What Nancy Pelosi tried to sneak by in a government-funding bill will make you sick


Nancy Pelosi is claiming Democrats support border security while refusing to fund President Trump’s border wall.

Pelosi and company’s refusal to protect America’s borders isn’t surprising.

But what they’re now trying to pass off as “supporting border security” will turn your stomach.

Nancy Pelosi thought she could pull a fast one.

Among her first steps as Speaker of the House was a spending bill that would end the government shutdown.

But not only did she refuse to fund President Trump’s border wall, buried in the bill was an attempt to overturn a Trump administration policy preventing taxpayer dollars from being used to provide or promote abortion internationally.

President Trump re-instated the so-called “Mexico City Policy” in 2017 that protects American taxpayers from being forced to fund pro-abortion globalist groups.

What’s more, the Democrat spending bill would funnel more than $37 million in taxpayer funds to a United Nations program long criticized by pro-life groups for coercing abortion and involuntary sterilization.

The Washington Examiner writes:

The spending bill would repeal a provision instituted by President Trump that requires foreign nongovernmental organizations to certify that they will not “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning.” The provision, formally known as the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy, was once called the Mexico City Policy, known by critics as the “global gag rule.”

The bill also would increase funding by $5 million for the United Nations Population Fund, to $37.5 million. Anti-abortion organizations oppose the program because they say it participates in coercive abortions and involuntary sterilizations.

Nancy Pelosi won’t spend a dime on a border wall to protect Americans.

But she thinks a better use of American taxpayer dollars is to push abortions internationally.

This shows the left’s true colors.

The good news is, the Trump administration has so far rejected any bills that don’t fund the border wall.

But Democrats could use reversing the Mexico City Policy (which blocks U.S funding of globalist pro-abortion organizations) as a bargaining chip.

Do you think U.S. taxpayers should foot the bill for organizations that push abortion internationally?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Nancy Pelosi is incapable of a logical thought process! She wants to bring more criminals into America! She wants open borders!

  3. This is on sneaky evil cut throat b##ch!Why are they allowed to commit treason with out any repercussions?

  4. We should not only stop funding the UN but get out of it altogether and kick them out of our country. Countries should pay their own medical bills. We are NOT respnsible th take care of other countries abortions. In fact we shouldn’t be forced to pay for own countries. If they don’t want babies then they should keep their pants up.

  5. There is no way that the America taxpayers be forced to support abortions outside of our country.

  6. As a taxpaying American, I do NOT want taxpayer funds (my money) to go to anyone who promotes abortions anywhere. This is morally wrong & I hope our President won’t accept any bill supporting abortion. I also hope he keeps pushing for border security in the form of a wall.

  7. These budget bills are becoming obscene with what we spent taxpayers money on. I believe the President should sign an executive order to give him the right to have line item veto power to help cut wasteful spending attached to bills

  8. The voters in California are supporting this idiot who wants to give my hard earned money away, so California has made it a mandate that I have to pay for their bull $hit.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is a disgusting, perverted globalist. She says the border wall is immoral yet SHE SUPPORTS INTERNATIONAL ABORTIONS AND WANTS MILLIONS OF OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO PAY FOR IT!!! SHE IS SICK!!!

  10. American taxpayers and the BOSS of our representatives should never pay for abortion in any country! Speaker Pelosi is fastly treading dangerous waters! She can still be removed, as well as any congresspersons that fail to do the will of the American taxpayers!


  12. Giving the United Nations $37.5 million for a “population fund” is total insanity and completely unacceptable! Giving the corrupt, one world order UN any money at all, is unacceptable! Hopefully the senate will destroy this attemp by the corrupt democrats , led by pig Pelosi , to never get passed. I pray Pres Trump stays strong and steadfast and does not give an inch to these democrat traitors ! Keep the government shut down for as long as it takes. However, fund the border patrol and give them all raises!
    Keep America safe and strong. Trump,2020 ????????????????????????????????

  13. I think his biggest move, will be the wall for the American people. He will keep pushing for border security in the form of a wall. He knows that what We The People Want.

  14. I am sorry, but any voter who believe Pelosi, but says they don’t trust President Trump has a real mental problem and could be lead like a Lemmings over a cliff. This women would sell out anyone, even her own family and this country to gain power. Did you see the joy in her face when she grabbed the handed of the gavel.
    And her statements and drama about caring for children of the caravan migrants, yet she is the biggest hypocrite and supporter of the 65,000,000 million babies aborted in the US since Roe vs Wade in 1973,
    To think this nut case is third in command if the President and Vice President are killed. I never thought I would live to see the day when a politician thought more of themselves than the rest of America for power.

  15. I totally agree. I know she does not belong in the White House based on her lack of care for America but it’s scarey to me to think there are other Democrates who think just like her. What’s wrong with these people. I can’t imagine how anyone would feel if someone they care deeply for was killed or injured by an illegal immigrate. Why would they not be willing to do whatever necessary to stop these people from coming in. Do our safety as Americans not matter?

  16. this is the same pelosi that said pass this bill and read it later screwed a lot of middle class americans

  17. Nancy Pelosi apparently thinks she and her cronies are absolutely devoid of morals. They obviously don’t believe in God or the bible. If I am correct, Nancy Pelosi claims to be Catholic just like Dick Durbin, however, their actions are contrary to Church teachings. I know that I will be called a religious quack but I am firm in my knowledge that I am doing my best to walk with God and that the left is not.

