What a transgender athlete just did made Ilhan Omar giddy


Since the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, LGBT activists have become more radical than ever.

Now they want men in women’s bathrooms and boys who think they are girls to play on women’s sports teams.

And what a transgender athlete just did will infuriate every Christian in America.

Rep. Ilhan Omar falsely claimed it’s a “myth” that biological males have a “direct competitive advantage” in athletics.

She even requested an investigation into the U.S.A Powerlifting team for “discriminating” against transgenders.

But there have been dozens of high-profile cases of men who think they are women joining women’s teams to use their natural advantages to get a head-up on the competition.

The latest case comes out of Montana, where a senior at the University of Montana has switched cross country teams.

After being on the men’s team for three years, June Eastwood, who is a biological male, is joining the women’s team.

The Daily Caller reports:

A biologically male runner in the NCAA’s top division is competing in women’s cross country this fall.

June Eastwood, who identifies as a transgender woman, will represent the University of Montana at a cross country meet Saturday.

Eastwood competed on the men’s track and cross country teams through May 2018, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported. “I felt like I still had more years in me, and that I would regret it later on if I didn’t at least try to do what I am doing,” Eastwood told the local paper, describing the decision to compete on the women’s team.

“Our goal is to be supportive of all student-athletes. I understand there will be varying opinions,” university athletic director Kent Haslam told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an email. “We have followed the NCAA bylaws and policies in place when it comes to inclusion of transgender student-athletes and participation in intercollegiate athletic competition.”

“I am not in a position to know if June will gain an unfair advantage. It is not my area of expertise and therefore we rely on the policies as set by the NCAA,” Haslam added.

This is far from an isolated incident.

Three high school girls in Connecticut have filed a lawsuit over two biological males being able to compete against them.

All three have lost top finishes in races due to the men competing against them, and it could cost them athletic scholarships.

Do you believe men who think they are women should be allowed to compete against women?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  3. When a mammalian egg is fertilized by a male sperm, that specialized Y tool throws biological switches in every cell in every system in the developing entity to make it into the male version: hormones, brain development, nervous system, bone density, behavior, etc. No social preference, affectation or surgery in later life will ever alter those facts engraved in every cell of that individual. This is more denial by the looney left to create an alternative universe. They should all pack up and go live there and leave Mother Nature’s version alone. We have enough challenges as it is with Agenda 21, the NWO, and cultural genocide.

  4. All this trans garbage just reminds me of a background voice on an old Moody Blues song that simply said “I think therefore I am”. It’s all way to Orwellian, and a sad commentary on the moral state of our country.

  5. Transgenderism is opening doors of debate in just about every realm of western society. People have to ask what bathrooms are they to use now and can a once man-altered to a woman compete with female athletes. This issue is dividing America and is bringing sharp debates from the devilish Democrats and the righteous Republicans. The transgender issue is things that are against the laws of nature. It is against the normal order of things and this is seen in the sports areas. In a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a study was done to prove that suppressing testosterone levels in men trying to be something they are not is not enough to suppress the strength advantage that they have over little girls. They are bigger and faster and very much stronger than the little girls that they are competing against. And of course, the devils called Democrats in the House are downplaying the significance of such findings because they just don’t care about the people that are going to be hurt by these freaks trying to be something they are not. Surprisingly no one has ever seen a transgender woman trying to be a man ever join a football team. It is ludicrous that a freak of nature has to try to prove something he is not by roughing up little girls in a sports event that is not something that he should be participating in. But the devilish Democrats want people to believe that they are all equal. Science and just plain common sense have proven that there is a natural difference between men and women, and they are not all the same. The dorky Democrats believe that men trying to be girls do not have the advantage of true girls. This study proves once and for all that they do have an advantage. Just because a man puts on a dress does not make him a woman. There is nothing in all creation that will change the fact that he is a man. The paper makes mention that these men have an “intolerable” advantage over women. There is nothing that is going to change this fact. The sad reality is that the Democrats will reject the proven truth and still hold on to their lies like they do with everything else that is false that they hold to. The paper goes on to point out that hormone therapy is still not enough to make the playing field equal between men and women. There are just too many differences. A man’s muscle mass returns to normal at times because of muscle memory. There is nothing that will ever change the truth that a man is a man and a girl is a girl. Genetics cannot change and there is nothing that the doctors can do to change the sexual identity of a man or a woman. A person can put on a costume but that does not change who they are on the inside. All that transgenderism proves is that a person is living a lie. The Democrats want to force people to accept the changes and make things unfair for everyone else. They have tried to pass an equality act that would make it illegal for schools to keep men from competing with women in sports.Ilhan Omar is a supporter of this kind of legislation. She does not believe in the science behind the report. The country would love to Omar compete on a pro-football team after making such remarks. She holds that there is no advantage present. One day on the team and she would see that she is completely wrong on the matter. The devils in the Democratic Party are trying to feminize men while at the same time hurt womanhood. For a man to compete physically against a girl is just ridiculous and should never happen. President Trump is sure to veto any such bill coming from the Democrats. There is no reason or proof that men are equal to women. There is just too much physical proof and evidence that proves that they are not the same in many ways.

