What the NAACP just did to destroy American history will make your blood boil


The Left will stop at nothing to destroy any American history they don’t like.

They are targeting historical statues, oftentimes having far-Left extremists tear them down on their own.

And what the NAACP just did to destroy American history will make your blood boil.

The NAACP considers themselves the premier civil rights organization for black Americans.

But in the decades after the Civil Rights Movement, they appear to have become nothing more than an extension of the radical Left.

And in Virginia, they are pushing forward the radical Left’s agenda by suing to change the name of two schools named after Confederate leaders.

The two schools, named Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School, have been around for decades with no problem.

But the NAACP claims the names create a “hostile and discriminatory environment.”

Richmond Times Dispatch reports:

After failing last year to persuade the Hanover County School Board to change the name of two schools commemorating Confederate leaders, the county’s NAACP branch filed a federal lawsuit Friday challenging the notion that the names are harmless.

The suit alleges that the names of Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School violate the constitutional rights of African American students and their families by making them feel unwelcome and creating an unequal learning environment.

The suit, which could potentially provide a framework for other legal action across the country, asserts that the school names make the plaintiffs “identify” with names and mascots that tacitly endorse the pro-slavery Confederacy.

“This is a case to redress the creation of a hostile and discriminatory environment for African American students that erodes their right to receive an education and to be free from compelled speech they consider vile,” the lawsuit states.

For many Americans, Confederate history is important.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans died in the Civil War, including southern Confederate soldiers.

Following the war, both sides came together as Americans, yet still chose to commemorate those who fought for what they believed in out of respect.

But the radical Left doesn’t care, and are now using the NAACP to destroy every last bit of Confederate history.

Do you oppose tearing down Confederate statues?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. In early 2000, in the Republican primaries, during the debates, George W. Bush was asked about the Confederate flag flying over the State Capitol. He said he would leave it to the states to decide.

    Among the Trump voters polled in South Carolina in 2016:

    Nearly 75 percent think the Confederate flag should be flying over the State Capitol.

    38 percent wish the South had won the Civil War.

    80 percent support banning Muslims from entering the United States.

    62 percent support a national database of Muslim in the United States.

    33 percent believe Islam should be illegal in the United States.

    31 percent support banning LGBT people from entering the United States.

    Donald Trump was given four opportunities to disavow David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan, but was reluctant to do so. At one point he claimed he didn’t know who David Duke was, even though years earlier he said in a video he left the Reform Party since it was being taken over by David Duke and others.

  3. If we allow this to continue, the civil way history will be removed completely from the history books. History is important for many reasons, I don’t want our children taught about the civil war by immigrants who have studied it elsewhere. What the naacp wants is unknowable, they don’t know. They never went through the civil war so they have no point of reference.

  4. Leave confederate history alone. I was born and raised in PA then joined the Army after high school where I stayed for over 20 years. All history is part of who we are. Take away our history and we are nothing.

  5. Leave our heritage alone! The more you tear down,the more we will put up! We ain’t going away! You are awaking a sleeping giant!

  6. I keep saying we’re dealing with the walking dead psychos in one flew over the cuckcoos nest. Nightmare i can’t wake up from.

  7. History is not changed by tearing down statues and changing school names or street names. It takes a complete idiot to think otherwise.

  8. Such is life on the lower, left hand side of the Bell Curve. With leader’s like Sharpton, AA will remain stuck on the bottom rung of the socio-economic-cultural ladder. In the real world, changing names and removing statues are empty, meaningless jestures. It’s much like all those empty promises they got from the Dem Plantation in return for 95% of their votes. It worked out well for the choosen few. The rest a doomed to the mayhem, chaos, disfunction, out of wedlock births, drugs, lawless behavior and fratracide in cities where they have a substantial presence.

  9. This group of people are as bad as Hilter Mussilini and all the others like them. They want to destroy our history to make it fit their beliefs and the hell with every one. They forgot that what happened then has shaped us even today. We are trying and succeeding to improve ourselves every day. If you want to remove our history who will believe the STORIES you tell later in life. First question asked will be can you prove what you are saying??
    So its not just one people being discarded. its a whole lot more.

    So go ahead and do as you want but remember what will happen in your life when your grand children look at you as if your out of your mind

  10. It’s an impossibility to change the past, but with that attitude their future will never change either!
    Get used to it, what was can never be changed!

  11. What the NAACP needs is a reincarnation of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was such an intelligent man with a tremendous amount of common sense. I can’t imagine that he would want to destroy any part of our history. It is important for us to realize how we became the country we are today and that we ALL had ancestor’s who fought for ideas they believed in, whether we , today, believe in them or not. ALL of history is important. IT HAPPENED and NOT acknowledging it doesn’t erase it and make it go away. Young people , today, are a result of OUR failure to properly present factual ,truthful history to them and its importance to ALL of us. We must NOT forget all those people and events of our past….GOOD OR BAD!