  18. What is it going to take to remove all the anti-Americans RINOS and Dumacraps criminals and other American haters from American government?? And it’s just getting worse with the Uneducated Cortez kid, and a foul mouth Palestein supporter who uses words like MF’er when describing the President of the United States in conversation with her son in public! There is no room in a civilized
    country for their ignorance and disgusting show of total disrespect America. The lack Of social skills self-respect and the lies and deception that’s acceptable in the Middle East is not acceptable in America. And also a Muslim voted into office sworn in on a Koran NOT a Bible, so she flat refuses
    to assimilate to American traditions and culture, have absolutely not business involved in our politics.

  19. I lived in El Paso Texas for 18 years and in 1994 you could go to Juarez and shop, feel safe bringing visitors to Juarez. Things started to change by 1999 and you couldn’t longer go down there. Two anesthetist from El Paso went to Juarez in this changing time and were shot and killed returning to El Paso after a dinner in Juarez. I no longer live there and my children left in 2006 and 2010. Please have some compassion for the countless people whose life’s continue to walk a scary path. PLEASE stop this democratic Nonsense and make sense of what you know in your hearts is right!

  20. What’s hard for me to understand is: why do Americans with any patriotic attachment for our beloved country keep voting to keep a person like Mrs Pelosi in office, year after year?.

  21. This should not be a surprise to anyone by now. The progressive liberal mind set is all about their own self-righteousness and liberal agenda no matter who it hurts, especially American children, whether born or un-born!!

  22. Pelosi is a split tonged, two faced, lying, price of crap, serpent. The devil wouldn’t even know what to do with her. Evil to the rotten core!

  23. What would get Congress off their ass and solve this problem is no pay themselves. All the while they can not solve this shutdown, they should not draw pay, but have to show for debates until a solution. They are Government and if they do nothing, then I consider them non-essential and should not receive any pay.

  24. Nancy and Chuck are both idiots. They and their ilk are getting more radical by the day. I can’t believe that we have so many stupid democrats voting this type of people in. What is happening to our society? I believe that our teachers are not teaching our kids what it means to be a true patriot and what it means to be a good citizen with good values.

  25. There should be a way to take out of our Congress anyone that cares more about the citizens of other countries than their own. This is totally wrong and it’s what is really immoral because she got that position to lead America to be better not worse. God is against all types of murder so how does Pelosi think she is so morally superior to others. They started a session in Congress with a prayer but ended it with profanity it was said today. What have we allowed to happen in our country when they can so disrespect our Pres.

  26. Yea, because it’s a good policy for the US taxpayer to pay for abortion in other countries…….we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. As John Kennedy of Louisiana said: Billygoat brain, and a mockingbird

  27. We need to clean up the schools in this country. They teach their bias and implant in young minds the seeds of free everything and no moral values. Term abortions OMG. Please stop tainting the minds of our children. We need charter school choice and stop it before they implant their sick idealism’s.

  28. The UN has lived far surpassed it’s usefulness.3.3 billion the American taxpayers fork over to these clowns yearly and what do we get NOTHING in return.move it to Belgium and turn the building into a detainment center.

  29. We need to stop giving millions of dollars to the united nations they do nothing for America except take money from us get them out of New York we don’t need them we don’t want them anymore in our country get rid of them all

  30. All I can say is “Good Grief”. From where did Pelosi emerge? Was she raised with wolves?. She has had one botox shot too many. It has affected here mentally, emotionally and physically. What is up with her twitches?. Many people oppose abortion. Don’t try to slip this garbage through. Why is she ok with spending millions for cots and food for illegals and ignores our homeless and hungry vets? Also, why is she proud of maintaining her speakership when she admitted she had to bribe and make promises to the dems who didn’t want her? She is a clueless wonder.

  31. This OLD HAG is trying to STEAL the Country blind by putting CRAP in a
    Bill and don’t think anyone will NOTICE it .. JUST like this bill she tried
    to put in ABORTION that we the Taxpayers would have to pay for it but
    She got caught trying to get it PASS the HOUSE REPUBLICANS and the

  32. Have you ever wondered why all the mobsters we’re Catholic? Except for Lucky Luciano. The reason is simple you’re being absolve to your sin by a man which is contrary to Bible teaching. Only God can forgive sin. The last time I checked the pope ain’t God Nor are these priest. You can also buy tomorrow understanding something called an indulgence which and shorthand that would be I get out of hell card free for 1sin. Ted Kennedy bought I don’t know what through the church 4 somewhere around 10-40 Grand who knows? Which means does marriage never happen after he had drove Joan to be an alcoholic deteriorated our health to the point of death. And yet we treat are not way this country treats these people like royalty really? Royalty Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again Pope Francis is the most dangerous man walking the face of this Earth. No exceptions.

  33. Pig-o-si is ugly, retarded, and stupid so she is living proof that her parents missed a great chance for an abortion.

  34. It’s all about power, wealth, and votes. The more illegals, the more Democrat votes. They get them in here and bribe them to vote Democrat. It’s very simple to see.

