What Al Sharpton said about anthem kneelers will change everything for the NFL


There isn’t a single race scandal that Al Sharpton hasn’t found a way to profit off of.

He thrives on dividing the country along racial lines.

And what he just said about anthem kneelers will change everything for the NFL.

The race hustlers on the Left have been wreaking havoc on the NFL for years.

Ever since the first time Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem, they have been promoting this anti-American way of protesting.

But all of that is changing ever since rapper Jay-Z took a job with the NFL and declared that people should stop kneeling during the national anthem.

Jay-Z was initially a supporter of the protests, and is a good friend of Sharpton.

So the fact that Sharpton only backed off now shows that he will give up his convictions as long as his famous friends tell him to.

News One reports:

On Saturday, Sharpton suggested that the Jay-Z-NFL-Kaepernick debate was missing one key component that, if included, would put the controversy into what he said was its proper, larger context.

“This ain’t about Colin Kaepernick’s knee,” Sharpton said, “it’s about choking Eric Garner to death!”

Sharpton, who went on to cite Tamir Rice and Michael Brown as other unarmed Black males killed by police, was referring to the absence of justice as NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo avoided criminal charges and has kept his high-paying job more than five years after being was recorded on video choking Garner to death in broad daylight. The reverend used that notorious police death to explain who he said should matter most in the overall social justice narrative.

“This ain’t no battle for athletes and superstars, it’s about people being trampled on,” he exclaimed. “Don’t let them distract you fighting the wrong fight!”

Sharpton went on to cite Jay-Z’s notable contributions on the social justice front. “I’m not attacking Jay-Z,” he said before emphasizing that he was more concerned with justice for Garner and other Black victims of police brutality that has gone unpunished.

Only time will tell if these protests are actually going to end.

But if they do, fans of the NFL will be relieved.

Do you think kneeling during the national anthem is anti-American?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. If he is so bent on social justice, WHY doesn’t he pay up all his back taxes and set an example of just how a person should support the country. He is a fraud and a con man and he expects people to do as he says but he acts just the opposite by scamming and crying that he is unfairly treated because he is black.

  3. I Love to put him (And A Whole lot others) In a time Machine,And send their ass’s Back to 1820 Mississippi!!Could you See the Look on his Face!???? His Smug ass trying to make Demands,It’d be Priceless to see him experiance REAL Racism!! Couln’t happen to a Nicer guy! Semper Fi

  4. I not only think kneeling for the anthem is disgusting it is also unamerican and protesters should realize that kneeling is basically for the purpose of praying which many kneelers should be doing.

  5. Any sports players or cheerleaders – anyone connected to the sports business should stand with right hand over heart during the National Anthem. If they don’t they should not be allowed to play or be in cheerleading. They should be physically removed and barred from playing when it happens. If you don’t respect the American flag and the United States of America, please leave to another country you can respect!

  6. Kneeling during the national anthem is a sign of disrespect, and should be denounced by all Americans.

  7. Al Sharpton Is Only Out For Himself And No One Else. He Will Say (ANYTHING) To Get His Ugly Mug On Camera And He Doesn’t Care Who He Hurts. He Lies, He Cheats And He Will Tromp On Anyone To Get His Message Of Hate Out. He Is Always Preaching About Doing The Right Thing So Why Doesn’t He Set An Example And Do The Right Thing. Pay Up All Your Back Taxes And Fees You Are Cheating The Government Out Of And Quit Taking Advantage Of The Black People You Are Claiming To Help. The Black People Are The Ones Supporting His Lavish Life Style And He Is Making Fools Out Of Them. We All Want A Leader And Savior In Our Life But Believe Me He Is Neither Of Those.

  8. NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo avoided criminal charges and has kept his high-paying job

  9. Hoaxstream-hatestream media is deliberately intent on inciting hatred, telling lies & airing hoaxes & conspiracy theories.
    One trait of a sane person is flexibility of mind & heart. Mental-emotional ridgidity is a trait of mental illness.

    What the Left, criminals, mentally ill & Islam all have in common, & makes them actual allies:

    Narcissism has been an epidemic on the Left from the start. If you are involved with a narcissist it will destroy you (PTSD) unless you know all the sneaky tricks & lies & how to deal wIth them, if you are forced to, as in politics.

    YouTube has –

    Narc ology unscripted,

    Michele Lee Nieves, (esp. Leaving A Narcissist: Biggest & Most Common Mistake),

    Surviving Narcissism,

    Why You Are Lonely. Stefan Molyneux,

    Alice in Wonderland & Thru The Looking Glass, Lewis Carol.

    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How He Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV.

    TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Lefts House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (news & commentary, OAN Network.)

    MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE.


