What one school did during career day will make your stomach churn


Liberals will stop at nothing to brainwash the youngest generation.

They do so easily through their positions in government schools.

And this school’s inflammatory career day choice will make your stomach churn.

Rocky Top Middle School just invited a Drag Queen to speak at career day.

Parents weren’t even notified of the speaker even though Adams 12 Five Star Schools, the local government school disctict, said they should have been.

Zach Sullivan, the drag queen who goes by the name Jessica L’Whor, said he knew the affair would be “controversial.”

And the school district spokesperson, Joe Ferdani, defended the school’s despicable action.

CBS 4 Denver reports:

Students at Rocky Top range from 6th to 8th grade. The drag queen, identified as a woman who goes by “Jessica L’Whor,” is a relative of one student. The district confirmed she was invited to attend career day.

“I knew it was going to be controversial because that was nothing that would be allowed when I was in middle school,” L’Whor said. “At the same time, it opened up a door for conversation.”

District spokesperson Joe Ferdani said staff believed the visit by L’Whor would demonstrate their inclusiveness of all, no matter how they prefer to dress.

“The school’s focus is to have an event that is representative of the diverese backgrounds and careers in the community,” Ferdani said.

Parents were rightly outraged.

One parent called the action “inappropriate on so many levels.”

The Principal apologized to the parents and promised to identify all future guests for parental review.

Do you think it’s ok for government schools to expose kids to drag queen life without parental consent?

Sound off in the comments.


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  2. I cannot make any sense of this, I will be 66yrs. old next mo. and, in all of my pass years, a drag queen would be in jail for attempting to poison a child’s mind now, schools invite them to entice are children. Who’s running these schools now queries? We need to make the law do its’ job, protect the children!!!

  3. I’m much more worried about the poisoning of children’s minds being done by so called President Trump as he spins through life demeaning everything the majority of Americans hold sacred.

  4. you’re sick Eric. This wasn’t a political discussion, yet you turned it into one. What about obama, clinton(s), pelosi, waters, feinstein, boxer, schumer, etc. They demean so much more than Trump does, but you’ll never go there, will you?

  5. you’re sick Eric. This wasn’t a political discussion, yet you turned it into one. What about obama, clinton(s), pelosi, waters, feinstein, boxer, schumer, etc. They demean so much more than Trump does, but you’ll never go there, will you?

  6. Gosh, Trump is poisoning the minds of kids with thoughts of self-reliance, hard work, productivity, patriotism, gainful employment, respect for God, national security, economic stability, respect for the rule of law, appreciation of our military, respect for police and first responders… OH, the horrors!

  7. The Principal and Joe Ferdani should be terminated immediately without question for not notifying parents of this despicable action.

  8. This is absolutely a farce and should never happen in any American school. To me, this adds absolutely nothing for any educational standpoint. Parents should demand that dangerous and noneducational stuff like this should never be allowed in their school’s curriculum.

  9. This is SO wrong, on SO many levels..first drag queens storytelling to kindergartners, then giving “career advice” in middle school…IYEEEEE! Those who used to be (albeit wrongly) the subject of ridicule and derision, relegated to street corners in the seediest parts of town, now are not only in the open, but openly recruiting our children. Outrageous. They are sick individuals, for sure, but do not need to spread their sickness to our young. Every parent (and grandparent) must be very, very vigilant in these sad times…all I can say.

  10. Unless these “leaders” are terminated for corrupting their positions, the
    poison will remain. “A little leaven will poison the entire batch!”

  11. Drag Queens don’t make Public Appearances for free! How much did the school, or the whole system, pay for this photo op (I have to assume there was some demonstration)?

  12. These Schools that subject innocent children to this filth and lies should be shut down. The corruption of Children’s Morals should never happen in any American school system.

  13. The parents were deliberately not notified because the person in charge wanted this Lhore there. Just for pulling this stunt he should be fired. Being a queen is not a career, it is someone looking to get attention and needs brain help. Career Day is for bringing your parents with an honest, hard working career, not some relative acting as its Halloween. And 6th and 8th graders are by having parents show up and tell what their parents do gives the kids ideas of a job, that their are many days beyond the two their parents have. That is what the damn principal’s job is to educate our kids so they can get the job they want as an adult not finding out what somebody’s relative does in the seedy side of town at night.

