What the U.S. Postal Service just banned will leave you scratching your head


There is no stone the so-called “PC Police” will leave unturned if they can help it.

They’ve infiltrated colleges, the media, and social media with their propaganda.

But their most recent infiltration of the Post Office will leave you scratching your head in confusion.

Tavia Hunt just wanted to mail a Christmas letter with a custom stamp of her family standing in front of the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral.

However, there was just one problem with this seemingly innocuous act.

Her stamp was deemed “offensive” because it was “too religious.”

In 2017, the U.S. Postal Service created a new rule banning custom stamps with religious symbols in them.

They claim such stamps could be offensive.

Breitbart reports:

Tavia Hunt was only looking to print some nice stamps for the family Christmas cards. But what she found might become a pivotal Supreme Court case testing the deep state’s war against Christmas.

Lawyers for Hunt on Thursday sent a letter to the U.S. Postal Service demanding an explanation for a policy adopted in early 2017 that allegedly bars “all religious content” from being used on U.S. postal stamps, even those created privately through third-party printers authorized to create customized stamps.

A bar on religious imagery in stamps would be unconstitutional, according to Tavia’s lawyers at First Liberty Institute, a legal group dedicated exclusively to defending religious freedom for all Americans.

Hunt is the wife of Clarke Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. Earlier this year she decided to have custom stamps made from a picture of her family taken in front of the easily recognizable onion-shaped minarets of St. Basil’s Cathedral. It’s a cute if familiar image: American tourists, standing in front of St. Basil’s in silly fur hats. Hunt and two of her daughters are holding a flag reading “Chief’s Kingdom” in the team colors.

The stamp was just a family picture in front of the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral.

But that is a bridge too far for the PC Police.

Meanwhile the Post Office continues to sell “Eid Mubarak” stamps commemorating a Muslim festival.

They also sell Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stamps.

Should the Post office repeal their guideline banning religious stamps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Gee, I just received a Christmas card with a stamp of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the Christ child. What does the USPS think of that? If they can print Muslim stamps, then all religious stamps should be honored. All this political correctness has ruined this country.

        • Kathy Catholics also Warship Idles and pray to Marry when the ten Commandments Tells us as Christians are not to make Graven Images and in the Book of Timothy of the Holy Bible that we only Have One Meat-eater Between Man And God and that is Jesus Christ . And for all of the rest of you people Again in the Bible Peter tells us that when Mans Law is Contrary to Gods Law we are to Follow Gods Law.

          • The first formal New Testament and first Christian religion was Catholicism. Constantine in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea wrote the first Christian Bible the New Testament. Protestantism was started by Henry the 8th in 1531. The King James Bible was the first formal Protestant Bible.

          • With all due respect, Gandolf, I believe that most date protestantism from 1517 when Luther posted his 95 thesis.

          • The original church (Greek: ekklasia which means a called out people; not a building or organization) met in people’s homes. There was no catholic church during or just after Pentecost when the church was formed by indwelling believers with the Holy Spirit. Just like the Pharisees, the Catholic Church was organized by those who wished to have authority over others where God says now New Testament believers are their own priests before God, so catholicism is unscriptural and obviously, very corrupt with all the homosexual, pedophile priests, etc!

        • I didn’t realize there were so many people that know nothing at all about religion.
          Catholics have been misunderstood for years. I can see that the non-Christian people could not understand the God loves everyone but not everyone loves God!!!!!

      • You MUST eithe be kidding or high on drugs. Catholics – those who truly believe – are the furthest from spawns of satin!!!!! Unless, perhaps, you are thinking of people [like Pelosi] who “claim” to be devout Catholics, but also believe in the horrors of abortion.
        To BE a Catholic, you cannot espouse both; it is impossible.

        • You are right, Geraldine. And, Catholics do not worship Mary and the saints, they pray for them to intercede for us to God.

    • You are so right, being offended these days is rampant censorship of all things that the Left doesn’t approve of. Who could care about a religious stamp; does it harm someone’s little psyche? For God’s sake, let’s stop the stupid political correctness and adopt “live and let live” for everyone.

