WATCH: When a pro-Lifer challenged this pro-abortion radical with facts, you won’t believe what happened next


The Left is openly pushing infanticide.

While the general public is disgusted, even top-Democrats have defended it in the media.

But a pro-life advocate confronted this college feminist with facts, and what happened next will leave you slack-jawed.

The Left’s radical support for abortion-anytime and even infanticide has resulted in a massive backlash.

In fact, as we’ve reported, a recent poll showed a massive, double-digit, upward shift in the number of Americans taking the pro-life position.

Some in the pro-life movement recognized a huge opportunity to take the fight to end abortion into Planned Parenthood’s backyard – college campuses.

And pro-life group Students for Life of America has been barnstorming schools across the country, speaking to students about what the abortion industry is really all about.

At a recent event at Boston College, a Catholic school, Students for Life’s president Kristan Hawkins encountered a pro-abortion student who was hell-bent on pushing Planned Parenthood’s narrative.

Hawkins’ questioning got the student to admit she believes immigrant babies brought across the border deserve medical care.

Shockingly, the student refused to recognize facts of biology when it comes to a baby born alive after a botched abortion.

Incredibly, as you can see in the video below, the student went on to say a baby born alive after a botched abortion doesn’t deserve care because “we’ve already determined that it’s not a baby.” reports:

If you still think the abortion lobby is on the side of “science,” think again – because apparently, they still struggle with basic rock-bottom basic biology.

Speaking at a recent Q&A on abortion organized by Boston College’s Pro-Life Club, Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins point-blank asked a pro-abortion student whether she believed a baby born alive following a botched abortion should be given medical care.

Hawkins started by asking the young woman whether she believes immigrant babies being housed in immigration centers at the border deserve to be given medical care.

“Do you think that children that are apprehended at the border that are in U.S. government care… do you think babies who are going to die should be resuscitated and given care?” Hawkins asked.

“Yes,” the woman answered.

“Okay. Do you believe that a baby who is born alive during an abortion at Planned Parenthood should get care?” Hawkins followed up.

The student replied, “No.”

This shows exactly how unhinged the Left has become.

They’re ignoring science, saying a baby that’s outside of the womb, is viable, and breathing isn’t even a baby if an abortionist says so.

If ever anything ought to be considered “hate speech,” it’s that.

As wrong and disgusting as it is, such twisted admissions expose just how radical the Left’s agenda has become since Trump took office.

And the good news is, pro-life groups like Students for Life of America are turning abortion activists’ outrageous actions against them and eating away at Planned Parenthood’s customer base by bringing students into the pro-life movement.

What do you think? Do you agree with the feminist student that a baby born alive after a botched abortion “isn’t a baby”?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. No it is a baby, it was baby in the womb, and it was a baby when it was conceived. It wasn’t going to be a cat, a dog, a goat, or a car. It was conceived as a human.
    American: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  2. Of course, it’s a baby. I think that as soon as the embryo has a beating heart, it is a baby. I also understand that some women can’t handle an offspring in their lives, so if the impregnated mother wants to stop the birth process, it should be done before the heart starts beating.

  3. If the breathing baby is not a baby then is the idiot making such a statement a human??? Think on that one. Are we infected with zombies or rats?

  4. I do not believe in abortion but I definitely believe in birth control, just not abortion as a means. If you don’t want children, be a responsible adult and either be celibate or use birth control. There are many methods now and if you cannot afford it, it will be given you for free.

    • So so right. There is birth control. No life formed. These people are just lazy and irresponsible to use these birth control method.

    • Here’s some interesting information on how Planned Parenthood uses “safe sex” and birth control to create the demand for abortion. Planned Parenthood teaches sex ed at schools. They stress the use of condoms and birth control. Then, when they give birth control to girls and women who come to them seeking it; Planned Parenthood gives them THE LEAST EFFECTIVE birth control available. It is so low in hormones that it must be taken at the same exact time every day in order to be its advertised 99% effective. So when the girl/woman taking said birth control gets pregnant, they go to Planned Parenthood and get an abortion and another set of the EXACT SAME birth control that failed them the first time.

