What this deranged teacher just said to her Trump-supporting student will leave your jaw on the floor


Radical leftists have been emboldened to spew their insanity everywhere they can.

Nearly every walk of life has become politicized by the Left, particularly the classroom.

And what this deranged teacher just said to her Trump-supporting student will leave your jaw on the floor.

Since politics is religion for members of the Left, they treat their ideological opponents like heretics.

That’s why they feel justified in engaging in disturbing behavior such as bullying middle school students in the classroom.

One teacher in Gloucester, Massachusetts did exactly that to a 12-year-old student.

First, the teacher asked if anyone in the classroom supported Donald Trump.

Asking adults about their politics out of the blue is considered gauche, but asking a 12-year-old in a classroom setting is insane.

Jackson Cody was the lone student to raise his hand, and he felt the teacher’s wrath.

“The teacher asked, ‘Who supports Donald Trump,’” Jackson told WHDH-TV in Boston. “And I was the only one to raise my hand.”

That triggered the teacher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“Well, Mr. Jackson, I thought I liked you,” Jackson recounted his teacher saying. “Then she asked why I support a racist and a pedophile.”

Again, this is a teacher chastising a 12-year-old in the middle of class.

Not only were the teacher’s words disgusting, they’re ironic because it’s Joe Biden that has made one racial gaffe after another for years, and has been caught on camera numerous times caressing women and young girls who were viscerally uncomfortable.

“She also said, ‘I am ashamed of any woman who voted for Donald Trump,’ and I told her my mom and one of my grandmothers voted for Donald Trump,” Jackson said.

But the teacher wasn’t done with her pupil.

“I was just upset because other kids in the class were ganging up on me, laughing at me, and she was laughing and wouldn’t say anything to them.”

Teachers like this coupled with the debacle of distance learning during COVID-19 are making a strong case for charter schools or homeschooling altogether.

The teachers’ unions have a vise-grip on education that they won’t relinquish without a brutal political fight.

The consequence is students are subjected to this kind of nonsense.

It’s only going to get worse because the Left is pushing harder to make the classroom even more political.

There’s forceful momentum to mainstream The New York Times’s ahistorical “1619 Project” into public high schools while even journalists at the newspaper question its merit.

Parents need to be more vigilant than ever about what kind of tripe is being taught in their children’s classroom.