What happened to this Christian student after she posted Bible verses at school will shock you


Leftists think the First Amendment gives them unlimited power to ban the Bible from public schools.

They’ve been on a decades-long crusade to eradicate the Word of the Lord and those who adhere to it from American schools.

And what happened to one student after she posted Bible verses on her locker at school is downright despicable.

In Ohio, a Christian high school student was suspended for the crime of posting Bible verses on walls and lockers.

The student, Gabby Helsinger, put up the Bible verses in an innocent act of free speech in response to an LGBT group, the Gay Straight Alliance, whose LGBT pride flags and posters were rubber-stamped by the school administration.

The school administration told her she was suspended for “targeting the Gay Straight Alliance” group.

However, Gabby explains that she didn’t even know what the GSA was.

The Christian Post writes:

A Christian high school student in Ohio was suspended last week after she posted Bible verses on lockers and walls after she saw LGBT pride flags and posters decorating the halls of her school.

“So on Thursday when I got to school, I see that there were pride flags, posters around my school,” Gabby explained in the video. “And I felt the need to write down some Bible verses so I could put them around my school. And I wrote them down and I put them around my lockers, the walls.”

Helsinger explained that as she was coming back from lunch, she saw teachers taking down the Bible verses she put up.

“And the next day, I got called to the office and there is a letter that says that I have an ISS, which is an in-school suspension, and the reason why I have it is because ‘abuse of others, disrespect, rudeness’ because I put Bible verses up ‘targeting the [Gay-Straight Alliance] organization.’”

Helsinger claims that she didn’t even know what GSA was or meant.
“I seen that there was people in my school that needed help. They don’t need to be living and wondering if they should be gay, bi, lesbian, trans, anything like that,” Helsinger contended. “I know that God is the only way that they can be healed by that. That’s why I did it. I was not targeting any kind of organization or anything like that.”

The explanation that the school administration gave for suspending her is a flat-out lie.

Gabby wasn’t “targeting” anyone in posting her Bible verses around the school.

She was simply posting messages of love from the Bible.

And she certainly couldn’t have targeted a group she wasn’t even aware of.

Nevertheless, they smeared innocent Christian Gabby as a “gay hating Christian bigot.”

Even though, like for most Christians, her supposed “abuse” was expressing the tenets of the Christian faith.

It was not long ago when Bibles were a standard book to be found in most public schools in America.

But the LGBT activists, and their liberal pals, began targeting Christianity because they hate everything it stands for.

You can be sure that if a Muslim student wanted to post verses from their Qu’ran, they would be cheered on by the left.

But because Gabby is a practicing Christian, they consider her a threat to their oppressive, despicable agenda and think she must be silenced at all costs.

Do you think the Bible should be allowed in public school?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Sooo…LBGT can post their advertising/recruiting but Christians are suspended for posting theirs?
    Fire the Administrators for reverse discrimination. Repremand the school board.
    Suit the school district for violation of free speech 1 amendment. PUSH BACK!

  3. All the students who believe Gabby’s rights were violated, should stand with her by all going to the iss suspension room. All should stay there until the school & board members realize they were wrong. Next the parents should be getting into the school or forming a rally outside. This is the right way to fight back.

  4. Bibles should be allowed in all public areas and everyone should be allowed the free speech of voicing and posting scripture! The devil is working hard to destroy us and our country. Time for all to stand up and be counted in prayer. I agree also with Gus and Medic RN!

  5. Suing the administration is the way 2 go. Next have them removed from their positions 4 discrimination.
    When they start getting hurt in the pocketbook they will cease their attacks.

  6. I am confused The l g b t can post what they want and are hateful to straight and Christians and no reprimand The students need to stand for what they believe in with the girl In fact the gays and all them ought to too That would let them know that she has rights too

  7. The Constitution contains “. . or prohibiting free exercise thereof” regarding religion. What part of that do the school teachers and administrators not understand?

  8. Jesus is the ONLY way to HEAVEN … YOU must Ask THE LORD JESUS to FOR give you of your sins. JESUS is Coming in the sky soon to take the ones who love him home to HEAVEN .

