What happened at a “child drag queen show” will make you sick to your stomach


The LGBT lobby is pushing harder than they ever have before.

They are even getting children involved in pushing their radical agenda.

And you won’t believe what just happened at a “child drag queen show.”

Over the weekend in Denver, a local comic book shop hosted a “drag show” open to those of all ages.

So at the event, there were young boys wearing dresses and dancing in front of grown men.

And outside the event, there were a number of protesters.

But instead of reporting the truth, the media painted the entire show as fun and innocent, and went after the protesters, painting them as evil and bigoted.

CBS4 Denver reports:

Protesters were kept behind a fence with a strong police presence outside an all ages drag show in Denver on Sunday. About a dozen young people participated in the show which caused some controversy.

The show on Sunday was organized by Mile High Comics and the spotlight quickly turned away from the stage and focused on the controversy.

Children making their way into the venue were escorted by adults, many of them wearing earphones to drown out the protests.

“These kids are so brave. To be able to share their gifts and their talents,” said Elizabeth Mitchell. “I am a Christian and because I am a mother of a gay child and because my granddaughter is performing in this today. There is a lot of emotion and a lot of conflict for me.”

To the Left, there is no such thing as reasonably disagreeing.

They demand that everybody follow their radical agenda one hundred percent of the time, or they become an enemy.

Protesting children dancing provocatively on a stage surrounded by adults is disgusting to any reasonable person.

Drag shows became popularized in gay bars and feature intense sexual displays.

Adding children to the mix is despicable.

Are you opposed to child drag queen shows?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Why would any “police presence” allow this?!? Bec. they were “escorted: by purported adults? I cannot imagine a grandparent so lame, so morally corrupt themselves that they would encourage this! Beyond disgusting and inexplicable, and horrifying…!

      • CA becomes the first state to require K – 12 children to take LGBTQ…….sex education in addition to sex education. Parents may opt their children out of sex education but cannot opt them out of LGBTQ…..

        Every teacher must affirmatively support LGBTQ….. or they cannot teach. No exceptions based on religious beliefs!!!!!

    • Any parent that would allow their young son to dress up like a queer needs to lose custody of their child. What a sick world the liberal morons have created.K

  2. God have mercy on her soul these idiots are Flaunting their sins before the world and God and using God’s chosen children makes it even worse what has happened to America stand up people speak out enough is enough let’s throw these LGBT movement people the hell out of government and out of our parades and out of our society they are an Abonamation before the Lord that’s why he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and these idiots are out flaunting it what a disgrace to America people speak out when you see these people in public and shame them tell them shame on you shame on you you should be very ashamed of yourself idiot

      • How would you like your children coming to you and repeating something over and over instead of sharing their heart? Jesus died to open the door for us to come before God’s throne. He is the only mediator between God and man. Mary was a wonderful woman, but she is not God. She is not omnipresent or omnipotent. She would be the first to tell you that.

        • There are many differences in the Catholic beliefs as opposed to Protestants. The Bible conflicts much of their dogma and canon laws. They pray to Mary and saints. They wear a crucifix, which not only violates, “Thou shalt have no graven image…,” but also insults Jesus and mocks Him by depicting Him as a scrawny wimp. He was a carpenter who had to muscle heavy beams into place and more. The Son of God wouldn’t be that thing on a crucifix. Jesus said in Matthew 6:6-13, to pray in solitude and quiet to God. This was when He was giving us the Lord’s Prayer as the example of how we should phrase things and to acknowledge God’s Supremacy. We are not to quote the prayer as it results in vain repetition and can’t tell God anything, it’s just how we should pray.

  3. There should be a law against putting your children into sexual permissive situations such as the LGBT movement charge them with sex offenses they are promoting sex offending

    • Exactly. This crazy practice is done to poor little boys in Pakistan. The boys dance in front of men and than the men have sex with them, I believe the dance of this boy in the US will progress to sex too. The leftists seem to like anything Muslim now days, even the disgusting practices. It’s not politically correct to limit or criticize LGBT, Muslim or blacks today even if it’s not morally correct (see the terrorist group Antifa). If a Republicans have done this to their son, then it will be gotten the democrats attention and then they would have not only criticize the family but would remove their child from them, something I think should have been done here.

    • HOW is this NOT considered corruption of a minor? Or encouraging the use of children to perform sexually? Or half a dozen other things that are SUPPOSED to be illegal? WHY are kids this age even thinking about sex, let alone perverted sex? This is just one step closer to getting it legalized to have sex with children! They’ve gotten nearly every other perversion legalized now. This is their last big hurdle to make pediphilia legal!

  4. You cry about molestation’s. But give your kids over to the WHORES (male and female) of the world. I love watching you BURY yourselves. And the spineless parents who do NOTHING but bit _h and whine. You all are about to REAP what you have SOWN.

