What this Fake News outlet says parents are lying about will fill you with rage


Leftists who hate America know they have to undermine traditional family values if they’re to reach their goal of destroying America.

So they’re going on an all-out assault on the family.

And how this so-called “financial news organization” just attacked American families will put you on the floor.

Almost any parent will tell you that child-rearing isn’t easy.

But without missing a breath, virtually all will tell you the rewards vastly outweigh the inconveniences.

Of course, the liberal media elites at CNBC don’t agree.

They published an article saying parents who say having kids has made them happier are “probably lying.”

CNBC “reports:”

Your friends may tell you having kids has made them happier. They’re probably lying. Research shows that parenthood leads to a happiness gap. Maybe that’s because the pleasures of parenthood are outweighed by all the extra responsibilities, housework and, of course, the costs.

Maybe that’s why Americans are having fewer children than ever before. Just how much can you expect to save if you don’t have kids?

The average middle-income married couple spent between $12,350 and $13,900 on each of their children in 2015, reports the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Extrapolate from that number and you’re looking at spending $233,610 per child from birth through age 17.

. . .

Babies in particular are expensive. One parent who tracked every dollar found that she spent $20,000 in the first 18 months alone.

And that’s on the low end. Households bringing in $200,000 can spend $52,000 just in the first 12 months of a newborn’s life, according to a report from NerdWallet.

Pregnancy and delivery are pricey too. Even with insurance, giving birth to a child could cost you around $3,400 out of pocket.

If you plan on supporting your child through college so she can avoid years of debilitating student loan payments, the size of that bill will depend on where she goes to school. Public universities charge an average of $20,090 for tuition if you’re in-state, and $34,220 if you’re not, a number that is comparable to an average private-school tuition.

Whether wittingly or unwittingly, CNBC is playing right into the hands of the Abortion Lobby.

Planned Parenthood constantly peddles propaganda saying children are a “financial burden” to entice young girls into having an abortion.

Of course, CNBC fails to mention in the story that married men and women both earn significantly more than their single counterparts.

The difference in married men’s incomes compared to their single peers’ is greater on average at any point in their career than the $13,000 CNBC claims a child costs annually.

In fact, by the time a married man is in his mid-thirties, he earns on average $23,063 more than an unmarried man, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

By the time he’s in his mid-forties, a married man earns $35,479 more each year than a single man.

And with spouses enjoying a similar income advantage, and taking the fact that married couples split expenses into consideration, they have as much as four times the wealth of their single peers.

Perhaps the CNBC staff responsible for this article will one day form a traditional family unit and have children.

If they do, they’ll come to understand that being responsible for another human being is a powerful motivating force with enormous benefits – not only for their happiness, but for their wallets, and society as well.

What do you think of CNBC’s smear against parents who say having kids has made them happier?

Let us know in comments section below.


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  2. NY makes abortion legal up until the head pushes through. NOW they are working on KILLING KIDS all the way through High School GRADUATION! They probably found a BUYER for more mature BODY PARTS!!!!

  3. This is what happens when people are so brain dead that they stop thinking for themselves, or maybe they’re just stupid. If you can’t tell the truth from a lie or right from wrong, then there is definitely something wrong with them. Cut out the crap. Don’t saddle yourself with abortions and other despicable acts that you’ll carry for life. Such as murder—-and it truly is!

  4. Life would not be worth living without my beautiful children who have given me five grandchildren and four great grandchildren! There were hard times along the way but I wouldn’t want to erase them for all the money in the World. I pity the soulless people who have abortions and only think about the money it takes to raise children! Sorry for you and your bad experiences!

  5. Clearly CNBC personnel are bad at math. The goal of this so called news organization is not news or information but the spread of a ideology that is the worst of authoritarian societies and is the delight of dictators everywhere. Perhaps they should study Venezuela, I sure they could find how children are a burden in a starving society.

  6. They hate people who have LIVE Babies………….they don’t get to profit on all the Abortions you should be having to fill their pockets with more Liberal Progressive baby killing Money~!
    Wake up America………………..Communism is on it’s way if you don’t……..and stop sending you kids to these Liberal Progressive Indoctrination Colleges that are teaching them Nothing but Communist lies (like old stupid Cortez……..ha ha ha ha brain empty, from a liberal college indoctrination…..she has no natural thoughts but what they taught her to say…………………SAD Day in America…..who elected this idiot and those two non-religious muslims also from these indoctrinAtion colleges…..??
    I am suprised the Sharia Law MEN Muslims haven’t put a stop to their ugly nasty mouths……..

