What this anti-gun country music star just said about mass shootings will infuriate you


For decades, country music has separated itself from the rest of the music industry as supporters of conservative values.

But in recent years, that has begun to change.

And what this anti-gun country music star said about mass shootings will infuriate you.

Following every mass shooting, know-nothing stars in the music industry and Hollywood always come forward demanding gun control.

It has gotten so bad that even many artists in the country music scene are joining in.

Country music star Kacey Musgraves did so after the shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, using one of her concerts to demand gun control.

She took to the stage to get her crowd to join in a chant of “somebody f**king do something!”

Musgraves then went on a profanity-laden rant, stating that she doesn’t “know what the answer is,” but that something “has to be f**king done.

Breitbart reports:

Country music star Kacey Musgraves weighed in on the violent shootings that devastated communities in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, over the weekend, speaking to the audience during her Lollapalooza performance and calling for somebody to “fucking do something” to stop the carnage.

“I don’t know what the answer is, but obviously something has to be fucking done,” Musgraves said, while performing at Lollapalooza in Grant Park, Illinois, Sunday speaking of the violence that erupted in the two cities over the weekend, which left over 30 dead and dozens more wounded. “Maybe somebody will hear us if we all yell together and say, somebody fucking do something.”

The audience joined in, shouting “somebody fucking do something” along with the singer.

The Grammy-winner tweeted a video of their cry as a message to President Donald Trump, writing: “Don’t you hear us, @realDonaldTrump? Don’t you hear our pain? You have the power to become a hero. Why don’t you take it?”

Musgraves later went on Twitter to give President Trump some ideas in a series of incoherent posts.

In one Tweet, she claims that “nobody needs anything remotely automatic,” ignoring the fact that a gun is either automatic or it isn’t, and that manufacturing automatic firearms is already illegal.

She clearly has no idea what she’s talking about.

Are you pro-gun?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I don’t listen to country songs, but have still heard of all the country & western singers names….however, I have never heard of this lunatic broad. She says “f***ING do something”!!! Just what is it she thinks government or anybody can do to stop maniacs from committing crimes? Why does she nor any of her cohorts “do something” about all the killings in liberal run cities? Can we add up how many mainly black on black killings there have been???

  3. Of Coarse the mass killings are Horrible,But you wanna talk about MASS MURDER,Happens EVERY day in Every city in the country,You add them all up and the numbers are Staggering!And they sure as s… arent committed by White supremacist! Just sayin.Semper Fi

  4. I posted a lengthily posting on another site. So I will give the shorten version here. NO gun law will stop any deranged person from getting a weapon! If they are hell bent and determined to commit the act of murdering innocent people, whatever their motivation, they will do so! If not guns, they could use pipe bombs or whatever. Any new laws will only prevent the average citizen from protecting themselves and their families .Which the Leftists want. For us to be defenseless !! NO WAY !!!!

  5. Gun violence IS a sanctity-of-life issue!

    A gun in one’s home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a criminal assault or homicide, an attempted or completed suicide, or unintentional shooting than to kill or injure in self-defense. (Kellermann, et al, 1998 Journal of Trauma, 42:263-67)

    In the U.S., 8 children and teenagers are killed, and more than 47 are injured, by a firearm every day. (CDC, NCHS, December 2006)

    The risk of homicide in the home is three times greater in households with guns. (Kellermann, et al, New England Journal of Medicine, 1993)

    The risk of suicide is five times greater in households with guns. (Kellermann et al, New England Journal of Medicine, 1992)

    A 1990 law banning the sale of “Saturday Night Special” handguns in Maryland was associated with reduced use of these guns by criminals, and a 9% lower rate of firearm homicides in the state between 1990-1998 than would have been expected had there been no law.

    Policies that deny handgun purchases to individuals with prior misdemeanor or felony convictions are associated with a decreased risk of subsequent convictions. Misdemeanants who had allowed to purchase handguns prior to the passage of a California state law prohibiting such purchases had a rate of criminal offending 29% higher than that among misdemeanants who were denied handgun purchases after the law took effect.

    Every day in the U.S., 8 children and teenagers are killed and more than 47 are injured by a firearm.

    In 2005, 595 California children and youth under age 21 were killed with firearms and 1,554 California children and youth under 21 were hospitalized with nonfatal firerarms injuries.

    One-third of U.S. children live in homes with firearms. Almost half of homes with children and firearms keep a gun unlocked.

    68% of the attackers in school shootings obtained the gun(s) from their own home or that of a relative. 61% of the attackers used handguns.

    Many young children, including children as young as three years old, are strong enough to fire a handgun.

    In 2004, guns were used to kill:

    5 people in New Zealand
    37 in Sweden
    56 in Australia
    73 in England and Wales
    184 in Canada

    and 11,344 in the United States. God bless America.

    Gun control advocate Junling Hu writes:

    “A gun is a consumer product, sold for cash and purchased by individuals. While all other consumer products including teddy bears are subject to strict federal laws, guns are given a free pass. There are no safety regulation on guns thanks to the NRA’s lobbying efforts. Unsafe guns lead to accidents and death of adults and children at home. The ones who suffer are the gun owners.

