What these colleges just installed on campus had abortionists rejoicing


It’s no secret Planned Parenthood pushes sexual promiscuity to groom customers for abortions.

America’s colleges are the top targets for Planned Parenthood’s propaganda.

But now some schools are taking an unprecedented step that had abortionists singing in the streets.

Multiple universities just installed contraception vending machines with the so-called “Plan B” abortion pill.

Stanford University, Columbia University, and Dartmouth College are just a few names on the list.

The stated purpose was “to remove barriers to and anxiety surrounding products like Plan B,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

But the reality is this will just end up increasing the number of abortions.

One college, Barnard College in New York, is among the most recent to add these vending machines to its campus.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Access to emergency contraception has grown significantly since Plan B, sometimes called the morning-after pill, came to market in 1999. It is now sold over the counter to customers, regardless of age.

Many schools offer free or reduced-cost emergency contraception in their student health centers.

But campus medical offices or pharmacies aren’t always open when the pills are most needed, including on weekends, students say. They also may prefer the anonymity of buying from the machine.

The vending machines haven’t prompted public objections on campuses, where they’re largely seen as an extension of existing services. The machines on most campuses, small boxes attached to a wall or dispensers resembling those for Snickers or soda, also sell other health products like cold medicine and condoms.

Liberal academia and Planned Parenthood have brainwashed college students to think that abortion-on-demand should be done from the convenience of a vending machine.

In the same way a person buys a bag of Cheetos, they can now abort a baby.

Their end goal is to make abortions seem cheap and easy.

Over 60 million babies have been murdered since Roe v. Wade, and this will no-doubt add to the number.

This complete disregard for human life is sickening.

Do you think schools should install abortion pill vending machines? Let us know your thoughts.


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  2. This is just further evidence of the moral corruption of a culture devolving. The RU426 contraceptive drug is an abortifacient that can have violent and drastic after effects. It should be banned on college campuses and only prescribed by a doctor.

  3. I am going to be blunt, as far as I am concerned until the brain is developed enough to sustain the other organs it is not a human, there are very rare occasions where the a female can go through an entire pregnancy and basically not realize that they were pregnant until the very end but the vast majority know something is going on within their womb within 2 weeks if not sooner, 99.9% of females are too stupid to raise children.

  4. PlanB is not an abortion. It encourages the menstrual cycle. If there was a fertilized egg in the system, it was not a human with a soul. This method (with certain herbs) has been practiced for centuries in many parts of the world. As for Planned Parenthood, this will greatly reduce the numbers of girls who come to them for their services – be it advice, support, or an operation. How about putting our hearts and thoughts into compassion and empathy for the girl or woman who is in a desperate and life-changing situation. I am proud to live in a country where a girl can still have a choice in about herself. Mandating full term pregnancy is a form of slavery. Finally, as a man, I will never have a baby and I think this issue should only be decided by women. My opinion really doesn’t count!

  5. If, as you say, it was not a human with a soul, I would like to hear your definitions of human and soul. I hope they are reasonable.

  6. michael no one cares what she does with her body. We care about what is IN her body (uterus). If there is no baby in there, we do not care what she does or doesn’t do. She can fry it up for dinner for all we care, it’s her body. The baby, however, is NOT.

  7. Good thing your mother didn’t take this when you were just a bunch of cells with no feeling or no soul or you would not be here!

  8. !9,000 children die every day, and you want to bring more children into our overpopulated world to suffer immeasurable in poverty sickness, and starvation, only to die slow and painful deaths, are you going to take care of all these unwanted children and make sure they have a good life? are you????

  9. The availability of these pills allows women to kill their offspring most do not understand the consequences. As a society these practices should be eliminated. However the Pro Abortion advocates brain wash young women at younger and younger ages while Pro Lifers are afraid to provide young women with the truth.

  10. Everything in the vending machine is great. These machines should be on every college campus. The contents should be reimbursable by insurance.
    I hope they also contain condoms.
    Planned parent Hood is not pushing promiscuity. They are promoting responsible sexual activity.
    The items in the machine prevent unwanted pregnancy, and condoms also prevent STDs. Both are admirable aims. If other contraception is not available,or fails, abortion is the last resort.

  11. Until the fetus can survive out side of the womb with out assistance, abortion should be available with out question.

  12. Read your bible.
    Leviticus says life begins with the first breath.
    It i not when the egg is fertilized.
    It is not with the first hart beat.It is the first breath. Usually when the baby gets a swat on the butt.

  13. This is immoral, disgusting and dangerous!! Several years ago a friend of mine’s daughter crossed state lines to get one of those pills. I witnessed first hand what this did to her. She became violently ill, was in terrible pain and landed in the emergency room. It was extremely difficult to see. She is still emotionally scarred today. I hate that this pill even exists!! However, as long as it is allowed to be legal, it needs to be disbursed by a doctor. There are too many risks and major complications. But we wouldn’t have any of these problems if we protected the innocent unborn!!

  14. So you both think that a woman has the right to use her hand to grip a gun and shoot people and we have no right to tell her not to.

  15. Looking beyond your lack of knowledge regarding sentence structure, how did you decide that the world was overpopulated? Without future children, our population would die. Is that what you want?

  16. Please explain the fetus “kicking” or all it’s movements. For that to happen there must be nerve impulses sent by the brain. Therefore the brain is sustaining the nervous system. ALSO if the fetus has a working nervous system then it can feel pain so it will feel itself being torn apart. Assuming you are capable of intelligent thought, which I highly doubt, you might want to chew on that for awhile!

  17. G Syck not promoting safe sex since no sex is the only safe deal plenty of condoms fail, the pill only cut down on the number of pregnancies. Using Condemns and other prophylactic is not safe there are a hundred things that can go wrong so being Responsible is abstanancy as to you comment do you know what morality is it take Character to abstain from Sex and sadly far to many adults refuse to be responsible and don’t have the Character to Abstain or are not responsible enough to. Wickedness is the down fall of a people and a civilization look throughout History every empire falls not from without but within immorality, no conscience, and no love for the truth kill a nation.

  18. I agree. Have our young people become not only self serving pagans devoid of morality and insensitive to the fact that the union of male sperm and female egg combine to create cells which in due time develop and create another of Gods miracles. We named that miracle ‘baby’. Lacking the maturity to assume responsibility of delivering this baby into the world with awe and love and determination to nourish every element in this babys’ tiny body does not justify the brutal destruction of life by dismemberment of any baby, which is murder. The unborn can visualize and hear everything happening around them. They recognize their mothers’ voice as she orders some cold blooded monster to kill this defenseless baby who was conceived while she was in heat but just can’t be bothered with loving and rearing a child now. Horrors! The people doing this abortion don’t care about her at all. She could die there of many oops, such as hemorrhage or if she survives the procedure, may develop a fatal infection. I just don’t find the outcomes very glamorous or interesting at all. These misguided females may also discover post-abortion scarring or injury occurred to their gynecological anatomy which can become the source of extreme pain for years to come and could prevent the desired pregnancies which they would choose as they mature and establish a relationship as well as a home with a spouse or partner who wishes to create a family.
    It has been said that abortion is a dangerous solution to a situation which one action created an unexpected reaction.
    It can be stated more plainly: abortion is murder.


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