What liberal activists just did to this town’s 70 year Christmas tradition will make you see red


Nothing scares liberal activists more than the nativity story.

To them, the story of a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger being visited by wise men is a bloody sore on the history of mankind.

And what liberal activists did to this town’s 70 year Christmas tradition will make you see red.

A public school district in Michigan was issued a warning by civil rights activists to remove their 70-year-old Wise Men display or face a lawsuit.

The beloved display of the three Wise Men sits on top of Newaygo Elementary School.

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA) put the Newaygo Public School District on notice because they allegedly received a complaint that the display was offensive.

But most citizens of the small Michigan town want the display to stay up as part of a decades-old tradition.

9 and 10 news reports:

A popular, long standing Christmas decoration is in risk of getting taken down after a civil rights group opposes it standing on top of a public elementary school.

“It’s just a symbol of our community it’s always been there and we love it,” says Amy Postma.

For decades the Three Wisemen have watched over Newaygo from high on top of the elementary school. Three wisemen heading towards the star of Bethlehem. A tradition for Newaygo, but possibly an illegal tradition, a failure to separate church and state.

People around town have been talking about the controversy over the weekend and very few want to have the decorations taken down.

“It would be just as ridiculous to say you can’t have Santa Claus in the bank taking pictures with kids,” says Postma, a lifelong Newaygo resident, “It’s a part of the festivities.”

Leftwing secularists have pushed the War on Christmas to new heights this year.

As we recently reported, a town in Ohio was forced to take down their nativity scene after receiving threats from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

And another school in Nebraska banned Christmas colors, Christmas carols and candy canes.

Do you think that Christmas is offensive? Let us know in the comments!


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  2. There is only way to stand up to the godless, and those who seek to undermine a national holiday and by extension religious liberty, and that is the people must shout them down and do so with fortitude and courage.

  3. These communist traitors need to get out of our country. This is a Christian country based on Christian principals. It is ‘Freedom ‘of’ Religion’, not ‘Freedom ‘from’ Religion’. Get over it. and grow up. Wait until you traitors have to face GOD on judgement day.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  4. Try as hard as I can, as an Evangelical Christian American, Pro-Life, Right Wing, Constitutional, Conservative,
    I find NOTHING about Christmas trees and lots of colorful lights anywhere in my Old or New Testaments. Why are Christians so upset about heathens getting their knickers in a twist over their own pagan rituals? Christmas is about a unique birth of someone…not those who came to see it…or even the mother who gave birth to The Child? The Bible talks about shepherds abiding in the hills at night keeping watch over their flocks. Have you ever been in that part of the world in December? It is colder than a well digger’s knees in December, and there are not shepherds there. What other things do we approve of that have no biblical basis for it? How does all of this gigantic display of things with a heathen history lead anyone to salvation?
    Are they upset we have taken what was theirs and by accommodation, have assigned our own meanings to it?

  5. So no wise men allowed in Michigan. Hummmm. Now it’s starting to make sence why they are dumbing down the school system. Maybe it’s because the 3 wise men are conservatives due to the fact that they are bringing gifts instead of having their hands out. Oh well, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. You can shout them down but they will either win in court or cities back down because they can’t afford the court costs to fight this crap.

  7. Nowhere in the constitution is there a demand for separation of church and state. The founding fathers did not insist on a separation of church and state. They did insist on the state not having permission to declare a government sanctioned church and that was the only restriction on the Federal government. There is no restriction on the people or the church bringing GOD into the government.
    Hugo Black, a virulent racist, member of the KKK, and hater of the Catholic church, while on the US supreme court, established the separation of church and state so as to remove tax money from being used to bus students to Catholic schools. This is the principal cause of the demise of the Catholic school system. Good old Hugo Black, a Democrat senator from a southern state, despised everyone and everything but white southern Protestants. He was appointed to the highest court by FDR with full knowledge of Hugo’s virulent racism. Every case before the supreme court when Hugo was on the court should be carefully reexamined.

  8. Kieth said it all!
    Those that don’t like it find another country!
    Our country was founded on Christian Values.
    If you can’t accept that leave!
    Don’t let the door hit you in your ass when you leave!

