What a major university just said to these students proves racism is alive in America


University campuses are becoming increasingly Left-wing.

While college used to be about education, it seems it is now more about Left-wing radicalization.

And what a major university just said to these students proves racism is alive in America.

Recently, diversity officials at the University of South Dakota sent out an insanely racist flyer to students, claiming white students are “taking up too much space” on campus.

It states that white students should be conscious as to whether they “take up space” or are “contributing to a space,” and encourages them to not have opinions on certain subjects, like racism, due to being born white.

Breitbart reports:

Diversity officials at the University of South Dakota are asking white students to consider if they are “taking up” too much “space” on campus.

According to a report by Campus Reform, programming created by diversity office officials at the University of South Dakota asks white students to consider if they are “taking” too much “space” away from minority students.

“Are you taking up space or contributing to a space?” the graphic reads. The flowchart asks white students to answer a series of questions that determine whether or not they are contributing to the “diversity” of the campus. In practice, the flowchart asks non-minorities to not speak at all in many given situations.

“Will you be representing a relevant minority identity?” the flowchart’s first question asks. “Do you have enough perspective to represent that identity?” it continues.

“Would your participation prevent helpful voices from being heard?” the flowchart adds towards the end. “Does your involvement prevent the exploitation of relevant identities?”

If this flyer had been targeting any other race, Left-wing activists would be burning down the entire university.

Decades after the civil rights era, when people should be coming together, Left-wing activists are trying to divide people based on the color of their skin.

They want white people to feel ashamed of being white, claiming that, by virtue of being born in their skin color, they are committing an act of racism by merely existing.

Colleges and universities will keep obeying the demands of the Left-wing outrage machine as long as taxpayer grants and funds keep funneling in from the government.

Do you think college campuses are racist against white people?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. If this was 1950 the White students would have burned down the school,Now im suprized White students aren*t killing themselves Just Because the*re White the*re So brainwashed.And they have So Much Self-Hate,They AGREE with the*re oppressors!!This is a conspiracy,The way these White kids are WILLINGLY being treated,And the Fawning over and Coddeling minority students get,This is Beyond Bizzare now,It*s like a Sci-fi movie.I am WAITING for Someone to ACTUALLY suggest,It Should be Against the Law to be White,And these wet noodle White kids would Actually VOTE For it!!! Semper Fi

  3. Time for a new university. All those top notch academics that were thrown out of leftist places, could staff a new place very well. Add a connection to online students, insist on traditional high test scores. No “sympathy” credits. Cut and dried.

  4. Everyone on here should write,E-mail,Do Anything to make your voice heard to the school!! Could you Imagine if these where minority or Black students!!?? This Story would be the the biggest story out there,World wide! Imagine the Protests that would be going on,They’d be having them in every city in the country! But it’s being done to White students,So you Don’t hear a Peep about it.And to be Honest,Nobody even Cares.Semper Fi

  5. This is absolutely disgraceful! White People have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! How dare the Racist Professors of the University of South Dakota try to make White Students feel ashamed of being who they are! White People have no more control of being White than any other Race does! The Racist past of White People in no way condemns current Generations of White People! Clearly there must be severe consequences for this misconduct! In my opinion the University of South Dakota must be closed immediately and any and all funding through Grants or the Federal Government should be cut off immediately! This is beyond unacceptable!

  6. We need to stop all government funding for these racist left wing indoctrination camps. If we said the same thing but substituted any other race they would be flipping out. Why do we keep supporting these people?
    They aren’t educating anyone…let alone our children. They couldn’t last a year without government funding.

  7. If they are, then a GOOD OLD FASHIONED lawsuit will work wonders . . . especially if high ranking members lose their jobs. Sue them into poverty! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. EVERYONE IS A RACISTS. … There’s the TRUTH. … White / Black / Brown / Yellow / Red … Yep Everyone Is A Racists. … The Sooner We All Just ADMIT IT? … The better off everyone will be. LOL …. Racisism is exact;y like gossip. Everyone has done it? Or will do it. We need to just start Loving Everyone for Exactly Who They Are. Simple as That.

  9. Absolutely they are Racist. This is a disgrace. These Left Wing Universities need to be shut down. They are breeding grounds for Racism, Hostility and Hatred. They may as well wear Robes and Carry Crosses since they are nothing more then the KKK. Stop sending your kids to any of these Left Wing, Racist Universities.

