What Antifa is planning to do next will make you sick to your stomach


The Fake News Media has downplayed Antifa as a “protest” organization.

But their communist history and ties to the USSR as a psy-ops organization has been documented meticulously by multiple university professors.

And now Antifa’s next move will have you up in arms.

Antifa is raising money on Patreon for a revolution.

The “Red Guards Austin” is using Patreon to raise money for “revolutionary violence.”

Red Guards Austin is an Antifa cell that recruits and radicalizes far-left extremists.

It has thousands of followers on Facebook.

Far Left Watch reports:

We have extensively reported on the violent and often illegal activity of Red Guards Austin (RGA). Like many Antifa cells, RGA uses tech platforms to recruit, radicalize, and mobilize other far-left extremists; this particular cell has almost eight thousand Facebook followers. While big tech companies have been systematically censoring conservatives and right-of-center influencers, violent far-left groups appear to be free to openly violate the Terms of Service for these platforms without any consequences. The same appears to be true with Patreon as this violent extremist group has an active account and explicitly says they are “creating revolution”.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of RGA’s “Mainfest Observable Behavior”.

In a blog post they published titled “In These Times Pacifists are Shameful“, they advocate for a violent revolution against capitalism.

“we must seriously take up the task not only of self-defense on the personal and community level, but we must also struggle to unite all genuine antifascists behind the necessity of revolution. Revolution means the long fight for communism and nothing less.”

Patreon has recently been under fire for site censorship of conservatives like YouTube stars James Allsup and Sargon of Akkad, saying their rhetoric is “dangerous.”

But they find no problem letting violent leftist groups stay on their service.

Even liberals such as Sam Harris have closed their accounts in protest of the service’s attack on conservatives, causing the company’s revenue to take a hit.

Yet Patreon continues to allow radical, far left terror organizations like Antifa to continue using the site.

Should websites like Patreon be supporting communist terror organizations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Patreon should not be allowing this hateful rhetoric. Antifa is a dangerous group and goes against everything that America stands for. Patreon should also allow conservative people to voice their opinions. How one-sided!

  3. Lock and load patriots, cover the Red Guard in the red of their own blood and that of their fellow Psychosociopaths.

  4. antifa is a fascist group the same as hitler’s brownshirts. They are the communist aka democrat party’s thugs. They are also a Clear and Present Danger to US and the Constitution. They should be treated as enemy combatants and put in GITMO for the rest of their miserable lives. Where is the FBI and DHS???
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  5. Their going to keep pushing and the American people will stop being complacent if they keep this up. I for one will not tolerate this any longer. When pushed into a corner they will fight back. All out war will break loose. I suggest the government get this under control. The time is NOW!!

  6. Not one so called liberal, progressive, democrat (whatever you call them) communist politician has denounced this group which in fact, make them all communists. Please peopl, start referring to Pelosi, Chucky, Hillary, Obama, etc as communists in media. This is what they are! By calling them anything else, you are helping them hide under false labels and PC terms! If you love this country, Expose them!

  7. I have also been sensored on Facebook and Twitter! I am just ordinary mother and grandmother! Facebook and Twitter have stopped me from posting a lot of things to my Facebook page! Also Twitter feed! Facebook and Twitter are pure evil! They allow Antifi to spout for an American Revolution! I am not aloud to post about Jesus! Or anything political conservative news articles! Congress and Senate need to pass laws stopping this!

  8. I believe there are laws against ‘sedition’–they just aren’t being enforced! We are becoming a ‘lawless’ nation and that can’t be allowed. It’s our ‘laws’ that keep us a ‘civilized’ nation and that is what we want–especially for the safety of our children/grandchildren! My friends and I are cancelling our ‘Facebook’ accounts out of sheer disgust!! Even out of the many millions of people in this country–that several ‘thousand’ follow this rhetoric, it cannot be tolerated. I, too, am sifting through different ‘news outlets’ searching for those who support my views.

  9. These Antifa scum will go DOWN IN FIRE let them get as strong as they can…… they will be put down ALL THAT MUCH HARDER…. WHEN THEY THINK THEY CAN WIN. Every and I mean every American, and America loving conservative house hold is ARMED so these communist fools have NO NO CHANCE of anything but going down in FLAMES.

  10. Racist right wing white nationalism is the biggest source of terrorism in America today. Right now it is training the next school shooter. Why should I be concerned with Antifa when the only reason they exist is to counter that. Get rid of white supremacy and neo-Nazism and you will quit hearing about the boogie man.

    And BTW, the Constitution is stronger than you are.

  11. What bizarro world are you living in Eric? I think you’re a whack job, and don’t even know what you’re thinking and saying.