      • That sure sounds like a made up story if I ever heard one. Just where do you get your information?? Sounds like a big lie to me.

        • It’s not a lie. I had a friend that went to one and she got pregnant with their birth control pills and when she went to the doctor they changed her prescription for a different brand and told her that what she had when she got pregnant was like taking sugar pills to prevent pregnancy. They also told her the Planned Parenthood Pills weren’t effective at preventing pregnancy at all. My friend has never gone back to them. I don’t know if she ever tried to sue them for malpractice or not.

    • Yes.. its not expensive. And I know so many childless couples here have to go to China or Russia to adopt a baby at a cost of up to $50,000.

  5. My understanding is that the Torah (Bible) teaches that a fetus growing in the womb is a scared human life which must not be terminated unless the mothers’ life is in danger.
    The reason that the mother is protected over the fetus is that she is an actual functioning life while the fetus is pure potential.

    Infantocide (whether the victim is a viable fetus or already born) is murder. This is a violation of the 6th of the Ten Commandments.

      • Right! And, a baby is a human baby upon conception or it doesn’t happen. Ask any barren woman wanting a baby.

      • Don Nauyokas the Torah is the Old Testament of the Jews. It is what your Christian Old Testament is taken from. It was written 2000 years BEFORE the Christian Old Testament.

    • Ethical OB/GYNs have stated numerous times that conditions of pregnancy are rare and usually occur in the last trimester of abortion. Eclampsia is the best known of these conditions. This is when the mother is in danger of stroking out due to high blood pressure. The only treatment for eclampsia is delivering the baby. An abortion at this stage in pregnancy is 2-3 day procedure. If abortion is used as the way to treat eclampsia, it would be too late. Conditions that threaten the mother’s life at this stage cannot be countered by abortion. Also, since babies are viable outside of the womb as early as 20 weeks, you can save both mother and child.

  6. Why are we ignoring ADOPTION? We have very strict laws for couples wanting to adopt. However, anyone can kill a baby after it is born alive if they decide they don’t want it. This is a multibillion dollar industry for Planned Parenthood. If they only did care for women, but no abortiions and couldn’t sell baby parts, they would be out of business. This is murder and genocide in his most blatant form.

    • I agree with you, Peggy, there are thousands of couples out here that would absolutely love to adopt a baby. I have two friends in church that they can’t have children that want to adopt but then the process of adopting a baby is soooooo expensive that some people can’t even do that.

  7. Why are we insisting that a fetus must be saved, at all costs?? Why aren’t we pushing adoption?? There are literally thousands of kids in foster care that need homes and adoptive parents. Why not a bigger and better campaign to see that these living kids are adopted?? We are working from the wrong end of the problem. Free birth control for all who want and need it should be available for all. Don’t keep trying to use pregnant women as “baby breeders”!! I am really tired of the hypocrisy.

    • Self control should be taught from an early age, but particularly in teen years when the hormones begin their job of wanting to ‘pro-create’. The idea that having sex anytime the urge or thought strikes you comes under the topic of self control. That is the big problem here — what is called ‘freedom’ to have sexual intercourse whenever and wherever is one of the worst cultural behaviours to emerge in our modern society. It is simply wrong and brings about so many complications…. disease and unplanned (unwanted) pregnancy for two of the problems with such a lifestyle. People…. take control of yourselves. Abortion is murder. —

  8. Can we have a discussion on why we have youth coming into adulthood with these opinions? We need to address the root of the problem, and not just the symptom. Personally, I believe there is a small group of educators that are brain washing our kids…it started in the 60’s when ‘they’ realized they would never convince older/experienced people of their persuasion, so they figured they’d go after the next generation through the schools.

  9. Too many of my friends have adopted kids from foreign countries. Why can’t we save all the babies as there are thousands of couples in America who would like to adopt here in this country. A baby is a human upon conception! If we can ‘save the whales’ why can’t we ‘save the human babies’!

