What Michael Moore said about white men is encouraging violence against them


Michael Moore has completely gone off the rails. 

In the age of Donald Trump, Michael Moore has revealed that he’s lost his sanity entirely and it just got worse. 

Moore was caught on video saying something so hateful against white men that it could even lead to violence against them. 

The “filmmaker” has dedicated 100% of his time to being an online troll against President Trump. 

He has also endorsed Bernie Sanders for President and embraced the word socialism as his brand.

But his activism has led him to state some wild and even dangerous claims. 

In a video interview, Michael Moore stated white men were not good people and that you should be “afraid” of them. 

He even went as far to say that if they are walking on the same sidewalk as you, you should move away. 

Moore is essentially implying that all white men are dangerous and any one of them could be moments away from harming you.

Breitbart reports:

During a video interview with Rolling Stone magazine released Tuesday, left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said white men who voted for President Donald Trump were “not good people.”

Moore said, “I refuse to participate in post-racial America. I refuse to say because we elected Obama that suddenly that means everything is ok, white people have changed. White people have not changed.”

…That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street towards you, two of them voted for Trump. You need to move over to the other sidewalk because these are not good people that are walking toward you. You should be afraid of them.”

Imagine if a celebrity stated if a black man were walking towards you, you should move away . . . 

This celebrity’s career would be over in an instant. 

What Michael Moore said was both racist and sexist and the mainstream media is giving him a complete pass on it. 

For some reason, he’s also allowed to state these ridiculous ideas as a white male himself.

Michael Moore has completely lost touch with everyday Americans. 

Roughly half of the country that voted in 2016 chose President Trump. 

To live in a world where you believe all these people are dangerous is insane. 

These statements, if taken seriously, could also lead people to violence as a preventative measure against white men. 

What do you think? Should Michael Moore apologize for his comments and take them back?


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  2. Actors on the right (Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) have failed to impress those of us on the Left. And this might be due to the distaste we have for their politics.

    But many actors and actresses on the Left, too, are socially and politically aware: Robert Redford and Ashley Judd immediately come to mind.

    We’re in the Age of the Internet, and everybody posts their opinions online!

    No longer “actors,” now the common man has a voice. That’s democracy in action. The Internet might prove to be a blessing – the basis of a free and open society in which everyone has a voice – if we can guarantee Net Neutrality.

    Michael Moore writes, directs and produces as well. He points out the hypocrisy of the right. There’s a huge difference.

    He must have voted for Hillary Clinton?

    Even if you disagree with his politics, you can’t dismiss him as merely an “actor.”

  3. Mr. Moore is a fatass, far-left jerk and I’m happy to say his films are tanking now.
    And you, Vasu, are a lying bigot. Most of us ‘regulars’ scroll past your rantings
    because they’re not worth a read.

  4. Gee Michael I could be mistaken but aren’t YOU a white man?? But you are right. If I saw you coming down the sidewalk,( which by your size you’d probably need the entire sidewalk for yourself) I’d certainly be afraid. You appearance is truly frightening ! And it appears as though you haven’t cleaned yourself up in years ! You are a disgrace in every sense of the word….

  5. Michael Moore another dead soul wandering in his own small wildness with a brain on a peanut! Hey Michael lets see you just might be white …

  6. I’d like to see Jordan Peterson’s assessment of Michael Moore. Of course, Moore would never submit to it and Peterson would never make it public. Too bad!

  7. Michael Moore is only relevant to hisself and those foolish enough to listen to him. His last films didn’t gross enough to even tak them out of the can let alone give him any acknowledgment. MAGA 2020

  8. If white men are so dangerous why is it that most crimes are committed by minorities. This guy is not a man he is what we used to call a wimp. Trust me folks he is not a white man.