    See also: Bill Warner, politicalislam.com

  10. I think showing their disrespect for our country by kneeling during the anthem should be totally ignored. After all, this is a free country. If their actions are not violent in nature, and they don’t get any reaction, what have they accomplished? However, there are always consequences to rebellious behaviors and I’m sure the NFL could find a way to make sure there are some without ever mentioning the show of disrespect. Bad attitude, for instance. Not a team player, etc. d

  11. when is the IRS going to go after him and put him behind bars where he belongs?
    this is not a duplicate, first post, please post or delete it like you lib network does on the good news of trump

  12. when is the IRS going to go after him and put him behind bars where he belongs?
    this is not a duplicate, first post, please post or delete it like you lib network does on the good news of trump

  13. I guess it don’t matter now I don’t think they are showing the Nation anthem no more at least I have not seen it any game I watched. Maybe we should not watch games until they bring the Nation Anthem back.

  14. The sports arena as a whole has lost my respect..from the Olympians to the pros. If they don’t respect the country that has done so much for them they cannot expect me to support them financially with ticket purchases or any other way.

  15. when is the IRS going to go after him and put him behind bars where he belongs?
    this is not a duplicate, first post, please post or delete it like you lib network does on the good news of trump chief 1937 what are you chief of ? sounds like chief of the Morons

  16. he ain’t reverent or sharp, we think and know that he has a brain lower than an earthworm!!!!! he is a true JACKALOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Lockup Al Sharpton for everal reasons: The enormous back taxes he owes, his race baiting, his rhetoric that incites violence.

  18. It’s not about Kaepernicks’ knee. What it is about, and what has cost the NFL many of its most avid viewers (of which I was one) is that the league itself, by Goodell’s decisions) chose to support the leftist movements in America’s culture wars. This old combat Marine got rid of over a half century of NFL team gear and will never again watch the NFL or attend a game. Goodell made this bed so I hope he enjoys lying in it.

  19. Who cares about the NFL that is a thing in the distant past as the unpatriotic kneelers have destroyed a once beloved past time. I have tried several time to watch football but it is not the same and can not do it.

  20. Lock up Al Sharpton for several reasons: The enormous back taxes he owes, his race baiting and his rhetoric that incites violence. He like Hillary Clinton has been protected by the two-tier justice system that is partial to the Elites and unfavorable to the rest of us.

  21. Anyone that participaes in ANY Sports, in the U.S. should be required to “STAND” for the FLAG. If they refuse; “Suspend” them, and that also goes for any money, that they would earn. If they don’t like the U.S. Get the HELL OUT.


  23. While at it, send them farther back and let them be gladiators in the Roman Coliseum. See how much Justice they would get there. Everyone knows of the gladiators and concubines, but do not seem to remember they wee slaves to the Romans. Greeks were very good with same games in those days.
    —–Slavery was not invented in the colonies. Went on long time, in Indian Tribes, and all over planet earth. Even the Serfs in Europe, who worked on the land , controlled by the Kings and Queens, and the people they gave land too.

  24. Al, look at the crime and murder rates in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Philadelphia. These cities are predominantly occupied by African Americans and controlled by Democratic Politicians. No Democratic politicians have reached out to resolve the problems.

  25. It sure wouldn’t make ole Al any uglier that’s for sure. You take a look at ole Al and you have to also look around for the bananas.

  26. Yeah, they are! But it sounds better when you spin it and exaggerate! What a con artist, hate mongering racist he is!

  27. When will human beings stop using color as an identification of a certain race, in Gods eyes we are all human beings, but human beings that have given the ultimate sacrifice for the this country, deserve us to stand, to show respect for their sacrifice, remember IN GOD WE TRUST THAT WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS

  28. So,,,, Al ”the Monkey Man” Sharpton speaks,,who paid him off $$$$$$$ to make another issue Important?,,ohhh O’Bama’s gift that keeps on giving all year long,,,”the Monkey Man” is the MOST RACIST 13% we have ever seen & heard….

  29. The NFL is fading away. I really question NFL fans who like little puppy dogs go to game after game enriching players and the league by lowering their standards. The NFL is now ghetto ball. I was a fanatic 50 year fan of pro-football. No more. It’s over for me. I don’t like what they’ve become and I don’t like their leadership, what’s his name. That guy is a total wussy. He has liked the boots of the ghetto-like forces that have taken over the NFL. How pathetic.

  30. Disrespectful overpaid anti-Americans.Never make their $ in any other country…..Europe???? Africa???? The very country, good fortune, in which to be born. “Poor little rich kids”! If you choose to protest….do it off the field & on your time. Fans pay to watch a game not see players kneel in a disrespectful manner. Our military has paid a price for your freedom to play (some have died) GET OFF YOUR KNEE YOU UNGRATEFUL SO-CALLED SOMETIME HERO. HEROES ARE THOSE THAT SERVE OUR USA & DIE IN THAT SERVICE. I STOPPED WATCHING NFL 2 YEARS AGO.

