What Hollywood did to Trump’s 13-year-old son will make you sick to your stomach


Radical Leftists in Hollywood are using all their power to try to take down President Trump.

There is no line they won’t cross to do that.

And what they just did to Trump’s 13-year-old son will make you sick to your stomach.

Recently, a Democrat witness in the impeachment hearings found herself in hot water for bringing up Barron Trump, the president’s 13-year-old son, in the hearing room.

She made a joke about his name, which infuriated many, including First Lady Melania Trump.

But now the Left is doubling down, and a Hollywood screenwriter released a script about Barron, which takes place in an alternate timeline where he is portrayed as a Left-wing hero and sabotage’s his father’s presidential campaign in 2016.

NewsBusters reports:

It is well known that Barron Trump doesn’t like being in the public’s eye and just wants to have as normal a childhood as possible in his situation.

He’s been spotted hiding from reporters trying to snap photos of him on the White House lawn.

Despite this, the Left is insistent on dragging him into their attacks on the President whenever they can.

Do you think Hollywood should leave Barron Trump alone?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  3. Hollywood has no soul and doesn’t have boundaries. EVERYONE is fair game for them including Trump’s son and his grandchild!! Doesn’t this show what a despicable, low lives they are ? I think even the foolish followers of their party would agree as well. LEAVE CHILDREN OUT OF YOUR AGENDA! Well, I know this stupid movie will probably bomb as well, and I hope they lose a GREAT deal of money. Maybe they will stop acting like mindless fools they have become.

  4. Wow, these people are totally Mentally Deranged, how sick is that??? They obviously have not an oz. of decency in them. But then that’s Hollywood!! They made sure they fed Harvey Weinstein’s sexual appetite so they could work in Hollywood!! That says it all on how depraved they are!!

  5. Denise, like Brad Pitt and Cory and a few others said Hollywood producers and some Parents allowed their children be subject to Sexually harassments and Pedophiles and crap like this so they climb the ladder. So yeah they do t care.

  6. I think the democrats are a bunch of fools. Trump has done more to secure our Country than any other President so far. He is the only President who has followed through with his campaign promises. They should be ashamed to bring his son into their fight at all. There is nothing wrong with his name at all. People need to grow up. Maybe when he is elected again He will out in for all in the senate should have timelines that they need to have. If the President f the United States can only serve a certain amount of time then it should be good enough for the senate.

  7. What happened to leave the children out of the political Arena. It sickens me to read this. Haters are just full of hate. They probably hate themselves.

  8. The Liberals are all so sick. Why aren’t there movies about Malia, smoking and drinking at parties when she was underaged? Or how about the chubster one, Sasha, Natasha, or whatever the eff her name is, that looks like a mini Aretha Franklin, ugly, fat kid? I want to see DNA testing on them to see who their real parents are, can’t be Barry’s and Michael’s, that’s for sure. Joan Rivers lost her life because she told the truth about gay Barry and the tranny Michael. I’m sure the Obamas used the Clinton connections, the sudden and strange deaths of people who badmouthed them paid dearly for it. No conspiracy here, just the truth.

  9. Republicans need to go back to see how badly they treated Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls. And then, and only then, once they apologize abjectly, can we talk.

  10. Leave the young man alone, remembering my childhood, I was very bashful in my early teens. The vultures that make up the fourth estate have no shame, they will do anything to get a story true or not. An old saying was good news does not sell papers, bad news does, and the nastier the better.

  11. Hollywood is disgusting! Maybe they should do a movie about the filth and homelessness in their turf. How about it you Hollywood elites?! Pool your money together and clean up your immediate environment and build housing for the homeless! Leave Barron alone! He is off limits to your idiotic BS! You disgust me!

  12. Kids should be left out of the news and it should be crime for it to happen punishable by jail time. THEY are innocent of anything there parents are doing, should be 1 year in confinement for every year old they are up to adult age!

  13. I cannot believe how low some people can go! A little lower and they will be in hell where they belong!! I am positive that the hot welcome will be what they deserve!!!


