What one star actress said about Megyn Kelly and Fox News is disturbing


Megyn Kelly is back in the news again.

This time it’s because she’s being portrayed in an upcoming movie about Fox News.

But what one star actress said about Kelly and Fox News is deeply disturbing.

Nobody denies Hollywood’s Leftist bias.

Avowed socialists are more accepted in Tinseltown than moderate Republicans.

And the level of hatred Hollywood Leftists have for people on the Right is still jarring for some.

Star actress Charlize Theron made that disdain clear once again when Theron discussed her portrayal of Megyn Kelly in the upcoming Fox News and Roger Ailes hit piece, “Bombshell.”

During an interview with Variety, Theron said:

When asked about her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster” compared to her portrayal of Kelly, Theron remakred, “This was harder.”

So for Theron, it was easier to portray a serial killer than Megyn Kelly.

This is what the Left thinks of the “deplorables.”

But they have total control over one of the most powerful weapons, entertainment media.

“Bombshell” is the second Hollywood production hitting at the late Fox News creator Roger Ailes.

Russell Crowe starred as Ailes in the Showtimes limited series, “The Loudest Voice.”

In “Bombshell,” Ailes portrayer John Lithgow said viewing Fox News was like drinking “castor oil” and couldn’t bring himself to do that.

Lithgow, too, has portrayed serial killers on more than one occasion.

While there are two takedowns of Ailes, there won’t be a single project detailing Matt Lauer’s sex crimes at NBC News and the subsequent coverup, or any other Democrat media sex scandal.

Hollywood is a one-way street.

“Bombshell” director Jay Roach, a wild Leftist, has now made movies about Katherine Harris and the Florida recount, Sarah Palin, Fox News, and communist screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

Take a guess which protagonist he portrayed in a positive light.

What are some political stories Hollywood should tell, but never would?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. These People are F…… NUTS!! They act like MK is out Burning Crosses on blacks Lawns! She’s Beyond MILD to me! Where is ANY COMMON SENSE with there Screwballs!?? FOX news is like drinking Caster oil?? The ONE COMMON SENSE news show Out there an That F…… Noodle acts like its the KKK Network! Ughhh!

  3. After reading who’s directing it and who’s starring in it and their Leftists attitudes, we already KNOW how bias it will be so I won’t be watching it!!
    Time and time again, when we here how any Conservatives are treated via the news or in movies. It always reminds me of the stories my uncles told us about WW2 and Tokyo Rose. How she would bombard the air waves with her propaganda relentlessly! Night and day. This is what is happening right now. Conservatives can not turn on just any channel today and get the real truth. Because the Liberals are making sure we are bombarded with their propaganda ! Can’t go to the movies just to be entertained either. For the most part there’s always some Liberal agenda being promoted in them.
    It is truly sad, sickening and scary how vindictive the Democratic party is. May GOD have mercy on us….

  4. The only honest actor …
    “People ask me questions about present situations in life, and I say, ‘I don’t know, I’m just an actor.’ I don’t have any opinions. Actors are pretty stupid. My opinion is not worth anything. There’s no controversy for me, so don’t engage me in it, because I’m not going to participate.” —actor Anthony Hopkins

  5. These liberal actors have no idea what’s going to happen to their money if one of these wacko Dems become president. They’ll see their money literally disappear before their eyes.

  6. This is just another piece of the Hollywood crap I won’t waste money to go see. I only hope all other conservatives stay away too and let them know we are still in the majority and without us they would all be living in tents along the streets of Los Angeles.

  7. Dear Hollywood. The Only Reason You Exist..
    The only reason you exist is for my entertainment.
    Some of you are beautiful. Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes.
    Some of you are so convincing that you scare the crap out of me. And others are so funny you can make me laugh uncontrollably.
    But you all have one thing in common.
    You only exist and have a place in my world to entertain me.
    That’s it. Nothing else!
    You make your living pretending to be someone else.
    You play dress-up like a 5-year-old. Your world is a make believe world.
    It is not real.
    It doesn’t exist.
    You live for the camera while the rest of us live in the real world.
    Your entire existence depends on my patronage.
    I crank the organ and you dance.
    Therefore, I don’t care where you stand on issues.
    Honestly, your opinion means nothing to me.
    Just because you had a lead role in a movie about prostitution doesn’t mean you know what it’s like to be a prostitute.
    Your view matters about as much to me as that of a someone living in Timbuktu.
    Believe me or not, the hard truth is that you aren’t real.
    I leave the theater, turn off my TV or shut down my computer and you cease to exist.
    Once I am done with you, I go back to the real world until I want you to entertain me again.
    I don’t care that you think BP executives deserve the death penalty.
    I don’t care what you think about the environment.
    I don’t care if you believe fracking is bad.
    I don’t care if you call for more gun control.
    I don’t care if you believe in catastrophic human-induced global warming.
    And I could not care less that you supported Hillary for President.
    Get back into your bubble. I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood for something pretty or scary or funny.
    And one other thing.
    What was with all this “I’ll leave the country if Donald Trump wins”?
    Don’t you realize how stupid that made you sound?
    What did you think my reaction was going to be? I better not vote for Trump or we’ll lose Whoopi Goldberg?
    Al Sharpton? Amy Schumer?
    Leave. I don’t care! And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
    me laugh. Make me cry. Even scare me. But realize this, the only words
    of yours that matter ” are scripted ” —just like your lives.
    I may agree with some of you from time to time, but in the final analysis, it doesn’t matter.
    In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment.
    So, shut your mouth and dance, monkey, dance!
    And that goes for you Broadway Brats too!!