  9. “Separation of church and state” is an invented myth. It appears nowhere in the Constitution. It is an outright fabrication used by the left to misrepresent a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists (explaining to them that the Federal Government had no business establishing any kind of national religion) as proof that the Founders actually wrote the 1st Amendment to eradicate all things Christian from all things public—a blatant falsehood that has been used to shove a tyrannical Atheist agenda down America’s throat.
    Let’s review:
    New York and Virginia originally refused to ratify the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights was added specifically to convince them that this new federal government we were creating would never trample their rights. Seen in its proper historical context like this, it becomes clear that the Bill of Rights was a protection of THE STATES and THE PEOPLE vs. the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. What the 1st Amendment expressly protects is the “free religious exercise” of the states and citizens, by preventing the Federal Government from imposing a religion at the national level.
    This in no way implies that any and all signs of our Judeo-Christian heritage (‘One nation, under God,’ ‘In God We Trust,’ etc.) must be erased from all federal buildings, our currency, or the Pledge. In fact, Benjamin Franklin himself proposed that our Great Seal be an image of Moses parting the Red Sea, with the inscription, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”
    And it certainly doesn’t imply that state and local governments face any federal restrictions whatsoever on their decisions regarding religion (that would be the exact opposite of the 1st Amendment’s stated intent, in fact). If people find it inappropriate, for instance, for an Alabama judge to decorate his courthouse with a Ten Commandments display, then, according to the Constitution, that is a matter for the people of Alabama to decide, not some federal court.
    The Federal Government even being INVOLVED in such a case constitutes an outright reversal of what the Founding Fathers put in place. Some of the ratifying states, like Massachusetts, even HAD official state religions at the time of the Founding. Clearly, this is not what was intended.
    The left’s deliberate misinterpretation of the Establishment Clause as a license to trample the religious speech of Christians (and only Christians) is based on nothing more than Atheists not wanting to have to witness or tolerate any acknowledgment of our Judeo-Christian roots. But this vindictive, tyrannical bigotry ignores the fact that such acknowledgments in no way constitute the creation of a national religion or a violation of anyone’s rights.
    Liberals simply pretend that the Constitution says what they want it to say and relentlessly misinform the public to make it seem valid.

  10. To these civil rights protesters I say, what ever you believe in, we should protest them. Their time off work, school, or other activities for Christmas should be canceled. After all they DO NOT believe in this Holiday tradition so they should continue to work as usual through it to earn a living. What ever they want to take time off of work for, we should protest and demand that it stop immediately. Give them a full helping of what they want to dish out until they realize that this is American, NOT Amerika, where we still have freedom of expression and religion for ALL.

  11. For those that do not want to respect and love our traditions, why dont you pick up your belongings and move to a place where there is no traditions to observe, I think that Venezuela,Cuba or even the middle east would be a good choice for you guys and let the real americans be americans. You bunch of communist fanatics get the hell out if you are so unhappy about USA way of life.

  12. You never see these cowards going after muslums so I can only believe that they are of that faith pretending to be athiests. We need a freedom from Communist Atheists Foubdation.

  13. Right on, Keith! ????.

    Merry Christmas to you and to all Americans be they Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist or whatever. Enjoy your national holiday day off thanks to Christians.

  14. I will bet, these idiots were not born here. Shut the F**K up. We don’t care what you do in your country, and you are free to do it here. But don’t you dictate to us, what we can do.

    I am sick and tired of people coming in here and dictating what WE can and can’t do. These people, if they were truly genuine about becoming American Citizens, they would leave that crap back in their country and embrace our way of life. But they don’t want that. They want all of our social programs a f then demand we provide an interpreter so they can more easily get the freebies. This is far too out of control.

    Bottom line is, when you come here, you learn English, you get a job, you pay your own way, and you leave the turbin, the pancho, and any other crap, in the other side of the border.

    You’re in the United States now. Freaking act like it. I would not tolerate for one second, some clown, coming into my house and telling me the cross on the wall offends me. Take it down. My response would be F**K YOU, A HOLE. Then show them the door. I’m sorry if it offended them. Them telling me to take it down, offends ME.

    How come no one is worried about offending us? THEY are the guests here. Uninvited ones at that.

  15. Hey Richard, you’re so right. If you migrate to OUR country, love it or leave it. Enough of this liberal/secular BS. Find out who these people are and protest in front of their offices and homes.

  16. We were too nice to them to our children and let them be programmed in the very school we trusted, as the first wave of liberals and protesters started their war on the thoughts our children, In order to get the attention these young students wanted, as their parents worked hard to put them in these schools, to support the ungrateful s–t heads, they got it the attention from their educators. Now these first wave NWO trained educators have created a whole army of brain dead idiotic soldiers that only march to their orders. As Thoreau can be quoted and we have lost in the individual, “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, Perhaps it is because hears the beat of a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, how ever measured and far away.” The NWO has taken away the drummer and replace it with their vocal stench.