  15. Nicholas Curcio To attack a 13 year old boy because you don’t agree with his father’s policies is typical of an emasculated male who doesn’t have the right equipment to face up to the father in question.You are a wimp and,will never write anything of importance.

  16. I don’t know what everyone is so surprised over, its how the DemoCrooks work. They can’t get to his father, so they backstab a minor boy. That’s just their style and certainly something headed by Clinton and Pelosi, America’s next leaders, if they have their way.

    Think about that America, a government run by Hillary, oh, and “Slick Willie”, and Nan Pelosi.

    Good grief!!!

  17. What a shame that the wealthy, hateful and hurtful people in Hollywood cannot invest their time and money in something useful as Danny Thomas did. They choose to spend it on mansions, drugs, crooked politicians etc. There will be no lasting legacy for any of them other than the hate they spread!

  18. Eric; NO ONE said anything about your demon Leftists children and quite frankly man, you need to apologize to us GROWN UPS for the BS you keep subjecting us to ! Go find another website to spew your Nazi propaganda. I’m not interested in talking to you about anything!!

  19. Well, we know what FDR, LBJ (among other leftists “heroes”) would have done, sicced the IRS on those attackers because that is what he did. Leftists are scum, power hungry, freedom destroying spawn of Hades. [Now, how do I REALLY feel?]

  20. Would make a great revenge movie but for the pain it would cause those now grown children trying to forget all that. Remember Mommie Dearest?

  21. It’s Hollywood. What was it that Anthony Hopkins said?…something like people there are too stupid to hold real jobs, that’s why they act like someone else in order to make money…

  22. Need a ground roots movement to quit going to any movies these no TRUMPERS are in!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. Seems Demon Rats hysteria reached level of a Nazi uprising to the point where without realizing already marching under Hile Hitler they don’t care about history and can’t even make one chess play step in realizing how they already sunking, as Laura Ingraham compare to a history of the Titanic…???????? May be it would be a great idea if they find why Nazi kids crying at Hollocaust sites and what diferences between their kids and GK and Nazi kids…? Humanity will survive evils but would evils survive humanity, according to the history, this is a Q…? As the sunking from 34 mil. viewers to a 6.8 mill. is any idea when their bubbles start flooding to the surface…? I predict before 2020…????????????

    BTW, would it be fair if Demons trying to associate Barron name would it be fair to associate Taylor name with brain sawn to the arze… or k zope (Especially if she find its powerfull meaning in Russian…????)

  24. To do what is being done to Baron is none other than the work of a deranged low life scum bag. Revenge is supposed to be the Lord’s but sometimes he needs a little help. THIS MAY BE ONE.

  25. Obviously, Hollywood has run out of ideas for films. Take for instance the reruns of old pics substituting new stars of course. Thought the inventive minds were housed in the studios. A screen play about a 13 year old fighting his fathers election, not even “b” movie subject. Sounds like the truly bright writers have gone back to writing books.

  26. This is despicable! Our law enforcement people are not doing their jobs. These Hollywood Whores need to be arrested and immediately! There seems to be absolutely no justice anymore. They do not have compassion, love or kindness. They do and say everything they can to hurt anyone they please. They do not have morals either. You have no idea how much I wish I was wealthy. I would spend my money on the lawyers to indict all of them. I am so damn mad that our entire world in America has been turned upside down and inside out. So much crime and no one is getting arrested unless we are conservatives. We all need to do something. I think we all should descend on Congress and give them a big scare and tell them off! I truly needs to be done. If we don’t do anything now, it will get so much worse. We will become Venezuela #2. What is wrong with these anti-Americans? This has gone too far and gone on too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. And all across America felons are being let out of jail on reduced sentences..Dems want reduced sentences for crimes also. America is collapsing into a massive civil war—WATCH VIRGINIA !

  28. The Left have no qualms and no shame in ruining an individual’s name or life in achieving their goal, no matter how worthless it is. — The individual is insignificant, remember?