  9. If Muslims are allowed to wear head coverings, burkas and have prayer rooms the same should apply to all Faith’s.
    I could care less about anyone’s sexuality or religion but I do feel freedoms should be equal in school etc. Why on earth did administration allow gay flags etc , they set themselves up for backlash in the community.
    We must stop this politically nonsense. I agree with previous comments . Pickett the school and file suit against the school for adverse discrimination. As a parent I would be in the administrations face daily.

  10. It’s not that they dont understand they are afraid to hurt certain groups feelings. This comes from the nonsense of being politically correct.

  11. I think the school are terrible she should had not been given the suspension. Christians need to stick together. By rights she could get a lawyer & prove them wrong. We need to keep God in our country.

  12. These school administrators are in way over their heads in interpreting what is going on around them, and or, they are perpetrating their own beliefs on these kids. I think we are seeing the result of the liberal mindset on our college graduates, for example Alexandria Oacasio Cortez. These people are mindless idiots. There is no critical thinking involved, or being taught. It’s all indoctrination into a one sided thought process and it is killing us, literally.

  13. The school is violating the Constitution by making the “Gay Straight Alliance” the official religeon of the school. Gabby’s freedom of speech and religeon have been violated by the school’s “establishment” of the “Gay Straight Alliance” as the school’s religeon. Gabby should sue the school for violation of First Amendment rights and for violation of the Establishment Clause. Tim to get tough. The Constitution needs to be defended.

  14. No such thing as free speech in this country! It was PAID for with 240 years of shed blood! The left forgets intentionally that they get to talk BECAUSE of this blood AND IT SHOULD WORK BOTH WAYS!!! It is time to use THEIR TACTICS!!! Notice how they have called names and INTIMIDATED people using RULES FOR RADICALS and the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO since the 50’s and ESPECIALLY THE 60’s!! The violence they use is excused and the right is HATED and TARGETED for THOUGHT and SPEECH!!! They hate President Trump BECAUSE he uses THEIR tactics against them and THEY BECOME THE “VICTIM”!!!!

  15. Fighting them through the court system doesn’t work anymore because the court is in it with them. We are becoming so weak and afraid to do anything. Wars are not fought with courts and politically correct rhetoric and this is a war on our lives.

  16. These Teachers and school administration leaders are obviously are atheists and must want the rest of the Children to be just like them? So what happened to the Parents are they all Evil just like these teachers and the administration? Why don’t they try sticking up for their children and God?

  17. U must start admitting what the average Christian/Jew/Hindu (especially Christians) don’t want 2 c.
    The schools r controlled by SOCOMS who have been indoctrinating the youth 4 decades. These people wish destroy the US/christianity/free speech & all religions that allow individualism. They pit different factions against 1 another. In the end they shall pay because using islam as it’s stalking horse will come back & bite them on their backsides. SOCOMS attempted that maneuver in Iran After dumping the Shah the rads “TERMINATED” their alliance with the SOCOMS.

  18. This is what happens when politicians, judges, school officials, etc., are allowed to take the Bible out of public schools. The Bible is God’s word, showing us the way to salvation, not a sports magazine!

  19. The schools in this country have stopped teaching useful things like cursive writing (How is one to sign their name?), Civics (We get 29 year old bartenders that think they are the boss.), & general common sense. Liberals have taken over our public education. I thought that we were promised EQUAL rights!?!

  20. Pull your children from public schools. Hit them where it hurts in the pocket book. They loose money when children are absent.

  21. Next thing you know they will throwing us to the lions again, for anyone who does not know what that means, go back and read Religious history.

  22. Schools in the USA originally taught from the Bible. God controlled our lives. When prayer and secular books were instituted we were left to manage our own lives. Gee, we seem to have done a great job, don’t you think? We deserve everything we get.

  23. Yes, I believe Gabby has the right to post Bible verses, just as the lesbians, homos, bi=sexuals, & trannies do!
    If she has a problem, I’d suggest she have her parents get in contact w/Jay Sekulow w/ACLJ, who will go to
    bat for her against that school!!!!