  31. He’s just another professional agitator. Always wondered what a black ash whole looked like. Well take a gander at this one–well, nothing is perfect! Do you think I’m racist—-you bet your sweet ash I am—never was until the gay black muSLIME was in office. Just to prove that BLACK LIVES SPLATTER, I just returned from 16 days in Philadelphia…..I THINK THE COUNT WAS 27 MURDERS IN that time–not counting the six policemen shot by another black felon…….and speaking of felons….I have not watched an NFL game in the past three seasons ever since colon kophucknic took a knee. I get my fill with Friday night high school games—-these kids play with heart and not for money. Saturday is college football and Sundays have become family day and it’s great doing things like a Sunday Drive and a picnic—just like my Dad and Mom did when I was growing up. TRY IT!

  32. Paid athletes are working for an employer (their team) and when they are playing they are representing their employers to the customers (public). If an employee shows disrespectful actions it looks bad on the employer. Personal feelings should be reserved to non working time and not wearing customer uniform. The employer might put a clause in their contract about off duty actions.

  33. Al Sharpton (aka Reverend Al) is a…make that THE race baiting, political hack. He would do ANYTHING to keep the race pot boiling on the stove. He has literally made a lucrative career of it. The hater accusing others of hate, and a RACIST accusing others of racism. He has done more to marginalize and stereotype American blacks than ANY Caucasian EVER!

  34. It is disrespecting, if they hate this country that much, they should leave. I am through with the NFL and all pro-sports, they should disband and go get a job (It will be for a lot less money). I’ve not watched a pro game in about 3 years and I no longer miss it.


  36. There are more constructive ways to make changes. I think that Black people brought a lot of bed things on thselves by constantly using the accusation of racism Everytime they don’t get what they want. White and Jewish people need to learn not to be bullied and tell Black people to stop with their bullying. Black people practice racism too. I know this from personal experience.

    I think refusing to stand for the national anthem is a disgrace. White and Jewish people need to stand together. Whether it has to do with hiring practices, or the refusal to accept responsibility, enough is enough. You teach kids to be disrespectful to anyone. This includes law enforcement as well.

  37. That makes two of us…I agree these America haters should loose their Citizenship and sent to Iran where
    they would fit in, since Iran also hates America!

  38. Professional or Amateur Sports Participants: if you don’t show respect for authority of our nation, our state, our city, our teachers, our flag, our Military, our Police, our Fire Fighters, our Medical Responders, then don’t expect me to show respect for your owners, your players, your game, your fans, your cheerleaders, your food and beverage sales people, or anyone or anything else connected with your sport.

  39. Wonder if Barry and Moochie will be inviting Sharpie to spend time with them at their newly acquired $14M manse on Martha’s Vineyard?


  41. These players are being paid to ENTERTAIN the fans. Instead, their conduct caused significant irritation to a very large number of fans and is totally out of place! If their conduct takes away from the entertainment, they should be suspended, or fired, period! No one is objecting or should object to their right to protest in another forum, even if their understanding of an incident is wrong. (The choking incident would NOT have occurred if the individual has NOT violently resisted arrest! It was very plain to see on the video.)

  42. Not standing for the Anthem should be illegal. Only people who hate patriotism think such a protest is patriotic.

    Plus, it’s beyond time to take a break from social justice.

  43. Art Crosby, if it WAS 1820, in Mississippi, you might see Al Sharpton, but you wouldn’t see him for long! A man so richly deserving, you couldn’t find! OohRah! Semper Fi

  44. Not only is taking a knee “Un_American” during the national anthem it is also against the law. Specifically: 36 U.S. Code 301 – National Anthem.

    (a) Designation.- The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem.

    (b) Conduct During Playing.-During a rendition of the national anthem-
    (1) When the flag is displayed-
    (A) Individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note;
    (B) Members of the armed forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform; and
    (C) All other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over their heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over their heart; and
    (2) When the flag is not displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed.

  45. He is giving me an excuse not to pay my taxes either. But my guess is that the IRS will throw me in jail if I owe a few thousand $$, but Sharpton owes 4 million $$ and seems to be immune to prosecution.Why? Would it be because he has friends in high places?

  46. I would praise my Lord and do anything in return, if he would allow ME, to put a hole in Al Sharpton’s head and end his life.