  6. I must agree with you 100%. If your plumbing is on the outside you’re a boy if it’s on the inside your girl. All of this is nonsense and a waste of the taxpayers money. We have homeless vets and what are we worried about whether or not a boy who thinks he’s a girl can play. Grow up world. stop this nonsense.

  7. There are two genders, but there are a myriad of opinions. I support LGBTQ+ 100%. But, and with apologies to Omar if the article is lying about her statement, the hormonal advantages evolution gave to males is no more a myth than is AGW. IT IS A FACT. And so I am forced by honesty, belief in fairness and belief in the truth to agree that transgender females should NOT be competing with CIS females in physical competition. Anywhere else, fine, but not there.

  8. Wow ! No one could have said it any better. America is infected with looney people and are in desperate need of psychiatric care.

  9. More distractions and wasted time coming from the left. It doesn’t matter what the issue or topic. Anything to stir up “normal” society is their game. The goal is chaos at any cost. A country in chaos cannot stand united. Where are the adults in the room to tell these noisemakers to shut up and sit down?

  10. What EVERYONE needs to understand is that….Men are Men, Boys are Boys, Women are Women, and Girls are Girls. Nothing on earth could change that. It all goes back to our CREATOR!!!! We have more important issues to be concerned about as AMERICANS. If we don’t get back on track, there will not be an AMERICA as we know it today, much longer.

  11. They are not transgender females, they are biological males in full possession of their birth genitalia. There may be a myriad of confused gender (brain) personalities but the fact is that gender is not the same as sex. They are two different aspects of the person, the former a persons perspective of self and the latter the actual genital sex.
    What has added to the continuing confusion is the forced acceptance mixing and matching sex and gender as if they are one and the same. They are not!

  12. Am I reading this wrong… He cannot win as a male??Now. So to win he competes against true females , so he can “win”. Enough of this garbage. Enough Social Engineering. This is the same as cheating as his body make up is totally different than those females he is going to trounce.

  13. Oh my gosh, another remark from the “STUPIDITY SQUAD”. it will be so nice to get things back to normal when these idiots known as the squad are gone. If they aren’t making comments for which they know nothing about they are causing havoc on peoples marriages. There are petitions out there to get rid of these “idiots” not sure if they are legit but doesn’t hurt to sign them to get rid of these females that think and I emphasize “THINK” they know everything. Omar is using everything she can think of to get the spotlight off her brainless ways, so she decides to come up with to cause more havoc in our country. There’s an old saying, “Ignore it and it will go away”.

  14. Why is number of complete idiots and complete idiotism growing that fast also in America?

    What is the main substance that does idiotize humans’ brains? Whose errand is the Federal Supreme Court running?
    Maybe high time for Putin to be made Administrator of the whole US? After having annihilated all left wing lunatics and morons around the country.

  15. My opinion, humble as it is, is that these “transgender” males that want to compete against natural females just do not have the “balls” to compete against natural males. They are cowards and weak so find someone much smaller, weaker than they are to compete against so they can finally exceed at something. Such actions must make their parents proud – not.

  16. I can remember a time when this would be considered lunacy (I still think it is). Obviously, the NCAA is off the rails on this issue. Girls are getting denied opportunities that these nut-job boys are literally stealing from them. All these policies need to be revisited in view of the consequences girls are feeling from them and revise them to what they were 30 years ago, when common sense was not as uncommon as it is now.

