What this Gold Star mom said about Colin Kaepernick will put tears in your eyes


Colin Kaepernick constantly disrespects the U.S. flag.

This has resulted in him angering millions of patriotic Americans.

But what this Gold Star mom said about Kaepernick will put tears in your eyes.

Colin Kaepernick moved from being a barely known, mediocre football player to a far-Left hero overnight when he refused to stand during the national anthem.

But since he first made that stand, he has lost his spot in the NFL, and is instead living off of a multi-million-dollar marketing deal with the shoe company Nike.

And using his influence in the company, he forced them to pull a shoe featuring the Betsy Ross American flag.

In response to that, Gold Star mom Amanda Jacobs had a few choice words for Kaepernick while speaking at the Independence Day “Rally For Freedom” in Washington, D.C.

From Jacobs’ speech:

That’s what we are here for today — not because, you know, I wanted to be a Gold Star mom. I got gold stars in school for making grades. But this Gold Star that I wear every day isn’t for me. It’s because of what my son chose to do — without my permission, trust me. I have a 17-year-old that is doing the same thing, and it’s because of what they believe.
I hear these Marines that come to my house — and they stay for four days, you know I’ve got 30 Marines that sleep on my floor, and it’s great — but they tell us that the only thing that kept them going is when they could look up and see that flag. They had hope to go back home to, and a hope that this country was going to change for the better — not for the worse.

You can watch the entire speech below in a video provided by Breitbart News:

The last words of her speech were not covered in the video, but may be the most touching of all.

“My son’s words were, ‘Mom, I’m not fighting for the ones in the White House. I’m fighting for you and my brothers in this yellow house,’” she said.

Jacobs’ son had more bravery and respect than Kaepernick ever will.

And everytime Kaepernick attacks the American flag, he is attacking heroes like him who lost their lives for their country.

What do you think of Colin Kaepernick?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. What do I think? That Kaepernick is a spoiled, immature ,man baby that doesn’t deserve to even visit our country, let alone live in it!!He shames so many hard working, patriotic African Americans that do not support his pathetic views or antics!With every move to try and strengthen our government and keep our country something to be proud of , you have someone like him trying to drag it down. Instead of thanking GOD he was able to draw a huge paycheck just for playing a sport, he’d rather call himself an “activist”now to justify his disrespectful actions. .But in reality he’s nothing but a bully and a thug.. The minute he took a knee that day, I knew he would invoke a movement that was totally unnecessary…

  3. I would also like to state ,that Gold Star mom, who’s heart was breaking at the loss of her son, only showed love and support for the country he died defending.Something these radial liberals should consider before they come on these blogs blasting President Trump and disrespecting this country.But that’s too much to hope for. Because their party( now) has nothing to do with decency and respect and for the people, they represent.Its about hate and destroying( like innocent babies under the guise of pro-choice) any thing decent and right.

  4. What makes you think this coward has a brain. He is a poor excuse for a man. His mom even knew he would never amount to anything thats why she had the good sense to put him up for adoption. I and we should feel sorry for the lady that adopted this pitiful clown.

  5. I wonder how he would like living in a country that would not give him the right to express his opinions. Try to get away with your expressing your way of thinking in another country- you’d be behind bars, or maybe worse. Appreciate the freedoms someone fought for us, if you don’t, try living in another country and see how you’d be welcomed

  6. I’m retired military of 21 yrs. He is nothing but a piece of garbage and always will be.

  7. Patrick Cross Do you have any idea what a bullet costs? I always buy them whole sale and I still would not waste one on Kaepernick!! Then you expect me to shoot him in the brain! Are you mad? I am a great shot but I am not that good!! I would much rather use my rifle and conduction bayonet drill on that piece of fecal mater and work off alot of calories I need the exercise!!

  8. A washed out wannb football player protesting something that dosen’t even exist should never open his mouth. All clowns like him can do is cry, whine and complain so the fake news will put them in the news. The people who listen to him are brain dead

  9. If it weren’t for the corrupt media giving these low life anti-Americans attention, we’d not have such division and spread of hatred.
    It’s a shame what this country has come to.
    MAGA. Make America Godly Again!!