  35. Nancy Pelosi is evil incarnate ! Why she has not been excommunicated from the Catholic Church is beyond me. She states that she is a devout Catholic, yet refuses to defund abortion conglomerates and even encourages abortions. One can NOT claim Catholicism and abortion. Those two things are incompatible. I understand that she still expects to receive our Lord in communion. That is blasphemy of the highest Oder. NO priest should be offering her the sacred body & blood of Christ.
    Our voting citizen populace MUST stop voting for the phonies who are only angleing for power, with no interest in the protection of us – tax payers who love our country and want it protected!!

  36. No taxpayer should be paying for anyone’s abortion except their own if that is their sinful choice.

  37. Copy/past of §2385:
    “”Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or
    Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or
    Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    No individual possesses the awesome force of elected, appointed, or employed office of the USA and Constitution, or any thing thereunder. It’s what allegiance is all bout… the same allegiance being betrayed to overthrow government and not defend against those enemies!

  38. better check whatever bill the house and democrats pass over and over to catch those sneaky rules that will override the advances we have made in the last two years…she promotes abortion which is evil and to promote it is even sicker and not saving American lives by letting our southern border stay open…she is not a true representative of this constitution of the united states

  39. Sounds to me a lot like you have to pass it to find out what’s in it. And, bo0y did e-we ever finf=d out what was in it

  40. She can cut your head off, before you know your bleeding. At least that is what her (unaborted) loved one said.

  41. No way in hell would I ever fund any thing to do with killing an innocent baby buy abortion. God will make them all pay on judgement day.

  42. After two years of CRAZY donald Sick Minded Insanity, Seems American’s Stomach is Strong Enough To Take Anything

  43. Heck NO!!! Mr. President, every piece of legislation that the Democrats try to introduce, must be checked and re-checked line by line. These people are shysters and charlatans.

  44. “Do you think U.S. taxpayers should foot the bill for organizations that push abortion internationally?”

    Not just no, but HELL NO!!!!!

  45. I don’t trust any bills the Democrats try to pass. It is corrupt and not good for the people or our country. All I can say is I hope to it is read before signing. They sneak all kind of bad thing in there bills. Again don’t sign before reading the bill. Thank goodness the Republicans have control of the Senate.

  46. She is NOT “working” FOR America/it’s CITIZENS…ONLY for GLOBALISTS who PAY HER a lot of MONEY, i.e. “Bilderberg CARTEL”, the RICHEST of the RICHEST “created” that CARTEL and THEIR money is USED, not just soros’s alone, to bring us the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of OUR land….Just look at Western Europe NOWADAYS…UN-recognizable…..A HOTBED for ILLEGALS from around the WORLD, INCLUDING ISLAMIC TERRORISTS….AND the Europeans PAY through their NOSES for their OWN DESTRUCTION……!!!!!

  47. and she was voted in as speaker of the house by democrats. goes to show how messed up the democratic party is.

  48. It seems the Chuck and Nancy show has been reading their own press. It is clear that they grossly overestimate the level of support they enjoy, and severely underestimate the unbridled wrath that their “dog an pony show” could foment in the American culture. It will most certainly alter the direction our civilization, and I fear it could get very ugly. As for me, They MUST BE STOPPED!

  49. “Do you think U.S. taxpayers should foot the bill for organizations that push abortion internationally?”
    NO! That is abuse of the American Taxpayer!

  50. During one of the speeches, I’m not for sure who , but my guess is a woman, Republican politician, said” we are all good .” I disagree we are in a war of good versus Evil. The democrats, media and some rhinos have been white-washing everything they have done and said. I know I’m not the only one wide awake to see the changes they have made or try to do. Thank God for President Trump

  51. The DNC is a Criminal Organization, that has committed treason, as an organization, that knowingly, supported a foreign-born, candidate for POTUS!

  52. I just found out that my churche’s synod is giving money to planned parenthood. I’m leaving the church! How can a Christian church support abortion. These poor little innocent babies die a horrendous death? I’m sick at heart over this! Evil is taking over in everything. Please Dear God help us end this hollocost of the innocent!

  53. Thank you Mr. Starks! I’ve been saying the same thing! No pay for congress and no vacations til this is settled. They get too much pay for ubstructing and nothing more! The demoncrats do nothing but try to bring down America.

  54. Get the UN out of the US and the USA out of the UN. The UN is nothing but blood sucking crooks and I am tired of paying way more than our fair share to support it and them giving aid to our enemies.

  55. America’s government is infected with a cancer that causes U.S. senate seats to be to be filled with mus slimes, spics and other VERY undesirable morons. Heavy doses of common sense and frequent visits to the polls are the only cure.

  56. Heck, I bet she doesn’t even know what is in the Bills she puts out ( hick! ). Remember her comment? ” You have to pass the Bill to know what’s in it.”

  57. I’d even say it might be worse than that. We might be at the traveling water screens that remove solid above a certain size. This chunk of garbage just got caught by it.


  59. U.S. taxpayers Dollars should not foot the bill for anything outside the US. Why can’t we vote Pelosi and Schumer out of the Congress??? We the people are concerned what the Democrats are trying to do our Country…… They are not for us, only themselves (Power)…..