  24. Why on earth do we put up with these slime LBGT, and let us have the 1st amendment like we are supposed to

  25. My kids are both grown….trouble started in the schools in their final years at school. IF I was a prent ofnschool age kids today they would be home schooled. Even the Christian schools can’t be trusted today. Better wake up parents before all rights are removed.

  26. Gabby is wrong. God has not condemned homosexuality. More, homosexuality is not abnormal. Homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality; albeit not as mainstream. In fact, it is not mainstream at all. But it is a common aberration of heterosexuality. And apparently there are many, or at least several aberrations of homosexuality. And, the more aberrant it is the more distasteful it becomes to hetero’s.

    Gabby is wrong because the reality is that we live in a natural world. There is no supernatural being / God, that directs and defines the world that we live in.

    Worse, Gabby’s faith in a supernatural God deadens her conscience to the reality that there are people who are different to the norm in all manner of ways. That difference often makes them unacceptable to normal people.

    Not being accepted into normal society can be financially devastating and socially stigmatizing. But, to Gabby, the solution to their problem lies in their accepting the edicts of a kind loving and stern God.

    That unfortunately, does not exist. Gabby’s faith notwithstanding.

  27. If one group can post things with no problem so should Christians. I know this school and I am very disappointed in the principal. No it had nothing to do with hate. Just because you don’t agree with something does not mean you hate the person. My children and grandchildren can worship God any time any place because it is plain to see other groups can do anything they want without repercussions.

  28. Yo Mad Man, the God that I was taught about in church don’t need no help from you or me. He was / is, all powerful. Why not just put the matter in God’s hands and not worry about it ever again. Gods will, will be.

  29. Ya better be careful there Warren A Hell, takin God’s name in vain is blasphemy and blasphemy is an unforgivable sin.

  30. Absolutely the Bible should be in schools,as well as court houses and any other public or private place of business.This country was built on the word of God,it is a major foundation for our country.Those that don’t like it are free to move.This country won’t be changing due to objections from the ignorant.

  31. God Mary, I been lookin for that man nigh on to 70 years now. Do you know where I can find him? An address or maybe just a telephone number if thats all you got. Thanks and God bless you Mary.

  32. “Bibles were a standard book to be found in most public schools in America.”…back when America USED to be great. But their removal is part of the reason America is NO LONGER great.

  33. I have a scary thought if I had a shirt printed on a customized basis, that said, “NOT ! LGBT” on two
    different lines, would I be told to leave the ballpark, the restaurant, department store, the route of the
    parade on a holiday ? I would be making a case for our Creator, and be scolded for it ? We are pushing our Lord further away, and may well pay for it soon. Only recently, people were shouting for “Diversity!”
    and how it was a great movement ! We have all these changes, reforming society, so many different
    ways ! Before long we can hope ! ! white people will be less than 1/2 the population ! What a great
    trip ! Broadcast the minorities, the unknown religions, the independent political parties, all to Balkanize
    our country ! Don’t forget, let’s provide Sanctuary cities, allow murders, drugs, and rowdies into our country, maybe 9 times ! Don’t build a wall to defend ourselves. Do not encourage law enforcement
    like I C E. No, increase rancor and further trouble ! Promote queers, their influence,and diseases, kill children even if AFTER birth.

  34. I’d SUE principal & each school board members for letting this happen! if this SPECIAL group of students can post signs so can the CHRISTIAN! every CHRISTIAN child in the school should stand behind this precious girl & show their support for JESUS & the BIBLE! this child’s parents should contact Judicial Watch & see if they can help!
    “Lord JESUS, bless this precious young lady & give her strength to withstand the devil’s attempt to defeat her! JESUS she loves you & wants to share Your love with them. I’m asking You to cover her with Your precious blood to protect her from the enemy’s attacks! Glory be to JESUS! Amen!”

