What Taylor Swift just said about female soccer players will change everything for the Left


The U.S. women’s soccer team has become a national disgrace.

But because of their far-Left positions, they have become superstars in the media, with Hollywood elites fawning over their every word.

And what Taylor Swift just said about them will change everything for the Left.

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars in music.

With hundreds of millions of followers, she is able to reach most of America with just a simple post online.

That’s why she has been getting involved in politics in recent months.

She even publicly threw her support behind Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections.

And she also recently released a music video that many believe to be anti-Trump, which appears to portray Trump supporters as “trailer trash.”

But her recent statements about the U.S. women’s soccer team are at an entirely new level.

She threw her support behind a lawsuit filed by the soccer team to close the non-existent “gender pay gap.”

Swift said that women players are underpaid before telling her supporters to “please, please, please support [them], because this isn’t over yet.”

Breitbart reports:

Pop superstar Taylor Swift joined the chorus of left-wing activists demanding the rectification of the dubious “gender pay gap” for female soccer stars, while accepting the Icon Award at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday from the U.S. women’s soccer captain Alex Morgan.

“First, I want to talk about Alex Morgan,” Taylor Swift began, repeating the false assertion that women players are underpaid, despite the fact they bring in significantly less revenue than their male counterparts. “The fact that she’s here presenting this to me is such an honor and not only winning the World Cup with her amazing teammates, right?”

“While they were winning the World Cup, they were also taking a historic stand in terms of gender equality [and the] gender pay gap,” the crooner continued. “Please, please, please support her and her teammates because this isn’t over yet. It’s not resolved.”

In March, the women’s soccer team launched a gender discrimination lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation for allegedly violating the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Their lawyer Jeffrey L. Kessler recently confirmed the case was moving “full-speed ahead.”

The reality is the gender pay gap isn’t real.

It especially isn’t real when it comes to the U.S. soccer team.

The men’s team brings in significantly higher amounts of revenue than the women’s team.

And when that is taken into account, women actually make a higher percentage of their revenue than men do.

Do you think Taylor Swift should stay out of politics?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I don’t take anything she say’s to mean a whole lot. She should stick to singing and stay out of politic’s. Just another singer elite putting in her two sense which doesn’t amount to much!

  3. There is absolutely no equivalency between someone’s vocal quality, song writing ability, acting, dancing, painting, ability with a musical instrument, or any other art form…and their knowledgable analysis of history, politics, logic or the law. The overflow of their colossal egos seems to know no bounds.

  4. Taylor Swift has successfully transitioned from country to pop. There are valid reasons for liberals, like conservatives, to be concerned about whether pop stars are good role models for young people: the sexualization of children at an early age, etc. Even firms promoting socially responsible investing will not support the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms industries, in addition to opposing the military-industrial complex. And even some liberal parents don’t want their kids playing with toy guns, war toys, etc. Fear of progressive political views are not valid reasons.

    Labeling Taylor Swift a sex kitten says more about sexism in the music industry and American pop culture in general. Ariana Grande might be labeled a sex kitten, too. I don’t know if Ariana Grande writes her own music, like singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, but Ariana Grande IS a vegan! Taylor Swift was listed among the top twenty charitable celebrities of 2013, and I would like to see Taylor Swift become a positive role model for girls and young women in this regard by joining the many celebrities who have transitioned to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

    Vegetarian and vegan celebrities in 2019 include: Ariana Grande, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson, Mýa, Toby MacGuire, Kristen Bell, Russell Simmons, Ellen DeGeneres, Olivia Wilde, Stevie Wonder, Kellie Pickler, Alec Baldwin, Anthony Kiedis, Leona Lewis, Paul McCartney, Carrie Underwood, Venus Williams, Alicia Silverstone, Shania Twain, Alyssa Milano, Brad Pitt, Christina Applegate, Lea Michele, Steve-O, Erykah Badu, Jared Leto, Portia DeRossi, Daryl Hannah, Sandra Oh, Petra Nemcova, David Carter, Miley Cyrus, Moby, Tony Kanal, Alicia Silverstone, Emily Deschanel, Joaquin Phoenix, Kat Von D, Daisy Fuentes, Jessica Chastain, etc.

    A legitimate concern was raised about the music video to Taylor Swift’s song “Wildest Dreams.” Great song, but even though the music itself was pure white pop, the music video was filmed in Africa, and did not feature a single black person!