  17. Check “between your legs” . . . Men tend to be made one way and a women are made another way (Check Biology class, especially DNA studies). There are only two sexes, two genders – MALE and FEMALE. A “sex change” operation does NOT change your sex (Do a DNA check). It only turns you into a “ruined man” or a “ruined woman”. Send that REPROBATE Ilhan Omar BACK to Somalia where she belongs AFTER deportation orders for the MANY crimes she has committed.

  18. they can’t compete as men so they decide to compete as women. Real women and real men no that men are built to be stronger then women. It’s the mentally confused they don’t understand this. Or they just want to compete with women because they need to win. Which puts the women at a disadvantage and to me is cheating. If you are a man, be a man. Admit that you can’t do something don’t cheat at it and deprive the women of their right to their success.

  19. My answer is not just NO, but Hell No!

    I read an article recently that focused on Denise Richards, probably the first trans woman to compete in competitive sports (tennis). In the article Richards unequivocally states that if she had been allowed to compete against women when she was in her 20’s and 30’s (prior to her sexual reassignment surgery) there wasn’t a woman in the sport that would be able to beat her.

    The problem is that a trans woman has a definite advantage because she/he is able to adjust their testosterone levels naturally by altering their estrogen levels. Even though the body produces both these hormones naturally in both sexes, the testosterone levels are naturally much higher in men than it is in women and estrogen is much higher in women than men which is why a trans woman must supplement estrogen and a trans male must supplement testosterone. I say, if a trans woman wants to compete on a women’s team, level the playing field and allow the natural women to raise their testosterone levels if the choose to do so. Personally speaking, a woman on testosterone loses all the endearing feminine characteristics associated with being a real woman.

  20. Doctors have come forward to testify that you can change the physicla parts of a body, but that you cannot change the interior hormonal parts. They are still male or female as they were born. They are not sick!

  21. Real women must wake up and protest this enmass. We have fought long and hard for equal rights and are still fighting. We must not let these confused males move into places where they genetically do not belong. It is unfair in the world of sports. They are using their strength to beat us out of scholarships, contracts, awards just like men have done for years. Wake up ladies! Real ones I mean!

  22. There are TWO genders, male and female. PERIOD. DNA cannot be changed. Libs have thrown God out and satan has them very confused. satan will do all he can to cause chaos and confusion and he has the dems/libs on his side.

  23. Here is the Truth Eveyone on the planet and everything on earth was made by God . It says he Spoke the universe in to existence . That being said He created man first! and woman second . Its in the first book in the bible . God also said he made man in the likeness of him . GOD IS PERFECT! he doesn’t make mistakes. After the first sin what happens on this earth is the doing of man period . So all this lawlessness and craziness LGBT Same sex marriage is not from God its mans thinking he has better rules and ways. So in reality we are straight up mocking God because he made all perfect in the beginning . ITs plain as day in the bible “A man shall not lye down with another man like he does with a woman ! its an abomination to God. But man thinks he knows better at making his own rules. All I can do is pray and God will take care of the rest

  24. I’d suggest that “gender” is purely an artificial intellectual construct (Consider that ships are called “she) and that their number is both unlimited and irrelevant. Sex, however, is reality and there are (with very few hermaphrodite) exceptions only two, male and female, easily determined by physical inspection. “Feelings” are irrelevant to fact.

  25. Plumbing aside, if you have that Y chromosome, you are male and alwayshave will be. Everything else is window dressing.

  26. I believe that electrical magnetic fields from cell phones and other devices affect the brain. Stupidity is on the rise. Traffic accidents where people drive irresponsible is another indication of this stupidity. I could go on and on.

  27. No way. They are turning women’s sports into a farce. They are built different and have an unfair advantage. I will not watch or follow any women’s sporting event that has transgenders participating as you know who will win. They want women to get equal pay. How can this happen when no one watches something that has a predetermined outcome.

  28. Oh my what a sad state we have gotten ourselves into. It’s truly heartbreaking. To see young people so confused they don’t even know who or what they are.
    Christians, stand up for what the Bible tells us! Parents, stop letting the perverts decide what your children should be learning. We need to take back our schools and universities. We are heading down a path of sure destruction.
    Pray that God will have mercy on our country. Pray for our leadership, ALL of them.