      • BRAVO!!! Texas Belle! We certainly could use a good dose of compassion and tolerance in this once wonderful country! Why must everyone think like you do? You don’t have to think as I do either. Freedom of thought and speech are the underpinnings of a free society. Take this away and there’s nothing left but Fascism. Is that what these people think they want? God help us if that’s true. I do believe most of this ideology stems from younger folks who know nothing of Mussolini or the draft or even war itself. Perhaps they think these beliefs from other countries are all well and good for them? ANTIFA comes to mind. Will it take another world war to make them see the light and if so will we need to reinstate the draft? Whose side would they choose to fight for? SCARY, right?

    • Eleanor Dombroski – – Your comment is spot on and right on target as the reason we are in the trouble we are in today.


  3. I see a lawsuit in the making for someone who has the inclination. If the Post Office had a policy to refuse any and all stamps from ALL religions , you could be disappointed in. The policy, but it would be fair to all. As long as they allow stamps from other religious sects, when they refuse your because they deign it too religious, I think that is discrimination and they should be sued for it. Is this a national policy, or a local one? Either way it is discrimination and should not be condoned. Good case for the Supreme Court.

  4. if you have one religion you HAVE to have the other religion! this is a CHRISTIAN NATION but most of us don’t even pay any attention to what’s on stamps! doesn’t Post Office have enough problems without this? if you have one religion why aren’t you haven’t the one that most Americans belong too? wake up AMERICA! they wonder why Post Office is failing!

  5. With all the problems existing in the world today, why create another with such an innocuous decision of more war on Christians and Christmas. There is such inefficiency in the post office this seems totally irrelevant. Focus on transporting the mail to where it needs to go and forget petty political correctness that attacks only Christianity and plays right into Satan’s hands.
    I support Christianity and try to understand other faiths and respect those who do not share my beliefs—so should everyone else!

    • Because we had 8 years of a muslim president masquerading as a member a supposedly Christian sect whose spiritual leader once intoned “I don’t say God Bless America. God d-mn America”.

  6. The Post Office is over stepping. You cannot “sometimes maybe” enforce stamps. If they want to be difficult just make one boring stamp and thats all that can be used.

  7. Post Office OVER pays it workers and they are NOT worth it. The post office needs to be replaced by a civilian owned company. Every year the post office OVER spends it own budget.

    • My husband and I mailed 11 packages one night. Every one of these packages was “lost” in the mail. I was told they never received the packages. After much effort in trying to recover them via the local PO, including getting my senator’s office involved, they admitted they were sent to “USPS Recovery Center” located in GA. I made 4 copies of each pieces’ paper work and photos of each item before it left. Sent all this paperwork as advised by the post master using certified mail. The PO claimed THAT CERTIFIED PACKAGE WAS LOST! My Senator’s office contacted them and they admitted they received the certified package. I NEVER GOT ONE PEICE BACK!
      Last week we almost received a package from outside the US. On Saturday night tracking showed that the address was not readable so it wasn’t delivered. We were at the PO before it opened Monday morning. We were told that it had already been shipped back to the country of origin. NOT EVEN A CHANCE TO RECOVER IT! I spoke with the PO supervisor who told me the address was only two digits (ours has 4) and the wrong street name. The next day we received the item and the address was very plainly and correctly typed TWICE on the front of the package!
      Our PO is so horrid its like shooting blindfolded in the dark to use it. MAYBE if you’re lucky you’ll be able to send/receive your letters and parcels without being lied to about their whereabouts. I know I am not alone in this, I have spoken with many others who have had similar experiences.
      And then when they want a raise, since they do such a wonderful job, they simply give themselves one by raising the price of “stamps” making it almost impossible to afford postage. Wouldn’t we all like to give ourselves raises? God forbid all businesses might live up to this level of incompetence. We need a better venue.

  8. The US Post Office should not be banning any stamps for religious reasons especially if they themselves do the same. Their job is to deliver the mail not place judgment on the stamps legally produced. BTW, why the hell would be they be promoting Muslim or Islamic stamps over anyone else’s..That’s offensive in itself. You don’t soften the feelings of one group at the expense of other groups.

        • Right! And the US, since it already has a constitution and legal system, should not tolerate a parallel government based upon a quasi-religious set of laws and customs.