  10. Why waste our time on that scumbag and concentrate on all the Americans who appreciate this country. If you have any repect for this country NIKE, you will disown this non american that you give millions to live on and get back to America. Give him a big fat 0 to live on

  11. That women is right on the button! I am a veteran and she is a patriot! Kaepernik is a crook looking to make money any way he can! And a DISGRACE!

  12. I think that those who buy any nike products are the bigger fools! Shame on him and the corporations that support such garbage.

  13. how many dum asses out there support his ass—- views ,expell that useless bastard , hes not worth a bullit ,why the media giving a rats ass about what his comments are anyway! hes antiamerican as they get!

  14. I came to this country over 20 years ago. everytime when I came back home from visiting overseas, once I saw the flag, or the flag simple at the custom check in, I felt that I came home. It made me felt safe and trust. whoever defame the flag, kick them out of the country. I bet you that they will be dying to see the American flag and beg for rescue them back to America.

  15. He should leave the country for the disrespect he shows too the US. the flag and all who stand for what this country is. He’s nothing but a useless mophead that should be trashed .

  16. Ditto, Raymond Doris. Like you, I am also a 21 year retired military man. That scumbag Crapperdick doesn’t deserve the attention everybody gives him. When he started pulling this crap I quit going to NFL games and I also quit watching them on TV. I love football but I love my flag and my country more. I will get my football on Saturdays. Thank you for your service.

  17. He and his counterparts that play women’s soccer need a taste of countries that don’t have the freedoms we get in the USA. Then maybe, just maybe they would respect our flag and our country. I don’t believe they should be jailed or thrown out of our country. That would make them right and us wrong. Our country believes in free speech. Too bad the speeches and actions are sometimes made by numbskulls like them! The best we can do is stand up for our flag and our soldiers. Let the military and all the first responders know how much we appreciate them. Tell them whenever we see them. Shake their hands and thank them. Millions of us compared to one or two of them. Also, don’t shop at the companies that sponsor them. Hurt them where it hurts the most – in their pockets!

  18. This POS is exactly why he and his leftist handler support Abortion so strenuously, if his mother had been a loyal leftist follower, we wouldn’t have this POS in this world, hes a perfect poster boy for late term abortions. Even by talking about his actions make this 100% disabled veteran want to pick up arms and fight him, his corrupt and immoral handlers, as well as the terrorist Media that publishes their hatred of this country that has given so many the love, help, safety, and a country they can believe in to grow and be free. Start the deportations with the hate filled left along with the criminals that have breached our boarders without consent.

  19. If the morons get what they want they will regret it! No Nike products ever again. un-American company they are. Discussing sub human! Idiots, Traitors like most of our Government and media

  20. Piece of dung Colin has committed crimes against this country and should prosecuted accordingly. He has no moral foundation. Also, Nike, giving him a contract and a platform, is reprehensible. They should be targeted has an anti-American company.

  21. I AGREE WITH OUR FOUNDING FATHERS – HANG THEM FOR TREASON. We will save a lot of money by getting rid of these anti-American atheletes, men and women.

  22. A coward of the highest degree, who would never be able to compete with ANY of our Veterans of any stripe. You disrespect our Flag & Constitution, you disrespect every patriotic American past, present & future. Where is the Star Chamber when we need it most?

  23. I served 20 years in the military and served in Vietnam on mark 2 PBR,s which was hit by a 108mm rocket and killed 4 of the 6 men on my PBR. When going out on a patrol you never know what to expect and when you head back to your base its a wonder feeling to see your flag flying over your base. I always stand and salute our FLAG and kneel for the CROSS. I am 79 years old and I am still ready to serve my Country and my FLAG today. Don,t get me wrong at my age I could not serve in the front line but could replace a younger hero on a base so he or she could serve on the front line.
    For those who do not know when I enlisted back in 1958 10& of the population served in the military, today less than 5& are serving our Country and our FLAG. I will say nothing negative about Colin as those above me have already said every thing I would say. May GOD bless our Country and FLAG and all those serving in our MILITARY. Yours in Patriotism storming Normand

  24. What words do I have for Kaepernick and also the people who raised him? I can’t express them here because they are too strong but my heart bleeds for all the Gold Star Parents whose children paid the Ultimate Price so this horrible POS could express his Hate for America!! Cuba and Venezuela or Liberia would be perfect for him!!