  10. Problem with public education is that it an indoctrination system. Just that since Obama became potus the emphasis is against white Christian majority. Very pro Muslim. Even atheists are going after only Christians. They leave Muslims alone and allow this indoctrination.

  11. Does anyone remember the un-American activities committee where we booted out of our country some un-Americans ? Well, it’s about time for another one starting with the universities and the Hollywood bunch.

  12. Congrats to the young white people who don’t stand up for their own race. A disgusting group of brainwashed white young and old people who are so pitiful the black people are laughing at you. To the white old people who run this college your disgusting. Obama trained you well to betray your own race. Karma coming your way.

  13. I am much older than the student body and the University Admin. in that I am 78 years old. I have lived through all of the racial problems of the 40’s, 50’s and so on. While I am retired for some years I like to work so I work in retail and meet all types of people. One day recently I was working with a man of color and some how e got on the subject of Race. We were talking about our years and how things are better for us both today. He said to me that he was born in Jacksonville Fl and wished that people would refer to him as an AMERICAN. I’m not an African American. There were other people in the store and when we shook hands there were at least 4 more people that agreed with us. It’s time we respect one another as equals regardless of our Race, Religion or National Origin.

  14. I’m white and not the least bit ashamed. This is a total disgrace. Every “white” person, since they are taking up too much space” should discontinue any funding to this University. Let’s see how well they survive then.

  15. Let’s face facts here because this sort of article is what keeps racism alive. It’s just another spin to keep a somewhat stupid writer in a job. We should accept people according to how they conduct themselves. If they are living a life where they are against everything — let them do it as long as they don’t force it on others. No one is born a racist so somewhere in their childhood or young adulthood their parents or someone close to them has pushed the issue on them either by their words or actions and/or both. Also there are many who will tell their children that all —–people are out to get you. It normally starts in the home and then passed on to others.

  16. Sad but true! How long will it be before they convince these white kids that they should be so ashamed to be white the best thing they can do is kill themselves. ????

  17. The people who live in South Dakota (I lived there for seven years) should rise up and get rid of whomever was responsible for this ignorant racist act against the white population. “You white students are taking up too much space!” No, they are attending a university which is supposed to be educating them for a productive life, not indoctrinating them with such unbelievable garbage, especially from a top university in a state filled with people who would rank high in the entire country on consideration for all.

  18. Let me just say: why are the whites not standing up to this hog wash! Thank GOD for the white people, where would this nation be if it wasn’t for the white who founded America. Go to other countries have they excelled? America has excelled because we put GOD in our nation. Yes, I realize that a lot of people have pushed him out, but there is still a great number that believe in the GOD,there is only one God and he is coming back real soon.who will you turn to when all hell brakes out?

  19. I think you are right. Federal funding erased for these institutions, professors fired, and a few court cases might cause a shift. This is satanic.

  20. When I went to college in the 1960’s it was all about education not politics. Now it seems to be about brainwashing the students. The brainwashing has a left wing slant. If there was no bias it might be beneficial to the students

  21. Strikes me that this is a good opportunity for discussion. But it seems like most people posting here are already pretty opinionated that whites, and especially conservative whites, are actually the oppressed minority on campus. Why do you think that is?

    BTW, I’m an old white guy who went through public college and graduate school about 50 years ago.

  22. How about this: All of the “white students” leave the institution and let them see who is going to fill up their classrooms. If our federal government were honest and forthright they would end all tax money to the school…

  23. We were protecting our country back then, and their was no Deep State. Who is working to dismantle the giant conspiracy against this country?

  24. What an absolute load of bollucks! How dare this so-called university, a place of higher learning, disgrace everyone with and by this nonsense. Do what you are supposed to do EDUCATE. If you can’t do that then close down. What use are you?

  25. It is very important we all stamp out this racism by whatever means necessary. I am astounded that left-wing lowlifes and racist knuckle-draggers have infiltrated the Dakotas! What? Dakotans should be ashamed. In Calif, my home state for my many, many decades, I’ve watched as such brain-dead antics have changed us from the Golden State to a full blown Idiocracy, run by elected criminals. Solution? We all have to do little things everyday that stomp on the gonads of the creeps who see fit to say anything like what is being said in the article. Among other things it’s WHITE’s who created the atmosphere in which such bigoted things could be said in public. Now maybe we should regret it. Maybe we should also rescind the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I think this becomes a better idea as each day passes. We have empowered racial vermin and are seeing what was once a meritocracy descend into a big rathole ghetto. We had best think and react a littlest each day. The slieballs speaking as they do do not deserve the USA. Not even close. And oh yeah, DOWN WITH AFFIRMATIVE ACTION now! 100%.


