What this former Obama official said about men having abortions will make your head spin


Democrats are becoming more far-Left than they ever have been.

At this point, reality doesn’t even matter to them.

And what this former Obama official said about men having abortions will make your head spin.

When it comes to the abortion debate, Democrats couldn’t care less about facts.

It is indisputable that the baby being killed is a living human being, but Democrats want you to believe that you aren’t a living human being until birth.

So it’s clear they are willing to spread mistruths to push their agenda.

But nobody expected presidential candidate and former Obama cabinet official Julian Castro to go even further.

During Wednesday’s Democrat presidential debate, Castro claimed that he will protect abortion rights for transgender women, who are not even able to become pregnant.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro said Wednesday his health care plan would protect abortions for transgender women, who are not able to get pregnant.

NBC moderator Lester Holt noted every candidate on the stage at the first Democratic primary debate supported abortion rights, and Castro replied in the affirmative when asked if his government health care plan would cover abortions.

“I don’t believe only in reproductive freedom. I believe in reproductive justice,” Castro said to applause from the Miami audience. “What that means is that just because a woman—or let’s also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female—is poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exercise that right to choose. So I would absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion.”

Castro perhaps meant trans males in his response, since trans females were born male and don’t have uteruses.

It is unclear if Castro misstated, or if he legitimately believes it is possible for somebody who cannot physiologically carry a child to have an abortion.

But it is clear that transgenders are now a big part of Democrat campaigns.

Despite being less than one percent of the population, Democrats are doing everything in their power to hand them special rights.

In the same debate, Cory Booker went on a diatribe about needing to protect “African American trans-Americans,” who supposedly are not included in the debate about civil rights often.

Do you think Democrats have officially lost their minds?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I think the problem is that BO lowered the bar so low for becoming prez, he has unleashed every dumb idiot in his party. Also since illegals are murdering good people they think that’s a way to get rid of conservatives.

  3. I am assuming he misstated that Trans Men can have children . Because if he did not misstate then he needs to take courses in Biology . Men cannot have children ever . They may look like women on the outside but that is where their womanhood ends .

  4. This Bozo supposedly said he would protect abortions for transgender women that could not get pregnant? Is that his statement?? Then why the hell would they need an abortion to begin with??? Whatever this fool was TRYING to say, it only goes to show just how really mentally challenged this Democratic candidates are!! They will say ANYTHING to pander to the special interest groups just hoping for their votes.. And then these news shows and these late night hosts have the nerve to make fun at our President?? Calling HIM a babbling idiot ?? No President Trump is not a eloquent speaker. But so what? At least he is doing his job by trying to protect our borders from a massive influx of illegal aliens and protecting innocent babies from being killed by abortions. But again I say, the spiteful Democrats have blocked him at every turn to succeed in implementing important issues. Just look at A.O.C.The Democratic party calling her their rising star. That girl doesn’t have one working brain cell and every time she opens her mouth, nothing coherent comes out!!And these are the people qualified to be our next president?? GOD help us all if one of these nut jobs do get voted in!!!!

  5. Who cares? I do. Your an idiot. Why anyone would listen to this disgraceful person talking about men having a abortion. But you don’t care so you insult the president. Take your brain dead head out of Obama’s butt. Your one of those idiots who wants no freedoms as long as you get everything free. Grow up. Any Democrat getting into the oval office with destroy America. With your help . You learn nothing but hate and distain for America . Please leave America I’m sure Iran would love you. They like haters to America. Your twisted idea of America valves are just sickening.

  6. IDIOT doesn’t cover it. This thing doesn’t have a brain or the sense God gave a goose. He couldn’t find his rear with both hands.

  7. And this f****** moron received praise for that debate — it is not only the demoSCUM trash who have lost what little minds they have ever had but I also think anyone who listens to their absolute total lunacy has also lost it. They are stooping so low, they will say or do anything to kiss the a**es or s*** the ***** of any radical, minority, unrecognized or fabricated group of –whatever they can make up. This country will become a total sh**hole within 6 months if ANY demoSCUM is put in our Oval office ever again.

