What one Catholic Cardinal just said about Joe Biden may force him to leave the church


Joe Biden is among a number of major Democrat officials who claim they are Catholic.

But, like Nancy Pelosi, he has come under scrutiny for his pro-abortion stances.

And what one Catholic Cardinal just said about Joe Biden could force him to leave the church.

Earlier this year, the mainstream media largely ignored a story where Joe Biden was denied Holy Communion at a Catholic Church in South Carolina.

The priest declared he could not serve Holy Communion to a person knowingly engaged in mortal sin, which Biden is through his support for pro-abortion legislation.

And Cardinal Raymond Burke just came out praising the priest, saying he “performed a great act of charity on the part of Mr. Biden.”

LifeSiteNews reports:

Cardinal Burke previously advocated for refusing to serve Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians like Nancy Pelosi.

It is a seldom-practiced right for Catholic priests, which Burke argues should be universally used.

Do you think pro-abortion politicians should be denied Holy Communion?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Biden has been denied Holy Communion from what i have read because of his abortion support–but Nancy Peelousy’s Bishop refuses to withhold it from her. Also, Biden is expected to drop out from the election race as evidence is forthcoming of his and his sons massive money laundering in the Ukraine and Estonia. Finally. Hillery IS GOING TO RUN AGAIN…ugh..

  3. It’s time Biden bows out. He has made a fool of himself enough. He and his son must be investigated because the evidence against them is too much to overlook. Maybe Hillary wants to disgrace herself and the Demo Party again! The only way to stop her is to arrest her for crimes committed during “Slick Willie’s” administration (maybe before that even) and during her time in the Obama administration. Even if she runs, she should be pursued, charged and taken to court with a Conservative, Constitution following and unbiased judge, not some flunky who thinks they’re the final authority on all things legal. It’s time the justice system stop playing games and do their job!

  4. Mr Biden, mrs Pelosi and other Catholics who support abortion should definitely be denied communion. It’s an abomination unto God. We Catholics believe communion “The Eucharist is truly the body , blood , soul and divinity of Jesus Christ” . Jesus promoted life , not the taking of an innocent ???? child’s life. It’s truly a child , not a blob of flesh . May God have mercy on those people who defy his teaching . I hope and pray that people like Mes Pelosi,Mr Biden and others ask for forgiveness and come to living and seeing the Truth as Jesus taught us and is professed in the Catholic Church.

  5. I support the Catholic Church is staying strong to the teaching of the Faith. When a very public official, like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and others that say they are Catholics but deny the Catholic Faith in their public actions should never receive Holy Communion, since this is a very public action. This public denial by our Catholic Church is a must, and should be made know to the faithful in the Church when Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi go to Church. This denial of Holy Communion should not have just started, but should of started back in 1973 with Ted Kennedy and other Catholics that publically supported Abortion. To show the faithful that public actions should remain constant to the teachings of the Catholic Faith. And public actions of denial of Holy Communion is a must, with No Options.

  6. I would hope the church and its priests continue to do what is in their teachings and heart. This being said I hope they don’t give in to mob rule and cave like so many other cases that have been reported. A recent example where the hallmark Chanel reversed its decision about movies containing same sex situations.

  7. Biden like his sons are as corrupt as the day is long. He got his overaged son into the Navy just to see him booted out for being a drug user (why the media never talks about this is beyond me). And as far as the corruption while he squatted as the V.P. I am sure that is all about to come out. I hope he, and the scum racist o-abysmal and the rest of the corrupt administration go to prison under the RICO ACT.

  8. How about the priests (and higher ups) who rape young boys? Are they denied communion? (I don’t think so.) Or all the priests who are gay…and have “boyfriends”? The Catholic Church sure picks and chooses!

  9. Well, since the government cannot seem to put a stop to their deadly hypocrisy maybe the church can bring their offense to the light and the pro-abortion hypocrites can start facing the consequences!????