  25. I quit buying nike years ago already. I got a pair of their shoes that was defective. There are other companies that make much better shoes. nike is overrated.

  26. Kaepernick , doesn’t deserve all this comment or attention. He’s a pretty stupid person. Not just about politics, history and philosophy, … he was gifted enough to become a Pro Football player, but not intelligent enough to make best use of that gift. He’s an idiot and only in the USA could he make the crappy comments he’s made and media content hungry whores to will do anything to sell advertisements. Nike can go bankrupt … hope they do.

  27. If the media would ignore him we would all feel grateful but the media delight in sowing controversy. He was a “never was” quarterback but gets more press than good patriots. I sold my Nike stock!

  28. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  29. I have never bought anything from this grossly over produced and useless corporation. I never will. Anyone who listens and pays mind to this over the hill athlete is as much of a moron as he is. Shame on you Nike. You have disrespected our brave soldiers for this piece of sh_t for brains.

  30. Ccolin K was a vulnerable young man with some athletic talent. His education was one-sided, i.e. California anti-US military. He lucked into a deal that provides him a living and a bully pulpit for a while…. at the total cost of his reputation for life. He is a young fool but he doesn’t know it, so it won’t do much good to lecture him. He probably thinks the fawning left-wingers around him are going to be there for ever.

  31. I always thought slaves knelt before their masters but free people stood, even before their God.
    He who willingly degrades himself does not deserve respect, only pity.

  32. That piece of crap isn’t relevant and he knows that, this is why he whines about the American flag blaming his dislike for it on police brutality when in fact he hates America.
    And incase nobody noticed the little POS in womens soccer is pulling the same crap and she’s angling to land a big money deal from nike also ,in my opinion nike products should be banned from all American sports because they are paying people and encouraging people to hate America.

  33. I have to tell you, that being 79 years old and a very active U.S. Marine, I acquired an extremely,
    extensive foul vocabulary. I have been some what successful in hiding that bad language. However, in the case of this miserable, arrogant, worthless, @$^#^%$^&I%*&#$T #%IU&^*$#YTQWWI$ it has been nearly impossible to hold back. I find my self out in the garage where no one can hear me, and I let loose with words that would make the devil himself cringe. Enough said.

  34. I agree. This person only thinks if himself. He should be thankful to the sons and daughters who have given their all for the flag of this country. Coming from a family of 5 generations of military members I challenge him to enlist and become a true hero.

  35. Charles Nix : I love college football. Stop watching the pros. Let’s let that league die.

  36. If he likes fighting against the social injustice to end then enlist him in the military like the Marines special forces so he can learn what is protesting against – the national pride in our military and what it does in protecting our daily life with peace and harmony – safe from those who want to attack us like what happened on 911. the Marines will teach him how to fight – fight for our country.

    When his forced enlistment ends and he still feels the same way then exile him from America!!

  37. it is fine to protest something, just not while on the job (most people would be fired for protesting while at work). We are free to say, and do anything because of the brave men and women that have fought for their and our country. Just try doing this in any other country and see what happens. If you do not like it here, can’t be respectful of the flag, president, other people just please leave. Shame on the NFL for not taking a “stand” and for Nike for paying him the big bucks for such distasteful actions. Shame on the media for keeping the hatred going, going, going…….. (Please just can’t get over the fact that Trump won over Hillary. The Democrats are out to kill this country!!)

  38. In 50 to 100 years when all these disrespectful cry babies either die or are to old to complain OLD GLORY will still be flying high. God Bless our Armed Forces and America!

  39. The longer Kaepernick stay in the USA
    I believe that something could happen
    to him or that Radical Girlfriend he has
    Cause the people won’t take anymore
    Of his B.S.

  40. Charles Nix,

    You reminded me of an old commercial where a young boy was unhappy about something – in comes his wise mother with their dog (also wise) beside her – they walked past the child like he wasn’t there. The poor little guy didn’t know how to get his mom’s attention so he threw himself on the floor, etc. to no avail…..

    Moral of the story, I bet he grew up to be a man.

    Maybe we should all ignore the creature that looks like a man but isn’t – unless and until he sincerely apologizes to all.