  12. The most insane part of this is that majority of blacks don’t even know or understand our History!! If they actually did, they would have no problems with Anything from our Confederate past. After all, had it not been for those brave soldiers back then, they would still be slaves today!! Smdh

  13. I have to admit, I am really torn on this. When I was in law school I got into a “debate” in our constitutional law class with a guy name Skip who had become a friend of mine.

    Come to find out he had been born and raised in Tennessee and we were attending school in Maryland. We were discussing the 13th 14th and 15th amendments and somebody said something about the Civil War being a war of “Northern aggression“.

    I nearly lost my mind. For my money, Lincoln was way too soft on these southern leaders after the war. If you read the constitution it describes the way for states to be admitted into the union. However, there is no description for how to get out of the union.

    I write what I am about to write kind of tongue-in-cheek. But in a sense, the union is like the mafia. Once you’re in you’re in forever and the only way out is death. Had I been president in 1865 and not been assassinated I can tell you assuredly that I would’ve hung Robert E. Lee.

    When Lee graduated from West Point and was given a commission as a United States Army Officer, He took an oath. To lead troops against the United States was an abrogation of that oath and was quite frankly treason. I would’ve stretched his neck so long you would have thought he was an albino giraffe! Jefferson Davis, his whole cabinet, the Southern Supreme Court that they appointed, and most of the general officers in their army. I would’ve hung them all.

    However, I have come to loathe liberal progressive Democrats so much that anything they want I am now against. If they want blue skies and warm sunny days, I want rain. And maybe even snow.

    This is really a tough call. But I don’t think these Rebels should be honored in anyway. But damn I hate liberals!!!!

  14. i agree with you. The end of the civil war ended so now is the time for the blacks to come onto the present and drop the hatred they are now stirring up. If they don’t people are getting angry and tired the hatred by a few who are pushing hate and it will backfire when true southerners have had enough and finish the war they will started. I am a retired SFC Army and for the most part the negros I came in contact were fine lads. hooraw

  15. I agree with the comments made re: erasing history. The children going to the two mentioned schools probably don’t know why the schools have the names they have. The same goes to street and park names and the statues that some groups feel the need to be gone. The NAACP are the ones stoking the fire. They should be proud that those bygone people helped raise them out of slavery. But, I would submit those on the NAACP and those that follow them in lock step are nothing more than slaves to the democrats narrative.

  16. I don’t understand why they feel that changing a school name should have anything to do with learning, the civil war was not fought over slavery, it was fought because the south wanted to succeed from union but all of the black people are not taught this in school, the real reason that President Lincoln freed the slaves was to keep the union from losing the war . He didn’t have enough soldiers to win, and no one says anything about him putting them on the front line with out any proper training so who was the real bad person, not the south and no one ever talks about the northers who were slave owners. I don’t believe we have any afro Americans in our country because they don’t have dual citizenship, they are black Americans. Why don’t we teach that in our schools and why don’t they worry more about educating the children to better themselves.

  17. NAACP is totally clueless to what makes you feel welcome or not, if they can state that the names is would be THAT IMPORTANT to the fact of somebody “feeling welcome and at ease”…………….
    It appears that they are only out to destroy America and tip us even more apart than we already (thanks to the left) are….THEY are an arm of the left and their agenda, much like Gestapo was of the Nazi regime……….
    Please give them “Terrorism status”… So we can have a chance to really deal with them the way they are suposed to be dealt with….

  18. This so called civil right group is the one who needs to be sued for every thing they got. They don’t like their lives so they destroy others and things they don’t like. This group like alcu are a bunch of phony lying people that need to be sued and have them clear out of this country

  19. When is someone going to say enough is enough. American history is what is and this destruction isn’t going to help anyone. This level of stupidity is ignorant. Someone in California claimed that a painting of George Washington because they claimed the same things, my God this man lead the fight that gave us all our freedom how disrespectful can this anti American group be?

  20. You’re an idiot, Vasu Murti. Trump has multiple times condemned the KKK, White Supremacists, and David Duke, and done it in public. Of course, leftist trolls only hear what they want to hear. You’re a sad example of what’s wrong with the country right now.


  22. I’ll assume that if all white people want to erase everything named after Martin Luther King Jr. It would be ok by the NAACP. Not!

  23. Respectfully,

    The Civil War was fought because Abraham Lincoln ran on the Republican party ballot. One of the signature items that the Republicans stood for at the time was the abolition of slavery. Lincoln had the votes. They have decided that what they were going to do was admit Western states into the union as quickly as possible so that they would have the 3/4 of the states necessary to change the constitution and abolish slavery. They were going to stack the deck. The southern states knew that so they knew that Lincoln was going to try to abolish slavery. That was why they seceded from the union.

    So in the cold and bitter end, they left the union in order to try and keep slavery. They also would likely have allied with the British bringing them back to our shores yet again. Lincoln did the right thing. And remember, South Carolina did fire the first shot.

