What this Black Lives Matter founder just said about Joe Biden could ruin his presidential campaign


The riots led by Black Lives Matter have ravaged cities and towns across America.

And Joe Biden has done everything he can to buddy up with the Black Lives Matter movement.

But what this Black Lives Matter founder just said about Joe Biden could ruin his presidential campaign.

If you turned on the news over the past several months and you’ve seen images of people rioting, looting, and burning down towns across America.

The rioting was led by the Black Lives Matter movement, which has greatly gained in popularity.

And with the popularity came the donations for Black Lives Matter that racked up millions of dollars to use in the 2020 election cycle. 

So that obviously caught the attention of Joe Biden who has tried desperately to gain Black Lives Matter’s support. 

Who can forget the image of Joe Biden kneeling to pacify the Black Lives Matter mob?

But, unfortunately for Biden, leaders of Black Lives Matter are not falling for his pandering.

Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, Melina Abdullah, is no fan of Joe Biden.

During an ABC News segment about Black Lives Matter and the 2020 elections, Abdullah stated, “People are feeling dismayed that the choices are between, you know, a violent white supremacist and another person who represents that same system.”

You can see her comments in the video below:

And this isn’t the first time that leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement have given the cold shoulder to Joe Biden.

National Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza told TIME that “Frankly, I think [the Biden campaign is] well aware that they are pretty far from the concerns that this movement has put forward – and that is not acceptable.”

And if Joe Biden can’t secure the Black Lives Matter vote, it could be trouble for him on election night. 

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