  30. I can identify with Barron. When I was growing up my father was a civic leader in the town where we lived. Naturally there were people who disagreed with him. Some who were too cowardly to confront my father in town hall meetings took to telling me what they thought of him.
    Believe me, a 10/11 year old child does not want to hear bad things about his father. I got in to a lot of trouble for kicking at adults or for telling them to go “F” themselves even when I was too young to even know what the word really meant.
    Children of famous people should be left alone unless their parents want them to be in the public eye.

  31. Most of them aborted their children when they were young, so they don’t care anything about children. They murder them in the womb.

  32. Yeah, I thought the president’s kids were off limits….per Mr. Obama…what is good for them apparently isn’t good for the Trump family. The jealously is ringing out loud and clear but guess what…no one is listening.

  33. Never saw that myself and can’t think of any time it was done to them….I think this is fake news. I remember the campaigns very well but never once heard a bad remark about those kids. I don’t think the republicans play dirty like the dems do.

  34. If Barron did what greta thorninthea** does running around to different countries trying to tell grown people what to do about climate change, she does not have a degree, yet she thinks she knows more than the scientist do about climate when several have stated there is no problem, this young man minds his own business he doesn’t seek publicity he wants to live a life that is as normal as possible, so lay off Hollywood unless you want your children put in public and made fun of

  35. What do you expect- These are the people who have Roman Polanski, who drugged, raped and sodomized a 14 yr old girl a standing ovation at the Oscars!

    This is the REAL Hollywood- every one of them who stood up applauded and cheered knowing he fled to France to escape conviction for rape and pedophilia charges which includes most of the Top Actors and Actresses/hypocrites in Hollywood!

    These people do not care about anything or anyone but themselves, but they will be the first to condemn anyone who goes after their Children or the Kids of Dem politicians! Hunter is among their protected class, right?

    Hope Karma comes around and she upholds her reputation as a true B word- these people deserve the lesson karma will bring!

  36. This so called screenwriter Nicolas Curcio should pick on someone besides a kid. I have a thousand dollars for you if you will come pick on me, you sorry POS.

  37. Really Eric? Name something Republicans did or said about Chelsea or the Obama Girls, all three were treated with kid gloves- something the Bush girls were not and Definetly none of the Children of the Trump family! They have not only gone after ever single adult Trump kid and 13 yr old Baron, but his grandkids and even Ivanka’s Dog! Please, Eric- Enlighten us on even One negative thing that was said about the Dem kids- Even when Maliea was caught smoking pot underage there was nearly no coverage of it, and few said anything about her, did say something about the holier-than-thou perfect Obama parents- but not about the kid!
    And isn’t it Biden and the entire left saying Hunter is off-limits even though he was an adult getting money off of VP daddys job, and how about Nancy’s kids or Kerry’s do nothing adult brat who was sitting with Hunter on the board of Barisma! And all these years Republicans did not go after Dem politician Kids! So, please fill us in on the offensive treatment of Dem kids by Republicans…we are waiting to hear what you consider “badly treating” Chealsea and the O girls!

  38. Trying to photograph a child in the yard should be met with such an outrage… this mamma would have gone to jail!
    These characters are “preying” upon a young man and doing a great deal of harm to him!

    These people that are “stalking” Barron Trump, should be prosecuted for terrorizing a child!

  39. We know that they will squeal like stuck pigs. The Hollywood crowd revere the children of the liberals, but denigrate those of the conservatives

  40. Climate change HYSTERIA is simply due to FAULTY COMPUTOR “MODELLING”, Hollywood is becoming MORE and MORE CORRUPT!!, The world wide UPSET weather is because of the EVER increasing EVIL in the World UNREPENTED OF !!

  41. What about the thousands of children trump has caged at the border, youngest 4 months at Texas detention center ( concentration camps). Why are the people not defending these children? What hypocrisy. Trumps child has his parents, a home and decent food. The children for most part sleep on concrete floors with a thin foil like blanket and deplorable food and bathroom facilities. Children are nurturing children.
    These actions are immoral and indecent. Don’t cry about poor Barron cry and demand the release of the children. These actions are similar to the Nazi .