  27. Thirty years ago, traveling through Tokyo with our hosts a vice-president of the Fortune 50 corporation we worked for kept commenting on how new everything was. Then he did it—asking our hosts why this was the case. The point is the group you are apart of does NOT guarantee either expertise or awareness.

    Similarly, these diversity staff at the University of South Dakota are idiots on multiple levels and an embarrassment to all of us.

  28. Art, I agree with you 100% but the blame for this lies in the laps of the American “voter”. Until the American voter starts voting for people who will see that our laws are enforced, punish those who break our laws and withhold our tax dollars from those entities (like this university) who teach “Hate and Discontent” instead of the things they should be teaching nothing will change. In fact, until “We the People” decide to stand and fight against the LEFT-WING buffoons who are actively working to take this country down, our WHITE children will continue to be taught that they are bad simply because of their skin color.
    God Bless America
    Semper Fi

  29. The powers that be need to crack down on all universities for these stunts. The heads of the universities allow the so called diversity clubs and organizations to get away with this , and it has been going on too long. The deans, chancellors, and presidents of these colleges are irresponsible. Pull their funding. Universities are for everyone, not just so called minorities.

  30. What is wrong with this comment, especially after a Negro opened fire, on white motorists, saying “We dont want no (white people) in the hood”.

    Why is only anti-Negro “hatred” illegal? Why not anti-White hatred, as well????

  31. The administration and faculty of the University of South Dakota should very seriously consider whether each of them individually or they together as a teaching and administrative group, are wasting the time and money of the hard-working parents and their student children.

    When those responsible for teaching children, put out this level of trash coming from the administration and faculty at the University of South Dakota, every single member of the administration and faculty must be replaced with immediate speed and little remorse.

    When any school is overtaken by individuals with such little demonstrated ability and no significant accomplishments, it’s time to pull out the garbage pails.

  32. Thank you for the fact that this university did not give instructions to shoot white students so that they do not occupy any university space at all.

  33. Wait till what they offer is declared to be ‘free’ and their income reduced 60%. Those lucrative, cloistered halls of academia will then be reglated to their true worth. This crowd will then have to find something that justifies what they feel they are worth.

  34. Screw the University of South Dakota and the camel they arrived on. Not a single American tax dollar can ever be sent to this racist cesspool. This is absolute lunacy !!

  35. Unfortunately the American voter doesn’t have a say in who is going to be appointed Dean or President of the liberal cesspools in this country that are masquerading as universities. We have no say in the subject matter being taught, or who is doing the teaching, so to blame the American voter is rather disingenuous.

  36. I learned long ago you do not raise up a group by putting down another. Live is not inherently equal or fair. we should al use our situations, gifts, abilities to do for ourselves and families the best we can, but in no way does that mean we do not give everybody else equal opportunity. I went from a midwestern state university to Vietnam. I had minority friends at school, but was not dependent on them and probably did not do all I could to extend myself for their benefit. In combat we all depended on each other, fought side by side and sacrificed without regard to color. That doesn’t mean our natural friends were not more likely to be of our race, but we functioned as one unit and capitalized on everybody’s strengths. Any alternative would be insane and cost lives. We need to all see the “greater good” and work for it. I’d hate for any of my tax dollars to be so wasted as is S Dakota.

  37. And yet the majority of white people still load their children up and send them to these universities and colleges..

  38. Are you really surprised….check out the ADMINISTRATION of the MAJOR COLLEGES and see that a lot of the decision making positions are held by minorities and or liberal leaning professors. So the minorities will be the ones to gain if ALL WHITE students are made to believe that being white is some kind of Racism….Then look at the Administration of the Largest cities in America and you will find the same make up and view their records on how their city is doing in today’s time of RACIST MONGERING….So telling WHITE students that they should not be in a particular college because they are WHITE…..isn’t that the same thing if the Minorities were told they should not be in a particular college because they are a minority…..SOUNDS LIKE THE SAME THING AND BOTH EXAMPLES ARE ” CALLED RACISM”…Wake up America and pay attention to what is going on….

  39. Time for all the white students to leave the school and see how long the school lasts. I know my child would not be attending this University

  40. This is really sick. God created and loves all races. The left accuses conservatives of being racist, but they need to look in the mirror to see where the racism is. No, I will NEVER be ashamed to be white. And it is not the color of your skin that matters, but the content of your character, which is sadly lacking on the left.

