What Ilhan Omar said about the 9/11 hijackers will leave you stunned


Ilhan Omar was thrust into the national spotlight when she became one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

Her short tenure has been plagued with controversy with her anti-Semitic remarks and harsh anti-Trump rhetoric.

But what Ilhan Omar called the 9/11 hijackers will leave you stunned.

Rep. Omar was delivering the keynote speech at a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) fundraiser in late March.

She urged Muslim Americans to “make people uncomfortable,” and that they are sure to “raise hell.”

Omar went on to claim that not only was CAIR created after 9/11 in response to protect Muslims’ civil liberties, but she described the 9/11 attacks in a peculiar way that truly left people shocked.

“CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

But that’s far from the truth.

CAIR was founded in 1994 by Muslim Brotherhood operatives that were loyal to the Hamas terrorist organization that currently rules the Gaza Strip.

Many CAIR officials show time and time again they are supportive of jihadi groups.

Even after 9/11, CAIR continued its funding of Hamas despite their terror ties.

But what really stunned people is that she referred to the 9/11 hijackers as “some people” who “did something.”

3,000 Americans were slaughtered on 9/11.

Many jumped from skyscrapers because they couldn’t bear the heat and smoke caused by the planes that hit the World Trade Center.

It’s telling that Omar speaks softly about the 9/11 hijackers but routinely calls millions of Americans racist and suggests Trump supporters are “white nationalists.”

And Donald Trump Jr. even took her to task when she claimed Stephen Miller, one of President Trump’s longest and loyal staffers, was a white nationalist himself (he’s Jewish).

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar’s biggest fan, Louis Farrakhan, is a devout Muslim who has compared Jews to termites.

Do you think it’s dangerous to have a member of Congress who speaks more highly of the 9/11 hijackers than she does her fellow Americans, and even her own President?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. Islam is not a religion Islam is a political movement hell bent on world dominion. Islamic males are indoctrinated into a system that will bless them with 7 virgins to become a martyr for Allah. 7 virgins to do as they please with and better for them if it is 7 USA virgins. They cry Allah Ackbar Allah is the greatest death to infidels greater then the Jewish God Yawah greater then the Christians God. They cry there is no God but Allah and if you dare point out the Jewish synagogues catholic and Christian churches and the Bible to them. They become indignant and calll you an infidel worthy of death by beheading. Islamists are mad deranged extremists people and should stay over there and destroy each other. They abuse woman and view woman in general as below men they have several aliases and are dangerous to westerners they cannot be trusted and lie about everything because their political system is based on lies at the root of its foundation.

  3. Omar, is one of those Democrats that are a special kind of stupid. She and Talihb did not put their hand on the Bible when scorn into congress. Why? You all know that answer. Neither one should be where they are. If the two of them are not called out soon by anyone, then the only thing I can say is we let it happen. I myself have sent e-mails and letters to my congressman. And as per course no response. But I keep at it. God bless the USA and President Trump. 2020. The Democrats have to go.

  4. that is an EVIL WOMAN! she should be in PRISON not in Congress! if she hates America so very much why doesn’t she pack up her bags & take her butt some place else? she might not be able to spout off her hatred for a country’s government in another country like she does here in America! she’s definitely a “worker” of the devil! people make sure you pay attention to what is happening in your city, county, state & in all of America! I’m sure Satan is very proud of this worker of evil! omar’s mission is to bring down America & turn it into complete muslim country! CHRISTIANS WAKE UP & TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  5. what can you say , those whom elected it , are either enemies of America or well no good answer GO TRUMO GO

  6. Remember…she is a ‘member of a protected class’…..This ingrate will NEVER be held accountable for ANYTHING she thinks, says, does or doesn’t do from this point forward. Unless we TRASH the chains of PC-Correctness, this evil interloper and others like her will bully with their hate and misinformation, unchallenged and walk about freely as they implement, little by little, their newly growing Caliphate in America.

  7. True that…oh, yes!!!! The voters s/b ashamed…or, were the votes compromised? Were all votes vetted and legitimate? I can’t believe that ‘white guilt’ + ‘democratic rule’ + propaganda + illegals = this woman being voted in so simple.

  8. How in ‘ell did she ever get elected in the first place? Remember the muslim holding the head of a Christian hostage by the hair? (no torso) What makes people think that a leopord can change its spots? She makes me barf

  9. Why on GODS GREEN EARTH is this piece of excrement still walking the street of our GREAT COUNTRY not to mention HOLDING A POLITICAL OFFICE! It time to take out the TRASH!

  10. She should be booted out of congress – but the dems can’t man-up. Aoc is another one who should go along with Bernice Sanders – they will ruin our country.

  11. The reason she is still in office is because the elected officials have no balls. And just like her the Democrats are anti American. Perhaps we should combat racism with racism because it’s the language they speak. Trump has balls and we must elect similar individuals to office if we want to combat this threat. President Trump has set the patriotic standard and it scares the hell out of the Democrats. If we all convert one ignorant dem we can dissolve the Democrat Party.

  12. The democrats love these people they are trying their best to destroy America, this women need’s to be removed from congress as cortez and tlaib also ,they are nothing but trouble, they are anti American just like schumer and Pelosi and the rest of their crew ,look up Candace Owens and how she handle the left judiciary committee today on youtube ,it shows their total disdain for our country

  13. You are all shocked. All DEMS and RINOs are alike. No justice for us poor people and unelected DEMS. Justice is only for Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other DEMS and J. Smoullet.

