What John Kasich just promised to do has Planned Parenthood doing cartwheels in the streets


John Kasich is a has-been political character who failed a bid at the presidency.

He’s claimed to be “pro-life” his entire political career.

But he just revealed his true beliefs with this latest action.

The Ohio Senate just passed a bill that bans abortions on a baby with a detectable heartbeat.

The Heartbeat Bill (H.B. 258) passed the Senate after the Ohio House passed it with a sizeable majority.

But Governor Kasich has vowed to veto the bill. His excuse that “it would fail to survive a costly lawsuit,” left Planned Parenthood abortionists grinning from ear to ear.

Life Site News reports:

The vote follows the Ohio House’s vote last month to pass House Bill 258, which bans abortions on any preborn baby with a detectable heartbeat, except in cases of a “substantial and irreversible” physical threat to the mother. Any physician who violates the statute would face up to a year in prison. Preborn babies’ hearts finish forming around seven or eight weeks into pregnancy.

Cleveland.com reports that the Senate added two amendments to the bill, which will require the House to approve them before sending the bill to the governor’s desk. The first clarifies that the ultrasounds used to detect heartbeats don’t have to be administered transvaginally. Pro-abortion activists have falsely claimed in the past that other pro-life bills require transvaginal ultrasounds, calling them “invasive” and even akin to rape despite being commonly used by Planned Parenthood itself.

The other amendment would let the state medical board call an emergency meeting over any physician accused of violating the law, and decide whether to suspend or revoke his or her license without the lengthy wait for a criminal conviction.

Speaking out in support of the bill, state Sen. Peggy Lehner, a Republican and former Ohio Right to Life leader, recounted the sorrowful testimony of women who regretted their abortions. “I have never had a woman cry when she said she chose life. Not once. Not a single time,” she said, the Columbus Dispatch reports. “Because in our hearts we know this is a human life.”

In 2016, Kasich vetoed a similar Heartbeat Bill.

Kasich is trying to avoid blame for vetoing this life-saving Heartbeat Bill.

He points a finger at the courts, but sadly won’t even give it an opportunity to reach the courts.

Instead he chose to wave the white flag of surrender at the very moment pro-lifers could have scored a big victory.

Would you vote for John Kasich if he ran for president? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. How the people haven’t figured out John is a bold faced lying democrat…that just calls himself a republican is beyond me…it is really scary people are so easily deluded!

  3. I wouldn’t vote for Kasich if he were the last man standing. I live just a few miles from where he grew up. Even his brother wouldn’t vote for him. Sorry to say, the man is an idiot. You can’t believe a word he says. And no one knows someone like those who grew up with the person. Trust me, you do not want this man as president of anything.

  4. “Would you vote for John Kasich if he ran for president?”

    I would not vote for John Kasich if he were running for septic tank cleaner.

  5. Hopefully the Ohio legislature can overturn his veto. Kasich has proven to be not just a RINO but someone that speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He is worse than a hypocrite.

  6. I would not vote for John Kaisich because he can’t be trusted or believed. He has proven that over and over. If he vetoes this bill, the blood of those babies are on his hands. That makes him a murderer. He needs to go join the Democratic Party, because that’s where his loyalties lie.

  7. Looks like anyone with a brain has him pegged finally. For years this ego nut case has made a living off promises only to promote himself. Most people in Ohio are ordinary, good people, but lying politicians seem to get elected anymore. Doesn’t say much for those who elected him.

  8. Kasich(Kasick) said he was pro gun rights when he flipped and voted for the “1994 Assault Weapons ban” which earned him the title of ‘The Odious John Kasich” by none other than the Man of Steel, G. Gordon Liddy. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  9. This idiot is planning on running and wants his vote to be such that he appeals to the left wing so he supposedly gets more votes. He is despicable

  10. Here is my opinion, for what it’s worth. I feel that John Kasich is a fake Christian. He talks Conservative Christian when it suits him to gain conservative voters. Then he talks far left liberal to gain the wacked out liberals. Kasich is a double minded person, it would seem. The term double-minded comes from the Greek word dipsuchos, meaning “a person with two minds or souls.” A double-minded person is restless and confused in his thoughts, his actions, and his behavior. Such a person is always in conflict with himself. One torn by such inner conflict can never lean with confidence on God and His gracious promises. John Kasich needs to determine if his relationship with God is more important than the political office he holds. If his office is more important, then he is to be pitied.


