What This Hollywood Actress Admitted About Her “Transgender” Child Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Hollywood is the beacon of so-called “progressive” ideology.

And Charlize Theron is hellbent on living by progressive “values” and telling the rest of the world how they ought to be living as well.

But what she recently admitted about her “transgender” child will make your jaw drop.

Charlize Theron is a mother of two.

She confessed that her first child, who was, in fact, born a male, is being raised as a girl.

“Yes, I thought she was a boy, too,” the 43-year-old admitted to the Daily Mail. “Until she looked at me when she was three years old and said, ‘I am not a boy!’”

The child told Theron at the very mature age of three years old that he didn’t feel like a boy.

And Theron, being the adult in the room, concurred with the child – who was likely barely potty trained and just learning to speak basic sentences – and started raising her son as a female.

Theron would clothe him in dresses and who knows what else.

“My job as a parent is to celebrate them and to love them and to make sure that they have everything they need in order to be what they want to be,” she added, “and I will do everything in my power for my kids to have that right and to be protected within that.”

Theron has no doubt received lavish praise from the LBGT community in Hollywood for her “bravery.”

But she’s also received some heavy backlash.

Turning Point USA’s Communications Director Candace Owens lambasted Theron on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time a parent in Hollywood has taken these bizarre progressive ideologies too far.

In fact, as Culture Watch News previously reported, actress Kate Hudson confessed she’s raising her children with a “genderless” approach.

What do you think? Do these parents’ actions amount to child abuse?

Let us know in the comments.


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  3. John’s Hopkins has said that transgender is a mental disorder. All these crazy ppl messing up their kids.. one day they will get away from these crazy parents and realize it was their narcissistic mental disorder that caused this.
    They want to be noticed and be popular so bad.. I just see them as all back patterns out of touch with reality.

  4. Many kids that are put in the position these children are in commit suicide between the ages of 13 and 25 years of age. As far as I’m concerned, this is child abuse. A 3 year old doesn’t know boys from girls. When I was very young I told my parents I was a cat!

  5. Never heard of her and her story stinks to high heaven. I’m sure that this twisted celebrity wanted a girl and decided to raise him that way. What a wench!

  6. Where is Social Services? What they are doing is child abuse but these Hollywood Freaks don’t know any better!

  7. These Hollywoodland morons claim to believe that science proves Carbon Dioxide, a gas that is a mere tiny fraction of our atmosphere, is a pollutant. They evidently do not realize that CO2 is an essential for all plant life, without which, nothing would grow. These same Hollywood morons would refute the FACT that DNA is immutable. There are only TWO sexes among ALL species which CANNOT be reversed. Thinking otherwise is an aberration. If a grown being wants to dress and/or mutilate their body to conform to that aberration, that is their aberrant choice and we may humor them. To deliberately promote such behavior in a child who is without knowledge or reasoning judgment is Child Abuse. To re-iterate, DNA is immutable. Acting or thinking otherwise is fallacious.

  8. people like these need their children removed and be sterilized where they cannot have anymore and put on child abuser list

  9. So a 3 year old TELLS her parents what he/she wants to be? Give me a break.. What 3 yr. old would even KNOW about gender unless they are drilled on it every day? We have all known that whorely-wood is loaded with nothing but misfits but to do this to a child is the worst I have ever heard.. They should not be allowed to even have children.. They are HATEFUL, IGNORANT IDIOTS..

  10. What does a 3 year old know?! How can they make such a life-altering decision when they can’t even fix themselves a healthy meal. Or dress themselves properly for the day; or a slew of other things. This mother didn’t care enough for the child to make an effort to be an adult.

  11. Perhaps we need to raise the bar for being trusted with children. Charlize sounds like an attractive fruitcake. The fact that she was letting her child decide something like this at three shows how damn stupid she is.