  24. This is sheer utter b.s. What is past is past and it is part of this proud country..They who can’t see this sure don’t belong here, You can’t change history by tearing down monuments, changing names, covering up artwork, or pulling down flags. Let things be, you can’t change the past so don’t attempt to. History is just that, If you aren’t happy with what happened in the past, own up to it and make changes for the better of our country. DON’T attempt to change the past as you can’t. The name of a school has nothing to do with current life so don’g f**k with it.. OWN UP AND BE PROUD OF WHERE WE HAVE COME SINCE THOSE DAYS AND DON’T DESTROY OUR PAST NAACP IS JUST ANOTHER BUNCH OF LEFTIST BULLIES THAT WANT THINGS THEIR WAY AND CAN’T BE BOTHERED WITH OUR HERITAGE,,,

  25. Yes, I oppose removal of Confederate statues, just as I oppose burning all books with which i disagree, for the same reason. There is no significant difference between those who advocate removal of Confederate statues and those who want to censor all media views. Book burners are book burners.

  26. I’ll assume that if all white people want to erase everything named after Martin Luther King Jr. It would be ok by the NAACP. Not! I’m being blocked, I did not post this prior.

  27. American history is a learning and teaching class for all Americans, if you erase that history all that we have learned in making America better is lost and how we did it , remember todays great foundation rests squarely on our past..

  28. Watch “civil War II” by John marks,dated 06/192019,its 52 minutes long(there are a couple,but only one 52 minutes),ON YOUTUBE.It is the most well thought out,realistic report I have seen on this bulls**t coming out of demorats,and minorities mouths.Whitey will have the final say,and I’m ready.I will be murderous,bank on it,but not shooting up bars,or Walmart.nWhe it kicks off anything goes,figure it out.Also a book(I have it),”civil war II” by Thomas Chittum,a retired colonel.He wrote it right after Timmy(168 to 1),some has already happened,and some is unfolding as we speak,get informed,you’ll be better off.Suit up,see you on the battlefield.John.

  29. Its too bad that people feel that the name of a school has anything to do with how they “feel” about themselves, and their ability to succeed. It is a sham excuse. There are other objectives at work here, which have nothing to do with the quality of education for anyone. It could be said that, with the liberalization of our public schools, it would be a positive move to seek an education at a private or parochial institution. I also agree that the removal of certain features that represent historical figures will in no way change history, what has happened in the past. It could however alter the recognition that there were elements we would not like to repeat. There are cities named Alexandria, and you might recall there was a conqueror named Alexander the Great. There are probably many people who, if they still were living, would rather eliminate any remembrance of that man, for he was responsible for many deaths, and the fall of many cities in the Middle East, Mediterranean. “Time” will forget most of us. This world is, after all, passing away. There is only One to remember, and He will come quickly for his bride.

  30. these leftist commies are so far off the rails! they won’t be happy until this country has third world status

  31. Art, a Semper Fi to you and whomever, I too agree the NAACP is out to advance “colored people”. But does it have to come at the expense of white America? This too, my friends is RACISM. What’s next? Are we to be doomed to repeat history by ignoring what happened in fact? Slavery was a source of income to many of the African tribes who were only too happy to rid themselves of what they considered “lesser tribes” who were beaten in tribal wars. They were black, not whites, and glad to accept whatever payments they received for prisoners sold as slaves. Can they not also be condemned for their addition to the cause?

  32. The NAACP are creating a VERY hostile environment with them spreading their HATE and VITRIOL on a NON EXISTENT problem. They need to stop and STOP NOW! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  33. Don’t erase history. Tell it like it happened. People choose to be offended. We must agree to disagree without killing each other. We must learn from history in order to go forward and not repeat the same history.
    Tear up and not down. Lift as we climb together.
    I don’t want to repeat history……..

  34. We learn from history. Rewriting it, erasing it, hiding it dooms us to relive it. Truth sets one free.
    It was the bold face truth and those courageous enough to deal with it, to shine a light on it, that started the Civil War. It took a war, two sides, to bring about a great advancement for mankind. All those involved must be remembered.

  35. don’t people have better things to do than try to destroy American history? we learn from the past & I’m thankful & proud of all my relatives that came to America & worked to make America a great country! people need to pay attention to what is being taught in American schools today. my grandson is in 8th grade & some of his books really upset me cause some things are definitely not the way I remember being taught! Lord help us JESUS! NAACP is EVIL!

  36. It only takes a few too destroy those that are decent. I myself have a friends that are black, and I don’t consider them black. Why? Because, they use their head instead of those a##. On a the best note, I treat them as brothers and sister. Infact, I will defend anyone who stands for truth and justice. Hooraw

  37. Vladimir Lenin LIQUIDATED by STARVATION some 5 million Ukrainians in just one year—with TENS OF THOUSANDS MORE to follow. His bronze statue stands proudly and boldly in tribute to this monster of death in Fremont (Seattle area) of Washington state. Why is this genocidal maniac and father of Communism not offensive, but a statue of Robert E. Lee is?

  38. He sounds more like a liberal democrat who can’t stand truth of past history that Confederate statues represent. He prefers to divert attention to other topics.