    • Great question!
      There are no oraphanages here and
      Couples have to go to China or Russia to adopt. There were a million abortions in the USA in 2008.

    • So you are against adopting babies from other countries?? How sad. You would rather had the pregnant women here become “baby breeders” for all those folks who are unable to have their own babies?? I still say we need to be pushing adoption of all the kids here in the USA that are in foster care. How about that? Do you have a problem with that??

      • Nancy…YOU have no problem with MURDERING a helpless innocent baby who had no say in being conceived. YOU are punishing the baby and that is very sick. ALL lives are precious in and out of the womb.

      • Many (probably most) children in foster care are not available for adoption. The goal of foster care is to reunited the children with their parents if at all possible. Definitely children in foster care who are adoptable need to be considered by those looking to adopt, but just saying “adopt foster kids” is not really an answer for the kids or the childless couples.

        • Reuniting children in foster care with their legal parents may be the goal, but I don’t see it happening. In fact I see multiple ads on TV encouraging people to adopt those same kids. One ad even features the current Olympic winning gymnast stating she was a foster care kid who was adopted, and encouraging others to adopt foster care kids like her. This is certainly a better option than telling women, “Sorry, now that you are pregnant you will have to carry this pregnancy to term. We don’t care what you want or if there is ever a problem with the baby – you got pregnant so now you have to suffer.” That is the mind set of all anti -abortion folks. Punish the woman for getting pregnant in the first place. Why isn’t the father punished also?? As I stated previously, these women are being used as “baby breeders”. Get pregnant, have the kid and then let’s see how you cope with it all. Abortion is a much better solution.

  10. Look at them. they are easy to spot. brainless sex-obsessed dumbocrats who want our tax money not only to save immigrants kids (who should stay where they came from) but to kill babies born in this country. both those pigs on the microphone are typical democrats – ugly and dirty-looking and stupid.

  11. My understanding and 40 years of obstetrics has taught me in helping of mothers deliver their babies that their is no such reason in medicine to abort a baby that the mother would be medically damaged or die because of her pregnancy . By 14days most women don’t even know pregnant . In the next 2wks. laboratory and ultrasound can fulfill the obvious that she is a human child. It’s an indisputable scientific fact that each and every surgical abortion stops a beating heart and brain waves plus the Morals of us all and the Ethics of all man kind. This shows that abortions are murderous and should not be allowed.

    • Leslie,
      . . . . Good for you and GOD Bless you.
      American: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  12. Since when have we decided that women are second class citizens not capable of making their own decisions?
    I fully believe in abortion on demand as all women should have the choice. No one has ever stated the obvious…that this is a religious matter. According to the constitution, everyone has the right to FREEDOM OF RELIGION!! So keep your religious opinions to yourselves and let the woman decide according to her beliefs.
    Adoption is not always the alternative. Putting your body through the “hell” of pregnancy is no reason to have a child put up for adoption. So many children already live in foster care, why make more. It isn’t fun for those children waiting for new parents.

    • Lysla,
      . . . . You are so wrong. It is GOD’s preview to decide whether a baby should live or die. Anyone who supports, advocates, or kills a baby is a murderer. That means that you are a murderer. GOD will judge you. Repent and ask for Christ to enter you. Give up your Hate for the most innocent among us. You called being pregnant being in Hell. You don’t know what hell will truly be like. I hope and pray that you never had any children. You don’t deserve the blessing of children.
      American: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • And you sir, don’t have a clue what being pregnant is like. Big belly, swollen ankles, nausea (sometimes vomiting), elevated blood pressure possibly leading to eclampsia, inability to find a really comfortable way to even sit or sleep. When you get pregnant let us know and then we can see how you feel about pregnancy. Until then STFU!! You know nothing.