  8. When a democrat speaks, you’re not supposed to apply a logic filter to the words. If ya did that every time some babbling idjit pontificated on a subject that is patently ridiculous, you’d quickly understand that liberals are more about emotion than a 14YO girl.
    If ya want proof of that observation, review the last forty years of democrat speeches, “protests” and legislation. They’re all about “WE’VE GOTTA DO SOMETHING!”, and their plans are uniformly a waste of time and effort.
    Another thing: democrats claim to be a party of “the people”, but they specialize in designating ever smaller populations that have supposed grievances that “MUST BE ADDRESSED AND COMPENSATED” (such as slavery), when no living American has been a slave for generations AND the democrat party has been the primary agents of segregation since the wilson administration reversed integration of the military and civil service.

  9. Castro is a fool. he is to stupid to know genes determine the sex of a person, no matter how they chose to mutilate their body. When he stands before his Maker he will realize that an unborn is a developing human with soul.At this time he also will find that the Lord will say I never knew you, depart from me. This man is a liberal amoral person.

  10. I did read that an artificial uterus had been developed so that a transperson I guess male becoming a female could carry a fetus to term. I suppose they would open the pressure cooker device and remove the baby for a “birth?” Since it is a new technology I can only imagine how much it would have to cost millions which we the taxpayers should pay for and reparations for the other transwomen who would have to wait in line to use the thing when it became available. If this makes sense to you you might be as dumb as Julian Castro. I am going to take a Tylenol now as thinking about the impossible like this gives me a headache. GO TRUMP. MAGA!

  11. I’ve read of ectopic pregnancies being carried to term ex-utero, so I suppose a fertilized egg could be implanted in an abdomen. The natural way is so much more practical though.

  12. A have a good friend, Jean. Her daughter is partially transgendered, and her main identity is of a man. Two years ago she married a gay man. I know that it sounds bizarre but in the future she wants to stop taking male hormones and take female hormones so then she will be able perhaps to get pregnant. She has never had surgery so she has the female parts that are necessary. You might call her/him mentally ill, evil, or wrong, or think that these words are not true, but this is the dilemma my friend as a possible grandmother faces and has mostly supported her daughter making the partial transition so far, to the point she helped with the wedding. You may not know that all males have some estrogen, and all females have testosterone naturally. I don’t know is Castro meant that but there are very few people in this country that would support that idea and its rarity probably includes a few thousand people only who might make that decision.

  13. And if they have their way, taxpayers will pay for whatever it takes to get pregnant……then will have to pay for the abortion just to prove they have abortion rights too. What happened to normalcy?

  14. If this Castro is related to Fidel, then it explains his inability to tell the difference between male and female and why biological males cannot abort babies!

  15. I heard on the grapevine that a transgender lady had an abortion & it was accidentally born alive & she decided to keep it & is now the proud mother of big bouncing baby brown turd. I say congratulations to the new mother & baby also heard she named it Brownie.

  16. I already seen a show that the woman took male hormones to be a man married a women. Then stopped taking male hormones and took female hormones to get pregnant because the woman she married was older. I don’t know but what are those hormones doing to the unborn child. You don’t shed that stuff that fast from your body and that poor child is in all that soup. Talk about a mental mess.

  17. The Equal Rights Amendment and similar legislation REQUIRES equal treatment of individuals regardless of the sexual status or gender (over 100 genders at last count). Therefore, a person who is born a male and who self identifies as a male cannot legally be denied the ability to become pregnant and to deliver a baby. Should the doctors, etc. deny this male the right to become pregnant and deliver his baby or to get an abortion, they are in violation of Federal law, and need to be prosecuted and imprisoned for violating this law!
    And people actually wonder what is wrong with the laws in our country? And the lawmakers who (ahem) represent us?

  18. Rose you are right to question this. And “soup” is a good description of all that the baby’s body would be influenced by. No one knows what the real consequences are. I don’t give a darn how the adult feels ; the only consideration is the health of the baby they want to conceive. I consider the actions of these folks entirely selfish.