  12. Expecting Kasich, the son of a Croatian fascists family, as being pro-abortion is like expecting a fascist to promote human rights. Kasich comes from a long line of Croatian relatives who, during WWII, participated in the murder of 1.4 million Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 25,000 Roma Gypsies. My best selling book, Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence is in its 3rd edition (www.gmbooks.com) The book is about the Croatian Concentration Camp, one of the deadliest in WWII and in the book I reveal the biographies of dozens of Croatian Catholic priests who murdered Serbs with their own hands, then fled through the “Vatican Ratline” for Argentina where they all escaped justice. In 1942, in the village of Vojnic, Croatia where my father was born, 97 Serbs were called to their Serbian church to convert to Catholicism to save their lives…the door was nailed shut and the church was burned to the ground…17 of those victims were my relatives…In 1995 during “Operation Storm” when 230,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from Croatia the last 5 relatives of my name were too old and too sick to flee…the Red Cross notified me a month later they were found with their throats slit…President Tudjman of Croatia, the man who said in the Jerusalem Post, “I am a double-lucky man, my wife was neither a Serb or a Jew” had the remains of that church that stood for 53 years bulldozed in 1995 along with the Jasenovac Memorial Museum to erase the evidence of these hideous war crimes…Kasich’s family fled Fascists Croatia and came to Ohio…they can run but they can’t hide.

  13. I would NEVER NEVER EVER vote for Johnny Boy. His postman father would roll over in his grave if he knew what a hypocrite his son is, and would refuse to deliver mail to him.

  14. Your first premise is right-on….. If it “looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck,” it is a John Kasich duck.

  15. He speaks with forked tongue as the Indians used to say. This guy is a scumbag of the first order and did you know that he is a mailman’s son?

  16. Kasich is not a conservative, he is not pro life, he believes in abortion, and he is a liberal. That is all you need to know. Keep this clown out of government. He is another scumbag lying politician we do not need in America.

  17. They have hidden that history though as we didn’t have a clue. What went on in Europe in the 1930-1940’s has all but been forgotten and that is the real tragedy. Then came the ethic cleansing via the Serbs and Croatians and not enough people paid attention. I will get this book and read it and pass it on but I’m sure it will bring some terrible memories from my childhood, during the War, back!

  18. This is such a sad man, evil in his intent! I am soooo happy he failed, totally, in his attempt to be The POTUS! Wow, what a great bullett miss……hope he has a change of heart to allow life to flourish!

  19. Another liar he is. Says what ever to get votes. Why Ohio puts up with this disguised Liberal demo, is beyond me. The good people of Ohio know different. Sad to have him as governor .

  20. You make excellent comments , jb. If he is a Christian as he claims, he is following a different bible than Christians do.
    He is so wrapped up in himself that , it is effecting his common sense.

  21. You bet I agree 100 %. Shame to be compared to Mc Cain , but seems a fact. As you probably have noticed, his family still wants to run the show here in AZ where I live.

  22. They have to send this idiot a message Geraldine . What a blight he is. I just don’t believe the wonderful people a and voter’s of Ohio want this liar hypocrite even associated with OHIO.

  23. Wow , Helga, I never knew this story. Sad for your family losses , and can see why you would call him out.
    Why more don’t surprises me. Perhaps like me, did not know the past. I will remember now.

  24. Didn’t give him a thought before and wouldn’t do it this time. He is a two faced as the Pro Abortionist and Planned Parenthood ! He is one reason why I have said before we need to be careful of who we vote for. Any more we have a hard time finding out what they stand for!

  25. That is my own exact question myself. I wondered if the two chambers could override his veto and I can only assume in 2016 they did not or perhaps they don’t have the courage even now to go that far but it would be a bold and courageous move on the part of those politicians. We need to get it into the courts and possibly that would bring it on appeal to the US Supreme Court.

    It is heartbreaking to see a splendid law like this pass both houses at the state level only to see it stopped by a governor who has always claimed to be pro-life. I am a transplanted Buckeye and I once really admired Kasich who used to sound like a conservative. I can only surmise that his desire for higher office has clouded his judgment and influenced his thinking so that today he can rationalize jettisoning if that is a word all the endless efforts of pro-lifers to get this kind of constitutional protection for unborn babies.

    These unborn babies have the right to life so precious to the Declaration of Independence. In 1776 the Americans did not know when life began but now we know beyond any reasonable doubt that life begins with conception and if life begins, the constitutional right to life begins. Governor Kasich should recognize this reality and face the court fight.

  26. He’s probably a communist.doesnt believe in sanctity of life. Is a RINO.i enjoyed his time on FOX news but boy has he made a terrible turn around.

