What happened to this Catholic student after he spoke out will make you see red


LGBT activists use college campuses to push their radical theories like an “infinite” number of genders.

Christian schools are often their favorite targets.

And what happened to one Catholic student after he spoke out will make you see red.

John Carroll University is a Jesuit Catholic school in Ohio.

But parents sending their children to this school expecting them to learn about their faith are in for a big surprise.

John Carroll University hosted an annual “Drag Show” each of the past six years.

Declan Leary, a true Catholic student, spoke out against the drag show in his weekly school paper column.

But the school’s social justice warriors would have none of it.

They barraged the editor with letters describing Leary’s column as “dehumanizing” and “offensive.”

They called the article “hate speech.”

They even tried to prevent him from ever writing another column again.

Things got so out of hand that the Title IX coordinator hauled him in for questioning.

He ultimately was called before the school’s President.

Nicole Nealy, president of Speech First, told Campus Reform:

The range of ‘acceptable’ discourse on college campuses is very narrow and it continues to shrink. School administrators reinforce this trend by sending both overt and discreet signals that their viewpoints are unwelcome.”

“Unfortunately, conservative students on campus receive a very clear message on a regular basis – not only are their political and religious views objectionable but are also bigoted and hateful. Rather than face the punishment-by-process indignity of disciplinary hearings, students choose to stay silent, self-censoring themselves out of an abundance of caution. In my mind, that chilling poses the greatest threat to free speech on campus today,” she added.

John Carroll University considers itself an LGBT “Safe Zone.”

It even boasts about its “Gender Inclusive Restrooms.”

They’ve made it clear that they’d rather side with LGBT activists pushing their radical agenda than their own Catholic students who just want them to adhere to Church teachings.

Would you send your child to a self-proclaimed “Catholic” school that hosts drag shows and has “gender inclusive” bathrooms?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. This is a disgusting article. When are Christians going to be able to voice their opinions without being chastised? Drag shows on a Catholic school stage? Gender inclusive bathrooms? God created only 2 genders, male and female. This transgender thing is just another deviant ideology of the LGBTQ society.

  3. Never send your kids to this college it’s being run by the globalists that’s why they’re putting in all these gays it’s totally disgusting don’t send your kids to that college it’ll hit them right there where it hurts in the pocketbook

  4. Christians have got to STOP turning the other cheek. This only allows others to trample all over you taking your religious freedoms one by one. Stand up for GOD and what you believe in.

  5. As a gay Catholic I can assure you the drag shows degrade men and women with same sex attractions. As far as gender issues, science determines if we’re male or female. Anything else is short of Halloween. Stop the insanity.

  6. Sorry; but until people of traditional faiths stand up to this tiny percentage of loud, persistent,
    disruptive groups, nothing will change.
    The only solutions may be; 1) Court actions, 2) Votes for conservative candidates, 3) Local meetings of
    people who want to stop the school authorities from permitting these zealots from overriding our traditional and Christian values – meetings as loud as the zealots!! 4) Put on notice, any and all elected Board
    members, that they will have to answer for caving in to the 1.5% minority’s demands.
    They won’t accept a compromise either – they want complete control of children’s minds.
    They can be forced into a compromise only by determined and organized resistance to their anti-democratic
    actions. Only you can outvote them but only if you all work together.

  7. When are Christians gonna stand up and say, “Enough is enough” and put a stop to all of this out of control PC?

  8. More proof that today’s campuses have become country clubs where communists can live like capitalists. The solution is beyond the college and its administration. Only Trustees, alumni, and parents can act to correct this ridiculous state of affairs, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the change.

    Only two real solutions I can see for the not too distant future: 1) on-line education (there are no gender-inclusive restrooms in the ether) 2) a move to a guild-like OJT environment where college is by-passed for learning directly from a professional mentor.

  9. So you can not speak out about what God has call an abomination on a Catholic campus but the priests can cover up sexual abuse for decades????? I guess when they get spat out at judgement the words “I NEVER KNEW YOU” will sink in!!!!

  10. Jesuits are known for their liberal proclivities, this acceptance of LGBT depravity should come as no surprise to anyone.

  11. It is more than disappointing to see a school of higher learning teach and actively support intolerance. Their actions discourage open dialog and valuable debate of the issues. It forces all parents and their college aged children to review their decision on which school offers what they seek. The schools actions make one look to the government to insure title IX regulations are being properly administered.