  60. And just how messed up the people are that vote the democraps in…we have a major insanity issue in this nation!

  61. Oh no…the wall is morally wrong….not abortions!! Isn’t she supposed to be Catholic? Even though I don’t agree with their doctrine, they are 100% against abortions…

  62. Very true. What I find really disturbing is that she is pro abortion, but calls a border wall immoral? Screwed up personal morality, a mental health problem, or pure greed? I can’t think of any other reason for her actions, but then again, I’m one of those “toothless”, ignorant, beer drinking, trailer trash, white supremacists she calls “deplorables”.

    A little about myself: Retired, U.S. federal Law enforcement agent, Ex U.S. Army officer, Masters degree in Electronic Engineering. (from M.I.T.), my home is worth $500,000 in a community with the average house value of $225,000, and does not allow “trailers”, non-drinker of any alcohol and anti drugs (including marijuana). I don’t need false teeth to eat and although I will give her the “White” part, I am a biological, and 100% male, who has spent his entire adult life fighting for the rights of ALL people. I am also very proud to be one of President Trump’s “Deplorables”.

  63. NO! I think all the money we through out the window should got to the Americans Tax Payer. We don’t owe the world a living nor the leaders of other countries a living! Nor do we need to stop the women of other countries a health benefit and I think we should get out of the UN. We could save a lot of dollars and could pay down our national debt ! A LOT!

  64. I am afraid most of the replies I have read are vitriolic and not really dealing with the social issues which we as a nation and as global community need to address. There are no simple answers to the inequality of living in various parts of the world, including our own American nation. But we need to work together. A healthy world means a healthy America. An inward looking America, as we had after World War I only leads to more confrontations and wars. Jesus said, “Blessed are the Peacemakers!.” We need to be a country of hope, as we have been for millions of people coming as immigrants to our nation over the past centuries, and not a country of fear and hate.

  65. She wants votes and money. Speaking of money she wants to dig into Trumps past tax returns. If she manages to accomplish this then I think she should make her tax returns available for everyone to see as well. Somehow I don’t she wants that to happen.

  66. She wants votes and money. Speaking of money she wants to dig into Trumps past tax returns. If she manages to accomplish this then I think she should make her tax returns available for everyone to see as well. Somehow I don’t she wants that to happen.

  67. Spot on assessment of this mentally ill, drug addicted, full blown alcoholic! Are people blind, deaf and dumb enough to support this disgusting, despicable “creature?” …Only brain dead sheeple, zombie liberals! These idiots are too stupid to know what is good for them and this country! Lock her up with Hitlery!!

  68. Just as I said as soon as she stole the gavel, ‘Do not vote on or pass anything she presents without reading EVERYTHING and checking every mark on the paper no matter how many pages it is! She is well known for the amount of PORK she sneaks in everything! This is the same one who had added to the Obamacare bill, that she refused to let anyone read until it was passed, that it was legal to abort babies up to 3 years old!!!! She is an evil person!

  69. Thank you for your service and your continued support of our Country and our Legal President and His administration!

  70. They are not allowed to teach true American History anymore! They are totally brainwashed and have no idea what the word ‘Patriot’ even means! We now have a ‘gimme’, disposable culture in our Country! Everyone believes it should be ‘what they want’, there is no ‘for the good of the people’!

  71. President Trump, please quit talking to the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites., leave the government down until the next election./

  72. We are in a scary place right now. Who knows what type of crap the democrats are going to try and do. Bad enough we have suffered thru 8 years of the worst president we have EVER had, even worse than Carter, but now we have to suffer thru a congress that is going to do everything in its power to bring down the country we so love. At what point are the true patriots going to say enough is enough. I think we are getting to the breaking point.

  73. Anything that Nancy puts into a Bill will be so loaded with the DEMS usual worthless stuff and we are sure our President will not let anything she dreams up pass. She is a lush and a joke that has not one thing in mind that is worth using taxpayers dollars. Nancy has the dumbest ideas but anything she does is to use up money before Trump gets it. But Mr. Trump is far smarter than she and Chuck so just give it up Nancy. Its going to be a long 2 years for you.

  74. She and SHUMER love the illegals then put them on the other side and they can spend as much time as possible with them and enjoy their company

  75. Maybe her grandchildren should be taken from her before she ruins them…scary to think they will become future demon craps after they have learned everything from her. Poor kids.

  76. All their benefits should be taken away. Same medical as us, no secret service after retirement…they pay for psych evaluation every year. Term limits… . No more government transportation. They are overpaid. If they get raises then we get raises. They work for us….period

  77. abortion is MURDER. A plain and simple. And I agree We should not have to b involved in it. If you don’t want a baby keep your ???? on and your ???? closed. Or better yet take birth control. And if a woman keeps murdering her children, then sterilize them….

  78. I do not believe we should use tax money to pay for abortions any where much less in other countries. I also think the wall is a start, but even more needs to be done to secure this country from the evil that lurks. President Trump has already completed more of his promises than any other president in my 81 years. Thank you MR President. Keep up the good work.

  79. In some way support for Jimmy, he wanted to do better, but found he was not allowed to. He was sad in the way it turned out. Although watching President Trump, I believe if he had been as strong as President Trump, he might have done better. We needed a strong president like Trump for years, sure glad we got one, hoping for a second right after President trumps second term ends.

  80. This is getting really bad. Let’s fund the government now and we’ll negotiate border security later. Why not do that. The Democrats have always held up their end of the bargain.

    Nobody is falling for that garbage again.