  10. Pelosi and Biden should be excommunicated from the Catholic church and Impeached from the US Gov’t…They want to stand on the fact that they are Catholics and then pull all their crooked things because they are US Gov’t employees..You can’t have both children…..clean up your act after you beg your Bishops to forgive you…(which they shouldn’t) but that is up to them. All the people who stand on being a “Good Catholic” don’t seem to have a very good record….JFK, Pelosi and Biden just to name a few….Our Gov’t swamp really needs to be totally drained not just cleaned up…..

  11. The church. exists to worship God People who do not accept the teachings of the church should not belong to the church because their membership would be a lie.

  12. I believe there are some in the Catholic community who may not totally agree with abortion but believe that giving illegals aid is more important than the lives of 55 million babies(citizens) that have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade passed. They say there is no perfect candidate! Babies(God’s precious gift) or serving those in need(illegals), they prefer to be Liberal. These are Catholics????

  13. Yes everyone that does support abortions, and same sex marriages should be denied holy communion. The Democrats truly believe they are above the law. Well, they have gotten away with a lot of corruption and have not paid the price. But their political party does not give them a free ride in GOD’s eyes. They will pay the ultimate price in that area when their time on Earth is finished…

  14. The least of joe Bidens concerns should be if he is allowed to receive communion.He should worry about meeting the mighty Jesus soon and explaining to him why he supported and helped pay BABY KILLERS.

  15. I don’t know how I ended up on this site,but I do know I am as angry as heck that I did. It is websites like this that are hate filled and disgraceful that turn people away from the Church and cause people to reject any thing the Church says, teaches or does because good people realize that what is written here is not true and is said or done out of ignorance or hate or most likely both.
    I will delete this post because I will take to heart only what I know to be true from my study of theology and not what is said or written by people who don’t know their faith well and are very wrong.
    What they are doing here is deplorable and to be rejected by those with loving hearts and a deep faith and love for God and his Church You will not find anywhere in the Word of God where Jesus condemns anyone for a lack of faith in him and turns them away. He only talks about and shows mercy and forgiveness not condemnation. Shame on you for your words and your lack of truth here. One sign you are not speaking the truth of God and should be ignored.

  16. Absolutely he should be denied Holy Communion! . . . Abortion is an ABOMINATION in God’s eyes. and Biden needs to REPENT of this HORRIBLE sin (same as Nancy)! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  17. That phony Pelosi said on television that “life does not begin at conception” which I could not believe.
    She flaunts her Catholic faith yet she supports abortion and especially late term abortion.
    This is despicable as she is as well.
    Her district of San Frsncisco is a total disgrace and she has left them out as she’s too busy on impeachment.
    The only solution is to vote her the hell out of office as the Dems will lose their congressional majority.

  18. Yes Biden and Pelosi should both be excommunicated. How dare she declares she was taught not to hate and tout her Catholicity. Both Pelosi and Biden are evil and only care about votes and money.

  19. The Catholic Church and its representatives should stay out of politics.
    I am a life long Catholic with 16 yrs of Catholic education.

  20. As a member of the clergy, non-cathoilc, we invite all people into church. That is where they should be. However, tp allow them to return over and over again with no evidence of repentance, and no hint they intend to change to meet the requirements of the Gospel massage, we need to invite them to leave. By casting them out, we acknowledge that their behavior is unacceptable and does not meet Biblical standards. By excommunicating them, the hope is they will see the error of their ways, conform to Biblical standards, and repent. Once fully repented, we once again welcome them back onto the church.

  21. Phyllis…You definitely have no idea what you are talking about. The Word of God is clearly against abortion and homosexuality. Just because you don’t like the Word of God and don’t personally believe it is true doesn’t change the facts. GOD IS GOD! He gets to decide what is true and what is right….It doesn’t matter what you think about it. I pray that you get right with God before you get left behind. God loves the sinner but he hates sin and he has said if you are lukewarm …he will spit you out of his mouth. You don’t get to pick and choose what parts you are going to accept and what parts you don’t particularly care for. Yes, Pelosi, BIden and any Catholics who are pro abortion and pro homosexuality should be excommunicated.