    “A gun is also a lethal weapon. Falling into the wrong hand, it enables a criminal to kill, a gang member to fight, and a teenager to seek revenge. Guns are deadlier than tobacco, alcohol or gambling combined. While all of these are off limits to youngsters, and although a 20-year-old can be arrested for drinking a beer, he can go scot-free for buying a gun.

    “The debate over gun laws is muffled by the slogan, ‘We need less government regulation.’ It is as if government regulation is always wrong. These people ignore the fact that the government regulates every aspect of our life today. From water to air, to drugs and toys, everything touching us is regulated by law. Without the Clean Air Act, we would be breathing dirty air emissions from power plants; we would be drinking unsafe water. Without government regulation, medicines with fatal side effects would not be pulled off shelves and toys with lead poison would still be on the market. Government regulation affects our housing safety, our food quality, our driving safety (through speed limits and safety belt laws). As we live in a civilized society, the government serves as a mediator and enforcer as no individual can do.

    “The freedom of owning a gun has virtually nothing to do with abiding gun laws. Anyone can own an automobile, but they still need to register and get licenses for their cars. Everyone has the freedom of owning a house, but they still have to watch for zoning regulation and fire safety requirements.

    “Sensible gun laws govern manufacturing standard, product safety, and accessible by minors and criminals. Sensible gun laws govern the safety of our street, our school, and most importantly, the safety of our home.

    “Common sense gun laws such as closing gun show loophole, assault weapon ban, and child-lock are fundamentally needed to be sure guns do not fall into wrong hands. Yet all these basic laws are fought against by the NRA lobby. How far can we go in this extremist view of so-called ‘individual freedom’? The consequence of suffering is demonstrated by deadly shooting every day, in every corner of America. Each day, over 80 people die from gun shooting, from accidents at home, to disputes with one’s neighbor, to random shootings on the street. The deadly consequence of ‘gun freedom’ are the death of a young four-year-old–shot while playing with guns, a 15-year-old while in heat of argument, and a 19-year-old walking out of a nightclub.

    “America does not have to be a society soaked in blood, because the bloody consequences were caused by a powerful gun lobby that stripped away our basic protection from the law. Let’s work to enact sensible gun laws. We ask for sensible regulation on guns, as we ask for regulation on food and drugs. The gun issue is no longer a private matter but a public safety issue. It affects all of us. Let’s pass sensible gun laws now.”

    The logic of gun control can best be understood by considering the analogy of the automobile. A car is a potentially lethal weapon. To drive a car, one must be trained, licensed, and have that license periodically renewed. And a car is designed solely as a means of transportation. Guns, on the other hand, are deliberately designed to kill people. It is not unreasonable to demand their regulation.

    Guns are the second deadliest consumer product (after cars) on the market. By the end of the 1990s, firearms will likely supplant automobiles as the leading cause of product-related deaths throughout the United States. In 1990, American guns claimed an estimated 37,000 lives. There are no federal safety standards for the domestic manufacture of guns. There are no voluntary, industry-wide safety standards for the manufacture of guns.

    Every two minutes, somebody somewhere in the United States is shot. Every 14 minutes, somebody dies from a gunshot wound. Each gun injury involving hospitalization costs $33,159. A license to sell a gun costs 83 cents per month.

    A gun rolls off the assembly line in America every 10 seconds. America imports another gun every 11 seconds. There are 246,984 gun dealers in the United States, but only 240 inspectors to keep an eye on them.

    There is a popular myth that handgun ownership makes people safer. In reality, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that a handgun in the home is 43 times more likely to kill the owner, a family member, or a friend than it is to kill an intruder. Over 75 percent of firearm deaths in a typical year involve handguns. The FBI Uniform Crime Statistics Report says that nationally, there were 38,317 firearm deaths in 1992, but fewer than 300 justifiable homicides.

    Another myth is that gun control laws don t make a difference. In reality, strict handgun regulation saves lives. In Washington, DC, a tougher gun law actually reduced homicides by 25 percent through the mid-1980s. Again, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that 47 lives were saved in Washington, DC, in a typical year studied, because of that city’s handgun ban.

    Most other industrialized nations have virtual bans on handgun sales. In 1990, handguns were used in the homicides of 13 people in Sweden, 91 in Switzerland, 87 in Japan, 22 in Great Britain, and 68 in Canada, compared to 10,567 in the United States.

    Is gun control constitutional? The Second Amendment refers to “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” Roger Tatarian, professor emeritus of journalism at California State University, Fresno, notes, however, that “things can change over time” with regards to the original intent of the founders.

    The Third Amendment, for example, protects citizens against compulsory quartering of troops in private homes. Technology has also made obsolete the constitutional provision giving Congress the right to declare war. “No president who is warned that a hostile missile is en route…has time nowadays to ask Congress for a declaration of war before responding,” states Tartarian. “He can commit the country to an all-out war simply by pressing a button.”