    Again, Taylor Swift has successfully transitioned from country to pop. There are valid reasons for liberals, like conservatives, to be concerned about whether pop stars are good role models for young people, the sexualization of children at an early age, etc… fear of progressive political views are not among them.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  5. Taylor Swift as usual is talking about something she knows nothing about . Men’s Soccer has been around decades longer in the mainstream than Women’s Soccer has . As a result there is alot more money centered around Men’s Soccer . It has nothing to do with being unfair , It is Business . With time , Women’s Soccer will have the popularity and Financial success that Men’s Soccer does . It is just going to take time . But of course , Feminists and Lesbians will not have this! They want to speed up the process and do what took Men’s Soccer decades and make it equal . That is not only ridiculous , But very likely not going to happen . If the Female Soccer teams keep pushing this and there is not enough money to pay them outrageous salaries , and they somehow have a court victory that demands they must be paid the same as the men , They could very well Destroy Women’s Soccer by Bankrupting the League . Time , Popularity and the Market , has and always will dictate what Athletes get paid in their respective Sport .

  6. How does this match the headline? I thought that maybe she disagreed with the left by the headline. Nope. She’s in complete lock step with the left. Non story!

  7. Taylor Swift is just like so many so-called celebrities. She knows her talent and her following is fading and will do whatever she can to make headlines. You know – like Justin wannaBE Beiber, Colin the traitor Kaepernick, Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg and so many others.

    If these headlines don’t do it for her, she’ll come up with something else!

  8. The children that listen to her music can’t vote. The adults in the room really don’t care what idiots like Swift say or do. If the players on the women’s team don’t like the pay, they can all get a real job. They are not being forced to play and if they would all act like they had some sense I’m sure there would be some endorsement deals that would make them a lot of money. As it is now, I would not purchase any product they endorse because I am sick of their selfish, unpatriotic behavior.

  9. Commie hippie pervert weirdo! Animals don’t have rights! Neither do non-citizens! Democrats are anti-American, anti capitalist, yet they bask in the fruits of them! The bowels of hell await you! I’m reporting your little political advertisement.

  10. Taylor swift is right.
    Look, I love Soccer and support and actually watch every game with my daughter and son. but the women team took it too far and BIG MISTAKE.. they involved politics with this beautifull sport. so I do not support the present members of these team. SAD very SAD they to me are desrying this beautifull team. world champs or not its not the way. keep politics off the sport. actually soccer is a worldwide port that brings people together regardless of your politics views and should remain such.
    sadly women usa soccer team choose this way. for now my family will NOT support this usa team. sadly I said as my kids love sport soccer and actually this session my daughter decided not to play local teams.

  11. The Democratic Party platform should support: Preborn and Newly Born Babys’ Rights and Right to Life, Eliminating ObamaCare, Supporting Citizens United, Strengthening Marijuana Prohibition, emphasizing that there are no Pro-Life Democrats, Defending the Second Amendment of our Constitution, Exercising anti-Trust Laws against the nearly total domination of the Liberal Media, Keeping their Nose Out of Private Business Affairs that they have No Constitutional Right to be Involved with, Revealing the Lies & Deception of Gore’s Global Warming Fraud (as proven by Real Scientists) that is Designed to Control the Power and Wealth that Rightly Belong to the People, and Stop Stealing Taxpayer Dollars for Liberal Lawmakers to Invest in Unsustainable Energy Companies so that they can Obtain Kickbacks before the Fly-By-Night Energy Companies Go Bankrupt. But the Democratic Party platform doesn’t support any of these righteous policies, and that’s why we vote for Trump!

  12. We all have our voice and the freedom to express our opinions. I don’t take that away from anyone just because of their status or career choice. I think it is great that we live in the best country in the world, and that this country is great once again. However, I think that when people do talk, they should have all of the facts. They should also back up their words with stats. This goes for Actors and Performers, as well as for those writing about them.

    Where are the stats? Neither Tsylor Swift, Alex Morgan nor Breitbart or whom ever wrote this article, have shown the amount of money received by the men’s and women’s soccer teams and the amount of money the individual players are receiving from that intake.

    So in reality, no one can say either way who is making more or less.

  13. Also, this seems to be click bait, since it appears that Taylor Swift is supporting the cause, not speaking against it.