  47. USA ???????? Love your Freedom? Thank a Vet! Love it or leave it, kneelers have disgraced our flag the multitudes of men and women have fought to defend their right to disparage our universal icon for freedoms. Overpaid undeserving athletes receive astronomical wages for “kneeling” while our military EARN defending much less for their freedoms by sacrificing their families and lives.
    I have not watched and intend to not watch until the NFL & Commissioner Goodell take a stand and penalize the ungrateful degenerates that refuse to stand for our flag or require they stay in the locker area and out of sight. Play ball ???? and earn your millions!
    My father served during two conflicts WWII/Korean Veteran and “earned” your respect, don’t you forget it when you take a knee & disrespect his free will duty to protect your freedom you exercise so freely to advance your cause.

  48. I’ll just add it to the list of Career Politicians (yes, he is, just not elected) that can get away with murder because they’re (in)famous. I used to be able to carry a list with me, but in NY, List Volume 8,394 broke the helper springs in my 1-ton P/U.

  49. BOB PASCARELLA: It IS denounced by ALL Americans, but not never by greedy leftists who desire an NWO because they believe they’ll be running it, instead of being just one of everyone eaten up, and spit out by it.

  50. Bringing Al Sharpton into this issue is pointless. The NFL has delivered millions of dollars in extortion money to “social justice” organizations like Black Lives Matter to pay off the kneeling players who are causing revenue loss for the League. I do not give a damn at this point what the League does. I am no longer a fan of professional football. I do not want my money (either directly or through ad revenue derived from my viewing) paying off racial extortion.

  51. I believe they should give all of the money back that they’ve received from the specific arena they are using to boast their disrespect for our country. They can look for employment elsewhere and use their own time to express their disrespect. Or they can just move to a country they do respect and leave the spotlight. I think this type of disrespect is likened to ”treason.”

  52. This man is nothing but a liar, a thief and one of the filthiest hypocrites in this country!!! Who is he kidding?? He doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about ANY of those deaths he’s complained about…..it is nothing more than a way to put himself in the lime light and make a profit on whatever he can. If he is so concerned about violence, WHY IN HELL hasn’t he ever contributed anything positive to the fight against GANG CRIME in the hellhole of Chicago?????? Why hasn’t he ever spoken out about the BLACK ON BLACK crime rampant in Chicago??? It isn’t the suburbanites running into the city killing these people!!!!! This man has been anti-law enforcement for DECADES….he didn’t just take up this torch!!! I have no regard for those who attack and kill police officers, no matter what the hell color their skin might be, and I have nothing but utter disdain and contempt for this man and all like him with their agendas of making a profit from the misery of others.

  53. Hey sharpton, you make your living by exploiting less fortunate negros, instead you should be telling them, don’t break the law, and; if you do, DON’T RESIST arrest

  54. Hey Al I have something even better for you to focus your attention towards, how about you start demanding justice for all the black people murdered by other black people each year. How come it seems to be perfectly OK for blacks to murder blacks, but if any other demographic comes into play for the cause of black lives being taken, that turns to the main focus. I call horsecrap to all you race-baiting so-called black leaders, you are all full of crap, and you are the true racists in this country. For too long, it has been said that white’s are the racists, correction, it’s the black population that is the true racist. You have held onto this fake hate of whites for too long over slavery. You do not have the right to hate one single white person that is alive today for none of them had anything to do with slavery. And you are trying to hold our government responsible financially to your ancestors suffering. Your just continuing with trying to get something for nothing lifestyle, which does not speak well for blacks as a whole.

  55. The best thing we can do is shoot him into outer space. He with out a doubt is the BIGGEST racisit in the world!!! He has certainly hurt his negro people. there are hundreds of black people that are great american citizens and must be awful upset with this lowlife!!!!!!

  56. I have never really been into what some might call the traditional sports such as baseball, football and basketball. Although at times I will watch an AHL hockey game. I’m more into motorsports. No not NASCAR.
    I’m a big fan of AFT. American Flat Track motorcycle racing. If you’ve never seen one these races they are live streamed on Fans Choice.com or you can see them on NBC’s cable sports channel.
    I’ve been to these Grand National events and I’d say that 99.9% of the fans not only stand and remove their hats for our National Anthem, but they sing along with the person they have performing it as well. The fans their also stand for the presenting of our Nations Colors and the Invocation as well.
    It’s really something to see.

  57. Slavery is going on as we speak. There are hundreds of thousands of children abducted every year in this country and others and subjected to the sex trade. There are more pedophiles than we know and these young children are their prey. The average life span after a child is abducted and put in the sex trade is six years. But this is something a dummy like Sharpton refuses to deal with.

  58. I’ve wondered how long these team owners and Olympic officials are willing to put up with this crap. It has to have cut into their income. Maybe they think they can just ride it out and the fans will eventually return. Eventually can be a long time from now. I served more than 20 years in the Air Force. If I had taken a knee during the National Anthem for any reason, my career would have been cut far short after I’d been put through a ringer. Sports owners and officials need to have a similar standard to that of the military.