  35. I am so sick of the religious persecution in this country. They need to be sued in that school.

  36. It should be a requirement to have bibles in all public schools. It should be a requirement to have bible reading at the start of class every day.

  37. But, which bible? The Israel bible? The hebrew bible? The King James bible? The Scofield bible? The Gideon bible? The Jew bible? The latter day saints bible? The torah bible? The talmud bible?

  38. why is it okay that a gas group can put up flags and slogans and it is okay, but a christian student is not allowed to put up bible verses. personally, the slogans the gas put up are against my religion and them taking down her verses was bigoted in their actions seems to me if the school allows one religion or belief slogans up on the walls of the school then both should be allowed …………….or don;t let them ;put up any. sick of this double standards….if a muslim student put up a sign they would also allow it so when did being a christian become the worst evil in the world and become a bigoted group……..

  39. what the 1st amendment actually says is “Congress shall make NO LAW PROHIBITING the practice of religion…..” SO in actuality these people are in violation of her 1st amendment rights…it clearly states you cannot stop an individual from practicing their faith…not the other way around

  40. She, her parents, and pastor should contact their congress person, Senator or even President Trump. Either that or contact a higher court Judge to get a response for the school. If the LGBT can put posters up, so can she.

  41. The King James version of the Christian Bible is the accepted Bible brought to this country by the pilgrims.I think the answer to your frivolous statement should have been self evident.

  42. She should sue the school. They are discriminating against her. They are trying to force the christian to accept the gays when it plainly states in the Bible that man will not lay with another man. She is not talking to the gays,she is trying to help those that are not gay. Gabby,just keep praying. God took you to it and he will take you through it. The teachers may think they are God but they will find out just how powerful our God is. Don’t get discouraged, God will be with you. Some times it may not be easy but remember God is always with you.I am 87 years old and I have seen things that you would think was impossible but nothing is too big for God to handle.

  43. The problem with having religious texts in school is that there are many religions.

    Can the other religions have their texts in the schools?

  44. YEs I do believe that the bible should be allowed in public schools.This will go to court and the teen will win.The Gay community just wanted to have equality now they want to dominate everyone and everything.Try as they may you cannot delete God.

  45. Yes, the bible belongs in every school. The lack of God’s word is why the country is in the shape it’s in today. God’s word is the foundation for all our constitutional documents and laws. Without God, we can do nothing. Our house (country) is divided against itself. If we can’t pull it together with God, then we will fall without Him. Like a house of cards, it could collapse at any time.

  46. The Bible was the foundation of this country. The founders referred to many readings in the Bible while developing the Bill of Rights. While the people of this country were building their new live they always stated, “In God We Trust”.

  47. Amendment I -” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Amendment X – The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Therefore: Congress, individual States, local governments, and school boards have no legal rights to stop the free expression of Christianity in any public place, including schools. Furthermore, politically correct speech is a violation of that same 1st Amendment in that it definitely abridges your freedom of speech. So, Christians unite, stand up tall, speak our beliefs, and pray for this great country. Read the BILL OF RIGHTS. They were added to the Constitution to protect us from a totally intrusive government by limiting the power of Congress. These are our rights, people, and I have no intention of giving up even one of them. Neither should you.

  48. When I was in elementary school in Queens, New York City, we had a reading every morning from the Old Testament. That was along with the pledge of allegiance and the singing of the Start Spangled Banner. That was PUBLIC school in a City that even then was fairly liberal (now its almost communist). This was in the 1950s. How far we’ve fallen.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  51. You have to love, support, understand, encompass, accept, tolerate, etc etc etc gays or you might as well be dead, You have no rights, They rule!

  52. We are now in the realm of the Thought Police and the like when it comes down to speech or any type of drawings. Without any physical evidence such as a direct written threat they now have the perceived threat standard. There is no list of any kind to go by so you are being controlled by not being able to write any thing unless someone says they feel/felt threatened by it and we have politicians,judges, Educators who are supposed to stand up for the citizens and uphold the constitution. Songs like Eighteen with a bullet, killing me softly with her love and other ones like this are now called a perceived threat of violence. Any drawing that has guns or knives in them are now also by some a perceived threat of violence. Just how crazy has our society gotten to be? When you are made to be afraid to to sing a song write a verse or draw a picture in case someone feels threatened by seeing or hearing these things. Almost makes me happy that i am in my final years of life so as to not have to live very long under this type of insanity.