  42. Sally Barnes: I can not believe how truly brainwashed you are!! You are still buying into that huge lie AOC told , on air about how horrible the ILLEGAL aliens are being treated? All the while the cameras are showing a totally different picture!! THEY ARE NOT CONCENTRATION CAMPS, FOOL!! Look up the Holocaust and see what TRUE concentration looked like.Plus, these children on NOT in cages. YOUR OBAMA put children in cages. Where was your outrage then??? These ILLEGAL aliens are trying to storm our borders and were promised free this that and another by your demon party! Now, who do you think is going to pay for these thousands of illegals coming into our country ? Us the tax payers, that’s who!!! Next, go talk to the people who live near the border in Texas and hear their horror stories about the ones that have already snuck into this country illegally.
    My heart cries for innocent children ALL over the world that are sick, hungry and dying. Are you weeping for them as well??? How about YOUR party approving abortions right up to birth and leaving THOSE poor innocent babies to die, then selling their body parts!!! Where is your compassion for these TRUY innocent souls???
    You speak of Nazis . This describes your party to a tee. NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!
    Instead of condemning President Trump you should be thanking GOD he has been trying to keep our country safe and secure and for speaking up for the abomination called abortion !!
    Grow up and start thinking for yourself, instead of believing all the lies you hear on the fake news channels.
    There are non so blind that will not see. ..
    Oh and by the way, if you have children, think about how devastating it would be for them if they were hounded day and night just for a photo of them. Then to have you their parent slandered EVERYDAY by the press .and try to live a normal life. It’s just sickening how many boundaries the Democratic party has crossed and the injustices we the citizens have had to endure because of your insane parties conduct!!!!

  43. Give me a break they never treated clinton or obamas kids with anything that the media & dems are doing to President Trump’s kids even the older ones. You Eric are part of the lying democ rats media & political bunch. God bless President Trump & his family & Merry Christmas TRUMP 2020.

  44. Give m e a break do you not check up on the false media coverage of those caged children [a disgrace no matter who did it & lets not forget the parents of these unfortunate children who sent them unaccompanied etc.] those pictures you are talking about were proven from Obama’s term. You my dear Sally Barnes, are one of the indoctrinated brain washed democrats, speaking with forked tongue,

  45. Amen Linda right on I also read & saw the video of Schii for brains & did o Maddox on her show Siff stated they are now going to go after VP Pence. Merry Christmas Linda to you & yours Trump 2020. ps GREAT ARTICLE TP SALLY BARNES

  46. Patricia Overbey: Thank you Pat! I don’t get the true facts except on this website so I really don’t know what’s happening with this impeachment BS. So they are going to go after Pence now??? Disgusting!! They made sure to give President Trump that extra slap in the face by having these bogus hearings just before Christmas, didn’t they? The Dems are truly satan’s army. Yes!! Trump 2020!!!!
    I truly hope you and yours have a VERY Merry Christmas as well! Let’s pray we will have a much better New year for our country and we will win over this evil( the evil Leftists).
    P.S. I enjoyed your response to sad Sally B. too!

  47. Indeed, Hollywood is sick and depraved. Anything that is good is reduced to being bad, and evil becomes good. Many of the movies being made prove this. All one has to do is to read some of the comments that some of the child actors made after becoming adults. Also read the other remarks made about Barron, they are sick.

  48. Remember back a few years? The Dhimmicrats pitched a foot stomping screaming fit if anyone said anything derogatory about Chelsea, parentage questionable, or the Obama’s rent-a-kids. Shrieked “leave the children out of politics!”. Well. here we are today.

    The blatantly HYPOCRITICAL LIARS in the Democrat Party are attacking a 13 year old boy because his name is similar to “baron” and he’s the legitimate son of the serving President.