    Tartarian observes: “The Constitution certainly does not ban private ownership of weapons; that would have been unthinkable for a people still living in an often hostile natural environment and where many depended on hunting for a livelihood. But a tradition of owning arms is one thing and a constitutional guarantee is quite another. They ought not be confused

    According to Tatarian: “The Second Amendment as it now exists evolved from a draft offered by James Madison on June 8, 1789. His intent very clearly was to tie the constitutional right to own arms to service in official militias regulated by state governments.” Madison’s original proposal reads:

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country: but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.”

    The final version of the amendment which emerged from a House-Senate conference on September 25, 1789, also tied the constitutional right to bear arms to service in a militia, and stated that such militias are to be “well regulated”:

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Handgun control is constitutional. The courts have repeatedly ruled that the Second Amendment does not apply to individuals outside the context of “a well regulated militia.” A handgun control ordinance was upheld by the U.S. Seventh Court of Appeals in 1982, which issued the following statement: “We conclude that the right to keep and bear handguns is not guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

    The Supreme Court let the decision stand by refusing to hear the appeal of the handgun lobby. The Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Cruikshank that the Second Amendment doesn’t mean anything except “(the right to keep and bear arms) shall not be infringed by Congress.”

    This 1876 ruling established that states and localities are not prevented from enacting their own gun control laws–and they remain free to do so to this day. In 1980, the Supreme Court reconfirmed that “these legislative restrictions on the use of firearms do not trench upon any constitutionally protected liberties.”

    Guns should be regulated like other consumer products. Handguns and assault rifles should be banned, and ammunition should be taxed heavily.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  6. The left will do anything it can to turn us into do as we tell you sheep!If guns were all taken away then they’d be after your knives and swords cause they’re too sharp and pointy.An inanimate object isn’t thr problem its the out of control parents that let their kids run wild without consequences,The hate groups that are allowed to sptw their garbage as well as violent video games and movies! YES HOLLYWOOD,YOUR part of the problem,and these Better than thous Actors and Actresses who spew their Far Left Garbage! NOT ALL!! BUT TOO MANY!

  7. Well Colleen maybe she has a point. We could take away all the guns from good citizens and while we are at it we could make a red flag law on auto drivers. That way a relative or your son’s teacher could call you in if they think you might have a drink an you could have a hearing in court to get your car back. While we are at it we can ban motorcycles, the government will pay you what it feels they are worth when you turn them in. We all know how dangerous they are. Also no knives for anyone ever arrested for cutting some one and then it must be OKed by a judge for him to own one kitchen knife, who needs more than one. Maybe we could think up more and what a warm fuzzy world it would be! Banners are nuts!

  8. She just proved to everyone what kind of sick slut she is. I never did like her music anyway and wouldn’t walk to my back yard to hear her perform.

  9. She should tell her democrat buddies to stop killing people. There would be virtually no crime if they did because Democrats commit 87% of all violent crime.

  10. Yes she is. She needs to get off stage, & stay off. I’d rather listen to Bill Anderson any way. I’d also love to listen to the ones who have left the scene… much better music & values.

  11. How many times doe a person have to hear Man is the Problem Sinful man a gun, a knife, a Hammer, a Baseball bat all have one thing in common it takes someone wielding it a evil intent can cause all of these tools to be used by a person to kill!

  12. She is clueless, Again it,s not the gun, Take care of your kids. How many people are killed in car, a month? We should get rid of cars that kill people. Get rid of the drug,s we can go on . There is a problem the way people think today, maybe its the way they are raised???????? Stop blaming the wrong thing. I never saw a gun get up and shoot someone.

  13. Vasu, you are an absolute nut case. A democrat in anyone’s home is 1,000 times more likely to kill somebody than are all other political parties combined since Democrats commit 87% of all violent crime. And a raghead Muslim is 1,000 times likely to use a bomb to kill multiple peopl than are all other nationalities.

  14. This IDIOT “COUNTRY STAR” is just trying to get attention for her own benefit……Who has ever heard of her anyway……I would predict that a huge majority of real COUNTRY SINGERS are Conservatives and believe in the SECOND AMENDMENT…..and they are satisfied with AMERICA the WAY IT IS TODAY…..

  15. I will state my case here once more.. I am a gun owner and our state has strong background checks.. I believe that is the best place to go for now.. Take Chicago, Illinois, the most strict background checks in America.. Yet the highest death and wounded in America.. WHY?? Criminals and street gangs get their guns illegally.. It is and always will be the shooter that is the problem, not the gun.. Stop the violent video industry and have law enforcement read social forums like Facebook to find potential attacks..

  16. I have been listening to Country/Western music since 1956 and I’ve NEVER even heard of this…..ah…..woman…..?

    Oh, well, she’s probably never heard of me either!

  17. Even the sweetest voice is as shrill as a clanging gong when used as a mindless weapon. Whose responsibility is it to do something, and what would you have them do. Who gets to choose whose constitutional rights get to be vacated to make someone else “comfortable”. Your process is hateful and misplaced. That is why your message will be largely ignored.

