thats the problem if its no big whoop then why change it in the first place

  25. She’s NO longer a “Hollywood star”, & hasn’t been for some time. She makes the risque outfits that Cher used to wear, look Sedate!

  26. Well, now that she & Liam have married, perhaps, she’ll tone it down a bit.
    I’m shocked he is with her after 10 years. He must see something we don’t,
    or perhaps, out in public, it’s all an act. I congratulate them, & hope they stay happy.
    He comes from a great family.

  27. Well, now that she & Liam have married, perhaps, she’ll tone it down a bit.
    I’m shocked he is with her after 10 years. He must see something we don’t,
    or perhaps, out in public, it’s all an act. I congratulate them, & hope they stay happy.
    He comes from a great family.

  28. She’s not the only one. Our country is turning black and blue instead of red, white and blue because of her and all that promote her. What we really need is more bible talk like “Jesus is the reason for the season” and X out the X and put Christ back into Christmas.

  29. That’s funny — rub my pu**y but don’t grab my a** — hilarious. I doubt either are worth touching. She is a nobody trying to get in the spotlight with her total BS.

  30. Feminists like Miley Cyrus is the most disgusting POS who should be banned from any form of entertainment, she sucks as an entertainer and a person. DISGUSTING FEMALE…..

  31. Seems she still has a lot of growing up to do. She did a talk over in the animated film “The Star” Too bad baby Jesus did not impress her that discrimination against Santa is racist.

  32. Absolutely feminists have gone Bizerk to put it mildly! Exactly you hit the nail on the head Marxists with progressive agenda no absolute right or wrong no evil no sin! God forbid you say the sin word no sin everyone is basically good? Yeah right if we are soooooo good then why do we murder in cold blood hundreds of thousands of babies annually? Because we are all l filthy rotting wicked evil SINNERS capable of another Hitlers/Germany that need salvation and a renewed bible mind!

  33. “National hatred is something peculiar, you will always find it strongest and most violent where there is the lowest degree of culture”. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, renowned author of the poem “Faust” could not have been more prophetic, especially of the times we live in today.

    This young woman is a victim of a devolving ever expanding secular culture, one that has been corrupted by the Left. They deny religious liberty, and have no respect for the sanctity of life, traditional values, and the Judeo-Christian heritage that is the foundation of this great country.

  34. eric likes $luts that show their mental azzes as well as their flesh ones.. especially on TV.. the democrapo pervert parasite party will probably hire the hore for their campaign in 2020. Hoping to see the senior ho running again… well not actually running she has difficulty is simply standing up and talking simultaneously… MAGA MAGA

  35. yeah mike great comments, but much like the leftist fish wrap monthly that we get in out great city it seems to be filled with only complaints about GOP… oh that is right mike the democrapo pervert parasite party aholes are all actually angels… I have that now.. wow I almost thought that you were sharing a “complete list”…

  36. Unfortunately for this chic she will only be paid what those who employer feel she is “worth” to them. Since
    I wouldn’t waste a single penny on ANYTHING she is selling – she has no value!!! If she is making an attempt
    to identify with the working women of America – that is a big joke!!! She has made a freak of herself but
    if the attention and what money she makes is worth it, she should thank God there are people dumb enough
    to fork over hard earned money for her brand of trash!!! So boring to see people still capitalizing on bad
    behavior and little talent!!!

  37. Miley who? This talentless, foul mouthed twit is to be pitied. What is she going to do if she grows up, runs out of dirty words and can;t twerk anymore? Does she have any discernible talent?

  38. “X” is a perfectly legitimate symbol to use for christ. It comes from the past (way past), when early christians used it to represent christ. So no need to forego using it today!!

  39. This woman is a Lost Soul she is bound for hell if we don’t impress on her her need for a SAVIOR and LORD or if she closes her heart to GOD she will live eternally in Hell and her torment will never end so GOD help her see the truth before it is too Late, for her it may be already too late then grieve for the ruined life, and grieve for all those who follow her example.

  40. John your comment is so rght! God is a loving, forgiving God, the only true God, but he can be a God of wrath when he’s had enough! Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? If not, find a Bible and look it up and learn what did and can happen when you forget God and indulge in all kinds of evil, vulgar acts along with a foul mouth. He will forgive us our sins but we have to do our part and stay in His Word. It’s not hard to be good, you have to work hard to be bad!

  41. Actually, that’s not true. I worked in electronics for most of my life. I’m now 62. But in one job that I was working, with 20 years of experience, a young man was hired in the same position for the same job. After he was on the job for about three weeks, I found out he was making $1.33 per hour more than me. That adds up to $53 and change per week, approximately $213 per month, and that adds up to a whopping $11,065 more per year. And that doesn’t bring into consideration the opportunity for 20 plus hours per week of overtime pay. And I’ll tell you, this kid was slower than molasses in January. He couldn’t, or, wouldn’t put out product in a timely manner at all. If I did that, I would have been sacked no matter what my experience level was. Oh, he knew the difference between a capacitor and and resistor, but that was about it. And he certainly could not sub from one department to another. I could wire, gold plate, QC, and layer boards. But HE got $1.33 MORE than I did. I guess his resume looked better than mine.

  42. I’m sorry……about $2800.00 per year…….I was also calculating something else for someone else at the same time….but that’s still quite a bit of cash


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