  9. I think the truth Moore is discovering is really a blanket statement to be said about all of humanity as a sign of the times although he directs it at White men because ironically they make him feel safer. What is “going on” with “that” is that # 1 with all the fraud and identity theft “going down” people are waking up to being extremely poor judge of character. # 2 “They” (Moore shouldn’t exclude himself in this Hell we’re all going through) are extremely impatient tinderboxes and it takes little or nothing to come to blows whether physically or psychologically. # 3 Many of our conventional social “indiscretions” (?) we used to credit with racial tensions are in reality “across the board” and universal.. i.e. no respect for the individual’s “space” or “property”.. which has been “up for grabs” for quite some time.. These issues affect and ARE PERPETRATED by many groups (minorities) across the board.. And # 4 lastly we are “kind of” (Moore is a big FAT exception) that a lot of the animosity we are feeling is NOT heart felt but “knee jerk” “rash judgment” stereotyping and out right scapegoating.. We need to (since prayer is out of the question because illegal in public places) resort to time away possibly in intense meditation but most of all have an appreciation for # 1 SELF-CRITICISM so people won’t always feel authorized and obligated to “rein you in” and # 2 PATIENCE which really with tempers flaring without warning like they have been you really are taking your life into your hands too liberally expressing that Free Speech which America is so famous for.

  10. I think you and Michael Moore need to live under the social -ism your party advocates. Then Michael wouldn’t be able to be a gluten, and you might learn something.

  11. Would someone PLEASE inform this Fat Aszed Pig that HE is a White man. A very poor example of a White man but still a White man.

  12. May the people never forget that Michael Moore is ALSO A WHITE MAN. The fact that he has a lot of moner makes him a lot more dangerious that most of of poor while men!

  13. It’s okay to be a white man regardless of what the communist leftists would have you believe, people like fatboy moore need to be silenced.

  14. No, Moore misspeaks, only Dem White Men are a danger to us all.
    If this encourages violence against white men- they can Start with M. Moore!
    This racist says all sorts of Racist Crap all the time…So apparently Moore now self-identifies as a Big Huge Fat Black Man! If that doesn’t cause African Americans to jump the Dem ship- Nothing will!

  15. No one in their right mind is impressed by Vasu Moron.
    For your reading pleasure:
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America. by Ann Coulter.

  16. Michael Moore and others on the left seem to be having a contest for who can say the most stupid thing. Take the Democrat Presidential candidates for example. Just when one come out with an unbelievably ridiculous proposal another has to try to top it.

  17. Please! He is NOT and NEVER will be a Man! He is at best simply a lost and confused very fat mammal and should try to understand that he cannot and will not convince anyone with an IQ that cannot be counted on one hand otherwise.

  18. Not silenced, just ignored. Joe public, has ignored his latest films as they didn’t gross enough to cover costs.
    Just let him blab. It’s apparently the only exercise that he gets.

  19. One good thing about people who voted for lil dee trump is that they are dying off faster than they are being replaced.

  20. Maybe that fat, corpulent asshat should read what Jesse Jackson wrote….”There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved”- Jesse Jackson

  21. I hope that Crisco Boy Moore made enough to buy dinner, desert and a snack at Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, Denny’s, Taco Bell, Col. Chicken, Krispy Kreme………………

  22. MM is a legend in his own mind. He means nothing at all to anyone but himself. God created and loves all races. MM is out of touch with reality

  23. Geez, look at that Jabba the Hut stand-in. Why are all of you lefties so frikken fat, muggly and stink like stale mayonnaise?

  24. Last time I looked, Michael Moore was white. Why would someone be dumb enough to promote Hate against himself!!!!! Secondly I agree and dis-agree with him. I am a 68 year old white man and I also feel some white men are ass holes, but so are some black men yellow men and red men. I don’t care what color your skin is. There are good and bad in all colors. At least no matter what color you are if you are hetero sexual you have your head on straight. Today there are too many of all colors LGBTQ+ members that don’t have their heads on straight!!!!! I am Not saying condemn them but, don’t try to change the world to accept their ineptitude. I feel for them. Usually there is a deep rooted reason they went contrary to the Norm. I say live and let live , don’t try to change Our Norms. Marriage is Only between a man and a women. There are Only Two Genders. Leave the Animals alone, humans. No Beastiality allowed. Ever!!!!! No Pedophilia allowed. Ever!!!!!