  39. If you believe the enemies of the republic will be satisfied by taking down ubky Confederate statues, you’re in for a big surprise! This has been in the works for a long time …
    Congressional Record–appendix pp. a34-a35 January 10 1963
    # 30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

  40. Blacks are the racists in the U.S now and they are backed by the Democratic politicians who do absolutely nothing for them except lie to get their vote. These Democratic politicians don’t want them to think for themselves because they would realize how much better life could be if they did.

  41. We can’t erase history, but we can sure live with it and benefit from it and keep from repeating that which was wrong. Why are there not any Martin Luther King Jrs in the NAACP. He is a part of history they should retain and learn, he’s probaly turning over in his grave from the hatred and violence that is being displayed today.

  42. My ancestors fought on the side of the North. The South LOST THE WAR. Not enough confederate soldiers died in the war as far as I’m concerned! Confederate history is NOT important. Of course, the fact that the South ran up the white flag sure is! As a matter of fact, the only confederate flag that matters IS the white flag! Get over it, you treasonous bumpkins!

  43. Take down statues ? What is next the Monuments in Washington DC ? Washington Monument ?
    Jefferson Memorial ? Lincoln Memorial ? How much of this Bull Squirt must we swallow ?

    Get off you LAZY BEHINDS and do something for yourself … we have given you way too much already !

  44. I’m white and attended a 95% white school in a small town north of Seattle. We learned very little about the south in the Civil War, mainly that they were traitors. Sounds like they still are! The only southern confederate history that needs to be taught is that the North kicked your asses!

  45. Kill? Really? That is history that needs to be forgotten! Well, except the part about the south running up the white flag! You ain’t gettin’ violent with anyone, traitor! STFU already! Enough about your so-called “southern history”. Confederates were TRAITORS!

  46. I have to disagree on one thing…The Confederate History IS important, it is part of U.S. History and helps explain how our country grew throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. It SHOULD be taught to ALL students in American schools.

  47. Tearing down existing statues, no matter what, reminds me of the Taliban and the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan.

  48. Then we should file lawsuits to remove anything that has OBOZZO’s name on it, Maybe even Washington Carver, OR Harriet Tubman, MLK… no statues, no street names etc. Statues have been standing for decades and all of a sudden they are offensive. I say to hell with them.. they are part of History.. good or bad doesn’t matter, they were recognized for their leadership for whatever their cause was. Tearing them down is just like the MUDSLIMES doing the same in the Middle East and trying to erase History. Its ignorant you cant change the past only make the futuure bette

  49. How long has the Civil War been over?? GET OVER IT. No body owes you people nothing. Find something good to do say like, helping inner city young people like in Maryland who’s murder rate is more then most South American Countries. There are plenty of work that needs to be done in most cities all over America. NAACP TRY DOING GOOD FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES. GET OVER IT

  50. Hey LAME BRAIN (Joe Shaw)… how were the Confederates Traitors? Traitors to who? They were just trying to take care of their own states. they wanted to succeed from the Union to live their way of life. History is important to know. It shows where we came from and how we developed into the greatest nation on this earth. All you are proving is how ignorant you are FOOL!!!!

  51. The thing with history is it has a way of repeating itself. Especially if the problem didn’t get remedied the first time. Slavery, the Civil War, Women’s Suffrage, they were all remedied with great loss of lives. So now if the left starts erasing those end results, they all may crop up again. Statues are just a way to remind America of its history and values that came out of it. I for one refuse to get caught up in the new reparations crap. We need to take care of today and let the past remain in the past. Not one statue is causing anyone today to suffer. It’s all made up crap. Plain simple. People wanting attention know how to throw hissy fits.

  52. WE had nothing to do with it. And to deny history is to repeat it. Do YOU want a repeat of it? I sure don’t slavery is WRONG! But, it no longer exists, so people need to get over it, & take the chip off their shoulders. I have friends that are black, my oldest son was married to a black girl, so I am NOT a racist! And, NONE of my family was alive during slavery either, & should not be held responsible. We all believe it’s wrong to own other people. I have one aunt that is a racist, big time, but we all ignore her on that.

  53. I remember him doing it. And,Vasu, DIMOCRATS started the KKK after the Civil War to keep negroes from voting.

  54. You’re wrong. Not enough Yankee soldier died in the Civil War. A war that was started because of tariffs, not because of slaverly.

  55. Excuse me, but you are very offensive! I’m white AND Southern, & if I’m not mistaken, the North lost as many as the South did. It’s attitudes like YOURS that are causing problems these days. They were freed from slavery, only to fall victim to the Dimocrats. The North isn’t any better than the South. If I’d been old enough, I’d have marched with Dr. King. They were treated awful. And, in some places people are STILL treating them like that. But, I’M not responsible for slavery. The South wasn’t traitors either. The war actually started over taxation without representation. The northern states had more voting power than the southern states, so if the north wanted something, they pretty well got it. And, they had voted to put an extra tax on southern states to help support the industries in the north. When South Carolina objected, things got ugly. So they walked out. When the Northern Army went after them, 5 surrrounding states were ordered to help bring them in. Those states said Nope, & joined with them. It might not have been South Carolina that started it, but it was them, or Virginia. YOU need a history lesson, boy!