  18. I am with you on that anything can be used as a weapon to kill even a pencil a key on key rings if used in the right place anything is a weapon they need to focus on the bad people using things for evil instead of what they are intended for

  19. Why can’t the left tell the truth for a change they are progressive they will not stop until every gun honest law-abiding citizens are totally disarmed . They have an agenda just like Hillary did Mussolini Castro or any other dictator who believed that a totalitarian Nation. They will not tell the truth it does if you knew their agenda the real agenda it would scare the hell out of you. There are too many people in this country that I own guns if they tried gun confiscation which is what they want there would be a bloodbath that nobody could ever imagine that is a fact. When they want to outlaw cigarettes which don’t have one redeemable quality not one I will give up all my guns gladly just to prove a point not one redeemable quality and everybody knows they kill thousands of people or responsible for every day.

  20. Never heard of her! CUNTry muzak has been dead ever since Brat Paisley and Vince “white” Gill refused to sing Merle Haggard’s awesome line, “never been on welfare” in front of our first affirmative action president and his kennel club of leftist limp wrists! CUNTry stars should go off of the soy lattes and malt liquor and back on Jim Beam.

  21. Well, having extremely “Stupid Chants” should do it! Here’s a stupid chant for you,” Kacey Musgraves, is a genius.” Now that is a real stupid chant.

  22. It’s called abortion of future Americans! The propaganda of medias wants people to think the Jewish holocaust is worse than the continuance of killing American babies through abortion is less! PETA worries more about animals than it’s own future American human beings and you thought the anti-American democrats and their tool the medias are hypocritical and full of double standards and lower standards to pacify all that hurts all is O.K.!

  23. Wow, isn’t she special. Who cares what a sudden “I’m a big star” wanna be has to say. What is sad are all the lemmings that sipped the kool – aid of silliness when she went over the cliff.

  24. Never heard of her, she need sto keep her open mouth out of politics that she apparently has no idea what she’s talking about.
    I won’t ever go see her or buy any of her crap.

  25. Vasu Merti—All I can say about your thesis or what ever you just wrote is that you went from guns, birth control, Global Warming and raising the minimum wage to $15. All of which you spoke about is a crock. I really think that you need to get a job!!! IT WAS ALL I COULD DO TO FINISH READING IT. I AM WORN OUT.

  26. Just another POS liberal communist scum that will lose any ‘following” from country music fans.
    MORONS like her don’t understand their comments will cause their “sales” to go away, and concerts will be devoid of people that believe in FREEDOM, our GOD-GIVEN right to self-defense against TYRANNICAL government operatives, and LESS “government” control over our lives.

  27. Country music is Waylon, the Hanks, Loretta, George Jones, etc, Never heard of her and to Hell with her!

  28. The difference between a citizen and a servant is a firearm.How many people are killed by drunk driving and alcohol abuse each year?How many die from texting while driving?For those who argue you don’t need a 10 round clip,you don’t need a car that goes 120mph either speed limit is a lot less.

  29. CHEW ON THIS COMMUNIST! I have had GUNS in my home for 64 years and not once has any loaded themselves and gone after me or anyone else.


    A world history lesson…lest we forget.

    The quintessential reason why Grandpa Scott carries a gun. Please take time to read this and pay particular attention to “A Little Gun History” about half way down.

    Why Carry a Gun?

    My old Grandpa said to me, “Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps and usually it’s when he becomes too old to take a whipping.

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people; I carry a gun to keep from being killed.

    I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil; I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the World.

    I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government; I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.

    I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry; I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.

    I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone; I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

    I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man; I carry a gun because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.

    I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate; I carry a gun because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.

    I don’t carry a gun because I love it; I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.

    Police protection is an oxymoron: Free citizens must protect themselves because police do not protect you from crime; they just investigate the crime after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.

    Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take a whoopin’!




    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control: From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    In 1911, Turkey established gun control: From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated
    Germany established gun control in 1938: From 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
    China established gun control in 1935: From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Guatemala established gun control in 1964: From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Uganda established gun control in 1970: From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Cambodia established gun control in 1956: From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    56 million defenseless people were rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control.
    You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information

    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun control laws adversely affect only the law abiding citizens.

    With guns, we are ‘citizens’; without them, we are ‘subjects’.

    During WW II, the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

    Gun owners in the USA are the largest armed forces in the World!

    If you value your freedom, please spread this anti-gun control message to all of your friends.

    The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield and skill is more important than either.





    I’m a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment!

    If you are too, please forward this. If you’re not a believer, please reconsider based on these true facts.

    This is history; not what’s being shown on TV, sanctioned by our illustrious delusional liberals in Washington.

  30. Peggy g– They had TWO mass shooting within Hours of each other SUNDAY in Chicago ALONE,In total 46 people were shot,At LEAST 7 dead. That*s ONE city!!Do you Know how MANY cities there Are in this country?? Ya Wanna Add ALL the shootings And Murders,In EVERY city Together for Just ONE weekend?? YOU get REAL!! Semper Fi

  31. That is the problem with these so-called celebrities they are dumber than a box of rocks. She knows nothing about weapons but is willing to go off half-cocked on gun control. New song for Musgrove, “Shut Your Damn Stupid Mouth And Just Sing”!!

  32. Why of course she is a big country star singing about crying,dying or riding a f–king train train ,like all great country music!