  25. Any of you , with violence in your heart, take out Michael Moore. He looks white. to me. On the other hand, he also looks like he stinks, so you might want to cross the street. Some of my best friends are white men.

  26. moore should be jailed for attempting to incite riots. The guy is lower than a cock roach. Him and the celebrity’s following his lead should all be boycotted. I could call for more but that would drag me down to his level. I’m a white male who voted for Trump and will do so again. That means I am of the majority of this country that believe we can do better than what career politicians have been giving us for so long. Trump is just the beginning, there will be more.

  27. On the football streams chat rooms…RIGHT IN THE OPEN .. on tv..right now…Perps are calling for the stabbing and killings of ALL WHITES….Nothing is being done about it either.,….I TOLD YOU , we are entering a calamity of WHITE GENOCIDE…

  28. I am a white man and if I saw two white men walking toward me in maga hats I would spit on the ground and call you out for your CULT of tRUMP PERSONALITY because my belief is all DOTARD supporters are nothing but NAZI/SCUM.

    So yes MR. Moore is right.

    Impeach Convict and remove DOTARD.

  29. understood. you are white trash like him. he made it very clear, he will not trust people like you

  30. Really Jim how many mass shooting do minorities commit. Seams to me all except the Dallas shooting have been committed by white men. Most of them the last couple of years have been Cult of tRUMP Personality NAZI/SCUMBAG supporters.

  31. R you do realize that what you posted is a Call to incite violence. I am just saying all of you Cult of tRUMP Personality supporters are so Paranoid of the Deep State you never know who is watching.

  32. jack, you are a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pres. Trump has done nothing but good for this country. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Trump and ALL are very loving, kind, honest, decent people who do a lot for others. They are FAR BETTER than you!!!! You just come here to spew your sick hate and lies. satan is your master. You are extremely sick

  33. Right now you are Gary but that will change soon enough. Demographics demographics demographics you and all your white Nazi/scumbags can’t stop it.

  34. jack, please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that he should be impeached for. Just one. YOU CAN’T!!! He has done nothing wrong. But you are a hate-filled liar and need lots of help

  35. jack, the Nazis are in the dem party. Wake up and dare to see the dem party for the sick deranged hate-filled party that it is. And you are WRONG!!!! God will stop your sick hate-filled dems/libs. There is no way you can fight God and win. It will really suck to be you when Jesus returns


    This POS can say that because he is not a man. The best news on the internet today was that revenues for the film industry were down more than 3.8% this year. I HAVEN’T BEEN TO A MOVIE IN SEVEN YEARS.

  37. Yes, Michael, it is. There is a lot of sick hatred on the left. But Jesus will put a stop to it when He returns and we will be free of them

  38. Yeah Jabba the moore once again has oozed out from under his rock to say something libtard profoundly stupid again that it took him a month this time to think up ! What a worthless POS !

  39. What a dick.. btw, he hasn’t seen his in years. He is just another Obama lover who hates the fact he is white. What a POS. Who said he is a filmmaker? What has he ever done? Most likely another Jew from California who is afraid of loosing the money he stole from black people.

  40. Michael go pull it up out of 114 mass shootings as defined by Congress since 1982-May 2019 65 were committed by white men this count does not include the Wal-Mart shooting in El Paso or Dayton so that adds two more so now we have 67 mass shootings committed by a white men. So what Mr. Moore said has a grain of truth.

  41. DO NOT let their names fool you…they are cryptic Jews…as are many many of our leaders..Both LBJ and Lincoln and even Roosevelt….or their ‘wives’ who really ran the government–it’s an elaborate game—the trojan horse..were said to be of that tribe also..They change their names and take Western names to blend in and overwhelm the goyim…Who do you think Jesus chased out of the temple? The Irish? not hardly..

  42. BJ I am telling you dumbass that that statement he made could be construed as a terrorist threat. If tonight something happens to Mr. Moore they would drag the internet looking for stuff just like that. So if you think I am clueless about that kind of stuff think again.

  43. We the White Men of America are sorry to hear that Mr. Michael Moore has become so ill. We do hope that someone is looking out for him, you know someone like a MENTAL HOSPITAL.