  12. Seeing as how we are allowing the RAPIST SLICK WILLY to get by with his “MEANDERINGS”, and not have to serve time for RAPE like any other Rapist does, And CROOKED HILLY can get by with THUMBING her NOSE at the CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE regarding her LIES about the TOTAL EMAIL FIASCO, and destruction of BLACKBERRY UNITS (8) and using a NON-SECURED server, kept in her closet at home so her emails couldn’t be accessed,,,and since she orchestrated the sale of 20% of American Uranium to Russia, and accepted $145,000,000.00 donated to the CLINTON FOUNDATION from RUSSIAN SOURCES, and suddenly SLICK WILLY”S FEE IN RUSSIA JUMPED FROM $100,000.00 to $500,000.00 overnight, ASO ASO, ASO,,,,, THIS IS THE TYPE OF CRAP THAT IS BECOMING COMMONPLACE,,,,,HOW CAN THE YOUNG BE TAUGHT ETHICS WITH THIS CRAP HAPPENING, WITH NO CONSEQUENCES????!!!!!!

  13. John Carroll University IS NOT a Catholic University. They may say that they are a Catholic University but they are not!

  14. John Carroll University is most definitely not Catholic. It may call itself Catholic, but if it does not
    follow the tenets of the Roman Catholic faith, it is not Catholic. It’s sickening that so-called
    Catholic Universities have embraced the culture. They’re supposed to lead the people to Christ
    not into depravity. How shameful.

  15. All universities should be “safe zones” for everyone, where no one should face discrimination, but everyone’s ideas should be subject to disagreement by anyone else, even Christians trying to practice their faiths in a Christian university. Where was this student’s “safe zone” to exert his First Amendment rights to free speech and the practice of his religion?

  16. You are correct. Fortunately, there are still some actual Catholic universities. Generally, it appears the Jesuit universities are not among them.

  17. With this type of ideology, thus school can no longer be considered a Catholic school. This flies in the face of true teachings of the Catholic faith!!!

  18. They won’t ask, all signs of morality will be gone from all societies by then. Lilttle is left now when you can murder a baby for a flink lasting a few hours.

    When I went to St. Mary’s you did as the priest said or caught the next bus out. We were reminded that we are the next generation not the present generation and they still make the rules.

  19. Human beings have two sexes, male and female. This is determined by genetics, not assignment. That is science, not hate. There has never been a successful sex chance in the history of humans. They may have their genitalia removed and even have their sex glands removed so as to take hormones, but the genes will still be XX or XY, male or female. That is also science, not hate. Believing that something is true when it is not true to the point of obsession is called a delusion. No matter how harmless, a delusion is still a mental defect or disease. Persons who dress in the clothing of the opposite sex are transvestites, not trans gender. If they believe that they are of the opposite sex, they are deluded. That is scientific fact, not hate. Mental illness is not a civil right.

  20. 1.We do not have an atheist problem.
    2,we do not have a gay problem.
    3. We do not have a bent gender problem.
    We do have a liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical compost heap problem, they are the ones responsible for all of this.
    We can no longer coexist with these ersatz life forms They are walking the edge of civil war they don’t believe that we will ever put a stop to them.
    It’s time now.

  21. Then what school do you recommend? they are all the same, except the one in Arkansas.

    Parents bought into pay the bill and shut up ideology. The parents support them after they flunk out or major in a worthless major until they can no longer can di so so on their Social Security

  22. Stand your ground, students. When you see being Gay is accepted but being Straight needs to be overturned, that is the time to ‘drop out’ of this college/school and find one with a much better atmosphere for normal citizens. This is getting out of hand by Gays pushing their agenda where it’s not wanted. Let’s all accept our God-given gender! Then we have no problems with this lifestyle twist.

  23. IF LGBT doesn’t like what the CATHOLIC students are saying and doing, then let them transfer to another school where they can exercise their LGBT rhetoric!

  24. The Christian Church as a whole, regardless of denomination, has “NOT” taken this issue as series as it should have. As a result, its only going to get worse if Christian’s don’t take a stand against this type perversion that is taking away your rights at all levels!!

  25. Well, First of all, this is supposed to be a Catholic University and should support the Teachings of the Holy Bible where God condemns Homosexual activity for God Created Man and from the rib of Adam a Female to make love and Multiply. These Gays are breaking the laws of God and will be punished inevitably. Jesus Christ is seated on the right hand of the father from thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.

  26. I am so glad my kids are all grown and out in the workforce. In this day and age I would not spend one dime to send them to any college or university. I know to many parents who are conservative who sent their kids to a college or university and those kids came home full fledged liberal’s. And that is why democrats want free higher education for all now, so they can turn these kids into liberal’s. Democrats are just plain evil and I don’t want anything to do with any of them.

  27. So where is the Catholic Church. Are they calling good, what God calls reprobate? What God called an abomination many years ago is still an abomination no matter what any priest or teacher says. God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever!