  41. One would expect this kind of racist garbage on the Left Coast — but what the hell has happened to South Dakota ?????

  42. Without “white people”, there would never have been a United States. The sooner the left remembers this salient fact, the sooner their universal tag of “racism”will fade into the teeming vat of stupidity. We can get along fine if the left and the MSM allow us to shed our gullibility and think clearly.

  43. Maybe burning down this HATE collage would be OK! Stop funding the hate collage – Throw out the Leftist admistration !!!!!.

  44. Every time I read something about “white” people or even “whitesupremacist,” I alway ask myself, are they talking about “Anglo-whites” or “Latin-whites”? There is a difference.

  45. A college education is not worth the paper that’s its written on, now day’s they don’t teach the kids anything.

  46. A big reason the left is claiming racism now is that they are losing the African-American support and votes and they really need to get them back. The way they have chosen to do this is by attacking white students and claiming racism, hoping to get the blacks to come back into the fold or plantation as it were. Pathetic!

  47. The funny thing about leftists is that are supporting agendas from the 1960’s and before–the agenda of Jim Crow and the KKK. All of this language does not just discriminate, it segregates. Many schools and universities now have separate proms and graduations “excluding” whites. That’s segregation. Also, does anyone else see the commonalities between antifa and the KKK? They are both hate groups that advocate violence and their members are too afraid to show their faces.

  48. Those powers that be are the very problem & are much insanity.

    According to the Declaration of Independence it is the responsibility of the people to assemble in the face of tyranny, decide to throw it off nor remain slaves & execute revolution or not. Government is now, has always been & will always be THE PROBLEM, never the solution.

  49. So true most lived poor, no handouts, came legally… still wondering where my limousine was to go to school growing up?? Took 2 buses… Let’s all stop monies to these hateful institutions, curriculums are of hate. Perhaps all ethnic groups should demand ???? allocated by their group be dispersed to their group solely. Those that hate their own race have severe issues and have been brainwashed and in need of serious psychological care. Let’s begin to divide all monetary/schooling/benefits etc accordingly as promoted by the left radicals, (you know be divisive as is spewed, separate all groups (let the chips fall) just how they like it. Tired of supporting losers???? it’s sickening

  50. “…diversity officials at the University of South Dakota sent out an insanely racist flyer to students, claiming white students are “taking up too much space” on campus.”

    Yes, I agree they should ask themselves if they are taking up too much space on this particular campus- as the so-called officials seem to have already decided they are – then my advice for all those white people is to Transfer to another University taking their tuition and Tax Dollars with them!
    And when you all leave this clearly Racist School that allows for this harassment, degradation, stereotyping, shaming, bias and bigoted prejudice against their Race! Since the University of South Dakota has 84% white students (due to the fact there are more white people living in the state) the university should be willing to take the loss in solidarity to their Racist minority preferences over white students- I am sure you can fill alllllll those empty spots with the preferred qualified minorities- Right?

    You people are despicable and display your Racism without even a shred of Shame on your parts. It is the overpaid hateful Diversity officers who need to ask if they are taking up too much space and if they are in any way contributing in a positive way to any group! The obvious answer to normal civilized people is No but they- I am sure being as self-righteous, supercilious morons with grandiose narcissistic egos will NOT see the Truth- They are the Haters!

    I hope every white parent of students in this school were also sent the memo along with the alumni so they can decide if they want to expose their kids to this prejudice and financially support this vile institution.

  51. I think it is time to fund a University that teaches Math, History (none revised or interpreted -just factual) the Sciences, English – all literature not based on anything other than the righting, and let go of alllll of the BS classes that do Zero to prepare kids for life, no diversity officers, no LGBT********* studies, women’s studies (yes I am a woman) etc as these do nothing to prepare someone for life or the work. Leave the moralizing and cultural awareness training to the parents and any other mentors the families choose for their kids. The brainwashing free University would be packed!

  52. I went back to university in my 40s 2011-14 to get my third degree this one in History at SDSU. While I was there the anti-white agenda was already being deployed. One memo sent out by their “officials” was a need to recruit more minorities for the sake of diversity- the only thing the memo left out was the fact that at the time the university already had a demographic of 69% minority with students representing 32 countries! I guess what they really wanted was 0%, white people.

