What The New York Times just claimed about Trump is a new low, even for them


When it comes to fake news, The New York Times is top tier.

Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, they’ve been hellbent on destroying him.

And what The New York Times is now claiming about Trump is a new low, even for them.

Abortion is a hot topic in America.

Democrats have even taken it upon themselves to defend the barbaric practices of late-term abortion.

Worse, liberals are defending the practice of letting a newborn baby die after it survived a botched abortion.

President Trump decided to go on the attack, calling the Democrats the party of open borders, crime, and late-term abortions.

“The baby is born. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby,” Trump said at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The “failing New York Times” as Trump loves to call them, decided to “fact check” Trump, writing his statement as “inaccurate,” and part of a “long string of incendiary statements from the president on abortion.”

But even in their own article they admitted that late-term abortions happen, but that they’re just “rare,” and infants being born alive rarely ever happens.

But it does happen. And even one time is too many.

The most disgusting tactic The New York Times tried to pull was saying doctors who don’t give the newborn who survived an abortion medical care isn’t killing them – they’re just not giving them the necessary medical care to survive.

This all boils down to the Left’s desire to paint Trump as the radical for calling them out on their barbaric practices when they’re the ones letting a baby die slowly on the table after a botched abortion.

Republicans in the House tried to pass legislation known as the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

The bill would ensure babies born during an abortion are given the same medical care as any other baby born.

It had strong bipartisan support among voters, but ultimately failed due to Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s opposition to defending the unborn.

What do you think? Should doctors who refuse to give medical care to a dying newborn be prosecuted?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. Not giving aide to a failed abortion baby is the “sin of omission”, and no less murderous. They are as guilty as smothering the infant, or cutting it’s spinal cord, ending it’s life.

  3. I am horrified how some people are looking at abortion so coldly and callously!! MURDER IS MURDER and I thank GOD I will not stand before HIM and explain these kind of actions to HIM.These murderers WILL be judged harshly….

  4. Don’t think for one minute that God, the giver of life, will let this slide. Don’t be surprised if the seed of men are dried up and the wombs of women closed of those who support this heinous act against the unborn.

  5. Leaving a human, to die without a concern for the humanity it deserves is murder. No matter what the age of said human. Doctor and women asking for abortions are murderers. They should be prosecuted!

  6. You cannot hide murder you damn scumbags! Failure to care for a newborn , even after a botched abortion, meaning they failed to kill the baby during the operation, is murder. No doctor deserves to keep his license. No politician deserve to remain in office that supports that!

  7. Yes this is Murder. If you do not do what should be done to save a life, then, you should be prosecuted for murder.

  8. Abortion (killing of the unborn) as well as infanticide has always existed, but never before has these practices been enshrined as “medical care.” We live in an age when those of us who are PRO-LIFE (at any stage or condition of life) need to speak up, loudly and clearly. That we have a President who is doing this is a miracle, hopefully one that will continue for some years to come…

  9. I can see why they think serviving an abortion is a rare event, since they dismember the baby in the womb before hand. They make sure divine intervention does not happen, or at least, not often……

  10. Too bad Nasty Pokosi and Chukey parents missed the appointment for their abortion. Hell has no borders or walls, that’s where they will all end up.

  11. Hey, guys. How can we call ourselves GOOD, LITTLE NAZIS if we DON’T SUPPORT LATE TERM and AFTER BIRTH ABORTIONS? By acknowledged description, the ONLY ACCURATE TERM FOR SUCH PRACTICS IS MURDER!!!!! M-U-R-D-E-R!!! When you deprive another living HUMAN BEING of their life by ANY MEANS, THAT IS LEGALLY DESCRIBED AS MURDER. Is this ANY DIFFERENT that what the Nazis did to 9 million innocent people in their hell-spawned concentration camps, or what Mao Tse Teng did to somewhere between FIFTY AND SEVENTY MILLION CHINESE SOULS or Joseph Stalin did in STARVING somewhere between ELEVEN AND FIFTEEN MILLION UKRAINIANS. I wonder what these characters will say to our Creator on Judgement Day when He asks them to explain their reasons for such MINDLESS AND MERCILESS ACTIONS!!! Don’t we KNOW NOW TO DO BETTER THAN SUCH MONSTROUS ACTIONS???

  12. Nancy Peloci and Chuck Schumer should be prosecuted along with the doctors who allow babies to die.

  13. Anyone who read that article knows that the real criminals are the abortionists and women that would agree to let a newborn die. These are not abortions; these are deliveries of unwanted babies. This is such a disgrace on so many levels and to try and the sky is this disgrace by calling out Trump is even more sickening. These are the same people that call out Trump for keeping children in cages, when in fact it was Obama who started that practice. They’re so offended but yet they could care less about babies being murdered who are viable !

  14. What Dear Leader said was absolutely, unequivocally nonsense; just like the other 10,000 times he’s lied to you only this was even more egregious.