  59. While it’s true that the vast majority of players do not take a knee during the anthem, it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the bushel. When I was in the Air Force, I learned a phrase that holds true: One “aw s**t” offsets “100 attaboys.”

  60. Barbara ,so when I sign up to play a sport do I also check some box that says I give up my Constitutional rights

  61. When you sign up you become an employee representing your company. If you show disrespect to customers (spectators) you are putting a bad impression on your company. The customers have the right to boycott your employer and their sponsors costing your company money.

  62. Could cracking Kapernick’s skull be considered free speech? I’m not sure who’s head I would want to thump first, Kapernick or Sharpton. America….Love it or Leave it.

  63. One of the best things we can do is boycott their sponsors products. Congrats NIKE, none of your products are allowed in my home. If a guest shows up at my door wearing anything NIKE they leave it outside or they can express their right and leave.

  64. A con man Sharpton certainly is, but one does not have to be anywhere near as sly as a fox to pull the wool over the eyes of the simple minded blacks.

  65. Disrespectful of our police, our service people, the fair and just principles of which our laws are based, our national anthem, ensign our nation as a whole, Kaepernick adheres to and embraces the principles of which islam/shariaism are based his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend converted him.

  66. His real name Al Sharlatan , this scumbag thrive o race bating , extortion from big companies and anti american sentiments in certain left leaning populous . This despicable behavior gets him publicity and support in fake and phony media outlets , otherwise he would be out from any consideration as political figure .

  67. Mr. Sharpton did not create racism, he only reacts to it. Europeans are the ones who benefit from racism. They created it. All over the world they have used racism to maintain wealth and power. The U.S. Cuba South America Africa India Australia and other countries.

  68. Mr. Sharpton did not create racism, he only reacts to it. Europeans are the ones who benefit from racism. They created it. All over the world they used racism to maintain wealth and power. The U.S. Cuba, South America Africa India Australia and other countries. Today Trump is using lynch mob politics to control the United States of America.

  69. First of all I could care less what Al Sharpton has to say on any subject since he is one of the most racist men on the planet. Since this whole thing started with kaepernick, disrespect to the American flag and the NFL allowing this to go on, I have lost all respect for the NFL. I have not watched a game since then. To be honest with the sports athletes attitudes I have lost respect for all the sports. It use to be about the love of the game and the fans, but now it is all about the big contracts and endorsements. These athletes from this country show they forget where they come from, and that their talents were given to them not that they deserve them but because they were just given to them.

  70. He is another anti-American idiot who should be deported with all the kneelers and troublemakers. They don’t deserve to live here, they deserve a mud hut.

  71. Never – He’s kind of like a “made man” in the Mafia. And the MSM are kind of like the henchmen of old. They keep covering for him. If he was a Republican, they’d be crucifying him.

  72. He was a nobody until he helped create the Tawana Brawley scam, which wrecked some people’s lives. That helped launch him into the spotlight and start his career in the civil rights machine just like the shooting of Martin Luther King launched Jesse Jackson’s career. These guys were relatively unknowns to the general public before those events.

  73. The way to fix this in the NFL is for President Trump to revoke the tax exempt status of the NFL! Then the owners will understand and require the players to stand or lose their checks! When you hit these prima donnas in their wallet they will listen! They make more in a year than some make in a lifetime!

  74. Jesse Jackson is just as bad if not worse! I met that scumbag at O’Hare while working for an airline. He delayed a flight because he was on the phone. He didn’t like it when I told he had one minute to get on the plane or we were leaving without him! His bodyguards got my card. He wrote a letter to the president about me!

  75. No I would send him back to when the black tribe who captured them sold them to Europeans! Then he would see how this started!

  76. I say to the big mouth cork sucking liberal facists stay out of our lives. Actors stay out of our politics. To our government everything you touch has a taint about it. What you are being paid for is protecting we the people and our borders. You can`t even seem to do that. Whay good are you?

  77. Barbara, I agreed. If you don’t like this country. Then, get the h### out. I have a sticker on my truck that says it load. “America, Live it, love it, or get the h### out”. What more do you need to say. GET OUT if you don’t like it.

  78. Kneeling during the national Anthem is DEFINITELY a very pro American thing to do. The flag is a piece of cloth. The anthem is words set to music. You can honor those things in your heart without making a spectacle of yourself by standing, singing along, or anything else. Now granted I personally wish by now the protesters would find an alternative means of trying to get their point across. But the only people in this whole affair who are acting unAmerican are those who try to deny others the right to protest peacefully as the Constitution provides for. I didn’t defend America just to watch others, many of whom DIDN’T SERVE (lil dee trump for example), try to take rights away from people.

  79. I think when they kneel during the National Anthem as soon as the Anthem is over they should be escorted out of the building or field and banned from appearing again in any sport or the public eye. If you have no respect for our country then send them packing to somewhere else. We sure don’t need them here. They also the American people are the ones supporting the sports they are in.
    Get RID off all of them. I am an American and proud of it. We were raised to respect our flag and anthem.