  14. She is a beautiful but very uninformed young lady that needs to stay out of politics and just perform she is talented but like so many others in her industry they don’t live in the real world.

  15. Why don’t you stick to singing because you suck at that also and play politics cuz you’re clueless f****** b**** who doesn’t know s*** all because you seeing him stuff around on stage is it mean you got a brain just means that you got a good voice and people are clueless and going to listen to you take your music sucks it’s definitely not country or know what the f*** you want to call your music but it’s not what country is don’t you stay the f****** hole and close your f****** money cuz you never open them for anybody can you have any kids cuz you would want to be a kid of yours

  16. If Taylor Swift was informed,she would have a right to talk about soccer.But uninformed,she misleads a lot of people,because many pay attention to her.

  17. These overpaid and spoiled members of both Hollywood and the country scene believe all that is written
    about them and how they are treated by the people who make a lot of money from them, as long as they
    produce money for their sponsors, they will continue to be treated like Royal subjects. Like most rich and
    spoiled people, they consider themselves above the rest of us and we should take their opinions like law.
    Sooner or later they wake up in their make believe world, but until then, they will continue to lecture us
    about why we should take their recommendations on everything. Always consider the source of lectures and directions given by anyone in either Hollywood or Washington, most of the comments come without merit or fact.

  18. She used to be such a sweet girl but hanging out with fashion models who idolize the gay men that dress them is where Swift is at now. Anything to embolden the LGBTQ movement is where she is at, never mind that children in Hollywood are surrendered to them like chum to sharks if they want to work.

  19. What planet are you from Vasu The Troll? You can’t talk what YOU know, so you post something someone else writes. TYPICAL FOR A TOUCHY FEELIE LIBERAL! What you smokin honey? Your fryin right? Trippin hard?

  20. Maybe the people that work for her( song writers, musicians, etc.) should get paid the same amount that she gets paid…do you think she’d shut up then ?

  21. Keep talking, Airhead Swift. Her career will continue to slip into oblivion with every ignorant statement she makes. Taylor needs to remember that her base largely revolves around adolescent girls with no money of their own. Parents have had enough of this condescending idiot pop singer. She faked being country and lied about how her career got started when this whole time it was her rich daddy who bought her career. She’s a fraud like all the others.

  22. Taylor Swift and other guitar strummers and microphone kissers should abstain from anything related to politics.

  23. Most of us DO care and hats off to Taylor Swift for using her well known status and many followers to bring to the forefront many issues that do concern ALL of Us as a nation of taxpaying citizens. And also KUDOS to the womens soccer team for doing the same/bringing national attention to such very important matters. I’m was a fan of hers but am now an even bigger fan!

  24. Wow! You are totally off your rocker! No wonder you are a Drumpf supporter. 🙁 Only 24% of the country voted for him and generally 75% of us taxpaying citizens don’t agree with or support all of the issues that you have listed above. Enjoy while you can because most of us don’t approve of Trump and his politicking days are numbered.

  25. I think she should keep voicing her opinions. It will alienate 1/2 her fan base, and show that just because a person can sing, doesn’t make them the sharpest pencil in the box. Plus it shows the ignorance of democrats on the issues.

  26. I fail to see where anything Ms. Swift has said or will say that will improve the left’s political position or power as noted in the header for the article.

    I don’t believe that Ms. Swift can change her own diaper or Depend yet alone improve the left’s in the current political season.


  28. I use to enjoy listening to Taylor Swift and thought she was also a decent performer on stage. She has now alienated me and my friends and also all those I am in contact with across the country to the point that none of my friends or social media groups want to hear from her any longer. She has had her run and her lost her welcome for me and for my followers which number about 18000 and their followers and so on and so on. As an educated individual with a number of post graduate degrees I consider Taylor Swift an Academic Mud Sparrow and her words a collection of worthless garbage never backed by facts but rather what she sees as her truth. Never forget that truth is not fact and fact is what sways the voters in the United States. Ms. Swift is just too uneducated for me to waste any further verbiage on her and her opinions.