  15. Gleefully abort babies and then whimper and blubber when a Rapist/murderer is put out of ITS misery!

  16. Hey there you morons at the New York Times, then if we take you to the hospital after a car accident and the medical team refuses to treat you, and you die, they are held harmless, is that correct? If you are OK with that, then which one of you is the first volunteer.

  17. It’s murder any way you want to sugar coat it the bottom line is it’s murder. Doctors take an oath to save lives not murder, so in my opinion if they let an innocent baby Die then yes, they should be brought up on charges and so should the parent(s) who allowed it. Pelosi and Shumer along with any one who agrees with this radical decision can burn in hell.
    As far as the ‘rag’ NYT, they have sold there soul to the devil and are nothing more than propaganda pushers. What is it that they have to gain by lying to the public, this is what I would like to know. Shoddy, untruthful, biased reporting at best. They’ll never recover from this say bye,bye NYT.

  18. Jan, I have heard a recording of an abortion worker saying that sometimes they just snap the baby’s neck. What the hell is happening to our country ??? For god sake someone please snap chuck scummers neck !!!

  19. Why hasn’t the Catholic Church Excommunicated this worthless piece of dog doo? The Church had better step up or it is an accomplice to Infanticide. Put your money where you mouth is and stand for the unborn.

  20. Every stinking one of them should be prosecuted for first-degree-murder…and every stinking one on the New York Times editorial board should be held as accessories to murder…and every stinking democrat who preaches advocacy of this abomination should be arrested for inciting homicide. They will all pay eventually…but they should all pay now while we can delight in watching them suffer, albeit hardly as much as the suffering they inflict on the innocent, but suffering that we can enjoy watching, while it is happening to the pigs of the universe.

  21. New York Times is just a puppet for the nazi party. No journalists there. Soulless creatures with no brains. Anyone listening to this crap ? I hope not. Your parents must be proud to have babies killers in the family. Trained you well to be subhuman stains on humanity.

  22. I agree with Jerry (top comment). I’m a retired firefighter/paramedic and an instructor foe Paramedic classes. I’d like to ask Schumer and Pelosi if it is okay for me to instruct new Paramedics to just stand by at an auto accident or industrial incident and let viable individuals who are critically injured to “just expire”. I wonder how they’d feel with that scenario if it is one of their family members. I’m sure the answer would be what they always claim during serious situations, ” Now you’re being rediculous; that’s a different situation and you’re taking it “out of context.” I don’t wish these two 1/4 wits ( they don’t deserve to be considered the intelligence of a 1/2 wit) any grave physical harm; just a minor stroke that they have to go home and sit and slobber on themselves

  23. Schummer and Pelosi should have been aborted. Pelosi has 7 kids, which one is she sorry was born and be aborted and sold for parts??? Women have rights over their own bodies, but not over the body of the child they conceived. Don’t want a baby then keep your legs crossed or insist on a condom or take birth control pills.

  24. I find it interesting that the devils of the Democrat Party are willing to use the excuse that it is rarely the case where a baby is born, when the intent was for it to be aborted. It kind of makes me wonder why so many Democrat led states are passing laws to allow these babies to die and Pelosi refuses to allow a law to be voted on, which states that such babies should be tended to by the doctor who was attempting to kill it. What if all babies were allowed to live and if the mother didn’t want them, just adopt them out? Why would that not be a suitable alternative to just killing babies wantonly because the mother has decided she just don’t give a crap for what she has created?

  25. I hate to mention this ..but they also put the baby face down in some kind of acidic
    solution which kills it…then there’s the baby parts which was PROVEN from a recording.they make BILLIONS from.

  26. Did anyone happen to see those college girls. Stomping all over the MANY
    tiny red crosses pro lifers had like graves to show all the deaths ?many of these college students are very sick from all the teachings of the Marxist professors.

  27. Well we would hope they would be. Then they can’t murder another baby. Wombs being “closed” is not what should happen to any woman who would KILL a child over doing what it takes to PREVENT the pregnancy in the 1st place. And, contrary to Planned Parenthood’s teachings, PREVENTION OF AN UNWANTED PREGNANCY is NOT hard to do. But these same people would scald you or me with hot grease if they caught us hurting an animal. I DON’T condone hurting ANY living creature but to put the welfare of a lobster over the painful abortion of an innocent human baby is the height of HYPOCRISY.

  28. Not giving the medical attention to allow survival is just lib speak for committing murder.

  29. If its ok to kill, murder , end the life of a Baby, Infant , Live Fetus and the DemocRATs are OK with this then its OK to do so with any Live Person especially One that espouses this Practice

  30. Abortion is murder PERIOD. The only positive thing about abortion is that it is primarily democrats having them.

  31. There are many couples looking to adopt a baby. My wife and I were one of them that adopted a beautiful baby girl who married a loving husband and gave us two bright grandsons that are majoring in engineering at U of H and Texas A&M. Our world wound have been void without our daughter and we thank God that she decided have her baby and give it up for adoption.



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