    It’s funny. A cheating spouse will always accuse the other first and beat it like a dead horse to throw suspicions elsewhere. Why do the Democrats keep accusing the right for all the things that they are doing.

    America, please wake up. This is a terrible nightmare that we will all be facing. Free medical to New York City! Who is going to pay for that? HOW are they going to pay for it. Cuomo was saying $185 per person per year? Are you kidding me. Any body knows that is one office visit. Who is going to pay for the test the doctor wants?

    They want to do that in California too? Are they Insane? THE TAXPAYERS WILL. If not with highers taxes, it will come at the expense of not doing the projects that need be. California just falling further and further into the sewer.

    All under the watchful supervision of the Democrats. Who also managed to turn the world’s 5th largest economy, into the 7th!!! What is it going to take to convince you all that they are no good?

    God, help us all.

  81. He always looks stoned, Nanny looks likes she has a hangover. Besides, she’s tacky! I hate her little snicker.

  82. Do these clowns in DC really no what’s in store for them . If all the deplorable get pissed off there is enough of us to take all these dumocrats down in one sweep of the country. I just hope their enough rope in this country to do the job and all these crooked lawyer crawl under a rock too we could try one day if convicted hang the next day no appeal. that the only way to shut these crooks up. then you can bet we will good for another 200 years.

  83. No do not cave to evil Nancy and Schumer. The devil has taken over. President Donald needs to be on his guard with the Democrats. No , abortions are evil! I think if we don’t say no to the evil Democrats we will be over run with illegals. We are going to end up with more illegals than Americans. Who do you think the illegals will vote for? Their people of course. They need to be back in their own Country fighting for their Country like we are fighting for our Country.

  84. Schemer and Nancy are the devils and soon they will serving in the House of Satan and if they pull to many stunts before they go there could be all out civil war and then they will suffer like no other person in history.
    They have shown just how the DEMS are mentally sick with no answers for what they do. Our country is better and deserves to have them removed. Once 2020 comes they will have burnt so many bridges that the party will have no voters to stand by them and it will takes years to repair all those that have inflicted their crimes on this country. Those being Hillary, Obama, Nancy, Schemer, and Waters with a whole bunch of others. They all will be remembered in history but not for the good but I feel we will find our country back in the right hands.

  85. Nancy Pelosi is a real evil person she will try anything to get funding for abortion she will fight to the end by trying to not get this wall built. Open borders means illegal voting, sex slaves, milking the government for welfare like food stamps, housing, medical care, I could go on and on but I think you get the message.

  86. Pelosi is as ignorant as Cortez and as dangerous in their way of thinking! We do not owe these global abornistba thing, they can quit spreading their legs like whores! Beware the U.N.!! They make like sound like utopia when in reality it is the most crooked vicious organization up next to Soros.

  87. Sometime ago, I think it was last year, an article came out with an interview of the pharmacist in charge of distributing medications to the members of Congress, both Houses. He said that what was surprising to him was that there were quite a number of medicines normally prescribed for people with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. He did not know who the receivers were as the prescriptions were identifiable by numbers not names. I’ll bet that Pelosi was one of those. You’ve seen her numerous freeze-outs when she babbles or stops talking and stares into space.

  88. It’s hard to understand why OUR congress is so gungho on taking care of every other country except their own. We elected you nitwits to take care of US, not them. We tell you what we want and you ignore the hell out of and do what YOU want. Are those lobbyists paying that well, made millionaires out of you, that you can completely turn your back on your own? We must find a way after this bit of criminal activity on the democRATS part with this bill, and have no doubt it is criminal, to get rid of these people. We need to stand up and recall ALL OF THEM!

  89. It seems to me some relatively smart lawyer can find enough to charge Pelosi with malfeasance and/or miss use of tax funds.

  90. and this could be us if we don’t stop allowing any and everybody to come in. Remember the warning years ago that people, other than Hispanics were sneaking across the border. We have NO idea who is here. That happened for too many years. Wait until our next 9-11 happens. That was a wake-up call that obviously has been ignored.

  91. Great question? Bears repeating when will the american citizens stop voting for these crimmals who don’t give a dam about America.

  92. I needed that. THANK YOU! Who’s to say all of these people you mentioned(and more) aren’t on the take from cartels? After all how could most of them afford their gated mansions on the salaries they earn? Are they dumb enough not to realize that once they have taken down the rest of us the cartels will come for them? I have heard that many residents of CA have moved to other states, especially to Texas. I am almost certain that the same scenario will play out in Texas (and OR, WA, NY. . .) Trump should absolutely seize the funds from El Chapo to build the wall. Kills to birds with one stone 1.) Mexico pays for the wall and 2.) Takes all the money from at least one cartel. Now how can we do the same to the rest?
    PS It’s refreshing to know there is SOME sanity left in your once beautiful state. And, I want you to know that we are all award of the rampant cheating going on during elections there. THAT NEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED!!!




  96. Have you seen the news reports on Fox showing the filth, drugs, and open drug use, and homeless encampments in San Francisco. It is horrible. It is becoming a third world city.

  97. Well, none of them are going to enforce any legislation unless they personally profit from it. They all should be held accountable for not working for we the people. All lobbyist and special interest groups should be cut off from political interactions – don’t know how to do that but a good start is electing those with integrity, honesty and a commitment to work only for their constituents.