  7. You can bet they had their kids and put them in privileged schools, but it is OK by them if YOU do not have YOUR kids. Just prohibit/ban Liberals from procreating more future Hard-Left problems for America and Freedom and the problem should fix itself. No Sex, No Procreation – No Abortion. You can also bet Muslims are not aborting any of their kids here so they can populate up and keep taking over more and more of America. If you do not believe that: look very closely at Dearbornistan, Michigan, parts of New Jersey, Wisconsin, Texas, and all the Mosques they have in The Slaughterhouse State New York – complete with Muslim-Marked cars to enforce Sharia Law, in parts of this baby-killing state, that THEY control! Goodbye, America!

  8. This cannot be real. Could liberals have stooped to such a low spot in life that they are attacking parenthood now? For starters, our economy makes it tough to raise more than 3 children. Two is about the mean but, I would think it is up to the parents how many children are raised by a family. Those that grew up in the 50’s, 60’s or the 70’s grew up in a better economy than we live in today. Our politician then cared more for American values than the hacks that are in office now, too! For these mindless people who like to stir “the crap pot”, you just don’t get a damned thing in life and you think other people want to hear your idiotic dribble. We do not want to hear what you have to say because your useless dribble means nothing to me ands I am sure others will agree with me! Shut the hell up

  9. This is the old game of the leftist/libtard/demoTRASH accusing others of doing exactly what they themselves are guilty of — which means they are lying through their teeth.

  10. Of coarse they will lie and claim children make parents unhappy it is one of their selling points for abortion. If one does not want to have children there are a number of ways to prevent pregnancy we do it with pets and other animals all the time and it does not involve killing the child once they do.

    First they lie and claim they are not even human until birth then they claim that children cause problems and unhappiness for parents who refused to get abortions.

    Then they start pushing for EUTHANASIA for those who did not get aborted starting with the “death with dignity” for terminally ill while those with brains can see this is just a push to get a foothold of acceptance for the government eventually taking total control of how long someone is allowed to live based on some bureaucrats decision that “quality of life” over “quantity of life” (decided by the government not the individual) being more important.

    If things continue unhindered within just a few decades it will be like those sci fi movies where the government controls every aspect of ones life from if they get born what they can do, say, and believe while they are alive and how long they are allowed to live. (which will be only for as long as they are getting profit for the government from them)

    As far as I am concerned as soon as the Justice who made it legal admitted he only did so out of the belief that only the poor and minorities would seek them and he wanted to REDUCE their population his ruling should have been overturned as that admission makes it clear it did not follow the constitution.

    For decades HIGH RESOLUTION ultra sound and DNA testing has proven they are a SEPARATE HUMAN BEING. Despite the fact they live symbiotically within their mothers womb until birth they are not part of the mother any more than someone is a PART of their where they eat simply because that is where they get their food and stay while doing so. IF the child was just “genetic material” with no shape or function until just before birth then the DNA would be identical to the mother and it would not be human shaped as has been irrefutably proven.

    In fact some areas actually BANNED the high res ultra sounds being used on the grounds it “HARMED” the abortion patients to SEE their unborn HUMAN CHILD looked “human shape” even just a few days after conception outing the lie about it just being genetic material like another finger etc.

  11. It is really odd that the Democrats/Liberals are so overly concerned with safety for illegals who have children & adults who are pregnant, but want to murder millions of “American” babies a year.

  12. We had no children – I knew I wasn’t fit to be a father in my 20’s and 30’s, and at 70+ years don’t think I could do right by them now. But we did have the joy and fun and rewards of taking nieces and nephews places the parents wouldn’t have thought off. We played with them, doctored them, took them for weekends, and rough-housed with them, something I never saw either parent do. All things considered, I sincerely would have it so that I had been a better person, and had the fulfillment of life that children and grand-children bring. These fools at CNBC aren’t called talking heads for nothing: just motorized bobble-heads, and probably have no children of their own, and are so “dedicated” to their jobs and getting ahead that they miss what I now know to be the happiest of all things besides marriage: having children and raising them to become self-actualizing adults.

  13. I guess as an alternative to spending money on bringing up children we should be giving it to some dumb-a$$ liberal cause.

