What Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate is refusing to disavow will make you sick


The Democrat Party is overflowing with boneheaded politicians who do the worst things in the name of the Left’s radical agenda for America.

And Democrat politicians holding statewide office in Virginia are some of the worst offenders lately.

Now, Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President is doing the dumbest thing possible representing the Commonwealth in Congress.

Infanticide has become part of the Democrats’ agenda as they seek to pay back Planned Parenthood for helping the Left take control of the U.S. House.

Ralph Northam, the much disgraced Democrat Governor of Virginia, publicly defended letting born-alive babies die when Democrats tried to ram up-to-birth abortion into law in the state.

In response, Republicans in the U.S. Senate introduced legislation to protect babies born alive during a botched abortion.

Not surprisingly, Democrats in the U.S. Senate showed just how in bed with Planned Parenthood they are by trying to block the bill to ban infanticide from being voted on.

Nevertheless, the Republican majority will bring the bill to a vote soon.

But Virginia Senator Tim Kaine — a self-proclaimed Catholic, and Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016 — is apparently going to vote against banning infanticide.

National Review reports:

Senator Ben Sasse (R., Neb.) brought the bill to the floor earlier this month, in the wake of Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s comments appearing to endorse physicians’ right to let newborns die, at least in some circumstances. The entire Senate will vote on the legislation on Monday.
. . .
Though Kaine has yet to issue a statement on how he plans to vote, he recently responded to constituent inquiries about his stance on the bill with a letter, a copy of which was obtained by National Review. The text doesn’t say explicitly whether he’ll vote against Sasse’s bill next week, but the implication seems to be that he intends to oppose it.

“This bill would establish new requirements for health care practitioners in the case of a fetus who survives an abortion,” Kaine writes. It’s an intriguing turn of phrase: A fetus, after all, is what the Left has chosen to call unborn children in an effort to dehumanize them. If a fetus survives an abortion, presumably it is no longer a fetus but a newborn infant.

The rest of the letter is similarly slippery. “I support the right of women to make their own health and reproductive decisions,” Kaine goes on. “For that reason, I oppose efforts to weaken the basic holding of Roe v. Wade . . . [and oppose] restricting and criminalizing women’s reproductive decisions.”

Voting in favor of protecting babies born alive during a botched abortion should be a no-brainer for every Senator.

Especially one that purports to be a devout Catholic.

But apparently, Democrat Tim Kaine doesn’t want to offend Planned Parenthood.

We want to know what do you think.

Will the passion of Americans on this issue ultimately end the travesty of late-term abortion and infanticide?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


    • I live in VA. He’s nothing, has always been nothing and will be nothing as long as he breathes.
      He was a good fit for another nothing. Now we have Northam, a baby killer. Man oh man, can
      the Dems ever pick them. They lied about the GOP guy and the fool Dems burst their buttons
      too put this garbage we have now in.

    • He canNOT be Catholic – devout or not – As long as he supports killing babies, born or unborn.” Thou shall not kill” is part of our Catholic doctrine. Period! The same goes for Polosi, OAC, and others.

      • It’s going to take many years, to clean it up..The best way for the Catholic church goers, is just say your prayers and light candles and leave the church..Never confess your sins to the priest, ever..I’m a Roman Catholic myself..

    • A church ran by an evil individual like Francis who makes excuses for the church playing musical parishes or more likely dioceses, open borders, even going as far as defending islam the same ideology who has threatened his life more than once, excommunicate they are more likely to sanctify them.

      • Don’t forget that Pope Francis was a Missionary Priest, before he became Pope..That is why he is fighting to protect the family coming into America..My question would be for the Pope is: Why don’t you bring those kind of people to Italy?..

    • Agree also. Though not a Catholic, think there should be some recourse to at least make those who claim to follow the faith pay the price of not following through..

  1. I agree. Kaine is just another sleazy politician who long ago sold his soul to PP, Marxism and everything else the Left espouses. They OWN him.

    • Yes. But his motivation comes from the seven deadly sins – primarily from the first and most deadly PRIDE.
      As St Thomas inscribed – all sins come from Pride.

    • Yes Sharon, I agree. Agreeing with you is a “no-brainer”. But the left seem to have much less than no brains. They are zombie-like, puppets on PP strings. What are the strings? Are the “strings” campaign donations? Would term limits help cut “strings”?