  98. U.S. taxpayer should not pay for #feticide / #democide period! If people want to be promiscuous they need to pay for abortions themselves, if wanted. There would be less abortions if people have to be responsible for their own actions.

  99. Another good reason for term limits for ALL government employees. We have a great President that can only serve 2 terms but have psychopaths like this evil woman in Congress essentially for life (that’s the voters fault but a term limits law can correct this problem)

  100. The US Constitution prohibits all such spending. There is no place in the US Constitution that allows Congress to give money to any organization like these. The US Constitution limits federal spending to “general Welfare”, that is agencies like EPA, CDC, and FDA. The only other spending is to pay for goods and services directly being rendered to the Federal Government. This is why are tax rates are so high because the “Progressives” are stealing money from us to implement their anti-US, anti-Freedom agenda here and abroad.

  101. Here is a term limit Amendment for Congress. I sent it Ted Cruz and others. Feel free to pass it around.
    Section 1.

    The Senators of the Senate of the Congress of the United States of America represent their sovereign State of the United States of America. In order to restore the republican form of Government of the United States of America, Amendment Seventeen of The Constitution of the United States of America is hereby repealed. Senators of the Senate of the Congress of the United States shall be elected and serve in accordance with the provision of Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

    When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate of the United States of America the executive authority of such State shall appoint a person to temporarily fill the term of such vacancies until the legislature of the State fills the term of such vacancies. The filling of such vacancies shall last only until the specific term of the specific vacancies would have expired.

    Section 1 of this amendment shall not be so construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution.

    Section 2.

    No person shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the Senate of the Congress of the United States of America at any one time.

    No person shall serve more than five consecutive terms in the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America at any one time.

    Section 2 of this amendment affects all current Senators and Representatives.

    Section 3.

    No person who has served as a Senator of the Senate of the United States of America, nor a person who served as a Representative of the House of Representative of the United States of America, shall receive any compensation based upon their prior service in the Congress of the United States of America.

    No person who has served in any position in the service of the United States of America that is a politically appointed position shall receive any compensation based upon their prior service. Politically appointed positions are those where a person serves solely at the discretion of the President of the United States of America, of the Vice-President of the United States of America, of a Senator of the Senate of the Congress of the United States of America, of a Representative of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America, or that requires the specific approval of the Senate of the United States of America as per the US Constitution.

    Draft 2

  102. Pelosi and her ilk are truly the devils own. Not only is this sneaky trick unethical but she doesn’t even have the guts to say anything about it just sneak it through like nobody would ever look. Personally I do not trust or even have any reguards for her or anyone who actually agrees with anything she does or wants to do…..demoRATS they are simply evil, nasty and totally dishonest

  103. And as I’ve said more than once if they hold this bill hostage and nobody can read it until it’s passed then they should vote NO. This is no different than a contract certainly nobody would sign a contract without reading it first. Anyone who voted yes on this disaster should have promptly been removed from congress and a suitable replacement sent that would at least have enough common sense to vote no on something that they were not allowed to examine first…..demoRATS they should do a detailed study on what makes these idiots do the unethical things they do

  104. Democraps support Abortion at any time so I suggest we give them a retroactive abortion. This would solve all the problems since they would be gone and then maybe some people who care about Americans will be put in their place. If you are asking what a retroactive abortion is well simple kill them now and wipe out any and everything they have done as if they Hasmonean been aborted. THIS IS SARCASM. I DO NOT advocate killing any one without cause but only that we suggest this to Democraps in hopes they are in enough fear that they do what is right and not what is HATE Trump no matter who gets hurt as they are doing now. MURDER of the UNBORN is a terrible thing look at all the things we might have had these BABIES NOT BEEN MURDERED. AIDS,CANCER,POVERTY,FOOD SHORTAGES,POLLUTION all these could have been done away with but since those MILLIONS of babies were MURDERED we will NEVER KNOW what they could have done.

  105. I think that their are to many demigods ( is what the democrots want to be addressed osieas ) especially plooposee of the statement that she said of “owning the position of the speaker of the House! ” ” she deserves it ” I can not and won’t put my exact terminology on paper as what I thought of that decrepit old hag which if I did I would be banned from my freedom of speech rights so I will try to keep it to a minimal outburst. I’ve always felt that the ones who sit on the confirmation committees should have their backgrounds exposed as they do to all of the people that are trying to be confirmed for a position. But getting back to plooposie she doesn’t want the wall to be built because of the fact that she has a large vineyard and know one can tell how much property or how many ILLEGAL ALIENS she has working on her ranches and / or winery. It also falls under the fact if she or her crop of BORDER thieves want to go after someones tax returns let them PRODUCE A CORRECT TAX STATMENT SHOWING THEIR CORRECT VALUE for the public to scrutinize on how much they are STEALING

  106. Well Pat we do but we also don’t exercise those rights do to the fact their still in office. We need some one in office that has a lot of STRONG BACKING to introduce a change to the amount of benefits and perks and pension plans when they get in office restrictions on their MEDICAL BENEFITS they have aperiod of time to PRODUCE what would benefit their CONSTITUENTS who deserve more than they get , for instance they have to pay for their insurance premiums LIKE THEIR TAX PAYING CONSTITUENTS HAVE TO they have to be in office for a length time for any retirement plan and have to pay into it also they don’t get thier full pay. Unless they contribute into it with restrictions of a nominal percentage of their worth to be determined by a sitting panel of the people who they screwed over. No retirement benefits for those who don’t full fill the requirements , there should also be a time limit for them to be if they don’t accomplish a thing for their CONSTITUENTS the are removed physically from the payroll without any benefits and officially disbarred from any and all political connections whatsoever. Furthermore SECURITY FOR THEM IN RETIREMENT SHOULD BE NONE EXISTING . If they want it let them supply it from their illegal gains.