  56. We are where we are because of our past!! Are these people so naive that they don’t realize they were freed by Lincoln? They have all the same freedoms as anyone! We are all Gods people!! Stop ruining the statues! It isn’t going to prove anything , but how stupid you are. The confederate flag is a symbol of the past too, but don’t forget, southern black soldiers fought to give freedom too!! STOP BEING SO DESTRUCTIVE, and embrace your freedom!!

  57. Erasing the past is a serious and deadly mistake! We must learn from the People of the past . If we erase the past then we are very likely to repeat it! Statues do not create Racism . Ignorance is what creates Racism! Imagine if the Statues of Confederate Soldiers are successfully removed ? What is to stop someone in the Future from being offended by the Statue of Liberty! Eventually nothing would be safe! This is Marxism! It is a clear and targeted deconstruction of the Untied States . It is being done slowly , but eventually there would be no Statues or Religious Symbols whatsoever anywhere in the U.S. . Once all symbols of our Historical past are gone then there would be a very targeted Elimination of Patriotism which would be all that remains , and then Communism would have nothing in it’s way to take over! Freedom of Expression , Freedom of Speech and a free Press are critical to our Free Nation . If we lose those freedoms then our way of life here in the United States will disappear from existence!

  58. The NAACP says the problem here lies in rights of Blacks. What about the rights of whites? For the past 40 years or so, the NAACP seems like our national history should be tossed in the dumpster. For whatever the our history shows, good or bad, is still the history of this country. Why change or remove it? It seems only one person complains is either to redo history. What about rights of the millions of citizens? I guess that doesn’t matter. There is NO reason we can’t live together, we have the same history, we just need to be able to learn from it.

  59. And if they get thier way on this it will embolden them to change the names of anything they want that they dont like!

  60. The simple fact remains that the NAACP is a racist, childish organization. Attempting to erase history has never solved a damned thing. These whiny children need to grow up and that includes you Vasu. You wouldn’t know truth if someone slapped you with it.

  61. Helluva lotta people died fighting in that war on both sides, I have respect for both sides, No, it’s Not a flag of surrender, too bad you feel that way.

  62. I can’t believe you revisionist people. What about all the lies told about Native Americans, Mexican Americans (both were here long before America was ‘discovered” by Europeans). Don’t get me started on the lies told about Black people — the cotton gin, automated process for making shoes, blood transfusions, open heart surgery, the architect of our nation’s capital, etc. I could go on for days! I have no sympathy whatsoever regarding those that fought to keep my people enslaved. Black people have positively contributed to each and every aspect of American life. I thought we weren’t supposed to care about one’s ethnicity or religious beliefs! Have you forgotten why the Europeans came to this country? The South lost, get over it!

  63. Guess my lengthy comment on the abuses of the democrats will not get posted. But as usual, it looks like the individuals in charge of this commentary posting does not like the teruth.

  64. Joe you were definitely taught in a northern school false history the civil war was about tariffs not slavery. The crooked north was as sorry back then as it is today. You need to learn you history and maybe you won’t sound so stupid. Guess you are a Burney supporter that wants to suck off the government and let people like me support you

  65. Why not change the names of all the schools named after Pres Wilson (D)–he hated Blacks, Orientals, Amerindians, a Hispanics–he also “segregated” the Military–Black soldiers were moved to special barracks away from the White soldiers. Pres Harry S truman got that changed after WW II. Sure took them a long time.
    General Senator Barry Goldwater of AZ integrated the Air Guard before Harry thought about it.

  66. You are correct in stating that the Confederate States were defeated in the War Between the States. What you failed to mention is that it took four years to do so and the north had a more than 2-to-1 superiority in manpower and materials. Having said this, I am not one who goes around yelling the south will rise again or anything like that. I am a Navy retiree and I love my country. But, the War Between the States is part of our history and should not be forgotten, nor altered for political correctness.

  67. How many people of color have been to these school’s and passed on in the adult world without being upset of their school name? As for the icon’s around the country being in place so many year’s. Guess this group has been under a rock to long and daylight is to much for them.

  68. we have got to stop letting people dictate about how we live in America these schools and statues were here long before most of these people that want to change all of Americas history, if you don’t like the history don’t look at it. I for one am getting tired of the way we have to live in America, if you want to take down the statues and change the schools name then we also need to take off the BET off tv and stop The Miss Black America or it’s only fair the we have a Miss White America and an all white tv channel

  69. Joe, you are definitely showing your ignorance on American History!! Shame on your school for not teaching you anything about my southern history in this great country! I live in the south & take offense to your stupid statements! You Leftist Liberals are all the freaking same. Y’all just want to erase our history if you don’t agree with it! Well, guess what?? We can’t change History! All we can do is learn from it so not to repeat it. And Btw….. NONE of us have a damn thing to do with what happened 200-250 years ago, ie: slavery, etc. And yet ALL of the ignorant democratic nominees are spewing their “Reparations” CRAP!! Smdh There’s Definitely Another Civil War brewing & I know one thing for sure…..All of you in the North & East will be begging for our help from the South because while we all have our guns, y’all can’t even figure out your Genders or which freaking bathrooms to use!!