  44. Producers produce. Actors act.
    What is a subliminal portrayal to all as viewers with the intent for the minions to follow and act out also.
    Mean while millions upon millions of dollars are raked in as the minions look around in amazement of a fantasy world.

    Just saying….

  45. What Can You Say He Has Many Problems He Should Be Working On Beside Mouthing Off . Here Are Some Good Examples : Over Weight, Low Self Esteame , Misinformed ,Over Rated Among Other Things

  46. Michael not so I attend church every week I have a bible sitting by my chair. Mike you are Ret Army so you must have been through the Middle East haven’t you.

  47. BJ you know he is right the base of tRUMP’s support is white older men and they are dying as we speak so tRUMP’s base is shrinking drip by drip.

  48. Somebody should remind Michael Moore that he is equivalent three white men himself. Does that make him equal to two white men who voted for President Trump? If so, then he should be avoided also. Under his guide lines, he is also dangerous. But then he is not mentally stable in most peoples minds. He should be avoided just because of who he is.

  49. And ole Jack is a dope fried idiot that is too stupid to hold a job, so he lives in his mommy’s basement, drives mommy’s car, wastes his food stamps and welfare on dope and just plain too stupid to watch real news, so he stays stuck on stupid.

  50. Jack, Democrats can’t call Republicans racist when your side calls white people bad. That is racism right there. How can you not see that?

  51. Need to g.j o back to school and learn how to count Jack. The prison population is 87% black, blacks that are murdered are murdered by other blacks 97% of the time and overall crime is committed by blacks 93%. Just think if they comprised more than 13% of the population?

  52. Jack and Vasi must be sitting in the same room with their heads up each other’s ass waiting for someone to turn a blinker on so one of them will know when to start thinking the right way. The bible is true. These type are supposed to be doing this in the end times. Come Lord Jesus save us from this deprivation.

  53. Jack you are correct about the call to violence but where you’re wrong is pretending Democrats are not racist by calling out people by their skin color. Saying white men are bad is just as racist as the KKK, which of course was started by southern Democrats.

  54. Just like the trolls on these sites. All competing to say the most outrageous things to get the most attention.

  55. Well Jack, there are many democrats inciting violence every day because they are always talking about killing Trump. Actually, nearly all of the democrat filth and scum does, are you included in that gang of trash Jack?

  56. And a couple of great things about scum like Eric and nearly all filth and scum democrat trash is that they will die from aids or be shot by each other. Eric, what did you dress like this weekend, a man or a woman, or perhaps both?

  57. Jack, it’s always a pendulum. People are stupid and have short memories but when they notice how miserable their lives are and how Democrat policies always fail they swing to the other side. There will always be both sides.

  58. I can dismiss anyone who lives in, gains wealth from and enjoys freedom from our Republic, who disdains the very foundation of liberty. Michael Moore talks and “acts” like the hypocritical moron that he is.
    Again, anyone who does not love the USA and this Republic should consider migrating to the Country whose government, laws and politics suit their personal aspirations instead of working to destroy what made America great.
    Vasu, what have you accomplished for this great country?!

  59. You have to admire Hitler to be a Nazi. Trump supporters don’t admire Hitler. Maybe you need to find another word to label people you hate that fits.

  60. Well there is at least 68 million sensible people that supports Trump so with so many of the democrats with Aids and every other kind of diseases known to man, and the fact that they are killing each other every day, the filth and scum democrats should die off before Trump supporters. By the way Eric and Jack, are both of you trannies? I bet ole Jack and Eric takes turns dressing like a woman and most assuredly pokes each other regularly huh?

  61. And by far – MOST OF THEM WERE LEFT CONNECTED AND MANY WERE REGISTERED DEMOCRATS. Mister Off Kilter forgot to include that little part.

  62. Michael Moore is the ultimate example of the stupid liberal / democrat phony piece of crap low IQ person.

    All of her ideas are just plain stupid. He has no concept what so ever about the difference in economic level verse race. There are many many white males with no power, no control, and no resources. Michael Moore thinks all white males are rich empowered and as arrogant just like his fat ass. He doesn’t understand that only applies to to self indulgence rich people like him

  63. Michael Moore, unfortunately people often mistake me for you. I was in an accident, that’s my excuse. But Everytime you utter such nonsense, I get approached and questioned.