  14. One of my greatest joys is spending time with my children, {now in their 40’s) and grandchildren. I was a stay at home mom and loved being with my kids, I hated it when they had to go bac to school. Today my kids and I are good friends, they both have good jobs and have never been in trouble. I am not saying we are a picture perfect family and that there weren’t ruff times, but no more than if we hadn’t had children just different. In the long run it was worth it and I would do it all over again. If a person chooses not to have children that their purgative, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Just don’t go around saying we are lying because we enjoyed our children and they made us happier. If you have children and they don’t make you happy maybe you shouldn’t have had children or may you should look at yourself, there may be nothing that makes you happy. Making money isn’t everything if you don’t believe that I feel sorry for you.

  15. “The average middle-income married couple spent between $12,350 and $13,900 on each of their children in 2015, reports the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Extrapolate from that number and you’re looking at spending $233,610 per child from birth through age 17.”


  16. CNBC must stand for communist NBC. These people are frigging nuts!!! Sure it’s hard & expensive to raise kids but they are soooo worth it!!!! My wife & I raised 4 wonderful children, basically adopted a few more & all turned out great! We now have 8 grandsons& 3 granddaughters. My wife is now in heaven with our first granddaughter, & speaking for her I’ll have to say raising our kids has been great & wouldn’t have missed it for the world, so up yours cnbc!!!!

  17. CNBC must stand for communist NBC. These people are frigging nuts!!! Sure it’s hard & expensive to raise kids but they are soooo worth it!!!! My wife & I raised 4 wonderful children, basically adopted a few more & all turned out great! We now have 8 grandsons& 3 granddaughters. My wife is now in heaven with our first granddaughter, & speaking for her I’ll have to say raising our kids has been great & wouldn’t have missed it for the world, so up yours cnbc!!!! This is not a duplicate comment, I haven’t posted it before, what is this, the fake media taking over?

  18. I remember being told back in the 1970’s by 2020 the world would have an overpopulation problem. The populations of Europe and the U.S acted responsible by having fewer children. Fast forward to the present.
    We are now being told we need to open our borders to all the irresponsible nations and help alleviate “their” problems.

  19. Because you had no children of your own, your personal free time was infinitely greater. In most instances, with each additional child born the necessity of both parents needing to work full time increases and sometimes necessitates additional part-time employment by one or both parents. After work and on weekends, there’s the home maintenance and usual family responsibilities for parents to handle, leaving priceless little time to engage in family activities without making a conscious choice to forgo something else that demands attention.
    You lack of encumbrance left you with available time, money and personal energy to engage with your nieces and nephews to whatever point remained within your comfort zone. Just being good parents dictates how you spend your time, your money and your energy and most go above and beyond because they love those children to the moon and back. I sure wish you had decided to have the experience of having children yourself. Picking them up for activities at your convenience, even though that was kind of you, is nothing near shouldering the responsibility of parenting. I think you would have enjoyed it and that you would have have a better understanding and more empathy for those who did.

  20. These dummies apparently aren’t thinking ahead any further than their noses-what about end-of-life issues? When they are old and unable to do for themselves, will they have to 1) depend on institutions, or 2) tough it out until the end – and someone finds them days later in a pool of blood on the floor (or something). Really, these people have no sense of traditions, things that have worked for centuries but their their “brand new world” will magically work better. I think not.

  21. Maybe euthanasia will be their “final solution” for the debilitation of old age…that way no one will have to care for them..! When the society they created (mostly childless) comes for these people, say around 60-70 years of age and tell them they must go elsewhere, they might just regret their decisions, eh?!?

  22. Please, some basic info about this new law. The new law allows abortions after 24 weeks in cases where there is an “absence of foetal viability, or the abortion is necessary to protect the patient’s life or health”. This seems to be a very reasonable approach to devastating situations. Only around 1% of all abortions are after 24 months. Those after 24 months usually fall into those necessary to protect the women’s life and or the fetus is not viable.

  23. I’m with you Helga. What these selfish cretins don’ t realize in their God-less hearts and minds is children are a blessing from God, to be loved and nourished by caring and love-filled parents in a stable environment type home. MAGA . Bob.

  24. Yeah, some are happier from what I’ve seen…………until their hair starts turning gray and they realize they missed the boat & it’s too late to go back.
    Reduced birthrates in almost every developed nation on the planet is old news, 3rd world nations are still causing a global population boom. This story is just another opportunity for the left to spread their misery around.

  25. Hypocrisy from the left is standard operating procedure for them. Since they are totally God-less, they have no spiritual anchor to help them remember what they thought then and what they are supposed to think now. They are totally bereft of honesty, courage, humility, and any ability to discern right from wrong. MAGA Bob.

