What Planned Parenthood’s new president just compared abortion to will make your blood boil


Planned Parenthood makes a living off abortions.

And they have been trying to normalize abortion since their founding.

But what their new President just said about abortion will boil your blood.

Planned Parenthood’s new president, Dr. Leana Wen, M.D., just took abortion rhetoric to a whole new low in a phone interview with the liberal thinktank ThinkProgress.

She compared getting an abortion to a diabetic receiving insulin:

“Take the gag rule [a proposed, federal policy prohibiting clinics from providing comprehensive pregnancy options, counseling, or abortion referrals, even at the request of the patient],” Wen said. “How much outrage would there be if this were diabetes care and doctors now can’t tell patients anything about insulin? Right? We just cannot fathom that might happen.”

She also called abortion a basic health service:

“My ability as a doctor is limited unless I can fight for my patients when they are denied the right to their basic services,”

Planned Parenthood’s new president is the result of a sickening new propaganda campaign.

The previous president, Cecil Richards, was a politico who sought to keep Planned Parenthood in bed with the government.

The new president’s goal is to make abortion seem like a perfectly natural medical choice through an appeal to authority ploy.

Planned Parenthood wants people to accept abortion as normal because a medical doctor is supporting it.

The liberal think-tank ThinkProgress asserts:

On Thursday, Wen, Planned Parenthood’s new president, announced the organization’s new way forward, affirming an obvious truth that bears repeating: reproductive health care — like contraception, abortion, or comprehensive sex education — is health care, period.

“Our narrative on choice is incomplete without recognizing choice is predicated on privilege and it’s all of our responsibilities to fight against systemic injustices that have gotten us to where we are,” she told ThinkProgress.

Planned Parenthood’s new president is pushing propaganda that abortion is a “basic health service.”

That stance on murder has accounted for over 60 million abortions since Roe v. Wade.

And Planned Parenthood is America’s number one abortion vendor, committing over 320,000 abortions each year.

Planned Parenthood wants people to think getting an abortion is no different than getting insulin.

But taking insulin does not murder an innocent human being.

Do you agree with Planned Parenthood’s new president that getting an abortion is no different than taking insulin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Perhaps someone should remind this ‘doctor’ of her Hippocratic Oath to preserve life. Planned Parenthood is a plague on this nation. They have no respect for the sanctity and dignity of life; their annual average number of abortions exceeds 320,000 innocent lives of the unborn. They have also been involved in selling fetal baby tissue.

  3. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a slaughterhouse on the innocent lives of the unborn. To compare it to taking insulin is an insult to our intelligence. That Dr needs have her head examined. She is a moron comparing taking insulin is no differnet than taking the lives of the unborn. No wonder this country is in the shape that it is in with people like that

  4. ALL democRAT politicians and voters are complicit by proxy in the murder of 60,000,000 innocent unborn. They will face their maker someday and have to explain. There will be as much mercy for them as they showed for the unborn.

  5. We have often wondered what Satan looks like, now we have a face, this woman is a leader in the business of MURDER. God forgive the people that support Planned Parenthood.

  6. Where did woman get her education to be called a Doctor. A Witch Doctor woold be the most appropriate title I would give her. What a total disgrace she is to all living Americans.

  7. Where are the churches?! Why aren’t Churces standing up to defend life? Do they really think God approves when he said “thou shall NOT kill? I just found out certain synods give money to this satanic organization!
    God said what harm would come to anyone hurting a child. Why would a woman get an abortion if the baby was close to or full term? She could give the child up for adoption. Oh some evil judges and The demoncrats said it’s a woman’s right. Wow! I didn’t know women were that special. I hope these women ask Gods forgiveness. God said “I knit you in your mother’s womb.” Abortion is an abomination at any stage, not health care!

  8. If us men would take time to use protection, there would not have to have an abortion! Then again, if every woman looked like this ‘doctor’ we wouldn’t want to get close enough anyway!!! She is what we call a double/triple bagger!

  9. Ever heard the expression, “Ya can’t take it with ya”? All the money. All the “prestige”, glamour, rave reviews…….all that goes away when God removes your eternal soul from your body. For these people, He will say, “Depart from me you accursed, for when I was a little baby human, you MURDERED me”. It’s not that God hates them or is angry with them. It’s because they hate HIM and His People. Perhaps they have never really thought about how ATOMICALLY eternal Hell is waiting for them right now. They still have a way out. Are they too proud to take it? Satan was. Look what it got him. The babies will all be fine. They’re all resting happily and peacefully in God’s Lap after the terrible excruciating hell they experienced by their own mothers. But those same mothers will suffer pain from now on. They know full well what they did. But they have a way out too. They need to take it.