  41. Chris Aoussat, “Nike”made a BIG MISTAKE by giving the jerk a moment of their time. “Nike” condoned his behavior and therefor should take a hike.

  42. Marilyn,

    You made a point that I failed to make – “Shame on you Nike. You have disrespected our brave soldiers…………”

    Thank you.

  43. Jenny,

    Very beautifully said. We are lucky to have you and so many others that feel the same way you do about America.

    Be well.

  44. James,

    You may be physically disabled but it takes a real man like you to use your voice to defend innocent babies……..

    Too many males pretend they are standing by their partners’ ” right to choose”. But, in reality, they could care less about her rights and of course the baby’s but are too cowardly/miserly to accept responsibility and want to stay free to do whatever they damn well please without zero consequences.

  45. Normand Doyon,

    Thank you for your service Storming Normand.

    You were a very brave man at the young age of 17 or 18.

    God bless you and the USA.

  46. That ungrateful scumbag, needs to be fragged, he WILL get his, sooner than he thinks, Can’t wait to see it on the news that the filthy bastard was shot and killed by a sniper. Looking forward to it.

  47. Russell W. Ramsey,

    Obviously, too many lefties have invaded California (including liberal professors who were educated elsewhere) and have taken this once great state down. But there are still many of us Californians who will never be anti-US military but, are definitely anti liberal.

    Maybe you are too young to know or too old to remember that California probably lost more brave men and women defending our great country. You should not insult them or their loved ones.

    We should all pray for strength and common sense to unite against anyone who is unwilling to be thoughtfully loyal to our great country.

    Miracles do happen. God gave us, against odds, Donald J Trump, our President who is proving with great strength he loves America and works tirelessly to MAGA.

  48. Kilencven kilenc kibaszott mennydorgos kurva budos ruhos uristen bassza agyhelyen ezt a rothadt szarevo seggdugo Kaepernicket hogy dogoljon meg az osszes fajtajaval egyutt!

  49. Kat: Being a vet myself, I can tell you he would never do that. He is a coward.He loves all the freedoms our great country offers, but shames it every time he opens his mouth.As I stated earlier, he isn’t deserving of even visiting our country, let alone to live here..

  50. Kaepernick is a perfect example of the type people we need deported he has shown complete disrespect for the country that gave him his millions for throwing a football around and he condemns everything about this country personally I would like to see him loose Nike get his behind deported to someplace he feels in tune with. Would also be pleased to see Nike bankrupt. However that is a personal opinion and you are free to agree or disagree either is fine.

  51. Is there any way he could be sent to another country and see how he likes that and then forget to bring him back.

  52. As far as I know Colin was calling your attention to the fact that police was murdering many unarmed citizens. Nothing to do with the flag nor the Anthem. It is a shame that a lot of people missed the point.

  53. AIRBORNE! From a 30 year, disabled retire Vet who spent most of my military career in AIRBORNE units, 3 combat tours, 2 Purple Heart! Hang in there SOFIA. Would love hear some of those “choice words” from THE CORP. (Thought I heard a lot from my “Fellow Troopers” over a few beers; but could use some “New Material”)

  54. I am not a racist, I am an independent christian who believes that God made us all, and in the Bible it tells us we are not to judge others, we are to love them and treat them the way we want to be treated. However, over the past couple of years I have come to feel that people that have a problem with the freedom our Country gives us, the Vetrans that keep our Country safe, and the Flag that represents our FREEDOM should just leave and go to the type of Country that promotes their values, just get out of our Country or shut up and keep out of politics and others business. So kaepiernick (Notice I did not use Mr.) Get some black duck tape and use it on your mouth until you get out of our great Country!

  55. As another vet, I have to agree completely. He’s just a coward with a big mouth who should be shipped back to his ancestral home to see what a tough life it is there.

  56. Don Sofia….I acquired the same talent as a sailor and think as you do about the loudmouthed cowards of the left who have no respect for what has been provided for them under that flag. They can categorically go to hell in a hand basket.

  57. I think he should be drafted and sent to Afghanistan for at least 5 years duty.
    Maybe he will finally learn how to think.