  14. She was elected on the basis of her party. Most Democrats seem to vote their party only – no questions asked. Hopefully they see her actions since then and wise up for the next election.

  15. Hey Deb, Obama didn’t take his oath on the Bible either; he took it on the Koran. Maybe they will leave when our POTUS and other concerned high paid politicians awaken to what these pig eating goat herders are up to. When will our leaders learn from history ancient and present? I still trust Pres. Trump will do something after he finds the newbees in the swamp!


  16. Its inconceivable that someone of this typed Bias or misguided speech would be in a Political position representing Americans. We lost more lives on 911 then we did in Pearl Harbor. Not comparing the two but realizing both of their significance. God help us when we elect those to represent us that could be actually Supporting those individuals whom hate and dispise us and our Freedoms.

  17. I don’t understand people. How did she get elected. What happened to honest Americans
    Who understands our voting system. Hopefully she’s here for a short time. I feel there’s an underground movement to stir these Brainless RADICAL up.

  18. She’s a PIECE OF G-A-R-B-A-D-G-E. She NEEDS TO GO BACK TO HER HOMELAND / (HERITAGE) COUNTRY where her lineage came from.

  19. Omar Is a good example what happens when we let emigrants is give them citizenship and they don’t assimilate to our way of life. She has not become a true American. She needs to go back to the refuge camp in Somalia. We welcome anyone who wants to become an AMERICAN. SHE IS NOT AN AMERICAN.
    Minnesota should be ashamed of her.

  20. Obummer made sure that those terrorists would not be included, he even sent taxpayer dollars to CAIR.

  21. Actually Congress people are not required to swear on the bible and can hold the religious book of their faith in their hand while being sworn in if they choose, only the president and maybe the vice president swear in on the bible

  22. Obama stacked the deck and placed thousands of mudslims in her jurisdiction and several other key areas

  23. This despicable baboon should be locked up in a zoo with the rest of her monkey friends, and her belief in the DEVIL worship with her band of apes should be closely monitored, or better yet sent back to their sewage homelands.

  24. The woman hates everything about America. Make everyone happy and send her ass back to Somalia.

  25. Let me say first,islaim is Not a religion, it is a Cult. The islaimists who have taken over large areas of Minnesota,Michigan, and Wisconsin are the ones who elected the two muslime women to congress. It is only going to get worse until we remove ALL muslimes from this country! They will continue to grow in power as long as we allow them to live in this country. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion, it Does Not guarantee freedom of death cult, or freedom to install cult law (sharia law) over American law. We need to change our definition of what constitutes a cult, and declare islaim a cult! Besides their horrible treatment of women, their treatment of homosexuals, and the fact they accept and encourage their men to sodomize young boys,they intend to destroy this country. If you doubt any of the claims I have made, look them up! I am not lying or exaggerating about any of what I have said!

  26. I notice you spelled Muslim as muslime, and islam, as islaim! So you are calling them laim and slime! Good show!????

  27. The horror is here. Islam is the horror. The Qur’an is a book of horror. Muslims are all suspect at all times. They are ignorant & hateful. They are encouraged in their mosques to hate & to kill. This government has gone insane.

  28. Satan (the source of evil) wants to rule the world and his method is to destroy all Christians and Jews.
    Islam wants to rule the world and their method is to destroy all Christians and Jews.
    Who then is Allah?
    Omar wants to destroy America as a FREE Country and convert us into an Islamic slave state.
    Obama tried to do the same thing in his 4 years as President. A bunch of his Islamics are still in places in FBI, CIA, DOJ and more.
    America was founded as ‘one nation under God (Jehovah) not Allah. But we have kicked God out of a lot of governments, state and federal.

  29. you forgot the taking of young girls to satisfy their sexual craving. Allah had a 6 yr girl as a wife among others.

  30. get her out of congress before it happens again……what are they waiting for…….for “some people” to blow up Disney this time around is that what it will take to wake them up in Washington

  31. How is it that we have allowed the left to put our enemies into the middle of our lawmaking body of the federal government? This is treason at best. Our lawmakers, if they claim to be American, should be doing everything in their power to oust these people our of our government. Let’s see if there are any true Americans left in our government. My vote says they will do nothing

  32. Just a part of the big problem when we allow groups like ACLU to exist taking prayer out of our schools and even suing our city county and state officials for saying prayers before meetings if someone opens a koran or any other useless book they say nothing why because they represent atheist
    A atheist
    C communist
    L liberals
    U union

  33. How our own people of the country wpold put muslin’s in goverment is to hard to take. If born here or came later they have no desire to be American’s as they want not our ways

  34. Dean – Similarities: Both Pear Harbor and 911 were done with the prior knowledge of the US Gov’t.
    Difference: The US Gov’t did not have a hand in Pearl Harbor attack.

  35. Why are people stunned by what she says? First look at what she is and then maybe you won’t be stunned by what she says.

  36. How do we get this person out of Congress? Deport her back to her beloved country where she can rule – ha! She will be used as a slave like all other women of her country. They come here and try to change our country – – come on guys – get the out of here – not in 10 years – NOW!

  37. Exactly! The old Democrat party has desinagrated and the new party is one of brain washed progressives intent on allowing acceptance to the point of selling out their own country!!

  38. She outright lied to the people claiming to be pro Israel and against the bds movement then almost right after being sworn in like a few days or so that she supported it. Then this sick un American witch claims Israel is on Palestinian land and the fact that the Jews were there several thousands of years she doesn’t believe it and it doesn’t matter to her.

  39. This trash should be deported. She clearly does not want to be an American and should be removed from this country, forcefully, if necessary.


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