  53. When we loved and respected The Lord be blessed our Schools but now that we no longer give Him that love and respect how can we expect those same Blessings from Him?

  54. Such an odd question if you know the unrevised history of U.S. public schools. Christian parents are the ones who started public schools in the early 1600’s so their kids could learn to read the Bible! They wanted to be sure they would know what God’s Word said about tyranny and how the government was to operate in a free society.

  55. You know that God made two kinds of people. He made males and females. All the rest were made by liberal Democrats. Thank you.Maybe we need some T-shirts to wear with God on the front and liberal Democrats on the back.

  56. I think that most schools in the 1950s did that. Then Madelyn Murry O’Hare got prayer out of schools and it all went downhill from there. My sixth grade teacher continued with prayer and was never called out for it.

  57. BD – Jesus will come when GOD is ready. You don’t need an address or telephone number. It is much easier than that. All you have to do is come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as your Savior. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross. He loves you and is waiting for you. It is YOUR choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell.

  58. There needs to be more to stand with child of god not be weak and afraid she wasn’t or these satin followers will try to follow satin and take hers and gods voice from the lips of his praise to her there is only 1 holly bible and it has already been written and she is only only teaching from it she needs to remember satin will try to push back my many thank to her but as the Bible has said he will win and that’s is there fear

  59. Reprimand? No, we are way beyond that. We need a temporary Muslim rule and let them toss off these school admins and their Gaystapo off the roof.

  60. The last time I saw a Bible in a classroom was in 1973. I was in the fourth grade. It was after that, that I didn’t see them anymore.

  61. I think she needs to focus on learning grammar and about being welcoming to others. Did she choose to be heterosexual? Does anybody choose their sexual orientation? And what do you care what others do? Seems like “love thy neighbor” has been forgotten. Christianity may be a focus at church and/or home.

  62. Deb: That will not help. Most public schools are paid for by your real estate, sales and other taxes, even if you don’t have a kid in public school.

  63. Fight the good fight and DON’T stop. If the school cared about respecting others, than what about respecting us Christians also, they respect other religions about not our’s. Where are all the Priest, Pastors and Preachers why don’t they STAND UP for this young girl, WHERE ARE THEY WHERE. They should run to her side and support her to the bitter end. Thank you

  64. There is no law in America that forces a child to be silent about their beliefs. The school administration should experience a large law suit brought by the parents and represented by the American Center for Law and Justice. That is the cure for the liberals amongst us! M A G A.

  65. Dawg: Regardless of any religion or the lack of it, LGBTQ Gaystapo perverts are NOT NORMAL and shall not be accepted into normal society.

  66. The USA is a Christian founded country, so Christian text will do.
    Do they have Christian text in public schools in Iran, Israel, Indonesia or Nepal?

  67. Sadly while I agree with you, they would take it to a liberal judge who would bastardize the law as liberals do to rule against her.

  68. Wow, BitinDawg, where do you get your knowledge? Your little brain has meditated and concluded that a supernatural God does not exist. Now logically, where does life come from if not a Creator? Man can do many things, but there is only one Giver of life. Consider the human body, with all its parts that work together in harmony. The eye sees, transmits the image to the brain, which can evaluate what is seen. In the animal kingdom, how each creature is adapted to its environment. That happens by chance? That takes more faith than a Christian’s faith in a living God who created us and loves us. And yes, God has condemned homosexuality, and any forms thereof outside a committed marriage of a man and woman. But He still loves those who are in sin, while not loving their actions! I guess you haven’t read the Bible. It is way abnormal- just look at the body parts of male and female, made to compliment each other, not to resort to artificial devices. I could go on and on, but suffice to say, this high school kid has more wisdom than you or any self-appointed intellectual. Please read the Bible with an open honest mind and ask God if He’s really real, that you want to know Him. He hates sin (because He knows it’s bad for us), but loves sinners- that’s why Jesus came and died a horrible death, to pay for all our sins. He is merciful, and He forgives.