  33. I guess this person is not up to date on statistics especially in Maryland where the city of Baltimore is one of the leaders in homicides. He or she quotes stats from the 80sand 90s.not current and wants to kill babies and turn this country into another Venezuela. Dc already has one of the strictest gun laws in the country and check the stats there.

  34. She just “shot herself in the foot”, career death self-inflicted. Country music fans are some of the most ardent patriots and 2nd Amendment supporters. Her career is over as a CW recording artist. She either has a career death wish or is ignorant of who her fans are. SEE YAH!!

  35. I forgot about those whores….which is easy to do since they have been MIA since they ran their mouth!

  36. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  37. Gun control is about controlling the people…not stopping criminals and violence

  38. Look at Great Britain, guns are illegal, so the muslims use Knives to kill, so now, Knives are illegal.
    A gun is a tool, people kill people, guns, knives, club, baseball bats are tools. We have bad people who choose to kill, the tool they use is whatever is at hand.
    Liberals are trying to destroy the goodness, kindness, and the wholesome culture of this country. I carry a gun because of predators: feral hogs, rattle snakes, the occasional mountain lion, and of course the apex predator: a BAD person. Pray every day for GOD to protect President Trump from all that would harm him, whether it be thought word or deed.

  39. I’d rather abortion[esp re the illegals] vs the over population and parasitic school and welfare taxes that we’re paying now.The only ones benefiting are the politicians,Roman Catholic Church,leftist or right to lifer/ flat earther churches.
    You want the offspring-THEN YOU PAY FOR THEM.If this country’s population went back to 150 million,ALL of us would be better off. Have to wonder about “celebrities” country et al music,etc. and what they are consuming??Good candidates for eugenics -5 generations ago, or at least sterilization and lobotomies.

  40. Vasu, educate yourself. Gun control is people control. What about all the murders in gun-controlled Democrat cesspools? Law abiding citizens use them for protection not murder. Democrats sanction and support violent liberal Antifa terrorists. How about banning them???

  41. It’s sad to see C&W entertainers changing this way. I know a lot of people don’t like to hear it but the more women are involved in things, the more the world is changing away from family values, morality and Christianity. Decadence has destroyed many great nations, empires and people. Liberalism seems to have become ingrained in the womans movement so much that too many women seem to just automatically be liberal, regardless of how they were raised. I hope they appreciate their First Amendment because the only reason they still have it, is because of our Second Amendment. The inability to realize that they would be creating a government that could do whatever it wants and control the people and therefore take away rights without repercussions, just shows how shortsighted people have become. I am a C&W fan and just recently was in a discussion in which people were commenting on how C&W music has begun to rely more on looks and image and is even losing that deep baritone male singer and diverse sounding female singers. More computer help and less talent has crept into C&W, along with leftist, liberal ideology. Maybe we should point out that the very politicians and entertainers that are making so much noise, live in homes with high walls, have armed security and their kids don’t go to “diverse” public schools. Many politicians are not even obliged to follow some of the very laws that they pass. Talk about hypocrisy.

  42. Spot on !! These same big mouth “activists” live in homes with high walls, have armed security and you can bet your life that their kids don’t go to “diverse” public schools. They’re a joke. They think they are some sort of creation that sits above others. Many times they are dumb as stumps when you hear them in an interview. I simply boycott everyone and everything that goes against our family values and morals that we once had in this country. If everyone did that, these a$$holes would go broke and would learn to keep their mouths shut. People need to boycott her concerts, not buy her music and not spend any of their hard earned money on anything even affiliated with her or anyone else like her.

  43. Me either, what song does she sing ? I looked her up. She isn’t that great of a singer and didn’t sound Country to me.

  44. The schmuck that goes out shooting is going to kill with or without guns. The killer will use any means, be it guns, knives, bombs, cars, tools, or anything else that can be turned into a murder weapon. The problem lies, and the killer gets their ideas from the violence distributed by VIDEO GAMES, HOLLYWOOD MOVIES, TV MOVIES, VIOLENT MUSIC, MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA & THEIR “FRIENDS”, EXTREME RELIGIOUS FANATICS, LEGAL DRUGS. These outcasts grew up with all these acts being GLAMORIZED. These murderers can’t tell the difference between the game, the TV and reality. The gun didn’t commit the crime, the guy BEHIND the gun did!!


  46. I have never heard of her but I don’t listen to today’s “country” music anyway. She is not a true country person because no one from the country would speak that kind of profanity, especially publicly, and a true country person would NEVER be willing to have gun control. Where ever she is from, she’s NOT TRUE COUNTRY at heart. That becomes a problem when they start hanging around the Hollywood types: snowflakes……stupidity rubs off.

  47. Remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks? They said something about Bush when he was President and radio stations wouldnt play their songs. Where are they now? Look out cause it can happen to all you hate filled singers and these so-called hollywood stars. Just wait and see.

  48. just like the rest of libby liberal left with you head up your arss, know wonder you can’t understand common sense when it’s been shoved up you nose into you vacant skull

  49. She’s a conventional fool, easily used. The most dangerous thing you can say to a politician is “Do something!” — because whatever the politician then chooses to *do* will benefit him, and not you.

