West Coasters want to spread their latest infuriating export to the rest of America and leftists are all-in


Letting Antifa thugs run wild in the streets was the West Coast’s biggest export in 2020.

Now they’re hoping for a smashing repeat that will bring everyone headaches for Christmas.

Because these West Coasters want to spread their latest infuriating export to the rest of America and leftists are all-in.

Back in the day the Left would try to hide their true motives and craziness rather than letting the American people see just how insane they are.

But now the Left thrives on just being as radical as they can.

And Oregon just showed the Left’s next big push as they want to push legislation that mandates mask wearing indefinitely.

They probably think it will be their greatest export since tolerating Antifa thugs running wild in streets spread to every Democrat-controlled political jurisdiction nationwide in 2020.

Don’t you just long for the days when politicians weren’t so damn crazy?

The days when you actually had hope for this nation.

Back when the Left actually didn’t say the quiet part out loud.

Remember when they used to say abortion was about decency for the mother and saving the baby from an unwanted childhood?

Well now the Left just flat out admits that abortion is just about killing babies in the womb.

Hence the Left’s “shout your abortions” movement.

And do you remember when the Left insisted that they weren’t for any type of COVID mandates?

Well damn how that’s changed.

And the Left is going so far with it that they are willing to now admit that they want to make masks mandatory indefinitely.

In the Leftist hellhole of Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) met recently to start the drafting process of making a law to mandate for eternity the wearing of masks indoors.

A report from local news station KOMO claimed, “Community stakeholders, including those from the hospitality and faith sectors, joined in the meeting. People from the Seventh Day Adventists Church, the High Desert Museum, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and McMenamins were a part of the conversation.”

One member of the discussion pointed out how people are using their individual freedoms to decide and how “getting people to comply is getting harder.”

When you smell burning sulfur just know that it is the latest belch from hell coming out of the Communist compound known as Oregon.

What do you think?