        • Richard is right on. But you cannot see the truth because you have rejected it. You have the same chance as everyone else to come to Jesus and be saved. But you have chosen satan and you will know what hell is like for eternity. You still have time to know Jesus and His great love for you. He is waiting for you to come to Him.

          • I can not “come to jesus”, or any other fictional character. You are the one who has been fooled into believing something that isn’t there. Quit trying to push your foolish beliefs onto others.

          • You will know the moment you die that Jesus is very real. He is far from fictional. There is historical evidence of His being here. But guess you have no clue about history, either. sad.

          • There may be historical evidence that a person or persons named jesus existed, but there is no historical or otherwise evidence for the supposed “miracles” or “magic” attributed to said person. You can’t prove something happened just because you say so.

        • Nancy,
          . . . . Jesus and GOD do exist. I was touched by the hand of GOD. I had decided to take my life because of a series of personal tragedies. As I fell off of a 7 story building GOD caught me and held me. He talked to me and gave me a choice. Life or everlasting death. I choose life. Shorty after that I came to Christ and I was born again as a Christian. It is your choice but don’t wait too long. Once the LORD calls you home it is too late to do anything about it.
          . . . . Killing a baby is murder. It doesn’t make any difference whether you use the morning after pill or a so called ‘doctor’ reaches in and stabs the baby to death. It is MURDER. Any and all who support this are also murderers.
          American: Love it or Leave it!
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • There is no way a baby inside a woman’s uterus could be stabbed to death without also stabbing the uterus and causing a huge hemorrhage. You are totally off base here in your thinking. You obviously don’t have any clue about a woman’s anatomy.

      • What makes sense to you is not the truth. You have no concept of reality. You just blindly believe the lies of your sick leaders without question

        • And you, bj, also just blindly follow the lies of your sick leader, tRumpy. There has never been a bigger liar in this country or in the presidency of this country, than Donald J tRumpy!! Even your “god” can’t help us here. We all have to do it ourselves. Voting is the only thing that will help this country to get back on the right track.

          • Yet you support Hillary, who lies every time she opens her mouth. And you have no concept of who God is. You have rejected Him and follow satan. God can do all things and will help all who come to Him. And what you call the right track means nothing. You have no concept of who our founding fathers were or what they left us.

          • I surely do support Hillary. You all have been fed a whole bunch of lies about her and you believed it all. Yet tRumpy’s lies are played out in full view and you excuse him. Where are your heads anyway?? Your trust is sadly misplaced!! I have not rejected “god” as there is no such creature. I don’t follow satan as there is no such creature either. And by the way, many of our “founding fathers” were deists. Have you read about those deists? Deists believed that the world was formed by a god, but then he had no further interactions with it. He had no need for praise or adulation, so he just left and had no further use for it. So much for those “founding fathers”!!

          • I have never been a Trump supporter. But he is doing a lot of good for this country. But you live on hate. sad

          • tRumpy has never done a bit of good for anyone but himself. Everything he says and/or does is simply to enrich himself. Oh I forgot – he passes laws to help his other rich buddies too. He does nothing for the rest of us. Big tax cut for the wealthiest in this country which he lays on the backs of us who are at the bottom of the “food chain”. Cut Medicare and Medicaid, take away Social Security benefits, raise our taxes – let’s
            see what else the big jerk can do to hurt us. That’s right – build that da*n border wall and waste more money when simply upgrading the technology to monitor the border would go a lot farther and make more sense. But if it makes more sense, tRumpy is too stupid to do even that.

          • Nancy,
            . . . . You are correct about one thing. That voting is what needs to be done. We need to vote all of the communists aka democrats out of office. Then we need to vote all of them into GITMO along with the traitors such as yourself. You are very one sick person.
            American: Love it or Leave it!
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • Democrats are not communists. You need to check your dictionary for the definition of communist. On the other hand, Republicans are dictators. How do you like that?