  50. As much as I loved their music, I broke my Dixie Chicks cds and trashed them. I was do angry at them.

  51. The ONLY reason that these individuals jump on the “Gun Control” issue (or should I say “legal citizen “disarming” issue) is that it becomes the “thing to do” knee jerk reaction, mainly to stay MAINSTREAM and “relevant” (popular) to their crowd. It has NOTHING to do with keeping the citizen safe but rather allows the criminal to be ARMED to do more harm to his victims. Do NOT give in to these brainless AIRHEADS, as actions like this will empower groups like the UN to take away the sovereignty of the citizens of the U.S. by disarming us. And the UN means no good to us . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  52. yeah same here but country isnt country anymore, more like southern rock ive even heard them passing crap i mean rap off as country its pretty pathetic nowadays

  53. We need more people like her speaking out. There is no 2nd amendment right to own a gun and there never was. google Marc Rubin cometary (There is no 2nd amendment right to own a gun and there never was )

  54. when you need the governments permission to exercise it it is no longer a right
    but a privileged for the elite

  55. She’s right, somebody needs to do something about gun control since that Oval Office Pile Of F—KING CRAP REFUSES TO!

  56. I have heard very few women doing country that I enjoyed. Pasty Cline,Loretta,an a few more. For the most part they have sorry voices and sorry Gray matter.

  57. I couldn’t read all of your diarrhea of the mouth, but there are already 300,000,000. Guns in the hands of the American people. So what would you do about that? 2) Hollywood just made a movie called The Hunt.. it’s lifted elite hunting and killing Trump supporters. So, the writing is on the wall a while they really want to disarm us so they can start killing conservative so people please hang on to your guns it may be your only defense against what’s to come from the crazy leftist communist.

  58. Yeah, I’ve never heard of her either! If these Satanist would listen to the vulgarity coming from thier lips they would understand why things like this happen, they Are without GOD ALMIGHTY and so is way too many others!

  59. Best thing she could do to save face is to, Put a Pie in that Hole! Who is Musgrove? 50 years of country and never heard one going over the bridge disparaging the name of Country. Just another lunatic Wannabee who is out to make her name known, but it will work like stepping on a cowpie, hopefully her face hitting it face down. Hey Musgrove, F**k off.

  60. If Kacey Musgraves does not agree with the Constitution of the United States or does not understand the real reason we have the Right to Bear Arms then she can get the hell out of this Country! I do not care if she was born here or not! Ignorance is fatal! Not bliss!

  61. Same here, Linda. In fact, I did one better. I ran my Dixie Chicks cd through my husband’s shredder and I’m still angry at them.

  62. I agree, never heard of her. However, her ideas are trash. She needs to shut up and go back to playing saturday night dance halls.

  63. Laws only affect LAW ABIDING people, the maggots who go out shooting up crowds of people are neither LAW ABIDING or SANE; so all of your laws are just hot air

  64. you must not have ever tried to buy a gun.it is not very easy try it sometime you do not have to follow thru with the purchase but just try it you will see just what all in involved you might be surprised.these shootings are from crazy people that should never have a gun usually younger ones that never interact with anyone in person they sit at home play violent games watch TV heck they do not even go shopping in a store anymore the order online drive to store and they bring stuff out put in the car for them they do not even have to talk to them.these are the ones we need to find an answer for just saying. have a great day

  65. Cliff: Almost as long as our dear friend(not) Vasu posts that’s only on these sites to spread his Democratic propaganda. But the BIG differences are, I read yours. Yours was much more interesting and speaks the truth! Thank you for sharing !!

  66. I’ve never heard of her either, but she’s a moron. I wonder if she has some sort of security, and if so, I wonder if they carry a gun. Ya know, if I had a gun, I think I could teach it to stay in it’s place and be a good girl and be still until I was ready to take her out, if something happens, who’s to blame, me or her? Are they gonna take the guns away from gangs like MS13? Heck, they’ll probably get even more! Yup, just take ours away, and let them have them all. Duh…

  67. According to the Centers for Disease Control, people use guns on average six thousand times a day to stop crime and protect themselves.

  68. I stop listening to country music when they took the awards on the road to LA and Vegas and brought in the rock/hard rock. The last show I watches the sound was so bad I shut it off. And who that singer is I have no clue, thank God I haven’t spent my money on and never will.

  69. I’d rather listen to a dog barking than hear her singing. They all have the answer don’t they, more gun control. They all seem to think that banning certain firearms and stricter gun laws will stop these types of gun violence. Because a very few people decide to commit a mass murder they want to punish everyone that is a law abiding, pro gun, responsible gun owner. There are a couple of old sayings that are really true: “When guns are outlawed, ONLY outlaws will have guns”, and “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. If a person has made up their mind to commit murder they are going to do it unless someone stops them beforehand. They won’t adhere to the current gun laws on the books, and they certainly won’t adhere to any new gun laws. Most of these mass shootings have been advertised on social media, some subtly and some blatantly. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter pretty much gave advance notice of his intentions. Many tips and warnings to Parkland’s local law enforcement went unheeded and unchecked, even to that area’s FBI office. Not any of them gave these advanced warnings any attention. The gun control fanatics don’t believe that there is a black market in this country. If you have the money you can get most anything you want. Now I totally agree with one area of control and that is if a person has ever been diagnosed with or treated for having a mental illness or disorder, they shouldn’t be allowed to purchase or possess firearms and it should be included in their background information. Also, if a person posts any kind of a threat of violence on social media it should be addressed. The people that are committing these types of violence usually give advanced notice of some type before they do them. Don’t take any of it for granted anymore.