    Is there anything that Democrats are not on both sides of? Maybe we should plant broken glass atop the fence they keep leaping from side to side. Wouldn’t it be nice to see them take a stand on one side of an issue and STAY THERE?

    But, consider this, just how weak is their platform if they find it necessary to attack children to score points with their ignorant voter base?

    One other little point. Remember back to the Clinton Presidency when the Dhimmicrats shrieked “Vast Right Wing conspiracy!” and “political bias” and “it’s a Right Wing lynching” when clearly guilty dissolute LIAR Bill Clinton was Impeached? And the ignorant Dhimmicrat voter base still sheepishly follows along.

  49. Quit supporting Hollywood. Don’t go to movies. Don’t buy the DVDs. Don’t buy their other merchandise, like toys. Don’t buy the tabloids. Cancel your TV or Dish.
    You’ll survive without them.
    I’d like to see the whole of Hollywood, along with the movie studios burn to ashes.

  50. Nice that the left has found a way to defeat Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election. Delusion !
    Did I mention that liberalism is a mental illness ?

  51. Hollywood is the SCUM OF THE EARTH. To pick on Baron a 13 yr old son of the President is really SICK. These Liberals have stooped so low that they are one step closer to ROTTING IN HELL. This IMPEACHMENT is a farce and it will be proven and then Our President with the help of GOD will put them ALL away for committing TREASON.

  52. Hollywood and the press, the media, in general, have little if any regard for the rights and privacy of others. They consist for the most part of nothing more than a pack of jackals.

  53. You Go Girl! PREACH the truth. You are spot on. All of the disasters we witness now are birthing pains of the prophesied end of Evil taught in God’s Holy word. So many un-believers and they will all be left behind to suffer God’s wrath on their evil; then onto an eternal life of agony in HELL with their leader Satan.

  54. It might be beneficial if Nancy Pelosi and cohorts have a lobotomy. On second thought – I think they already have!

  55. I think the only way we, Conservatives, can make an impact on the Hollywood gang is to stop spending money to see their pictures. Stop watching the awards shows, ratings go down and hopefully all will get yanked off the air! Their popularity dries up cause nobody gives a damn about them, they lose money, go broke! What a great way to pay them back for their foolish ideas!


  57. No one pays any attention to the phony Follywood snobs who think their opinions are of any consequence. They live in a fantasyland where people are expected to kiss their butts on a daily basis from which to spew their BS. NEVER do they come out from behind their ivory walls and guns of others where there might be some accountability.

  58. Shake your heads and try to remember the very RUDE and DISGUSTING things that WERE said DIRECTLY about the Obama girls and that are STILL being said! That was ok, you even laughed, you were amused ha ha. Now ONE PERSON referenced his NAME, NO derogatory remarks made ABOUT him and you condemn everyone. You can not have it both ways. Retract and apologies for what was said in reference to those bright and beautiful young ladies, then you might have a valid point. You speak of accountability, where is yours? Act like adults you say, take your own advice. Do you understand the meaning of the word hypocrite ? I think not so, if you need to refresh your memory of its meaning…..just look in the mirror

  59. Mary Summers; Yes we do indeed know the meaning of the word hypocrite. We see and hear it’s meaning every day when the TV comes on and spews the lies and slanderous remarks from the demon party. YOUR party. You know it’s motto; DO AS I SAY. NOT AS I DO. Our sitting President, his family, his supporters are all fair game when it comes to hateful and incorrect remarks. But god forbid ANYTHING that is negative be said about your demon party members, correct? Freedom of speech just runs one way with the Democrats.
    No one dared to say anything about the Obama girls. You show me one thing in print, when we had to endure 8 long years of great muslim leader was in office, that any of us said and negative about his children.
    Now you go look in the mirror and see some one that supports the NWO and killing innocent babies. Nice picture , isn’t it???

  60. Jim P.: Thank you. I can’t believe how really misinformed some of these people are! This Mary S. person isn’t even staying on topic. But that’s what these radical Liberals do, just go their rants against us, and ignore the real truth. Sad….