  53. What makes you so sure the white kids being told not they should think about if they even have the right to be there and that they should keep their opinions to themselves are not being oppressed? if there are minorities being oppressed in some way, oppressing and being bigotted to white students will not solve that. BTW I am an older white woman who has three degrees from three universities and I can say I have seen this first hand as recently as 2014. So aren’t you making an assumption about what we all think. We are responding to the obvious racist attack on the white students of this university. You may want to look again things have changed over the past 50 yrs since you were in public college.

  54. Not a bad idea……..when colleges see their revenue drop from white students leaving, they’ll beg for forgiveness

  55. I am a white Caucasian, USA Citizen. I am a 2nd generation USA born, voting citizen of Germanic descent. My grandparents on both sides legally immigrated to the USA in the 1890s.

    I worked in Mexico as a teacher for a number of years and had a bumper sticker that asked. “God, Bless America!” A Canadian teacher I worked with one day told me, “Canadians and Mexicans are Americans too. Your sticker asks God to bless all the nations of North and South America and he has.” I was taught by a great teacher.

    It is interesting, but something that that many DO NOT know is, that Mexican coins state “Estados Unidos Mexicanos.” This is accurately translated to English as, “United States of Mexico” or U.S.M. (Not the U.S. Marines)!

    Many of have prejudices against persons of other nations because their culture is different then the nation we grew up in. That other person’s national belief system, or their nations history may also be a reason for a prejudice.. Once we know a person we can make a better determination if he is what our prejudice said he is or discern that he/she does not fit the profile/prejudice we have regarding their heritage.

    We have a right to consider all things about a person, but it is God who will ultimately judge each of us individually correctly because of His wisdom .

    Doing what the University of S. Dakota, did by openly condemning whites, revealing their, the Administration’s, prejudice is wrong. It was and is a poisoned well. We each need to keep our prejudices to ourselves and use them as a starting point for helping to discern an individual’s character AFTER we get to know them or learn more about them.

  56. How many leftist are white and are they included in the attacks on whites, white kids should be proud of their race they have nothing to be ashamed of, this also goes for black people, Hispanic people and every other color and race why be ashamed of who you are, the only reason to be ashamed is if you deny your roots

  57. Besides placing all our comment and feeling here shouldn’t we be sending them to the university instead. Also sending them to the federal government to stop federal funding and grants.

  58. Well…I’m not ashamed of being white….and I’m NOT a racist…..you can’t be a racist if you hate everyone!!! I prefer the company of my animals to almost all humans I know!! The University of South Dakota can go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned!!! I wouldn’t waste my hard-earned money to pay for all the BS that they spew at these universities now!! They are NOT teachers…..they are indoctrinating young people exactly like THE THIRD REICH did many years ago. I have as much regard for these institutions as I did for the Nazis…the so-called teachers and administrators are truly the waste of space and oxygen on this planet!!!

  59. We have stopped ALL College donations and now vote against any tax increase for education, whose monetary demand are insatiable.

  60. These people are getting really ridiculous the now scream racisms about anything they do not like. Well I’m white my in-laws are all black or Latino, if you dare call me a racist you best have more than the color of my skin, and if my money is paying for the tuition at you college or university you had better show me and my children at your school some respect and not try to exclude or suppress my children’s beliefs or political views.

  61. Thus proving there are village idiots running another university in this country. The left just keeps raising the bar on stupid. I have to assume these pseudo-educated morons are feeling left out and wanted to make their contribution to the lunacy.

  62. People fail to realize that 80% of those Americans who have died in war are young white men. It’s the young white men who have died for our country. Nearly all suicide in the military are young white men between 19 to 26 years of age. And yet they want crucify him. As people come into our country they think this country owes them something, but they don’t want to earn it. It’s the young white men who are defending nation. The Bible says that satan hardens the heart of the people and blinds their eyes to the truth. Pray that God will open the eyes of our people to the truth.

  63. If I had a business I’d be looking for high school graduates to fill my positions before I would look at a college grad to fill any position. The way it is, you still have to train them all, so a college degree is meaning less in most professions.

  64. They’re not entitled to anybody’s tax dollars. So glad White Nationalism is on the rise. We need to take back the country founded and intending to be a White Nation. I am sick and tired of minorities getting special treatment and calling the shots. DAMN the liberals in this country, I wish them the worst karma has to offer. I am not ashamed on my skin color, I am proud of what the White/European race has accomplished, inventions the ungrateful minorities enjoy everyday. Beautiful music, not cRAP music. Beautiful art, all created by the WHITE man.