  70. Quite right, Jim, I have to agree with you. Its no where near what it was. There are many who like it that way, but I’m from the old school — Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers, Webb Pierce, Hank Snow, Merle Haggard, just to name a few — and although there are some that come along every now and then, most I don’t consider Country music at all. As you said; its merely Rock & Roll, with an occasional Steal Guitar and Fiddle thrown in for flavor.

    Needless to say, I don’t listen to too much C & W from the radio/television/et-al any longer, preferring instead to listen to my prerecorded tapes, many of which I’ve recorded myself, and an occasional album.

    Take care Jim and “Keep Your Damn Head Down”!

  71. Tim, forgive me, no harm intended, but that’s like saying nothing! The “Dixie Chicks” are most certainly NOT Country-Western. Indeed, I’m not sure what they are, or were, except gone. And for that I am thankful!

  72. The gun is not at fault. The person that pulls that trigger is responsible. Evil people kill people because they want too. They have no conscious. As for the 2nd amendment it is our constitutional right. I live in a rural area. I need my gun for protection. The law is over an hour away.

  73. A disgusting person. I don’t listen to this so called new country music and if I did I’d never listen to her for sure, who ever she is.

  74. Muhammad’s A Pedophile; I’m sorry but I’m stilling laughing at your name, you chose to post under. Well anyway, THANK YOU for supplying FACTS to the all great and powerful Vasu and all his cut and paste Leftists propaganda. It will never stop him from posting. Heavens knows most of us have tried. But he must be paid to come on these sites and annoy us. But again, THANK YOU!

  75. There is no country music any more. I agree with you; I love to listen to Bill Anderson, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and the likes. You know, back when country music was actual country music and not the screaming guitars and stuff that they try to put off as country. SMH

  76. glen, you are truly an idiot. You have no concept of who our founding fathers were or what they gave us. YES, there IS a second amendment right to own a gun. PERIOD. Our founding fathers said so and they were very wise to give us the second amendment.

  77. Alan, Their music was really good, actually. At least I think it was. It’s been so long since I listened to it…

  78. What a pretty woman and a great singer. And what a meaningful message she is trying to send to big boys. To thoseof you little boys, it is time to put down all your toys (guns) and do something mnore meaningful in life/ I know, when I first went into the army, they said, quit playing with your thgird jeg and pay attention to your rifle. Ok, let it go now and go back to your first love.

  79. Yeah the Dixie Chicks did have some good one like “Ready To Run”, “Wide Open Spaces”, and my favorite “Goodbye Earle”. I quit listening to them when Natalie wore that t-shirt that had the letters FYTK on it. Everybody knew what the letters stood for.

  80. Blah, Blah, Blah!! You spew crap that you, yourself probably don’t even read. You just copy and paste this junk. Guns don’t kill people; People kill people!! You can make statistics say what you want them to say just like when polls are taken.

  81. mel, your ignorance is profound. You have no concept of who our founding fathers were or what they left us. You have no clue about the second amendment. We have the RIGHT to protect ourselves against all who would harm us, including a rogue government. God gave us that right, and so did our founding fathers, most of whom were Christians. They were very wise to give us the second amendment. You are a FOOL. Guns are NOT toys. They are for hunting or protection.

  82. No, Sam, she never was a star. And most of what passes for country music these days is not country at all. Musgrave is proof of that. She is far from country if she is siding with Hollywood.

  83. Karen, yes I also like those songs. I still have a couple of their albums, but just haven’t listened to them since they showed their true colors.

  84. You left out Marty Robbins, my favorite. I agree with you. But I listen to a lot of country music on the station I really like. They play REAL country music, most of it from before the new singers came along. And I think a lot of the new singers are pop, not country at all. They have no clue. Like Willie said, he wrote his best songs when he was hungry. Today’s artists have no clue what that is like. They don’t live the music.

  85. you said exactly what i have been saying for a long time and it makes all the sense in the world but that is not what the anti gun nuts understand i do not understand why we can not get it through their heads guess we just have to keep trying huh.

  86. Neither have I. People that disrespect our great country, our flag, our National Anthem and our gun ownership, don’t deserve any respect from me.