    Quit opening your damn mouth!

  64. Well Jack this Nazi scum spent 20 years in the military to allow you to be so stupid. I tell folks all the time that you cannot fix stupid and my friend you are just stupid. You should go back to school if you ever attended one in the first place and study some history. The dems are more like the Nazi party. Example who started the KKK. Who pulled a filibuster on the civil rights act to try and keep it from being passed, who is constantly saying anti-Semitic BS. who is trying to take away our right to bear arms? Answer democrats.

  65. First Jack let me explain to you that I said CRIMES. Typical of the left wing BS you want to distract by saying mass shootings. First off many of those were linked to Liberal followers not to Trump or conservatives. John K already gave you some stats on crime so I need not go over that. Let me point out also that the bulk of these mass shootings since 1982 have been by young people. (wonder why) Now you said that 67 of the 116 were committed by whites which is about 59%. Now considering that Whites make up approx. 73.3% of the population and minorities the rest that means that based on the numbers you gave minorities have committed 43% of the mass shootings and they only make up 26.7% of the population, so percentage wise minorities still commit more mass shootings then whites. LESSON OVER.

  66. Michael Moore is garbage. He is not a good person. He lies, dissembles and generally misrepresents events to damage Americans and diminish the quality of life for ALL Americans.

  67. Self-hating whites are as ignorant/cringeworthy as white supremacists. He fails to realize he’s telling people to be afraid of him and avoid him.

  68. Jack: Haven’t seen you post in awhile. I see you are still using your very colorful (and incorrect) descriptions of us Conservatives. Please Jack, don’t ever write a book about how to win friends and influence people. Seeing how you express yourself, it will never sell.
    This story is about Michael Moore. Can you name ONE redeeming factor about him?? Moore is trying to incite hate and violence against white people. Are you alright with this, since you accused someone else of doing the same thing?? Believe it or not, people are still allowed to voice their frustrations and opinions. But that does not mean we are all going on a mass shooting sprees. BUT, people in the public eye, like this buffoon Moore and in sports and etc ARE trying to use their positions to incite riots and murder. Needlessly!! This country is being ripped apart ,and if I were you, I would look to your party, and all the unwarranted hatred they have, that is the REAL problem . What’ s happening is not a game , Jack. It’s very real with very serious consequences that have to be dealt with ..
    One more final thought Jack, before I have to get my brown shirt washed and ironed for my next Nazi rally.( Not really. But that’s YOU view all of us) You told Michael J. you have a bible next to your chair. PLEASE read it and stop using just as a beer coaster. It will do you a world of good…A little snarky comment , but true.
    Now, if you want to attack me verbally, feel free. You and I have been down this road many times and if you talk about me, you will leave someone else alone. Oh, and please don’t side with that little twit Eric. He is just a fool with nothing to contribute but nonsense and hate…

  69. When I see a white man with a gun or a Trump hat, I move away from them. They’re clearly dangerous to me personally and to the USA.

  70. “Michael Moore stated white men were not good people and that you should be “afraid” of them.”
    Is Michael Moore afraid of himself?

  71. Give M.M. a break this is the only way he can get any attention now days , he even tried tying a steak around his neck to get his dog to play with him but that didn’t work either.

  72. “Actors on the right (Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) have failed to impress those of us on the Left.”
    Impressing you is not one of my goals Vasu.

  73. Thank God for white men with a gun. That HCB is what made this country great. Not taking away any contributions made by minorities but look at the civil war, WW1, WW2, In our history that what man with a gun with contributions from some minorities gave you the life you enjoy today. If you are that afraid maybe you would be better off in a country with less white people.

  74. John I don’t have aids or will not get shot I do not believe in guns as a matter if the second amendment were repealed would not bother me.

  75. John you really are caught up in CULT OF DOTARD PERSONALITY and the number is 63,000,000 million tRUMP supporters vs 65,000,000 blue team supporters tRUMP lost popular vote by 2,900,000. Now I know your GOD/KING as trained all of you to say the results are fake but those are the numbers.