  29. You must be one of the people that wants everything for free. If any of these Democrats get elected it is the end of the middle class. They want free college free healthcare care for illegal immigrants all the other idiotic items in the New Green Deal. Who do you think is going to pay for all these things. We will end up like Venezuela. Biden wants to get rid of all Trumps tax breaks and don’t tell me they were only for the rich . I saw an increase in my pension and am certainly not rich. Sanders came out and said he is going to raise taxes on the middle class. The Democrats and all the Hollywood Elite blame Trump for Immigration but this all started when Obama was President. The Democrats want open borders we can’t even take care of our own citizens the homeless population is out of control how about taking care of the citizens of this Country first. If any of these Democrats get elected the whole Country will end up like the State of California.

  30. I don’t know why fools like Streisand and now Swift think they are repositories of brilliant political views .

  31. Great singer, beautiful complexion, great figure, pretty eyes, longest legs in the world and not a brain to be found.

  32. Anyone uninformed should not embarrass themselves and alienate a large portion of their fans by making ignorant asinine statements which ignore the reality. US Women’s soccer players are paid more and cannot even put a few hundred fans in the stands in South America, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy, and most venues in the soccer world. They do not receive bonuses which include tickets sold, souvenirs, etc. because of this. Taylor has let a LeziNazi who radicalized other players to influence her. That is to her detriment.

  33. Taylor Swift like all singers and actors need to stay out of politics because they don’t have the education for it. They probably don’t have any education past high school. They don’t really know Civics, the Constitution, etc.. If they have any college education it is probably in liberal arts which is a degree in nothing. They wipe up the emotions of people with their ideas and opinions causing them to loose all reason and common sense. Their views don’t interest me one bit.

  34. Linda: Only 24% of the country (the freeloaders) voted for Hitlery and generally 0% of us taxpaying citizens. Same results for your brown baboon.

  35. As I start my 3rd decade of not watching the NFL, I also start my 50th decade of not watching soccer. Male or female.

  36. Right or wrong I don’t appreciate a musician telling me what to do in politics !!!!!And I do believe that mens sports bring in more revenue than womens sports !!!!! that’s part of life as we know it !!!!! If the opposite were true then the women in sports would make more than men !!!!!

  37. Just like all stars that have money, …they give just to have the attention and get thier face out there….I dont think Taylor is even that grest…she tries too hard to have people look at her…it’s all about her just like others..in the light…..I would believe the ones that dont have much but give more because they understand wbat having nothing is like……..and making money in pro sports is based on the media ofwho is attending or watching tv….if you are not a popular sport, u don’t make as much…quit crying over money and just be happy you make anything…..

  38. Its time Swift grew up! I don’t care for her baby girl songs. She’s suppose to be an adult but still acts childish. She dates every tom dick and harry trying to make a name for herself but only one cames to mind–whore. GROW UP Swift get rid of your childish ways.

  39. Low IQ…..dim bulb…..moderately talented……bimbo……yeah, your opinion about ANYthing matters….??
    Women soccer players are mostly dykes…..no one watches it…..Trump will slam every Dem sideshow wannabe in 2020……Swift will commit suicide or move to Canada….maybe Mexico. Bye-bye

  40. In my opinion She in not even a good singer. Anyone can scream OFF key. She would just be another no talent person if not for the Mothers of. Teenyboppers buying her crap. I could care less about her opinion

  41. Swift is showing her ignorance. The men’ssoccer takes in hundreds of million and the players get 7%. The women’s soccer take in one tenth of that and they get 23%. What’s not fair?
    Swift is obviously not swift at all when it come to brains or knowledge.

  42. I feel sorry for her for,being so ignorant about what the dem terrorists are doing to this country. She obviously cant think for herself and doesnt do any research. If she did she would know that the dems are are domestic terrorists. They are starting with our kids and grandkids and will ruin their lives now so they will be good and brainwashed when they grow up. The nazi dems need to disappear

  43. As a grandparent, I will not be taking my grandchildren to see her or allow her music in my house. The only thing I could say to this singer is “Dixie Chicks”.

  44. 1st. BAWHAWWWW 2nd $15.00/hr. How about ppl that have worked for YEARS and only make about 4 more dollars an hour? Fair? NO. Raise minimum wage for EVERYONE $4.00. Thats fair.

  45. I agree with Desert Fox. She is the epitomy of trailer trash. The US womens soccer team should be disbanded and start all over with real American players. They are a national disgrace and are totally overpaid on any scale. We will survive very nicely without the lib bimbettes.

