What Kanye West said about Church will put a smile on any Christian’s face


In the past year, Kanye West shocked the world by publicly professing his Christian faith.

He has now released two Christian albums that have been heard worldwide.

And what Kanye West just said about Church will put a smile on any Christian’s face.

Kanye West is one of the biggest rappers in history.

And while much of his music has promoted anti-Christian lifestyles, he has now repented, and now hosts a church service every single Sunday.

During one of those recent services, he explained how going to church has changed his life, explaining that it has become his “alternative to opioids” and pornography.

The Christian Post reports:

Kanye West’s popular Sunday Service events hit the one year mark this week and on the anniversary of the gospel music gatherings, the rapper testified that the services saved his life.

West held his latest service at a homeless shelter on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Hosted in LA’s Union Rescue Mission, the Sunday Service featured West’s choir and a short message in which the Yeezy founder revealed that he wants to end worldwide homelessness.

“A lot of times people say, ‘Thank you Ye for Sunday Service.’ I’m saying thank God. This thing saved my life,” West revealed while performing his spiritual warfare song, “Closed on Sunday.” “This thing was an alternative to opioids. This thing was an alternative to pornography.”

XXL Magazine previously reported that West was 5 years old when he first saw a Playboy magazine and during another interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, the father of five explained that that magazine is what launched his porn addiction.

“Like for me Playboy was my gateway into full-on pornography addiction,” he explained.

For many years, Kanye West was in the spotlight for his drug problem.

But now he is in the spotlight for speaking a positive.

And unsurprisingly, the media is much more negative to him now.

Speaking the word of God is against everything the mainstream media is against, so that isn’t really surprising.

What do you think of Kanye West?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. While I don’t know Kayne West and am not familiar with his music history or present ministry, I can attest to the power of change that he has experienced. God says in Scripture that Salvation changes the old and makes all things new. That has been my experience since Jesus took over my life in my late years of life, so I can believe Kanye has experienced the “new life in Christ.”

  3. I applaud Mr. West for his firm commitment to our savior Jesus Christ, that has changed his life forever! And look at all the good works he is doing because of his “new life”!! Unlike some many other celebrities that are only interested in their own shallow life and support the demon party, in that process.
    It makes no difference if others want to criticize him and try to put him down, claiming “they” are not pleased . GOD, Jesus and all of us true Christians are very pleased with Mr. West. And he will reap the rewards, not only in this world, but the next!!!
    Keep singing and spreading the word of the Lord, Mr. West!!!!

  4. We are all sinners, and it’s incredible to see Kanye lead a new spiritual revival. I pray his motives are sincere, that he receives God’s blessings and guidance, and that he is successful in this endeavor!

  5. At 74 years of age, Rap music has not been a strong favorite of mine, thus I didn’t know Kanye West. But, I’ve been watching Kanye over the past year. Watched some of his music videos, and seen him interviewed on a variety of live TV shows. When I look into his eyes and listen to him speak, it is clear that he is most certainly a Christian and wants to share his devotion to God and newfound peace with all who will hear him. He has changed his life around and is now at peace. I wish Kanye and his family continued peace, love and hope for a better world.

  6. I think it is incredible! He is on a platform where he can reach so many, especially young adults. Better for them be drawn to a church where they may be saved. There is a beautiful movement happening now. Kanye West and Candance Owens are in a Powerful position to help bring our divided Country back together. I can feel God’s work in this movement. Trump is God’s chosen one and He (God) is sending Trump the help he needs. Beautiful and heartwarming.

  7. I think Kanye is an incredible man to go against the Hollywood elite to follow what he believes… the Bible says you must be born again and he has done that… I admire him and the stand he is taking for Christianity and the work he is doing for the incarcerated and the homeless. God Bless Him.

  8. I think it is Super. I am more willing to listen to him now. I am so glad someone is bringing the Positive back. What does Liberals who hate Christianity bring to the the Table in it’s place? Hatred intolerance,.
    Sounds like Ye is a great man now. Hope more people do the same.

  9. Numerous people I know who claim to be Christians, but do not attend any church, do not read the Bible and do not a testimony for Jesus, have pilloried Kanye in every way they can. I invited them to any one of Kanye’s many Sunday services, but they would not attend.

    Through his “street cred” with so many young people, West has a huge influence and is winning thousands to Christ each month. He does not misrepresent salvation in Jesus alone, and that is most important.

  10. Very well put. It is such a relief to see this turnaround and I pray that it will continue. It is such balm to see these two use their energy, power, and position in the public arena for good. God Bless President Trump, the United States of America, all Patriots, Kanye West, and Candance Owens. What Kanye is doing in the prisons is sorely needed and our young people need positive public figures they can relate to, and look up to for uplifting.

  11. Time will tell but it is a very positive turn he has taken. With these precious children to raise he is becoming the good role model for them as well. God Bless him and keep him on the straight and narrow!

  12. We just need to remember that all power is given to Jesus Christ, and he can change anyone that will accept him as their savior. No one is to bad or to good to be saved. All are sinners and need Jesus.Praise his holy name.

  13. I am thrilled over his conversion to Jesus Christ. What a great testimony. I’m praying for him to continue on in his faith and that he will be used to reach thousands that the churches of our day are unable to reach. God Bless him.

  14. The guy was bad, now he is not. This is what happens when the spirit enters the body. He is bringing so many lost children to the light. He is chosen and it is wonderful. I could stand all day and night, if one person listened I would feel great. He is heard by the world. May many of them find the light. In our Lord Yeshua’s name, we pray to our true Father of the living Amen.

