What this Hollywood actor said about Jesus on Easter will make your jaw drop


Hollywood loves to pretend they are experts on the Bible when it fits their political agenda.

But this time they crossed a line.

And what this Hollywood actor said about Jesus on Easter will make your jaw drop.

This is isn’t the first time a big celebrity has tried to use Jesus to justify their extreme left-wing political agenda.

Alyssa Milano has even attempted to use Scripture to defend the practice of abortion.

But this time it was Mark Ruffalo who stepped in it.

Mark Ruffalo, the actor who plays the Hulk in the Marvel movies, claimed that Jesus was an “illegal immigrant” on Easter Sunday.

Breitbart reports:

Left-wing Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo got political in his Easter Sunday greeting, urging his fans to recall how Jesus Christ was an “illegal immigrant” — a flawed talking point frequently deployed to harpoon the moral argument for stricter immigration policies.

“Happy Easter! Never forget…Jesus was an “illegal immigrant,” Ruffalo tweeted to his nearly 5 million Twitter followers with a link from the Guardian about Jesus entitled, “The politics of Easter is powerful. Let’s not forget it.”…

However, not all evangelicals share this reading of the gospel of Matthew. “Egypt was a part of the Roman empire,” argues the Christian blog Pulpit & Pen. “This was essentially like Jesus fleeing from Ohio to Indiana. No sovereign boundaries were crossed, and they certainly weren’t crossed illegally.”

Ruffalo, is a Hollywood actor… not a Bible scholar.

He is also a radical leftist who enjoys using his fame to push his left-wing agenda on climate change and illegal immigration.

It shouldn’t surprise anybody that he is willing to lie about Jesus or something in the Bible if it helps make his point.

Christians quickly corrected him via social media, saying that Jesus Christ was not an illegal immigrant.

But it appears he has decided to ignore the facts, as he has not walked back his false statement.

Should Mark Ruffalo correct his statement over social media?

What do you think?


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  2. He is a commie aka democrat and he should be sent to GITMO for the rest of his miserable life.
    American: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  3. Those who reject Jesus know nothing at all about who He is or His great love and sacrifice for us. They have bought into satan’s lies

  4. Movie actors are ALL freaks living in their own fantasy world. Who cares what he, or any of them, think or say. After all, they are just carbon copies of every dem – weirdos incorporated.



  7. Most people claiming to know about Jesus cannot explain their evidence for God’s existence and why the Judeo/Christian Bible is the infallible inerrant Word of God. This is dealt with in a branch of theology known as Apologetics. Atheist, Agnostics, Skeptics and the cults have very good questions and opinions. Christianity has very good answers to their questions and opinions but unfortunately many Christian don’t feel a need to know the answers and proper responses. This is one of the key reasons the Christian Church has been neutered…most Christians don’t take part in The Great Commission because they have a “zeal for God but not according to knowledge.”

  8. Heaven help them all when they stand before their maker, they are filled with Satanic spirit.We need to pray for these people that they will see the light of Jesus.

  9. Mark Ruffalo just surprised me. I had a good impression of him but not any longer. How can someone be that stupid. Jesus would not have illegally entered another country knowingly. He would have already known so this doesn’t hold water either way you read it. Like Milano he is a fool.

  10. Given that most actors are not very bright (there are several exceptions, who stand out (e.g. Voight, Schwarzenegger, Ben Stein etc) I could not possibly care any less what this person thinks.

  11. to all the false prophets stop talking about jesus us christains know the true story about god dosent lie to us like you people

  12. just pray that this person sees the light, like Jesus said ” No man comet unto me unless he is drawn by the father”, many are deceived unfortunately unless you study your bible and ask God to show you the answers he will never know, so sad.

  13. Another DMF that if they had not told me who he was I would not have known. Mary and Joseph were traveling because the government told them they had to pay taxes. If these “illegal immigrants” were coming here to pay taxes that would be closer to this fools scenario. Anything that says Marvel or comes from Disney I will never pay money to see. One thing is good, Jesus was born to Mary. She chose not to abort him. I wish someone would have aborted Milano.

  14. Wow!
    All this vitriol in defense of one who told us to love our enemies.
    You deserve Jesus’ strongest condemnation; you are PHARISEES!

  15. Soon and VERY SOON these people will who know nothing about Jesus will have to meet him face to face.

  16. Just wait until Dems try and take 70% of their money in taxes and watch all these Hollywood morons come unglued. Its sad they all really have no agenda, just looking for attention and their names in the news.

  17. He is a nazi demonrat…thinks he is better than we republicans, and basically a tool. Another reason I don’t go to the movies…last time I went to lee child movie with child’s 6 ft3 protagonist with huge body, then a 5 ft 10 in actor came in, I wanted to barf….haven’t been back to movies since

  18. The way these people are turning away from God was written over 2,000 years ago to show us the signs of HIS COMING BACK TO JUDGE THE WORLD. Let not your hearts be troubled for these things must come to pass. It will not be a pretty picture when people who think and talk like this meets our Lord and Savior.
    Pray for America

  19. As long as we have people voting who have brains still undeveloped (full brain development occurs around early to mid twenties), & who have no skin in the game (property), who do not know our true history, who are clueless about our form of government, who can vote illegally, who can vote multiple times, and who are notorious spendthrift’s (women & feminist men, not all, not all) we will become another Venezuela. It”s only a matter of time.

    The latest Demcrap idea to destroy this country quicker is to give 16yr Olds the vote. Anything for a vote is the Lefirst (Commie-fascist way). The excuse is kids are smarter these days. That”s not reality it”s SJW, postmodernist wishful thinking at its best.