        • It is a collective spychosis that wants to dominate the world, and they are unfortunately succeeding because we continue to give in to their continuous demands and the dimithitude attitude displaced by the West. Beware, see what is happening in Europe!

  9. And by the way, this has NOTHING to do with religion. It’s ALL ABOUT POLITICS! So as not to offend any of the minority groups that vote for them, liberals once again turn to hateful behavior to beef up their base! Way to go, liberals! I hope this BACKFIRES on you!

  10. They should ABSOLUTELY CONTINUE to print more religious stamps!!!!!….. That is partly what is wrong with this country and the world. They took God out of the schools and so forth. That is why we celebrate Christmas, not for Santa Claus. We need God and Jesus. That is the only TRUE GOD. And WE ALL will be facing JUDGMENT someday. I have many faults but there is only ONE GOD. We had better wake up…..

    • Government via communism cannot have any other authority
      that the people can look to, just the government.
      If you have never read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO or the great sounding
      UN AGENDA 21, please do, they are online. See exactly what is happening in America.

  11. The president needs to fire these people that are in charge of the post office for it is outrageous that the post office made such a ban for this is a free country and all religions have rights in this country and discrimination has no place in our country no matter what race creed or color or religion one is period!!! I hope Trump will see this post and that he takes immediate

  12. criticism ALWAYS favors the muslims no matter what they want to do from fgm to stoning.

    po should not make eid stamps available if these sanctioned stamp sellers offer this service and this lady used it

    pure NONSENSE. who reads stamps anyway??? did some muslim get one in the mail and get their little feelings hurt???and islam IS NOT a religion anyway.

  13. No matter who it is, people in this country are so afraid of offending other peoples religions or people themselves. What about offending the people of America, who made this country what it is. If they want to support other ethnicities then they better start with ours in this country. Don’t forget 911. Wake up.

  14. CHristmas is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. This country has celebrated this day for a very long time, so why all the hullabaloo about political correctness? What has changed that we cannot continue to celebrate Christmas as we always have?

  15. Lets call the PC Police what they really are: COMMUNISTS.
    Folks, please read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and the UN AGENDA 21,
    they both are online. See what is happening in America.
    As for the muslim and black holiday stamps and those peoples
    activities, they are the communists useful idiots, once they are
    no longer useful to the communist cause they are intended to be
    eliminated after a full communist takeover in America, eliminated is
    making them dead.
    Communists make the KKK look like a cub scout troop.

  16. They don’t worry about offending the Christians though. You might think that a Muslim runs the US Post office like so many do in the government. That is what you get when you vote for them. And they are in all of our governments!

  17. Suen the Postal Service for violation of civil rights. We are supposed to have religious liberty in America. This is not communist China where there is religious oppression.

  18. It took 8 weeks for a package to get from Jackson, Mo. to Alexandria, Va. I assume it was because they were too busy banning Christian items to do their jobs. Typical government employees. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA OR ELSE!!!

  19. I second all the previous comments, the Post master general should lose their job over this dumb attack on Christianity! The Post Master General Was Obviously Immediately bottle fed as a new Born and can`t forgive their mother! So now they want to blame Christianity! What a douse bag!

  20. And they’ll deny with a straight face that there’s not an anti-Christianity bone or bias in their bodies. Would they apply the same bias against an Islamic themed stamp?

  21. Unfortunately, culture watch left out pertinent information which further research revealed. In actuality, the Hunt family tried to get the postage printed through 2 different third party retailers. The one is Zazzle and the other is Stamps.com. They are the ones who interpreted the USPS regulation that way. This is from the letter sent by the General Counsel of First Liberty Institute, Hiram Sadder to the USPS.

  22. If the Postal Service allows custom stamps, the First Amendment prohibits it from banning stamps that depict a person’s religious expression, so long as they don’t denigrate another religion.

  23. Eleanor Dombroski >> Christianity is not a religion. In the King James Translation (KJVT) of the Bible the English word “religion” is not found in the Old Testament (Hebrew to English).

    In the New Testament KJVT the word “religion” is found five times and the word religious twice.

