What this church is encouraging transgenders to do will make you furious


The Church of England has adopted politically “progressive” policies over the past few years.

They think they are adapting to stay “relevant” with society as a result.

But what the Church of England is encouraging transgenders to do will make you furious.

The Church of England has moved full force to adopt pro-transgenderism policies as of late.

But recently they told their transgender members they should perform an “Affirmation of Baptism” service to signify their new gender identity.

The Church of England says that the move is to help “welcome and encourage the affirmation of trans people.”

BBC writes:

The Church of England has issued new advice about how to help transgender people mark their transition.

The guidance recommends the Affirmation of Baptism service is adapted to allow transgender Christians to celebrate their new sexual identity.

The service would see them addressed by their chosen name, not birth name.

It follows pressure at the general synod last year to go further in welcoming the transgender community.

The Affirmation of Baptism service is not a second baptism and is traditionally intended for people who wish to make a renewed declaration of their faith.

The guidance emphasises that the Church “welcomes and encourages the unconditional affirmation of trans people, equally with all people, within the body of Christ, and rejoices in the diversity of that body into which all Christians have been baptized by one Spirit”.

As BBC notes, the move comes after just last year the Church had voted to be more “welcoming” and “affirming” of transgenders.

They even said they would be “looking into having transgender services.”

The Church of England is crossing a line.

They have rejected the truth of the Bible that teaches us that God made man and woman the way they are.

And there is no changing that, no matter how someone “feels.”

To truly love others, you have to be willing to tell them the truth.

That is the way Christ loved the woman at the well, and how the Bible teaches Christians to love.

But unfortunately, too many churches think keeping the peace is the way to love others.

Do you agree with the Church’s new “transgender Affirmation of Baptism” policy? Let us know in the comments section.


    • Being a church…does not mean you actually really know the Lord. Jesus was not popular with the “church” in His day. Not a whole lot different in our day. The mainline churches …many of them have embraced the new dirty word of progressive-ism. It is a trap/snare and folks will allow themselves to be blinded by this new dirty word as it plays havoc on their emotions. We have forgotten the call to be separate and set apart and holiness. Where is and what is “Holy” today.

    • So true Eleanor, the church and it’s people will be held accountable for doing this, remember the end time films ? when the church’s start given in to the wants of those who are not living their lives by GOD’s word, the pastors will be judged.

  1. When clergy takes it upon themselves to change God’s Word they are treading on dangerous ground. The Bible declares them “false prophets and teachers who bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.” II Peter 2
    They will be judged by God and are responsible for their own ‘destruction’.

    • Many forget about Satan and his fallen Angel. Satan will work hard to expand his kingdom before Christ will return. The Bible says only a few will be save, not the majority. In the US the SCOTUS has over written many of God’s laws, which will not be valid to enter God’s kingdom. I’m amazed how the LGBTQ’s have progress their sinful agenda, and how many so-called religious faiths have open their doors to them.

  2. God made TWO GENDERS – MALE & FEMALE – there is not this that or the other! leaders of this CHURCH are leading these people straight into ETERNAL HELL! I sure wouldn’t want to be them when they stand before Almighty God on Judgment Day! Help them Lord JESUS! I pray JESUS will wake people up that attend these churches & go find them a BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH! Help them JESUS!

    • I agree with you on the two genders of creation, and you apparently go to a Bible believing church.
      You might want to research the Bible on “eternal hell”. Sheol means the world of the dead, i.e., the grave.
      the Greek word Hades means “that which is out of sight”, the state or place of the dead. Geenna or Ge Hinnom refers to the valley of Hinnom outside of Jerusalem where the dead carcasses were burned.

      The destruction of the wicked will take place at the end of time (Second Coming of Jesus Christ in glory). See Matt 13:37-40, Rev 20:12
      We sometimes misinterpret words such as everlasting, eternal, and forever. Jude 1:7 says that Sodom and Gomorrah “suffer the vengeance of ‘eternal’ fire. But those cities are not burning today. The cities were totally destroyed. The RESULTS of the fire are “eternal”.
      Matt. 25:46 speaks of “everlasting punishment” for the wicked. Notice that it does not say “everlasting punishING”. The punishment is everlasting; the wicked will be destroyed and never live again.
      The Bible often uses the word “forever”. Deut. 15:17 says, “He shall be your servant forever.” Clearly, in this context, forever means “as long as he lives”.
      Would a loving God want to torture wicked people throughout eternity? Everyone dies on this earth except those still alive at the time of the Second Coming. No one goes to heaven or hell when he or she dies. They are dead, in the grave. The New Testament tells us that King David is still in the grave awaiting the Second Coming.
      Scripture says that the dead IN CHRIST will rise first to meet Him, and then those who are HIS and still alive will also meet HIM in the clouds. Those judged and found wanting will be burned up like Sodom and Gomorrah, (nothing left for eternity).
      I hope this helps you.

    • Very simple statement. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And then he made all the living things, male and female. And he created man and then saw that man was lonely and so he made woman. God does not make mistakes. So when a man changes his sex or that is tries to change his sex he is committing a sin against God. Period!

      And God looked upon the earth and saw how evil man had become. So he was going to destroy man. But only destroyed everyone but Noah and his family.