  80. Sports are for fans to watch and enjoy to forget the every day world and since its the fans who end up paying for everything, they do not want anyone using their time they bought and paid for to stage a protest. Almost everyone agrees protesting is everyones right but its better to do it on your own time. Players all know this but a few still kept kneeling just for the attention. Thank God most of these are gone.

  81. And because you choose to play a sport and disrespect your country by putting yourself above others on your team, we have a choice then to not attend games you may play.

  82. Rev (?) Sharpton is reversing all the accom[plioshmenst and goals of Martin Luther King and those African Americans should stop worshiping Sharpton and wake up to the damage he is doing to their cause of equality. He is the first one to call out the RACIST card which gives him so much free air time on TV, radio, newsprint, and social media.

  83. Yep. I learned the same rule. And also heard the old saw about the apple. I’d boycott NFL games, but since I never watched them, anyway, I can’t. I do sometimes watch MLB and have a couple of times sung the National Anthem (with a group) at the local Ranger game. The Anthem presentation is not usually part of the TV coverage, though.

  84. Protesting the Anthem and/or Flag has been designated a form of “Free Speech” by the Supreme Court, and I can accept that, so it cannot be made illegal. However, the First Amendment also protects the right of “Free Assembly”, which means that we are permitted to choose those whom we will associate with and support. Ostracism and shunning can be very effective actions.

  85. IANAL, but I believe the US Code prescribes what persons SHOULD DO; it does not have the force of law.

  86. AL (THE DOO) Sharpton stop putting all those chemoals on your head
    Stop trying to have White-boy Looking hair,
    IT’S DAMAGING your little brain!

  87. He, Rev Al Sharpton might be all that, J M, but the police committed murder many times shooting unarmed man on the back just because they are blacks. The police wouldn’t do it with a white man. Isn’t that enough to protest, regardless what Rev Sharpton is? Why can the police asphyxiate a man and not brought to justice and given him a paid vacation just like the rest of murderers in uniform? When is justice apply to all of us?

  88. What these players don’t realize they are paid employees representing a company. If you protest on company time and customers (spectators) take offense it looks bad on your employer. It may be your constitutional right to protest, not on company time or wearing company uniform. I as a customer (spectator) have the right to boycott your team and it’s sponsors. If a lot of us do that it will cost your team, their sponsors, and the league money. No money means no paycheck.

  89. Dr Martin Luther King developed the concept of unearned suffering in modern words. He called it redemptive, as did the Apostle Paul. Jesse Jackson had a small but honorable role in King’s greatest moments. Al Sharpton was a creepy barnacle on the hull of the civil rights ship and the true freedoms of the Constitution. He did nothing of note and developed a sly, name-dropping way of discussing dark racial events as if he knew that something racist was going on. The major news media who cheered for King’s legacy were often young snots who had no theological grounding. Increasingly they jumped in the sack with academic barnacles intent on saving America [for a big salary]. The result was a non-stop output of vomit in which anything involving an African-American person and a Caucasian person was instantly labeled “racism” and “analyzed” deeply, with a sickening accompaniment of pseudo-intellectual weeping and grieving for America.

  90. As Far as I am concerned let them kneel . When they do the will arrested and tried as traitors to AMERICA and given two choices. Transferred to a deserted island with nothing but some tools and gardening supplies. Or second choice is be staked out covered in honey and sugar on the biggest monster ant piles in the African desert and left there to die slowly and horribly

  91. Al Sharpton is a LYING REPROBATE and a “race baiter”. Either he lies SO MUCH about what he says, or is so ILL-INFORMED that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Either way, he is not credible . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  92. If you notice Jessie Jackson in the filming of King being killed Jessie was moving away from King when King got shot. Why did Jackson move?
    King was going to get rid of the Federal handout money to the NAACP for equal pay and equality, but those who used the Federal handout did. It need King, so Jackson were was your hand??

  93. Al is the biggest racist on the planet and has been for years. The funny thing is he has made millions off it. That said look at the clips of the police in NY being disrespected by having water dumped on them. WHO IS DOING THE DUMPING. A large number of whites and other ethnic groups get shot by police as well. What about a black cop that shots a white guy? Happens all the time but we never hear about it. Anyone with any kind of brain who feels that this country is bad should back up and go somewhere that makes you feel better. Like Russia. Otherwise show some respect to the symbol of freedom that has hundreds of thousands trying to get here.

  94. Mendoza I do not see you doing anything about it. Take your money and pay a lawyer and carry it to trial instead of complaining. The last name sound like across a boarder. Anyway trial more so then mouth or texting.