  10. I often wondered where Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger is now. She started this as a scheme. Something non threatening and needed a name that would sound benevolent. It was started on a program of eugenics and controling population of undesirable people. Particularly black population. I always found it amazing how Democrats captured the black vote for so many years while supporting the destruction of black babies to keep black families from expanding. Like Jews voting Hitler. Democrats are still scamming people.

  11. There has been a precedent set in law when someone murders a pregnant woman the perp is charged with 2 murders. Just because a woman chooses to murder her baby she and the DR should be charged with first degree murder on the precedent I mentioned before.

  12. This came to my mind too. But then I don’t believe in abortion, so I guess we’d be stuck with her anyway.

  13. I’ve been wondering for years how the supporters of abortion justify murdering innocent human life while often wanting rights for a river smelt. Seems like these people have their minds in backwards.

  14. Good question! I belong to a religion where some think abortion is a good thing if you need one (said by a woman deacon in the Episcopal church). At the moment I belong to a conservative Episcopal church. We are awaiting a new priest. Should he come in with a Progressive bent, I’m outta there and taking my family with me. I need to worship God and will not stay where I feel I’m selling out to evildoers.

  15. When she has to stand before God she will find out the difference between murdering Babies and taking insulin.I don’t see how she came up with that comparison. Maybe God can correct her thinking. From what I have read in the Bible anyone that harms one of his children will wish they had never been born.

  16. We need to face the fact: THE ONLY reason a woman can abort her “fetus” or baby? CURRENTLY, THAT BABY HAS NO RIGHTS. Considering the fact that these clinics will even do “partial birth abortions”… they are really taking a “sustainable” life. And, yes, MEN, if the woman you’re having sex with is not your wife and you’re planning on children… use a condom. Because, right now, MEN do not have this RIGHT TO SAVE THAT BABY. Where women, with this propaganda of “my body, my choice”…. THEY HAVE THIS EXTREME RIGHT to kill their baby! And they say women don’t have the same rights as men? They certainly do. We all have the right to protect our bodies; but if it’s not going to be HARMED…. I don’t believe they have the right to KILL. Like anyone else in the U.S.A.

  17. This Doctor, and I use that term loosely, is a mass murderer and need to be prosecuted as such. Everyone involved with PP needs to be prosecuted for murder.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  18. Yes, money is a huge part of it, when it comes to selling baby parts. But, it was originally founded By Sanger, who believed in eugenics, and knew this was a useful tool in keeping the population of blacks and poor, down to a MINORITY number. It’s also why the Democrat party supports it. The democrat party promotes dependency, keeping their elitist in power, and by encouraging the poor to be uneducated (liberal facilities), and unable to challenge them; they can pretty much do whatever they choose. People need to read truth about the democrat party. Vote GOP, and throw out dems. and Rino’s. Read some Dinesh D’Souza – and why Obama put him in prison. Trump paroled him.

  19. She is crazy. Abortion is NOT basic health care and if she attempts to propose it is, she will be fought. Obviously, she is an abortion doctor. Somebody should research how many abortions she has performed and then ask her how many she performed and see if she lies about it. Ask her how she feels about girl fetuses in China being aborted 6 months gestation and even older. What does she do if the baby comes out alive..? What is her policy on that?

  20. Yup. now I know what an unsuccessful partial birth abortion looks like. Must have crawled out of the Biomedical Waste bin.

  21. All I can do is pray for the new PP president. May God have mercy on her. Killing an innocent child is not an ordinary medical procedure.

  22. With a name like: Wen, and with her looks, she looks Chinese = and we know the importance of that drive for money/success of the Chinese. So, her attitude shouldn’t surprise anyone. Also, they’ve had the one-child law for some time, so no, they don’t really “cherish” babies. Also, as PP was intended by Eugenics focused Sanger to keep the populations of blacks and hispanics DOWN. The Asians are often the most racist group, when it comes to blacks – as they seem to be at the top of the success ladder and the blacks are either closer to the bottom/or getting paid huge salaries for playing sports. I’m not saying I agree, it’s just facts.

  23. Maybe she meant “If you refuse to give a diabetic their insulin THEY DIE” just like the babies she refuses to give a chance to live. GOD will judge every abortion she consents to as her committing another murder. Not just the ones she may perform, but every one she consents to! Matthew 18:7 Woe to the world for the causes of sin. These stumbling blocks must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!…

  24. To fabricate such BS Wen has to be one of the sickest scumbags around. I guess making an exorbitant salary makes up for her lack of conscience.


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