  3. Fine with me. Why exclude a whole portion of the population that believes in your religion simply because you don’t accept science? The Bible is for guidance, it isn’t law. If you believe everything in the Bible you’re going to have a hard time reconciling your life with reality. Good luck.

  4. god did not make transgender there are no such people they can say what they like you are men or women no in between any Christian who go to those churches needs to move on and go to a church that teaches the truth about Jesus and the Bible

  5. God made them. Either male or female.. Do they think they are better than God? People who think they can improve something the Almighty has designed? They need humility and accept what man cannot change. All of them have mental problems & need mental therapy

  6. This is just plain sick! When God created the world, he made only two genders: man and woman. Anybody who things they know more than God is really crazy.

  7. Okay Brits, now, do you understand why we refuse to allow a liberal government to disarm us?
    Start smuggling weapons in, you need them, badly

  8. The Church of England should read 1 Corth. 6,9. and also proverbs (KJV) and find out what Scripture says, because it sure will effect the Church of England, AND ALL HER PARRISHERS.

  9. These people are allowing a Doctor to undo what GOD made! You can’t change that! They are no more Christian then witch! The church is all wet when it comes to being Christian. They know better then to suggest that it’s okay to change what GOD made and they can change their name to one that suits them. God in his infinite wisdom named you. He knew you in the womb !

  10. If the liberals want to change Catholic beliefs, they should include all religions. Muslims kill gay people and transgender… I think other beliefs feel the same way. Why pick on one institution when there are many others. This is discrimination and isolationist! Second point. Who is going to pay for all the rewrights of the Christian Bible? Not me! I am not confused, I am hetrosexual! Thus, I should not pay a penny! And, if the bible gets rewritten, I will follow my old religion. Will create a new name for ex-Christians. Just like marriage. Marriage is now gay. So they can have that title. My new title defined Man and Woman is “Enlightened Joining.” I’ll refuse a marriage certificate because I am not gay!

    And I keep fighting on!!!

  11. Romans 12.2-3 sums it up for me. The “church” of England is a snowball rolling downhill for Hell. Satan loves this. His biggest scam has been religion and therefore you have perversion abundantly growing in the “church”.

    I thank God for the real Church, “body of believers”!

  12. THere is no such thing in the real, physical world, as “gender”. There is only “sex” and two of them. As to agreeing with the Anglicans… just NO!

  13. Satan is hiring. He needs extra staff to welcome all the Evangelicals who “thought” they were going to Heaven. Boy were they wrong.

  14. What does it say? What does it mean? How does it apply? Please tell me what it says to you as you read the whole first chapter of the book of Romans. That way I cannot be accused of pulling anything out of context for you to read to “prove” a point. If I am incorrect in what I believe it says and means, I would like to be corrected.

  15. I grew up in this church and had the best priest ever who came to us from Wales. He was really a teacher above all when it came to knowing your bible and knowing what the church meant and how we were to “live” under the churches guidance s. I am sure that Father Simms is kicking in his grave today, hearing this new teaching, or should I say “leading astray”?

  16. How can any church that believes in and worships GOD, support any sin that is an abomination in God’s eyes? They should be trying to save his wretched soul. There will be no TRANSGENDERs in Heaven that I can assure you!

  17. I know that right now, here on this earth, my Father Simms, the greatest Episcopal minister ever, is turning over in his grave. He would have none of this nonsense, ever.

  18. I believe in God, in a Supreme Creator or being. I stopped going to the Commercial Churches long ago because I don’t think God requires that you see the light only in a house of worship. I do believe that light is everywhere including in our hearts. I have been lucky in my life to have traveled the world. When I see Cathedrals erected to God by man and the vast costs to the surrounding areas in both money and man, it makes your head swim. Then when you see the wealth accumulated by the churches being unfathomable it again makes your heard swim. Take the Vatican or the Church of Mexico City as examples. The wealth accumulated in each is outrageously accumulated via devious ways over hundreds of years. The wealth of the Vatican can only be imagined because its secret, and the Church of Mexico City is so heavily laden with gold it has sunk nearly 20 feet into the earth it sets on.
    I use to go to a church with my wife until I called upon it one day for some help for a young girl who came into my business trying to hide from an abusive boyfriend. I was told the church didn’t deal with those kinds of events. After assuring this girl was safe in my break room and had something to eat for the first time in almost two days, I called the police an asked for a women’s shelter and after explaining the situation, they gave me the number. I called them and their representatives were at my business in less than 20 minutes. They talked with her for about half an hour and finally left with her. I forgot about it until about a year later when a girl and a guy came into my store and she walked right up to me and said, do you remember me. My thoughts went everywhere, did I short change her, did I say something wrong, what did I do? She then told me who she was and that my help started the ball rolling to change her entire life and she always remembered and wanted to thank me personally. To me, God worked through me to help her, the Church had nothing to do with it. Being a pilot also, I feel closest to God when flying, just a personal feeling, perhaps that is where I feel is my church.
    When you think of all the wars, all the death, all the tyrants that have forced their will on others over THEIR belief, it is a wonder that anyone believes anything coming from a Commercial Church these days.

  19. These people that take out the word of God from the Holy Scriptures will pay for their errors at judgement day when they face God face to face.


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