  15. Praise God that Kayne Came to KNOW Jesus! His heart is Heart us now filled with utmost Joy, gratefulness and Hope! Thank you Kayne for what your life now is, and for the ministry the Lord has called you into: Sharing your
    Music and the Love in your heart for the Lord!!!! To the World!!!!! ♥️????????????


  17. Kanye West in on a journey to grow in Christ Jesus and experience more of His fullness as time goes on. I have heard preacher’s critical of his message being too wordy and his life style still too carnal. I myself WON’T join these preachers but give Kanye West time and grace to grow up in the fullness of Christ. Right now God is using him to draw many to Christ. In time Kanye West will mature and become more powerful in the Spirit of the Lord even if trials and rejection comes. Sometimes opposition to the message of the Gospel by this wicked generation give God a chance to strengthen us and Kanye West to walk in great divine purity and annointing. At this point God bless Kanye West!

  18. Kanye West has apparently made a turn in the direction of his life. I do not know exactly what all there is from which he has now turned, but I am encouraged by what I have read about him recently. The “rap music culture” carries a lot of things which are in opposition to God’s Word, the Bible. However, the Word is filled with teachings which try to turn people away from evil, and toward the goodness blessed by God. That is “front and center” in the Scriptures. God loves everyone, including sinners. After all, ALL of us are sinners !!! What God hates are the sins. Some people seem to stay busy grousing about the flaws of President Donald Trump. But just look honestly at what he has RECENTLY been doing. He is trying to pull this nation back into good conditions, through proper actions. God is using Donald Trump now, somewhat similarly to how He used King Cyrus in the Old Testament, bringing benefit to God’s people. Neither man has been flawless – just like you and me !!! We all need to point ourselves in good directions, and also encourage others to do so – including encouraging Kanye West and Donald Trump.

  19. Please explain yourself.
    Seeing as you seem to have established an opinion on this matter.

    Just asking,,,

  20. Kanye West is a testament that Jesus’s blood can set the vilest sinner free to promulgating the good news of Salvation. You’re a worthwhile person in more ways than a million!
    We red in the Scripture, of Saul, who once persecuted the christians before his conversion; became the most celebrated soul winner of all time. God can use Kanye West as a great soul winner of our time.
    Not by strength, nor might, but by the Power of God. Keep up the excellent work in the service of the Lord: Bridging the gap to truth and light.

    Do check out this Press Release, and what others are saying about it.

    Commentary on what others are saying about this book

    “This is what sets the author apart from all other writers. Author’s unique way of stringing words
    together, formulating ideas, and relating scenes or images to the reader. In any piece of writing, the
    voice should be consistent and identifiable, which the author has done a very good job.”

    Ray Ross
    Congratulations Mr. Johnson. This is very exciting news!!! I will definitely purchase
    and read your book.

    JCHOA, I know I’m not in the neighborhood anymore, and forgive me all if I am
    overstepping my boundaries, but please see the information below regarding Mr.
    Johnson’s new book. I encourage support for him in his endeavor.
    Again, Mr. Johnson, Congratulations!!!

    Jackie McGhee

  21. Great to see Kanye turn his life around and the great work he’s doing for the Lord. Many have been brought to Jesus through his ministry already in just one year. He’s on fire for the Lord and I praise God for him and his beautiful family. Love you Kanye!

  22. I pray Kanye leads many young people and older ones too to JESUS ! Knowing JESUS will change your life if you live for Him !!

  23. Im absolutely thrilled and praising God for this!!! I plead the blood of jesus over him..to protect him from Satan who comes to kill rob and destroy.. Lord please protect him from the enemy..embolden empower and USE this man for YOU in jesus name AMEN!
    Everyone PLEASE pray protection over him every day???? +

  24. Madeline Leigh: No one can fool GOD. That is the most important thing. And as far as us Conservatives being fooled by President Trump, I hardly think so. It is YOU Democrats that are blindly following a party that has thrown out GOD. Supports and promotes abortions. Has been rewriting our history and is trying to abolish our Constitution . Just to name a few of their abominations. Haven’t you been paying attention to the blatant disrespect and open hostility shown to Trump even before he became our president?? It’s a wonder he has been able to preform ANY of his duties with the lack of cooperation he has gotten from the Democrats! But you seem quite comfortable with this. Please look up NWO. Because that is what YOUR party is leading our country to.
    There are non so blind that will not see… Shameful….

  25. Madeline Leigh: Really??? Think about it. He is not doing this for money. He was quite wealthy before his acceptance of Jesus as his personal savior.
    With all due respect to you Ms. Leigh. This is what scares me about people that no logic. They can vote. And it’s usually for the wrong reasons and for the wrong party!!

  26. I sincerely hope that he really has become a christian and is now going down a good path but I am a little skeptical that maybe he thinks he has learned a new way to make more money. We will see in time, so I will hold off just yet in any praise.

  27. Madeline, God knows our hearts. Does your heart belong to God or satan? The dems have thrown God out and satan has taken over their party. Pres. Trump has done nothing but good for this country and for Christians. Unlike you, Kanye has come to Jesus and accepted Him as his Savior. You have the same chance to ask Jesus into your heart. He loves you and is waiting for you

  28. So happy for Kanye! God truly does perform miracles and transforms lives. Bless you as you continue to share your testimony and spread God’s word!

  29. Apparently these “preachers” miss the point that we’re all sinners…even them. I’m glad Kanye has finally awakened.


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