    • I live in VA and Kaine is worse than nothing. He was a failure when he was Governor, tried to pass things no dog other than Dems would vote for and managed to get them through. The Dems are mostly located in North East VA and work in DC. They have more voting power than those of us back in the West part of the state where voters aren’t as thick. Think this it totally wrong.

  2. Once the baby is born the woman’s reproduction rights have expired, as she already reproduced and therefore is no longer pregnant. The new born has rights which is the right to LIVE.

  3. Tim Kaine will learn a serious lesson when he and Hillary and Bill Clinton stand in final judgment! Life means nothing to them . . . except their own! They will forfeit that because they are fools! “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” God says, “I knew you in your mother’s womb.” Life is priceless!

  4. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s life after conception. We failed to protect life a long time ago. It’s going to be a hard battle but worth the fight.

  5. Among the people who announced their plans to run for president in 2020, didn’t include the name Hilary Clinton, seems to me the Asshole Kissing republican Retards supporting that White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS White House Legalized WHORE keep Zeroing in on her just to distract American’s attention away from HIS INSANELY IDIOTIC BORDER WALL DELUSION!

    • Betty…You are extremely sick and need help. Your hate is insane. And we have a RIGHT to protect ourselves!!! YOU are a FOOL. Go to the border and see for yourself the sick chaos there. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand??????????????????????????????

    • Another stupid liberal gum flaps. Betty, you have the brain of a termite…..simple and parasitic just like the parasitic illegal invaders. I’d suggest a growing up is in order or back to your mommy’s basement to hide. Your parents have failed you miserably. They are welcome as long as they apply legally and are vetted but you stupid liberals want to give the country away to criminals.

    • Betty, you poor deranged little liberal. Your ignorance is beyond comprehension, but that’s true of all liberals. People are welcome here if done legally and they’re vetted. violation of our immigration laws is a crime thus you and the others are criminals by aiding and abetting. BTW, your moron Obozo was the biggest and most ignorant clown to ever sit in the WH.

    • “Border wall delusion” — Betty have you been down to any portion of the border to actually witness the absolute invasion that the leftist/libtard/demoTRASH are promoting — my guess is not so until you do — stop sounding like a pelosi,schumer,water parrot who just repeats what you have heard from morons and idiots. President Trump is the best we have had in our Oval office in 50 years but because he is not one of the inner circle of corruption career crooks — the demoTRASH and rinos want him out to protect their golden fleece and the raping of America.

      • You are so correct, Gerryi! You are not alone in wanting a safer country, and not having our country raped by Muslim laws, or coming in with expecting to get food, shelter , and healthcare at the cost of the people.American . Let’s face it, they will trash anything Out President Trump does. Killar y and Pelosi should be locked up.

    • You must be all of the above and more. You’ve got a really bad case of TRUMP derangement syndrom as well. Well Mr Troll from Hell, most people want to feel safe and know that our border are secure. So you don’t care BUT be assured that where ever you are, there are illegal people and drugs in big supply, then throw in MS13, terrorist, and human trafficking and in case you are not knowledgeable enough to realize is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. This may encompass providing a spouse in the context of forced marriage, or the extraction of organs or tissues!! So keep spewing HATE of TRUMP while he’s trying to protect your sorry ass and others like you!!! God forbid that any of those horrors ever happen to any of your loved ones!!

    • Boo hoo hoo wahhh – thrashing – laying on the floor STILL kicking and screaming cause you lost huh? YOU ARE FRIGGING HILARIOUS 🤣!!!!! Thank you- you made my day lolololol, geez grow up.


    • Steve. You are right. I am not a Trump supporter, but I voted for him for three reasons. One, to keep Hilary out. Pres. Hillary would have been a complete disaster. Two, Supreme Court. And three, immigration. So far I think he is doing a good job. There are a couple things I disagree with him on, but oh, well.

      • bj, I’m an avid Trump supporter and think he is doing more for our country and our people than any President ever. However, he’s not perfect for sure but he is sincere in his efforts when he says he is going to do something!! He doesnt take a dime in pay for everthing he does! We need him to win in 2020, we need his strong personality, so please give him your vote again!

        • Donna, It seems that there is no one on the left that even cares about this country. Libs are very dangerous to our freedom, so no way will I vote dem. As things stand now, I will vote for Trump again. But there is a lot of time yet until the next election. We need to get the evil out of our government. What has happened to us that we have Muslims in Congress???? Islam is our enemy.

  7. All they are doing is legislating murder and everyone involved should be brought up on crimes to American citizens including the mother who has decided being pregnant is in the way of how she wants to live her life. Her only choice is to not get pregnant and if she does then ending her pregnancy purposefully, that is murder.