  27. All females in this country have access to multiple forms of birth control in every drug store and can thus make “THE CHOICE” to create or not create a life. There is no need for governmental subsidized abortion. Why would anyone choose to have a possibly life-threatening medical procedure when you can just take a pill. Every pregnancy can be eliminated almost immediately by taking a pill. Why should we taxpayers have to pay for your abortion because you suddenly decide “Gee, it’s moving – I guess I need an abortion” – because you could not control yourself – or because you are mad at “HIM” for getting you pregnant. Yes, it is moving – growing – thriving – it is “ALIVE” – be responsible for your actions – do not expect others to “put up and pay” because you are not responsible for your actions !

  28. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  29. Well i guess he doesnt care about killing babies. You have NO HEART. I never voted for you as governor and I won’t vote for you if you ran for Presidency. Its not right, these kids think its great to have sex without using precautions but to them its ok because they will get this innocent child murdered through abortion over and over again. Give the baby up for adoption or take precautions until your mature enough to know what your doing and not murder the baby through ABORTION. What if your parents thought of aborting you? Think about it!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????

  30. That goes for guys too. There are a lot of stores that carry CONDOMS, or you can keep your private parts in your pants. It takes two too tango. Also the guy also will either agree with the girl about an abortion or he will suggest an abortion too. You are right we taxpayers should not have to pay for these abortions. I think if these kids want to play house you should pay for having an abortion and if you cant pay for it, the parents of both should pay. Im all for preventing ABORTIONS!!!!!

  31. I fail to understand how someone whom is living because their parents didn’t give up on them yet don’t want to give their own children their right to live. God alone knows when a child should be aborted and will.

  32. Another traitor to his people that voted him into office. What a POS. So sick and tired of these selfish politicians.

  33. The bill is a disaster for the women of Ohio.
    The government should not be interfearing with a woman’s right to choose, at any time.

  34. Not only will I NOT vote for him if he chooses to run for president again… I sincerely regret having voted for him for governor of Ohio. If there were some way to take it back, I’d jump at the chance.

  35. Our constitution has separated religion and Government.
    An embryo can have a heart beat yet a miscarriage can occur.
    Is G-d then a murderer?
    Life does not begin at conception nor does it begin at a heart beat.
    Life begins when medical science can save the baby’s life. 20 weeks is when life could begin.
    I do not believe in abortion after medical science can save a babies life. I do believe a woman has the right to chose while the embryo is an embryo. I am a pragmatic conservative.
    Religious believes do not belong in Givernment.
    Therefore this attempt at this law should not be tried again.
    It is a compromise that needs to be negotiated and not Ramrodded through Ohio’s Congress


  37. And to think this moronic idiot want to run for the top office in the land, in the end fools like him will have to answer to the higher authority and then watch the nitwit try to weasel his way out of that, he is a complete idiot, no parts missing.

  38. Denise Valley,

    Just send this Math Home Work To Every member of the Jack Ass Commie Party of the ” Sin~I~Cans ”, the ” Con~U~In~To~Griefs ”, all 50 State Governments too, D.C. to the 9Th Circus too, Send it to every Jewish, Catholic, Christian newspaper in America. Do so by making it a project of your Church Ladies Group Send it to your sisters, Sisters in law, moms too.
    To get the ball rolling have a little project count everyone in your church that is less than 49 years old from the baby that said hello to the world for the first time this morning to the Adults. From that number, you have is what I call the Lucky 40% they are the 40% who’s moms did not have them ABORTED the other 60% are not the lucky ones. there is no voice for them for the governments to hear. :: :

    6 x 60 x 24 x 365.25 x (2019 – 1970 ) =

    Then add this 18.75% of the first equation …
    Then also add 24.75% of the first equation …
    Now add all 3 numbers …

    #1 is the number of Abortions = Murders since the Blue states passed laws & then the Federal Supreme Court Jesters ruled a Law that is Not in Any Federal Law Book Of Statues …
    #2 is the number of mothers who died on the Abortion Table …
    #3 Is the number of mothers who committed suicide within 30 months after an Abortion due to depression …

    All 3 added together is almost 5 times our total war loss of life of all our wars since 1735 other than the Civil war. :::

  39. Norman,

    Life begins when M & F cells join for He Knows the number of hairs on your head, That is FACT & can Not be argued. No place does His law states when life begins is when medical science can save any life …
    As far as Beliefs our History is filled with many times when people in & of the government & our military personnel held tight & paid time to God …


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