    What I like to ask if tRUMP is so great why did the blue team flip the house by 40 seats. Also look at the raw numbers for 2018 mid-terms the red team had 50,304,979 vs 58,990,609 for the blue team. So has all of you DOTARD NAZI/SCUMBAGS are trained by the moron tRUMP to disregard facts those numbers do not lie.

    One more thing if your base is so strong why in 2019 did KY throw out a red team governor and LA reelect a blue team governor.

  76. Yeah Linda he predicted the win of your GOD/KING in 2016 one of the few that got it right huh. So yes he is someone to at least listen to you may not like him but he is already predicting tRUMP will win in 2020 not by popular vote but electoral college. Dotard will never win the popular vote.

  77. Hey JACK just ran across some figures for you. I know your mind will not be able to process this with all the lib kool aid you drink but FYI in 2019 there were 248 mass shootings in the US. A mass shooting is currently defined as a shooting of 4 or more people in the same incident. in those mass shootings 979 were hit and 245 were killed. Oh and yes the vast majority of them were done by minorities and they were done in predominantly minority neighborhoods and in historically democratic run cities. But you wont see that in the lib media cause they don’t want you to know, just keep watching CNN Jack and keep buying in on the BS. Oh yea do you even know what the Nazi is? They had this thing for the JEWS kinda sounds like the democratic party to me ah.

  78. So Jim were you drafted or did you volunteer either way your choice I owe you nothing for that stay retired you Fascist Jackboot.

  79. Hey jack did you forget about the open mic with Obama telling Putin that after the election he could do more. Or maybe you forgot about Hilary and the Uranium. Reading your posts each one shows more and more what an utter idiot you really are. Your restricted to coming up with FACTS that are not FACTS and trying to pass them off with the NAZI comments etc. I really feel sorry for you Jack. And if you really are a White man you must really hate yourself.

  80. Laughing like !!!!! Michael Moore look in the mirror. You’re a bit dumb you just rained terror on yourself. I have no respect for anyone behind that video.

  81. I think mass killings started with our ideas on organized labor… Nat Turner or John Brown.. then after Reconstruction we get the idea of reparations (though no one mentions remuneration before the Civil Rights Movement, labor relations, profit sharing, shared liabilities, Corporal Works of Mercy – performed for the Slaves, partnerships in administration..).. What a way to treat future employers, eh? As if personal competency, aptitude, or profit margins (employee ration to pm).. Then we have the idea of “wars of nerves” which falls under the category of wedded bliss.. As far as mass killings how about Colin Ferguson on the Long Island Railroad.. then the DC snipers picking people off arbitrarily.. I blame it all on the sexual revolution where recreational sex dilutes all social commitments to zero and with it human life itself which we see the grand finale in Roe vs Wade.. Human life???? Say WHA???? A mere joke…

  82. So sad can only call people names cannot dispute the facts laid out. See Jack that is the problem with the left once you see the facts you can only resort to name calling. Sad little man.

  83. There is no such thing as a “cult of personality” in Trump’s camp. We are informed enough to see the evil of the Democrats and we appreciate the great things Trump has done for this country while being persecuted by the Dems since before he even sat in the Oval Office. We don’t necessarily approve of Trump’s personality issues but we can live with that.

  84. “There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose that plot” JFK, 7 days before he was killed.

    He was going after the corrupt FBI and those Dems who were globalists attempting to hand the US over to One World Government under the UN. He was the last honorable Democrat.

  85. Jack, that is a LIE!!!! But of course you have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders without question. You have no brain to think for yourself.

  86. jack, what I said is the truth. And we have nothing to worry about because the dems have thrown God out and embrace satan. They CANNOT win. God wins. I am on the winning side for eternity. Sorry about you

  87. Jack, I was not trained to say anything. I have a brain to think for myself and I know the truth that you deny. Hillary only won the popular vote because of illegals and dead people voting and those who voted more than once. TRUTH!!!!!!! And you have no clue about the future. God is in charge and you cannot fight Him and win. The dem party belongs to satan

  88. Jackass, He was addressing Eric, not you. And you are truly a fool if you think it would not affect you if the second amendment is repealed. Your ignorance knows no bounds. And since you hate this country and our Constitution so much, you are free to move to the cmmi country of your choice where there is no freedom. Or try a muslim country. No freedom there, either.

