What Pope Francis told Michael Moore in a secret meeting will shock you


Pope Francis has been the so-called Christian left’s poster-child.

He’s supported LGBT policies and promotes the myth of man-made global warming.

But you won’t believe what Pope Francis just told Michael Moore in their closed-door meeting.

Pope Francis recently had a heart-to-heart with socialist filmmaker Michael Moore.

Michael Moore asked the Pope if the American system of capitalism is sinful and the Pope responded with an emphatic “yes.”

The Pope also expressed being a fan of Michael Moore’s work.

He told Moore to “make more movies.”

Moore’s last documentary “Fahrenheit 11/9” bashes Trump and conservatives repeatedly.

However, it bombed in theaters, barely making more than production costs.

Moore also made “Capitalism: A Love Story” where he paints capitalism as a scheme used by the rich to keep the poor people poor; a communist talking point.

But Pew Research found that capitalism helped almost 700 million people rise to $10/day middle income wages from a poverty-stricken $2/day in just the 21st century alone.

Faithwire Reports:

The “Fahrenheit 11/9” documentarian said Francis then grabbed his arm and asked for his prayers. Moore said he reciprocated, requested the pope’s prayers. “No, you have to make more movies,” Moore said the pope quipped in response.

“He has a sense of humor,” Moore said.

While it’s not immediately clear whether Moore’s recollection of his conversation with Francis is entirely accurate, the pope has frequently rebuked income inequality and the “idolatry of money.”

In 2013, for example, he criticized “trickle-down economics,” describing the philosophy as a “crude and naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacra­lized workings of the prevailing economic system.”

This isn’t the first time Pope Francis has toed the liberal line.

He has claimed that man-made global warming is turning the earth into a desert and is mostly due to human activity.

He also told one gay person that God made him that way.

Should Pope Francis resign before he makes any more of a mockery of Christianity than he already has?

Let us know your opinions below.


    • This “Pope”, is certainly a great disappointment to Catholicism…….{ Politic’s, is not his Venue}……The Catholic Church…{Pope}…..should choose his “friends”, more wisely! **Michael Moore, is an “ENEMY” of Democracy/Capitalism…..& certainly an Enemy of America!……**Why then, does he still live in this country? ? ? I had a business in Burton/Flint Mich. for many years……Moore did business with me “once”, & I told him not to come back! {What a stinking scum bag}

      The Pope…….Encourages Immigrants……Why doesn’t he invite a few Million to the Vatican?

    • Right on! The Pope should concentrate his efforts on parishioners leaving in droves. Whether or not it’s due to him or the host of pedophile clergy under his watch I can’t say. This pope does nothing to advance the Church’s standing. The Church uses its own form of capitalism in its Sunday collections.

    • That’s where you’re wrong. This pope is a COMMUNIST and does not belong any where near a Catholic church. He is a politician NOT A POPE and he is down for the cause. He has drivin many Catholics away from the church and is going to take the church down if they don’t get rid of his COMMUNIST ASS. The true Catholic faith is beautiful and this so called pope is making a joke out of it. I am Catholic and I can no longer take my faith seriously. That is a tragedy and our LORD JESUS will punish the church if this pope is allowed to go on degrading our faith.

    • He is my Pope and I agree with you. The Church has problems unique to the Church and until he can resolve those stay out of government affairs.

      He has not properly addressed the abuse charges. Like Pope’s before him he tries to avoid the issue or blame the victims. Everyone that committed these crimes or tried to cover them up should be jailed. These are not men of God they are CRIMINALS and should be treated as such.

      He needs to address the role of women in the Church. There is no Scripture preventing women from being ordained. This is strictly about men maintaining authority in the Church. To be honest it is about WEAK MEN being afraid they will out perform them.

      God turned away no one what gives any Christian the right to close doors on people that profess a believe in Christ. The Catholic Church needs to stop judging Gay/Lesbian faith in God. Open our doors and let other denominations answer for their sins of rejection and judgement.

      I am not interested in what a denomination created by man thinks. Catholics nor any man organized religion truly knows the heart of God. We humans cannot or we would be little gods that some whacho television ministers are selling. I want my heart to be right with God and follow the Holy Spirit not the Pope or Joyce Meyer.

    • How can I respect the Pope yet oppose so much that he says these days. We pray for him every Sunday at the Catholic Church my family attends. However, on the way home, our conversation is generally about how much the Holy Father is against everything we have worked for in adulthood. We are thankful for all the good material goods, house, cars, etc., and refuse to be ashamed. I vaguely remember “In the houses of the rightious are food and finest oil.” How is this not some measure of financial security. Can I get an ephah?

  1. We cannot say for certain that he is the “false prophet” but his works speak for themselves. So far he has confirmed beliefs that he is the false prophet. He could change course but I doubt it. Popes can be naive and make stupid mistakes but I find it hard to say that about him. The communists use to consist of cadres and “useful idiots”. Francis is more like a cadre.

  2. This pope is a disgusting America hater. And to say that capitalism is a sin when he rules over one of the richest empires the world has ever known is ridiculous.

  3. I would believe oink oink michael moore , about as much as I would all of the fake news stations an clinton and obama were telling me the truth when they spoke, which all know, they are all ways lying.

  4. catholics ARE NOT Christian ! They don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven ! They DO NOT believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY ONE to forgive sins !

      • Catholicism….Look up the definition. & be “educated”……the Pope, is supposed to be the leader of the Church, & inspired by God. If you don’t believe that, then “do your own thing”! As a Catholic, I have always had a hard time, dealing with the “short comings” of it’s Priests! Corruption, & evil lurks in every religion…….One must reconcile himself, to what he believes, & base it upon the Bible!