    • Lysla – The baby is a separate individual which has it’s own DNA separate from the mother. We are the protectors/nurturers of children in the womb until they are born. This is a MORAL issue and even those who are not “religious” should be choosing life. Whether you abort at 12 weeks, 18 weeks, 24 weeks, etc. the person growing inside of you is a potential human being and deserving of the rights that we have who are standing on 2 feet (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness). When a baby is aborted you have made the decision for another human being. It makes no difference whether the baby is outside the womb or not, morally it is wrong. Good to have this conversation.

  13. Omg it is NOT and should not be a women’s choice to murder a living human being!! And that’s what this article is about ! And it shouldn’t be only the women’s choice if a baby should be murdered, the father should be given the chance to save the life of his child also!

  14. My, my, my , what have we turned into, the very thought of destroying a gift from God. I suppose one must first believe in God and then believe that he is omnipotent and omniscient.
    We have Bio designed ourselves into eventual destruction. The condom, the pill, the day after pill, what ever happened to basic respect for the human spirit by respecting the body. The belief that the body is as sacred as the life it can conceive. We have as parents neglected to perpetuate the belief that there is a God that should be acknowledged and revered. When we let others determine how and what we think, we become sheep to the slaughter………. there will be a judgement.

  15. My, my, my , what have we turned into, the very thought of destroying a gift from God. I suppose one must first believe in God and then believe that he is omnipotent and omniscient.
    We have Bio designed ourselves into eventual destruction. The condom, the pill, the day after pill, what ever happened to basic respect for the human spirit by respecting the body. The belief that the body is as sacred as the life it can conceive. We have as parents neglected to perpetuate the belief that there is a God that should be acknowledged and revered. When we let others determine how and what we think, we become sheep to the slaughter………. there will be a judgement.

  16. Lysla,
    Prohibiting abortion is not treating women as second class citizens. All you hear from the abortion industry is how compassionate it is to allow abortion on demand. They don’t give these women all the facts they need to make an informed choice. They don’t talk about the trauma of having an abortion. They don’t tell you how many women suffer from PSTD after having an abortion. It s not the pro-life movement that is treating women as second class citizens. It is not the pro-life movement depriving women of all the facts they need to make an INFORMED choice. Feminism isn’t about killing babies, it’s about being treated as the reasonable, sane adults we are.

  17. Everyone has missed the point. The second a baby is born and survives the womb, it is a citizen of the U.S. And no one according to the Constitution can deprive a citizen of their life, liberty or property without due process. The fact that these evil, wicked abortionists and politicians advocate infanticide shows how evil these people are. Abortion has nothing to do with “a woman’s health care.” God will judge this country harshly for this evil. And I will personally charge every person who voted for these evil, wicked laws with murder under the U.S. Constitution. And I will take it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Have a good day.

  18. Our Universities are turning absolute stupidity. These so called students have no logic. They are tools of the crowd that tells them what to say. They cannot think, they can only recite. Dumb, Dumber and very, very Dumbest. I hope they are proud of themselves because that is all they will have as they will be no good to themselves or society.

    • Marleen,
      . . . . Our universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools, and some of the elementary schools have been taken over by the GODless and Soulless ones known as the communists aka democrats. They are raising a generation of GODless and Soulless people to to be used as cannon fodder to destroy our Republic. This plan was started a hundred years ago by the communists.. It is why they destroyed Joseph McCarthy. It is why they want to legalize marijuana. Pot destroys the brain and turns people into zombies.
      American: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  19. A HUMAN being born ALIVE is a BABY, a young, helpless HUMAN BEING……WHO in his right mind can ARGUE about THAT….???? So, KILLING it after it was BORN “ALIVE”, is MURDER…plain and simple….!!!

    • dems are not in their right mind. They are mindless little robots who say and do what they are told by their sick and immoral leaders

  20. This is beyond belief. Dems are totally insane. They have no concept of reality. They are just brainwashed robots who ignore science when it doesn’t fit their agenda.