  89. Jack, what I said is the truth. But you are so brainwashed by your sick dem leaders that you have no concept of the truth. And since the dem party belongs to satan, they cannot win. And I am female, fool

  90. Jack, you do know that the collusion with Russia was Hillary, right?? oh, wait, you are so brainwashed guess you don’t have a clue about that

  91. Jack, so you attend church and have a Bible sitting by your chair. You might actually try reading it. You would find that Jesus FORBIDS your sick name-calling, hatred and lies. And it is very obvious that you have not applied what you read. If you truly repented and accepted Jesus as your Savior you would have NOTHNG at all to do with the dem party. What church do you attend? A satanic one? Obviously not one that preaches the Bible

  92. ??? So race makes a difference to you when making friends? How sad. It is not the color of your skin that matters, but what is in your heart. God created and loves all races

  93. jack, you are wrong. He will win it if fraud is prevented. There are LOTS of people who did not vote for him last time that will next time.

  94. jack, and that is the goal of the dem party… POWER. Total and complete power. And they can’t get it as long as we have our guns. Guns are not just for power. They are for PROTECTION against those who would harm or destroy us. You are a fool

  95. jack, you really need to read that Bible you have. satan is your master but Jesus will welcome you anytime you want to come to Him

  96. Miss BJ I do not know how much traveling you have done but there are a he’ll’ve of a lot other contries that are more civilized than usa.

  97. Did this dumb ass forget he’s white to ? … so we should be afraid of him to ? After all he’s rich and can pay his way out of most things . Can you say white privilegs ? Maybe he can learn something from Mr trump so he can make a good movie for once . Fat ugly white guys like him don’t get sex unless they pay for it , so he has a lot of time on his hands to cry about mr trump and white guys . wonder how many time he went to the island for young girls like the rest of them rich white guys . should we be afraid of them white acters and politician’s ? After all their white guys to . Or is it just the white guys that try to live good life’s and think for themself and voted for Mr trump . Right here shows you the mind set of a Democrats way of thinking . You really want that thinking running our country ? Think real hard befor voting come Nov 2020 . And make the right choice. .. for us and our kids

  98. Did this dumb ass forget he’s white to ? … so we should be afraid of him to ? After all he’s rich and can pay his way out of most things . Can you say white privilegs ? Maybe he can learn something from Mr trump so he can make a good movie for once . should we be afraid of them white acters and politician’s ? After all their white guys to . Or is it just the white guys that try to live good life’s and think for themself and voted for Mr trump . Right here shows you the mind set of a Democrats way of thinking . You really want that thinking running our country ? Think real hard befor voting come Nov 2020 . And make the right choice. .. for us and our kids

  99. Has that fat bastard looked in a mirror lately? He’s a “cracker”! What a fat,bloated sack of protoplasm! However, he IS RIGHT THIS TIME. He IS WHITE,and Trump WILL WIN in 2020!

  100. While mass shootings may be more lethal and targeted toward innocents, they are not nearly at all as common as gang shootouts, gang assassinations, domestic violence, homicidal robberies and crimes of passion, in which innocent bystanders sometimes wind up being injured. The risk factors vary with location and jurisdiction, so it is hard to paint these things as nation-wide “issues”.

  101. Since it’s been so long since Moore entertained a real job maybe he should start to remember that so-called ‘riches’ and ‘rich (White) people’ sometimes have a lot of “overhead” which oftentimes includes PAYROLL.

  102. Micheal Moore, If you don’t like it here why don’t you get your communist ASS out of here, Good Bye and so long.

  103. Well I’m not on any side! But for what Mr Moore had to say about the white man, and the way all you people responding to this is, just what he said! The mean, bullying, hateful, racists, remarks, right down to death, You people yes scare me! Read what you wrote, think about it!


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