  17. I am so disgusted with these people and I feel sorry for these people who are trying to take God out of everything. God is our Loving Father. He created us. They say these traditions offend them. Well, it offends me when they damage my traditions and want to take Religious Statues or History Statues down. This is God’s and our Country. Respect it!
    Michigan, don’t let anyone tell you you have to take the three wise down. May God be with you always and protect us all.

  18. The Freedom From Religion (FFR) minions have totally distorted the Constitution and we continually let them get away with it. The Constitution says the government may not establish a religion. It never said, nor does it now say, that the government cannot respect religion nor is not allowed to pray out loud in the public square. This stems from their persecution in Europe for not bowing to the state church. This is why they came to the New World — to get away from religious dictatorship. We are simply repeating history by allowing the FFR group to dictate to us what we can say and do religiously in the public arena.

  19. First of all, there is no such thing as a separation of church and state in the constitution. Show me where it says that. Somewhere in their warped minds thy have twisted the first amendment. The first sentence states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the FREE exercise thereof” My next question is just how many people are in this group, and they need to be confronted at every turn, and should be sued for all legal costs.

  20. Why can they FORCE their beliefs on us. We do not force our beliefs on them. Separation of church and state means that the AMERICAN Government can not create a national church such as England has done in the past. There has been prayer in Congress from the very beginning an many of our founding fathers did pray.

  21. Wow, u said exactly what all of great Christians say, we’ll never, ever leave Christ out of lives, he’s there to stay, liberals, ur gonna have to get use to it, understand?

  22. Agree with you 100%. Need to stand up and fight these anti American a——-!. They are ruining this country and out kids. Our education system has already been destroyed with communism. Wish we could deport all these idiots from the US, I would then say for once that our tax dollars would be used wisely to purchase one way tickets with a signed contracst from these idiots to never return to this country.

  23. These people are evil. They can’t stand it that there is a God to tell them right from wrong. They belong to satan and will lose for eternity

  24. Actually, the three wise men were never in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. They showed up later. But I totally support the town’s right to have them. It is very sick and sad when a few people can tell us what to do.

  25. Dewey…that is the whole problem. There are more and more people who cannot stand it that this country was founded by Christians and will do anything they can to get rid of anything Christian. They are in satan’s army. But we know who wins in the end

  26. All the Damn Muslims are in Michigan. It seems that they’re allowed to practice their religion but we’re not allowed to practice ours. If we didn’t have Communists in our Government, namely the Demon Rat party, we wouldn’t have this problem at all. Apparently, “We the People” have no say anymoré. The atheists, the Satanists, the Muslims, all can practice their religion as they see fit but we Christians and Jews seem to be out of luck. And then the Muslims are in there complaining about everything and if their a Judge they win. Muslims are not supposed to be in our Country as per the MCCARRAN-WALTERS ACT let alone be in government. Where the hell are the snipers when you need them?

  27. If they believe one has the right not to be offended in this country then why don’t these individuals move to Venezuela or some other godless country because they certainly offend me, looks like a catch 22 situation. Sadly without any guiding core belief other than it’s all about me these people will continue to be offended. A healthier approach may be live and let live. I’m guessing the individual or individuals complaining don’t even live in Newaygo.

  28. These Godless fools need to be smacked down (legally) and told in no uncertain terms that we will stand up for our principles and not back down. NO MORE!

    Phil in TX

  29. Christmas is very offensive to those who are going to be judged by that baby it represents. Their future is the worst anyone could possibly imagine and they don’t want to be reminded of where they are headed. By taking away the reminder, they change nothing. I have Jesus living on the inside of me, and nothing they do changes that. In fact it just reinforces it. They have Satan living on the inside of them and nothing changes that, it just reinforces it. So when they sue or threaten to sue, it openly declares who has Christ living in them and who has Satan living in them. No need for us to become offended, they pronounce judgment upon themselves.

  30. My thoughts exactly David, as I read Williams’ comment. I normally just read comments and never post. Christmas is about the birth of our Savior, Jesus. The Three Wise Men following the star is an integral part of Gods’ anouncement to the world. If you want to fight Christmas, fight the commercialization and leave the love of Christ and Christianity alone.

  31. I agree 100%! But the problem is people need to stand up to these scabs, but we don’t. Nobody does anything but whine and complain about them getting their lowlife gutless pieces of stinking garbage ways, BUT WE’VE GOT TO DO IT! The more we let those scabs win the more it will encourage them to keep going. And why they are being allowed to win and get their heartless, soulless, unAmerican ways just blows me away, it absolutely amazes me.
    They are gutless piece of garbage stinking scabs- that I do wish someone would just do away with. For wanting to destroy this precious country, that is what they deserve.They need to be kicked out, send the scabs to mexico- and put the damn wall up!