  12. If my 3 year old told me he wants to kill someone, should I lure somebody to my house so he can be a killer like he wants to be? You would say, no, that’s sick! Well lady, that is sick also. What does a 3 year old know? Nothing. They will be learning things all through their lives. Be an adult and guide him to do the right things, which are not necessarily the things he wants.What is this world coming to?

  13. What the public thinks is none of our business how a parent raises their child. We all should stay out of this and mind our own business.

  14. Not only do they NOT deserve to have children but they do need psycho therapy… the child will grow out of it… but this kind of parent is sick for life… and the child (with these mental disabilities will probably kill the parent later when they discover the ill deed that was without rational thought thrust upon them, was WRONG!!
    And it will then destroy several people’s lives…. DON’T MEDDLE WITH WHAT GOD GAVE YOU!!!
    thanx….. rich

  15. wow, so nutty Cynthia Lucas. This child will soon be a grown-up. So what do the rest of us normal ppl refer to him/her/it as in a few years, hmmmm?

  16. I’d be surprised if she wasn’t still Breastfeeding Him or her or it I mean The Child!!!

  17. You are as bad as they are. These kids should be protected from their own parents who are morons!

  18. A 3 year old saying that? BS, that is a frigging disgusting lie. That was mommy making a sickening choice what she wanted her kid to be. I’m EXTREMELY fed up with having the nauseating crap stuffed down our throats till we’re choking we are SO SICK OF IT. Holy *hit send those sickening disgusting ugly repulsive hideous gross mistakes in life back in the closet PLEASE! They very literally make me want to throw up. Us having to look at their extremely hideous faces should be against the law and they need to be informed that they’re damned sure not special and DO NOT deserve to be treated like they are. They are committing sins AND CRIMES! But of course that’s being overlooked- anything anyone else does is overlooked- but my goodness look out if we did something! I’m gonna get gross here, the next time I am ‘faced’ with one of their ugly faces I seriously think I will throw up on “it.”

  19. There was a female counselor who worked with parents of a 5-yr-old boy who had been acting like a girl since he was three, insisting he was one. At the first counseling session, he put down the truck he had been given and grabbed a doll. What was finally discovered was this – when he was three, his mom gave birth to a special needs girl. The parents had to spend most of their time with her because of that. The boy blurted out during the session that in order for his mom and dad to love him he had to be a girl! How many kids have experienced something similar that has confused them about their gender? Probably every one who later thinks they’re not the gender they were born to be. We have got to do something to stop this evil being perpetrated on our young, helpless and innocent children. It’s definitely child abuse.

  20. Could it get any more stupid?!!
    The parent needs to steer the child away from dangerous and false beliefs so they can grow without actually thinking they are a mermaid or a gender other than what they were born as.
    The world is hard enough just getting a child adjusted to acquire an education that will allow them to be productive and hopefully happy adults.
    Our school systems do not help to make this any easier with the rediculous stuff they think they need be pounding into a kids head.
    Do not screw your kids up by encouraging them to believe boys are girls and girls are boys or if you want you can just decide that for yourself on a daily basis at age six, for crying out loud.
    Teach them to be hard working, respectful and self confident people and get them interested in reading, writing and STEM.
    Then, after they are grown up and well adjusted in a great career, if they decide they want experiment in delusion, you’ll know you did the right thing.
    But, misleading your children into dealing with gender, transgender and homosexuality during the years when they have much more important things to get done, is child abuse, at very least it is child abuse.

  21. Transgender is a mental disorder, but what is really scary is whats up with the female mother of these children are claiming or letting them be what they feel or are told, this is total child abuse!!!! Put them in jail for child abuse or put the children in a good home!! Money doesn’t buy everything and certainly not happiness, are these people so unhappy with the sex there child was born as????????????

  22. Whats really sad is when are these parents going to start acting and being parents? A parent is there to point their child on the right path of life, not some made up fade that is genetically impossible, these parents need to grow up and get out of LaLa Land before they destroy their children by not being parents to their children, Whats next at 4 the girl born a bot tell’s these parents they want to start smoking? Wonder if they would let them, maybe if it where cool among their piers!!