    • One of these parents was shocked when a pedophile e-mailed her child and said he was “sexy.” A little girl was stolen from her parents who were murdered by the abductor who saw her in her bathing suit in front of her house after a day at the beach. He also took her little brother but killed him when he didn’t have anywhere to take him. They are being groomed for exploitation. I don’t know what “whores” you are talking about. School teachers? Media? Entertainment?

  5. Can’t get much more disgusting than making little boys dress,up and dance in front of pedophiles. How sick!!! They all should have been arrested and faced charges

    • They cannot be arrested as there is not enough evidence to show they are Republicans.
      Oh, yeah, they want to rewrite and/or erase history – starting with Sodom & Gomorrah.
      Don’t go calling me a Religious Zealot because I am nothing more than a Reasonable Spiritualist.
      See the handwriting on the wall? Oh, I forgot, they don’t teach reading, writing and ‘rithmatic in school nowadays as all that would be hard on minorities.

  6. To the parent of the gay child: How do you or your child know he/she is gay at 4 or 5 years old? We had a good friend who was raised to be gay because of his mother’s hold on him. Well done…NOT!

    • OR encouraged to be that way as does those who consciously or unconsciously support the gay agenda. The underlying philosophy behind all of this trash of “Which gander one you belongs to” is the theory of evolution, whether atheistic or theistic, all of which is fake news as science has ruled our evolution from a common ancestor and even the Big Bang is now floundering.

    • Would not be reasonable to believe one is born gay as God says in His word it is an abomination not reasonable to think he would create someone that fits that category.

    • Bingo!! Just because you have thoughts and fantasies certainly does NOT mean you should act on them. Realize you need help and get it! Perverts!

  7. Half of the drag queens are Democrat politicians disguising themselves to look normal to the LGBT
    QUEER organization bent on having sex with all the kids to become democrats in the future
    They are preparing themselves to take it up the butt with outrageous proposals that will never be
    taken seriously or ever passed, but the dems the gays the lesbians and the queers are all out
    to make your kids think two guys or two girls kissing is normal, or queers dressing up looking
    like a garbage truck crashing into a Halloween store, NO MORE mommys and daddys, no more
    little babies or having a brother and sister. No more sex to have children, no the only sex is for
    self enjoyment. two women cant have a baby two men cant have a baby, queers cant have a baby
    because queers like only other queers, Pedophiles are in our elementary schools, they are teaching
    your kids to be like them and even volunteer to teach them just like Obama wanted them to do when
    he installed Kevin Jennings a leader of the LGBT movement

    • You really are a sick individuals. Any woman can have a child that is raped by sick people. These people men and women have adopted children that are unwanted by what you consider is a normal relationship.
      What would you do if your child told you they were gay make a barn fire and throw them In?
      What if it was a grand child of yours, change your name, shut them out of your life. They are born that way and genetically speaking the gene came from someone in your family who may be dead or alive.
      You are all so pure never cheated so you say most are lying.
      You are all bigots, racists, lack religion, or living in a closet yourself.
      The Lord works in mysterious ways and I hope you all are lucky enough to have a child or grand child in your life so you can know the truth No I am not gay but grateful to know many that are and they would put you all to shame as a human being.

      • What Tom said is the truth. You can deny truth, but that does not change it. So you know many homosexuals and support their perversion. Very sad. You would rather they go to hell than tell them the truth. I care much more about them than that. I do not wish for them to go to hell.

      • It doesn’t matter what they are. They should have a childhood and not even have to think about sex until they are minimally reaching puberty. Children were not created to entertain adult sexual fantasies.

      • I am not racist, a bigot, nor gay or lesbian. I don’t believe in the LGBTQ movement as it hasn’t accomplished anything accept to splinter America. You’re wrong about Gay being caused by genetics. There is no proof and not one study has shown any specific gene as the cause of homosexuality. Homosexuality is the cause of sexual abuse of a child in their formative years. I know as I was abused as a child by my own case-worker when I was in a Juvenile Home because my father didn’t want me. Any adult that would use a child for their own sexual pleasure should be drawn and quartered or burned at the stake..I has taken me the better part of my life to come to terms with those things that happened to me as a child, but it didn’t get the best of me. I served in the military for ten years, married while serving and had two lovely daughters and adopted my first wife’s son when he was four and raised him as my own. I wasn’t a perfect parent by today’s standards, but both my daughters are school teachers and both graduated validictorian from High School. I was never tempted to mistreat or “touch” my children in any was that would have been misconstrued as inappropriate and the are both married and have children of their own. I am proud that I was able o overcome the many adversities in my life. Being Gay is a choice, not a birthright.

        • Many sympathies on your abuse, offered from a similar survivor. I applaud you and your not succumbing to the abuse like so many do. I also was determined to overcome my abuse and become a productive human and parent. I have no respect for those who choose to become the monsters they encountered! Never give in to the evil! I hope you are finding your peace.