  95. Mendoza I do not see you doing anything about it. Take your money and pay a lawyer and carry it to trial instead of complaining. The last name sound like across a boarder. Anyway trial more so then mouth or texting.
    Show me two of them!!!! Know it is not two!!!!

  96. How about just do what is right? … We all know right from wrong from the time we are born. … It is wrong to kneel during the National Anthem. We already know that. … Our Flag that is always given to widow’s and family of fallen soldiers needs to be respected. We all agree to give our National Anthem the exact same respect. WE NEED TO START agreeing to disagree. Okay we can do lots of things to make sure Black and All Americans are safe. We can make improvements of Police Department and personal. We all need to be accountable for out mistakes. Agreed. Let’s all see what we do agree on. We respect our fallen soldiers. Equals we respect our flag. It’s for Them and their surviving families. The National Anthem. Gives us all a chance to STAND TOGETHER and sing about how beautiful our Country is. I think it is GOOD FOR US. Our Constitution tells us “UNITED WE STAND” … WE ARE “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”…Many forces are trying to divide and conquer us. They start with things like our Flag and Our Song. It is entirely up to us if we allow them to divide us. Only YOU can decide this. Sending Peace, Love, Well Wishes To EVERYONE!

  97. True but the real slaves at first were the ones that had to cut sugar cane in the Caribbean and not cotton in the southern states of the United States

    The Slave colony state was Massachusetts who legalize slavery and all the northern states that surrounded that state had slaves before any southern states. That came later when the Abolition demand the north to free them so the northern richcrats sold them to plantations who were agriculture that would be easier to work then not knowing industrial type of work. Plus they made more money selling then keeping.’

  98. You notice how al keeps talking and even though he claims to be a African American , you never hear Al say anything about Africa who started Avery way before the United States. Now Al why do you not say anything about slaves in Africa that are there now. We

  99. Parduc and Rich I can see you now becoming one when the enemy is fixing to kill you and this lousy marine save you life and yells OohRah!!! Semper Fi…….

  100. The blacks in Africa had two choices 1 to be killed by the African leader or 2 to be sold into slavery. Which do you think should happen 1 or 2 …. Al Sharpton

  101. President Lincoln was going to send all blacks back to Africa but was kill by a loyal Southern with the aid of the federal who were suppose to guard the president but let Booth get in. Feds tell History one way but not the true way.

  102. I wonder if the roles were reversed, if it was per se a black cop who choked a white man trying to make an arrest would Sharpton be defending which one ummmmmm! its always a race baiting card and double standard, to put himself in the middle of something to cause division.

  103. ITS ALL ABOUT “PUTTING MONEY IN SHARPTON’S POCKETS”! ….. Reverend?? Religious claims to get tax exemptions!!! …… May he rot in hell!!!!

  104. because he would roll on the floor screaming racism and I can’t breathe

    Funny though if the right paid him better he’s be the best darn conservative in the world LOL

  105. Everything Al Sharpton does is anti american. All he cares about is keeping the racist vibe going because that keeps his name and face out there to promote reverse racism. Why is it that if a white person makes a statement about a person of color it is recist but if the person of color makes the same statement about a white person it is ok. As long as people like Sharpton are allowed to inflame the conversation the problem will forever persist

  106. The protests will end when people finally get fed up with this non-sense and continue to tune out the games on TV, which is where the real NFL revenue comes from. Viewership will decline causing advertisers to decrease their advertising expenditures because no one is watching. When that happens, well, you get the idea.

  107. Rev. Al is nothing more than an Adam Clayton Powell wannabe. Those of you who don’t know who Adam Clayton Powell was, look it up. The difference is that ACP had intelligence and some semblance of class. Rev. Al has neither. Oh and ACP didn’t hide behind a collar.

  108. Yes. If anyone can now vote for any democrat they must be living in the woods. Corruption and craziness at every turn. It is getting scary.

  109. Jackalope is a cross between a Jackrabbit and an Antelope, not a JackAss and Antelope. My pet Jackalope has been offended.

  110. If the Internal revenue service would do their Job, we all wouldn’t have to put up with the likes of Al Sharpton. If this nation would or could for reasons we can understand politically is one big reason the IRS doesn’t shut him down.They would reather go after some poor soul, that doesn’t offer any push back.

  111. Al Sharpton would reject all blacks if he thought it would make him a dollar more than his “racism for money” scam.

  112. If Sharpton, Jackson, Wright and Farrakhan are in favor of it then you know it is something WORTHLESS and GOOD FOR NOTHING AND NO ONE. Like Krapernick they are only after money.