  87. We can’t forget Patsy Cline, Hank Snow, Boxcar Willie, Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, Kitty Wells and the likes. The band I’m with does the good country and bluegrass. Nobody in my band uses an electric instrument except for me. I play the electric bass because I can’t play the upright bass. LOL I am 54 years old and would rather hear the old country and western songs than the stuff they have today. Today’s country, if you can call it that, sounds more like the 70s rock groups. Screaming guitars and I even heard some that sounded like hip-hop. Sounding like that is not country. Now they call the Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd country music. But we know they aren’t. LOL

  88. Yep .Another liberal moron ,, just like the rest run off at the mouth and don’t have a clue about the real reason why these people did what they did.. They just start shouting gun control ,gun control ,learn the facts about what happens and why ..Also ,all of you morons in Jollywood ,should leave politics out of music award shows and out of tv and movie award shows .. In other words shut the F*** up with the politics …

  89. “do something “the blank check for every political loudmouth looking to destroy America and ENRICH HIMSELF. as the saying goes “be careful what you wish for”.politicians hide behind walls and gates and armed guards. they tell you YOU DON’T NEED A GUN TO PROTECT YOURSELF. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY.

  90. I feel all these “celebrities” should perform and keep their personal opinions to themselves. I don’t know why they feel anyone gives a darn what they think.

  91. “Democrats for Life in America!!!”

    WHAT A JOKE!! Democrats are all about DEATH. Abortion is KILLING. Democrats want to disarm us so even MORE DEATH will happen if we can’t defend ourselves.

    Take all of your BS “facts” and stuff’em because the Second Amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED you communist p o s.


  92. I have never heard of her. there’s a lot of people claiming to be country, but they are not country. The only ones I listen to are the true country singers and they are getting far and few between.

  93. Larry is so very right! I wonder if this woman has a guard who carries a gun to protect her. What I have come to realize is that all these people who complain about our guns law all either have guns or has someone in their employee that carries a gun! For them, it is OK, but no one else. Larry is right, if you check out the shootings in N.Y and Chicago you will discover that the person with the guns, did not get them legally!

  94. Read John Lott’s book “More Guns- Less Crime”, his data shows the LIES of Kellerman et al. 65 % of gun deaths are suicide, < 4% are rifle, < 1/2
    of these are " Assault-Style" weapons, .01% are " Automatic" weapons !
    16% are accidental discharges, Almost all other gun deaths are in Democrat Control cities, with major Gun Control Laws, like Chicago or Detroit or Baltimore etc. There are more guns everywhere else, but less
    Homicides! Father-less boys and psychotropic drugs are the culprits!!
    Better to OUTLAW Democrats from running major Cities since they have proven their INCOMPETENCE over and over again! The AR is America's Sporting Rifle, not some Black Rifle Death Machine.

  95. My closest friend was killed at age 31 by a black junkie who shot him through the heart with a homemade zip gun. He was a Julliard level French Horn player and a Medical Resident. The junkie got $5 in the robbery and was caught 10 years later after he killed a waitress going into her apartment. The irony is that I told my friend he lived in a bad neighborhood and should arm himself for sefl defense. He told me he didn’t believe in guns. Guess he never got the chance to think twice. But at least I did.

  96. 2016 US stats: 33,685 gun-related deaths. 59% are homicides, 39% are suicides and 0.002 are mass shootings (71)

    2016 deaths by motor vehicles: 37,641. 10,497 of those are related to drunk drivers.

    2017 US stats: 70,237 drug overdose deaths. The leading cause of death in teenagers and adolescents.

    Where is the outcry about alcohol and drugs? No. let’s only talk about AR-15s and the evil NRA.

  97. 2016 US stats: 33,685 gun-related deaths. 59% are homicides, 39% are suicides and 0.002 are mass shootings (71)

    2016 deaths by motor vehicles: 37,641. 10,497 of those are related to drunk drivers.

    2017 US stats: 70,237 drug overdose deaths. The leading cause of death in teenagers and adolescents.

    Where is the outcry about alcohol and drugs? No. let’s only talk about AR-15s and the evil NRA.
    Or not address the inner-city gun-related homicide crisis that you liberal jerks don’t seem to care about…such as about 500 to 6006 a year in Chicago alone

  98. She’s merely another self-appointed repository of fecal matter… oops! I mean, a repository of talking points of the intolerant and most ignorant Liberals. They always reveal inability to communicate intelligently by tossing out fake news, fake statistics, fake data, fake ideals, fake concerns, fake feelings, … insults, hypocrisy, lies, slander, libel, threats of violence, violence, etc. This is the tolerant and educated party!

  99. So true, I only listen to country and not much else but it’s classic country with singers who knew how to sing. Not a lot of them around now but awesome music not like Musgraves, Swift stupid, and others now

  100. Merle Haggard’s song ” Fighting side of me” needs to be our new motor! One of the verses, if you don’t love it, leave it!

  101. another un-educated ass opening her mouth about something she has no real knowledge about (like most a-hole libs).

  102. Kasey Who? Never heard of her, never heard her sin that I’m aware of. Now, I will not hear her, for sure. Anyone that is such an idiot as to alienate half of their fan base with STUPID political commentary is too stupid to listen to.

  103. Right on, curtis. GOD Bless & Save America in 2020 election from that Presidential PISS ASS PIG & His Latest Wedded BRAIN DEAD BIMBO, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs.White House WORTHLESS WHORE!


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