  29. Great idea ! – lost in the men’s team – declare yourself a woman. In the women’s team you will be the winner.

  30. As good as Serena Williams and the other top women in the tennis world at their sport the 300th ranked guy in the WTA would probably not lose a game against any of them. This brings to mind the world champion USA women’s soccer team played a 15 and under boy’s team from Dallas and lost. These 15-year-old boy’s whose voices haven’t even changed yet beat the worlds best women’s team.

  31. Might interest you to know that a Chinese drug company is testing a vaccine to prevent the births of trans and gay-male. What a hot stock that’s going to be!

  32. The GBLTQWXYZ miscreants and their supporters are Satanic. Seriously. These people are possessed by demons. Their depravity levels are off the charts. Everything evil is good, and everything good is evil to these “people”. They are abominable.

  33. There is no right reason to support LGBTQ, if you believe in God! But of course that is not the case here, you just do not believe in God, period. But God inspired Moses to write it is abomination to God. It all started by girls wearing pants, you planted that seed, now, enjoy the fruits of what seemed to be so simple. God created male and female and showed us how horrible is to him to mess that up that brought fire from heaven and finished all the sodomist, the real word to be used, not gay not homosexual. Sodomist don’t try to hide their sin. The problem that you have now is your simple dessobeyeing (forgive my misspelling) God.

  34. There are 2 sexes and they are taking you into grey areas. If they do this and get away with it there will also be the double standard that we are dealing with now. You might as well have no laws at all. You fuuking fagots.

  35. Born male. Male teams, Born female. Female teams, regardless of what they think they are or what stage of transformation they are in. IT WAS my impression that women were to support and lift up women. #JOKEOFTHECENTURY

  36. There are only two genders, male and female. A person’s sex is determined at the moment of conception. This whole situation is pure lunacy and just part of the pattern of destroying civilization one little bit at a time.

  37. Moslems will be very unhappy, they can’t continue to throw them off of roofs, stone them, and decapitate them. How can the Japanese limit Moslem joy?

  38. Next thing you know they will want to compete in the Special Olympics against handicap people because eventually some women will be good enough to beat them and take over the tittles again. SO the only place they will have a chance to win will be the Special Olympics…

  39. Trans is a mental issue, not a physical one. Pure truth: they are mentally deranged. Let the Chinese work on destroying mental illness before fertilization. Actually, thinking about it, the Chinese have considered girl babies worthless and have for generations killed most at birth. Maybe that is what they are really working on…preventing the birth of girls.

  40. And if this moron who claims to be the athletic director doesn’t know if men are different than women he should not be anywhere near them! This is the most stupidest idiotic thing these transgenders and thier supporters have come up with!

  41. And speaking of parents, weak parents is where we get these people from, toady we have so many weak minded parents trying to turn thier kids lives upside down and tell them they are not actually the sex/gender that God made them! They continue growing up confused as hell and not knowing who tbey are supposed to be and then because they grew up playing sports where nobody loses they don’t know how to act when they find out in real sports they have to learn to lose as well as win and they can’t handle it! Now they have been given a way to continue on thier winning streak!

  42. If your not man enough to compete as man then you need to quit competing. This transgender thing is so much BS. If your a man and get beat by a man your just a loser in the sport you are in. That’s what sports do to people. It makes you a winner and a loser. If your a man and you compete against woman then your cheater and that automatically makes you a loser. So man up or quit.

  43. Are they true transgenders, or only men pretending to be women? If so it goes by the name of CHEATING.
    But if they are on estrogens they’ll eventually crap out. Remeber Denise Richards?? You don’t? She/It is an example of what I’m talking about. Or perhaps they might like to play football and then we can watch their silicone breast implants explode on contact.

  44. Perverts are not allowed! Abnormal!
    No way!
    Protect children from these
    They want to cause other people harm because of their mentally ill mind.
    They are trying to con, manipulate, and steal. Just as they have done to their own body.

  45. A transgender male may think he is female but biologically he is still a male. This biological male who think he is female will have a higher testosterone level which makes him stronger, more aggressive(therefore more competitive), has greater stamina, and has bigger and stronger muscles. He will defeat a normal biologic female everytime. Even after he is castrated he will still have higher testosterone level than a biologic female. I think there should be a third category in sports for transgender male who should compete with transgender males or even a fourth for transgender females.
    Political correctness should not overshadow scientific correctness. The former is fancy, while the latter is scientific fact.