  70. Apparently the LGBT people are more popular than Muslims. I guess that may have something to do with Muslims having flown aircraft into some of our buildings killing thousands of people (some of whom were Muslims). I think it is today’s NAACP that seeks to keep alive a hostile and discriminatory environment in order to justify their existence just as the Klan did after the civil war.

  71. How in the world can you people think you can speak for Black people? Until I hear what you are saying from another from another Black person, your opinions don’t mean sh#t. I am a mixed-race Black and I don’t pretend to speak for white people.

  72. Art Crosby, the the expression “chickens come home to roost” mean anything to you? We reap what we sow (Karma is a ‘B’ ain’t it!

  73. Best argument against erasing history: Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

  74. I would not be surprised if the history deniers would try to emulate the Taliban by blasting the Confederate statues on Stone Mountain Georgia- after all, some libturds have already proposed destroying the presidential statues on Mount Rushmore. Why not rewrite all history to suit the beliefs of all those who CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH?

  75. Obviously, since was the Democrats who took the South out of the Union, it was the Democrats who formed the Ku Klux Klan; It was the Democrats who instituted the Jim Crow Laws; It was the Democrats under Woodrow Wilson who instituted Segregation in the U. S. Military; It was the Democrats who fought tooth and Nail. blocking doorways and refusing to pass Civil rights laws: it was the Democrats who set attack dogs and firehoses against civil rights demonstrators; It seems in our history we should dis-establish the Democrat Party and vilify all those who adhere to it. How different our lives would be.

  76. That is exactly right! We can call it WET T.V.! White Entertainment Television! I wonder what the reaction would be to that since there is BET T.V. Black Entertainment Television ? It is amazing how things look when when you see them clearly .

  77. That’s true. The only reason that General Robert Edward Lee surrendered was because he ran out of funds and food. They think this part of history is wrong and they want to get rid of it; yet they want to leave the part of history with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and make him to look like a saint when in truth he was just another radical. People can take the statues down but that won’t get rid of the History.

  78. I know this is a lot, but this is what I found out while doing research:
    Ҥ 15.2-1812. Memorials for war veterans.
    A locality may, within the geographical limits of the locality, authorize and permit the erection of monuments or memorials for any war or conflict, or for any engagement of such war or conflict, to include the following monuments or memorials: Algonquin (1622), French and Indian (1754-1763), Revolutionary (1775-1783), War of 1812 (1812-1815), Mexican (1846-1848), Confederate or Union monuments or memorials of the War Between the States (1861-1865), Spanish-American (1898), World War I (1917-1918), World War II (1941-1945), Korean (1950-1953), Vietnam (1965-1973), Operation Desert Shield-Desert Storm (1990-1991), Global War on Terrorism (2000- ), Operation Enduring Freedom (2001- ), and Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003- ). If such are erected, it shall be unlawful for the authorities of the locality, or any other person or persons, to disturb or interfere with any monuments or memorials so erected, or to prevent its citizens from taking proper measures and exercising proper means for the protection, preservation and care of same. For purposes of this section, “disturb or interfere with” includes removal of, damaging or defacing monuments or memorials, or, in the case of the War Between the States, the placement of Union markings or monuments on previously designated Confederate memorials or the placement of Confederate markings or monuments on previously designated Union memorials.

    The governing body may appropriate a sufficient sum of money out of its funds to complete or aid in the erection of monuments or memorials to the veterans of such wars. The governing body may also make a special levy to raise the money necessary for the erection or completion of any such monuments or memorials, or to supplement the funds already raised or that may be raised by private persons, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion or other organizations. It may also appropriate, out of any funds of such locality, a sufficient sum of money to permanently care for, protect and preserve such monuments or memorials and may expend the same thereafter as other funds are expended.

    Code 1950, § 15-696; 1962, c. 623, § 15.1-270; 1982, c. 19; 1988, c. 284; 1997, c. 587; 1998, c. 752; 2005, c. 390; 2010, c. 860.”

    Sorry for taking up so much room with this but people who tear down the statues are breaking the law.

  79. Appreciate your effort, Karen, our systems of education across America are indoctrinating students to break the law with Leftist thought, it’s terrible!

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  81. Too bad the NAACP doesn’t spend as much time, energy and influence on the real problems faced by African-Americans as it does on nonsense like this.

  82. What people seem to always forget, is that the Democrat party was responsible for slavery in America, the Confederacy, the Civil war, the KKK, all the statues they want taken down, opposing LBJ for signing the Civil rights act,and we could go on. It was all DEMOCRATS!

  83. The subject is the NAACP, we’re not talking about muslims but ungrateful africans. I suggest we round up every single african and send them to Liberia as President Lincoln intended. They have shown time and time again how ungrateful they are to have a modern country to live in. The more you give them, the more they want. They scream of equality but then demand special treatment. We were even unfortunate enough to have an affirmative action president which did nothing more then embolden them, there has been unprecedented black on White crime since the affirmative action idiot riled up his people. Race relations is going downhill and another civil war is brewing.