  46. Typical leftist response. You lemmings have no thoughts of your own on any issues that matter to the majority of Americans.
    BTW, get the facts right before opening your pie hole and spewing your mindless drivel..
    The American women’s soccer team is paid a higher percentage than men, based on income earned from game receipts!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. DO YOU GUYS (AND GALS) take Taylor Swift seriously FOR ANYTHING? . . . WHY?!? However, I think she and anyone else who takes this stand as she does will take a serious nosedive into the oblivion of IRRELEVANCE after the 2020 elections when their party LOSES the 2020 elections. NOBODY can be THIS stupid (unless you’ve been living “under a rock”) to be voting for the TRASH that these people support. GET THE WORD OUT to the “low information voter”. Don’t berate them, inform them (Be friendly to them!) . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  48. You can cure ignorance but you can’t fix stupid. Everyone has their own opinion, and no one person has a better opinion than another, you say? Well, reality defines opinion, not vice-versa. How about an analogy even a dumbacrat can understand?…Opinion is like dog crap. If dog crap is all you’ve ever eaten in your whole life, I will cook you up a big pile of it with enough butter, herbs & spices so that you will think, “IN YOUR OPINION”, that it’s the best meal you have ever eaten. But in the end, it’s STILL dog crap and neither you nor anyone else can ever make it filet mignon!

  49. Taylor Swift & Priscilla Presley came to Tennessee,& tried to get people to vote for old demoncrat running against Governor Lee, & lost big time ,they found out no one cares what they say, they have no credibility over anyone ,I guess old taylor found out no one cares what she thinks . These old Hollywood freaks are STUPID She can’t sing good anyway, her old voice is too weak !

  50. I was thinking the same thing is her staff paid like her. She is heading in the direction of Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus as has been’s. Karma is coming.

  51. What doe Taylor Swift know about a gender pay gap? She’s one of the highest paid singers in the world. There’s no gender pay gap for her and she should shut up about things she knows nothing about. she’s cute, she sings ok, but what does she know? How to put on a good show. That’s it.

  52. Your about as big a nut case as she is, that soccer team disrespected the country that they played for, they disrespected feminity and the female gender. As for Swift, she needs a swift kick in her derrière to straighten her out.

  53. I’m not particularly a Taylor Swift fan, but as far as I’m concerned, all of them need to stay out of politics. If they want to dab in politics, run for public office & see how the other half lives!! Some of their opinions actually keep me from listening to their music!!

  54. If the women’s soccer team was a business, they would have to file for bankruptcy protection, become insolvent, and liquidated for a penny on the dollar or less! They’ve lost millions!

  55. Swift should stick to singing. She is much better at that than in pretending to be informed about something else.

  56. No, but she can sure dress up like a streetwalker! And talking about trailer trash, shes one to talk! Shes just plain old white trash!

  57. If we want to explore a gender pay gap, let’s have a game between the men, who did not even make it into their World Cup, and the women, who won their World Cup. Whoever wins gets paid more. Should be a good game, yes? I would pay to watch!

  58. She should buy herself a women’s pro soccer team & pay them similar salaries as men pro soccer players. I assure you she will be filing for bankruptcy before the first season is completed.

  59. Stay out of politics because you dont know what you are saying stick to singing thats about your good for and mediocre at that

  60. NOTHING Tay Tay says means a damn thing to anyone but the Liberal Main Stream Media and Tay Tay. This ignorant little twit needs to do what she is somewhat good at and leave politics to politicians.

  61. Demoncraps are Mental Midgets with no sense of Up and Down, Right and Left, Right and Wrong. Low IQ voters who are easily swayed to vote one way or another without anything to back up their point of view.

  62. Don’t care what she says..she is just a paid performer, nothing else…I’ll NEVER spend another penny on anything of hers…What a jackass…too much money and too much time on her hands……..try doing something constructive…apparently another gay leftist…oh yes.

  63. Should get her facts straight. The women soccer team got paid a lot more money than the men’s team. Look it up. The liberal gay women on that team lied. Just looking for the limelight. A bunch of ungrateful whiny little babies. Taylor swift is a idiot. Her music is nothing but how she screwed every man she dated.

  64. Frankly I never liked her anyway. I don’t think she has talent. Just a bunch of teeny boppers who are her fan base that have no clue what good music is. I don’t put any merit on anything she has to say.

  65. Taylor Swift? I never heard of her.
    If she is part of the entertainment industry, where painted trees and flowers grow,
    I don’t want to know about her.