    Religion basically refers to ceremonial practices, physical routines, used in the worship of a religion’s deity. Most, if not all, religions have ceremonial physical practices that are an important part of their “religion.” Christianity does not. The taking of bread and wine as a remembrance of Jesus’ gift of the giving of His blood and body as the payment for a person’s sin is not a requirement for the person’s redemption.

    When the taking the life of an animal, the saying of vain and repetitious prayers, payment of money or goods to a priestly order, the lighting of candles, sexual acts with religious leaders, and other physical activities including praying to idols, wearing physical icons, etc. are key in a group’s worship activities that are essential to entering paradise that is religious and the group is a religion.

    Groups that are cults or religions center their physical worship activities as central to access to paradise.

    Individuals that worship in Spirit and in Truth and recognize they are sinners, are not religious or part of a religion. They are labeled as Christians, trusting that they are in Christ Jesus, His righteousness, Holiness, and Wisdom and only that will allow them to enter Paradise.

    The USPS has it wrong Christianity is not a religion. It is a spiritual condition. Harvey Schneider AKA theconservativeone

  24. you know its time for the people to take control, once we do it, they wont be able to do nothing about anything, the liberal queer democrats need to be put in a detension camp and one by one illiminated

  25. Easy fix just stop Funding the looser USPS and it’s employees and union pension. It’s a government Monopoly break it up just like they did ma bell so we have all these other phone companies that can thrive and increase the price and make money yeah there’s a downside to everything but it’s mostly government. Really how could you balance the budget when you can’t balance funding for the Post office USPS. Cover your six buy gold and silver at spotprices 7kmetals.com/ingodwetrust.

  26. We Christians celebrate Christmas! We send cards with religious stamps. We will be celebrating Christmas long after the PC Police are dead!!! Hopefully soon!

  27. Just researched this and included the USPS site. This story is false. COMPLETELY false. As in fabricated. After researching it, i tried to understand why anybody would make up something like this…St. Basil’s Cathedral is in Russia. 1 + 1 still equals 2. Culture Watch is now guilty of FAKE MEDIA. Trust no media. Check everything first.

    • Correct. The story is bogus.
      Just like the “War on Christmas”. There isn’t one.
      The Post Office doesn’t discriminate. They have Christian Christmas stamps. They have non-denominational Christmas stamps ( Santa). They have Hannukah stamps, Eid stamps, Kwanzaa stamps. They do NOT censor custom stamps done through Stamps.com. The story is 100% bovine by-product.
      But look at the responses above. A bunch of frothing-at-the-mouth idiots ready to believe any outrageous story that makes OUR government look bad.
      And btw…the Post Office doesn’t use a single taxpayer dollar to finance its operation. NONE. All the money they use is made by selling stamps and services. They are constantly in debt due to financial constraints imposed on them by republicans in Congress, eager to drive the USPS to insolvency and privatization. The Post Office is in the Constitution. You cannot claim to love the Constitution, our country, and support the destruction of an institution that has served this country for over 270 years.

  28. It is not the USPS. It is the wacko snowflakes. A song written in 1954 became offensive 64 years later. Talk about slow. Rudolf the reindeer is being criticized for bullying, discrimination, harassment, sexism, etc. When this story has been out for how long? Talk about slow… I see a theme. Snowflakes are just mentally slow and takes generations of them to find something to complain about. Books that have been required reading in schools for many years, banned because a snowflake found the content offensive… Now this demonstrates lack of intelligence. Now I heard Frosty the snowman is under attack because he parades around naked and smoking a pipe.

    Since they find all sorts of crap to try banning. I have one for them. I am offended at slow stupid snowflakes and think they should all be banned from the United States and forced to live in a communist country.

  29. I have always bought stamps with the Nativity scene on them. I bought them last year at our local post office – I used up what I had all year long and went in the beginning of November to purchase more – the clerk told me they didn’t order any this year and were out of the ones they had last year. No mention of a total ban on this type of stamp – they had no stamp available of the type I was seeking, no Mary and baby Jesus, no nativity scene, no three wise men – nothing. Only saying they did not order any this year – thought that statement was very strange – will see what happens next year and will call them out on it if it happens again – who do I write to to protest.

  30. Is this picture of this Post Office in Gallipolis. Ohio? Looks just like the one in Gallipolis, Ohio. Would someone let me know where this picture is located, please and thank you.