  21. It is ludicrous!! I cannot wrap my head around their stupidityl

    Always remember God knew that child’s name that you murder with abortion!!!!
    “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”.Jeremiah 1:5

  22. For Richard Warren—I am a PRO life and have always been.
    Now, there was some discussions at a lot of different states about legalizing ‘after birth’ abortions. The thought was sanctioned by a lot of democratic ‘blue’ states and they really want to push this. One of the nasty stories was about a governor who ‘black faced’ in a comedy play while in college. Not too long ago he was quoted as saying he had no problem of ok’ing a alive-out-of-the womb abortion on a ‘failed abortion.’
    WOW–if this comes to be, then a person could murder an adult and claim it to be ‘late abortion’. One catch, make sure the citizen murdered is from a state that approved/adopted the ‘after birth’ abortion.

    Our Lord and God help us.

    • You folks are just completely silly. You have not read the new law as it is written. You have deliberately led others astray and made them believe something that is not in this law. You should be ashamed of yourselves for such behavior. But I see that lying is in your president’s morals so you all feel free to copy it. You will pay for this someday.

  23. I am the proud mother of 2 daughters. My first daughter is 43 years old with 2 beautiful children. She has been with the same man for over 24 years and has never been with anyone else. My second daughter will turn 18 in June and is still a virgin. I taught my children to respect themselves and their bodies. They both revere life and would be horrified to end one. JS

  24. This shows that the Democrat baby killers are no different than the ancient pagans who sacrificed their children to appease false gods. In cases of modern abortion, the false god they are appeasing is themselves for mere convenience sake.

  25. I’m just glad that they will have to answer for their actions deeds words and Decisions. Maybe they should think about that death is inevitable meeting your maker is inevitable.

  26. Nancy I think people lick you should go all the way get the only real birth control. Just have your female organs removed while killing the baby!!

    • Well I don’t know about your wanting to “lick” me but, hey, if that is your thing – go for it. And by the way, I’ve had an hysterectomy many years ago, so hahaha, I’ve beat you to it. Better luck next time.

  27. Nancy’s comment about the abortion procedure proves her ignorance. She says the uterus would be pierced if a knife was used. So right, which is why the baby is grabbed by one tool and then systematically has its arms and legs removed while it is alive and moving. Nancy please watch an intra uterine video of this or sit in on an abortion class. You may change your mind.

    • Ah so Rocky, you are a doctor now?? You know as well as I do that an abortion video has been photo-shopped to make it appear as awful as possible. And you are the one saying that the baby was being stabbed – and I only replied that stabbing a baby would mean that the uterus would also be injured as the stabbing was going on. Now if what you truly meant that the baby was being pulled apart then there is no “stabbing” going on after all. Hemorrhage would result from stabbing – so you need to better clarify what you mean.

  28. A baby becomes a human being at conception when God breathes Life into the womb. It is gifted with a soul. Misinformed people who seek to play God with lives of others are worse than Hitler. I pray those who go this way are enlightened by wisdom of Holy Spirit and put themselves in place of these innocents to change minds.

  29. The problem is, in general, Liberals operate on emotion; Conservatives operate by reason. Most of the leftist programs are supported by fear mongering. Their gurus tell them that women will die. They demonize guns to instill fear. They could care less if they know it is a lie. They just pour on the propaganda.

  30. Just want to set some people straight. Being pregnant is not hell. It is a gift from God weather you believe him or not. I have seven beautiful children and I loved being pregnant. Yes! Abortion is wrong.

  31. Nancy God has given you over to a reprobate mind. You just have a barbaric mentality. You are hostile, nasty and hard hearted. You will face this God that you deny exists one day and you will hang your head in shame in his presence. Then you will join Satan and his demons in the eternal lake of fire.

    • Oh so now it is a lake of fire?? I thought we were going to be shoveling coal into the flames. So much lying and scheming just to scare us into saying we believe your made up stuff. You are all so wrong it is funny!!

  32. Nancy:: I am praying for you… I would not want to be you or Hillary when the Lord returns….what a horrible judgement you both will face, along with those who perform abortions on beautiful little babies.


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