  61. Eric-YOU can go to hell and stay there! What’s good for one is good for another! It works both ways. Go to hell! Go to hell!

  62. Eric, I do not go to any religious cult churches. I believe in God, that is as far as that goes. Cunt? How would you know? How would you even know what a cunt is unless you are one of the human traffickers out there! Aren’t you calling the kettle black? What is good for one is good for another. You asked for it!

  63. Pat I’d ask for yours but I don’t think trailer parks have addresses. Do they. Gimme yours and I’ll whip your religious ass to a pulp.

  64. Marilyn yawn. If you have nothing interesting to add just keep your stupid asinine thoughts to yourself. Thanks on behalf of all of us, some are too polite to say.

  65. Eric, there is NO such thing as racism. We all come from the original two people-one man and one woman. All of us are all races. We are only the human race except for you. You are a humanoid. Oh, Merry Christmas.

  66. Eric, who gave you permission from this web site to take over everyone’s posts? Just wondering what monarchy you rule?


  68. Mary, it is you who needs to look in your mirror to see a hypocrite. dems are total hypocrites. They can’t stand anyone who disagrees with their sick immorality. They have only hate and lies and are very sad creatures. And please show ONE THING bad said about the Obama girls. I never saw anything. Obama is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House and “Michele” is a disgusting tranny, but the girls have no control over who their “parents” are. They are innocent pawns fed sick dem propaganda and I feel sorry for them

  69. Sally, you have no clue of the truth. You just blindly believe the lies of your sick dem party without question. And it is the fault of the PARENTS for sending their children into this country illegally. What part of illegal do you not understand??? You are truly ignorant

  70. Eric, you have no clue of the truth. That is very obvious. You just come here with your sick hate and name-calling. You are vile. Please get help. You need it. What Pat said is the truth, but you are so brainwashed by the left that you have no brain to think for yourself. Take your sick hate somewhere else. We don’t want it

  71. Eric, you are extremely sick and vile. YOU are by far the stupid one. This is a conservative Christian site, NEITHER of which you know anything about. YOU are the intruder. You just come here to spew your sick hate and lies. Go away!!!!!

  72. Eric, NO ONE said anything bad about them. Please show us ONE THING bad that was said about any of them. You CAN’T!!!! You are extremely sick and a LIAR!!!!

  73. Eric, it is YOU who is going to go to Hell. Jesus forbids your sick hate, lies and name calling. And you have no clue at all who Jesus is or what He teaches. You have denied Him and belong to satan. That is very obvious by your hate-filled posts. Shame on YOU!!!!!

  74. Eric, you have no clue at all what a Christian is. You have rejected Jesus and His teachings. Jesus forbids your sick hatred. You need a lot of help. Please get it. And please go away. Your sick hate and lies are not wanted here

  75. Eric, what trevor said is truth, but you deny truth. You are the one who has no wisdom. You prove it every time you post your sick hate and lies

  76. Eric, you are extremely sick and depraved. It is clearly YOU who will go to Hell. Jesus forbids your vile hatred. YOU are a fool

  77. Eric, it is really going to suck to be you when it is your turn to stand before Jesus to be judged. There is a special place in Hell for you

  78. Linda M. : Most Of Hollywood-types have only one boundary – against the truth of God. It is self-imposed by tragically too many. All of them who do not learn and obey the truth of God before Judgment Day will very grieviously learn about it then. Every person does have a soul, and every soul will be held accountable for the life which it lived while inside a human body. There is one “straight and narrow” pathway in life which leads to eternal reward of living in Heaven with God. But, “…there are few who find it.” There are uncountable other ways to live, which lead to eternal torment, along with the devil and his followers (all who did not follow the “straight and narrow.”) You can read about this in the Bible, at Matthew 7:13-14. Also, note Revelation 2:10, “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” The Lord Jesus Christ requires that our faithfulness be to Him, in order to be rewarded eternally by Him.


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