What these anti-Christian militants just did will make your blood boil


Anti-Christian militants are on the war path.

They won’t be satisfied until Christianity is eradicated.

And what these anti-Christian militants just did will make your blood boil.

A concrete and steel cross was installed on the rocky coast of Lesvos, Greece to commemorate swimmers who died in the area.

But vandals tore it down – leaving nothing but rubble.

A pro-immigrant group, Movement for Coexistence and Communication in the Aegean, called the cross “offensive” to non-Christian (i.e. Muslim) refugees.

They claim the cross is a symbol of intolerance.

But the real intolerance comes from those who are trying to remove it.

The cross is actually a symbol of hope and love to all Christians – showing God’s love for all.

Greek Reporter reports:

Locals reacted with anger after a Holy Cross was destroyed by unknown vandals earlier in the week on the Greek island of Lesvos.

The symbol of Orthodoxy was erected by a religious group in September at the rocky shore of Apelli, beneath the emblematic castle of Lesvos’ capital, Mytilene.

Some local groups opposed the installation of the cross at the time claiming it was offensive to migrants who are not Christian.

An NGO called “Movement for Coexistence and Communication in the Aegean” said that it was inappropriate to turn a Christian symbol “to a tool of aspiring crusaders.” It also argued that the cross was placed there to prevent migrants from swimming.

A few days later, the cross was found destroyed.

This isn’t the first time militants have attacked Christian monuments.

In 2017, a Statue of St. Junipero Serra in Los Angeles was spray painted with the word “murder.”

A couple months later, another Statue of St. Serra located at a Catholic Mission in California was beheaded and red spray paint was used to depict pouring blood.

In Germany in 2016, dozens of Christian statues were vandalized in the state of North Rine-Westphalia.

The faces of the states were destroyed, with noses hacked off and eyes scratched.

In Vineland, New Jersey, in 2014, a nativity statue and other statues of local churches were vandalized.

The nativity statue featured a beheaded Jesus and massive shotgun-esque holes in Mary and Joseph’s heads.

A statue of Mary was also beheaded in the New Jersey town.

But these are only a handful of examples of what’s quickly becoming an epidemic of vandalism of sacred Christian symbols.

Who do you think is truly intolerant – Christians or vandals destroying Christian crosses?

Let us know your thoughts the comments section below!


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