What happened in this Rocky Mountain town will shock you


The LGBT movement is working tirelessly to normalize their deviant lifestyle in our culture.

They are working hardest on children since they are the most impressionable.

And you won’t believe the latest place where they were targeting children with their propaganda.

Boulder Public Library held a “Drag Queen Storytime” event on November 19.

The local government celebrated the event, tweeting out a picture showing at least 20 kids gathered around the drag queen reading a story.

The event received a wave of backlash on Twitter, with some Twitter users saying:

The LGBT movement will not stop until they have forced everyone to accept their lifestyle.

This is just the first step toward accomplishing this goal.

Do you think government libraries should host such events? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. so sad, but it has been proven, start young, and indoctrinate them early then move on. this was proven in the early deseg years. tried high school first, did not work, then changed to early children grades and it worked.
    as true mess that works. beware.

  3. So far, all I know for sure is, there is a person wearing an old time dress reading a story to some kids. I’ll take your word for it that the person is male since someone calls it Drag Queen Storytime.

    But it makes me laugh that apparently the parents are OK with it. It makes me think that the only chance conservatives have to corrupt our children into their (your) hateful ways is to kidnap them and indoctrinate them themselves.

  4. Why don’t these drag queen LGBT people go back to being normal men and women. Leave our children alone, you individuals are sick.

  5. Close the library and File Criminal FELONY CHILD ABUSE, AND FELONY CHILD ENDANGERMENT against the library staff that promoted, or ALLOWED the event to take place.

    Libraries are for RESEARCH and LEARNING…


    Leave that to the CRAPHOLE ‘college’ that IS CU-boulder.

  6. Rise up, oh MEN of God! Where are you? You weren’t given a spirit of timidity! This isn’t addressed to the clergy, it’s ALL men!

  7. Where are the parents? If they allow or take their children to such events, that means they are compliant with this sick and demented behavior. An old adage we raised our child by seems to have worked well for us. ‘Children learn what they live. Children live what they learn.’ Really, it’s that simple. No child care classes, books or seminars necessary. If you have a child, just always remember that you, the parent are their teacher in every aspect of their lives, forever. Even after they become adults. Why would any parent take their child into a situation that allows them to be indoctrinated by persons who obviously have an alternative agenda as to how THEY think your child should be raised.

  8. These people may be queer but it is listed as a thing to do in the COMMUNIST MAIFESTO, read it, it’s online.

  9. In the Communist agenda it is stated: Capure the children, capture the nation, this may look like the queers just want their lifestyle accepted but it is deeper than that. Read the COMUNIST MANIFESTO, and discover the plans.

  10. Absolutely NOT, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satan and the LGBT are very busy. Christians must rise up and regain control of our government, schools, and our communities.

  11. Lord Jesus, forgive us, we have turned into a wicked & perverse generation for allowing this evil towards our children. Please come quickly — we desperately need you!

    [My spirit is nauseous from viewing this.]

  12. this won’t end until normal parents stand up to the elected officials.that’s the whole problem with this brainwashing of the kids! the parents! stop complaining and do something!

  13. Can tell you this, IF I lived in Boulder, CO (or any contiguous state-heck, for that matter ANY place in the USA) would make sure my child/grandchild never, ever participated in this travesty! First, the bid for acceptance as “normal” people-now twisting and perverting the perception of future generations. Must be stopped…

  14. Sometimes the schools do not seem to feel they have to get the permission of the children’s parents for this stuff-why each and every activity their child is participating in should be under close scrutiny by said PARENTS (parent if a single one). IF a school were so brazen as to push this – with NO screening of parents, their evil ways should be cut off, immediately! Parents should ban together to do so…

  15. Why did the parents allow their children to attend. They are in favor of this, or they would have kept their kids at home. I would never allow my chikd to attend. The devil is hard at work here.

  16. You can hold the library in contempt for this deviant event, however, it is the parents of these youths that deserve an equal serving of blame.

  17. You sound like a demented and deviant freak yourself it is the Progressive/Communists that are endeavoring to control the minds of future generations.

  18. NOW is the time to get a LAW in place to make it a crime to push your lifestyle on anyone and double if this is done to a child. Write your Congressman and demand something be done so this will stop NOW. This is deviant and Horrible and get them off the streets.

  19. In my honest opinion, much of why this type liberal perversion is allowed to spread the way it has in our society comes from these type of liberal parents that don’t see this as a perversion of the basic tenants of humanity, that men are men and women are women, which is in reality the biggest problem!!

  20. No,lisalles, it is not fake news, unfortunately. It has happened at the public library in Wichita, Kansas and at the Ross Pendergraff library at the university of Arkansas, Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I personally called both of these facilities and they had no idea why I would be upset by this..You have to know they don’t consider it perversion, they had no idea why I should be upset when they were merely being “diverse and inclusive “.. And when I told them that in their haste to be “diverse and inclusive ” they had excluded me, they had nothing else to say..

  21. to the diverse and inclusive crowd; nothing more than perverted creeps. They should not meet in any ‘government’ funded facility and libraries are helped by city, state, and fed government. what happened to the normal two parent family, male and female. That is what should be promoted. Many in prison had no fathers or male role models and are languishing in prison. get over this diverse crap and get real. The family unit is father and mother; not father, father; mother, mother. how confusing can that be for a child? Get back to basics folks, wake up, keep family unit intact. Children deserve the best and should be treated as such. They will be picking your nursing home someday, keep that in mind.

  22. This is sick why these idiots think this is ok for our children need to see this, well I disagree, these people are sick in the head. This needs to be banned period. Why did the parents allow their children to see this perverted act because they are part of this they are just as sick as these sick people.

  23. Jack Spratt. I totally agree with Sharon, and as a Grandparent, I would make absolutely certain that the Congress, State, City, County, etc., Representatives are not only informed about what is happening but I would also get involved and determine how it got this far in such a short period of time. First thing I would do is talk to my kids and Grandchildren to determine the full extent of the problem and who and how it got to that point, and why were they, my kids and their parents, were not involved and why I was not into the loop of this major ‘wrong’ for the children, and if necessary skin a few family heads in the process. Folks, I know that sometimes parents get overloaded. But if something like this is happening then some very fast action is needed and demanded.

  24. AS much as I hate this taking place and I agree with all of the above statements, when we have a gay governor now with his “wife” in the governor’s mansion…do you really think he’s going to make any effort to stop what he believes to be normal? I am so disappointed in Colorado and the liberal leaning of the state..If I was able to move to another red state, I certainly would do it…but unfortunately I can’t


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