    • So Joyce Meyers and all the other leaders of religious organizations should step down. Let the Corporation run itself. – real smart idea?

  5. Hey, I agree with most of you: The Pope should at least know what he’s talking about before making public statements criticizing President Trump and The U.S. But did he REALLY say that to the Blob? Who SAYS he said it? C’mon, Culture Watch………. are you going all “CNN”?

  6. What ever happened to Jesus saying”Render unto Caesar the things are Caesar’s and to God the
    things that are God’s” don’t be political and leave the judgement in faith and morals to God!!!

  7. I am totally amazed at folks. How do we know that this discussion between Michael Moore and the Pope actually took place as stated? Who was the person that stated what the Pope said to Michael Moore when the audience was closed. If Michael Moore is the one who paraphrased this story than I have a problem believing this. Michael Moore has always had an agenda and is known to promote his agenda at all cost.

  8. Pope Francis has enough sin to deal with in the Catholic Church with all the cover up of sexual rape, and assault. He should not be in politics until he has punished all those who have ruined children’s lives

  9. Again having personally met with Pope John 23rd I look at Pope Francis a bit sideways.He is in favor of LGBT which Is Against Jesus’teachings and many more.I don’t see this Pope as Righteous.Sorry.I think with all the changes he has made he looks less Godly.Also if he feels “The Idolatry of money”Why does the Vatican have its own Currency.That means the Catholic church can print as much money as does the Feds.STEP DOWN POPE FRANCIS.Let Goodness Reign again.

  10. Pope Francis is a Liberation theologian. This was and is a movement within the Catholic Church, primarily in Latin America, that supports Marxist goals being integrated within the Catholic Church to influence secular activities.

  11. I believe this is the first communist pope and he was placed as the leader of the church in a conspiracy. No one ever Heard of a pope resigning before. Why now? I thonk if you follow the money you might find the answers. Look what happened to Pope Paul over the Vatican treasury.
    Politics now rules the Vatican, and politics are dirty.

  12. I believe this is the first communist pope and he was placed as the leader of the church in a conspiracy. No one ever Heard of a pope resigning before. Why now? I thonk if you follow the money you might find the answers. Look what happened to Pope Paul over the Vatican treasury.
    Politics now rules the Vatican, and politics are dirty. This was never submitted before.

  13. Get off the corrupted to the core Godless NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party of Satan (RINOs too!!! You know who you are) and on the Trump train to success! MAGA! Satan is the pope’s father!

  14. The Pope says that global warming is turning the earth into a desert…Well the Jews have turned the desert in to a land of agriculture….fruits of their labor.

  15. I tweeted earlier that Pope Francis is too involved in politics and has forgotten the rule of the clergy, “give to Cesar what’s Cesar’s and to God what’s God’s”. I agree, he needs to pass the baton to someone else if he continues to support horrid people like Michael Moore.

  16. The Pope is entitled to his views. Are right-wingers now opposed to others having different opinions than they do? Is the idea of freedom of speech (enshrined in the First Amendment) only optional – and to be only supported if it reflects the right-wing agenda? Does freedom of religion mean only supporting Trump and the Republican agenda? Since when has America become a dictatorship which tolerates no opposing points of view?

  17. The Pope is only infallible in Catholic Church matters. In all else, he is only a man expressing his opinion. His political views are just that. The problem lies, as with all celebrities with a bull horn, the press gives them too much attention. As an adult, I can filter through the bull. As an American, I believe in the Constitution and capitalism. If the Pope chooses to say I am sinful to be a capitalist, I can choose not to listen. It’s his political belief, not mine. Mixing religion and politics usually creates turmoil. I am really disappointed the he is involving himself in politics. It may have worked in Argentina. It won’t work in th US. There is so much unrest in the world that he doesn’t need to stir up more. Someone should tap him on the shoulder and remind him of the Protestant Reformation.

  18. The Pope is a lunatic for sure. It is easy to misquote the Bible if someone doesn’t know it our study it and even more so if they do. It is all dependent on the heart and where that is in relation to God. “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. King James Bible. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” Matt 7:21. False teachers are all over the place. They are not hidden.

    What I do find ironic is Michael Moore and his hatred for “capitalism”, yet this is the very method he uses to make and deliver movies. It would be living saying it is wrong to kill animals for meat but go to the grocery store and purchase steak for dinner.

  19. that man is the FALSE pope ! he should be driven back to hell and take ALL THOSE EVIL ONES WITH HIM…
    WAKE UP AMERICANS AND FIGHT THE EVIL for our children , if not ourselves//GOD BLESS AMERICA and ALL TRUE AMERICANS…We are good people always helping the other countries…WHO HELPS US???

    • Do not pretend we are not hypocrites. We profess one thing in Sunday and become s different person on Monday like all around the world.

  20. He needs to leave. I do not think he helps the Catholics in our country.. .He has no business in political areas when he does not live here. I do not trust him.

  21. What the pope said To Moore will never be known because you’ll never get the truth out of the blob but what makes me really upset about the pope & the Vatican is the sex scandals that have gone on for years right under their noses with no let up for years & years until they were finally exposed to the world.

  22. I have no faith in the Pope and I dislike Michael Moore…….. In my opinion, he can’t make a good movie……
    Capitalism gives one the opportunity to better themselves and the lives of their families… it gives you freedom so why would anyone want anything other than FREEDOM…..

  23. Yeah, think he needs to focus on what he can do to stop all pedophiles within his area of influence before giving and commenting on the problems that a lot smarter people than him have been working on.
    He is a disgrace to Catholicism if for no other reason that bringing Michael Moore into the picture. What a disgrace.

    Terrible pope!!


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