What Lee Greenwood just did for this veteran will make you proud to be an American


Nearly every time a celebrity is in the news, it’s because they are disrespecting the flag, promoting abortion, or engaging in some lewd behavior.

But this story is different.

Country star Lee Greenwood just did something to serve this wounded veteran that will make you proud to be an American.

Lee Greenwood is most famous for his song, “God Bless the U.S.A.”

Since releasing the song, he’s teamed up with several organizations to assist veterans in need.

In this case, he helped Matt Deatherage – who lost his legs in Afghanistan – by providing him with a new home equipped to support his disability and make life easier.

Fox News reports:

Country music star Lee Greenwood was especially proud to be an American over the holiday weekend, after working with a nonprofit to provide a specialized home for an Afghanistan war veteran who lost his legs overseas.

Greenwood teamed up with Helping a Hero to provide wounded warrior Matt Deatherage with a home equipped for him to live independently, and the two men appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Monday to talk about the new house and the organization that made it happen.

Deatherage said he was “amazed” at his new home, and the hard work done by Helping a Hero to aid dozens of veterans like himself with special needs…

His new home is equipped with ramps and wide doors to accommodate his chair, as well as an exterior pathway so that he can get around outdoors.

Matt Deatherage’s wheelchair made it difficult for him to get around the house and even through doors.

Thanks to Lee Greenwood and Helping a Hero, Deatherage can now use ramps in his house to get around and get through doorways without assistance.

It is refreshing to see a celebrity do something patriotic for a change and help a veteran.

Lee Greenwood should be applauded for being so generous.

He should also be commended for standing up for our country without fear of backlash and what other celebrities may think of him.

It is a shame that there aren’t more celebrities like Lee Greenwood.

What are your thoughts?


    • I agree wholeheartedly! God bless you Mr. Greenwood – your song “God Bless the USA” brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it!

      • Renata, You are so right, and I also get tears in my eyes whenever I hear the song. Greenwood deserves a medal from President Trump for patriotism and loyality to our veterans especially and to us DEPLORABLES FOR WRITING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG.

    • I know that God will bless Lee Greenwood . He is a man with integrity, love for his country and respects servicemen. He truly has a heart instead of a BIG DISGUSTING UNPATRIOTIC MOUTH that does absolutely nothing but trash our great country and our great President Trump. I truly commend that man for his generosity and kindness to a veteran that was so disabled. It also brings tears to my eyes when I hear his song “God Bless the USA.” I wish everyone felt like Lee Greenwood who is a true patriot, generous and shows love to a fellow man who has made a sacrifice for our country. He is truly an upstanding citizen. GOD BLESS YOU LEE GREENWOOD.

    • People need to hear about all of the really good and decent celebrities like Greenwood, Toby Keith, Gary Sinese, that are proud to be Americans and proud to help and respect our military. It’s amazing how many people from he “country genre” and NASCAR are helping every day anonymously.

      • God Bless Lee Greenwood and God Bless the USA!!!!!! Thank all the men and women who serve for their sacrifices made for everyone…even the
        people who don’t love or care about this beautiful country we are so blessed to live in!!❤️😊🙏🇺🇸

    • I met Mr Greenwood at a concert in OK City back in the 80’s what a beautiful person he is. He is a very down to earth person and tried to shake hands with everyone who was there. Great Job Mr Greenwood

    • Lee, you have just proven that there are still heroes in this country. I applaud you and others like you. I’m a veteran of 3 wars (Vietnam, Desert Storm, & Iraqi Freedom) & it is so refreshing to have someone of your caliber standing up for us. I salute you Mr Greenwood

      • Thank you for your service Mr Smith. Brother-in-law, brother and myself served in the Vietnam conflict. Nephew and oldest son in the gulf war Desert Storm and Iraq. Glad you made it through and returned to your country and your home. Many thanks from a disabled Veteran.

  1. Glad to see a celebrity standing up against the left.
    May God bless Mr. Greenwood with many more years of life and keep up the good work.
    God Bless the U.S.A.

    • To bad our congress won’t learn from Mr Greenwood and HELP the veterans and the country instead of trying to over through it. From a disable veteran ” Thank you Mr Greenwood” and may God bless you.

  2. What a wonderful person. Love his singing and love him for having such a big heart. Wish tjete were more people like him. God bless you Lee.

  3. I love Lee Greenwood and that song makes me tear up every time I hear it. I always wish Freedom, the fabulous eagle, would fly every time Greenwood sings his most incredible song.

    • And every cent earned from Proud To Be American goes into a fund started by Greenwood to help our military. Greenwood did that shortly after it came out and people responded to it. With all of the “self aggrandizing award shows” put on every year for the entertainment elite the one award show really needed would be one to honor those that support our military.