  22. What a sick comparison. Abortion right up until birth (and perhaps in some instances beyond) is infanticide. The Church needs to speak with once voice on this important matter, however. These politicians like Cuomo, Pelosii, Biden , Durbin should have the decency to leave the Catholic Community. If they do not, they should be excommunicated,

  23. Do you think pro-abortion politicians should be denied Holy Communion? was the question. My answer is yes and anyone else who publicly voices their support for abortion. Why bring up the rest?

  24. Now when it is known the Catholic Church must report therm to there police. Rules have changed and you will see that the 2% of priests who have fallen will be weeded out and no longer moved from one location to another or covered for As a matter of fact anyone – lay person or religious – must be fingerprinted and attend 3 days of indoctrination.

  25. I think we need to do more casting in then casting out. Have we forgot that God’s Love is there for all of us and that Holy Communion is the Sacrament that confirms that Love. Who are we to continue to cast the “first stone.”

  26. We need Jesus to come back and get rid of this foul earth. It’s going downhill very fast.
    It’s time, I’m ready

  27. Poor Phyllis.if this were trump instead of biden she would be spewing out what some liberal leftist professor taught her.and she would agree 100 percent with refusing to serve him communion.fact not opinion

  28. Follow the money trail. The RCC also needs political help when it comes to fending off the legal judgements from their coverups regarding homosexual priests molesting adolescent males.

  29. i did–but you won’t accept it for some reason…i tied more info for the people as the filthy communist lame stream media won’t report it–do you have a problem with that?

  30. I agree with you Don. Hate to judge but it so clear that Biden lies and lies constantly and is such a hypocrite, and is worse to know that people, his supporters, believe everything he says. Did he really believe he could support abortion, same sex marriage, and more, and receive communion? That’s how much entitlement this man thinks he has not to mention that his conscience obviously doesn’t bother him. Politicians like him who claim to be Catholic, like Pelosi, as long as they support, vote for, and condone immorality, should be treated the same.

  31. Agree wholeheartedly! Cannot understand any Catholic voting a Democrat ticket with all the candidates advocating everything contrary to what God teaches! Not just politicians, but the general public who say they are a Christians – Catholic or any other faith!

  32. Yes, to publicly advocate against church teaching is an abdication of the faith. If you don’t believe church teaching how are you a member. I remember back in the 60’s a woman was excommunicated for publicly going against church teaching.

  33. Nobody can call themselves a Catholic when they believe in abortion and gay marriage. …and I agree
    BOYCOTT HALLMARK. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Caving in to what the LBGT wants.
    Those channels will go by way of the Soap Operas. When they started having same sex kissing and marriage , people stopped watching them and now most are all gone. Hallmark, change your mind and be on the side of God.

  34. Joe Biden, like Nancy Pelosi has already excommunicated himself from the church. And right you are about all democratic politicians. They must support abortion or they will not be supported by the party. Abortion is not political. It is a moral issue rightfully addressed by the Church.

  35. As a life-long and, as my non-Catholic wife says, ‘diehard’ Catholic, I applaud any priest that refuses to give anyone Holy Communion who is knowingly supporting Abortion, so-called ‘gay marriage’ or anything that is a mortal sin in the public arena and condemned by the Bible and The Church. If people in public office like Pelosi and Biden want to support such things then they should leave the Church.

  36. Being that it goes against the canons of the Catholic church then yes they have every right to deny a member a sacrament.

  37. Biden should leave the Church, since he clearly doesn’t adhere to its teachings. As long as he falsely claims to be a Catholic, he spreads confusion about what is acceptable according to the Church’s teachings. I believe he also supports gay marriage, another example of spreading confusion about the Church’s teachings, which clearly hold that gay sex is sinful. Notice please that I said the Church teaches that gay sex, not gay feelings, is sinful.