  12. Eleanor Dombroski nothing but children thinking they are men hiding behind a mask like isis they need to be treated like the criminals that they are

  13. Antifa trading their conical headgear and white robes for the black balaclava. The old Democrat Community/Alinsky Organizers, KKK, OWS, Antifa, Black Panthers, BLM, DNC, LGBTQ+ ,ISIS, etc., tactic of intimidation and hate on display. They never fail to maintain their image, do they?

  14. Are you speaking of the American People who just returned the US House of Representatives not being complacent? After three years of the Demo-rats exposing who and what they really are? There aren’t many of us remaining that won’t roll over and accept whatever Antifa does.

  15. Eric : You sound like a terribly misinformed and ignorant CNN viewer.
    Here’s what one conservative news source ( which you would try to suppress) had to say about
    CNN host Don Lemon and his BS :
    Quote :
    “As readers will recall, Don Lemon said white men are the biggest threat in the United States. Keep in mind that Lemon has a white boyfriend, a white male boss, and numerous white male co-workers.”
    Happy New Year Eric, you miserable SOB. My neighborhood is armed & waiting for you to visit.

  16. Vince — talking about it and doing it are 2 very different things. Ignorant voters in this country just put the scumbag demoTRASH back in majority of the House — do you really believe they will take up arms ?????? If anything they will cave in just like the repubs always do with the demoTRASH.

  17. What can one expect from a nation that has forgotten GOD/Jesus Christ and Bible Study (2 Tim 2:15 KJV) and Prayer in schools etc (1 Thes 5:17 KJV) and the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20 KJV) Here is what can be expected as this, above all that has happened, as per Psalms 9:17 KJV “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget GOD.” Did people expect to just cast the TRUTH, and “The WAY” aside and then expect HIM to just keep blessing this nation that at one time revered the WORD(s) of God found in a King James Bible, when HE said: “FOLLOW ME” Matt 4:19/Mark2:14/Luke 5:27-28/John 1:43/2 Tim 2:22/3 John 11 KJV This is not the end, but will, in short time,follow more of a pernicious way(s) given man’s Spiritual darkness and lack of perspicacity, in that they, can NOT “SEE”!

  18. ERici…it is the DEMS who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK. It is the DEMS who opposed the civil rights movement. It is the DEMS who oppose the Constitution. It is the DEMS who are very dangerous to our freedom. WAKE UP.

  19. Eric…There are two kinds of people in this world…those who follow Jesus and will join Him in Heaven and those who follow satan and will join him in a place of eternal torture. Be very careful whom you follow

  20. Let me leave these so-called smarter than than they think they are @#$%^’s w/this thought: According to what they think should happen, Thatthe Trump/Pence regime has to go, it seems the same thing was said of BHO, and he should have but…ACCORDING to “The TRUTH” found in a KJV Bible, which I am certain these $#@&#$ have never read, it says in Daniel ch 4 verse 32b that “The MOST High rules in heaven and GIVEs that rule that HE delagates to those that HE delagates that same rule! In this case, he put Donald Trump in office, as well as He put every other in office He sees and saw fit in the past, and the future! So they could NO more impeach or install anyone etc to their will, BUT GOD! IF HE didn’t impeach or set up that man etc then he can NOT be Impeach or installed! I’D “STRONGLY” recommend those who espouse their ignorance as IF it means anything, to “SEEK YE OUT OF THE BOOK OF THE LORD, and READ: NO ONE OF THESE SHALL FAIL,…GET THIS!!! Don’t be ignorant all your life! 1 Peter 3:18 KJV

  21. White supremacy is a statement that is meant to take the attention from these antifi groups and their ideology, read the Communist Manifesto. I have been white all my life and lived in the south. I have many friends who are black and my ancestors fought in the Revolution and the Civil War, in the latter on both sides, and none of them ever owned ONE slave. White supremacy is a talking point by those who want to foment the idea of a revolution. The enemies of America throw around racial charges about others they have no real facts about and my experience as a teacher/ educator of both white and black for many, many years is proof of that fact about the truth that many will not accept. White supremacy does NOT exist except in the mind of the less informed!!!! Get your facts straight instead of basing them on what you HEAR in the major media and ignorant individuals who speak there!!!

  22. My last comment was apparently taken down. I must have hit a nerve with someone. This shows that what I said must be true and sites like these may very well be a part of the ultimate plan. Be careful what you post because you’re likely being tracked.