  107. The 9-11 terrorists came down from Canada. The FBI was warned but Janet Reno office did nothing with the memo.

  108. I don’t understand those crazy young and older women in politicians..They have such horrible personalities, ideas and very stupid..

  109. You are a jerk. You are blind to what is happening in our republic. You have two ears, I assume, & one mouth. Why don’t you listen more & read more and you might see the real world.

  110. Leon: and Obama should release his college transcripts and a for real original copy of his birth certificate like past presidents showing he didn’t claim to be a foreign student born in Kenya and born in US. Also his true faith. How bout we see all that he wouldn’t show us those simple things, huh.

  111. How about we just start with term limits. I believe Ted Cruz and another Senator have put forth an amendment that would restrict Senate to two terms and Congress to three.
    On top of that I think we need to have all government employees on the same types of health care plans that the rest of us do, where we pay a substantial portion of the premium.

  112. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, Collins, Flake, Haley)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  113. Perhaps bringing are charge against her for the most ludicrous statement I have ever heard in my 60+ years of being on this earth.
    “We won’t know what’s in it until we pass it and then we can read it”
    Sound familiar? Obamacare, before the vote.

    She should be hung for it.

  114. There were 15 incoming Democrat that didn’t vote for Pelosi to be speaker of the house and now she is not allowing them to be on any committees…. she appoints only the ones who bow down to her and radicals.

  115. Excuse me ! But you are in the wrong ball game , if I remember right the one idiot before President Trump , didn’t have real birth certificate, nor did it show his taxes,but it sure hell put this country into the hate mode against each other.the word racist wasn’t hardly ever heard for we all go along with each other ,helped each other,but not any more .
    If this witch wants to probe into President Trumps taxes then by all mines she has to make hers out there for all to pick through also.
    She hates President Trump she hates what he stands for ,she hates that HE and HE ALONE has MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ,she is to old to be serving on any seat in the White House and the way she hates this country treason impeach her and run her out of country on a tarred rail with feathers .
    President Trump as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t have to prove a darn thing to this COUNTRY, for he already has. HE MAGA

  116. I don’t feel the President Trump has to prove a darn thing !!! He already has , he MAGA .
    But this not allowed to read before it is signed , this shows that she is not in her right mind and need to be removed , she is doing the same thing bummer did with the so called cheap no on left behind affordable insurance , you all see how that turned out . Couldn’t afford it before and still couldn’t afford but at tax time we had to pay a penalty and for what or should I say to who ?????

    Now if she wants to put her taxes out there for all of to see Great I have lots of combs ….
    plus this using our tax money to fly ever where needs to STOP !! Let her drive or even ride a bike after all aren’t they about the climate . Go figure two face hyogritics .i can but you can’t .

    Impeach them all , and take loud mouth , nasty mouth , disgrace to most women with her . Plus her side kick that at times ,watch , and you will see she leans against him for support . She’s to old and needs to be removed to padded room for her only protection . And that more than she deserves .

  117. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Grahams,Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, McConnell, Flake, etc)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  118. Geeezz, I thought this discussion was suppose to rate our thoughts on whether we want our tax $$ given to the UN to promote abortions as birth control around the world! I don’t want none of my tax $$ going for abortion in the USA, nor to the UN for anything they want to use our money for, Certainly not abortion!
    I think the USA should withdraw from the UN & not one red-cent go towards their ungodly payouts!! The UN is nothing more than an islamist controlled organization! (my opinion only…probably!)

  119. Finally ! I’m so glad to hear someone else talk about this “fake” pope. He plays a shrewd game on the surface; but, if you pay attention to him, it becomes clear that something or someone other than Catholicism sets his guidelines and agenda.

  120. It’s not only criminals and drug dealers and human traffickers they let in all these women with kids so the taxpayers have to support them they’ll have an anchor baby every year they breed like rabbits funny there’s no husbands around but there’s plenty of women and kids it’s totally disgusting we need to ship them all back to where they belong no sympathy for any of these cockroache! taxpayers are sick and tired of having their children supported by our tax dollars

  121. It’s not only criminals and drug dealers and human traffickers they let in all these women with kids so the taxpayers have to support them they’ll have an anchor baby every year they breed like rabbits funny there’s no husbands around but there’s plenty of women and kids it’s totally disgusting we need to ship them all back to where they belong no sympathy for any of these cockroache! taxpayers are sick and tired of having their children supported by our tax dollars

  122. Based upon where he is from I suspect he is one of the priests and nuns from South American who were rebuked for “Liberation Theology” which is nothing but Marxism with a veneer of Christianity around it.