  8. So many Dem perverts so few producers willing to show their True Liberal Progressive SJW worthiness and make the movies!
    How about “Bill’s Adventures on Epstein Island”
    Or “The Hillary and Harvey Weinstein Sex Comedy” Show
    Or maybe a disaster movie staring AOC – “The world ends in 12 Years!”
    “Biden and Son- Hunting in the Ukraine”
    And let’s not forget the Denture commercials Nancy is perfect to star in!
    Just a few off the top of my head…

  9. CT every article I have read and the idiotic, racist,liberal comments you make certainly makes me boycott you and everything you do. YOU ARE A BAD ACTRESS NOT A POLITICAL GENIUS AND WHO CARES WHAT THE HELL YOU AS A ACTRESS THINKS OR FEELS ABOUT ANYTHING.


  10. Pineapple Perfectly Perfect Rant I agree 100% VERY Well Said- now if everyone will copy and paste and blast it off to 10 Leftist progressive Actors in hours all of Hollyweird will be given the Wake-up call they deserve!

    I’ll start with Alisa Milano, Middler, Pachino, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z (they count as one) Streep, Streisand, Chris Evans (you know Captain un-American) Amy Schumer (seriously what is it with people named Schumer) John Legend and Chrissy Teigen (again, one brain shared counts only as one person) and uber messed up Debra Messing!

    Make your list of loony leftists who think memorizing other people’s lines makes them intellectuals and send them a copy!

    We can go viral (you know the let wing morons love free publicity as long as we spell their names right) and see how many Dim heads we can explode. 🙂

  11. Remember this is the lady who dated the leftist idiot Sean Penn who married Madonna and beat his second wife…so we can safely say- Theron is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed- but she is a tool that’s for sure!

  12. I refuse to watch any movies. I consider most of the actors and actresses Hollywood whores because they marry and divorce each other so much that within 5 to 10 years, every kid born to them will all be related to each other and, the best part is, most of them live in our farthest state of Californication. They all think they are the president of the United States of America and that they can tell all of us what to say, how to say it, when to say it and do it because they want to do it! I hate them all that hate Trump. Their actions are psychopathic and bi-polar!

  13. Wow!!!!! Pineapple that was so profound and REAL!!!! And directly to the point. I think some of them believe their own press. So deep!!!

  14. Pineapple, on Sweet Pineapple, I couldn’t have put that any better! When I vote I sure as hell don’t ask myself, ” who would John Lithgow vote for? ” I live in reality. I vote America first.

  15. So beautiful outside; so ugly inside. “The Entertainers” and moviemakers who alienate ticket-buyers are not the brightest bulbs on the planet. They are very bad for their businesses, the great masses of people, their country, and are certainly not movie idols for their children, our children, or anyone else. They are not even intelligent enough to realize how extremely offensive they have become. Although Dalton Trumbo (among others) was blackballed for his leanings, he was an extremely talented scriptwriter who knew when to keep his mouth shut as a private citizen — unlike the classless, clueless current bunch.

  16. @ Pineapple
    Thank you for that masterfully stated summation of the place of Hollywood in the Real World.
    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    I won’t try to imitate this but am flat out copying it and will paste where appropriate, with an attribution to: “Pineapple”, a rational American Citizen.

    Veritas Vincit

  17. Pineapple, what an incredible post. You eloquently put into words exactly how I and I’m sure many others feel. Well done

  18. So well stated it needs to be on a plaque at the Oscars, Follywood Walk of Fame, and even one in the Congressional building because many of them act the same way. What the Follywood children think is that they’re a necessity of life when in fact the world/country got along before fine before they were here and could do so again……and they really do have the minds of children who live in a fantasy land with Know it all attitudes when in fact they’re nothing but farces in reality.

  19. Hollywood leftist? Hardly, when you have RWNJs like Clint Eastwood and Patricia Heaton. You want to think that, but they’re just a cross-section of the nation as a whole.

  20. “You make your living pretending to be someone else.”
    To put it more bluntly, you make a living pretending to be something you are not.

  21. “FOX news is like drinking Caster oil??”
    At least castor oil gets the Sh*t out where everyone can see what it is.


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