  65. Exactly. I’m not even white, and I find this so offensive. Racism is racism, regardless of which race you are singling out. This is outrageous, and all tax dollars should be cut off immediately from this racist institution. Also, why would any white student want to attend this crazy school?

  66. That’s government education for you. It ceased being education years ago and has become indoctrination of leftist propaganda. Colleges have become havens for leftists. With your children or grandchildren you need to know where they are going to college, research the faculty and the prevalence of thought there.

    Reverse racism is racism. Investigations should be done to weed out the extremism and racism among faculty.

  67. Every white parent should take their white kids the hell out! Let the black students support that school!

  68. It seems that diversity officials at the University of South Dakota are poorly educated boobs. The diversity office is probably is a minority that has been given a job because they aren’t capable of teaching or anything else. Lets not ignore it an hopes that it will get well,
    First, Let’s petition the University to DISCHARGE it (we don’t know if it is a stupid man or a stupid woman so we will call “it”).
    Second, If you are a tax payer in the State of South Dakota complain to you State legislature that the money is being wasted
    Benjamin Franklin said “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” I think that the diversity officials qualify.

  69. All this talk about white supremacists and over and over all I see is white heterosexual males being discriminated against. How in the h*ll can you call that white supremacy?

  70. Jesus loves the little children,
    All the children in the world.
    Red and yellow, black and white,
    We are precious in his sight!

    Jesus loves the little children
    of the world!

  71. It is time ALL folks realized there are just SOME THINGS they have NO control over, your skin color is one and your gender is another! You can modify your color somewhat by selective breeding just like we do our show dogs, you can take hormones as a human that can somewhat adjust your outward appearance, but if you were BORN a male your DNA will remain Male, you can adjust appearance to look like a male as well but your DNA remains female! We can’t control the weather either it is time everyone regained some common sense if you choose to worry about your possible demise worry about diverting astroids, illegal drug use, finding cures for devastating diseases, not something you have no God given control over. In short get a life! Worry about something you might be able to control!

  72. Agree whole heartedly , time for those of us with remaining “Common Sense degrees” to use it to regain control. Our founding fathers gave us an Article 5 in the Constitution using it allows us to take back our Government. It requires 38-% of the states calling for a Convention Of States. We begin by petitioning our State legislatures to Request a Convention . Today we stand at 18 States who have radified the petition, others are looking at the proposal prior to Radification vote. See the Convention of States web page for how you can help! I did!

  73. Agree with that the Asian, African, Latino before American serves only to divide us notbunite us! Imagine if those of us connected to the founders by ancestry, if we all prefaced it with our genealogic roots. I am a Scotch, Irish, English, French, Spanish, German, Middle Eastern Native American! Now wouldn’t that be foolish? Not to mention time and paper consuming!

  74. I was born a white male Christian and am therefore in the eyes of the left a racist, sexist, mysoginist, homophobe ,Islamophobe and what ever else they may think of. If I dare defend myself against their lies that is proof to them that everything they say about me must be true.

  75. So agree and appreciate your comments. If I wrote what I am thinking it would be deleted! However, on one note…comment re: funding to this university. If it is a state public institution, it does receive state funding (South Dakota tax dollars at work) and it probably receives Title X funding for women’s sports plus probably more than we’d like to know about. If I answered the questions on their format, I would not gain admission…but who would want to. I’m a little surprised that the state mentioned is South Dakota…I would have guessed California.

  76. Something needs to be done across the entire education system Pre K – College through out this whole USA, to eradicate this far left ideology in our classrooms. Our whole teaching structure could use a massive overhaul to better serve the students of today and the world that is changing so quickly around us. Professors and Teachers and their unions and organizations have WAY TOO MUCH POWER. Serious thought and planning could totally revamp education, make it much more competitive in the world we live in and safeguard against a lot of this brainwashing ignorance that is being taught along with skills and necessary material.

  77. Exactly! The color of your skin is only part of what makes you who you are. I have relatives from many ethnicities. I love them for who they are. Personally, I’m more of a pale peach than white, although I’ve always wished to be a light caramel. I usually just get lobster red instead. That is a very painful skin color that I don’t recommend. As for that obviously racist university, they should have their federal aid pulled.

  78. I;m white & I love being white, I think my skin is very pretty & I don’t care what the lying troublemaking demoncrats say . Don’t give anything to no good so called stupid little deadend schools .I’ve noticed most of the so called college graduates don’t know much & the lousy ignorant proffesors know nothing but EVIL& HATE .