  23. I believe MANY of these Hollywood freaks have literally ‘Sold their souls to the Devil.’ I don’t know how to explain the success some have had other than that. Think about it. There are Satanic messages and inuendo in almost everything Hollywood. Then there’s the rampant immorality, child abuse, idiotic globalist beliefs (FYI: the Bible prophesies an end times world government ultimately with the Antichrist running it…but only for a short time.) There is plenty of evidence all of this is true if you know what to look for.

  24. She and others like her are abdicating parenthood.
    If they don’t have the backbone to perform their parental responsibilities, they should give up their children.

  25. Very sad society we live in when we are silenced for speaking the truth. You who silence me will also be silenced by God on judgement day.

  26. Crazy world we live in. There is absolutely NO WAY that a 3 year old can in any way determine if they are/are not a boy or girl. Look at the parents! A child that young with a mother that looks like that would no doubt be confused about even breathing much less their sexuality, obviously because the “parent” doesn’t have a clue what or who they are! Leave it to a parent to screw up their kids with their own idiocy! Is it “child abuse”….that’s a tuff question because other than the fact that the “parent” is obviously WIERD with their own identity, they ‘may’ be wonderful loving parents otherwise caring for, feeding, clothing, nurturing, all the “good” things except the identity thing. I’ve seen very abusive parents to little ones I guess that could be worse (I don’t know which is worse for sure) but little 3 year olds are very impressionable and LOVE their mommies so much that a “strange” influence could confuse them terribly but….if the “rest” of the real love is there probably the child would grow up to make their own decisions about their identity. Who knows in this crazy world we live in now….things are certainly not like they were some years ago and the strange, inappropriate, deviant, and just downright (what used to be) wrong in todays society seems to be “right” for some people. Wish I had the answers but hey I have a nephew that I used to buy little cars for and play “boy” games with as a small child (and believe me he was in NO WAY influenced by my 30 year military brother and his wife) but Jordan who was such a cute little guy is now 30 years old 6’2″ and a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN…..Talk about SHOCK when I saw him/her last year for the first time in 10 years! Still kinda hard to wrap my head around this and still don’t understand it, but he had absolutely no weirdness like that in his life to make him feel like a female. Grew up with baseball, ruff and tumble activities with his brother, muddy shoes…all the “boy” things….I don’t know….

  27. Definite child abuse!! This country is going to hell in a hand basket! Lord have Mercy on us all! Keep your eyes on Jesus and keep sounding the alarms!!!

  28. Hollywood stars are always setting or following fads. It’s not so bad when they are stuffing a dog into a bag to take it with them every where they go, I mean the dog will eventually let its opinion on the idea be known–usually in the form of bad bathroom behavior. Unfortunately, since they are now following the fad of doing whatever their child wants and not only in regard to what they feel they are, they will end up very confused because the people who are supposed to be setting perimeters for a well adjusted child don’t know the perimeters themselves. This is child abuse committed by mentally deficient adults.

  29. There is no such thing as Transgender, it is homosexual and is learned behavior.

  30. Isn’t Charlize Theron the actress who was just complaining that she hadn’t had a date in 10 years (or something like that). She said guys out there need to, “grow a pair” and ask her out! I wonder how she explains this to her son who insists that he’s a girl; it must be extremely confusing trying to figure out who has to “grow a pair” and who doesn’t.

  31. I was so happy when one or more of the “women” who are running for Pres on the Dems side, said they won’t have children because the world will end in 10 years. I hope they are true to their word as any children they have will be as screwed up as they are.

  32. PEG
    Actually, I think it’s just another way for Hollywood’s crazies to call attention to THEMSELVES – not the poor kid who at 3 years old doesn’t know much about anything yet and that includes boy-girl differences.


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