    Conservative’s have been selling us out to the Marxists & neo-Stalinists since Abe Lincoln. We are finnished. A real hostile invasion is occurring at our Mexico border, a genuine act of war. We are in a disastrous situation. The National Guard is not well deployed under full power of the POTUS as far as I know, but it will have to be on full wartime deployment & backed up by full US military, wartime status before there is a solution. The wall is not going to work. It will work in 4yrs but we need the job done immediately. The state of emergency is upon us.

    Under Lincoln the media was taken over, the government cleared of anti-war agents & the war commenced. It was a bad war by marxist-fascis crony capitalist agents to destroy States Rights, but it was the way to do it. Trump will have to do it that way. Otherwise the neo-fascist postmodern neo-Stalinists will finally rule us in a totalitarian nightmare.

  20. “Soon and VERY SOON these people will who know nothing about Jesus will have to meet him face to face.”

    How DARE you claim to know the mind of your “Lord and Savior”?

  21. This guy is an actor. That’s it.
    These people start to believe their own hype when they’re treated as more than “just an actor”.
    They like to think that when they have an agenda and start yet another attack on normal folks, what they “share” with us is a gift of their magnificence.
    “The politics of Easter” shows this guy has gone off the deep end and can’t function with rational adults anymore.
    There’s a number of actors I don’t watch anymore. Hasn’t bothered me in the least.
    Hurt these freaks in their wallet and maybe they’ll mind their own business and just stick to their job.

  22. Unfortunately there are too many that care what Hollywood has to say. Between Hollywood, the mainstream media and Rhinos the opposing silent majority has been too silent.

  23. As a talented actor and an American citizen he has the right to espouse his views. However like other left wing progressive individuals such as AOC, OMAR etc he should bone up on the accuracy of his claims. Most like him see themselves as being extremely relevant in today’s 30 second soundbite. Hillary, Bernie, Kamala, and others see themselves as the ultimate authority and know it all in all issues. A word to the wise. Keep working at your day job and forget about being a moral spokesman for all Americans. You are not and you will not be. You will remain popular as long as your film career is successful. Keep that in mind. Celebrity careers and influence, if at all, are ephemeral and short lived.

  24. Mark Ruffalo? A big actor? You mean he is fat? How is he a big actor, and who cares what he said about anythng? I wish these half brained people that post these arrivals actually knew what “big” meant.

  25. you know you cant fix stupid, all hollywood is a legend in their own minds and if they had a brain they could take it out and play marbles with it.
    thats how stupid they are.
    turd bird will get his in the end…… HELL

  26. You have no concept at all of who Jesus is, and it is very easy to know His mind. Read the New Testament. It’s in there.

  27. Why even bother with another Hollywood misfit. Ruffalo’s ignorance of the new testament and the life of Christ, is most likely based on the fact that he is a non-believer, and is using this sacred Holiday as a way of injecting his leftist agenda.

  28. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him and without Him was not any thing made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” John 1: 1-4. Jesus cannot be an illegal alien, He made the world.

  29. Jesus was born in Bethlehem Israel ! Family then fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s Death Order ! So in Egypt, yes he was a foreigner/seeking asylum, maybe ? In Israel the family members were Jurisdictional Citizens, and direct descendants of The House Of David !

  30. Ruffalo is NOT someone who’s “opinions” I relish on anything. Childish and irrelevant so no it doesn’t make my jaw drop. Just more blah, blah, blah by Follywood.

  31. Not only was he a citizen his Mother, his Father ,an his Brother,were citizens allso at that time,(AN MAY I ADD NO ONE KNEW WHAT OR WERE OR WHO A PALISTAIN WAS, becouse it wasent thought of intell after the fall of ROMEN IMPIRE) you see his family was ordered to Jurislem so they could get a exact CENSES of the jueish people.That idoit should know that couse thats HISTORY not just Relidgish facts.

  32. So much for the Hulk! He just made a total fool out of his self, and he lost a large audience, including me. No one with a brain will attend his movies.

  33. I have not much use for most of these so called actors, I guess he is entitled to his opinion but he will have to answer to Jesus at the end of days, I wonder if he thinks about that sometimes. God will not be mocked sooner or later we all have to answer for our deeds.

  34. Mark Ruffalo defended the homosexual Marc Lamont Hill after Lamont-Hill expressed pro-Hamas views in calling for Israel’s extinction! Even CNN found Lamont-Hill’s remarks to be repugnant and fired him, but Ruffalo defended Lamont-Hill! For that, Ruffalo is an automatic homosexual!

  35. Why are you people trying to justify Jesus, our Christ? These imbeciles are burning in hell, and I can’t wait! These morons a sacrilegious! And THEY WILL PAY, NO DOUBT IN MY MIND!!

  36. ALL who have even a mustard seed of faith come back to Jesus He still loves you. There are so many negative things about Jesus on here from the devil that has to stop. Nothing will stop Jesus from loving us. Jesus does not have to PROVE anything that was done long ago on the Cross. Thank you Jesus forever and forever AMEN

  37. I remember seeing Mark Ruffalo on TV and he was a nobody, had small parts. Now he is suppose to be a big star, what an idiot he is. Nobody really cares what he or any of those Hollywood types think. I haven’t been in a theater since I saw Mel Gibson in the Edge of Darkness, which was a good film, from then on all they know how to make are sleazy movies with most of the liberals who hate our President, and should be locked up for saying such things. They have threatened him, and if they had done those things with Obama, they surely would have gone to jail. Worst President we ever had. All they can make now are the movies with the F word, which unless it is in there they can’t get the young people to go. Most of these late night anchor’s are as bad as the Hollywood type. Discussing people, all of them. Unchristian.


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