  4. Thank you for celebrating America with your talent, inspiring song and deeds. I remember my students proudly performing “God Bless the USA” at our school’s music performance, when it first was released. Now as I retire it seems pride in our heritage is fading and not celebrated. Lifts me up to know patriotism is alive and well…

  5. God bless all patriots who help to keep America great! Mr. Greenwood’s patriotism and generosity make me proud to be a conservative and a veteran. Our wounded warriors deserve our deepest respect and all of the assistance we can provide!

  6. No One can take away our freedoms unless we let them !
    I too tear up when I hear “God Bless the USA” because I still believe in what our forefathers did for us and for all the men and women that have fought to protect our freedom especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. It’s too bad so many disrespect and choose to forget all they have because of those who have paid the ultimate price ! Mr Greenwood deserves a medal for his service to our wounded heroes and to this country!

    • As do I, Pepere. When I play his song, I play it proud and loud. God Bless the USA and God Bless our troops that scarificed their lives and that are still fighting to keep our great nation free.

  7. We love his music and hold Him in the highest regard. Thank you Mr. Greenwood what you have done means a lot to every former servas man and woman. We wish you well, your work will have ramifications for decades to come.

    A proud parent of two U.S. Service Men one retired with 34 years service and the other with 27 years and still active. I know that what you have done ment more than words can express but Thank You

  8. We are so proud of Mr. Greenwood with the best American loving and patriotic song ever! It never gets old! Thank you, Lee Hreenwood for your unabashed Patriotism!

  9. The only reason so many get bad reviews is that the news media won’t report on the outstanding ones like this true patriot. The media will only refer to the lousy football fuzz head, and the antiamerican soccer player.

  10. Many thanks go out to Lee Greenwood…and those who helped along the way. Proud of you all! I can’t help but thinking that it makes ole Collie Cappynack look
    like a festered pimple on Ocasio”s butt!

    • A thousand, no, a million thumbs up for your comment my friend. It made my husband and me laugh out loud. We loved it and feel the very same way! 😀

  11. Lee Greewood is a class act and has been one. He always stands up for America and always the Military. We always hear about the a—hol s like cappynack and the idiot Ocasio. We need to hear more about people like Lee Greenwood and the many others out there

    • Muriel, I couldn’t help but respond to your words about OCrazyO Cortez. Wouldn,t you hate to live in her district and realize that your fellow citizens were stupid enough to elect her? God, I would move!

  12. Without self respect one cannot be respectful of anything
    Stars and stripes Will wave on long after the flag haters have faded into a forgotten nothingness

  13. Thank You Lee Greenwood you are a true patriot and a blessed American ! We Salute you sir … I hope PRESIDENT TRUMP BRINGS YOU TO THE WHITEHOUSE AND LETS LIBS AND DEMS SEE WHAT A REAL AMERICAN LOOKS AND ACTS LIKE !

    • Jim,
      They had better, or this country is in a world of hurt. I can’t imagine surviving even 4 years with one of those clowns as President. I have friends who vote democrat because their parents, grandparents, etc, always voted democrat. Well, mine did too but I don’t think they would today. This aint your Father’s democratic party.

  14. God bless true American heroes like Mr Greenwood and Mr. Gary Sinese. They have given so much for our veterans. Our own Congress has done nothing for our Vets. They are all happy to give and do for illegal aliens that aren’t even citizens. Shame on our Congress for not taking more care for our elderly, homeless, and Veterans. God bless these men. God bless the USA!!!!! God Bless President Trump!!!! MAGA!!!! KAG!!!!

  15. You’d never Colon Krap-A-Dick do anything like that. He’s not an American.
    Actually he probably does Krap-A-Dick after a long night of bending over his boys bed.

  16. Most celebrities are self-serving left wing narcissists. Lee Greenwood is patriot and a good man , hats off to him and Matt Deatherage. Thanks to both of them.

  17. I am so very thankful for people like Lee Greenwood and the nonprofit, Helping a Hero for the work they do to help our American Heroes! I love to hear Mr. Greenwood’s song ‘God Bless America’! I would love for him to come up with a followup song by the title of, ‘God Has Blessed America, It Is Time for America to Bless God’.

  18. God bless Lee Greenwood is right. It is too bad all the money celebrities have they do not put in to good use. My helping those in need. God bless President Trump & God bless America. May OLD GLORY WAVE FOREVER>

  19. What more is there to say. Matt Deatherage and Lee Greenwood epitomizes the values and principles that have made this nation great. In their own unique ways, both are heroes.

  20. I don’t have a ton of money to go to concerts (not to mention the time) but whenever he appears near me, I go out of my way to attend events where Mr. Greenwood is a participant. He is the epitome of what we should aspire to in the US, not clowns like Rosie O’Donnell or Alyssa Milano. Instead of helping, they spend their time preaching and insulting. Lee Greenwood is worth more than any 100 liberal hollywood celebrities. And I’m not talking about wealth. True prosperity comes from the depths of the soul and his is bottomless!


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