  28. Hell no I wouldn’t let anyone I know go to that school or any like it. With that crap being pushed at our young it’s no wonder the priests are raping the boys, the freaking queers are running the asylum.

  29. Get out and vote for the GOP in Nov. to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat liberal mobs!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there! Now that America is great again because of Pres.Trump let’s keep it that way!

  30. I dont know details but try christiandom school in the east. Ive heard nothing but good things about.

  31. We’re only going to be “able” to when we STAND up for our rights and refuse to be silenced by that squeaky wheel; not before. WE have allowed this by failing Jesus Christ on every level; failure to stand up to state and national legislatures and declare the evil of it and that following that route is the broad way to DEATH, even though it “seems right to a man” when he’s doing it; failure to counter those lies with God’s truth openly and loudly in public; failure of the churches to stand up and support right minded candidates and on right minded issues, for decades. We Christians are not innocent in this.

  32. It is true, every word of it! And believing that doesn’t mean that you mistreat the people obsessed by those delusions; you get them mental health treatment. First thing we learned in psych for nurses, back in the day is “never ‘feed’ a delusion”; in other words you don’t ever support it, you counter it with truth. Doing otherwise is destructive to the person suffering that delusion!

  33. What kind of Catholic school would do this? Where are the moral values if these people? They have stooped so low , that the accept this in a Catholic School? The people guiding and controlling this school seem like “TRASH”! I would never send my children to a place like that? Parents should get together, get their children out of there, and make them close the school. NO STUDENTS, NO MONEY!

  34. What happens when a religious school kicks Jesus out the back door and then opens the front door to all the devil has for them— they catch hell…. all of it. Imagine how these poor kids’ lives will be affected when they are older– and their kids– and grandkids— they will live hellish lives and when they arrive in Heaven– He will say, ” Depart from me, I never knew you.” How very sad…. how irresponsible of parents, professors, and school admins !

  35. Where is this kids lawyer and parents. You do not go into any so called meeting without a lawyer or parent. There is also the safety aspect on school grounds. These people attacking the kid can be brought up for stalking and harassing charges that land you in jail. If This kid wants parents to defend him he can have my parents. My Mother had teachers close their doors when she walked into a school to find out who was right, her kid or the teacher. Men would back off trying to take on my Mother when my Father showed up to protect his wife. These kids need to tell their parents and their parents need to fight for their kids. College kids have free speech rights given by the Constitution. The accusers are not the only ones with free speech rights that is more criminal activity when it reaches threats, harassment and stalking.

  36. Jim, not only did you move WAY, WAY off the subject, but you seem to be a conspiracy advocate from many, many conspiracies that have been debunked before, many times. Right wingers make up those stories, often on hearsay, then they pick it up from one another and act like it is a fact because they keep repeating false rumors. I have never seen more conspiracy BS been invented (like Uranium One, debunked by FOX NEWS) than by Trump cult followers and Alex Jones people. The whole “Deep State” garbage is filled with more holes than swiss cheese.

  37. Yes, Bob, a lot of Protestants do not understand of the variety of different religious orders and thoughts in the RC Church. Some emphasize intellectual development, some social service and missions, and the goal of the founder, like De La Salle or Franciscans, can change over time. In some ways, Catholicism can be quite open to development of higher intellectual abilities. While I quit the church years ago because of the vast control by the clergy, who are VERY OFTEN very distorted and deviant and mean themselves, Catholics were very supportive of learning and had some of the very best schools in the country.

  38. Another clear example, Jerry, how Trump cult followers have and still advocate hate and the use of violence. You right wingnuts are the only ones talking about a “civil war” and the use of violent means to suppress those who don’t think like you – – a totally fascist message. IF any of you are foolish enough to resort to violence, like Sayoc (mail bombs) or the one who murdered Jews in Pittsburg, that makes this an act of domestic terrorism, and you are fully subject to the consequences of the law. You will not just be facing liberals, you will be facing the FBI, the police, and if needed, active duty troops to arrest you and imprison you. It is time now for you and others like you to END this rhetoric of violence.

  39. the program in gays that think that they are the opposite gender, and attracted to the same sex, is instilled in them from their spirits that reincarnated in them are the opposite sex, a man’s spirit was a woman, and a woman’s spirit was a man, look at their character traits a man has feminine traits, and women have masculine traits, under hypnosis you tell them to go to the first time they had these feelings, for the same sex, or that they are the opposite sex, might have to do this maybe 3 times, to erase these feelings to erase this program in them to make them normal.

  40. Lyin gliberal dem bloodsucking parasitical compost heap civil war is inevitable with you scum, personally, I can’t wait..