      • You said, “They are born that way and genetically speaking the gene came from someone in your family who may be dead or alive.”
        I tell you now, That is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. You saying they are born that way, is a slap in the face of God!! God would never make a person gay. He doesn’t make mistakes either. You need to read your Bible more if you think that God would create someone and make them gay. When the truth is He made man to be with woman and he called the woman a man’s helpmate. You need do some serious talking with the Lord and get him to scrape the scales that the devil is starting to covering your eyes with.

    • God is very clear that homosexuality is a sin…an abomination punishable by eternity in Hell. HIS words, not mine. Try actually reading the Book He wrote!!!!! God FOBIDS it. It is a sin and ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. You talk about the Lord but have no concept of who He is. sad. NO!!!! Homosexuals are NOT born that way!!! FACT. Since God forbids it He WOULD NOT create someone that way. You have no concept of what the Bible teaches. STUDY IT!!!! Yes, we are to love everyone, as Jesus commands. But He also commands us to hate all sin. If sin was okay there would have been no reason to come and die on the cross. And Jesus also said woe unto those that harm a child. ANYONE who has a child act in such a way is going to hell.

      • You tell him bj!! But you realize that with some people, it only goes in one ear and out the other. Hopefully it will stop and the seed of truth will be planted one day.

  8. There will be a WAGON train of LGBTQ on the trail to hell since they worship their desire over their God.

    Say what you want in this life, Pay for it in the next. The Bible says so.

    • You are so right. No sane adult/parent/grandparent would condone this. No child know how to be gay unless he is taught to be that way. Hell is waiting for these monsters that inflick this in their children.

      • Indeed! Bad enough you choose that lifestyle! But to pervert a child that way is unforgivable! Let the adults go start a colony of perversion some place away from normal people. But every single one should be sterilized and executed if caught with a child! Screw up your own life, not an innocent child’s!

  9. As I recall, the words are: “Whoever harms one hair on one of these little ones, it were better for them that a mill stone were hung around their neck and thrown into the sea.”

  10. The USA (and much of the rest of the world) is/are getting sicker and sicker … to the point that “everything goes!” Come, JESUS, come! Put an end to the mess that humans have made of our planet!


  12. All the diversity propaganda and forced social tolerance in the world will not change the FACT that the LGBTQ “community”, by the very nature of It, engages in aberrant behavior. Their very nature is anomaly of nature, all judgement aside. To attempt to validate and normalize their lifestyle is troublesome at best, but to expose young, impressionable children to it as an acceptable alternative lifestyle, is CLEARLY INAPPROPRIATE.

  13. This is an absolute perversion ! Homosexuals cannot reproduce but they are extremely skilled recruiters . But to recruit children is criminal and the lines must be drawn and those who are trying to recruit children must be arrested ! It is as simple as that !

  14. Was the comic book store owner a homosexual? Had to be to use such a ploy to try an influence the children’s minds like this!!Absolutely horrifying! Decency and normal values are being destroyed right before our very eyes and we can not stop it .Parades, Oreo cookies ,libraries , coming to churches to read about their sick lifestyle.And this all started because of the “political correctness” BS that opened Hell’s gates to flood through into our world .James left a post calling upon President Trump to stop this.But he can not. Not without rewriting the Constitution. Which the Democrats want to do. But not in a good way.
    GOD passed judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah for their perverse and deviant ways.But now the whole world has adopted this lifestyle as normal.As many of you has already pointed out, we are DEFINITELY in the end times folks.GOD WILL have the final answer….

  15. THEY NEED TO BE ESCORTED TO MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDERS. This is SICK at the highest. Doesn’t anyone know where HIV, AIDS comes from? There is an organization called EXODUS.
    They have had tremendous success helping supposed homosexuals turn back to a normal heterosexual life. This lifestyle is not “GAY”. They are extremely jealous, emotional and harmful to sex partners. young children are “eperimenting” with life. Why introduce them to a weird, harmful, destructive life style? This is more of destroying America by our children.

  16. Sodom and Gomorrah. These children abused and offered as sacrificial lambs to feed the fantasies pedo predators. May God have mercy. We are part of the problem we let it be

  17. To the mother in the article who said she’s a Christian. Really, look in the mirror and see the hate in your face you have for your kids. A true Christian brings their child to God and his Son, Jesus, not to a bunch of men who are predators. You made your kids dress up and let men go after the kids. The kids learn from you dressing them and taking them to men. You are not a Christian, you are a worshiper of Satan and paganism which approved of and encouraged any sex with any body. Are you having sex with your kids, I bet you are and if you aren’t it sure is in your fantasies. Get help and where are the social services people at these events and seeing these pagan Satan worshipers raising their kids to be the same. What these so called mothers are doing is child abuse and even worse sex trafficking their own kids.


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