  8. Thank God, the so called Democratic Party is going down in flames. They will not escape the wrath of God for their sins & crimes against humanity. Although many Americans are totally asleep & ignorant to the evil that exists within their ranks, just know that God is wide awake.

  9. I think each congressperson and representative who follows the ideas of the left (regardless of affiliation) should be required to view a live late-term or post-birth abortion.

  10. The Left must be herded into cattle cars and shipped off to holding camps until we can build enough space buses to get them the hell out of here. Mars would be perfect!

  11. 4o years ago both him , polousey and the ike would have been excommunicated by the catholic church by now—so what are they waiting for????

  12. I think Politicide should take over Infanticide.Lets Get Rid of All Politicians.Let “We The People” Run Our Country in favor of The Middle Class,Who by the way has Helped so many of the poor class.The Rich I don’t worry about,They will find their own way.

    • Well said ! Political professionals were never part of our founding fathers plan in 1776 . They never foresaw this happening , this nation founded by Planters , Farmers and what were the business men of their time . Farmers who put down their pitchforks and plows , exchanging them for muskets to fight the tyrant of a king . Now we face an entire party of would be kings who would control our lives from birth till death . They would control the wealth , tax our hard earned incomes to insure that those who refused to work received their income and could sit about on their butts comfortably . And those in power vote themselves pay raises and pay little to no taxes .

  13. Kaine is no catholic than Vlad Putin and just as reputable. Infanticide is the thing that Northam should be chastised and fired for approving, not the stupid black face 30 years ago which may or may not him.

  14. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  15. When people say that this issue is a no brainer fail to take into account that Tim Caine has no brain . Years of sitting on them has caused them to atrophy , wither and die . Add to that his drinking the Democrat Koolaid and proximity contact to Hillary Clinton and others , if anything should be aborted it is Tim himself and the rest of the Democrats who agree with or do not have the courage to stand and say infanticide is wrong !

  16. I can’t believe this actually ‘is’ going on right now, this is like some sick demented democrap Stephen King movie. It is murder, plain and simple, out and and out murder and there is no way to say it’s not. Whoever kills the babies is a murderer and ALL the democraps who vote for this astounding, unbelievable, heartless, SHOCKING atrocity are accomplices. My God what is this world coming to. What could possibly be next?

  17. Let’s see now,
    Democrats believe it’s ok to murder babies,
    Democrats believe in oppressive government, with taxes, extreme rules for
    businesses, etc.
    Democrats believe in lying to get their way,
    Democrats believe in forcing their ideals on everyone while proclaiming tolerance,
    Etc. Etc.

    What’s the difference between Democrats and Muslims?

  18. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), separated at birth from Major Frank Burns, aka ‘Ferret Face’ of MASH fame. Guy is the quintessential weasel politician.

  19. The whole subject of infanticide and the silence and/or acceptance by the democrats is too horrible to comprehend. I am completely ashamed for them. They will be judged. Eventually.

  20. VA has been taken over by evil invaders. We have historically been conservative, and most of us are still. We can’t figure out how the Dems have taken over, since none of us voted for them. The only thing we can figure is voter fraud. Every time we mention wanting voter ID’s and a complete review of our voter records the Dems go ballistic. So, what are they hiding? FRAUD! There are a lot of illegals here since the Dems want to have sanctuary cities. We have lost a lot of people in the last 6 months to illegals killing them by guns or cars. One woman was working in her yard when an illegal with no license and a list of offenses a mile long ran over her in her own yard and killed her! The killer was arrested and then let out on bond, now they can’t find her! So, she may be coming to a neighborhood near you! Why was she still in this country! There are so many illegals here driving without licenses it’s terrifying. VA was voted as one of the worst states for bad drivers. Guess why? Illegals are crowding our roads with no licenses. Every time we turn on the news there has been a fatal accident caused by a driver with a Hispanic sounding name. As a footnote they mention the driver was unlicensed. Apparently they think laws are just suggestions. All of this has taken place since the Dems have taken over. They don’t love this country, they want to destroy it. It’s all about power and money. Kaine has always been sleezy, never cared about the people’s wants just crammed his agenda down our throats. I get so tired of hearing him condemn Trump for every move he makes. We have some horrible people in charge in VA now. Our clown Governor that won’t leave, our AG and Lt Governor, disgusting! Kaine should be kicked out of the Catholic Church. They’re baby killers. VCU owns Richmond,VA, they are so liberal. They are guaranteed to brain wash your kids. It breaks my heart to see what they have done to my home state. My family has been here since Jamestown.