  19. Walter, you are one of the many who are confused. A man born a male cannot in any sense of the word or biologically become pregnant.

  20. It comes from the party of changing definitions. In this case it depends on the definition of “have”, as in possess, or as in deliver.

  21. Walter…There are TWO genders, male and female. It is very simple. And it is not possible for a male to get pregnant. It seems you must have flunked biology

  22. Castro and all dems are clueless and have no concept of reality. They live in a fantasyland of their own making. They have thrown God out and have no moral compass.

  23. Eric…Your ignorance is profound. You have no concept at all of the truth. sad. And Pres. Trump has nothing to do with this, but just go ahead and attack him anyway, showing how immature and foolish you are.

  24. The ENTIRE Batch of them are “THE KEYSTONE COPS” ! ! ! ! They keep stepping on each other verbally making them selves continue to look more “STUPID” every time one of them opens their mouth. Running around like chickens trying to out do each other and scrambling for the next DISGUSTING THING THEY CAN THINK OF, EVEN THO THEY HAVE N-O G-R-A-Y MA-T-T-E-R IN THEIR B-R-A-I-N.

  25. With that statement, without any other candidate questioning his sanity, make me wonder their sanity. Now these clowns want me to take global warming seriously!

  26. Castro might be making the same mistake others have made, thinking that a transgender woman is actually a female who is transitioning to a male, when it is actually a male who lacks the proper equipment to become pregnant.

  27. This circus of babbling clowns have exceeded all expectations! Any brain cells left? I think not!!!!!

  28. I dont know who is more psychotic, on this “issue”.

    Anti-Choice, which DEMANDS that all pregnancies MUST be taken to term (even if the woman will DIE, giving birth), or this “head-case, who thinks that “men” can give birth.

    The one thing I am absolutely certain of is the fact that, whether we are Pro-Choice, or Anti-Choice, EVERYONE has a “Certificate of Live Birth”. This is the form, which a doctor (or mid-wife) fills out, verifying that a child was born ALIVE.

    There are, also, forms, which providers fill out, for “still birth”.

    Why so many forms? For documentation that a child was, actually born on a certain date, at a specific time.

    For example: My own Certificate states “Born February 23, 1964. Time: 03:10”

    This record is the PROOF that I was born, on a date and time, as indicated by medical providers. It is an official record, and impossible to change.

    BY contrast, Anti-Choice would leave us with a form, stating “Conceived Sometime between January 25, and March 1, and sometime between 17:00 hours, and 03:30 hours.”

    Wouldn’t this make a real mess, out of record keeping? How could people plan birthday parties?

    This is why I stand with Pro-Choice. Atleast their documentation (which has been used, for a century, is ACCURATE.) No question about when birth takes place. NO “possibilities, or potentials”. Just rock solid FACTS.

    Something Anti-Choice is, openly, opposed to!

  29. Yes, they have absolutely lost their minds! Of course, if they make everything confusing enough, voters will possibly become confused and vote for them! They are disgusting in that they are attempting to destroy us as a country.

  30. As I was walking by the Democrat Headquarters for the 2020 election, noticing the posters of each of the Democrat candidates for President, I started adding the cumulative I.Q. of each of the twenty candidates and came up with a total of 78 or slightly below moron. Trying to be the generous soul that I am, I decided to add to that total the I.Q.s of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the three self anointed “brilliant”Representatives; Cortez, Ohmar, and Talib and my new total was 71. In an act of Mercy I decided not to include the entire democrat congress and really make them look bad.

  31. And that person runs for the highest office of the land. Those that vote for Castro are not very smart. But then if you look where the democratic congress is heading for as a result of their Sodom and Gomora syndrome, it is not surprising.

  32. So how did having the same rights as all other U.S. citizens somehow become “special” rights when exercised by someone in the LGBTQ community?

    I guess rights are only applicable to straight white republicans – preferably male republicans.


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