  66. Man I’m 77 years old and fully love her and how she made it and her dining but after seeing her get involved away from singing make my self really up set she really needs to look at what people like my self had to do in life work are butts off fight wars so she can sing get hurt some of us loose are lives or limbs dealing with the Demacrsts and foot ball people no Respect for our country and our flag and yes the Dumb ass woman or should I say a what ever person let’s say she can now only get any kind of fame she is to old now she needs to apologize to all veterans American fighters first responders that love our country and die for our country not badmouth it too bad she just doesn’t leave Taylor Swift stands behind her unfortunately I will never ever listen to another song she sings ever

  67. So you say, but does it actually enter your brain that NOT all of us are interested in the same as the “SO-CALLED elite”…And as far as I know women soccer players are paid more than fair, since it should NOT be their “bread and butter” income………
    And “sweet little taylor swift has become one of the “elites” by trashing and clawing her way to the top and NOW she is on a down -slide…she can only talk and call people (who she really do not know or have any idea about) “trailer-trash” because she has been there herself, otherwise she ought to keep her “sweet” little mouth shut……Politics and the life of the elites just do NOT go together hand in hand,,,,,,,,,,,,

  68. Hey, ts put your $$$$ Where your mouth ???? is . . Buy A US Women’s Pro Soccer Team W/EQUALL PAY SCALE As The US MEN’S Pro Soccer Team . . Then We Talk . . Till Then Shut The B.Crap ????

  69. Taylor is an entertainer, but not as entertaining as some of the responses to her post. The Fact Checker has me wondering if I am a lemming spewing mindless drivel from my pie hole or trailer trash (maybe both). I am 75 years old and became a devoted Swifty when I took 4 of my grand kids to see her at the River center in St Paul. I saw Elvis in 1957 in Spokane. The crowd response to Taylor was the closest I’ve seen to that of Elvis in 57. I am also devoted Trumpy, I think The Donald is an Elvis fan, I told him if he comes to St Paul.that we would show him how to sing and shake his legs like The King. I guess if I can be both a lemming (I really know what that is) and trailer trash, I could also be a Swifty and an Elvis fan. I didn’t realize what a powerful political force Taylor is, but now I see why we lost the mid term elections. They say Donald is the master of charm so I think he should start working his magic and bring her over to our side.

  70. Taylor’s Swift is just as uninformed as the rest of the dingbats in jollywood. She should spend time in the real world, not dreamland. She should spend more time thinking about what she says before saying it .. just keep with singing, and stay out of politics ..they dont mix very well.

  71. The problem with citing the Civil rights Act that the republicans forced the Democrat President to sign into law, it is no longer a law. The Democrats who had the majority in the House and the Senate repealed the Civil Rights Act and Obama signed it. That’s right Virginia there is no Civil Rights Act anymore.

  72. Taylor’s songs are cute— I like them because they are endearing to a pint. Who can’t say this since she sounds like a 12 to 14 years old when she sings them.
    …and her brain is also at about that level!

  73. You spelled at least one word wrong in each sentence……….who’s the idiot here??? I don’t really think you are in a position to be criticizing anyone……..

  74. What is there to love, when none of us are supporting what she is saying, and if they think it will make us vote for them come 2020, I do believe they have a RUDE awakening coming…………

  75. Ms. or Mrs. Taylor Swift truly should keep out of US Politics, because Transgender Females That Used To Be Males, Have An Unfair Advantage Over Genetically and Biological Females, PERIOD!!!

  76. You say that I am not saying anything meaningful, well tell me what was there so meaningful in this article which just told us that she has become just like the other overpaid trash that a lot of people have spent their money on…….
    I’m sorry I do not gaze at snowflakes and I do NOT collect trash……..

  77. Taylor Swift proves once again she’s an idiot.
    Public figures who believe they are political experts should just shut up.

  78. Would Taylor really like to debate the alleged “gender pay gap” issue? Then let’s take HER income and spread it around with male singers that earn less money! In fact let’s just push for income equality across the board…everyone will make the same as everyone else! Sound familiar? It should since that is how communism was supposed to work but since working harder didn’t get you more money, the workers slowed to a standstill. They pretended to work for the state and the state pretended to pay them…


  80. T-Swift is proving that she’s not too swift. Way to alienate 1/2 your fan base, the half that works hard for the money, to buy greatly short-lived tickets to her concerts. Stick to music, not too Swift.