  84. Bring it back to WHAT. Put the racist confederate statues on the grounds of the library or the museum. As a black veterans like others should we made to serve in the military with your thinking. MLK was for segregation of the peoples living in the USA. Only racist Whites like you with your Satan mentality will destroy the USA from within.

  85. Hey Steve, you need to study up more on your history! Black folks served in the Confederate Army along with the white folks. And fair’s fair. If you remove the Confederate statues, then other statues need to be taken down too; like Martin Luther King, Jr., and the likes. Don’t be one sided about it. But if you don’t read any of my other posts on here then read the one about it being against the law to remove statues in the state of Virginia!! You want to talk about racism, that is exactly what the NAACP is. Nothing but a racist group.

  86. As Bro. Daave Usda say, “Lot’s ah Goh-rilla’s leff Da Souff and mooved Nouff Win Da Souff Duhn Loss Da Wowah.
    But it Sho Made Da Souff Ah Beddah Place Ta live Din Dah Nouff.

  87. As Bro. Daave Usda say, “Lot’s ah Goh-rilla’s leff Da Souff and mooved Nouff Win Da Souff Duhn Loss Da Wowah.
    But it Sho Made Da Souff Ah Beddah Place Ta live Din Dah Nouff.

  88. Response to Joe Shaw: I do not know nor care what race you are…you have a right to your opinion; however when you say that Confederate history is not important you are saying that American History is not important. SO, your Ancestors fought for the North, Big Deal. mine fought for North and the South.. I personally would have fought with the South…(because I am a firm believer in States Rights) Do You Know What The Civil War was Fought About? It was Not Slavery (that was the original argument) Lincoln offered a Compromise (do you know what it was?) If you can find an American History that has not been re-written (before 1944) you will find the answer. The Compromise was with the 13 original colonies….did not transfer to any new Historians out there somewhere that has the answer. I am sure I am much older than you because there has been a tremendous rewriting of History in our Country. Slavery was horrible, my ancestors were not Plantation owners Nor Slave owners. History Cannot Be Erased….Rewritten History is Dangerous because if we don’t Know The Truth of America’s History it could be repeated.

  89. Reply to: the#1SkinsFan: You need to stop ‘reading’ History and start ‘Studying’ History….Also, you might add the Original U S Constitution (as written and when amended) before you make decisions hang people. FACT:


  91. Actually, Lincoln and Douglas were running close…the Southern States were the problem (who would they vote for)? In order to assure his victory Lincoln promised that the 13 Original States would be allowed to keep all the slaves they owned but could not “purchase” new slaves; however, any New States entering the Union would not be allowed to own slaves — after much debate the Southern States argued that via the Constitution all States should have the same Rights “The Right to self govern themselves”. NOW, not really trusting Lincoln’s promise to them the South Seceded from the Union and The American Civil War began.

  92. Thank You STEVE WEIL You are the Voice Of Reason and Knowledge…I agree with you. History Cannot be ERASED…If that were possible we all would live in Utopia. History IS The Past and Cannot be Changed (It is what It is) You Cannot make It Go Away, HISTORY IS SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED … IT CAN BE HIDDEN, PAINTED OVER, AND IGNORED BUT IT CANNOT BE ERASED….

  93. Lee, glad you brought that up….Sadly, with the History books having been purged and rewritten regarding much of the Civil War Era and the ugly face of Racism being brought forward I don’t know how this will ever change. Dr. Martin Luther King was the last Voice of Reason that was able to reach both sides and even then so many people didn’t accept his message….Black or White.

  94. If as the Africans and all the so called naacp don’t like the south. They should all go there little self back to Africa.In other words GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,and don’t let the door hit ya’ll in the ass on your way to the big pond.We the true AMERICAN’S have had enough of your whining pissing and moaning about how it makes you feel.If you don’t like the OLD U.S.A. then get the HELL OUT.Good bye,so long,piss off.

  95. That’s because, with his “HIGHLY NEGATIVE” IQ, he can’t even think like a “NORMAL” human being, more like the low-life ANIMAL that he is, eh ?

  96. Now, now, now, let’s not name call. It shows your ignorance. AA have accomplished much. Tuskegee Airmen, Triple Nickle, Bass Reeves, gas mask, first heart transplant, stop light, etc, Jesse Owens, Wilma Rudolph, Hidden Figures which showed how important AA women were to NASAs space program at times more accurate than the computers of the time. There are many others. Take time to read then maybe you won’t be so hateful and judgemental.
    We’re all just folks and together if we all get along the world will be a much better place.

  97. Another point that needs to be mentioned is that Lincoln was NOT in favor of integration. He wrote in several letters that the slaves need to be free to establish their own communities to preserve their culture and traditions.