  79. Now Everyone Is Racist Against White People, #ReverseDiscrimination I Will Never Apologize For Being Caucasian #WhiteLivesMatter I Don’t My Taxes Going To Racist Schools !! Horrific

  80. We’ve got to get together and watch each others backs, it seems like these Leftists are everywhere, this ain’t paranoia, the Candyass PC Crap is from kindergarten to college, they are no longer educated, they are indoctrinated leftward!

  81. I agree with most every thing said. What should be done is all the “whte ” shudents this rasist place and see how long they remain in around?

  82. As a retired lawyer who went to a very famous regional law school in the Southern part of the United States and who keeps up with what is being taught in law schools in general, any law school on that university campus would almost undoubtedly defend the anti-white racist statements made by the “diversity director.” Cultural Marxism, the product of the Frankfurt School (q.v.), has infected and invested almost all academic institutions over the past two or three decades. I was near the top of my class and, after graduation, I applied for a position as an instructor in the legal research and writing program (in which I was literally the top of my class by a very wide margin). I was told by the Dean of the Law School that, if I were a Black woman (especially if I were a Lesbian), they would hire me in an instant, but that they had too many “old white men,” so they couldn’t hire me, no matter how good I was. This was in the late 1990s.

  83. Outstanding response! Racism is racism no matter who it is directed at!! I applaud you insightful comment!

  84. The Democrats in the past did not accord minorities to be human let alone having rights. Today’s Democrats view minorities only as a tool to be used to further their agenda and ideology.
    The Democrat party has fostered and encouraged racism and bigotry from their beginning to the present day.
    The racists have always been on the political left and this is true worldwide not just here in the greatest and least racist country in history.

  85. I have to offer a tip of the hat and 1000 up votes.. the PC leftist indoctrination has been going on since the 1920s and stalin is very pleased as the effect has been well beyond his wildest dreams ( a small literary freedom taken there ) Pubic education now stands infected from K to graduate school and the union influence in the grade schools is very difficult to deal with. In the once great city of Tulsa the school superintendent is paid almost $300,000 annually in salary and padded expense account and she supports the teachers strikes, school name changes to protect snowflakes children who are also being raised as snowflakes.. My guess is this exaggerated waste of taxpayer funds probably also supports the moron the renamed the “1921 Race Riot” ( a horrible incident as it was defined before ) to the “1921 Race Massacre”. I have written to the paper, and both of my states senators about the racial pot stirring and the inciting of the folks that were not there with an unsubstantiated report by a long dead black man that 300 were murdered not 34.. now the mayor, may he rest in peace, is launching Phase One of the search for bodies at a cost of $100,000 to the Tulsa taxpayers.. he has also put into effect a police oversight commission ( hope they all quit along with those out in Portland ) and an “equity commission”… I let you decide just what the result of this moron’s leadership in Tulsa will result in.. P.S. your definition of the most successful candidate for any PC position has been shown to the “T” when looking at the new mayor of schitcago, the shooting gallery on Lake Michigan..

  86. Kudos, what a shame that the leftists in DC and the media to include the moron hores in hollow woody do not have the intellect to understand that basic truth..

  87. Last I heard was that we do not have a choice of who our parents are. So I can only say that the path we take is also more guided by our parents. We do start out being equal but just drift off in different directions. Sad.

  88. The Democratic Party has and will continue to foster and stir up racism as a means to continue their existence. Ever since Reconstruction began in 1865, the principles and methods of what has become the Democratic Party have evolved as a life form that has served only to convince people of all age and race classifications, but some more that others, that they have been kept down by society and need a Party to save and protect them. In essence, they have convinced a demographic that they cannot survive without the Democratic Party and it’s handouts and giveaways at the expense of those who supposedly have and still are oppressing them.

    When one thinks of racism, one immediately thinks of the South with it’s segregation and Jim Crow. Truth is that it was this same Southern demographic that maintained these principles. The names of the biggest racist segregationists all come from states like Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas. Point of fact, from 1865 until 1952 not a single state in the Southern tier of states went to anything but the Democratic Party until Dwight Eisenhower won Mississippi in 1952. That is a span of 87 years. So when you think about segregation, lynching, church burnings, poll taxes, and other violations of civil rights, all one has to do is think Democratic Party. A history of the Democratic Party should tell you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about racism and why it is still alive and well today in America.

    Anyway, a great Christian philosopher and theologian of the 1920’s and 30’s said, ” Reason is the organ of truth and imagination is the organ of understanding”. When we can finally come together and reason with each other and then imagine what an opportunity we have at a better world, only then will we understand what we were truly meant to be.