  69. Absolutely on all counts. A short tope and a tall tree would put an end to this particular act of evil by the school.

  70. Yes, The libbie’s hate god and Christians . What else is new ? There is one thing for sure. They will believe in prayer when they are in a foxhole surrounded by those out to kill them firing automatic machine guns.

  71. Where in Queens was this? I went to 4 different public schools in Queens from 1954 to 1966. There were no bibles or testament reading ever.
    Separation of church and state
    Has been in effect since 1791.

  72. Your taxes pay for public school whether or not your kids go to public school or if you even have kids. Most public schools in America are overcrowded so the schools are not going to lose money.

  73. Public schools are for the public. The “public” is made up of many different beliefs and religions. Muslims do not use the King James Bible. Jews use the Old Testament. Atheists do not use any bible. Public schools are there to educate all children. These schools cannot force a religious agenda on students.
    If you want your children to have religion in school, you need to pay for and send them to a religious school.

  74. So they are accusing this Christian girl of targeting the LGTQ??? people and all the while they are targeting her and Christianity.
    What ever happened to the first amendment?
    This is religious discrimination. Discrimination against Christians is illegal per the constitution.
    This girl has every right to sue the school for the violation of her constitutional rights.

  75. Separation of church and state was instituted in 1791. You cannot bring any religion into any public institution Religion is a very different issue than LBGTQ rights.
    This will for very obvious reasons never hold up in court.

  76. Everything they accuse condemn and complain about us? They are guilty of tenfold but do not fear God will not be mocked. They will reap what they are sowing. God bless Gabby for the courage to step out by faith in the holy spirits power. The foolishness of God is wiser then man and the weakness of God is stronger then man. Hopefully Gabby starts a revival and they all get saved and repent? Praise God.

  77. Absolutely on all of their anti-Christian attitudes. Those teachers and administrators are guilty of bigotry and violated this young girls First Amendment Rights and should be thrown out of that school and never allowed in another school or college anywhere in the United States. I hope the parents of that girl sues these sobs.

  78. Fire the jerks who are taking this student’s First Amendment Rights. These perverts should be fired and then prosecuted for violations of this young lady’s Civil Rights.

  79. I also agree 100%. Good, decent Americans, and Christians are being severely criticized for doing what is right!

  80. She has the right to post Bible verses the same as gays post their things.
    The school administration is AFRAID of the gays, otherwise they would tell them to take their posters down.
    Since 9/11, people in this country have been kissing butt. Muslims blow up our twin towers, kill all those people, and the next thing we know, they are being handled with kid gloves. They KNOW we are afraid of them. Same with the LGBTQWXYZ ETC. None of these people will listen to God,’s Word; they don’t believe in Heaven or Hell. BUT when they die and hit the gates of hell, they will be saying why didn’t somebody tell us we were wrong.
    The goal of Muslims in this country is to take over, & when and if they do, they will kill every person who is not a muslim.
    Same with gays. It is satan stirring up trouble. They are trying to cram their agenda down everybody’s throat. Why cant the rest of us cram our agendas down their throats??? Because we are right and they are wrong.
    THEY are offensive to us. We should start suing everyone who does something we dont like, as they are disciminating against us.

  81. I don’t know if the Bible should be forced on anyone but I don’t think the LBQT community should be either. School is to learn about math, science, gym etc & not to cater to certain addendas. It does seem that the school is rubber stamping the gay community & that should go to court over that. I think that the parents should get together & consider home schooling or Christian schools for those who can afford it & see if this or these schools end up regretting rubber stamping the Gay agenda.

  82. This country was founded on the teachings of the Bible. When we took prayer and Bible reading out of school our country started to slide down hill and it is getting worse every day. Things are not going to improve until we begin to put God first. America is deserving of the wrath of God. And it will come.


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