  81. There you go using common sense. You know leftists have no use for that foolishness. Who ever heard of using your brain to think for yourself and research before forming and giving an opinion?? Not the left, for sure.

  82. That’s what I thought. Once she started hanging out with the supermodels, I told myself they’re going to eat her brain. Then it was so.

  83. But in this case, the headline was misleading and Swift actually sided with the women’s soccer team.

  84. Lets just end women’s soccer who would miss them nobody. It’s horrible sport just like women’s basketball. Just ent it now.

  85. Actually, you have no idea what’s involved regarding this false narrative of unequal pay. 1) Different owners pay different. 2) How much advertising revenue is generated by each: male/female. 3) Crowd attendance 4) Amount of fan-generated attention on various media 5) Media coverage
    Just claiming there is a disparity is nonsense when not backed by facts. If they truly are equal in all I’ve stated, plus all I did not, then you’d have a case, but the reality is, as long as they do not bring in equal value, they are equal in value.

  86. How can gender discrimination even exist anymore when the queer left says separate genders no longer exist, that all have queerness to a certain level, practicing queers more than normal men & women, even lying to kids & forcing it on them?

  87. Taylor Swift is not to Swift about politics. And especially about Pay inequities. PERHAPS ALL SINGERs, DANCERS and ANY other performers should get EQUAL pay!!!???
    Also that Caption of the Soccer Team IS paid more than her Teammates that she loves so dearly. Her teammates played just as much time on the field and in practice as she did YET they do not get as much pay as she does overall. The captain is SELF centered just like Taylor and they only really care about more money and spotlight time for THEMSELVES!!
    Taylor is a very TALENTED person for what she does without a doubt, BUT she has no idea about equality when judging others.
    She is turning into a HATER and all she ever wants to be is mean..????????
    And as above… SHOULD ALL MALE ENTERTAINERS be getting the SAME PAY as she is?

  88. Linda kudos to the women’s soccer team for what embarrassing the US by over the top celebrations when they are already winning 12-0. For pretending to drink tea when beating England. For stepping on the American Flag. For the captain refusing to put her hand over her heart and sing the National Anthem. For getting drunk and posting a video when every other word was the F word. Yeah these women were a real class act they were an embarrassment to our Country.

  89. Thank you. Also note… the team is being mid-lead by 1-2 self centered self righteous individuals that care ONLY about themselves and their paycheck. They actually ARE paid more then their teammates by the end of the year. Sad being mislead by 1-2 bad ones who would leave the team in a minute of it meant more money for them. It’s always about money and power. JUST like some of our politicians and now TAYLOR Swiftless.
    You are right… TEAM sports are about a TEAM and not necessarily about each individual. We are PROUD of the USA Team … just not so proud of some of the upfront non appreciative players that disrespected our President and the USA. And those who do not appreciate the opportunity that the USA paid for to get them to that level of competition.
    God Bless AMERICA and ALL working AMERICANS. ????????????????????

  90. If she would actually pay attention to how vile and corrupt the dem terrorists really are maybe she would finally see that she needs to start thinking for herself and make educated opinions even tho we dont care what she thinks.

  91. Why when you have a different opinion do you have to write insults. It doesn’t make any point as to her being right or wrong. It only makes you appear to be low class. I can’t wait to read the crap you will state about me.

  92. If taylor swift is a singer i am a canidate for senator. Just lok a what George Stritid to her, he put her ASS in th road just like Brooks and Dunn. No oe wants a liberal LOUD mouth aroud daily.

  93. You’re right in calling it a team, but according to the left, the purle-headed thing won the World-Cup single-handedly…… or should I say single-footedly?

  94. Ihave never thought she could sing and now to see and listen to her uneducated brain and mouth…I know why she is trying to be pollical…she is poor at both singing and politics…typical leftist Liberal who make it up as they go… I pay no attention to those obnoxious sleep with everybody money people …who cares what she thinks she is not normal thinking human…so move on she to will age and be no more on stage…do what I do I never watch any of those hey look at me shows to get an award for what…mouthing off and proving ur stupid.

  95. Women athletes in the top ranks are good. They are like the female tennis players. The tennis players made good money but they didn’t make a fool of themselves screaming about more money. One day you could end u with none of you keep up your rants.

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