  21. There’s been a lot of talk in Democratic circles of impeaching Trump, but it’s unlikely to happen since Democrats don’t have enough of a majority in Congress. Democrats say there’s enough to impeach Trump: Russian interference in the 2016 election, Trump’s refusal to divest from his businesses, his refusal to release his tax returns, obstruction of justice, etc. But Democrats don’t have enough of a majority.

    In 2016, Trump lost. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with three million votes. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries, and for Hillary Clinton in the general election. Bernie Sanders won 22 states and 40 percent of the popular vote in the Democratic primaries. That wouldn’t have happened if the system were “rigged” in favor of Democratic Party establishment candidate favorite Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton lost to Barack Obama in 2008 as well, which, again, wouldn’t have happened if the system were “rigged” in favor of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party establishment candidate favorite.

    I would have loved it if Hillary Clinton had picked Elizabeth Warren as her running mate: two progressive females on the same party ticket. But Tim Kaine proved to be a good campaigner, debater, and delivered VA to the Dems.

    Like Al Gore sixteen years earlier, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but not the Electoral College. Dems need to do better in red states if they want to win the White House: giving greater visibility to pro-life Democrats, or risk continuing to lose elections. Nancy Pelosi and others have spoke favorably of pro-life Democrats.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  22. If he is a Catholic as he states (I really don’t believe him) then I hope he is ready for GOD to smite him big time. Rot in hell mister! You are despicable and if you so believe in abortion, it is a shame you weren’t aborted during your birth! What you spin, comes back at you three fold–enjoy hell as you will deserve it.

  23. It turns out when they looked closely at voter records in CA, things didn’t add up. They had a lot more votes than the actual population. I don’t mean a few, it was several thousand. It was enough to give Hillary the popular vote. So, technically she didn’t even get that. Surprise, more voter fraud! I will give them credit for at least looking into their voter records. That’s more than VA will do. States know they have problems. But the Dems are using it to win elections. Please, demand that our votes be counted with strict security and only legal citizens with proper voter ID’s be allowed to vote. Also, there are dead people voting! Precinct workers should be given manditory jail time for any allowances of illegal voting. I’m willing to bet that’s how we got all of these horrible people in offices in VA. Also, how else do you explain AOC and the Muslim Congress women. If AOC has a degree in economics, she needs to get a refund on her tuition. Maybe, she cheated her way through school. Things are coming to light that she knows how to take advantage of anything in her favor. God help us all! No respect for life. I never thought I would see the day when people thought killing babies was acceptable. Kaine is in bed with Planned Parenthood, like the Dem party. They are an industry selling baby parts. Abortion is how they get their products. You can bet the Dems are benefiting financially from these babies deaths. They are ghouls.

  24. Why would anyone expect Kaine to take a different position? We know what Kaine is. The Catholic Church teaches us what a terrible sin scandal is.

  25. I can’t help but see, in my mind, a precious baby that was just born to never know the love and tenderness of another human. To be wrapped up warmly and held lovingly until it dies is sad enough. It’s a little human that deseves the love of a family. I bet they (Liberals) would try to save a monkey, tiger, elephant, anything other than a precious human baby…may God deal with them in his way.

  26. Do not know which is more disgusting and appalling: That Tim Kaine, a purported practicing Catholic or Ralph Northam, a formed PEDIATRIC neurologist supports infanticide-the killing of babies, both before and after birth. That they are active in Virginia politics infuriates me – never thought we’d go from being known as one of the last hold-outs for segregation to yet another abomination, the killing of the innocent unborn! However the state is gerrymandered so that the northern realms trump other parts of the state needs to be fixed. The people I know do not support the practice of killing the unborn, all of us residents of this beautiful state. We need to vote the idiots out!

  27. If those for abortion had been aborted, we wouldn’t have this evil problem. Notice all for abortion also want ILLIGALS in America. Do they kill their babies born here? No they encourage them to have babies and pay them to have babies and chain migration. Evil has taken over this country, but their day will come. God is greater. God bless America and all that confess Jesus Christ as their Lord. IJNA

  28. I’m for birth control. Not murder.
    Pay for birth control not murder.
    What happened to marriage before having babies?
    Coming into America with legal papers?
    Working to support yourself and your family?
    No we are creating animals with no love.
    God bind every evil spirit coming after America and destroy evil. IJNA


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