  26. Reminds me of “Dr Spock’ Never had any kids of his own but he sure knew how to ruin everyone else’s.

  27. THE “WOMEN’S LIBERATION MOVEMENT” Was designed to take AMERICAN MOTHER’S OUT-OF-THE-HOME. It was designed to “SHAME” women who choose to be STAY-AT-HOME-MOTHER’S. They worked diligently to convenience AMERICAN WOMEN they were worthless if they did not have a CAREER. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I fell for it. You fell for it. Damn, we all fell for it! BUT< TODAY IS A NEW DAY LADIES!…..Now we have learned a hard lesson. SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, BULLING, DRUGS? We really need to be HOME. Frankly, we are all living longer and have more than enough time to raise our children first. Then tackle a Career once the kido's are properly raised. WE HAVE FORCES THAT ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO DESTROY AMERICA AND (ELIMINATE) AMERICAN'S……THEY WANT OUR LAND….. BEWARE: They need to get rid of as many America's as possible. TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE IMMIGRANTS THAT NEED OUR LAND. Just think about this information and pass it along to everyone you know. THEY USE 1.) CAREER 2.) ABORTION …as their top TWO WEAPONS TO ELIMINATE AMERICAN'S.

  28. Any way that you look at it it still cheaper than paying Government, 18 0r so years for children and lifetime for Government and then more after you DIE!

  29. You’ve certainly got all that right. I was just out of high school when the Women’s Lib movement started moving ahead full steam. I had no use for them then and I don’t have any use for the feminists of today, for the reasons you state above. I was a young woman, but I never thought of myself as a lesser individual, even in a traditional role. When asked if I believed in Woman’s Lib, I always answered, “No I believe in Barbara lib”. Wish more women had thought as I did and told these communist sympathizers to go away. Getting women out of the home is a hugely Marxist idea. They want the children, and the women, especially the young women fell for it hook, line and sinker. As you said, that is the reason our society is in as much turmoil as it is. The children are becoming indoctrinated in beliefs that are not good for them or our society. And now they’re being told even their gender is a choice. Sadly we have allowed this to happen and it all started with the Women’s Lib movement . The unforeseen consequences totally eluded us. That is another good reason why the voting age should be moved back to 21 and perhaps higher, since the young people these days are far more immature in their thought processes than we were – and we got snookered big time. Young people are naivete personified, and now they are indoctrinated naivete personified. And we put our futures almost totally in their hands once they’re old enough to vote.

    Another downside of Women’s Lib is that men fell for it too. They liked the idea of no longer having to be the sole breadwinner. They never gave a thought to how much the woman contributed by staying home and raising the children and taking care of household duties. My first husband was a jerk. He was ten years older than me and thought Women’s Lib was the best thing that could happen to a man. Now women would have to get off their butts and earn their keep rather than sitting around watching Soaps all day. As I said he was a jerk. By the time I married my second husband – a great guy I’ve been married to for 39 years whose wife left him for another man – he had three children to support and we then had two of our own. He also thought a woman working was no big thing even though it put a terrible strain on me. His attitude on this did surprise me, since his mother was a teacher who only did some substitute work while her children were growing up. He owned his own business and there was less strain on him with me working so, while he expected me to perform the same duties his mother did all day in the few hours I had in the evening, he still never thought of it as being a problem for me. But when we weren’t working we spent a lot of time with our children. They were in dance, drama and some sports and we were there for all of it. But the housework went begging a lot. I wanted a tidy house and the time to make my children’s clothes other than once or twice a year, and all those things women are supposed to hate doing. Working took all that away from me. Being a homemaker would have actually allowed me to “have it all”, a promise Women’s Lib made to women but took from women like myself. Working out of necessity is understandable. Working out of expectation should allow for some arbitration. Not working for women became something to be ashamed of.

    You can add support for abortion to the naivete of youth also. While I never supported abortion, the Supreme Court ruling came about at the same time as birth control pills. I was just sure that no one would even want to do something as awful as have an abortion if they could keep from getting pregnant in the first place. I never realized it would become a whole industry with “first do no harm” doctors enjoying the largesse of legally killing another human being.