  98. Read your own precious “Secession” documents. Twelve of thirteen rebel states’ “Articles of Secession” specifically state that maintaining and expanding the institution of slavery was THE reason for secession. Only Louisiana did not state any specific reason. ALL the other so-called explanations (excuses) were brought forward AFTER it was apparent that the rebellion would fail. BTW, two of MY ancestors were Union casualties and WE still remember your cursed treasonous rebellion for what it was!

  99. Read your own precious “Secession” documents. Twelve of thirteen rebel states’ “Articles of Secession” specifically state that maintaining and expanding the institution of slavery was THE reason for secession. Only Louisiana did not state any specific reason. ALL the other so-called explanations (excuses) were brought forward AFTER it was apparent that the rebellion would fail. BTW, two of MY ancestors were Union casualties and WE still remember your cursed treasonous rebellion for what it was!

  100. Read your own precious “Secession” documents. Twelve of thirteen rebel states’ “Articles of Secession” specifically state that maintaining and expanding the institution of slavery was THE reason for secession. Only Louisiana did not state any specific reason. ALL the other so-called explanations (excuses) were brought forward AFTER it was apparent that the rebellion would fail. BTW, two of MY ancestors were Union casualties and WE still remember your cursed treasonous rebellion for what it was!

  101. Vasu Murti If that post you printed and you believe what you printed, then I feel sorry for you, but i’ll say one thing.If you don’t like this country then leave, you won’t be missed.

  102. We Need a TRUMP Statue on Every Government Building in America ! TRUMP #45 has done more for Black’s & White’s than any other president in HISTORY ! TRUMP 20/20 MAGA

  103. So in the movie the Monument Men, “Nazi Germany’s” was stealing counties art’s!!! quoted from the move, “you can destroy a mans home and property, and “continues to exists”, but you take away man art and history, “he no longer exists”

    So who is acting more like Nazi Germany’s Sorry I would have to say the left is, suggesting to take all the southern statues down, then they can say slavery! What slavery?

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  105. For a person born in the United States, there is no such thing is going “back” to anywhere outside of the United States. It does not matter where his or her ancestors were born or what color they were. There are also “injuns” who do not like the United States, and where do you propose that they go?

  106. At the time, the Congress of the United States had neither the authority to abolish slavery nor the authority to protect free people’s grips upon their chattel slaves in States wherein chattel slavery had already been prohibited in State constitution. Yet each bloc was afraid of the opposite bloc using representation in the federal government to enact force of federal statute, be it constitutional or unconstitutional, against it. Both had been afraid of abuse of federal power for decades before the outbreak of the inevitable war among States. This is why the numbers of abolition States and slavery States were always such a big deal when it came to the matter of admitting new States into the union, hence the Missouri Compromise and the later Compromise of 1850. It almost always had to be an even number. (The same issue exists to this day, along partisan lines, now irrespective of geography.) The division was present from the beginning of the current regime of the United States, with the Three Fifths Compromise being an “original sin”, but the decision “Dred Scott v. Sandford” in the Supreme Court of the United States put fuel on the fire.

  107. At the time, it was believed that every State had the right to secede regardless of having the approval of the Congress of the United States or the union overall. Inasmuch, the Confederate States’ behavior cannot accurately be described as a “rebellion”. Each of those States became a foreign power upon secession, and accordingly the confederacy formed thereafter and comprised of them was also a foreign power. On the other hand, they could not have it both ways. The United States, like any nation, unapologetically authorize their armed forces to treat foreign enemy combatants along with anybody else who happens to get in the way like absolute crap and totally ignore the those people’s rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness, until the enemy is no longer present among them geographically. Whereas a citizen who commits rebellion is at least entitled to due process of law. But of course, the victors in a war dictate the classifications of things, even reserving the power to pardon what they considered to be offenses against them.

  108. Confederate leaders = Rebels and losers
    who wants to be reminded of that fact
    America is about winners

  109. Confederate leaders = Rebels and losers
    who wants to be reminded of that fact
    America is about winners

  110. Confederate leaders Rebels that rebelled against this country no other nation on the planet would allow monuments to rebels

  111. It was Harry Truman the disaggregated the US military it was Lyndon B. Johnson that introduced the civil rights act

  112. That part of what makes the United States great! If a rebellious faction constitutes around half of the State governments, then that faction gets to have its way to some extent, most especially for matters that do not contravene the rights of the opposite faction. There have been groups that bet against the United States since the start, and yet here we are, the same old regime for since 1789, the longest-running regime in the world in all “anno domini” eras.

  113. Not enough Confederate soldiers were killed to suit you? Lik eyour opinion means anything? Were enough innocents killed to satisfy you, an obvious psycopath? That’s about the dumbest statement re the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ I
    ever heard!
    You can’t erase history as though it never happened…It was a States Rights Issue, Not just about the slave based economy that of course was wrong .But your irresponsible statement merely reinforces your own stupidity and hatred .Lives were lost on both sides….but they were all Americans and the war was never ‘against’ America….You’ve just proven yourself a certified moron!
    Confederate History IS important! As important as anything in US History! They fought for their beliefs…..just like the North…You are merely an infuriating , nonsensical and very sick idiot!


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