  89. Hope all those white space takers leave this misbegotten, poor excuse for a university and take lots and lots of scholarships, parental checks and – hopefully – state funding with them. this is not a university = it is a warren of ugly souls spouting words they think will make the world notice them. And they’re right – only thing is, the world is looking down its nose, shaking its head and leaving the school and its “professors” behind, unlamented and unwanated

  90. Someone said,80% of deaths defending the country were White,Woulnt be Suprized if it was More,Actuall Think is more,WW1-WW2 ,Needless to Say EVERYONE who died are Heros,But White folks are degrated in Every aspect of life(Weve Allowed ourselves to be the victims now), Like the Police,If All White went on Strike for a week the country would Collapse,Maybe THEN people would Appreciate ALL the Amazing Contributions we Give and GAVE to the to this country And the WORLD!!! Instead of Allowing ourselves to be the Scapegoat of Every Wrong Ever commited in Worl dHistory!! Semper Fi

  91. Any state or local government, municipality, or school that accepts federal funds MUST be held accountable for any and all racist, political, or antisemetic rhetoric. The offending entity should immediately have all future funding removed, any funding already given be recouped, and its leaders immediately be prosecuted for hate crimes towards any and all groups or individuals targeted.

  92. College the current form of lower education…….all they are now getting is radical indoctrination. When I did hiring for a national company, I always reviewed the college(s) they attended. The outright liberal schools were a warning.

  93. Wonder just how long this “college” would be viable if all the racist whites withdrew, taking their money with them? My prediction is the “college” would go bankrupt, its accreditation lost, and grade ranking bottom out. Bye-Bye University of South Dakota.

  94. Do you know how crazy the left is? Many of the people espousing the destruction of whites, are white themselves.

  95. Might we assume that anyone who could propagate such a racist POS item is indeed a rabid racist and very likely an affirmative action educated loser who is so full of hate they might burst. These people are sick. They’re arguably sicker than the racists of old back in George Wallace’s day, and they are usually colored. We are way overdue to rescind the Civil Rights Action 1964. It has despoiled the country.

  96. How exactly to Destroy American’s civilization, just vote next year for four more years of trump TRASH, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  97. Not just White, but all parents should find another school for their kids.
    One that has a better way of uniting students by looking to the products of a persons deeds, honor, respect for the truth and others.
    This is just degrading to all students and the school.

  98. And it has been happening since the 70’s, it’s called “Affirmative Action”! I sure as hell do not want a Affirmative Action Doctor working on me or my family, that includes my Dog!

  99. From the “Cracker Jack Box”. It’s suppose to be a TOY for the “children” with their foul mouths on here, proving beyond a doubt as to their IQ
    Just look at the know-nothing foul mouthed BETTY. She swears as abd or worse than the proverbial Sailor! LOL

  100. You All Do REALIZE “BETTY” Is a MAN? Right. … Not only that He is a Radical Islamic Man. Posing as a woman because that is what they do. COWARD’S. … Just like the “COWARD’S who flew into the Twin Tower’s in New York City. People like this will never stand face-to-face and fight? That is why American needs to be aware of how they bring the fight. By sneaking into Universities As Professor’s and begin by Changing rules and weakening our populations minds. Others SOAK our Children with DRUGS. And yet others teach our Women to have Career’s instead of having Children. The plan is to rot America from the inside out. I must admit we have allowed them to be successful. NOW, I Strongly believe America is AWAKE To ALL Of IT. … FIRST, PARENTS and GRAND-PARENTS MUST GAIN CONTROL OF OUR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES IMMEDIATELY. AFTER ALL WE DO WRITE THE CHECKS! … Join the PTA TODAY. Jerk your Kids out of ANY COLLEGE that will not allow Conservative Views. (That is your Bell Weather) PARENTS MUST DO OUR HOMEWORK and BACK ROUND CHECKS ON COLLEGES and SCHOOLS. “We The People” will take our Children Back and our SCHOOLS BACK.

  101. There was a report from the GAO in the late 90’s when Affirmative Action was falling apart. Statistics: average education earned by AA students – 1.89 years; median number of semmesters completed – 3 (you didn’t need to meet any GPA criteria until your 3rd to continue); increase in number of degrees earned – less than 12%. Basically AA was just used as a free extension of welfare. BTW- a southern law school (I forget which one) DID NOT graduate a full class of lawyers during AA…..the same for their medical school !!!


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