  46. The trans agenda has nothing to do with Putin. It is being financed by wealthy pedophiles. Let little children declare their gender, handcuff the parents from getting the child psychiatric intervention, and before long, someone decides, “Hey, since we’ve decided to let children make life altering decisions about their gender, why not let the make decisions about sex too? Let’s do away with these silly ‘statuary rape’ laws. If a kid can make choices about their bodies, they should be allowed to chose an adult lover if they want.” This all about American Perverts’ endgame. A tranny in Russia would be locked up or killed.

  47. Transgenderism tears at the fabric of American society and western society in general. Ilhan Omar hates America and western society. Need we say more?

  48. I like and support transgenders competing against transgenders instead of real men and/or women. That would balance out the differences and make the “playing ground” more balanced, more even. I notice that it’s the transgender men-into-women that want to compete against women, not transgender women-into-men wanting to compete against men. Hummmm. Wonder why.

  49. The Democrats are turning our world into a sick, sick, sick
    Society. Their heads are totally screwed up.
    We can’t let them get away with this.
    We need to go back to the old days of truth.
    We need God back in our lives!❤️

  50. What really made me sick to my stomach is when the teachers have to teach 5 year old’s & on up about lesbians, gays, transgenders & have Transgenders doing story time in a Library with Kindergarteners is sick & the Parents have no say in the matter, & some of them put on a show, I would show them a show they would never forget but not in front of the children. If I caught a man in a females bathroom he would have 2 less leaving the bathroom. I saw an article that pedophiles are pretending to be transgender females & are raping little girls. Parents need to be in the bathroom with their children, a girl should be with her mom & a son should be with their dad. A child should never be in a bathroom alone. There are too many sicko’s out there.
    It is getting to be like Sodom & Gomorrah & you know what God did to that city???

  51. iF I CATCH A TRANSGENDER IN THE BATHROOM and nobody is around he won’t be a transgender anymore he’s an” IT”. Then he will see the real world as a girl. I keep my knife sharp like I did in NAM a cut throat makes no noise. I’m not sorry QUEERS are NOT MEN or NOT women they are unstable people who push themselves on to young Boys who don’t understand.
    Like the lady above said a parent needs to be in the Bathroom with their kid at ALL TIMES!!!!!I the HELL would and GOD help anybody who harms a kid Boy or GIRL for I’m a dad and I have taken care of a Rapist who raped my Girlfriends little daughter when he Babysat for her in 1982. He’s singing with the” angels” but I’m not the one who did it.!!!!! The DEMOCRATS are the ones who we have to kick out of office and put REAL people there and get back to life as we know it.

  52. May I remind you that it was women who wanted this change. They are the ones that claimed they could do the same as men. Remember GI Jane, firefighters (lifting the heavy hose) Police officers yeah just like tv take down the bad guy. I guess they all learn karate. Girls encouraged to join boys sports groups. Now they are seeing the consequences and they don’t like it. to f—— bad. Blame Gloria Alred ir what ever her name is.

  53. Concerned,
    If a woman wants to compete against men for physical. Jobs, they should be allowed to. If they can pass the same test that a man has to take, more power to them!
    This is not that! These young women have been forced to compete against men against their will! This is a big difference!.

  54. I’ve said exactly this from the beginning. Are these Trans so weak they can’t compete against their own sex, so they have to compete against girls?
    All they’re doing is showing the world what ultimate failures they truly are, while robbing the girls of the honors and scholarships the girls would have won. Disgusting.

  55. You are 100% correct.
    If you are born a male or a female, then you must compete only with the sex you were born with.
    Every child is a gift from God, so be proud to be what God choose you to be.

  56. Men should compete against men and women should compete against women. There should be a third category where the transgender thinking people could compete against each other….. 20-1 there will be complaints about unfair competition…..

  57. I agree 100%. Of course they would be crying again because they lost their advantage. Some day I hope people in this country will open their eyes to the fact they are the ones in control. If they want prices to go down stop buying a product. That goes for food, cars, sports tickets everything. With kids trying to win scholar ships it would be harder. Stop competing in matches that allow trans. They would probably get an over dose of the garbage of how they are letting their school down.

  58. The only reason these transgender go into woman’s sports is because they can’t win against other men. They all need physiological help

  59. The Bible gives the answer in the book of Romans they will think they have become wise but instead have become FOOLS


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