  23. No not imprison them, line them up against a wall and execute them, you want to feed, cloth, and house them?

  24. AntiFa, like BLM, is a Domestic Terrorist Group and should be Identified as such, and Banned by our Weak, Pathetic Congress, States, Cities…These Mayor’s who Bow Down to them and allow them to Roam their Streets, Attacking Citizens, is Disgusting…Shut Them Down…

  25. ERIC: You are the Bogey man. You are more racist than those you claim to be racist because you brought race into it first. Nobody said anything about race until you spouted off with your BS. Aside from that, there is not one African country that is technologically or medically or educationally advanced. Most countries there are ruled by such lovely people as the Monster From the Congo-you know, the cannibal who who is now living in Saudi Arabia. Autocracy and Ideology of the Islamic school of thought are the mainstays , and every ruler departs, if not assassinated, with a huge pool of money he/she has stolen form the people, just as do all Mexican Presidents. It’s idiots like you who stir the pot of racism in order to inflame racial tensions in our country. We’d be a Hell of a lot better off without people like you soiling our society with your horse crap.

  26. Eric – Antifa was created and is supported by the Zionist Jewish Supremacist Rothschild Mafia through their pawns (Soros, Bloomberg, Schumer etc) against the goyim/white people.

  27. Stock up so you don’t have to look for it if and when the time comes it’s needed. As to reaching out and touching someone, a .300 Win Mag is the most useful tool for that, at least to 1500 yards. This way, there is nothing up close and personal, as with a shotgun or handgun, although some handguns do have considerable effective range. Accuracy does suffer some, but there is plenty of energy delivered to the target, and that’s what counts. I prefer working in the shadows back away from the opening through which I shoot, which means they have no idea where I am, and I can do my work in a leisurely and gentlemanly fashion. Practice, practice, practice. That is they key to repulsing these freaking nut jobs. 8000 of the buggers? There are probably that many retired Marines in Minnesota who would lock and load and go after them, to say nothing of the many thousands more across the county. In reality, the Governor’s in the states where they have been most vicious need to call up the Guard and put an end to that BS in a New York minute. But, I do recognize that these very same states seem to be governed by a Democrat, and that may eventually cause the citizenry at large to spontaneously arm up and violently protest with extreme prejudice towards those as require quelling to re-establish and maintain the safety, peace, and quiet of the area, no matter how large or small. People seem to have forgotten that they, as much as any law enforcement officer, have the right and duty to impose law and order with legal means. Force met with equal force is the norm, except when the danger is likely to bear fatal results if the disorder is allowed to continue and grow. The citizens of this country have in large part become so complacent and withdrawn from society at large that they depend of the 875,000 LEO’s in America to keep the peace in a country with 20-30 million illegal aliens from predatory societies south of the Rio Grand added to our native born population of 300 million. When you see what happened in Seattle and Paris, with police being driven back by violent attackers rather than sending some well aimed lead down range, you must be smart enough to realize that you are the first responder for yourself, and that like minded neighbors would do well to discuss as a group what to do and when, if needed. Anyone who says bricks and Molotov cocktails are not deadly weapons is not competent to engage in discourse of any kind, other than to ask Mommy if it’s OK to go out and play. The police have no duty to protect any one person, only the society at large. That makes you your own protector, as it has been since time immemorial. And don’t forget what the monk Roger Occam said in the 13th Century: ‘The simplest solution is usually the best solution.” This has become known has “Occam’s Razor” in logic and rhetoric. “Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)”. The more complicated the plan, the quicker it falls apart. Nothing fancy, nothing fantasy based; just a clean, cold, well reasoned (and dissected) move set, with allowance for contingencies. Venn Diagrams do well also. Chess, anyone?

  28. I believe the 2nd Amendment was written for times like this… Since Antifa and all of their imbecilic morons are easily led by the Democrap party and respond to their bidding, I think that; if shooting starts after the morons are wiped out, then the Democraps and MSM would be the next likely targets as they are the instigators….

  29. How could they have any following on Facebook after all PROMOTING violence and hate goes against Facebook’s terms of service. Terms that the so vigorously enforce they have to APOLOGIZE when restoring ones FALSELY removed like that post honoring a slain police officer. Apparently they were afraid if people looked at the facts about his death it would counter the false claims the media keeps spouting in the name of being PC instead of giving factual news.

    “Should websites like Patreon be supporting communist terror organizations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.”

    Unless I read the the rules one is supposed to follow with groups like patreon raising money for the purpose of committing violence, hate crimes, other violations of law are all prohibited therefore the fund should have been shut down already on the grounds it is attempting to fund a violent revolution to overthrow the lawful US government.