  113. Cesar, you have it backwards! When black kids are young their parents have “the talk” with them, telling them how to behave when stopped by a policeman, these talks may or may not give the best advice and even if it is, the kids have different ideas of how they think Cops should be handled! The times we live in now are dangerous, kids are entitled brats who grew up getting participation trophies, thinking that when they grow up, they should earn the same thing, have the same luxuries that their parents have worked their entire lives for, these same young people, especially black young people, even older black people think they dont have to listen to Cops!! They think they can just do whatever they please, talk back, cursing, refusing commands, being combative, fighting the Cops, charging at them trying to grab their guns or tasers to harm the Cop so they can escape! Brown had robbed a convenience store, they were looking for him, the Cop told him to get down on the ground with his hands above his head but instead he charged the Cop and grabbed for his gun, now you tell me, what was he supposed to do? Let this huge kid overpower him and kill him? NO! HE DID WHAT HE HAD TO!! Same with Walter Scott, had he stayed in his car, he’d still be alive from that traffic stop, probably wouldve been given a summons or been taken to a bond hearing for back child support so why run? Why fight with the Cop? Why did the Cop go to jail when he feared for his life and his wife was about to give birth to their 1st child? Why? To outsmart a Cop?? And the kid in NY that Sharpton the crooked was griping about, he was doing something illegal, it might not have been the crime of the century but it was illegal! He was a huge guy, he chose to fight the Cops, it took several of them to bring him down and get him under control, in all the scuffle he couldnt breathe, it didnt have to happen, he could’ve cooperated!! Just do what the Cops ask you to do, it’s not unreasonable, speak in even tones not yelling and saying yes sir or no sir, dont give anyone a reason, then there can be no question.
    I personally cannot get behind a family griping about the death of their loved one at the hands of a Cop when the loved one broke the law and then wouldn’t cooperate with LEOs!! I would if there were good cause and I dont care about the color of either! Leo’s have a very difficult job as it is, no need to make it more stressful than it already is!
    Oh and Al Sharpton is no Reverend, hes never been to Seminary to learn Theology, he self appointed himself and took the non profit status that goes along with being a Church, and his Church is every black community that hes ever sponged off, he steals from the poor to give to himself, hes wealthy, they’re poor and he really doesnt care!! What a crook he is!!!!

  114. I do not think it is anti-American but I do think it is disrespectful of those who have fought for out nation and those who do our law enforcement. As far as Sharpton, he is just a hustler who likes his name in the news for whatever reason.

  115. Exactly, so Rich if you don’t like here then get out!!! MORON, go back to your mommy & daddy’s basement.

  116. He uses black people for his own benefit & black people are stupid for following him just because he is black. He could care less about them. Hoping he will burn in hell will take to long…

  117. jesse was involved, everyone knows that. His son & his wife went to prison for stealing campaign funds. Garbage just like his father who was involved in the the killing of MLK.

  118. first of all I am no longer a football fan cause of the racist football players using our flag as a tool for their gain . first look at who does the most crimes . so don’t wonder who the cops watch more . if you think black cops don’t mess with whites … your dead wrong . my daughters boyfriend is Spanish and he attacked her and knocked over my granddaughter down and she cracked her head on the sidewalk . when the cop showed up ( a black cop ) he took her boyfrinds side saying to know how white people are . even tho she’s more native American then white . this gos to show you just how racists going both ways . did I disrespect our country or flag … hell no … if you have a real reason to protest … find … do so . but don’t disrespect the flag or country that I served . after all my people have more to protest them any of you do , and that’s both black and whites . you didn’t enslave us , you both killed the NA for what you now call your land . stop crying about it and move on . we had to … so can you .

  119. Al Sharpton is the biggest racist in America today! He even degrades and keeps his own people down! He may be a Reverend, but of the Congregation of Satan! He continues to make money by deceiving his blind followers!

  120. As an American who loves her country, none of you have the right to tell me to leave it just because I disagree with some of its practices. You want to miss the true meaning of the kneeling because you’d have to face the fact that the brutality used against African Americans doesn’t mean squat to you and you could care less. You want to make it into disrespectful behavior instead of silent protest, which of course is what it really is. Since when does not agreeing with mistreatment and trying to stand up to it in your own, nonviolent, non-disruptive way, add up to anarchy. Oddly, only those that don’t have to put up with this brutality have this view. He’s fighting to save lives while you’re bent out of shape about somebody taking a knee. If you haven’t walked in this skin, maybe, just maybe, your take on the situation is skewed!

  121. Sandy it is disrespectful. First off I buy a ticket to a sporting event it is not to see somebody protest. Protest on your own time. second what brutality? Fact almost all of the shootings by police in recent years were justified. What about when a white person or Latino or African American gets shot by a black police officer? barley if ever makes the news. Why because it does not fit the agenda. The media and education institutions have been slowly following a re-education policy for years. Think about new shows and commercials we see everyday, they slowly have been training us to accept things that are not the norm but they want them to be. Just think about it


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