  123. I totally agree with all of you that Pogosee is out of her mind and why on earth can we not get her some brain medicine if she stays in office? She seems to hate any one that says any thing against her seat in office. If she hates our President that bad, why don’t she retire and stay home in her huge gated mansion and have a lot of the illegals wait on her hand and foot?

  124. totally agree with both of you. Still wondering who is supplying every thing for all that mob that is headed this way! Lets see some one come up with some way to get as far as the caravan as gotten with out food and gas . WHO ? WHO? WHO ? who has this kind of money to bring them from where they started and still eating and drinking and driving vehicls.????

  125. Some of the groups have been identified as being George Soros funded and created organizations. And some of them appear to be located in the countries the people trying to invade the US are from, as well as some of the countries themselves. And when one looks at Article 3 Section 3 Paragraph 1 these organization can be considered to be engaging in treason since they are aiding people invade our country.

  126. Nothing in the Constitution says they, the Presidents, have to do so;i.e., submit their tax returns for congressional scrutiny); it’s strictly voluntary and if a President chooses not to, that’s it.

  127. The tax return mantra is just another tool to attack President Trump. President Trump is an active threat the agenda of control of the “Progressives” which can be summed up as “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”. The “Progressives” need to deflect attentions from themselves since they are the corrupt ones. Look how rich some of the people in Congress have gotten since they were elected. And remember, those on the “Left” operate with the mentality of “Do as I say, not as I do”.

  128. Taxpayers Funds should NEVER be used for Abortion. Too many ways to keep from getting pregnant and there is Always adoption as a option. Sex Traffickers are using PP as birth control that their unprotected sex brings on. We need to be funding putting these SOB’s out of business.

  129. The IDIOT INSANITY of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump should by now make America immune to anything else. Hopefully, only two more years to go before the removal cure of that Oval Office Walking, Talking Pus Filled Cancerous Tumor on America’s Face.

  130. America already has a WHORE in power. Her name is m.trump & she lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.







  133. “Progressives” want people to react emotionally so they can control people. “Progressives” do not want people to think or use reason. This is why they are always twisting facts and making up things to get people to react emotionally. This is why people need to always “look behind the curtain” to learn what the “Progressive” agenda really is and is about – controlling people. Think about the claims the “Progressives” are making about the border wall now. During Mr Obama’s time acting as President they pretend the wall was something good. Now it is bad. People like Pelosi are about control and being in power. They are not interested in doing what Congress is about – being servants to the people. People have lost track of the meaning of “Public Servant” and think of it as “Public Ruler”. What people have to understand is that the “Progressives” believe in and promote “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”. And this is opposite of what the US founders believed in and promoted. People need to get and read the “Law of Nations” by Emer de Vattel. It is the core foundation document the Founders used and covers the foundation of Western Civilization. Which is the government serves the people, not the people serve the government and those in control of the government.

  134. I totally agree I don’t want any of my tax dollars going to ungodly/evil abortion in the USA why would I want my taxes going to support abortions internationally. It’s disgusting what they’re doing taking these innocent little babes yhat come into the world needing protection but they want to kill them. Murderers all of them. There’s no reason for abortion, there are thousands of people that would take your baby and raise it. If u hadn’t gotten pregnant you wouldn’t be in this position but if you are, there are many things to do besides killing your baby. If you don’t want kids Then get fixed. That way these innocent babies blood won’t be staining your hands. It horrifies me to think our nation has come to this and thinks it’s progress. Life is sacred, God given and should be protected.

  135. What is wrong with the congress that they don’t read these bills. I don’t care if they are 5 pages long, that is their job. I don’t want to pay for anyone’s abortion. I don’t think a dime should be given away to any country until our border wall is built. The President can use that “giveaway” money to build the wall!

  136. Agree totally, I think the UN is evil, and the United States should get out of it, I know President Trump wants to get rid of a lot of government waste, but I agree, I don’t want tax payers money to go to abortions either, I am pro life too.

  137. Hi,

    I don’t think that any Tax payers dollars should be spent on anything but SS and Medicare – they are more important to Americans

  138. shes a mumbling old drunken seahag,am I the only one who cant understand a word she says?she is a feminist cunt plain and simple putting those muslims in charge of oversight committees to homeland security was her biggest jaw dropper,she cares nothing about Americas safety shes so old she knows her days are numbered, why would she care.?

  139. She needs her immoral wall taken down! That goes for all of them. They bring in murderers, drugs and crime that we have to live with, unprotected I might add! They all need their walls removed! Live in the real world that they created!

  140. betty…..are you a birdbrain naturally or do you try hard at being one?go get the koolaid for sweaty betty.that will shut her up.

  141. pelosi is a liberal clown puppet show for shummer and Nazi Party Democrats vote them out of office.

  142. the blue helments are nothing but targets,un-armed and in the way all of the time. TOTALY USELESS

  143. My answer to the questions of should taxpayers money be used for funding abortions? NO, is the answer this time and all other times. Taxpayers money and abortions should never be connected. What kind of people do we have as our representatives? They have eliminated the death penalty for anyone convicted of murder or mass murder, but allow and pay for the MURDER /abortion of an innocent baby with no restrictions on trimesters or ever after birth. How sick have some members of the human race become?

  144. all other presidents have not provided their tax returns. you think you are smart enough to see problems with his tax returns? give me a break! I want to know how those in congress has made millions on $174000 per year. Let us find the real crooks


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