  32. is this the America that our fore fathers formed I don’t think so….religious freedom was the reason the mayflower came in the beginning…….. if these people do not like america its time for them to go where religion is not a part of the Constitution of that country……good by to these people

  33. I am so tired of this crap constantly being shoved down my throat by jerks like these who would even protest at a fallen military member’s funeral. FFRF should just blow all their trash right out their behinds because they don’t have the right to tell me that I HAVE TO believe their way.

  34. I don’t care what these liberal nut cases say and it is time to fight back and take it to court and put a complete end to this crap!!! This is our country not theirs and the courts need to uphold our Constitution, for all immigrants that try to enter our country and get accepted taker an oath and are sworn to uphold our laws, are traditions and to inseminate themselves in being an American and nothing but an American!!! If our Flag, our Pledge of Allegiance, our traditions and anyone’s religion offends them then they need to be removed from our country!!! For there’s no place for discrimination in our country of any kind!!! For we all have the right to celebrate whatever their religion in there own way without any interference from anyone!!! As for America’s history and our traditions and laws go everyone that wants to live in our country will abide by this countries way of life or they don’t belong here period!!! So yes lets take it the courts and put an end to these people saying something offends them that is this countries way of life and this countries traditions for this is our country not theirs and the courts should be upholding all our countries traditions and way of life!!!

  35. They came here because of the great Godly country we have. it was fine in years past Why do they want to change good? The statures have been there for years and hurt no person. Why don’t these nuts spend time helping someone or get out of here.

  36. I personally think these people who now , all of a sudden , are against anything religious are mentally disturbed, or maybe they were the recipients of some coal back in their childhood, but if they are truly believers in their mission why don’t they do away with the school vacations for the CHRISTMAS holidays, sounds only right to me , or are they really not believers in what they do ?

  37. Shouldn’t there be a “grandfather” clause that affects this? After 70 years the idiots come out of the woodwork.

  38. Every thing that was said here is right. What’s missing is a way to raise funds to combat those who want to destroy our religion. Funds need to be raised and put in safe keeping. When these people start their crap, there will be enough money there to help fight those doing the sewing. Maybe we could do this until they realize threatening sewing isn’t going to work, or they run out of money. Either way it will create a big problem for them, because they know good people won’t stand for it anymore.

  39. Its way past time we stand up to these terrorists. I am not a religious person but my sisters are and they have a right to practice their faith however they see fit. Noone should stick their noses into someone else Christian business. If you dont like something you see dont look at it and move one. Stop being troublemakers. You just make yourselves look like asses.

  40. These atheist are anti-American hate filled ant religious bigots who should be turned away from the courts for these frivolous law suits against millions and millions of Americans.

  41. Then file a complaint that you find their objection offensive. They violate the First Amendment. I would start a petition and pass it around and let the signatures speak for themselves. Majority voices win!

  42. I am still trying to figure out what this crap is really all about. So these douchbags don’t like the display? Don’t look at it. Case settled. Not that simple? OK then.
    I think that this country was founded on Christian beliefs. This is what we should stand on. I’m betting these DB’s were not born here and they probably are not Christian. Don’t they have some kind of seasonal display? Well, I find that offensive.

    Look, here’s the deal. Anyone can practice any type of religion, no matter how whacky. That’s what we’re all about here. So if they can do whatever they want in the name of religion here, because we as a country allow it, it would seem to me that WE would be allowed to do the same.

    What I find offensive is that this country has turned into a bunch of pussies. This is OUR home. They are guests. Uninvited ones at that. So they should be grateful that we allow them to remain, here enjoying the freedoms that we enjoy. So, keep your pie hole shut and thank God, or whatever, that you are not shot, beheaded, or dismembered because you disagree with the way things are done here like you would have been in your garbage pit that you left to come here.

    If we keep taking in these zero’s because they are afraid, (yeah, right), of being persecuted in their home country, the very least they can do is to try to become American. I am sure that is what they told the screeners when they were crying to get in here. They are just a bunch of freeloading, ungrateful, non contributing, pieces of fecal matter that have no business whatsoever to tell US what we can and can’t display.

    If you are dissatisfied with the way things are going, you are more than welcome to take your unwanted butts and get the F**K out of here.

    I hope this wasn’t too harsh, but I really don’t care. I and I believe an overwhelming majority of the citizens who actually own this country are in agreement with me.


  43. Exactly Karen….why is the mudslimes allowed in our country, especially as for holding office! Why hasn’t anybody done something about it!!

  44. It Is past time that towns and organizations remembered that the Constitution says Freedom OF religion. Not! Freedom from religion


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