  14. Since when is a drag queen the representative of Society. How many drag queens are there in Denver? How many drag queens are working in schools? What is the career of a drag queen, especially with the last name L’Whor? Some village idiots need to lose their job.

  15. You can Thank all those Progressive Democrats you’ve been Electing over the Years. That have Created this a Democrat Pedophile here a Lesbian or Homosexual There let alone on the School Board members with their idea’s of what should be taught. Then you have the Teacher’s Union that doesn’t allow you to remove these corrupting influences at will and a High Cost. Just remember when you go to the POLL’s to vote that ELECTION’s have Consequences and that every vote counts Even the Illegal Ones.

  16. We HAD laws for that; they’ve been overthrown or are being ignored. It took us decades to get those protections in place; and now because it hurts the perverts’ feelings they’re destroying childrens’ lives, again!

  17. Where the HELL is the consideration for the students and their parents??? When I was in Grade School, the agenda was forthright and integral, and the School Board was involved in all decisions relating to ALL important exposure where Children were concerned! For this to go unpunished is CRIMINAL! What idiot allowed this to take place?

  18. EXACTLY TRUE! Can you IMAGINE where we would be if CROOKED HILLY was in the WHITE HOUSE, (WITH SLICK WILLY) ??!! He would have a WING of his own, WITH A REVOLVING DOOR, and She would continue to ignore his “MEANDERINGS”! And Letting off the hook before set a PRECIDENT, so he NEVER has to worry about RAPE or INDECENT CHARGES!!! I wonder how the two of them will respond when the GRANDKIDS look up at them and ask, GRAMPA, DID YOU REALLY DO ALL THOSE BAD THINGS TO ALL THOSE WOMEN, AND GRAMMA, DID YOU REALLY TELL THOSE LADIES THAT IT WAS THEIR OWN FAULT???!!! THE KIDS WILL ASK!!!!

  19. Thank you very much, BLAINE MARSTON! BINGO! You got it exactly right. I’m 74 y/o and I’m still so thankful for my Dad! He was sent to an orphanage at age 6 and released on his 15th birthday. He fought his way through life as an honorable, hardworking man. He raised me with loving discipline and taught me the skills of life that he learned the hard way. Thankfully, I had the opportunity and the gratitude to thank him for it all before he died. At the time of our discussion, I was a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy and I was able to let him know I appreciated him taking the time to teach me much about many craft skills and leadership that made my advancement through my Navy career so successful. I lost him 35 years ago and I still miss my hero every day. The schools I attended would never have tolerated a drag queen inside our educational world, much less invite one to “inform” in our classrooms. And, should the school have been so ridiculously stupid as to allow such putrid behavior, you can be sure that SHTF was imminent! However, thankfully we didn’t know such people even existed!

  20. I am 73 year old Granny, this sounds like a church school and the worst one. I read no TOLERENCE. There is a person under all those clothes and make up. WOMEN, Ladies, invite him home to a Mary Kay party, you just may have top sales party of the year. Take him along for clothes buying, he can surely help you find some thing just to make you look good. Another thought, he usually has great taste in men’s suits and leisure wear. Look at the men and woman on TV, the eyebrows are bad’.

  21. It makes me sick that the sex education classes are in grade schools teaching gay sex behavior and encouraging kids to experiment! So sickening!

  22. Tolerance is one thing. This sounds like enforcement, making the children believe this kind of “career” is acceptable. It’s not a career. It is deviant behavior, as defined in Psychology and Psychiatry textbooks. Pushing this crap on impressionable little minds is child abuse. Stop polluting the schools with this radical leftist propaganda. It is poison.

  23. The school District Superintendent, Principal and Teacher all need to be fired. All the parents need to insist on that and if they don’t they need to pull their children of that school.

  24. the principal needs a good beating before he or she is fired, no, then they need to be tarred and feathered and run out into the world. why are we putting up with these vermin infecting our children’s minds.

  25. Parents not being involved with the school board BEFORE the Satan followers ask to teach that sinful crap. And all parents need to REGISTER to vote. And any school board member that support the LGBTQ and Muslim’s agenda should be Voted off the board. The LGBTQ are invading every public venue to spread their sinful crap.


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