  58. Kaperdick is completely anti American. Please leave now. His words ring hollow about POLICE brutality. Blacks 13% of the population commit 57% of all crimes. Kaperdick needs to address the black culture of violence. Not run our men in BLUE down. God BLESS AMERICA

  59. Colin k. Is a washed up, spineless has been! Nike must be pretty hard up to have a worthless has-been as their spokesperson. He should be shipped to a third world country and forgotten about. He is a disgrace to our country.

  60. Marge that is true, many serving us should not be in office. If hate America the door is open. Many have died for their /our freedoms. We don’t have a Democrat party any more, has been slowly taken over since 1940’s. This one would be taken over too, see what is waiting on the sidelines to overtake. The Universities, colleges other schools have been filled with those who have taught America is bad. Truth about America has not been taught as had to turn the youth against their country for the vote and take over of them too. Wake up young people, hate is not what America was about. Check and see how much help America has dished out around the world. People here have become afraid of work. One little boy said he didn’t have to get a good education as his dad got the check in the mail each month. Generation after generation. Not thinking of those who cannot work because of true need.. That can happen to anyone,

  61. Truth is the only time I can remember his name is when a fake news article comes out honoring some new atrocious act. to me only a fool would be impressed by someone working the public like he does to make a buck. What is interesting is many men died for his right to say a do what he is doing. Sort of an oxymoron when you think of it. Self hate seems to be the new thing. He hates the very thing that brings his freedom.

  62. I have not cared for him since he first took a jnee on the field and then spoke that it was for the injustices felt by many of the black men. As I see it, regardless of white, black, yellow or red, there are times we all may feel the injustices of the world but he and any of the other pro players should take some of their money and act to help those they feel are the ones rhey are kneeling for.

  63. In case you all don’t know it, K. is NOT BLACK, he’s what we call a sheep in wolf’s clothing. IOW, he’s nothing more than a ghetto wannabe. I am glad no other football team will pick him up; he wasn’t that good in the first place! And, as for NIKE paying him millions to promote their brand, I for one, will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from that compan EVER AGAIN. They are despicable, listening to that half-with Kaepernick and the power he seems to have over this company just astounds us. EVERYONE SHOULD BOYCOTT NIKE PRODUCTS NOW!

  64. Wouldn’t it be great if we could impeach him, cancel his citizenship, put an inner tube around his waist and drop him in the ocean about 50 yards from the North Korean shore while he’s wearing a defaced North Korean flag. Justice served on a platter to Kim Jong Un.

  65. He is very disrespectful and a bully troublemaker.
    The flag is part of our nation and the development of our country.

    If he is so unhappy find a country that will be perfect no flag, no police.
    He should be a man without a country. He does not deserve to call himself an American and live in the USA.


  67. Colin is not a football player he’s a wannabe, not good at all, so disrespecting our Country he made headlines because of leftist News, trying to force teams to hire him (Really) how bad is this Country becoming. Nike is not the same , everything is made cheaper just a name and they deserve Colin, but we don’t and if he hates this country go somewhere else, oh excuse me I’m being (Racist) no matter what I say I’m Racist . Nice word Dems have been using, I was always taught the one who points the finger is the one that is Guilty, so look who uses the word the most, can you Guess.

  68. In my view, Colin is a person who has an identity problem with himself. He wants to be relevant but he is the type of person who will throw a rock and hide his hand. In addition, he lost his job as QB because his skills were limited and he was no longer productive as a starting QB. This is sad.

  69. I was 34 miles from where Jane Fonda was doing her photo Op on
    a tank in Vietnam and now I re-living yet another dump-ass in present
    time doing the same damn thing to our country.
    I stopped watching pro-ball because of this Idiot.
    College ball Is now a good balance for me.

  70. Why would anyone buy a Nike after this. Something wrong with them and with “Niki” for putting up with such trash as him.

  71. I believe that Colin K. was raised by middle-class white parents, and actually never experienced any racial disadvantages at all, until he took Summer classes at UC Berkley and was “radicalized”.

  72. I think that Colin K is a SCREWBALL,
    After putting my life on the line for six years for our country and OUR FLAG, NIKE should be the Last Company anyone should buy from.
    I would no longer wear anything their LOGO stands for…..”HATE for our Flag and Country.
    I wish someone would give the “TURD” a haircut with a Baseball Bat.


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