  31. The post office in Gallipolis looks similar, but unless they have done a lot of work on it, they are different.
    If I don’t like a stamp, I don’t buy that stamp. If I was Muslim, none of my friends would send me a Christian stamp, so what’s the problem? The bible is right. Jesus said we would be persecuted. The Satanist left get all freaked out when they see anything Christian. Get ready, it’s going to get tough. Keep pushing against them. Good always triumphs over evil in the end.

  32. I also tried to buy religious stamps for my Christmas cards and was told all they had were flowers or birds If they don’t want to use Christmas scenes, then why do they cloe on Christmas day? Next year if they don’t want to observe Christmas, they should be open.

    • Depending on your location, they may have sold out of their religious stamps. Since postal rates are scheduled to go up later this month, people may have ben stocking up on the “Forever” stamps. I know I did.

      This entire thread is a fabrication, deliberately designed to make the public angry about the Postal Service, which has consistently been the most trusted quasi-government agency in the entire federal system (PEW surveys). It is rife with lies and outright garbage, and the number of people who have bought into it ( based on the comments here) is disheartening.
      There is no war on Christmas. The Postal Service does not discriminate about religious stamps, especially this time of year. The USPS honors all major regions, and their holidays.

  33. The left has gone too far. Our mail is NONE of their business. We should be allowed to put any stamp our letters we want to. I don’t care how offended the left gets. It’s just none of their business.

    • We are headed into uncharted territory. As the Liberal left keeps dripping their malcontent on this nation and forcing us to accept practically anything that is so stupid that it is not worthy of notice at first, the continued drip has reached significantly high levels now that it abridging our rights, our desires, and common since. Who’s fault is this for allowing it to happen, OURS, for ignoring the problems and not standing up to the absolute BS level of non since. Now to push it back is almost impossible because the Liberal Left knows how to defend, as we should have done in the first place, what they have accomplished by making laws to protect their advances of epic proportions. This all started with the mommies and the me too movements in the 1960’s and has spread like a cancer over our society. It will only stop with a basically a war on Bull $hip.

    • Someones interpretation. Perhaps similar letters should be send at the same time with the various other elements or religion on it to see if they get rejected? If they are not, then its time for a lawsuit to take place.

  34. The USPS should be dissolved and the employees given back what they earned in a 401K package to take elsewhere. It is antiquated, way over budget, and continues to charge fees which are way out of kilter. How many people have had packages or letters lost (more like stolen by employees) damaged, or rejected even though you packed them properly and paid the fee? I for one made a mistake once, and threw my wad of mail in a street box at the post office only to realize minutes later I had also deposited my Bank Deposit of cash, checks, and USPS Money orders at the same time, in the same stack! I went into the USPS facility at the DFW Airport and reported it immediately. They told me they did not have keys to the box but I would get it all back. After weeks of waiting I got back only the checks, the cash and USPS Money Orders gone. Even though I was mad I had to accept that. I contacted the folks who had send USPS money orders and had them nullify them, and then send new ones. A few months later though I received a letter from the USPS Investigations Branch that they wanted “their money back! Those USPS Money orders were stolen by USPS employees, cashed by USPS Employees, and a USPS Facility and now the USPS was wanting me to cover their mistake of not keeping track of stolen USPS MO’s. Almost seems comical until they threatened to take me to Federal Court. I replied back, to go ahead and lets stand in front of the Judge, I had my ducks in order. They never replied back. As with any organization, a few bad apples spoil the barrel full of them.

  35. Kwanza is a made up thing so why is it getting a stamp at all??? Next I hope they sue not the post office but those who made this IGNORANT decision. I figure asking for a Trillion dollars plus all court costs and lefmgal fees of each who made the decision would be about the right amount. It ensures they would not be able to find a lawyer and the case would be over swiftly.

  36. If the families lawyer is worth the salt that goes in his bread he will sue the Post Office for favoring Muslims over Christians. If we don’t stand our ground they will take over. If she lawyer won’t make the U S postal service stop selling Muslim stamps them find another lawyer that will. This is very offensive to me. I would never buy or use a Muslim stamp. Find a lawyer that will put a stop to this nonsense.


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