  38. Phyllis: You claim you don’t know how you wound up on this website. But yet you stayed long enough to post a lengthy post accusing us of being hateful and disrespecting the church and its teachings. Nothing is further from the truth . No one should receive communion if they support abortion and gay marriages. If you don’t like GOD’s rules, take it up with HIM. Not us. But I WILL always honor GOD, regardless … Will you???

  39. Susan: You are quite correct! I couldn’t believe how quickly Hallmark caved in to the LBGT movement!! Well, from what I understand, Hallmark has been losing money for years now, and I suppose they will be losing a lot more since their decision made the nationwide news. It is amazing how powerful a small minority is, isn’t it? Satan truly is working overtime…

  40. amen they can not get their act together first they are going to allow evidently got a lot of back lash so they were not going to allow it now this morning I read then will allow again bye bye bye Hallmark A real shame they still had morals & family movies etc.

  41. The biggest thing all of us need to remember when going to the polls to vote is don’t vote R or D vote C, Christian and that should make the choice much more easy. We are to repent and be be free of all sins before communion, and we are not forgiven if we continue to commit that same sin after we’ve asked for forgiveness . We WILL have to answer to GOD for them. Communion is sacred no matter what denomination we are. We need to pray for all of them and our country and to guide them .

  42. The priest did Joe a favor. Receiving with out “discerning the Lord’s Body” and what He is in the sacrament opens Joe to eternal consequences. Receiving Holy Communion means that a person is in agreement with all of the Church’s doctrines without question. Anyone who has doubts and questions should refrain until he has found his way. The Church has never practiced “open communion,” which means anyone can approach no matter what he believes or ow he lives.

  43. Do you think pro-abortion politicians should be denied Holy Communion? was the yes or no question which you did not answer with yes or no..

  44. Totally agree with you! Must be done more often as these fake Catholics are promoting sin and as public figures are scandalous in falsely representing the doctrine of the Church.
    Although much of state of Illinois is seriously immoral, am very proud that strong Bishop there has denied Communion to Senator Dick Durbain because of his open support for abortion, as well as both the heads of the Illinois House and Senate for promoting the new horrendous Illinois law on abortion!
    Catholics, stand strong for our faith, and living it!

  45. Other double speaking “Catholics” who totally violate Catholic doctrine by their support for abortion, homosexuality and other immoral activity also include Senator Dick Durbin, Governor Cuomo, and John Kerry!

  46. I hope everyone of the priests who refuse communion to known abortion supports receive support from those who are pro life. They need to know they are not alone .

  47. It is the same reason the McCain family reputation for vindictive action against any one who does not do what they want. McCain III got his meanness from his father.

  48. It is the same reason the McCain family reputation for vindictive action against any one who does not do what they want. McCain III got his meanness from his father.

  49. For too long, the Catholic Church has stood idly by and remained silent in the face of the heretic and blasphemer. Father Morey was justified in denying former vice president Biden the Eucharist. The Church must take a balanced, but firm stand with these pseudo-Catholics.

  50. Why should the Roman Catholic Church or its representatives stay out of politics? As a theocracy, the Vatican is both a theological entity and a political entity.

  51. Both Biden and Pelosi are buffet Catholics and that is not playing by the rules of our faith.The rules are clear ,abortion is taking an innocent life.In my world that is not right.Supporting abortion is flat out wrong.If any politician can claim to be a catholic they need to be prepared to live by the rules of the church.

  52. The clergy has a prerogative to admonish celebrities, politicians, statesmen who try to both belong to the corresponding ecclesiastical body as parishioners and yet actively promote things that perpetuate irreparable violations of the rules of the corresponding faith.

  53. Exactly ! PELOSI AND BIDEN ARE NOT CATHOLICS ! They just claim to be because they think it makes them look
    “Holy and Good “ when infact they Are Evil just look at their Actions !


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