  41. Totally agree. Where are our religious liberties and free speech? Let liberals believe how they want, but why do they get to squelch our views and shut down our freedoms. It’s time for them to turn the other cheek for awhile and just “deal with it.” Gee whiz!

  42. You’re right God created males & females nothing in between, gays & atheist are in the minority and true Christians shouldn’t pay them any mind.

  43. The Catholic Church is destroying I self from the inside. There sick, when. Cats can’t voice his opinion without getting dragged from one person to the next. Where the hell r the parents that r paying for these educations. Why is lg whatever even in the schools. R they teaching about straight people NO!! Get with it parents we r being taken over by a very small group

  44. When are Christians going to be able to voice their opinions without being chastised? – NEVER!
    Drag shows on a Catholic school stage? – This is a catholic school like i an mother teresa! BT, i am JEWISH!

  45. So glad my kids have already finished college. John Carroll University makes me ashamed when they claim to be Catholic. What has happened to our church?

  46. Just because you keep saying something, doesn’t make it true. Conservatives are not violent or racist. They do not advocate hate. Liberals are the violent ones. Let’s see you’ve got that real beauty Maxine Waters, the old hag Nancy Pelosi. Let’s not forget Pocahontas! And many others. They all tell their followers to confront conservatives at restaurants, gas stations, anywhere you see them. THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH. By the way, who do you think started the KKK? Hint: Dumbocrats!

  47. TII, you may have valid points, but remember this. Anyone who would kill their own child as a matter of convenience would certainly kill the rest of us for even less.

  48. TII, you may have valid points, but remember this. Anyone who would kill their own child as a matter of convenience would certainly kill the rest of us for even less.

  49. No- they just want the rights promised by this country before evil people like you multiplied and ruined it. Ignorant, brain dead losers like you should find another country- you’re not wanted here.

  50. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  51. Truth is important – when and who debunked the Uranium One story? Mueller was involved in it – he even travelled to Russia to deliver some of the uranium. You’ve got your sources turned around.

  52. Catholic schools should not call themselves Catholic if they support LGBTQ. It has been condemned in the Bible as well as in Catholic Catechism. John Carroll U should rename itself and drop John Carroll’s name. The school does not deserve it.

  53. Take heart conservatives….spread the word…let everybody know what is happening and how conservatives and christians are being silenced. The more the country knows, the sooner this can be fixed.

  54. How will his grand kids react when he takes them to pedophile island and rapes them. Oh maybe he doesn’t have to go to the island he has his stash at home. Wonder how many times he raped his wife’s u daughter? There’s a place waiting for bass-tards like the three Clinton perverts.

  55. How will his grand kids react when he takes them to pedophile island and rapes them. Oh maybe he doesn’t have to go to the island he has his stash at home. Wonder how many times he raped his wife’s u daughter? There’s a place waiting for bass-tards like the three Clinton perverts.

  56. Here’s a question for all you who believe so strong in an inclusive culture. How are all these Muslims migrating and assimilating into America going to accept an LBGQ as something redeeming and liberating? OMG I must be islomophobic now for pondering such a conundrum. Well like most liberal logic goes…
    “We’ll figure and deal with that later when we’re in control.”
    Kinda like Obama Care?

  57. And your one of them with your brain dead remarks. A typical liberal with no common sense to the actual truth.

  58. To Truth is Important: Yes; it is!!!! But where is your PROOF? You are just spewing exactly what the Left wants. The Left has made up more untruthful stories/scenarios than any group, except, maybe, the media.
    You truly are the lamb being led down a very dangerous road.
    Talk FACTS, not made up talking points.

  59. Sandra: You are so very correct. For years I have said that Christians [of which Catholics are members] we must SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT! We cannot be afraid to speak the truth. Will be lose some “friends?” Perhaps; but better that than losing our souls.

  60. Sandra: You are so very correct. For years I have said that Christians must SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT! We cannot be afraid to speak the truth. Will be lose some “friends?” Perhaps; but better that than losing our souls.

  61. Kick all these freaks out of the school. Pretending to be a “man” and pretending to be a “woman”
    are purely STUPID ideas! Mother Nature decided your sex, not some political pervert. It’s just another phony Marxist “morality” designed to confuse. All it does is to cause problems that do not exist.

  62. He will never tell his grandkids that he did. His own daughter is just as crooked as they are. The Clintons have had more people murdered to cover up all kinds of misdoings along with Obama than the worst of serial killers in our country.

  63. Just threw the school application in the trash can.
    Will make sure my kids go to a REAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL.
    No where near thisschool


  64. You would not know the truth if it hit you in the ass. The liberal agenda is pushing this country ever closer to civil war. The outcome will not be good for liberals.


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