  30. Don’t fool yourself, AntiFa is a F’ing terrorist group employed by the communist dumacraps that have no real genuine loyalty or respect for human life, all humans are nothing but a tool to further their
    Will of enormous wealth, total power and to eliminate most of the human race, the First to be executed will be those NOT brainwashed to follow orders without question, aka American patriots
    especially white patriots, even the human tools they have indoctrinated into perpetual victimhood,
    Infused the heart felt hatred for the truth, and violance as a right, this is the result of the ignorance of communist Husain so called education, or the lack there of! We are going to need to really be patient with these poor kids that have been reduced to walking propaganda and programmed to scream in the face of any truth telling educated person trying to help them take their life back.
    The communist Husain is a disgrace to the human race and a trader to humanity and will soon be
    Executed for his crimes against humanity and the destruction of civilized America.

  31. I hate to say it Gerry but it looks like your right. How in Gods name did the Dems get back the House. Conservatives talk a lot and say God will intervein while they sit back and wait for some miracle to happen. What happened to God helps those that help themselves. Dems aren’t afraid of Repubs because they know they wile cave.

  32. Eric sorry to beak this to you but the Dems have always been racist, look it up. It was the Dems that owned and promoted slavery the most. It was the Dems that started the Ku Klux Klan and it was the Dems that promoted segregation. What the Dems have done now is found out they can use entitlements to replace the old distasteful slavery, new tactics same old story. I lived with racism as a child and most of you bleeding hearts have no idea what real racism really is.

  33. They have only surfaced in the last few years where is this half century coming from e did ot have these pukes in the 60’s & 70’s

  34. Why has not the DOJ and the SCOTUS proclaimed Antifa a terrorist organization and start arresting, detaining, and charging those components of toxic waste to crimes against our society and incarcerating their vile worthless carcasses for a lengthy amount of time?

  35. The definition of hate for the powers that be in Social media are not the true meaning of hate, hatred is only hate when it is directed at those who are mindless.

  36. Our government has become a government of those who practice a combination of Communism and sharia ideology, it has infiltrated our education system as well, they have manipulated so many into believing you cannot criticize any people of any culture or any nation nor prevent them from taking what was earned through your hard work or the deaths of those who fought and died for all those freedoms those foreign enemies wish to strip from the genuinely cognizant patriots.

    The indoctrination process is a combination of Psycotropic and Psychedelic drugs usually a routine regiment by the age of 10, but that is after the indoctrination already starts in Preschool, by the time you are 10, 12 at most they are being exposed to the propaganda/complete lies of LSM commentators being broadcast on a carrier wave that those with minds that can no longer think for themselves experience even more intense scrambled brainwaves.

  37. Yeah we did schumer ,Pelosi, warren ,obama,Clinton’s, all the anti American commies you could ever hope for and then some

  38. The police don’t go after them or enforce the law…However if you protect yourself or take them on you will be arrested….Just like Ferguson…They loot, pillage and cause huge damage…What happened ? Nothing…Get a c/c permit and get ready…

  39. I believe that the US Justice Department shold use this site the same as the US Military gave the Viet Cong a day of rest. Charlie would come out of his hooch, all dressed in his “formal” military uniforms for all the world to see. The next day, the war was back on and Charlie was marked for liquidation. The Justice Department knows this site and all of the bad actors. Just do a “No Knock” raid, under seal, indentify the bad actors, and liquidate them!

  40. They did it by dishonest means, illegals,dead people, and cheating on voting. Look at where there was 110% oof registered voting, how could more people than are registered vote? Or many recounts made until Democrats got results they wanted.

  41. Antifa is a cowardly communist group of mentally deficient misfits. Because they are cowards they wear masks or bandanas to cover their faces in shame.

  42. ANYONE WHO NEEDS TO COVER THEIR FACE IN ORDER TO PROTEST SHOULD BE ARRESTED ON THE SPOT. SINCE WHEN DOES A PROTESTER NEED TO HIDE THEIR IDENTITY? … NEVER … IF YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT? YOU DO NOT NEED TO HIDE YOUR FACE. I SUGGEST A “law” needs to be enacted that BANS covering your FACE WHILE YOU ARE PROTESTING. We Protested in the 70’s and we never needed to cover our faces. Honestly, there is still no need to cover your face….. UNLESS? YOUR UP TO NO GOOD?

  43. So the corrupt, brain dead, communist left needs a capitalist powered site to spread their ignorance and hate of the very capitalism that makes their entire world possible. You couldn’t make these things up.

  44. Portland, Oregon with help from the punk little mayor Ted Wheeler and the guvmanure Katie Brownstains.

  45. MY QUESTION is: Why are we even allowing this to happen here in our country? Who is the authority that is supposed to bring groups like this down and shut down their websites? Where is the Oversight? There is being nothing done to stop these groups from growing and social media is our enemy in this area, but also our friend (except when they shut conservative groups down!). We have to report these groups as “hate groups,” expose them to the authorities to enforce our laws and constitution about groups who are here as subversive to our country! This is the ONLY way!


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