  30. Actually Dr. Spock did have children. He raised his children according to the advice in his book and they turned out as you would expect. He then rewrote his book admitting that allowing children to parent themselves, as he advised in his previous book, was not a good idea.

    was born in 1946 and my first sister in 1949. My second and third sisters were born in 1953 and 1958. The first two were raised by traditional values and the second two according to Dr. Spock. If I didn’t tell you that and you had seen all four of us together you could immediately tell that two different child-raising philosophies were used. The first two are actually functioning human beings and enjoy their lives. The last two were barely functioning spoiled brats who did not know what the word discipline meant and self-discipline wasn’t even in their lexicon let alone their behavior. The two older ones love their lives no matter what and look forward to much more of it, one of the younger ones lived a lifestyle of self-indulgence that led to an early death and the youngest of us has informed us older two we will probably outlive her because she’s not doing well. That would be more attitude than anything else because this woman has the best husband of all of us and has a wonderful life but would rather seek attention by making everyone feel sorry for her. Why we think tradition is a bad thing totally eludes me. It’s basically found on morals and values that have worked over time. Only those on the Left think you can improve on something that works well, only to leave destruction in their wake.

  31. Well said! Children bring so much richness to one’s life. I have been rejuvenated with the birth of my grandchildren. I decorate and plan celebrations again. I love them and they love me. Such a blessing.

  32. Well said! Children bring so much richness to one’s life. I have been rejuvenated with the birth of my grandchildren. I decorate and plan celebrations again. I love them and they love me. Such a blessing.

  33. “Leftists who hate America know they have to undermine traditional family values if they’re to reach their goal of destroying America.

    “So they’re going on an all-out assault on the family.”

    Huh? You want to run that by me again?

    Vedic (also known as Hindu) cosmology views time in vast cycles lasting hundreds of thousands of years, with phases of light and darkness corresponding to the level of spiritual awareness on the planet. According to the scriptures, men and women in previous ages were endowed with heroic and godly qualities. The supernatural was commonplace and miraculous events were ordinary.

    The Hindu scriptures say our current age, Kali-yuga, which began in 3102 BC, is one of spiritual darkness.

    During this time, it’s predicted:

    Marriage ceases to exist as a holy union—men and women simply live together on the basis of bodily attraction and verbal agreement, and only for sexual pleasure. Women wander from one man to another. The Linga Purana says that in Kali-yuga, young women freely abandon their virginity. Women, children, and cows—always protected in an enlightened society—are abused and killed during the iron age.

    Family, clan and caste are all meaningless. Men are without virtues, purity or decency. (Vishnu Purana 6.1)

    During the 1960s and ’70s, it looked like marriage was falling to the wayside. There was an episode of Maude from the mid-’70s in which Maude, Walter, Arthur and Vivian are at a train station and decide to hold an impromptu wedding ceremony for Arthur and Vivian.

    Maude asks a young man with long hair and a guitar if he’ll serenade the couple, and he starts jamming loudly!

    Maude reacts angrily: “No wonder kids today don’t want to get married!”

    She asks him to play soft, slow music, and he obliges.

    But the desire of LGBTs to marry indicates the opposite of what was happening in the ’60s and ’70s.

    Marriage is such a popular institution, even LGBTs want to marry!

    And the right wing mistakes same-sex marriage for an assault on the institution of marriage!

  34. Dr. Savage! Michael Savage was the first (to my memory) to describe Liberalism as a mental disorder. He was and is correct.

  35. I had no idea that Spock had children. His last book was a little too late for a generation of misguided parents and ruined children. Sad that a pied piper writer of books could mislead an entire generation of educated people. I agree with your last sentence.

  36. cnBS, now there’s a reputable news outlet….NOT!!!

    It’s not the parents with kids who are lying; it YOU, cnBS! Because you are FAKE NEWS, and nobody believes your propaganda.

  37. The only abortions I would ever condone would have been for this Planned Parenthood crew!!! They are evil and a menace to right thinking people.

  38. Ya thank god hillary didn’t get elected or you could probably kill babies up to one year old evil people I pitty them on judgement day and it won’t be arney dping the judging

  39. They must have taken their cue from Occasional-Cortex for they both speak like people who have never had children. Of course there is a burden to having children and that’s why only mature adults should have them. Yet, who can place a price on the joy they give? Oh, yeah, a person with an adding machine.

  40. When I held my first born, a little girl in my arms, I was so very happy and thrilled to death. I had four more and felt that every single time. I love all my children and also my grand children. I had Three boys and four girls altogether. Two of the boys are gone now and with God. My kids are, the joy of my life. So are my grand kids. In fact one girl who is a Grand Daughter is 27, and tonight my wife and I are going to the second granddaughters birthday, she is 21 today. Am I rich? Not in money. But in other things my wife and I are very wealthy.


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